Open thread

Some items to round up from the past few days:

  • The Lewis Family is retiring, though I gather Little Roy will continue doing projects and dates with Lizzy Long.
  • Mike Huckabee played bass for Legacy 5 recently while they sang “I’ll Fly Away.” Huckabee/Fowler 2012? I was about to do a little heheh e-laugh, but Post-Palin, anything’s possible I guess.
  • Young Harmony’s bus was badly burned by some sort of incendiary device (that may or may not be a firebomb) placed in the luggage hold. This is serious and, as Kyle notes, scary stuff, but some of the reactions (esp the idea that it was a gospel music hate crime, and the suggestion that it was evidence of the decline of modern civilization) seem a little (forgive me) overheated.
  • The Kingsmen have a new piano player, though I’m not sure they’re relevant enough anymore for it to matter much.

What else?

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  1. quartet-man wrote:

    Doug, you might not see things the same way I do, but things have declined at least in some areas. When I was a kid at the most in Junior High all we had to worry about was the occasional knife. Now elementary school kids take guns to school. Tell me things have not declined.

    Now, I said I don’t know if this is a sign of that or not, but things are worse than they were, no question. At least with a lot of people and situations.

  2. SGDoc wrote:

    Man, Johnathan will do just about anything for press….come on I’m kidding…haha

  3. Scott Fowler wrote:

    Pelosi Vs. Cheney? Hmmm
    Biden VS. Palin? Hmmm
    Huckabee VS. Barney Frank? Hmmm
    Rush VS. AL Frankin? Hmmm
    Hannity VS. Colmes? Hmmm
    Jack Bauer VS. Richard Simmons
    Come on you left liberals….hit us with your best shot. Just keep on bringing more rope!
    Who is the most liberal, left leaning person in gospel music?

  4. Gary Bauer wrote:

    Bill Gaither

  5. Brad wrote:

    I recently purchased a stack of old gospel albums at an auction. There were several old Goodmans records in the stack. On one of them Vestal’s name is spelled “Vestel” (at least 3 times) on the liner notes. I was just wondering if this was a misprint or if she changed the spelling of her name during her career.

  6. Wade wrote:

    SGDoc… NO YOU ARE NOT!!!

  7. Mr. Big wrote:

    Do you mean you are sure that the Kingsmen or piano players are “relevant enough anymore for it to matter much”?

  8. gina wrote:

    Sad to see the Lewis Family retire. They’ve had such a unique ministry for so many years and are some of the most down-to-earth people. Anyone know what Lewis Phillips’ plans are? He’s so talented.

  9. Tom wrote:

    Liberal and Left do not mean the same thing at all. Nor does Conservative and Right.

  10. CRAZYJOE wrote:

    The Young Harmony thing has all the makings of an investigation. Not that I don’t trust Mr. Bond, I just don’t trust him. Add a little economic downturn and Voila….

  11. CRAZYJOE wrote:

    The most liberal person in Southern Gospel:……Mr. Doug “AveryFineLine”. Or the guy down in Arkansas that used to sing with The Melody Boys Quartet and The Blackwood Gospel Quartet, him name escapes me now..

  12. rr wrote:

    #3 - Thank you, Scott.

  13. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #7: I think he meant to put “not sure.”

    And I’ll have to disagree. I’ve noticed an increase in their popularity with this new lineup and the release of the “When God Ran” project. So, the relevance is still there.

    What will really be “relevant” is when the reconstruction of the band is complete. Tell me that wouldn’t give them another boost.

  14. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #11: Jonathan Sawrie?

  15. Ben Harris wrote:

    CrazyJoe, I know Jonathan Sawrie very well, and believe me, you will not find a better Christian man or father than Jonathan. You would do well to aspire to be his equal. Maybe some day Christian people will finally come to realize that politics and religion have nothing to do with each other. All politics are corrupt, regardless of which side you lean to. That faith in God and being born into his Kingdom has nothing to do with either side, it would seem that many believe you must be affliated with one political party to be saved. How about now affliated with any political party?

  16. cynical one wrote:

    Ben #15 — Thanks for the comment about political parties. I’ve felt for several years too many Christians wore their political affiliation on their sleeves, and seemed to say, if you didn’t belong to their party, you weren’t saved.

    Right isn’t always right, and left isn’t always wrong. Nor the other way around.

  17. John wrote:

    Ben, your words speak volumes. I certainly know whom I would call if I ever needed a prayer warrior and Mr. Sawrie would be at the top of the list.

  18. LTR wrote:

    I certainly hope that someone is impersonating Scott Fowler because that post makes me think even less of the guy than I did before he made that post.

  19. Matt G. wrote:

    #5. Vestal changed her name for a while in high school from Vestal to Vestel because of a teacher who insisted on pronouncing it Ves-tale. I think she said she changed it back when they went to Israel. I believe that’s what she said in her autobiography.

  20. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Vestal is the correct spelling, but Vestal herself changed it to “Vestel” when she was a still a student in school. The change was prompted by a school teacher who insisted on pronouncing her name incorrectly…”vesstale.”

    Year’s later when she needed a passport, she went back to “Vestal,” which was the original spelling her parents had used when they named her.

    (ref. Vestal’s autobiography, page 17)

  21. Leadsinger wrote:

    Well said Fowler… I think some of you are missing his point… And to those who just bury their heads in the sand and ignore what is going on in the political world need to wake up. And stop saying “just don’t get involved at all in politics”, and realize whether they like it or not. That this country is in a world of hurt and you need to pick one side or the other… Or you will wake up one day and realize that you suddenly do not have the rights you once had… By then it will be to late, Fowler and Huckabee represent what is right in the political world… If that was on my ticket in ‘12 I would not hesitate to vote those two all the way…

  22. RDB wrote:

    #18 - “even” less! Come on, don’t give away your biases. Pretend to be impartial. That way we can be surprised when you pull out your Bible and read from it/burn it (please choose one).

