Goodbye, Steve Ladd

He’s leaving Gold City, according to the group’s MySpace page:

Gold City has announced that Steve Ladd has resigned his position as tenor vocalist. Steve has been with the group for almost 5 years. He will be taking a job as worship leader in a church near Gadsden, AL. (h/t, CG).

His voice was never a favorite of mine, but he improved mightily in his time with the group, and in last few years was regularly pleasing to hear. As I’ve said before, gospel music could stand more of that sort of work ethic.

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  1. quartet-man wrote:

    I wish him and Gold City well. Hopefully it will work out great for all of them and Gold City will get a tenor who fits well and keep the remaining members for a while so they can gel as a group and have some consistency with the same lineup.

  2. rglaser wrote:

    I felt that he blossomed as a vocalist on their latest recording, and now maybe he can do the same in his new endeavors as a worship leader.

  3. Rob wrote:

    Steve’s tenor voice will be missed. Over the five years he developed his style with Gold City and certainly was a worship leader with them.
    Congratulations to the Church that has employed him as Worship Leader. He will certainly do a great job for them.

  4. Leadsinger wrote:

    I would like to see Jay Parrack come back!!! I agree Doug Steve really worked hard to refine his singing over the last five years. And was really starting to come into his own. I for one will miss him with GC, I loved his solo on “For The Sake Of My Heart” on GC’s Latest CD.

  5. sgfan31 wrote:

    I would like to see Chris Cooper come back he would sound GREAT with Gold City!!!! Anyone know if he is singing now have not heard much from him since Safe Harbor..

  6. NG wrote:

    Archie Watkins might be available and he would provide the group with some experience.

  7. Randy wrote:

    I would like to see Brian Free……stay where he is. However, Gold City, IMO, has been one of the tightest quartets, musically, vocally, and spiritually in the past couple of years. Steve is a true talent and a great tenor. He has fit with his own flavor, yet still maintained that Gold City sound. Much like McCune has done with the bass part. Steve isn’t as nasal as Brian. More controlled than Parrack. Steve has been a perfect fit. Those will be some hard shoes to fill.

  8. Aaron Swain wrote:

    How about this guy?

    I honestly wonder how Chris Collins, former Kingsmen tenor, would sound with Gold City. Jay Parrack wouldn’t blend too well with the new lineup, IMHO. The GC reunion concerts that have happened in recent months tell me that much.

    Or maybe they’ll go the route that they did with Bruce Taliaferro on lead and hire a relative newcomer. My guess would be that that is what will happen.

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one that noticed Steve’s improvement in his time with the group. And you know that it happened, too; DH has spoken! :0)

  9. Leadsinger wrote:

    #5 Chris Cooper would be a great fit!!! Its too bad that L5 did not pick him up in 2004 when he filled in, till they got Seamans. Seamans is a solid tenor, but I feel Cooper would have given them a more dynamic sound.

  10. Marty Funderburk wrote:

    Steve is a force-to-be-reckoned with. Gold City, in their current configuration, hits you with a wall of sound like few groups can. He’ll be hard to replace.

  11. Larry S wrote:

    A lot of people would like to see Jay come back, but I’m pretty sure it ain’t gonna happen (sorry to our English teachers out there)! That ship has sailed. He was one of the best, though!

  12. RF wrote:

    I echo the thougts of Leadsinger. Parrack would be perfect (as he was when he was with the group). Unfortunately, he probably can’t afford to come back or doesn’t want to. It’s sad that such a talent no longer can be enjoyed by all of us, but family comes first.

    I just watched GC in a Gaither video yesterday and it consisted of Jay, Jonathan, Mark and Tim. They’re all gone, but the Moment of Truth album was one of the best GC projects since those days. Let’s hope the king of quartets gets a great tenor and continues on.

  13. GrandmaPam wrote:

    Gee, I just went to see them on Sunday night. I’m not a professional vocalist, but to my very untrained ear they have a great sound with very tight harmonies. I agree wholeheartedly about “For the Sake of My Heart”–I love that song and his vocals on it.

