Wednesday round up

Some items that don’t warrant a post of their own but are worth getting out there until we return to our regularly scheduled blogging.

  • The Steve Ladd thread has stayed remarkably on target for a post with comments running  up over a hundred. Some interesting ideas have cropped up along the way, including the suggestion that Wes Hampton take Ladd’s spot (not gonna happen) and another that a woman get the job (and this wasn’t even a sister tenor joke). See what happens when we stay focused?
  • VIA musicscribe, the latest non-news to come out of Anthony Facello’s trio, Beyond the Ashes (Kyle calls them a cross between the Booth Brothers and Rascal Flatts). There’s a phoenix-not-rising joke in here somewhere … But unlaunched jokes aside, isn’t it sad to watch yet another gifted gospel singer flounder and languish.
  • Larry Ferguson and family have filed a civil suit in Missouri related to the bus crash that killed Dottie Rambo and injured several members of the Ferguson family. Among those named in the suit, the coach company from which Rambo’s bus was leased, the driver, and Reba Rambo McGuire (For the original docs, search the Missouri civil court docket for case number 09LW-CC00043) (h/t, SM). I’m no lawyer but I assume this is the kind of wide-net litigation that’s involved in trying to recoup costs for medical care in cases where liability is in question. Update: another news report on the suit is here.
  • This just in: The SN’s Jerry Kirksey  thinks homosexuality is a sin “powerful temptation”, which is rather like calling heterosexuality a strong procreative urge. This from his latest Writer’s Block column. Better be careful what you pray and preach for, though, Jerry. Get rid of all the homuhsexshuls in southern gospel and there’d be a lot less southern gospel music for the SN to write about (not to mention appreciably fewer artist/advertisers to pay for the thing in the first place) (h/t, BW). Writer’s block indeed.
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  1. JulieBelle wrote:

    Amen to the Jerry Kirksey comment, Avery!

    On another semi-related note, I found it funny that TMZ posted that the “all-heterosexual audience at the Doves” gave Miss California a standing ovation. I thought, “they don’t know the audience.” 1/3 of them are in the closet to keep their livelihood.

  2. Tim wrote:

    You’re my hero with the reality you stated concerning SG and Homosexuality. The industry would dry up. People like Jerry K are so self-righteous and think they have it all figured out. Don’t slap the hand that feeds you Mr. Kirksey.

  3. rick wrote:

    I read it again, and I don’t see where Jerry called it sin. Looks like he cut and pasted scripture references, context not withstanding.

  4. steve wrote:

    Jerry Kirksey is right. Sex outside of marriage is sin. Adultery and fornication are sins. If we have violated those we need to seek forgiveness. Moses didn’t ask
    us to try our best to keep 9 out of 10 commandments. I think sin needs to be called sin. I need to stop saying “I’ve made a bad choice” and start admitting I’ve sinned and fallen short of living a life pleasing and acceptable to God.

  5. Tim wrote:

    I think there is a bigger picture thing here that no one is seeing. Jerry’s final cut and paste:
    Jesus speaking “So watch yourselves! “If another believer sins, rebuke that person; then if there is repentance, forgive.” –(NLT Luke 17:3)

    Do you think we are about to see Kirk back in the SN.

  6. drummingdrew wrote:

    GOD’s WORD speaks specifically about this. If you believe that the Bible is truly inspired by God and it is infallable, then you have to believe Leviticus 18:22. It would be fine with me if all those that did not line up with God’s word would leave SG, not just homosexuals. The spirit does not bear witness with most of them to me for the most part. I am not saying that they, or all, can stop sinning because it is our nature. But we should not repeatedly, intentionally defile ourselves (by any means) and ask for forgiveness just to repeat it tomorrow. SG shouldn’t be about the money or biting the hand that feeds you. It should be about ministering to the lost and having a HUGE stumbling block in the way, by choice, is not the way a Christian should chose to live. We should strive to be more like Christ everyday.

  7. jbb wrote:

    I reread his letter. He is right. Sin is sin and that is what he is referencing in the scriptures. I am of the belief that when I am listening to God’s word or reading his word and it bothers me, chances are I am being convicted….If his letter bothers some, read the word yourself. It might convict you too.

  8. soldier wrote:

    I’ve about HAD IT with Douglas Harrison and his condoning of homosexuality.

    Jerry didn’t call it sin, the BIBLE did. If you gotta a problem with the Bible take it up with God.

    Thank-you very much.

  9. Rick wrote:

    I’m the Rick who posted last year on the subject of homosexuality. I’m not the same “rick” who posted above (#3). I guess I need another name. :)
    Anyway, I still believe I am a Christian, and I also happen to be gay. I know my heart and I love God. If you believe differently, fine, but don’t judge me unless you have walked in my shoes.

  10. gina wrote:

    I noticed the link to the Ferguson lawsuit article mentioned that Reba Rambo-McGuire had hired the bus company. According to prior reports from people on the bus at the time of the accident, I thought Reba was estranged from her mother and they rarely communicated. Why would she have hired the company? I’m confused… Anybody in the know on this?

