Thursday round up

  • I meant to mention this yesterday: Crossroads has launched a digital downloads for radio singles. This in itself isn’t entirely new, but DBM has the details of why this particular development is worth noticing. I’ll say more about this sort of thing when I finally get around to the second part of my Disintermediation posts, but this will do for now.
  • After last night’s American Idol, a commenter said:  “And now A.I. is down to a Christian, a gay … and one other.” Sounds like a lot of gospel trios to me. Heheh.
  • Kudos to the SN’s new website for indicating in their news stories the original author of the news item so that now you can easily tell which ones are originally generated by the SN staff and which ones are press releases submitted by third parties.

What else?

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  1. Kyle wrote:

    - “And now A.I. is down to a Christian, a gay … and one other.” Sounds like a lot of gospel trios to me. Heheh. -

    I choked on my Pepsi when I read that!!

  2. Michael Davis wrote:

    Kyle, my reaction was much different than yours. I found it very sad that Doug Harrison never misses a chance to reference “homosexuality”. It seems to be an obsession.

  3. cynical one wrote:

    Michael — It seems to be an obsession with may people on both sides of the issue.

    And Kyle, A.I. official soft drink sponsor would prefer you be choking on Coke, not Pepsi.

  4. SGFAN65 -BW wrote:

    - “And now A.I. is down to a Christian, a gay … and one other.” Sounds like a lot of gospel trios to me. Heheh. -

    # 1 - I spit out my Sprite !
    # 2 - Doug Is Gay - that’s been pretty much a decided fact for some time.

    Without Gay Men (and Women) - Gospel Music would be “song-less”, “singer-less”, “musician-less”, “Promoter-less”, “Producer-less”, “…..-less “; believe me “IT is” a big part of the gospel music industry… I think it’s really time that we all realize just how much - and not make such a big deal. If our Country is second guessing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy - maybe we as Christian Music Lovers - do the same !

    I am a Gospel Music Lover, former group member, I am a Christan…and yes I am a Gay too !

  5. KD wrote:

    yeah, because pepsi supports homosexuality. :-P

  6. quartet-man wrote:

    #4 I don’t have rose colored glasses on. I am sure there are those in SG who are gay or doing other things they should not, but I think you are way overstating it to act like there would be no one left.

  7. Yeah... wrote:

    After four decades in this business, I’ll say this: you can’t be in a bus 3-5 days a week without getting to know everyone real quickly. Within two weeks, you know who snores, who’s lazy, who’s a hard worker, and more about their personalities, foibles, and strengths than you may ever know about your best friends in years. As well, over the years, you get to know guys in other groups well; who you can trust and who you can’t. So, you get to hear about the guys they’re traveling with too. And I say all that for this: are there gay guys in this business? Yeah. Some. Are there folks who aren’t all that they should be? Yep.
    None of us are perfect, and I’m far from it. But, to paint the gay issue with as broad of a brush as some of you are is entirely wrong.

    It’s just playing into the agenda of a blogger who’s an assistant English professor in a college few have heard of outside of a 20-mile range of where it is. A blogger who’s completely out of the closet now, and would love for his readers to believe what he writes. And that’s all, folks. He’s never really spent any time in this business except to critique it from afar. And who can say - maybe it comes from the bitterness of being rejected as a piano player by a few name groups? Not mine to know, but just be advised, folks. While this is an issue with a relative few in this bidness, it ain’t how it’s been portrayed here and in a recent thread.

    I doubt this will be posted, but in case it is, I wanted to present the real side.

  8. Jake wrote:

    # 7 — Yeah — Wow, quite a post. I am amazed that it got through!

    # 4 — SGFAN65-BW — I think you are painting awfully broad strokes here. If what you are trying to imply is that SG is basically a homosexual business, I think you are flat wrong. Granted, there could be some gays — just as there are undoubtedly are in every genre of music — but to paint it as being overrun by gays, you are way off the mark. Also, when you smugly tell us that you are a Christian and you are gay — can you give us any Scripture to back up your assertion? Because my Bible teaches that they are opposite lifestyles.

  9. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    There is no such thing as a gay Christian. Just like there is no such thing as a drunkard Christian, dope addict Christian, or pedophile Christian. Sure, we can struggle with sin from time to time, but Romans 6:2 says “How can we who are dead to sin, LIVE any longer therein.” Struggle with, yes…LIVE IN, no. BTW, #4, if you think you are a Christian and you’re gay, Satan has blinded your eyes! Also, do all of us genuine Christians a favor and don’t broadcast it all over the internet!!! It sure does make Christianity seem like a farce when you do that.

  10. SGFAN65 -BW wrote:

    #8 - Without much debate back and forth - of what’s right and what’s wrong…. I just “Personally” know what my relationship with God The Father and His Son Jesus… and that’s all I care about. I believe that I am a born again “gay” christian and that Jesus Loves Me this I know !! Why ? How Do I know ? I know it in my heart and I feel and enjoy HIS prescence in my life !

    There is probably more Gays in the business than you can even imagine - but because for most this is their way of making a living - they have to supress it and keep it a “secret”. I agree #7 - being on a bus and travelling together like that- certainly lets you learn alot about people real quick. Homosexuality is not the only immorality that goes on in the business - it’s just the one that gets the most press ! There’s “smokers” “drinkers” “cheaters” - etc…. too….This world is filled with sin - and sinners - but there is only ONE JUDGE that matters most ! The rest of you can believe what you want - I have read the same Bible that you have - inside and out - and while the “bible” says this and that - it’s all up to interpretation. If we are going to condemn homo’s - let’s also condemn those who overeat, covet another’s bus or group’s success - their wife, their husband ? Sin is Sin - but GOD IS LOVE and a Love’s Everyone - God is no respector of persons !

    I am not smugly advising that I am a gay christian…..I AM A GAY CHRISTIAN - and while the bible may teach they are opposites….It’s very REAL in my life. God answers my prayers on a daily basis - and I never hope I find myself without God in my life. Can you say that about your life as a Straight Christian ?

    By the way…. Doug offers an open forum for us to discuss Gospel Music and the Industry and people involved. Don’t criticize him for what he allows and what he does not allow. It’s an open forum - with everyone being able to present their opinions. Doug’s personal life is HIS business. If you do not like the content of what is on this Blog - then find another one. Your curiosity keeps you coming back - because you love to hear conversations just like these !!!

    I Hope I see you in Heaven when I make it there !

  11. Faithfulone wrote:

    SGFAN65-BW I hope and I pray that you are not who I think you are! If so, it’s more than just a disappointment-it’s crushing!!