  23. soldier wrote:

    Ben, while I respect your ministry and appreciate your religious convictions, your reasoning that Politics and Religion have nothing to do with each other is the *exact same reasoning* that people like Barrack Obama and John Kerry have used to defend their positions on abortion and gay marriage.

    If I were you, I’d be careful saying things like that…people might get the wrong idea.

  24. Lisa wrote:

    #3, Mr “Fowler”…
    I sure did enjoy your music, but if that’s the real you, I sure am sorry.

    Where I come from, the only person that is to judge is Jesus, because the Father left that job to Him to do. In reading about left vs. right, I am reminded that the only job I have is to point folks to Jesus, and if I head out to drag up somebody else’s sin, He’s going to remind me of my own.

    Please ya’ll, remember that God did not send His Son for those who were sooo righteous. He sent Him for those geniuses like me who haven’t a prayer without Him.

    Instead of blasting–how can you model Jesus to bring folks around, instead of yelling at them to chase them away?

  25. glenpaynerules wrote:

    Fowler and Huckabee. My dream ticket. Scott I hope that was you in post three because I love you even more now. #17 you’re a weak-kneed tool (and by weak-kneed I mean something else that wouldn’t make past Doug’s censors.) #24 please post your address so I can send you $20 to go to the five and ten and but yourself a sense of humor.

  26. glenpaynerules wrote:

    “buy” dang I hate that.

  27. Tommy wrote:

    Is the Kingsmens piano player the same kid who was with Monument before they went belly up?

  28. Bryan Hutson wrote:

    Yeah, I guess we are not relevant. Our latest CD has a #1, Song of The Year Nomination, (”When God Ran”) and our current song (”Cloud He’s Coming Back On”) is #4. Oh yeah, The album is up for “Album of The Year”.
    Maybe your opinion isn’t relevant Doug.

  29. Derek wrote:

    Any word on a new tenor for GC? Anyone out there know anything…I know there’s been no “official” word as far as I know…but I know how word travels so I thought someone might have heard something “unofficial” or “reportedly”….

  30. Mr. Big wrote:

    #29/28 Maybe Harold Reed should consider moving over to GC to gain some relevance.

  31. Wade wrote:

    Recently there have been multiple thread involving Gold City! I got in trouble for bringing tough love. So I think I can make an observation & say…

    The Kingsmen are as relevant and Gold City!!

    Especially if you go by awards, #1’s etc.

    Heard them not to long ago and they still brought it.

    It was sad to see them without the band.

  32. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #27: I think he is.
    #28: Exactly.
    #29: Steve’s staying till they get a replacement, as far as I know. That’s all the news that’s come out at this point.

    Speaking of tenors, Cross 4 Crowns got a new one; he’s not too bad either. His name is Marcus Faulknor (sp?) I hope they can hold on to him; he’s got a fuller sound than any of their previous tenors and he really rounds out the harmony.

  33. NG wrote:

    Scott Fowler does financially support causes in which he believes. Huffington Post says the Legacy Five singer donated $1,500 to Mike Huckabee in the first quarter of 08.

  34. KC wrote:

    It appears by the volume of hits The Kingsmen have had over the past couple years and the fact that most within the SG industry consider this lineup to be its best meshed since the end of the Eldridge Fox ownership years (Jerry Martin, Bryan Hutson/Randy Crawford, Parker Jonathan and Ray Dean Reese) and its most successful string of songs since The Carolina Boys’ debut album, I guess they aren’t relevant.

    Maybe Bill Gaither and what his former employees do is the only thing avery thinks is relevant in SG music anymore.

  35. apathetic wrote:

    Wow, donated $1500? That’s almost 2 months salary in Southern Gospel!

  36. NG wrote:

    If Poster #4 was suggesting Bill Gaither is a left-leaning liberal, I can’t find evidence of it in his political donations. Only ones he has made over the years have been to Indiana Republican congressman Mike Pence. Maybe Bill is not overly involved in politics and gives to Pence because he is a friend.

  37. NG wrote:

    Surprise. I can’t so far find any SGM personalities who have donated to the Democrats. Those donating to Republicans (local or national candidates or the party) include Rodney Griffin, Gerald Wolfe, Mrs. Claude Hopper, Jerry Kirksey, Terry Blackwood, Donna Blackwood and Joe Bonsall.

  38. Tim wrote:

    Definitely sorry to hear about the retirement of The Lewis Family. They had their niche and knew their fan base as well as anyone. As bluegrass gospel continues to grow, hopefully the respect for The Lewis Family and what they brought to the genre will remain.

  39. Linda Dillon wrote:

    Scott Fowler,

    I liked you then. I like you even better now!


  40. cdguy wrote:

    re Gaither’s supposed left-leaning: I happen to know, just before this past presidential election, he was making pro-Republican comments. This was not in a public (concert) venue, but in a small-group (fairly private) setting, amongst friends and business associates.

    I believe it had to do with the candidates’ tax policies. He was apparently leaning toward the right on that issue.

  41. Yeah... wrote:

    The Lewis Family have had an unusually great and long run in their genre of Gospel music. They’ll be missed. They brought the Gospel to countless fairs and festivals where there was little other exposure to the Gospel.

    I also hope that it was indeed Scott Fowler of L5 who posted in #3. Reading his hypothetical pairings, it’s incredible, the disparity between those comparisons. What a sorry list of Democrats that was…likely the most unskilled and deceptive gang of losers that I’ve seen in my lifetime, and btw - I have voted for some Dems in the past.

    Mr. Harris, while your points are well taken, and while I agree that God is neither a Republican or a Democrat, as Christians, we cannot see the stark differences of platforms and choose one whose basis is so contrary to God’s Word without ramifications, can we? Or, should Christians become a closed sect like the Amish, withdraw from the society around us, and have tourists come to see us, gawk at us, and take our picture?

    Finally, to The Kingsmen: You fellows are putting out some of your best music in years. You are relevant, as evidenced by what others are expressing by their votes. So is the message you sing. Be encouraged!

