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Avery is now on FB. It’s taken long enough, God knows. But it makes obvious sense. Eventually, I’ll figure out how to sync WP blog posts with FB and stuff like that. But for now, feel free to “friend” me, if you haven’t already (somehow a handful of people already had requests in for avfl friendship even before the account was created!). Search for Avery Fineline.

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  1. Aaron Swain wrote:

    ‘Bout time you joined the party. Welcome.

  2. Wade wrote:

    You had to copy me!!!

  3. judi wrote:

    First blogging, now Facebook. Is there no end to the new technology I have to learn just to keep up with you? :)

  4. Chuck Peters wrote:

    gee.. wonder how many will actually admit.. “out in the open”.. to being, or wanting to be.. your friend?

  5. Leadsinger wrote:

    Don’t forget his tweeting…

  6. pk wrote:

    Re: #4…I have no problem being a friend. Everyone can use more friends…

  7. Wade wrote:

    Well Chuck so far he’s in the mid 70’s. Like your format but I bet he gets more hits… ARE YOU his friend!! Add your profile so we can add you… I might buy the Oaks thing on your page…

    I had 3 ppl today ask me WHO was Avery Fineline…

    Enjoying HAD it NOT BEEN bby Michael English on the GVB’s HOMECOMING… they need to bring that back on tour.

  8. Chuck Peters wrote:

    Wade.. I have been a friend and enemy to Douglas longer than many.. but never a competitor. We do different things.

  9. RF wrote:


  10. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Poster #8,
    Well stated!
    Too bad more people didn not have that kind of thought process.

  11. Wade wrote:


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