  12. I'm just sayin... wrote:

    Of course there are gays in SG. We’ve got a little bit of everything in this industry - why not that too?

    #7 - kudos to you…well said

    #10 I’m not going to spew scriptures at you, as I’m sure you have the same Bible I do and can read perfectly well. I will, however, state my opinion on the matter. Open forum, correct?

    God is a holy, just, and loving God. He loves everyone just the same, and you are correct! He is no respector of persons. On that much I believe we can agree. However, He also can’t stand to look upon sin and like it or not He specifically said that He considers homosexuality to be sin. You can adapt his Word to fit your lifestyle if it makes you feel better but it doesn’t change it at all. He still considers it to be sin. The Bible is NOT up for interpretation. God wouldn’t be much of a God if He gave us rules and guidlines and then added a clause at the end saying, “but seriously…do whatever you want.”

    The Bible says that when we sin we create a gulf between ourselves and the Father. At that point the only prayer He hears from us is one of repentance. So whereas things might be going wonderfully for you in life at the present time, it’s not necessarily because you have God’s favor. Satan will do anything to make you believe you’ve got it covered when in reality all you’ve got is a fabricated “good feeling” that helps you get through the day.

    I don’t dislike gays, I just don’t agree with their lifestyle. And before you say it, I know you don’t care whether I agree or not. lol I have a few gay friends and they know my opinion on their lifestyle. We’ve discussed it to great lengths. I remain convinced that the Bible is literal.

  13. Irishlad wrote:

    Speaking of Mr Traylor,i wonder what became of Todd Payne. Brothers-in-law were they not?

  14. Ben Harris wrote:

    #12 I agree with you. I too think it is a sin, and I too have a few gay friends. Just because I consider them a friend does not negate my belief that their lifestyle is sinful. I can only pray that His will be done in my life, and hopefully I will not be the cause for someone else to falter.

  15. Brett wrote:

    Read Proverbs 12:1
    Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,
    but he who hates correction is stupid.

    There is no such thing as a “gay” christian. I supposed I can be a “Pedophile” christian right. I was born that way is your reasoning which God says man’s hearts are deceitful . Also Jesus said in the last days man’s hearts will fail. so you “Gays” that follow your heart are headed for hell. You are fooling yourself. Enough said.

  16. Joe wrote:


    This is one of the very few topics here that will drag me out of the woodwork.

    Your “feelings” aside, homosexuality is totally incompatible with being a Christian.

    God the Creator stated that the only Heaven-approved sexual relations are between a married man and woman- a husband and wife (Gen. 2:24). Jesus the Savior repeated EXACTLY the same words (Matt. 19:5). Both Testaments are covered by the same Divine statement.

    God’s Word also calls homosexuality an “abomination” (Lev. 18:22), and links it as being as similarly evil as is bestiality (next verse). Rev. 21:27 plainly states that any who are practicing abominations will be excluded from Heaven. This is echoed in 1 Cor. 6:9-10.

    You may claim alot of things. So will the people portrayed in Matt. 7: 21-23 and Luke 13:24-28. Please read these passages carefully, and see where these folks end up, and why.

    You are only deluding yourself. God has spoken. His Word cannot be any clearer. #12 is exactly right. Just because you may try to change, ignore, or rationalize the Word of God to “match” your chosen lifestyle, in the end it only serves to make your sinning feel better to you.

    It does not change God’s view of sin.

  17. Wade wrote:

    Joe…try to write a paragraph with out scripture…see what you can put together

  18. Joe wrote:


    If someone in your church was trying to convince the elders that they were a born-again Christian pedophile, exactly which book would you prefer the elders to use to refute that argument? Who, actually, trumps God?

  19. Irishlad wrote:

    Peadophilia is an illegal activity much like saying i’m a Christian bank robber or drug dealer. Homosexuality is not.

  20. Joe wrote:

    “Illegal” according to the laws of Man, Irishlad. But BOTH are illegal according to the laws of God, and the exclusionary rules of Heaven. Both are blatant sin. Not a single sin will ever be allowed into Heaven.

    Again I ask Wade- which book would the elders use?

  21. Wade wrote:

    Now Irish Laddy don’t be confusing them with logic… know too in case you have not read the other thread… but Dread Pirate Roberts says Old Harry Peters, you and I are ruining the site for them!!! lol

    Having sex with some one under age is illegal no matter which way you are swinging it!!!

    I am not getting in to this any deeper…my head already has too many bloody flat spots…

    dr joe… God Love your heart… and glad to always know you are close by regardless of the lie you have been telling for WAY over a YEAR you were taking your Bible and going home and not coming out to play… I think I said a few times you would NEVER GO AWAY!! Fun to be soooo easily RIGHT SOMETIMES!!!

  22. joe wrote:

    To #9 Blake Edmondson: “Also, do all of us genuine Christians a favor…” No matter which side of this debate one is on, that is one of the most pompous, arrogant, judgmental phrases I have ever read.

  23. Yeah... wrote:

    Wade, you never answered Joe’s question, which was a legitimate one. Which book would you bring? You always duck any tough questions, and divert to your friends here who share your views…You don’t have to read this blog very often to know that anyone who uses the Bible as the definitive answer will incur your sarcasm. So, if it isn’t to be the Bible, again, which book would you use? I’m curious.

  24. Wade wrote:

    23.) Yeah Baby… If you have been around any time you know these conversations and I have better things to do. I do not have the infatuation with homosexuality as you & dr joe seem to have.

    You might want to take a hint as far as the sarcasm goes.

  25. Joe wrote:


    Don’t waste your time with Wade. You will find, the longer you are here, that he and a fair number of others have absolutely no time for the Word of God.

    Quoting it, to them, is anathema.

    Wade’s recourse, when challenged, is that we are “infatuated with homosexuality”…when all we have done is bring in God’s Word as final arbiter on the subject.

    This is why Blake used the term “genuine Christians”; a comment deemed “pompous, arrogant, judgmental” by the other joe.

    Blake is right. joe is wrong. There are alot of “christian” commenters here, who are “christian” in name only. To them, anything goes, any lifestyle is OK, there is no such thing as sin, and the last source you ever want to use as an authority is the Bible.

    That is why I mentioned Matt. 7 and Luke 13. I’m afraid there are many who comment here, who will find themselves in that sad crowd someday.

  26. SGFAN65 -BW wrote:

    # 11 - Who do you think I am ?

    To the rest….only Heaven will reveal who is right or wrong….and I will be there to tell you “I told you so !”