  42. redhead wrote:

    There should be a Huckabee/Fowler in 2012, if they win it could get publicity on SGM, and maybe pull SGM out of the hole it’s supposedly in.

  43. AnnD wrote:

    Yeah Yeah (#41)…I think I’m agreeing with you (if I understand correctly what you were saying :) ) that it’s all about the platform. Do you know the differences between the Republican platform and the Democratic platform folks?? God isn’t Republican or Democrat, but He is a Holy God…..

  44. Yeah... wrote:

    You understood it perfectly, Ann. A platform largely based on many of the things that God hates is a platform that I cannot understand being supported by a true Christian. If things were reversed, and the Republican platform was what the Democratic platform is, I’d be down on the Republicans. The name is inconsequential; all that matters is what they stand for. And wow, are you correct; God is still as holy as ever!

  45. crazyjoe wrote:

    # 15 Ben Harris-Who said anything about Johnathan Sawrie not being a good christian? You my friend are the one making the assumptions. I have only read his public blogs and posts to internet sites and it is well documented that his politics lean to the left. To coin a phrase from Seinfeld ‘”Not that there’s anything wrong with that!!”. The question was asked who are the most left leaning, liberal minded people in gospel music? In this very conservative world of Southern Gospel liberals are few and far between. When the question was asked, after reading their writings, Mr. Sawrie and FineLine came to mind. Just because you are “liberal”, “left minded” or a “democrat” does not make you any less a Christian. My aren’t we “wearing our feelings on our sleeves” Mr. Harris.
    And another thing, you don’t know me and you don’t know if I should aspire to be his equal or he should be mine!
    I only call ‘em as I read ‘em.

  46. soldier wrote:

    #43, 44, that’s some of the best commentary I’ve ever read on this blog.

    I could care less if the label is “Republican” or “Democrat,” but I do know I can’t support 1/5 of what Barack Obama has done as President so far.

    Sonia Sotomayor anyone??

  47. Grigs wrote:

    So the moral of this, as I understand it, is that we should all aspire to be equally irrelevant and that Lewis Family is retiring because Bill Gaither isn’t as liberal as Jonathan Sawrie.

    Polka looks better all the time….

  48. Montana Man wrote:

    Interesting how different people read the same thing and come to different conclusions.

    When I read this:

    “… a new piano player, though I’m not sure they’re relevant enough anymore for it to matter much…”

    I took that to be a question of whether PIANO PLAYERS were relevant (given reliance on canned accompaniment) rather than a shot at the Kingsmen.

    Hmmm. Anybody else have that thought?

    And regarding the Most Liberal or Lefty or what ever it was … wasn’t Rick Hendrix supposedly a possible Dem candidate? (I think the only “liberal” Republicans come from New England.)

  49. Wade wrote:

    48… Montana Guy… NO he was for sure taking a shot at the Kingsmen!!!

  50. NG wrote:

    #48 That’s the way I read it — piano players are irrelevant not the Kingsmen. Of course, the reference to piano players does not apply if the group doesn’t use any canned music.

    #47 Polka music is apparently facing hard times at least in Wisconsin. Blog site called Wisconsinology says: “I’m saddened to say this, but Polka is in it’s death throes and it’s not coming back. Don’t get me wrong - Great bands are still out there and Halls, Clubs and Taverns still book Polka music…but the audience isn’t there.”

  51. Greg wrote:

    It’s been said but worth saying again. We have to choose government leaders that best match what we as Christians stand for. How sad it is that so many “sell out” when it comes to moral values because of race or because they think their choice will help them best financially. If we as Christians do not stand against sin, we are guilty of that sin. How a Christian can support someone who supports Gay marriage and Abortion is beyond me. Those issues are just the tip of the iceberg. How can a Christian support authors of a bill that forbids the reading of God’s word on TV or radio? How can a Christian support a president who has said “If Isreal attacks Iran, He will have no choice but to stabalize the situation even if it means taking measures against Isreal”. God has blessed America because of what this nation was founded on, He can take his hand off America just as quick.

  52. Charles Brady wrote:

    #48 That was also what I understood. I’m not sure how the group got tied in when it seemed a clear reference to the relevance of piano players in a world where we now have musical karoke as well.

    Welcome to the world of musical smoke and mirrors! LOL!!!

  53. cynical one wrote:

    Yeah — I’m glad you clarified your ccomments, ’cause I thought you were referring to the Republicans’ apparent distain for helping the poor, the sick, and the widows, as the Bible commands us to do.

    Too many people vote based on one or two issues. And many of those one-issue voters have already posted on this thread.

    Don’t forget to remind us our President is the Anti-Christ.

  54. observer wrote:

    Bryan Hutson, don’t even bother with this site. This site can’t make or break anyone. It is simply a place for wanna-bes to come and tear down people whoa “actually” matter in Southern Gospel. This is owned and operated by a homosexual, so nothing on here is credible. Keep up the good work Bryan.

  55. Ben Harris wrote:

    Let me clarify my thoughts on this politics issue. I am very much against abortion, but it is currently “legal” according to current law. The past adminstration had ample time to reverse this law while in power over the last 12-14 years, but chose to ignore it. So I see no true issue here that I agree with them on, any more than I do the other side who supports abortion. I believe you must walk the talk, and thus far no one of either party has done so. As to gay rights, I am also against that, and apparently our current president is too, for he said “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman”. That said, if all the gays in the entire world became married tomorrow, it would not make it “legal” in the sight of God, and nor would it change my own marriage in the least. Do I support it? No for it sends a bad message to those coming on after us. The corruption we have seen over the last adminstration is extremely troubling to me, so, it is very hard for me to find common ground with any political party. We as Christians must vote our own conscience, and defining who or what is best to vote for is increasingly difficult. Therefore, I am convinced there is no such thing as a morally just political party. I firmly agree that we as Christians need to take a stand for what is right, but be aware in doing so, we will most certainly condemn both political parties, for both have fallen far too short of Christian values. When Christians finally realize that one undisputable fact, maybe then we can do something about healing our land. “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways, I will heal their land.” I think that is about as plain as we can make it. Being cronies with either side is not the way to seek God’s will.

