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Jacob [Kitson] should not have been nominated [for SN fan awards in the tenor category]. If you sing for Greater Vision you win awards. Had he joined the day the ballots went out, he still would have been nominated. Steve is one of the best to come along in many years. Jacob is a good lead singer but not much of a tenor. I know the loyal GV fans are screaming am me right now but come on, when he did “little as much” at NQC, he went off key numerous times yet the “cool-aid drinkers” gave him a standing O. That seems to be the sad truth in SG. If you sing or ever have sung with a popular group, you will forever be mentioned as a great singer no matter what. If some of the names mentioned to replace Steve are the best out there, Gold City is in severe trouble.

This point has probably been made before, but it’s worth restating: there’s nothing wrong with awards for fan favorites. The trouble is when performers and publicists (and more than a few fans) purposefully equate “favorite” with musical ability because they’d rather be (or be associated with) the appearance of musical success than the thing itself.

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  1. wesK wrote:

    I personally know Jacob Kitson and find that he is quite talented as a tenor singer. As far as standing ovations from singing with a popular group, I remember him getting standing ovations from his times with Tribute Quartet also. The night he was at NQC was his first night on stage there, so needless to say, I think we should cut him some slack, I sing professionally also, and it would scare me to, if Gerald Wolfe ask me to sing something off the cuff. Jacob is still young and learning, but far above his years in talent.

  2. redhead wrote:

    1) If I’m not mistaken Gerald “suprises” Jacob by asking him to sing “little is much” every concert, I guess he could be nervous ’cause it was his first night on stage at NQC, but it’s not because he was asked “off the cuff.”

  3. David Mann wrote:

    Yah, there’s not too many “off the cuff” things that take place in these shows. As I said in another post, Jacob doesn’t have the tenor range of a Gold City or Kingsmen tenor. However, he has improved a lot in the last 3 years.

    Greater Vision has not been known for having that kind of tenor since Chris Allman left. So I think he’s a good fit for them and, like it’s already been said, is young and will improve in time to reach some of those higher notes.

    As for the nomination, he’s in the spotlight and gets noticed before many others. And of course, there’s the number of subscriptions sold issue.

    It just seems like it’s been this way for a long time now. What can be done?

  4. Keith wrote:

    For the record, I was just with Jacob at the Great Western Fan Fest and the boy tore it up. I’m a tenor (probably fit best with the “not much of a tenor”) and I’m here to tell you Jacob is much higher than just a lead singer. He hit several high Cs throughout the week and sounded phenomenal. He deserves to be nominated based on musical ability as well as his good fortune to be singing with a group many consider to be among the best. So, maybe he’s not your favorite but don’t denigrate the guy with a cheap shot just to make a point.

    …and I don’t even drink the Kool-aid.

  5. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    What can be done?
    Have more group owners fully understand that picking a singer more than just making a phone call.
    Quality attracts quality plus is does rub off on other members of the team.
    I would rather have a member that might have a little less talent but is known for loyalty, always working the team concept and do whatever it takes to further the goals of the team and ministry of the team.
    Winning awards might be the goal of some people.
    You will finds the real winners at the local concerts when the last words late at night are spoken by the local pastor or promoter to the artists are “well done.”
    It helps make the long road trip home just a little shorter.

  6. KDM wrote:

    I think the issue here is that many people think Jacob hasn’t put in enough time to deserve the award nomination he received. Folks think it’s too early to tell if he’s going to live up to the hype or not.

    The title of the award is the FAN award. This isn’t an achievement award…it’s a fan favorite award. And people vote for Jacob because he sings for Greater Vision and they love Greater Vision. So they are loyal to their favorite group by nominating all its members in their respective categories.

    I am in no way insinuating that Jacob is a bad singer or undeserving of recognition. I have enjoyed the group since he joined, and think he’s a good vocal fit. I do understand the hesitancy of many to jump in and back Jacob for a fan award until he has a better chance to prove himself. Right now he’s riding the popularity of GV. Time will tell if he can stand on his own.

  7. rngfreckles wrote:

    KDM: I must agree with you. You worded my thoughts exactly. It is a FAN award…thanks for the reminder. Sometimes it takes the rest of us a while to catch up with that fact. (And for the record, my vote is for someone else. =+)

  8. C.W.G. wrote:

    I am continually amazed at the discernment of the posters on the many topics presented on this blog . You all are such great singers, promoters, and knowledgeable about the S.G. world. But, I guess it does say “Criticism, and commentary on southern gospel music and culture”, and who would be more qualified than those of you who post here!

  9. Donna wrote:

    First of all, I do not agree with the opening quote, but everybody is entitled to their opinion. I think Jacob does a FINE job with Greater Vision and if you were expecting a “screaming tenor” (and I do not use that term in a derogatory manner) like Gold City has/had, I’m sure you’re disappointed.

    I also think one of the WORST venues is NQC and while watching “Four” (the NQC hour-long, Brian Free TV show), I notice just how MANY singers are off-key. The sound at that place is horiffic!

    And, YES, it is true that fan awards have absolutely nothing to do with quality. It has everything to do with how you treat your fans and the fans of your group. Jacob is doing a teriffic job fitting into Greater Vision, and I am glad he’s with them. I was there when Jason “handed the mic over to Jacob” at his farewell concert and I’ll be at any GV concert that’s within a reasonable driving distance. And I’d match Jacob up against any other tenor out there, regardless of his age!

  10. Grigs wrote:

    To answer #8…..

    Bill Gaither

    Gloria Gaither

    Gloria Stivic

    Mosie Lister

    Hovie Lister

    Hovie Walker

    Walker, Texas Ranger

    Les Beasley

    Clarke Beasley

    Miss Beasley from Family Affair

    All of these are more qualified than Avery as well as the average poster here and let’s face it, most are way below average.

    More to come…..

  11. Joy wrote:

    It’s a FAN award. The fans that voted for him may not have based their votes on high c’s. Perhaps they voted because he has touched them?

    Jason wasn’t the best tenor, but he was humble and had a true love for God, how could people not enjoy him. Kitson may be similar.

    I personally like that greater vision is pretty much three guys who harmonize together. When you get into the who sings the highest and lowest, it tends to take away from the main focus, which is God.

    What I find distasteful are singers who seem to only want to sing as high or as low as theycan and hold a note till they are blue in the face. That is showboating. Unless you are the Lord, I don’t really care that your voice can get as high as an opera singer or you can dig dirt with it.

    Sing like someone who is in love with God and you will be a well loved singer regardless of how well you sing.

    A preacher said once that the most powerful song he ever heard was from an old lady who had never sung in the church before. She stood and said that God was leading her to sing Amazing Grace and she obeyed the spirit and did so. Her voice was warbled and off pitch. She wasn’t professional in the delivery, but it was the sweetest rendition he had ever heard, because you could see God in her.

    Church was delayed awhile as so many people were touched and folks went to the alter. God was in that old woman, using her as an instrument and she obeyed.

  12. Not Likely wrote:

    I agree with you Joy. Just like this old lady, Greater Vision and several others, you don’t have to be a good singer to be a blessing - as long as your heart is where it belongs.

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