  27. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    Joe…do you consider yourself to be a “geunuine” Christian? Do you consider these “gay” Christians to be “genuine.”
    The definition of genuine is “processing the claimed attribute or character, quality, or origin.” Now, how is that the wrong word to use. If someone is gay and claims to be a Christian, he or she does not process the right character, quality, and obviously not the right origin. I’ve used that word as a topic in a sermon before. You might want to check yourself before attacking an old ally.

  28. rr wrote:

    I believe American Idol is down to two Christians and a gay. The “other guy” is a Christian, too.

  29. Faithfulone wrote:

    #26 You are not who I thought you were. You posted something at a time when my friend was involved in something elsewhere. Impossible for him to be in two places at the same time. WHEW! He speaks against homosexuality, and it would have been crushing to know he was one.

  30. cynical one wrote:

    SGFAN65 -BW — You said, “I AM A GAY CHRISTIAN - and while the bible may teach they are opposites….It’s very REAL in my life.”

    Do you not get what you said? It’s very real in your life, yet you acknowlege it’s opposite of what the Bible teaches? And you don’t see the fallicy of your thought process?

    If what’s real in your life is opposite to God’s Word, one of you is wrong! Two opposites cannot peacefully co-exist.

    And Wade, what’s wrong with using scripture to back up your argument, if not taken out of context?

    But in Wade’s defense (I can’t believe I’m saying that), if God’s Word says something, there’s generally a logical explanation that can be given. If the person we’re talking with doesn’t accept the Bible, God’s infallible Word, and the ultimate authority, maybe we should find the logical explanation. Some people do still accept logic, although I must admit it seems fewer and fewer all the time.

  31. JLL wrote:

    I have some Christian friends who are divorced–something against which I believe Jesus spoke many times…many more times than he spoke against homosexuality (which was never, I believe…). I love my divorced friends, but I hope they know that I do not agree with their “lifestyle.” I’m sure they shall reap what they have sown someday.

    And for those biblical literalists…put down that shrimp cocktail. It’s an abomination, you know…

  32. quartet-man wrote:

    A general question, if we as Christians are supposed to live according to God’s word, and God’s word is the Bible, why is quoting it (accurately) a sin? I don’t know that we have to quote it for every single thing in life, but we should live according to the principles found in it.

    #31, that is a stretch. Someone who gets a divorce does it often as a one time deal. That would be the same as stealing one time. Active homosexuals make the choice and stay there. That is a like someone who decides to join a shoplifting ring. It isn’t like those who divorce make a decision to divorce and do it over and over again.

  33. rick wrote:

    I simply cannot believe this thread went totally gay, and no one said anything about the real story here. Traylor! I would gladly trade 10 gays for one Traylor comment!

  34. Joe wrote:


    This discussion seems to be winding down…but two things need to be said in followup to your last post.

    Jesus taught as many times against divorce, as He did about homosexuality. Once each, both instances recorded only by Matthew and Mark.

    His teaching about divorce was against all such, except for marital infidelity.

    He taught against homosexuality, by clearly repeating God’s original ordinance, that sexual relations between human beings is ONLY divinely authorized between a husband and his wife; a wife and her husband.

    As to shrimp being an abomination, only to the Jews in the OT under law. Not mentioned in the NT, under grace. But…homosexuality is condemned in both Testaments, and it is a clearly-stated exclusion from Heaven.

    Eating shrimp keeps no one out of Heaven. Practicing homosexuality keeps everyone out who so does.

  35. DMP wrote:

    Again, to quote Mark Lowry…

    Love the sinner, and worry about your own sin. Why don’t some of you spend some time reaching out to people instead of reminding them that they are headed to hell.

  36. Wade wrote:

    DMP… Thanks for putting that quote in play and of all ppl Mark Lowry. I agree. Thanks Mark.

    I think ppl who are SOOO dogmatic about homosexuality out of fear.

    They have had some kind of arousal based on some homosexual thought that may have crossed their minds and it scares them. Could be a simple and mistaking a man with long hair from behind for a woman and then suddenly discovering the butt they were admiring belonged to a MAN!! lol

    Much like a father who one day feels a stirring by the sight of his teenage daughter and becomes distant from her because his feelings SCARED him and it was easy to retreat and stay distant.

  37. RF wrote:

    Forgive me, but I thought this was a music site. If anyone here thinks they can change the world in their image, I’ve got news for you. You can’t.

  38. rick wrote:

    #34 Joe,
    Just a sidebar, the scripture bans bottom feeders and shell fish. FYI!

  39. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    Joe…I wish you would give a reply to my last post on what you said to me. Sure looks like you are acting like Wade and not answering.

  40. Joe wrote:

    Rick #38- ONLY in the OT. That sanction was lifted, in Peter’s vision on the housetop (Acts 10:9-16). The sanctions against homosexuality were NEVER lifted.

    Blake- I am the Joe that fully agrees with you. It is the other joe that you are waiting on. Two of us have written here.

  41. Weber wrote:

    Lets face it folks, the truth is their are many homosexuals in southern gospel music. I personally know many on a first name basis. I have many times blogged on various sites, including my own, that it is an epidemic and something needs to change. First to the group owner who hires the homo, your done, stay home, get some counseling. To the singers the same, but not like Mr. Kirk Tallay and many others continue to stand before congregations and tell them your trying to change. Much could be said here, but nothing will change unless people are called out, and are put on a shelf till their lives get straightned out. I wonder if George and Glenn new about Kirk? Its time to get homosexuality out of gospel music!

  42. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    Joe(with the capital letter),
    Sorry for the misunderstanding. I’ve not been on here enough to know there are two Jjoes (eheh).
    Weber…I agree with you though I don’t think George and Glenn “new” about Kirk as he was married at that time. However, I’m afraid of what it would do for the image of Christianity and SG if all of the homosexuals were called out publicly. What needs to happen is for each of them to be forced to step down and the fans force the owners to not hire them with any other group. There should be ZERO tolerance for that.

  43. Jake wrote:

    To all of you who say homosexuality is rampant in SG music — do you actually mean bi-sexuality? I think most of the “big name” SG performers are married. Now, if something is going on in the bus while away from home … that would certainly be a problem. But who would know, unless the others on the same bus are talking? And if they are talking, how come only a few people know it? Something doesn’t seem to add up here.