  56. Sensible wrote:

    Mr. Harris:

    The last administration (George W. Bush) was elected twice - though some feels the 2000 election was questionable. Anyway, that means he served 8 years - not 12 or 14 years. Serving over 8 years has not been done since FDR. They made it the law to have term limits.

  57. Fezzik wrote:

    Interesting notification - a fundraiser where Guy Penrod will be appearing, PLUS someone is auctioning a Keith Richards autographed guitar - WHAT???
    “The sounds of homecoming will fill the air of the New Rector High School Gym in Rector, AR on Tuesday August 4, 2009 as the Isaacs, Guy Penrod, Dailey & Vincent, Russ Taff and host Kevin Williams take the stage to lend helping hands to disadvantaged students in Rector schools. An internet auction organized by William Carter, a Rector, AR native, includes a signed guitar by Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards.”

  58. Yeah... wrote:

    Cynical One #53: It seems that your cynicism has dulled your mind. Just in case you missed this, please add this to the argument: Democrats/Liberals barely give any financial charitable gifts. Statistics are clear; Republicans/Conservatives outgive their liberal counterparts to those less fortunate at a ratio of nearly 4:1. Examine our new VP, for instance - he made over $2 million last year, and his charitable donations were barely into 4 figures. Obama was slightly better, but still very paltry compared with many more conservative politicians/celebrities. A more careful study would show you that those two prominent examples are emblematic of the charitable giving of those who call themselves “liberals”, across the board. Seems they like to talk a lot, and they love spending other peoples money. They take great delight in giving billions away to the poor, but only that which comes from the coffers of those who actually earned it. When it comes to their own money, the stats don’t lie - they keep it all for themselves. (With some exceptions, of course)

    So, be as cynical as you wish. Just try not to be so uninformed. It makes you appear ignorant. Although, your last sentence sealed that without my needing to waste a word in response.

  59. wackythinker wrote:

    Ben, thank you for the insightful post #55. That is about as close to my personal political leanings as I think I’ve seen anyone post. You’re right, neither side had done a very good job of accomplishing the things we as Christians tend to talk about as issues, whether it’s abortion, gay marriage, feeding the poor, tending to the sick (health care reform), taking care of the aged, et al.

    So, why do we continue to act as though either party will be the salvation of our civilization or our Christian nation? Their records show they don’t either one accomplish what they claim they will. Yet we’re all so eager to jump on their bandwagons. Why?

  60. Ben Harris wrote:

    To #56, I was including the years from 1994 when the GOP, in power, made a “Contract With America”. MY post was not clear by saying only the last adminstration, and you are correct in your questioning the comment.

  61. Yeah... wrote:

    Wackythinker and Mr. Harris - Maybe we haven’t done a good enough job expressing what we feel. At least for me, I’m not saying that the Republicans or conservatism will be the salvation of our once-Christian nation! My main point is that when, as a nation, we willingly embrace a party platformed on principles that God clearly despises. we serve to hasten the judgment of God, and the removal of His protection from us. And that is all. Like many who would call themselves Republicans and/or conservatives (and the last 8 years have shown that those terms can be mutually exclusive, in way too many areas) I put no stock in claiming that a political party can be our redemption. My hope is solely in the Lord.

    Having traveled to many countries who practice the type of socialized medicine that’s being touted today, I can tell you that not only is it NOT the end-all answer to our healthcare issues, but in fact, it adds many problems that we don’t have. Should we do a better job in providing care for those who need it? Yes. But the programs being espoused today are decidedly not the answer. It saddens me that in such a wealthy nation, we have these issues. I say a good start would be to quit sending so many billions of dollars to countries that despise us, and take care of our own people.

  62. Serving Us? wrote:

    36 have been accused of spousal abuse
    7 have been arrested for fraud
    19 have been accused of writing bad checks
    117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses
    3 have done time for assault
    71 repeat 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit
    14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
    8 have been arrested for shoplifting
    21 currently are defendants in lawsuits, and
    84 have been arrested for drunk driving
    in the last year

    These are the 535 members of the
    United States Congress

    The same group of Idiots that crank out
    hundreds of new laws each year
    designed to keep the rest of us in line.

  63. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #54: So, just because Doug is gay makes his thoughts & opinions null and void?

    I am in no way condoning the homosexual lifestyle (I’m completely against it), but saying that someone’s opinion doesn’t matter just because they’re homosexual is completely ridiculous and un-Christlike.

    I may not agree with everything Doug says, or the way he says them (and often, I find myself disagreeing with some things and thinking that some other things could have been better put), but he does tend to make valid points regarding SG music. He’s also well-versed in the history of this genre of music, and music in general, so I think he knows what he’s talking about. Being gay or not has nothing to do with any of that, nor does it make it “credible” or not.

  64. JLL wrote:

    #51–”How can a Christian support authors of a bill that forbids the reading of God’s word on TV or radio?”

    Who authored this bill? I’ve never heard of it.

  65. Rob wrote:

    Bryan Hutson, don’t even bother with this site. This site can’t make or break anyone. It is simply a place for wanna-bes to come and tear down people whoa “actually” matter in Southern Gospel. This is owned and operated by a homosexual, so nothing on here is credible. Keep up the good work Bryan.

    Posted 29 May 2009 at 11:40 am ¶


  66. NG wrote:

    As a foreigner I make it a point not to get involved in US political discussions. However, George Bush and Bill Clinton appeared together today in Toronto as speakers at an event. I found this description of the event from the Globe and Mail (a Canadian newspaper) interesting in light of the discussion on thsi thread:

    “The two leaders were in top form throughout the event, and despite the fact one is a Republican and the other a Democrat, they clearly got along and appeared to genuinely like each other.

    Instead of some partisan friction, it appeared Mr. Clinton has become so close to Mr. Bush’s father, another former commander-in-chief, through their humanitarian work that Mr. Bush Jr. jokingly characterized Friday’s pairing as a family reunion of sorts.