    I sure will miss him, and I wish him the best as he makes this transition.

  14. Yeah... wrote:

    Sad. I’m happy for Steve, but I totally agree that he grew amazingly during his years with GC. The current lineup of voices gelled together amazingly, so yes, he’ll be difficult to replace. As for Jay, well, I join the folks who feel that he’s not the best replacement for Steve. He was great on GC’s CD’s, but whenever I heard them live, his pitch was often everywhere except where it should have been. I do believe that GC will be able to find and hire someone who fits them perfectly. They’ve come through some valleys, but they’re back near the top of their game again. I do wish them and Steve all the best.

  15. Kyle wrote:

    Here’s an interesting suggestion….

  16. j-mo wrote:

    The clear answer here is Josh Cobb

  17. rngfreckles wrote:

    I first met Steve when he joined the Anchormen. He was always a “good” tenor. But after he joined Gold City, his voice had so much more control and his range seemed to broaden. Even though he met so many different people over the years, he always remembered my name. Congratulations on the new job, Steve, may God bless you in ministry there. Gold City, may you find a tenor worthy of filling Steve’s shoes.

  18. natesings wrote:

    Here’s a great idea:

  19. Ellise wrote:

    Great idea about Wes Hampton. To me, he is a great singer. Very heartfelt.

  20. redhead wrote:

    (15) well i don’t think that wes would join,

    (16) but i do like the idea of josh cobb

  21. natesings wrote:

    I don’t think Josh is high enough. Vocally speaking of course.

  22. JT wrote:

    Wes is bigger with GVB, going to GCQ would be a step down.

  23. Leadsinger wrote:

    Josh Cobb would be a great Gold City Tenor if he would be interested in coming back to Gospel music.

  24. GoldCitysBiGGESTfan! wrote:

    im definatly gonna miss steve the most, hands down he is such an inspiration to me, im gonna miss you steve, you are still the bestt!

    -Mandy : )

  25. Derek wrote:

    #17 you’re right! I first met Steve with the Anchormen and thought he was a genuine guy! The next time I saw him was at least two years later with Gold City and he still knew who I was! His departure will definitely leave a void in my book!

  26. matt wrote:

    Josh Cobb??? Interesting suggestion……I liked him on cd but in video, not so much…..I never did see him live though.

  27. Belinda Smith wrote:

    I wandered over here to your site tonight and read this post. I’ve known Steve since he and I were both teenagers hanging out on the West Virginia circuit. (Yes, there is one. haha) I’m bummed, selfishly, to hear the news. I think his work on, “When Jesus Saves,” on the newest record is simply brilliant. I actually pass over, “I’ll Walk On,” which my name is on, because I’m too excited to wait for it. Biggest compliment I can give him.

    Here’s to a bright future, both for Steve and for Gold City.


  28. Belinda Smith wrote:

    …but, wait! To clarify, I ALWAYS go BACK to “I’ll Walk On.” I love that cut, too. …you guys know what I mean.

    See? This is why I can’t make comments anywhere. lol!

  29. Grigs wrote:

    I live for hat tips.

  30. Bubba wrote:

    #17 ” he always remembered my name.”

    Now who in tarnation is gonna forget rngfreckles. LOL

  31. rngfreckles wrote:

    Bubba: at least I’ll be remembered for something, right? =+)

  32. not Dusty wrote:

    Hey Danny Riley - i got 2 words for you: DUSTY BARRETT!

  33. Phil Taylor wrote:

    In answer to where is Chris Cooper, he has been singing with the Melodyaires from Upstate SC since Safe Harbor. I discovered Chris’ where abouts when I ran across the Melodyaires MySpace page. As a fan of both quartets, I was glad to see that Chris had found a home with the Melodyaires.

  34. gospelman21 wrote:

    I’m not much on those who made negative remarks toward their former groups when they left(Cobb and Jeremy Peace).Talent is one thing,but working with others and having class is something else that is needed.

  35. gospelman21 wrote:

    Harold Reed?