  44. Weber wrote:

    Jake, im sure there are many bi-sexual relationships that go on as well. However there are “many” guys and a few gals I must say that are not married never seen with the opposite sex, and always reflect the questions of relationships marriage and kids. This my friend is not normal, natural or anthing the God designed by his hand. Keeping it real here, late 20, 30, not married leaving on a bus every weekend with a bunch of guys, no interest in a girl. You know the duck theory. I agree that marriage in some cases is just a cover, but hey we smarter than that huh…

  45. rick wrote:

    Joe #40, it is obvious that the scripture you referenced was telling Peter to associate with Gentiles. It was not about food. Acts 10:28

  46. quartet-man wrote:

    #36 Wade, you are SO wrong. So do those who think child molesting is evil and wrong just thinking that because they have been tempted? I think it is wrong because the Bible says it is wrong. Enough said. I have been acquainted with some who are gay and don’t treat them poorly at all, but they know my stance on it too. We choose to disagree.

    #44, single guys and gals do not gays make. Need I remind you that Christ was 33 and single? Some of us haven’t found the right person yet. Myself too is a matter of not having any in my circles. So many marry out of high school or go off to college and never come back. There are several I would be interested in if they were available. :-)

  47. Joe wrote:

    Rick “45″- it was about BOTH food and Gentiles.

    God said to Peter “what God has cleansed, do not call common or unclean”. At that specific point in time, not a single Gentile had yet been “cleansed”. Cornelius and his family soon would receive salvation, and fulfill that vision. But God was making a statement, using food as an object lesson, that what had once been unclean, was now OK for all to eat.

    He used this to a Jew, teaching him that He wanted him to take the gospel to the “unclean” Gentiles.

    For further proof, see Romans 14:20-21.

  48. rick wrote:

    Joe, you stomped all around it, then finally hit what the scripture you referenced was all about in your next to last sentence. It is all about people, nothing to do with food. So, the lesson was to Peter, and is to everyone on this thread . . . the leper, the glutton, the whoremonger, the homosexual, the thief, the liar, the priest, the pauper, the rich man, the beggar, the bound, the free . . . (and trust me, most churches have one or two of all these, except maybe the lepers) none are to be considered “unclean” as we are to look at everyone in the same manner as a Christian - that being a soul in need of the Love of Christ.

    Can we please discuss Traylor now?

  49. Joe wrote:

    So then, Rick- if it really is “anybody can be in the church”- I need you to explain for me 1 Cor. 6:9-10.

    Good luck.

  50. Weber wrote:

    #36, comparing yourself or any other single person to the life and purpose of Christ is proposturous. I have learned on this site as well as others, those who aggressively defend gay gospel singers are indeed gay themselves, and continue to hide behind ” I havent found the right mate yet” The older you get, the pool gets narrower my friend. Dont be so defensive, be a man and come out , it might and should cost you your job, but hey the world will take you in.

  51. rick wrote:

    Yo, Joe, let it go! I didn’t say anything about the church.

  52. CallItWhatItIs wrote:

    From the dictionary:

    1) Gay — showing or characterized by exuberance or mirthful excitement; merry; cheerful; jolly

    2) Queer — deviating from the expected or normal; strange

    Homosexuals are a very small percentage of our population, but they tend to be arrogant by pushing their beliefs as “normal” and forcing others to accept their “lifestyle.” For the life of me I cannot understand why they desire to be out of the closet in the first place. As a “straight” person I don’t want other people to know what goes on in our bedroom — it is between my wife and myself alone. If someone chooses to live a homosexula lifestyle, they ought to keep it to themselves. Why can’t they leave the rest of us alone?

  53. JRod wrote:

    Maybe Jesus was gay? 33 and single, 12 guys in his harem, loved wine - perfect storm

  54. wackythinker wrote:

    JRod — #53 — There are some gays who use exactly those 3 facts to assert that Jesus probably was, and therefore it’s ok for them to do their homosexual thing. They also would have us believe Paul was, although there is nothing in the Bible to support that notion, either. Only that he was unmarried and had a “thorn in the flesh”.

  55. SGFAN65 -BW wrote:

    # 53 - I really spit my Sprite out this time….. ( I knew you were just being humorous - and no disrespect to Jesus by any means - it still was funny !)

  56. Jake wrote:

    # 44 Weber — I don’t know if you follow NASCAR or not (probably not) but several of the drivers in the top series (Sprint Cup) are in their upper 20s or 30s and unmarried. This includes names such as Tony Steward & Dale Earnhardt Jr. who are both well into their 30s. Try telling any knowledgeable NASCAR fan that these guys are gay because they are still single at their age — you’ll wish you hadn’t brought the subject up. (They clearly are not!) The point is, you can’t assume that because someone is single and doesn’t have a girlfriend that he is gay.

  57. Weber wrote:

    I say the “Thorn in the flesh” in relation to southern gospel music is homosexuality.
    It will never be more than what it is, no matter what Mr. Gaither invents unless of course group owners and managers stop looking the other way just because the homo may have a little talent and hire guys that behave normally.

  58. Weber wrote:

    #56 Jake, you make some interesting points about Nascar drivers. I could say just because they “are” Nascar drivers does not exclude them from being gay. Apples and oranges comparison my friend.
    Why Jake, are you married? or do you just like defending homosexualality.

  59. JR wrote:

    #53: Pure blasphemy! You are obviously a Muslim or a Jew, not a Christian!

  60. Jake wrote:

    # 48 Weber — I have been happily married for almost 30 years. My point was simply that just because someone is in their later 20s or even 30s and still single does not mean they are necessarily homosexual.

  61. JRod wrote:

    WE ALL GO TO THE SAME HEAVEN. Get your head out of the ideological clouds.

    Oh and NASCAR is definitely gay. Tight one-sy outfits, champagne for the triumphant one and crop tops? Sounds like a party.

  62. Joe wrote:

    Jrod- would you please explain what you mean by “we all go the same Heaven”?

  63. Jake wrote:

    # 61 JRod — Who is the “We all” who are going to the same heaven? Jesus clearly said that the “only” way to the Father was through Him. If you are speaking of true, born-again Believers in Jesus Christ, you are entirely accurate. If, however, you mean “everyone” as in some kind of universal salvation, you are wrong.

  64. JRod wrote:

    If you want to throw bait - go fishing.

  65. Jake wrote:

    # 64 JRod — I don’t think this is throwing bait. It is simply asking you for a clarification. If you are afraid it is going to somehow be “controversial” — we are talking about clear, black on white Scripture, and the very words of Jesus Christ in John 14.

    This web site is about Southern GOSPEL Music — which means the Bible has to be central in opinions and conversations. I realize it isn’t a theological site per se, but you cannot divorce the Bible from the Gospel, and therefore you cannot ignore the Scriptures when discussing Gospel music.