    “Mother said president Clinton and father share the stage so much, he’s like a son to her,” Mr. Bush said as he turned to Mr. Clinton.

    “So brother, it’s good to see you.”

  67. Sensible wrote:

    No problem Mr. Harris. I clearly understand your point and totally agree with your post.

  68. Not Likely wrote:

    #28 - Bryan, I don’t have any problem saying that you or the Kingsmen are relevant or that your group’s song and album aren’t great, but as for the Singing News Awards… come on. Relevant?

    #54 - Thanks for falling in line with the rest of those who make us Christians look like idiots. Use more sense when making accusations. I definitely do not condone homosexuality, but whether it’s true or not - saying that his opinions and thoughts hold no credibility is a blind and uneducated statement.

  69. Wade wrote:

    #54 Observer & 65 Rob… Well why do you keep coming and writing?? The only thing I see irrelevant is YOUR POST!!!

    If being gay makes something irrelevant that would probably make your favorite groups irrelevant cause I promise they are in it!!

  70. Jake wrote:

    # 69 Wade — You “promise” my favorite group(s) include gays? Ready to start naming them?

    * Booth Brothers
    * Legacy Five
    * Signature Sound
    * Greater Vision
    * Gaither Vocal Band

    Can you give me at least one name in each group?

  71. scope wrote:

    I just talked to a friend who went to the Legacy 5 weekend. She was very excited, and couldn’t wait to show me the picture she had taken with Mike Huckabee, and what a great speaker he is. So I asked her what he talked about, and a big blank look came over her face! She was so into the moment that she didn’t remember a thing he said. So could someone give me the gist of his speech?

  72. Observer wrote:

    #69…unlike you and several other idiots on this site…I don’t live on here. When you get a life maybe you will understand…who am I kidding? LOL. Honestly, none of you have a right to say anything against what I posted. If you “truly” believed the bible then you wouldn’t be on here posting childish and devilish remarks. Try reading the book of Romans. Maybe you need to go back down to altar and repent instead of acting like morons on this site.
    Jesus spoke of people like you….you are of your father the devil. You will give an account for every word. The bible tells us not to have any part with someone who lives a sinful life. So, yes, Doug’s life does null and void every thing he says.

  73. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #72: Well, the Bible also commands us to go into all the world and teach all nations (The Great Commission).

    How, then, are we to have no part with someone who lives a sinful life if we are supposed to lead sinners to Jesus?

  74. RF wrote:

    70+ comments when the subject was piano players vs. canned music. Wow, don’t we overreact. Cody is legend in these parts (he lives about 15 miles from me) and I’m happy for him.

    As for Republican vs. Democrat, I agree with someone far up the list. Those preaching the gospel should shy away from any of that. Many devout Christians lean to the left and many sinners do the same. To brow beat them might be the wrong thing to do. Of course, ain’t nothing like a good fight.

  75. Wade wrote:

    WoW… just visited the unthink site cause I love to read Nick Bruno & Bill Biaze and Deon U has a commentary about being NICE on the WEB!! But yet when I posted & asked…

    “DU… along the line of this commentary…will you please tell why the averyfineline site was dissed like it was on that press release regarding the awards???

    Then wasn’t changed a month later after it was clearly noticed and written about on other sites. Just wondering how you square that??”

    Well when I submitted it the post looked like this…

    “DU… along the line of this commentary…will you please tell why the ############# site was dissed like it was on that press release regarding the awards???..”…

    LoLoLoLoLoL… can you believe that… the next entry I was able to sneak this in…

    “you have it even programed to ### it out on this site… WoW …. a very interesting fine line!!! WoW… Double WOW!!!”

    I did not use www or or a .com… so it could not be a program to take any & all web site mentions.

    Commentary even quoted a scripture about…”doing unto others”


    How do ppl do things like that with a straight face and then pretend like it is does not exist???

    I am sure he will take my post down … but here is a link to the page…

    Sunday AM Cheers!!!

  76. Wade wrote:

    Told ya the unthink site would take it down…talk about a lack of sack!!! Least Dr. DH has the SACK to allow comments about being gay, wanna be, fat, irrelevant and all around heathen.

    But the unthink’s may be ALL of them in some form and don’t have the guts to allow a FAIR question about their christian biz practices. (I did not cap Christian because they don’t deserve to be in that category)


  77. Grigs wrote:

    #70, I think he was just being ridiculous as ususal. Last I heard, all of the members of those groups were happily married with the exception of maybe Greater Vision’s new tenor.

  78. Wade wrote:

    #54 & 372 Observer…WoW.. Guess you had a Good Sunday School Lesson this AM??? Praise the Lord you are all about being a good Christian.

    When you going to the alter to repent??? Guess it is OK for you to call names and point fingers??? Be careful not to poke your eye out.

    You are on here as much as I am so maybe you can find a life too.

    It is ppl like you, the unthinks & your buddy #54 Jake that give Christians a bad name. I have a life… you say we are all of the devil but what are you doing with your words???

    I think you tried [Edit for homosexual act] once and liked it is the reason you are so scared!!! PUCKER UP!!! lollollol Bet you like a man in a nice suit!!! Your probably a [Edit] man.. BUTT I will still pray for you!!!

    # 70 Jake - Dude they are there but we been down this road and Dr. DH won’t allow that to be posted… but when you like The Cathedral & The Talleys did you think Kirk was???

    # 77 Grigs- being married is not sign they won’t be Observer’s Friend!!

    OBSERVER… hope your life will be even busier so we do not have to read your words. See I am not going to call any names cause I am a better Christian than you!!! Good Bless Your Heart!!! still selling site names if y’all want to go start your own blog.
    Your just getting dirty with all the gay & heathen ppl on this site.

    You probably do have a site just NOBODY GOES there. I still crack up at the other blogs they get lucky to have 20 comments and half of them are from the site owner responding.