  11. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Good thing for some of you that Jerry Kirksey is not your pastor or that Jerry Kirksey doesn’t have some of you to tend to in his flock.
    Disunity in the church is not uplifting to the building up of the saints.
    It is one of the reason why we have all kind of churches within the evangelical community.
    You will see a vast array of the more traditional churches to the more progressive churches.
    There alot of churches are just in the middle and that the the way I like it.
    A church is like a hamburger.
    Burnt on the outside, burnt on the inside but it just the way I like it.
    Just find the right hamburger, I meant, church.

  12. cynical one wrote:

    Is Kirksey going to preach on gluttony next? How many more advertisers would he alienate? Maybe after that he could go to preaching on stealing, and alienate recording studio owners who pretend to be record labels. Then adultery, using the Lord’s Name in vain, lying, et al. Who’s going to be left to buy ads? Very few, I’m afraid.

    Should we not preach against sin? Of course we need to preach against sin. Just remember the Bible calls those things sin, and the commandments don’t have “exceptions” attached. Otherwise we might read:

    Thou shall not steal, except office supplies from your employer.

    Thou shall not lie, except to the I.R.S.

    Thou shall not kill, except unborn babies.

    Thou shall not commit adultery, unless you think you were meant for each other, and you should never have married your spouse in the first place.

    Remember the sabboth day to keep it holy, unless you need to get ahead in this world (or play golf, or get out on the lake, or whatever)

    Love your neighbor, unless (s)he’s different from you.

    A man shall not lay with another man as he would a woman, unless you think I made you that way.

    Forsake not the gathering together, unless you don’t like the songs the song leader chooses, or the clothes the preacher wears. Or unless it’s raining, Or unless you stayed out partying too late the night before.


  13. steve wrote:

    # 11 Gospel Music Fan

    Ma’am, did you want fries with that?

  14. Wade wrote:

    I saw something on a church sign recently that I had seen & heard before but it was funny to see it again…


  15. Wade wrote:

    # 1 Julie Belle - I would say your number is about right!!! They wanna kick gays out but leave the drinkin’, adultery & fried chicken eating crowd alone!!! Y’all wanna meet down at Golden Corral for Sunday Dinner and stuff our selves before we go back to evening SMALL GROUPS & AWANNA’s???

    Hey I am not hatin’ I am guilty of ALL of it except the gay part… but it is fun to watch them sneak around at especially Multi Group Big Events. But hey I am looking for the Preachers Daughters!! lol

  16. wackythinker wrote:

    I agree we all need a little preachin’ to, now and then, but is SN really the best platform? I guess Jerry can use it, though, if he feels it’s appropriate. But there may be better ways/places to say what he wanted to say.

  17. Sensible wrote:

    #9 Rick - Jesus Christ has never walked in your shoes as a homosexual man; yet, he will judge you. Homosexuality is sin according to the Bible - the word of God.

  18. Deb Pankey wrote:

    I don’t see what the big fuss is all about. Jerry didn’t write it. All he did was print it. It was the BIBLE……the Word of God. If you have a problem with it take it up with the one who wrote it.

    As for me, I say YOU GO JERRY! It’s time Christians stand up and call out sin of every kind. Speak the truth in love, but continue to speak it. Many will make fun, get mad, etc. but if one is saved from hell it will be worth it all.

  19. Thursday wrote:

    # 9 Rick, have you read any of the news reports that there are pedophiles that believe they are Christians and they state that they love God? They will actually state this information in court under oath. Furthermore, they even state that God made them that way. It seems that in many people’s eyes they can be anything and a Christian at the same time.

  20. pk wrote:

    I can’t see where this Jerry guy said anything. All he did was cut and paste, anyone can do that….what a lazy way to write an article. And he gets paid for that?

  21. Jake wrote:

    I can see this thread is quickly degenerating down the same track that a number of previous threads on this blog site have gone — the wrongness (or rightness, depending on your viewpoint) of being a homosexual “Christian.”

    We have fought that fight and argued this matter ad nauseum, and nobody is convincing anyone else to their side. It just turns into name calling, Scripture quoting, and nasty remarks about those who post Scripture. It is pretty clear where our Moderator Doug stands on the issue.

    For the record, I believe the Bible is God’s Word, and that when God says homosexuality is sin, that is the end of the argument. But not everyone who posts on this site is of the same mind. Some obviously have a lower view of the authority of Scripture. But arguing is getting us nowhere. Round after round after round — it just keeps coming back.

    Jesus said not to cast your pearls before swine (those are His words, not mine). So can we quit carrying on and arguing about homosexuality and just get back to talking about SG music?

    Thanks — and I’ll duck when the stones start heading in my direction.

  22. RF wrote:

    Oh boy. Out of the several things mentioned in Avery’s blog entry, only one gets discussed. Typical. All you have to do is mention homosexuality and watch them come out in droves. Never mind that three more interesting things were mentioned: Anthony Facello’s new group, the Rambo lawsuit, and Crossroad’s effort to get singles out quicker.