    That is why I asked for a clarification. If you really think my question was throwing bait, then I suspect you have just given us your answer.

  66. Joe wrote:


    I concur wholeheartedly with Jake. You made a blanket statement that has no Biblical support.

    The reason why people here, are so passionate about bringing Scripture to bear on this subject, every time Doug re-introduces it, is because we KNOW what the Bible says on it.

    Homosexuality is not defined by the liberals in Congress. It is not defined by current-day political correctness. It is not defined by Amsterdam, San Francisco, or Key West. Nor is it defined by 2% of the population, who have such a strong agenda that they would have us believe they represent 60% of the population.

    Homosexuality is defined by our Creator. He says it is a sin, an abomination, and categorically excludes one who practices it, from God’s Heaven. See 1 Cor. 6:9-10, and Rev. 21:27.

    The creator of an Apple Mac has every right to say that it will NEVER be compatible with a Dell PC.

    God has even more right to say what He has said. After all, He also runs the final exam.

    There now. You have gone fishing.

    Catch anything?

  67. Christian wrote:

    This is all so meaningless. HOW many times has this very subject been debated? To you that are talking against homosexuality-and I agree–it’s not the person, but the sin that is horrible. We can’t change their minds. They are so into their LUST and that’s all it is. HOW to satisfy themselves. The Bible tells us once we’ve given the word and taught it, if it isn’t received–shake off our feet and move on. Many have tried to teach and preach the right way-but it’s been rejected time and time again. Many are dying and going to hell that would listen. Let’s find them—let these that refuse to listen—wallow around in their own mire!!!!

  68. JRod wrote:

    You all are so hung up on a book written - how many THOUSAND years ago? I get it, don’t be confused. Theology and the basic premise of religion forces the believer to wholeheartedly commit to the teaching of the holy one. I will not negate or undermine your opinion. You have to live with your beliefs as I have to live with mine. But be not confused, the right wing conservative front is falling away by the day. Pat Robertson will one day be dead and Miss California’s celebrity will have faded to nothing, however, the homosexual population will still be here. Hopefully sharing the same rights and freedoms that you and your wife/partner share.

    And to answer your question. My blanket statement was simply an inference that Jews and Muslims will be sleeping in the bunk bed next to you when we meet our creator. If you don’t believe that, I feel for your soul.

    Oh and Joe, your are a masterbaiter.

  69. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    No they won’t and no you won’t based on your testimony and your lack of belief of the word of God (that thousand year old “book”). And please don’t start back the argument about Constantine, the books left out, translational errors, etc. They are tiresome.

  70. Yeah... wrote:

    Christian - #67 - “How many times has this very subject been debated?” Every time the blogger reintroduces it. It was thrown out on daily roundups on May 6th and 7th, and alluded to another time. As Joe stated in his post before yours, a very small fraction of the population keeps their agenda on the front burner all the time. It seems their belief is that if you do this, over time, it will wear the populace down so that they’ll finally give up and reluctantly embrace it as normal and all right. It appears to be happening here as well.

    However, note the number of comments that always follow when controversial topics are introduced here, versus those essays on things like speculating about the legacy of Mr. Stamps, Disintermediation, and the like. The latter will garner 2-6 comments usually, and the controversial agenda items will receive many times that amount. So, if you want to appear relevant and publish your comment numbers, why wouldn’t a blogger throw out these red meat items at times?

    But Christian, I keep thinking of that verse that says that “God has given them over to a reprobate mind”. And so, I agree with your post. If God’s Word can’t change reprobate minds, then neither can we. All we can do is pray…

  71. Joe wrote:


    It comes down to this, and this alone.

    If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong for this life, and it really doesn’t matter.

    If you’re wrong, you’re wrong for eternity. And what will really suck about that, is that you will have the same homosexual cravings for ten hundred million years for starters, and they will never be satisfied. THAT is also written in the same book you despise and reject (Rev. 22:11).

  72. Jake wrote:

    # 68 JRod — One further question (and it isn’t about homosexuality):

    On what basis do you make the statement, “My blanket statement was simply an inference that Jews and Muslims will be sleeping in the bunk bed next to you when we meet our creator. If you don’t believe that, I feel for your soul.”?

    The Bible doesn’t teach that. But since you don’t believe the Bible, where do you go? THe Koran doesn’t teach that. The Talmud doesn’t teach that. The Book of Mormon doesn’t teach that. In fact, no religion or “holy book” ever teaches such a thing. Since there is no basis for your personal theological belief, I have to conclude that you worship/serve a god that you have made up in your mind. It isn’t the God of Heaven, nor is it the god of any other organized religion.

    And since you have made god up in your mind, what about Heaven? Since you reject the Bible teaching, and since no other religion or religious book promises you what you claim you believe, thn how do you know there even is such a place?

    In the end, your beliefs have no basis, no grounding, no fact, and no merit. And you are basing your eternal destination on that?

  73. Christian wrote:

    #71 AMEN!!!!!

  74. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    #71 and 72: AMEN and AMEN. However, #72 you forget that Jrod is subscribing to the Oprah and “Shack” religion of everybody goes to heaven. To them, all you have to believe in something and you’re alright. They even have their own services every afternoon on Oprah’s show.

  75. JRod wrote:

    Who said I don’t “believe” in the bible? That is a leap. And how do you know that I am gay? Just because my idealism extends beyond my indoctrination of the good sunday school concubine doesn’t implicate any of these things. . . You owe me an apology.

    The Bible teaches about apologies, right?

  76. Joe wrote:

    You told us yourself that you didn’t believe the Bible, Jrod. You wrote comment #53. That says it all.

    You also wrote this:

    “You all are so hung up on a book written - how many THOUSAND years ago? I get it, don’t be confused. Theology and the basic premise of religion forces the believer to wholeheartedly commit to the teaching of the holy one. I will not negate or undermine your opinion. You have to live with your beliefs as I have to live with mine.”

    We’re glad glad for you, that you get to live with your beliefs. We get to die with ours. And nobody’s forcing us…

  77. DMP wrote:

    Some of you take such an odd stance on homosexuality. I understand the biblical view of it, but your responses are comical. Most men reading this can probably reaffirm the fact that it would be extremely unlikely for you to wake up in the morning and find a man attractive. No rebellion, no curiosity could push us to try such a thing. The mere thought brings vomit into the mouth. BUT, some are interested. And to suggest that they can simply walk away from such a desire shows such ignorance of the topic. They are wired differently, and it is a temptation unlike anything you or I have dealt with. Give some grace, and try your hardest to sympathize. If someone told me that in order to go to heaven, I would have to swear off women and start dating men, against every natural desire in my body…..well, I’d take my chances with Hell.

