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Driving back to my hotel just now, I heard Taranda Greene’s “There You Are” and nearly drove off the road (in a good way). In the mad dash I made to buy it on iTunes as soon I got to my room, I also saw she covered “God on the Mountain” - how I missed this I don’t know, but it’s a timely discovery since my friend AS and I were JUST talking a few days ago about how someone should cover this tune. I’m not sure I’m ready to call Greene’s remake precisely what I had in mind, but until I’ve played myself sick of “There You Are,” Greene will be entitled to whatever artistic and interpretive choices she likes, as far as I’m concerned. Be prepared to hear my gush on and on about this song for the foreseeable future. Honestly.

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  1. Mike wrote:

    Lynda Randle has a nice recording of “God On The Mountain” too.

  2. James Hales wrote:

    You really need to hear all three of her solo recordings. They all have distinct personalities and are awesome.

    They definitely show her as a true artist.

  3. Revpaul wrote:

    What about that concert the other day? Wasn’t Peg McKamey’s version of God On The Mountain what you were looking for? Hehe

  4. Yeah... wrote:

    You can gush on and on about that song all you wish, and I sure won’t complain. I’m an unabashed fan of TaRanda Greene. She sings birds out of trees, and “There You Are” is no exception. Staggering job on an equally amazing song.

  5. Sherri wrote:

    We recently heard the Greene’s in concert in East Tennessee. Since my husband and I were American Idol fans, I used some of that lingo and told him, “She’s truly an artist, she knows who she is, and she knows how to deliver.” I’m a big fan.

  6. BUICK wrote:

    I am really enjoying the positive, affirming and encouraging tone of the last couple of threads. There is keen insight, great humor and interesting story. Oh, that it could be like this all the time!

  7. Andrew S. wrote:

    TaRanda Greene, unlike Kim Hopper and Karen Peck Gooch and Lauren Talley, understands her range. TaRanda sings every song pleasantly and doesn’t have to flail and fling her arms to try to achieve the high notes. Her voice should be no surprise to SG fans, but the reason some-like Doug-are understanding her voice just now is because she’s been given a much wider platform and broader atmosphere to display her voice. She’s had powerful voice ever since the days of “Glorious City of God”, “Take Me up the Hill”, and “His Blood No Longer Leaves a Stain.” However, she hasn’t had the major publicity to shine her voice as brightly as her sister-in-law’s or other sopranos like her. Yes- I’m a TaRanda fan, and I highly appreciate the way she uses her voice and stage presence. It’s always a pleasure to hear her sing. By the way, does anyone have a clue as to where I could get her new cd [In the Sanctuary]?

  8. Seaton wrote:

    Taranda did a cover of the Ruppes “By The Way Of The Cross” at Singing in the Sun in Myrtle Beach SC back in April. She brought the house down. It was one of the best performances of the entire weekend. What an awesome talent. I am glad to see she is finally starting to get some recognition.

  9. Matthew Moore wrote:

    You would also enjoy “The Firs Time I Saw Love” Personally, it is my favorite song that she has recorded as a soloist. And “Every Time I Speak His Name” on the Greene’s Recording “Glory Mountain” is fantastic. Both are on iTunes, get them asap if you don’t already have them.

  10. Janet B wrote:

    I LOVE “There You Are” - just heard it again yesterday.
    Does anyone have an update on Tony’s condition?

  11. prnash wrote:

    After being told for months how amazing she was and hearing some of her solo songs on XM, I finally had a chance to hear TaRanda Greene live at Singing in the Sun in Myrtle Beach. I must say that she is hands down one of the best female voices ever. At this point she simply transcends Southern Gospel like no other voice that begun in the genre ever has. She can sing black gospel as adeptly as she sings a country-ish Dottie Rambo cover and songs like “There You Are” and “I Have Come By the Way of the Cross” are truly exquisite. I don’t know that the sogo community at large can possibly begin to realize the gift TaRanda has. Anyone who has the opportunity to witness her performance is watching artistry in action.

  12. soldier wrote:

    Tony is doing better according to PTL!

  13. Andrew S. wrote:

    My favorite TaRanda song would be “God Is Singing over Me” from the group’s latest project, “Far down the Road.” TaRanda’s voice is so amazing. I hope she continues to understand her calling and the voice-its strengths and flexibility-for God’s use for the rest of her life. I’m also hoping she will at least take home the fan award for Favorite Soprano this year. :)

  14. Part-timer wrote:

    I’ve been a huge TaRanda fan since her days of singing with her mom, dad and brother as the Kiser Family. I’d travel all over central Florida in the early ’90s to see them (i.e., her). I’m so happy that she’s finally getting the props/exposure she’s deserved since she was 12.