  36. Adam Glover wrote:

    Steve will not only be missed as a great singer, but also as a great person. He is one that will stop and talk even if he does not know you that well. May GOD richly Bless you and your family.

  37. sgfan31 wrote:

    i think cooper would sound great and i think he will fit Gold City wonderful!!

  38. redhead wrote:

    (34) read this - and josh’s comment later on it

  39. Bert wrote:

    Dan Keeton auditioned and filled in after Jay and I would be happy with that arrangement. I believe the blend would get better than ever. Not that it hasn’t been great, but I would hope the Gold City I know and love would continue to get better and better and not start lacking.

    Bruce has added so much and Daniel is the best. Aaron is filling the shoes very well while continuing to pave his own road. Dan Keeton would, IMO give them the rock solid sound which is Gold City!

    That’s My Vote, for what it’s worth.

  40. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #38: I think that might be the post that earned a response here at Averyfineline. Said I sounded twitterpated. Looking back and reading it, Doug wasn’t far wrong.

    It’s always nice to look back and see how much your writing style has improved from then till now.

  41. jonathan edwards wrote:

    Just my opinion but for numerous reasons I think the names I have seen on here with the exception of Dusty doesn’t fit were GC is going. My wild card would be Jerry Martin

  42. Ed wrote:

    There are alot of factors why someone is not hired for a particular job. Sometimes they have the talent, but their looks keep them fitting the group’s image.

  43. Ed wrote:

    Meant to say..”Keep them from fitting in with the group’s image.”

  44. Ron F wrote:

    I liked Steve Ladd when he was with the Anchormen. But you guys are right he has come up to a new level since he has been with Gold City.And wow!! What a Class Act he is. He will be hard to replace.

  45. Bones wrote:

    Steve Warren…LOL

  46. insider wrote:

    What negative comments did Mr. Peace make? There was a debate on here once about his blog in his own site, and this site, along with the another thought it would be cool to take it and twist it all around to sound like he was disgruntled with the kmen, but he came and cleared that up, and stated everyone had it all wrong. I remember his site even stating that Ray was like the father he never had. Get your facts right before blasting someone’s name on here!

  47. Markp wrote:

    I think they should hire a woman!

  48. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    “Bert wrote:

    Dan Keeton auditioned and filled in after Jay and I would be happy with that arrangement. I believe the blend would get better than ever. Not that it hasn’t been great, but I would hope the Gold City I know and love would continue to get better and better and not start lacking.

    Bruce has added so much and Daniel is the best. Aaron is filling the shoes very well while continuing to pave his own road. Dan Keeton would, IMO give them the rock solid sound which is Gold City!

    That’s My Vote, for what it’s worth.”

    Boy, Bert you do get around pushing the Dan Keaton idea don’t you? Are you sure you aren’t Dan in disguise??? LOL

    Seriously, I hope that doesn’t happen. I love Gold City and have enjoyed almost everyone who ever sang with them but I can’t ‘hear’ that combo for the long haul and I’d be VERY disappointed if that was Daniel’s pick. Nothing against Dan just doesn’t work for me.

  49. Revpaul wrote:

    #46 Insider, you are exactly right! Talk about class, Jeremy Peace is one classy guy.

  50. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    Oh btw, Chris Cooper currently goes to our church and sings with the Melodyaires from TRaveler’s Rest, SC. Someone mentioned the job(GC) to him before Steve came that it was open and he said it was too high for him to do every night. (It is a great thing when a tenor knows and understands his range!)

    When he is not on the road Chris sometimes sings at our church. He sang Easter Sunday - Arise My Love

  51. DeeAnn wrote:

    I have to agree with #46 & #49 on Jeremy he is a great guy!!

  52. David J. Stuart wrote:

    I would love to see Jerry Martin with Gold City, but i’d hate to break up the Dove Brothers, cause he’s such a good fit with them too.

  53. gina wrote:

    DeeAnn wrote: “Boy, Bert you do get around pushing the Dan Keaton idea don’t you?”…
    Well DeeAnn, not quite as much as you get around pushing AGAINST the idea! Gee.