  78. Joe wrote:


    Not sure what responses you deem “comical”, and even less sure that you remotely “understand the Biblical view” on homosexuality.

    You used the term “natural desire”, in relation to your attraction to women, and that is true, as God placed that desire there. But the Bible makes it very clear that a desire for a man by another is an “unnatural desire”- in fact- it uses those very words.

    You fail to understand the truths of Romans 1. There, God says this is a choice, and not something one is born with (other than we are all born sinners…). There is not a single study that conclusively proves there is any genetic, pathological, physiological, or neurological differences between homo- and hetero- sexual humans.

    The Bible makes it very clear that salvation through the blood of Christ IS the DEFINITIVE CURE for homosexuality. So for any to claim they are “homosexual Christians”, they are 50% correct.

    They may not be able to “walk away from the desire”, as you put it, but it was most definitely NOT God who put the desire there in the first place.

    “Wired differently?” Impossible to prove Biblically, genetically, philosophically, medically. Sounds to me like the ignorance is all yours.

    Wired themselves differently? Now you’re on to something.

  79. DMP wrote:

    Joe, I’d put your response in the comical category. I assure you, without giving my credentials, I am qualified to understand the biblical stance on homosexuality. I think you may be a bit naïve and full of yourself. Are you telling me that you have been tempted to re-wire yourself to find men attractive? Are you telling me that it is even feasible? How on earth can you say that there are not individuals born with homosexual tendencies? This site has made a carnival in past months making fun of certain tenors in the business who sport those tendencies. Unless you can see a probable path by which you could become homosexual, I think your argument is flawed. I think straight men make homosexuality the hallmark of their ministry because they know that is one sin they can safely say they will not fall victim to.
    That said, I think we are all born with desires that should not be acted on. My body tells me to have sex with 78% of the women I see on a warm day at the beach, yet I do not act on those desires. But Joe, I’m guessing you’re one of those gems who would rather listen to a womanizer sing than a gay man. You don’t harp on womanizing (or gay women for that matter…).
    I simply think the churches response to homosexuality is flawed. How do churches intend to reach them while telling them to get over desires they say they have had since puberty, while calling them queers and princess (saw both those on this site), and while minimizing their existence. Go ahead, call me gay for arguing (that seems to be the standard rebuttal for most on here…), but I think most would agree that given the number of homosexuals in the church, the current plan is not working.

  80. Joe wrote:

    DMP- I will summarize my answers to you post in short statements.

    1. There may be “homosexuals” in the church. That does not mean that they are saved. The Bible says they are not.

    2. There WERE saved homosexuals in the church at Corinth. But of them, Paul says “were”. Their salvation had cured them of this sin.

    3. The reason I can adamnatly say no one is born this way, is that God says so. Romans 1 says conclusively, that after they had chosen to begin this practice, and had continued onward in this sin, “God gave them up to a reprobate mind”. Please look that up in the Greek, to see what it really means.

    4. God hardened Pharaoh’s heart. But only after he had hardened it against God many times.

    5. I have never called them names. Sinner is bad enough.

    6. I am not the prima donna you paint me as being. I have a ton of desires…but I also have the Holy Spirit living within me, who is more powerful than ANY of them. It’s not all about me.

    Naive, DMP? The farthest thing from it. I am a family doctor. I have homosexuals in my practice. I also had a man who died in prison, after sexually abusing his granddaughters. I have a Christian woman who left her husband and 3 kids, ran off with an older guy for a fling, and before she came to her senses and rejoined her family, “had to” abort the fetus that came to be from her fling. I have a man who, with his 7th DUI, killed a man. I have 32 years of stories.

    When you can prove to me that ANY of these was “born that way”, then let me know. Until then, your argument is not only specious, it goes against what the Creator of every man or woman now-turned-homesexual says.

  81. Jake wrote:

    DMP & Joe — I think it is important to remember there is a difference between same sex attraction and homosexuality. One is a tempation, the other is a choice of a sinful lifestyle.

    There are some “straight” men (probably women too) who struggle with a lifetime temptation to lust after the opposite sex. The temptation is real. Choosing to flee the cravings of the flesh spells the difference between sin and victory.

    Although I believe very clearly that homosexuality is sin, based on the Word of God, I believe some people have temptation in that area just as some straight people have struggle with temptation in their own area. Jesus taught that choosing to lust is sin, whether in the mind or in physically carrying it out. It isn’t the tempation that is sin; it is choosing to carry out the nature of the sinful desires.

    Because we live in fallen human bodies and possess a sin nature, we cannot always control the sinful temptations that come into our mind, but we can choose to deny the flesh and have the victory.

  82. DMP wrote:

    But you didn’t answer the question Joe. Could you turn gay with a little persuasion? I don’t think I could, but that’s just me. Being that you are a doctor, I’d love to you’re your Christian world view on hermaphrodites. Who made them, God, or did they just wire themselves that way?

  83. Joe wrote:

    Jake- You are most right, of course. We ALL have temptations, that…for the grace of God, there go I. It is only His grace, and the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit, that keeps any of us from falling into sin.

    DMP- I don’t want to gross you out here. But to answer your question, I would be no more attracted to another man, than I would be to a sheep, or a goat, or a kangaroo, or an ostrich.

    As to hermaphrodites- they are just one more sad example of how horribly sin has affected the human race. List many others- cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, progeria, microcephaly, conjoined twins that are impossible to separate, pregancies that turn into hydatidiform moles, or worse, into choriocarcinomas, the neurologic heartbreaks seen in closely interbred populations, such as the Amish, etc. All are a reult of sin, and NONE of them would have happened had our first parents not disobeyed the Lord.

    Hermaphrodites, as you may know, are of three main types. Those who are primarily male or primarily female, regardless of extra organs (pseudohermaphrodites). This now can easily be genetically tested and confirmed, and appropriate surgeries for the child and counselling can be done, both for child and parents. The more difficult one is the third case, where an infant is born with all of the sex organs of both male and female. I have no good answer for you on this. It takes a great deal of wisdom to “guess” the right sex, and from what I have read, the success rate is…you guessed it- around 50%.

    However- remember the case of the blind man the Lord Jesus healed in John 9. The evil religious leaders asked Jesus who sinned…him, or his parents? Jesus said neither- but so the power of God could be seen in him. Even in the most heartbreaking and tragic of human birth defects, God can still be glorified.