    There’s even one site that should be called YOUR AD!!! Cause that is all that is on there!!!

  79. matt wrote:

    How does anybody know who is who on here? Was the post by “Scott Fowler” actually by Scott Fowler? Nobody knows. Do the real people in SG actually check this site out and post?
    There is so much crap on this site…….
    It would appear that everyone is busy sinning and singing. What else is new? That has been the case since creation. All the mud slinging and/or innuendo is getting tiring. I happen to enjoy Legacy Five and other groups and will continue to regardless of what gets posted on here. God can use whatever He wants to impact people.

  80. Leadsinger wrote:

    Good post Matt… And Wade WOW you should be put on a posting limit… :) jk

  81. Butch wrote:

    Scott Fowler is too professional to visit this tabloid. Word for Bryan H., don’t waste your breath

  82. Kitten wrote:

    I think I’m going to puke.

  83. cynical one wrote:

    If the president’s approval rating is really has high as the media reports, does that mean most of America is happy with this handbasket we’re supposedly riding in?

  84. wackythinker wrote:

    Yeah — Don’t assume that, just because we prefer one candidate over another, we support all of that party’s platform. As a matter of fact, I DO NOT support a lot of the Democratic party’s platform. Rather, I prefer a lot of the Republican’s stance on many issues. Not all, but more Republican than Democrat issues.

    I just happenned to prefer Mr Obama over Mr McCain in the last election. I also dislike the mean-spiritedness of many of the Republican flag bearers and conservative talk show hosts.

    And besides, when was the last time either party enacted ALL the things they put into it’s platform? Maybe never?

    Republicans can talk all they want to about being anti-abortion, but the fact remains that they’ve had control of the White House and/or Congress enough since Roe v Wade became “law”, they could have done something about it. Have they? It’s still “law”.

  85. redhead wrote:

    77) i could be mistake, but I think Kirk Tally was married to a wife, until he came out of the closet, so being married doesn’t mean much.

  86. cdguy wrote:

    #85 redhead — No, Kirk and his wife divorced long before the scandal broke. Probably at least 4 or 5 years prior, if memory serves me correctly.

    But you’re right, marriage doesn’t mean much, with some people. S/G has always been rampant with rumors of married folks sleeping with people other that their own spouses, both straight and otherwise, male and female.

  87. Leadsinger wrote:

    Dan Keeton just Disbanded his quartet… Does this mean that Maybe he has accepted the open Tenor position with Gold City… Stay tuned

  88. Ed wrote:

    #28-Mr. Hutson- I wouldn’t worry myself with what Doug thinks is relevant.
    He has no idea what the word means. He has his favorite groups. He bashes the rest.
    I want to encourage you to keep it up.

  89. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #87: I wonder that as well.

    If that is the case, it’s a good match. I heard a demo of Dan singing “When He Blessed My Soul” with Gold City, and it sounded great.

  90. Ed wrote:

    #87- Don’t look for Dan Keeton to go with GC. He doesn’t fit their image.

  91. toddt wrote:

    # 3, Pelosi has never shot anybody in the face. Biden does not base his foreign policy on how close he lives to another country.

    How about these match ups…

    Hillary Clinton v. Huckabee? hmm
    Jon Stewart v. Limbaugh? hmm
    Neil Boortz v. Hannity? hmm
    Paul Newman v. jack bauer? hmm
    John Mellencamp v. Scott Fowler? hmm

  92. Alan Kendall wrote:

    Jonathan Sawrie is my friend, and a good man whom I admire and respect.

    Ben Harris is my friend, and a good man whom I admire and respect.

    I have no political opinions to share today. Consider yourself blessed.

    I will miss the Lewis Family. What a legacy they left us.

    And The Kingsmen are doing a FANTASTIC job…best in years. Keep it up guys!

    Sorry folks, I don’t really have anything all that spunky to share.

  93. Wade wrote:

    # 90… ED… I agree with what you said in your encouragement to BH… but come on don’t be an idiot. Dr. DH is an English Prof!!

    Thank you redhead & cdguy maybe some of these folks will GET IT SOME DAY.

    Of all the ppl who hate so much I wonder why they keep coming back to the tabloid??

    Think that is my limit for 2day … but 1more…

    wackyOne… when 50% of the ppl can vote themselves benefits it is dooms day!!! WE ARE there… the biggest mistake every made was changing Senate Elections to POPULAR VOTES!!! It is right up there with not having a LAND OWNER qualifier to vote!!

    Some one said because of their natural obcessive desire for safety & security that allowing women to vote is right up there… BUT I DID NOT SAY that!!!

    Just heard others say it and it is thought provoking.

  94. BigBobby wrote:

    Anyone heard that the Living Waters Trio has disbanded?

  95. Joe wrote:

    Rather than writing about the total irrelevance of politics, I would rather take exception with Doug as others have done, and write about the very relevant Kingsmen.

    Ray Dean has never been the lowest of basses. But with the three fantastic voices he now has above him, he doesn’t have to be very low (but listen to his last note on “Longing To Go”, on their The Past is Past album). Harold Reed, Phillip Hughes, and Brian Hutson have as good a “top 3″ sound as the Kingsmen might ever have had.

    And the music they are putting out nowadays is simply tremendous. “When God Ran” is a watershed song. And today, I heard “He Knows My Name (and He holds my hand)”, and had chills listening to it. A remarkable song.

    Keep at it, boys. They are all gentlemen, and are as exciting to listen to as any current quartet going.

  96. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #95: Ray also hits a pretty low note on “Sound From The Other Side” on their “When God Ran” project.

  97. Leadsinger wrote:

    I have always enjoyed Ray’s bass singing personally… I do agree that The Kingsmen are “back” at least somewhat… They need to keep this lineup intact for a few more years, for me to say they are fully back…

  98. jbb wrote:

    Since this is an open thread, where can you purchase the small table racks to display your cd’s?