  54. Alan wrote:

    I first met Steve Ladd when he was working at a sound equipment shop in Raleigh, NC. He was an incredibly nice guy back then too. I remember being stunned when the owners of that store told me that he’d left them and was singing tenor for The Anchormen. I had no idea that he could even sing! Well, the rest is history, and I can’t agree more with what Doug wrote: Steve just got better and better as he sang, and it was graphic with GC. Some church in AL is getting a great guy and a great singer. And btw - the people who Steve worked for in Raleigh have nothing but high praise for him as a person and an employee. I wish him the very best in his new endeavor.

  55. quartet-man wrote:

    #47 MarkP,
    But then they couldn’t use the phrase looks like a man, but sings like a woman. Well, I guess if they got they right kind of woman they could. ;-)

  56. Lead1 wrote:

    I believe that GC will trend toward a more full voice tenor, such as a Joe Bonsall - Oak Ridge style. Seems to be the progression that the sound is making. If you notice on “Moment of Truth” the trend is away from high-ending SG songs to more blend and easy finishes.

  57. Robert wrote:

    Lead1, I believe you are right about the more full voiced typed tenor. To me, those type tenors sound better than the ones who sing totally falsetto and have no guts to their voice. ( some of those tenors have been mentioned above for this job… lol ) On your coment about “Moment of Truth” not having the high-ending songs on it, have you listened to “For the Sake of my Heart”? I believe it ends in G… Not sure how much higher that three men can sing, and Aaron can sing low since that naturally puts him on a G. I would say there are only a few “easy finishes” on that album, making most of the tenors listed in previous post unable to handle the job.

  58. Lead1 wrote:

    I guess I should have said the ‘falsetto-style’ in the rafters SG ending. The new style of GC, which I believe is here to stay, will require a big voice to carry solos and an ability to blend with progressive harmonies.

  59. 2miles wrote:

    I certainly don’t have an inside track like some of you seem to have, but I spoke with Steve Ladd about a month ago about how high he has to sing with Gold City. He admitted it was difficult to do that night after night, especially with the high stuff they do in concert.
    I would love for these groups to realize that longevity is more important than shrill. Look at the Oak Ridge Boys, Inpirations, Booth Brothers, Greater Vision for examples. None of them have tenors that can hit the highest notes (or do at least) but because of their connection with the audience they are easily fan favorites. Steve Ladd is that type of tenor. I sincerely believe if Gold City would drop the songs down a little he could have been their tenor for years to come and they would have gelled even better as a group. Hopefully, they and other groups like them, will not keep with the program of blowing a tenor out in 4 or 5 years and getting another one.

  60. Gradie wrote:

    #54 Alan…I got the same thing from the folks that Steve worked for in Raleigh. They had high praise for him and they’re great Christian people themselves.

  61. Bert wrote:

    Dee Ann, I am just voicing an opinion. Sorry your against it so much. Maybe you can give someone a chance, you could be wrong ya know. I’m sure glad you don’t make the decisions. And to quote a friend, “gee”

  62. DeeAnn wrote:

    gina wrote:

    “DeeAnn wrote: “Boy, Bert you do get around pushing the Dan Keaton idea don’t you?”…
    Well DeeAnn, not quite as much as you get around pushing AGAINST the idea! Gee.

    Posted 30 Apr 2009 at 9:47 am ¶ ”

    Actually I just answered the posts that Bert/whatdoIknow/TimelessGCFan posted.

    Danny Riley has to make his decision and I trust his judgment. And if Dan wants the job, more power to him, I’d say contact the guys and let them know.

    But at least when I say what I have to say, I’m not one person trying to build up a following but trying to leave the impression that I’m not talking about myself.

  63. Bert wrote:

    Ok! you got me…”Bert” for tenor! Even if I was Dan, like 99.99% of everyone on here ain’t…

    “trying to leave the impression that I’m not talking about myself.”

    WOW… chill out!