    There. I guess that is my “world view” on this.

  84. DMP wrote:

    Joe, I think you’re a good guy. I’m not trying to argue, I’m just suggesting that this problem of homosexuality is much deeper than someone waking up one morning and saying “Hmmmmmm, I think I like men.” What if homosexuality is just like hermaphrodites. What if it is a problem caused as a result of sin that affects people from the point of birth. All I know is that I have wittnessed people whom I have known since their birth that I have known would grow up to be gay…and they did. I’m not saying God made them that way, and I’m not saying it is right, but I am saying that it is a much harder battle than most make it out to be. I guess what I am saying is, what are we doing to bring homosexuals to Christ? What are we doing to bring them into our churches. I have several gay friends who will not step foot into a church. How can we reach them?

  85. Joe wrote:

    DMP- I don’t think you are trying to do this, but be careful you aren’t suggesting that homosexuality is a birth defect. There is a huge difference.

    Scripture does not record the Lord annihilating 2 cities populated by persons with Down’s syndrome. Why they died at His hand, was because of the lifestyle they chose.

    In the beginning, God made them male and female. That is a blunt statement of Scripture, and was exactly and only what God had in mind (Matt. 19:5).

    To be a sodomite, is a choice one makes.

    Why they are so hard to reach, also follows this parallel. You don’t have to convince a person with a severe physical handicap, that they are handicapped. They know it better than you or I.

    But to convince a homosexual that their chosen lifestyle is sin, is a far, far harder task. The comments here prove this. Even those who profess to be Christians here, and those who are not homosexuals on this blog, defend this behavior in their “brothers and sisters”.

    What is the singular human emotion that has become indelibly linked with this aberrancy? Pride. Gay pride.

    And this is one of the things the Bible records that God HATES. When Ezekiel reminds Israel why God destroyed the cities of the plain with fire and brimstone from Heaven, the last thing he states that God judged them for, was this particular abomination. The first thing he mentions, was their pride (Ezekiel 16:49-50). Everyone on this board should read these 2 verses.

    Romans 1 clearly states that the practitioners of this lifestyle lift themselves in direct opposition to God…and once they pass a certain point of no return, God abandons them- He gives them up to a sinfully degenerate mind.

    So three things severely prohibit a practicing homosexual from coming to Christ; 1) not acknowledging that their lifestyle is sinful, 2) a prideful heart, and 3) a mind that God has given up on.

    This is not to say that this sin is the unpardonable one; but there has to be total and true repentance before God, before there can be faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 20:21).

    Hope this helps.

  86. Yeah... wrote:

    DMP and Joe - I think you’re both stating the answer, but if I may, can I try and synthesize from several of your posts? We are all born with a sin nature. Some people have a sin nature that draws them one way and others are born with that old nature that draws (i.e., tempts) them another way. Various addictions can be explained by this. But DMP, you hit it on the head - every man and every woman sins when we yield to the temptations that plague us. And that brings us to the topics that fill so many of the comment threads here; be it a man or woman who yields to the temptations of hetero- or homosexual sin, it is sin, plain and simple. And sin - while it shares the same root, rebellion against God - is thought to have degrees. That’s why obesity or telling a “white lie” isn’t judged as harshly by people as the glaring sins. And yet, of the sins that God is referenced as hating, the first one listed is pride. I’d dare say that if we made up our own lists, that wouldn’t be many peoples #1 sin. Someone posted here what Mark Lowry said - “Hate the sin, but hate our own sin more.” If we were more conscious of that, we’d likely have less pride than we do.

    When Jesus walked here, He came to the poor, the downtrodden masses, the sinners. His harshest language was reserved for the self-righteous. Above all, He wanted the known sinners to come to Him and believe on Him. And I feel that to a degree, we’ve lost sight of that. “Love the sinner, hate the sin” is still Biblical, and should cause us to try and witness Christ to everyone. But, we often judge others more harshly than we do ourselves, and that can foment the dreaded spiritual pride. It becomes a vicious circle, and alienates many who need the Lord. And that needs to change if we’re ever going to reach the very ones that Jesus came to win. I have to say that I appreciate the tone and tenor of the dialogue between you two. It is thoughtful and respectful; not something always seen here.

  87. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    Joe, Jake, and DMP: First, I think, for the first time on this site, we actually have a good discussion on this topic. I believe that every person has sinful weaknesses that the devil exploits. One person may have a weakness to drink. Another may have a weakness to lust and womanize. And yes, others may have a weakness to have same sex attraction. Have you ever wondered why it seems that children follow the path of the parents? It seems like a child who has a parent that is an alchoholic is much more likely to become on themselves. It is because all of their life, they’ve been told they will be as sorry as their parent(s). I believe some people are born to be naturally more “feminine” for lack of a better word. In that, they tend to be slightly weaker, have a higher pitched voice (thus the tenor thing), and react to certain things the way women do (generally). These people have been told all of their lives that they are gay and made fun of all of their lives. Thus, by the power of the mind and Satan’s forces, they naturally are tempted more with thoughts of same sex attraction. Yes, DMP, you are correct in the fact that the church needs to reach out to them but not in a way that condones or accepts their actions. We just need to be telling them that God loves them and his spirit, through salvation, can give them the power to overcome their temptation. Thus, as I have said before, there are no “homosexual Christians.” There might be Christians who struggle with same sex attraction, the same as any other sin, but who through God’s power “overcome the world” (John 16:33)

  88. JRod wrote:

    Sin causes Cerebral Palsy? All gay men are weak and feminine? God Bless your hearts. You will need it. I concede.

  89. JLL wrote:

    #83…Not quite sure what you’re getting at here, but try telling a good Christian couple that their Down’s syndrome child or their child with cerebral palsy is a “result of sin” and I doubt you’d be seeing them at the next Sunday service. I’d like to see the Hallmark card for that…”Sorry your child’s disease is the result of original sin…” More of that Christian compassion, I see. Perhaps that’s not what you meant, but that’s how it came across.

    I won’t get into the “choice” argument when it comes to the matter of homosexuality. I’d just like to ask you when you “chose” to be heterosexual.

  90. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    JRod…yes, sin caused all disease. And I didn’t say all gay men are weak and femine. I was just trying to make conversation on the origin of most of these impure desires. If you are going to take things we say and twist them and you can’t be civil in your discussions, I wish you’d go away. Thanks for the concession. Lets see if it sticks.