  99. insider wrote:

    2 quick things, 1-the folks joking about Young Harmony’s bus fire being a stunt. That’s the truth in my opinion. We’ve all seen the billboards he posts, and we all know how far he’ll go for advertising. When you’re not any good you have to this. As a former police officer, I watched the news story, and heard the facts. This is not legitimate. If he came on the bus and it was full of smoke, the bomb would have long been exploded. Plus when they interviewed Jonathan, he wasn’t concerned with the danger, he didn’t warn other groups out there on the road, gospel or not, just anybody in a bus, that there may be a bus bomber on the loose. He told who they were and where they were going to be in the near future, and that they come to Nashville once a week. Also an attack on gospel music, no one would have known who that bus belonged to, have you ever been to Nashville, there’s a high priced entertainer coach on every corner.

    number 2- in response to #48 saying wasn’t rick hendrix going to run for office as a democrat. UH PEOPLE, HE WORKS FOR OBAMA, he’s on staff, he went to Europe with Obama for the G8 summit. Check it out. go to rick it’s no secret, check his pictures, and check the ones labeled political. and he’s running as a democrat in Tennessee in 2010, and Obama is going to make sure he’s elected. The only reason this doesn’t matter is, he’s not an artist, only a radio promoter who also promotes all other kinds of music, from country to rap, to rock and roll, didn’t ya’ll know that?

  100. cdguy wrote:

    jbb - #98 — I know there are LOTS of other sources, but check out the Hoppers’ website. They used to sell things like that.

  101. re-kingsmen wrote:

    Yea. The kmen are crankin out great stuff thanks to their studio friends melodyne and vocalign. Their cds always sound over processed. Anyone who hears them live knows they all have major pitch problems.

  102. CVH wrote:

    #98 jbb - check out

  103. Leadsinger wrote:

    It looks like “Little Eric” Phillips has left the MTT… To return to Law Enforcment…To Bad his voice was just beginning to grow on me… Kinda of like Steve Ladd…

  104. NG wrote:

    re-kingsmen wrote: “Anyone who hears them live knows they all have major pitch problems.”

    Well not me. My musical ability is very limited. I can usually hear if someone is out-of- tune or off-key but this pitch stuff confuses me. Can someone tell me how to spot it. I hear about folks having perfect pitch. Makes sense if they are solists but what happens in a group if only one member is off pitch?

  105. Fezzik wrote:

    bummer, especially after being featured in SN this month

  106. matt wrote:

    What happens when one member of a group is consistently off pitch? Then I don’t buy their cd’s, and I either laugh quietly or leave. When you see people grimmace and frown, that’s usually how you can tell… can be painful to hear some people sing, like Madonna for example….. In the context of a group it depends on how badly the person is out of pitch, and the complexity of the arrangement. Some styles allow for the bending of the pitch or scooping, and it’s tolerable within the medium.

  107. Susan wrote:

    On Rick Hendrix it is extremely difficult for citizens to monitor the inner workings of the government that demands their allegiance and their taxes.And here we sit with Rick Hendrix chosen to be one of our Congressmen by the POWER TEAM that elected Obama. I have HEARD it said-HE WILL WIN- He is one of us. This champions government transparency. But by its nature, government is opaque. Seeing spreadsheets is very useful–but seeing Hendrix making the handshake rounds,smiling and loving himself the side deals with U2 and Bono at the Inaugural, the job offers from Obama/Biden and his petty rivalries that actually drive decisions is essentially impossible. I can only imagine the Inaugural party of Hendrix’2010. Could this be the biggest upset for the Republicans in his district that have currently been seated over 75 years.He should realize time to time that self is a problem, and his ego is out of check. However, he has figured out how powerfully his life is affected by his own drama,thoughts and how frequently his inner chatter makes HUGE success,builds army’s of followers and ends the day with Hendrix reaching all of HIS goals. I am not saying Hendrix is such a bad thing, better Hendrix making our laws than someone we have never known.So, if you live in America, Hendrix ‘WILL’ be a future Congrssmen.The Washington DC wheels have been greased and the stage is set. Hendrix is always seen arm and arm with Obama, Pelosi,Clinton. I can only imagine HIS agenda, and HIS additions to the American Constitution.But if it is,it is.

  108. soldier wrote:

    Wow, looks like Rick’s a flaming liberal - should get along well with DH.

  109. Yeah... wrote:

    CVH - I checked out the discmakers link, as I’ve used them and was surprised that they would carry travel racks. Can’t find any on their site. Any further help?

    I bought mine from the Hoppers; I might be wrong, but I believe they may come from Continental Case, but all I know is that they’ve worked great and held up well. Their Anvil-style case has been as road-worthy as any case I’ve owned.

  110. GC wrote:

    Somewhere I read where Rick Hendrix was not a liberal. I wish someone could point out his agenda.He seems fairly liberal to me. His artist all look like rockstars or are ROCKSTARS. I find it interesting that a gospel music promoter could have enough sense to attempt a run for office. Most record promoters are losers that couldnt keep a job at a label or they couldnt sing and started a promotion company to offset their lack of record units. I am not being mean but look at the promoters

    Susan Whisnant


    Rhonda Thompson

    Jeff ONeal

    Jim Stover

    DJ Man Phil Emery

    Paradigm (Calvin Gann)

    Song Garden (Nick Bruno)

    HMG ( Gene Higgins)

    Theresa Dillard

    Donna Beauva


    Congressmen RICK HENDRIX ( where do you start, failed DJ [edit] hated by Kirksey etc)

    THESE are our wonderful industry promoters+and I have used a few of them.

    What will we see next?
    the cabinet in 2012

    President Bill Gaither

    Vice President Rick Hendrix who got the seat from a brutal fight with Ernie Haase for the position

    Secretary of State Jim Cumbee

    Treasury Secretary Ed Leonard

    Defense Secretary Clarke Beasley

    Department of Justice Jerry Kirksey

    Department of Commerce Claude Hopper

  111. quartet-man wrote:

    #104 Off pitch, off key, out of tune and all describe the same thing. It is singing the wrong notes at least as far as not hitting them dead center. There are degrees of pitch. Many might be slightly off, but when it is too far off it is far more evident.