  64. Montana Man wrote:

    It’s been a couple of years since hearing Dusty Barrett, when he was winding up his stint with Crystal River when it became a trio. He was out here for a week, and wht impressed me was how clear and easily he was singing high. No falsetto. I think he’d be an interesting guy to consider.

  65. HHE wrote:

    They should take a look at Chris Walton. He’s right there in Bama and would blend well with them boys …There you go

  66. BrandonS wrote:

    Steve Ladd is certainly a class act. About 17 years ago my family was an upstart Southern Gospel group doing our best share the music and message with as many places as possible. At the time, we didnt have 2 dimes to rub together, and we were nearly homeless, but my parents knew it was God’s will for us to be out there doing what were doing. I sang with my two brothers at Watermelon Park in Winchester, VA and Steve was there with his family group The Ladds.

    We all quickly developed a friendship and Steve and his brother Paul Ladd (another great talent) said we absolutely needed a recording and told us how much they believed in us. They had us up their house and recorded us a record at no cost. They gave of their time and talent and bought us dinner to boot. That record got my family out of a tough time and really started us on a path we would stay on for a lot of years to come. But their encouragement meant a lot to me as a kid. Even way back, he wanted to sing with Gold City and he’s done that now, and done it well. Steve’s done a Class A job with every group he’s been in through the years since then, and I’m sure he’ll be a great asset to the church he’ll be working with.

  67. listening... wrote:


    Doesn’t “For the Sake of My Heart” let Bruce take the lead in the bridge and again at the end? I might be hearing something wrong, but I thought they had a “fake” ending on that, where it sounds like they blast it all out, but really keep the same tone on the tag. I don’t believe it goes insanely high though the orchestration gives that illusion. Greater Vision did that a lot with Jason. I’m not an expert by no means, but that’s what I was hearing. Am I wrong?

  68. LouAnne wrote:

    God Bless

  69. Frank wrote:

    There is a tenor in Murfreesboro, Tennessee that would work well for them, I think his name is Eric Stephens, i believe he is singing with a part-time group there.

  70. GrandmaPam wrote:

    Robert re #57 and listening re #67

    Whatever they’re doing on “For the Sake of My Heart” to make it sound they way it does–I hope they keep on doing it. The more I listen to that song, the more I love it.

  71. GrandmaPam wrote:

    Oops–make that
    “to make it sound THE way it does.”

  72. GB wrote:

    does anyone have a clue who may be with GC tonight in Athens, Al. I think I may go.(As in tenor singer)

  73. brad wrote:

    i believe we heard steve was staying until a replacement was found

  74. natesings wrote:

    #67 Bruce goes back and forth with Steve on the melody during the bridge (about 2:07) then a key change at 2:35 where Bruce takes the melody that Steve was previously carrying, and Ladd moves to tenor above Bruce, then another key change at 3:05 pushing them all higher. Powerful arrangement. So with the change of the the person singing lead and 2 key changes, it does take the vocalists higher than the song started.

  75. Not Likely wrote:

    What about that young guy singing with the Dixie Melody Boys?

  76. SusanC wrote:

    I wish Steve would go back with his family group. His brother Paul and his wife Melissa currently travel and sing with one other individual as the Ladd Family. And let me tell you something, they will knock the socks right off you- they are so anointed and I know by bringing Steve’s increadible vocals into the mix they would sound amazing and it would take the whole family to the next level

  77. QwertyJuan wrote:

    Yes… Wes Hampton would be PERFECT, but it’s not gonna happen. :(

  78. Butch wrote:

    Question! How does Steve Ladd not make the top 10 favorite nomination in the Singing News. Nothing against Jacob Kitson, but we hardly know him and he’s in. I don’t get it. Steve was the man and few appreciated it.

  79. GoldCitysBiGGESTfan! wrote:

    When Jonathan left nobody suspected Bruce.. and he is doing an awesome job! So if you didnt suspect Bruce, how can you suspect the next tenor…


  80. hugo wrote:

    Can we say trainwreck?