  91. Joe wrote:


    ALL disease IS the result of original sin. This is conclusively proven by Scripture.

    In Romans 8, Paul says that because of the sin that entered into this world, “all creation groans and travails together until now…”

    Had Adam and Eve not sinned, they would never have died physically- they would have lived forever.

    David, “the man after God’s own heart” (said of no one else in all of the Bible), said, in Psalm 51 “I was shapen with iniquity, and I was conceived by my mother with a sinful nature…”

    Had sin not entered, every birth would have been perfect; every human innocent. It is amazing that Adam and Eve, though created innocent, were not sinless, for they both sinned.

    As a result, death and infirmity has passed upon all men, for…all have sinned. (Romans 5)

  92. Weber wrote:

    Hey guys, I think we strayed from the topic a bit, what about he epidemic of gays in gospel music?. should they be called out to resign? and should the owners/managers be excomunicated from the industry”from the media perspective”. Would this not send a strong message to “clean it up?”

  93. Yeah... wrote:

    Weber - #92: Please help us out, will you? Since this has become epidemic in your view, name some names. No - name all of those in sgm who are gay, will you, please? We’re dying to know. In our great ignorance or innocence, we need to put a halt to this before it develops into a major pandemic. And only you can shed the light of day on this. So please, we beg of you, tell us and all group owners who these people are. Thanks. You’re doing us all a great service.

  94. videoguy wrote:

    Ok, let me throw this question in the fray:

    I was an alcoholic. I was saved when I was 30. After 10 years of churchgoing, reading my Bible, praying, etc., etc., I still fall to my vices from time to time, oh, say, anywhere from two to five times a year.

    Am I still saved, or do I need to go get saved again?

  95. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    Do you choose to live as an alchoholic saying “God made me this way” or do you repent and beg God for forgiveness saying “God have mercy on me a sinner”? If your answer is the former, you are likely not saved. If it is the latter, you likely are saved. I know where you were going with that but stumbling from time to time and deliberately walking in sin is two totally different things. Hope this helps.

  96. videoguy wrote:

    Great question, Blake.

    I don’t blame God for my problems. I don’t turn God into a child abuser with a “God gave me this/allowed this to teach me a lesson” excuse. If God and Satan are on a tag team, then that means faith is nothing more than a false hope. Sorry, I don’t subscribe to that nonsense.

    I take full responsibility for my actions and consequences. Now, do I have a chemical dependence on alcohol? Maybe, but if so, that is still the result of my own past decisions.

    The only thing that separates me from the Romans 1 crowd is a repentant heart. When I do fall to the temptation, I know I have “missed the mark”, but I don’t feel the need to get saved again, but I do seek forgiveness, and trust in the Blood of Jesus to cover my humanity.

    I didn’t disown my son every time he disobeyed me, but I did expect him to seek my forgiveness; I could see his heart when it was genuine. And if he did it again, guess what? I didn’t disown him then, either. He was still mine every time he failed me.

    Now, if at some point my son had turned away from my heeding voice, (and trust me: moments I wondered) and was going to do his will without any care of dear old dad’s scorn, for his sake I would probably have employed the philosophy of natural consequences and say, “you’re on your own, dude”.

    That’s the way I see it. And don’t try to put homosexuality in some special sin category; sin is sin. Thankfully, I don’t have to battle that particular sin, but the plank in my eye is enough for me to keep in check. I only trust that I am in the same boat as the guy in Romans 7 and not in the boat with the folks in Romans 1.

    Call it eternal security or whatever label makes you feel good, but I have to believe the Blood of Jesus is more powerful than the credit it’s being given on this board.

  97. Yeah... wrote:

    Videoguy, the blood of Christ is indeed as powerful as anything a Christian stands in need of. So is His keeping power. “My sheep hear my voice and they know me, and I know them.” He also said of us that “…they shall never perish, neither can any one pluck them out of My hand.” If no one else can pluck us out of His hand, neither can we. We simply aren’t strong enough to.

    I would definitely consider you to be in the Romans 7 category; when we sin, and are convicted of it and repent, we’re granted a full pardon for it. John wrote “When we confess our sin,he is faithful and just to forgive us….” Just as we are with our children, so is He with His; but, God is a lot more patient with us than we often are with ourselves and others!

    A while back, Gordon Jensen wrote “I’ve got the blood on the door of my heart. All my life is beneath that crimson flood. So now when God looks at me, He no more sees the things I’ve done; He sees me through the blood of His crucified Son.” Thank God. Our salvation is just wonderfully secure, but our fellowship with God can be harmed when we fail… Thank God for grace!

  98. Scott wrote:

    Ok–I have now been forced to ask my favorite question: is Kirk Talley still not gay?

  99. Yeah... wrote:

    Scott - why don’t you e-mail Kirk yourself, which is what you should have done before now, anyway. His website lists an easy e- mail address:

  100. DMP wrote:

    Hmmmmmmm, so if I am a homosexual turned Christian, who still finds men attractive , and two or three times a year gives in to that temptation and has same sex relations, I’m good with God?

  101. Weber wrote:

    Of course Kirk Talley is still gay, just like many other singers in SGM. Nothing will change, because nobody has the testicular fortitude to drop the bomb. Just prayin that Adam Lambert doesnt wind up on the bus of Gold City as the new tenor….

  102. Weber wrote:

    Newsflash, this just in… Over at the Unthank site, I call it the Seinfeld site, which being interpreted is the website about nothing. Kirk Talley has been nominated for several of the Diamond “Bogus” Awards. I thought since he was just mentioned in this thread, i thought it was news worthy. Kirk Talley, soloist of the year? Are you kidding? I have the decided the Unthanks are the diesel sniffers of gospel music.

  103. JulieBelle wrote:

    I’m with you quartet man…just because someone’s single, doesn’t mean they’re gay. I haven’t found the right one yet either, but I certainly have no interest in the same sex.

    There are plenty of gay people in gospel music, some performers and others behind the scenes (producers, musicians, photographers, songwriters, etc). It’s a fact folks…and they’re some of the most talented in the business, so they’re probably not going away contrary to what some of you would like to see happen.

  104. Tom wrote:

    Such ignorance in one forum. Most of you are speaking complete CRAP on both sides of the “matter”. Clearly motivated only by the fact that another person disagrees with you. Blindfully without knowledge of actually having to deal with desire of homosexuality at all either directly or indirectly. Most of you are not even affected in ANY way on the topic at hand or any other topic that has found it’s way into this pitiful excuse for intelligent discussion. Honestly. It IS comical.

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