    I grieve for Facello. He was once part of the best new four part harmony group to hit sg in years. So far, those four–Facello, Chris Wallace, Josh Feemster, and even Garry are no longer much on the scene. That’s a tragedy for sg music lovers everywhere. So much talent and so little exposure.

    Of course that’s not important when we can discuss gays.

  23. Rick wrote:

    I regret coming back on this board. I should have known better, having only myself to blame. I won’t make the same mistake again. All of you self-righteous morally superior straight men can have your space without my input.

  24. RE wrote:

    To whom it may concern Anthony Facello’s group, Beyond the Ashes, is from being scarcely seen on the music scene! If you take one look at their schedule you would realize that stay very busy and are working hard for what they believe in! As far as I am concerned what Anthony is doing is ten times better than Mercy’s Mark was!

    On another note I think everyone of you that take time to sit on these websites and gossip and put down these singers that our out ministering to the hurting and lost, ought to be ashamed of yourselves! Maybe you should take the time you spend gossiping on these websites and pray for them instead!

  25. KEW wrote:

    #19, Thursday-Are you trying to compare homosexuals to pedophiles? The only thing you can even try to compare a pedophile to is the absolute worst, most vile demon in Hell.

  26. JEB wrote:

    10/4 #24 RE… I really liked the sound of Beyond the Ashes. Still bummed that Mercy’s Mark did not make it. I really felt their freshman project was the very best first major recording I’ve ever heard.


  27. cynical one wrote:

    KEW — the only thing that makes pedophilia and rape any worse that any other sin is the immediate victim. All sin is sin. I’ve never read that God listed His commandments in top-down order, or that any one sin will be punished any harsher than any other.

    Feel free to correct me in you have information to the contrary. I’m sure someone here will.

  28. df1 wrote:

    To #1: Reba did NOT hire the bus company and therefore is NOT being sued for that. That report was erroneous. You’re right. She had little to do with her mother while she was alive. [edit]

  29. Irishlad wrote:

    As far as i’m aware the Bible says to respect the government and the law of the land you live in with deference whether you agree with it or not. Therefore if you are breaking the law of your land by stealing,drug dealing or on a sexual nature paedophilia or rape(male or female) expect to be punished accordingly. To compare those crimes with consenting homosexuality is nonsense,and i don’t happen to be gay. Have any of you read some of the other ludicrous laws the author of Leviticus put along side the homosexual ones also punishable by death? Archaic would be a gross understatement. Medical science understands infinitely more about sexuality that those ancient Jewish scribes ever could.

  30. gina wrote:

    Thanks, df1, for the reply about Reba. I thought it sounded strange that she would’ve hired the bus company. Do you know her involvement in the lawsuit?

  31. cynical one wrote:

    Irishlad — I’m sorry. I didn’t realize we were talking about civil law. I thought we were talking about God’s law (and what his Word refers to as sin).

  32. Thursday wrote:

    Irishlad, sodomy is still against the law in most states as is the recognition of gay marriages. However, even if those actions were made legal in all 50 states, they would still conflict with what is allowable in God’s word.

  33. cynical one wrote:

    Irishlad — fyi, there is much more to homosexuality than sodomy. And I’m not sure it true for “most states”, that it’s against the law. The last part of your last statement is true, though.

    Most states no longer have anti-adultery laws on the books, but it’s still in God’s Book.

    And let’s not forget that just because we have a desire to do something God says is not His will, that doesn’t mean God made us feel that way, and we shoudl therefore do whatever we feel like.

    I really don’t think God made the rules just to keep us from having a good time. To the contrary, He knew what was best for us. And that’s what he wants for us — the best.

  34. Irishlad wrote:

    Cynical one,let’s stick to God’s law then. The Ten Commandments are the only ones physically written by God himself and given to Moses. Whereupon did God write thou shalt not commit homosexul acts? Why not a specific commandment from the hand of God forbidding such an abomination?

  35. Wade wrote:

    Yeah IrishLaddy… good point but your heads about to be bloodied with another flat spot!!!

  36. Irishlad wrote:

    Cyinical one, i bow to your gracious intimations. Perhaps not agreeing with you hole heartly i appreciate your Christian tolerance and Christ like response. Thank you.

  37. soldier wrote:

    Irishlad, I’ll say it simple enough so no one will misunderstand:

    Revelations 22:19: “And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.”

    Just because the word “homosexuality” wasn’t etched on one of the 10 Commandments doesn’t mean the entire New Testament and the rest of the Bible isn’t the Word of God. Besides, “Thou shalt not commit adultery” is very similar in subject-matter to the sin of sodomy (merely a different form of sexual impurity).

  38. Bob wrote:

    Rick, I say again, why do you identify yourself by what you do in the bedroom? I mean, If that was proper then, I would say, Hi, And I am snore!!!! What a pitiful life you must lead.

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