  81. Rob wrote:

    Notlikely….The young man with DMB is Joe Kitson, he is the brother of Jacob Kitson with GV. Yes he would make a good replacement. Ed has trained him well and he should be ready to graduate from EOU.

  82. Paul wrote:

    My brother will GREATLY be missed with Gold City!!! They are WARRIORS of the cross!!! I have come to know them and love them as FAMILY! Dannie will except NOTHING less than perfection & most imporntatly ANNOINTING with Steve’s replacement.
    Brandons #66 It is great to hear from you please find us on our myspace page.\laddfamily

  83. Diana wrote:

    Joe Kitson sings lead not tenor. I don’t remember the tenor’s name and don’t remember him well enough to know whether he would be a good replacement for Steve, but Joe wouldn’t!!

    And to answer the comment about Jacob Kitson’s nomination in the Singing News favorites - Jacob gets a whole lot of exposure by singing with Greater Vision and the more people who know you, the better your chances are of getting the nomination.

  84. Leadsinger wrote:

    Actually Rob Joe Kitson is their lead singer so, I could not see him singing tenor with GC. Now their tenor Jonathan Price has the range to fit in with GC!!!!!

  85. K.D. wrote:

    To #80:

  86. insider1 wrote:

    The tenor’s name with Ed is Jonathan Price. He sounds like Gary Sheppard, except not even as He’s not Gold City quality.

  87. Robert wrote:

    Chris Cooper would be the best fit. I’m sure there are a lot of good ones out there, but Chris is the best I’ve heard and is very consistent. Along with that he is nice guy just like Steve.

  88. Wade wrote:

    # 80 hugo… where is the train wreak?? Sounded pretty good for a tribute and songs the groups or individuals normally do not stage nightly. Be they all showed up for sound check!!! lol

  89. Grigs wrote:

    Outside of Ronnie Milsap’s intro not exactly being timed correctly in relation to when he started singing, I didn’t see anything resembling a train wreck in the Rambo tribute. The ending wasn’t perfect, but what do you expect when you have 12-15 people up there who don’t sing together on a regular basis. I was pleased with how the SG folks represented us.

    My favorite Steve Ladd memory: I attended an Anchormen concert back when Steve was the tenor and David Hester was the bass. 28 people showed up…yes, 28 eight people. You might expect a tenor to hold back under those circumstances…save his voice a little. That didn’t seem to occur to Steve or any of the other guys. They went over 90 minutes and gave a great concert. I thanked Steve for his effort and he said that was how he was brought up: to give his best no matter what. I have a lot of respect for Steve Ladd.

  90. Irishlad wrote:

    Nice singing Destiny,nice tattoo too.

  91. Ron F wrote:

    Wow!!! this is cool. No negative comments about Steve Ladd. Steve Ladd makes me proud to be involved in Southern Gospel. I bet his choir will Rock.

  92. Tommy wrote:

    Jacob should not have been nominated.If you sing for Greater Vision you win awards. Had he joined the day the ballots went out, he still would have been nominated. Steve is one of the best to come along in many years. Jacob is a good lead singer but not much of a tenor. I know the loyal GV fans are screaming am me right now but come on, when he did “little as much” at NQC, he went off key numerous times yet the “cool-aid drinkers” gave him a standing O.
    That seems to be the sad truth in SG. If you sing or ever have sung with a popular group, you will forever be mentioned as a great singer no matter what. If some of the names mentioned to replace Steve are the best out there, Gold City is in severe trouble.

  93. Grigs wrote:

    Irishlad, I think we were supposed to ignore the tats and focus on the sangin’. They did do a nice job, but I can’t identify with the song. First, my mom isn’t in Heaven. Secondly, my mom tends to sing flat when she gets into her higher register. She would be teaching angels how to make fudge, balance a checkbook, or to operate a sewing machine….somebody else would be doing the vocal instruction.

  94. Extra Ink wrote:

    Well, someone mentioned that they should get a woman to sing the part….