    Perfect pitch is generally the ability to hit every note dead center as well as being able to identify a pitch when hearing it or being able to sing a pitch without having the note or key given before. In other words, you could say sing a middle c and they could do it on the spot. Sometimes perfect pitch can make things harder because if the piano is out of tune (oh, wait a second who has instruments anymore ;-)) it can be hard on the person because they either do or want to sing the note exactly as it should be and not adjust to how the piano is tuned. I don’t have perfect pitch by any means. I am pitchy at times, however even though I don’t have perfect pitch, it is hard for me to read a song in one key and sing it in another. In other words if the song is in F and I am reading the music, but they decide to put it in D, I have a really tough time finding the part. I can do it easier than I used to, but if it is too far away from the key it is written in, I have a lot of trouble. It would have to be much harder for those with perfect pitch.

    When one person is off key and the others aren’t, the chord will not sound quite right. Sometimes that person can make the others have trouble. Sometimes too, the other singers might adjust and tune to the one off key. (Especially if a cappella) and especially if it is the lead singer who is doing it.

  112. me wrote:

    #98 and #109-The cases you get from the Hoppers are Hopperworx cases. They do not come from continental case. As a matter of inside information for ya, the Hoppers have considered a lawsuit against Continental. Their cases are designed by them and usually patented, but continental has copied every case the Hoppers have every designed and made it with alot cheaper parts. That’s why if you go continental, you will be replacing it before too long. If you go with Hopperworx, you will get the original design with the best equipment. And it will last alot longer than the imitation stuff. You can get them from the hoppers web-site or call the office.

  113. Terry wrote:

    Wow is Kirksey/Hendrix fued still on? I would hire Rick Hendrix to promote my songs and even vote for him for Congress. But, I am not sure about VP or President LOL

  114. Rhonda Thompson wrote:

    Regarding comments from GC #110. Why are you mentioning my name in your opinion. Who are you? I don’t think I know you….all I see are initials. As far as your comments calling radio promoters losers….I worked for Daywind for over 12 1/2 years. Trust me I’m not a singer or songwriter….don’t want to be. I love what I do. If you have any issues with me I would suggest strongly you email me privately. Otherwise….don’t post any opinions about me.

  115. Stacy wrote:

    I saw the Kingsmen this past Saturday in Arkansas. I did not hear any pitch problems. They were great! And surprise, Johnny Parrack was there to join them for a couple of songs. It was a wonderful evening. Keep up the good work Kingsmen!

  116. Terry wrote:

    I sure wish I knew what they edited out about Rick Hendrix

  117. re-kingsmen wrote:

    115: Then They must have had the tenor and bass singer’s mic muted.

  118. cdguy wrote:

    GC #110 - Rhonda’s name wasn’t the only one on your list that proves you know not of where you speak. Several of the ones you listed are neither frustrated performers nor lost label folks.

    Some of them are fine singers/players who have chosen, for one reason or another, to get off the road and be involved in a different aspect of the business.

    My friend Nick Bruno is a prime example. He could be playing for just about any artist if he wanted to. He could keep busy solely as a studio player, if he wished. But he chose to get into producing, and teaching new artists the ropes in this business. He’s really not a promoter, so his name did not belong in any promoter list, anyway.

    You sound like someone who, like you tried to pin these folks, couldn’t cut it in the business, and are quite bitter.

  119. NonInsider wrote:

    117. That’s low…. but unfortunately its true most of the time…

  120. SG Veteran wrote:

    #111, I’m a long time user of BOTH Hopperworx & Continental Case displays & cases. I can honestly say that they are both very durable. Personally, I think I like Continental’s cases a little better, but favor Hoppers racks. But, I’ve really never had a moment’s trouble out either. You use them things as much as I do, and you’re gonna wear ANY of them out, eventually. Sounded like somone just wanted to bash CC. Doesn’t sound like The Hopper’s style, so I don’t think it was from their camp, either. Just wanted to say that…

  121. Lewis Wells wrote:

    Let me qualify my remarks by identifying myself as a political conservative. How conservative? I believe Ronald Reagan is the father of our country. That conservative;)

    That said, as long as Mike Huckabee supports the cultic, extra-biblical teachings of cult-leader Bill Gothard of the Institute of Basic Life Principles, he won’t get my vote for so much as County Line, much less for President, nor will I support anyone who aligns themselves with him. Gothard teaches some scary, scary stuff. I would suggest people who are unfamiliar with him do a little online research. Just because something is masked in all the wholesome, gooey goodness of All-American Christianity, well that’s no guarantee that it isn’t completely biblically misguided, and Gothard’s teachings are cultic insanity developed from biblical “pattern” rather than direct biblical teaching. There are a lot of “patterns” in the bible, and most of them aren’t all that good.

    Beyond that, I go to the polls, vote my conscience, and realize that without the intervention of God Himself, America’s wounds and woes are far too deep for any political party to resolve. Watch what they do. Not what they say.

    I would suggest praying for our leaders who currently hold office. That’s really all you can do…aside from not getting so wrapped up in the political process that you forget our purpose on this earth is to promote Christ and not a political platform. Christ wasn’t overly concerned about the political landscape (in fact, I can find few things which he discussed as LITTLE as politics), and He’s to be our example.

  122. cynical one wrote:

    #121 Lewis — I especially liked your last 2 paragraphs. I would add that, in addition to praying for our current office-holders, we need to pray that God would raise up a new generation of Godly men to fill those positions as they become available. That their lives would be kept blameless, so as not to have skeletons in their closets that might get in the way of their election to office.

    And you’re exactly right: our purpose on this earth is to promote Christ, and not a political platform.

  123. Rebecca wrote:

    Did #91 seriously just use John Mellencamp as a name to strike fear into Conservative hearts? I’m sorry, but it didn’t work. And how does someone like Jon Stewart get brought into any kind of political discussion, legitimate or otherwise?

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