    In a dream world (and yes, I know it would never happen) I think Karen Peck Gooch would sound great with them.

  95. Alan wrote:

    Train wreck, Hugo #80? Wow. I sure didn’t see any train wreck there. Those kind of pickup “moments” usually play out with a lot more emotion than polish. In some senses, this was no different; but I thought BF&A did a stunningly good job, as did Dottie’s family. Overall, I’d say that sgm was represented very well, and as it seemed fairly obvious that the majority of that crowd had no clue who most of them were, (and also likely Dottie, for that matter :-) they appeared to be impressed. Thanks for posting the clip, though, even if my reaction to it was different than yours.

  96. Ellise wrote:

    I hate this because I never got to see Steve with Gold City. I’ve only heard him on radio. It has been about 6 1/2 to 7 years since they have come locally for me. Jay was still singing tenor.

  97. David Mann wrote:

    I went to college with Jacob Kitson and sang with him in a college tour group. Not to mention, I married his sister 3 years ago so I know him fairly well. He has improved greatly over the course of 3 years.

    However, he does not have a Gold City tenor’s range. Plus he’s happy where he is. If he would have continued with Tribute Quartet, I believe he still would have made a good name for himself.

    But yes, singing with Greater Vision will definitely get you a free pass. Subscriptions folks. Subscriptions.

  98. sogodad wrote:

    #94 If you were to replace Steve with a female look no farther than Mandy Harrell in S. Ga. whose life long dream is to be the 1st female to sing with GC. A 14 yr. old with an awesome voice.

  99. sogodad wrote:

    How about both a newcomer and a female. Look no farther than 14 yr. old Mandy Harrell from S. Ga. An awesome voice and a beautiful young lady.

  100. *:)* wrote:

    i agree sogodad! i heard that she is pretty amazing!

  101. soldier wrote:

    If Taranda Greene joined them they could sing “Sky Full of Angels” with Gold City live instead of in the background vocals… :)

  102. Hannah wrote:


  103. sogodad wrote:

    Mandy Harrell has sang SKY FULL of ANGELS with GC backing her up in concert. Great job!

  104. soldier wrote:

    What’s next, the McKameys are becoming a male quartet?

  105. Grigs wrote:

    No girls in Gold City…please.

  106. redhead wrote:

    105) I definitely agree

  107. Robert wrote:

    Listening #67…
    About the Greater Vision false ending thing with the orch creating an illusion, it is true about them doing that. Matter of fact, not slaming GV but they could quit singing and their stacks are so loud that you would never know it. Its like a choir in the background on EVERY song. About “For the sake of my Heart” that ending is NOT fake, Bruce does take the lead but its still a G, yes I said a G folks. And Steve takes the lead back at the end, so no illusion there.

  108. brad hughes wrote:

    how about tony jarman formerly of Legacy 5? His voice was awesome. Especially on “I stand Redeemed”. I she singing much?

  109. ...... wrote:

    Girl in Gold City, definatly could happen… Psalm 37:4- if its her desire it could happen!!

  110. Markp wrote:

    I vote to bring Jonathan Wilburn back and let him sing tenor! Man that guy could sing as high as Parrack!

  111. redhead wrote:

    108) I heard tony was going solo, but that was last year… are you sure your not mixing up Tony Jarman and Josh Cobb on “I Stand redeemed?”

  112. listening... wrote:

    I listened to it closer and I think you’re right. With the way it’s arranged it gave me a false impression. I was just speaking from memory earlier. And Greater Vision is my group. Great guys and Gerald Wolfe is tops, but they use what they got with amazing results. What they have is good voice, a great producer/arranger (Mr. Goss), and above all brains. You’re right. If they lacked the last two, the first would not be evident. Thanks.

    #108 brad hughes…
    Jarman would be awesome. He was incredible with L5 and had style that would fit with a modernized Gold City.

    #110 markp…
    Are you being serious, or are you just funnin’?

  113. Andy wrote:

    Josh CObb could do it, he sure can get “High” enough!

  114. Leadsinger wrote:

    I really don’t think Jarman has quite enough range to sing for Gold City, his replacement for L5 has more range, how about Seamans for Gold City :) I honestly think it is going to be someone out of the blue…

  115. Wade wrote:

    Andy # 113… if the ability to GET HIGH qualified anyone to sing Tenor in GCQ there’s alot of singers and most musicians could rip it!!

  116. welcometoreality wrote:

    Jarman can’t sing tenor with Gold City. He’d strip his voice, which is very rich and distinctive when singing in a range that he needs to be singing.

    Goss is a great arranger/producer if you like a big orchestral sound. If not, well…let’s just say he was innovative back in the day.

    Greater Vision - aka Gerald Wolfe - is very smart. They cover up their vocal inadequacies with stacks and orchestrations. If they’re not singing with stacks and orchestration, then they key it down and try to let the nostalgic nature of the “good ole hymns” keep them in the fans’ favor. Southern Gospel music is backed by older people for the most part. It’s incredibly intelligent. It’s just playing off of everybody’s ignorance (at least at most fans’ inability to look past the obvious). Gerald Wolfe is too good. He thinks one step ahead all of the time. GV is not even near the best trio in the business. They’re still one of the most popular though. Credit Gerald for that. I wonder how much longer they can hold on to that. The next genius idea needs to come along soon.

  117. Irishlad wrote:

    Tony Jarman’s ok of a tenor,but you get the feeling he’s singing out of his range (L5) on the high stuff. A wee bit too yelly for my liking

  118. Leadsinger wrote:

    For those mentioning Josh Cobb it seems he is coming back to his roots… Here is a Youtube link with him singing with a local quartet at his dads church on “Jesus Saves” he comes in at the 3 minute mark and man does he come in. also here is one of him singing with his sister…–70&feature=related

  119. brad wrote:

    josh cobb has a great voice.certainly would be an asset to any quartet.
    would love to hear him with GC.

  120. J wrote:

    First, Gold City was way too overlooked this year for the fan awards. This line up and recent albums have blown away most of the industry. Second. My very first thought for a replacement was Dusty Barrett as well. Young, yet has several years of singing under his belt now and has the range. The biggest obstacle for Gold City finding a replacement is finding some one who matches where they are and where they want to go yet be able to have the range to sing some of the classic, higher stuff.

  121. youguysareidiots wrote:

    Heres somethin you guys dont know….Bruce is leaving. Aaron is leaving. Tim’s comin back

  122. John McCall wrote:

    Why don’t you all let God decide, right? He already knows who is going to be in the group and what sound will carry them into a successful new season of positive change. Sure Steve will be missed by thousands, but that is not the end of the World for either party.

    I went and tried out for the group…with a bad sinus infection. (lol) Bad timing, but I enjoied talking to Michael Syles, Daniel, and Kevin. They are very real people, just like you and I and I wish them the very best in everything they do. I would love to be a part of the group for sure, but again…it is up to God, and I cannot say or speak His thoughts. :)

    Have a very Blessed week to all of you, and keep the spin positive…ok.

    In Christ’s Love,
    John J. McCall

  123. Aaron Swain wrote:

    It was just announced that Chris Cooper is Gold City’s new tenor.

  124. Zack wrote:

    Chris will blow everyone away!!

  125. Raven wrote:

    Congratulations to Chris!
    Can’t wait to hear him with the group. Gold City has never failed in finding only the best, so I know he will be super!!

  126. Jason wrote:

    Are you serious. Steve was the next best thing to Brian Free as far as I’m concerned. Jay was great make no mistake, but Steve really came a long way vocally, and this gut they have now doesn’t have even close to the range that Jay, or Steve had. I can’t wait to see this epic failure. I’m positive there was more tenors that sounded better that this guy. Look him up on youtube under the Melodyaires, he really isn’t that good at all in my opinion.

  127. tim moxley wrote:

    Bring David Kight back as their producer and engineer and they might have a chance. Talking about divine intervention,wake up guys. You missed the mark with Kight……………Tim

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