  15. Casual Observer wrote:

    I agree with Matthew Moore - “The First Time I Saw Love” is Taranda’s finest moment. I’m surprised they didn’t single it to radio. But Matthew, you’ll be happy to know that Brentwood-Benson released a choral version of the song that features a female solo on the verses - it’s lush and perfect for choir.

  16. Curious wrote:

    in a post about Young Harmony’s bomb or not bomb, someone said that they didn’t trust Jonathan. Do you have any thing to base this on? Help us to know whether to trust or not trust him.


  17. Nashville Phil wrote:

    Certainly Jonathon’s accident story sounds very incredible, er, incredible. And, I really would like to believe what he says from the stage. It’s that wild story that stops me.

    I will say that Ginger is an awesome vocalist and should be recognized for her ability to deliver a song!

    It would be nice if Jonathon would sit down with a Reporter and tell his story candidly. You know, tell the whole truth. From death one evening, to walking out of the Hospital 3 days later. Sumpin is missing. I’m just sayin…

  18. Curious wrote:

    Have you asked him to do so? I heard him on Solid Gospel with Greg asking him and it seemed pretty believable to me. But, I am a trusting person, maybe too trusting. I did see the news clipping on the bus bomb and the reporter said that it was a homemade bomb. I also found out that their bus didn’t have a lien against it. So there’s no chance of them just trying to get it paid off. That is all that I have been able to find out.

  19. Revpaul wrote:

    #16 Curious, I’m curious why you post about YH on a thread about TaRanda. Why didn’t you go to the “bomb” thread and post you comments there? Every thread shouldn’t be regarded as an open thread just waiting to be hijacked. I was enjoying the discussion about TaRanda.

  20. Wade wrote:

    RevPaul… you tell them…some ppl worry about the strangest things. But I can’t help but add…NOT having a Lien has nothing to do w/ a PUBLICITY HOUND getting part of his 15 minutes several times.


    I have said it several times hear she is the only Gospel Artist I would pay BIG MONEY to HEAR. She can stand flat footed and sing with ANYBODY I have EVER heard without THEATRICS!!

    The Girl can SKY!!!


  21. RDB wrote:

    In the interests of merging the 2 discussions on this thread (and sounding incredibly lame) let me just say, “Taranda is da bomb”

  22. j-mo wrote:

    Has anyone else seen Young Harmony’s wikipedia page? Hilarious.

  23. Linda Dillon wrote:

    What is the hilarious part?

  24. KDM wrote:

    #22, I’ve seen it. It reads more like a press packet or an advertisement than an reference article. Surprised Wikipedia hasn’t picked up on it. They’re usually strict about citing sources, avoiding undocumented personal claims, etc. Not saying YH falsified anything…just saying their article doesn’t stand up to Wikipedia’s usual scholastic standards. It’s supposed to be a reference site, not a billboard.

  25. BUICK wrote:

    To Linda Dillon (#23)

    I don’t label this as “hilarious” but I find it curious that in the Wikipedia page, Jonathan and Ginger are spoke of on a first-name basis through the first 1/2 to 2/3 of the article. It is not until well into the personal testimony sections that we are told that their names are Jonathan and Ginger BOND. Again, not hilarious or even humorous but certainly curious. This has all the appearance of a copy and paste from other publicity material prepared for people who already know the names of the singers rather than something written for an on line research site. It just doesn’t come across as a very objective, factual and impartial piece. But, again, not hilarious to my funny-bone.

  26. Jim Gerdes wrote:

    It is nice to hear comments that agree with mine. I saw the Greenes in Crestview Fl. in January and it was “Church”. TaRanda has such voice control. I have all her solo albums and to really appreciate her ability, you must have it quiet and listen to the voice control she has making jumps. She is the best SG female singer out there and I like them all.

  27. Leadsinger wrote:

    Taranda is in a class all by herself… Yet she does not get the recognition she deserves IMO…

  28. BNA wrote:

    TaRanda Greene is the BEST Female Vocalist that Southern Gospel (and any other genre for that matter) will ever have the honor of claiming within the genre - She is a humble, sweet, servant of God and she can flat out SING!!! True talent - and she knows how to use it… If you get the chance to go see The Greenes in concert - it is a must - worth driving a couple hours to go see…

  29. Tiger Tom wrote:

    TaRanda is the greatest soprano singer in gospel music today and one of the most humble, genuine servants of God as is Tony. When you have them in concert, you have church! If you haven’t heard her sing “O Holy Night”, just wait! Absolutely incredible. Her success at the Brooklyn Tabernacle as an invited soloist is not just by coincidence.

  30. j-mo wrote:

    Posts 28 and 29, have you considered writing a wikipedia entry for Taranda? If you did, it would be at least as credible as the one Young Harmony clearly entered for themselves.

    And, Linda, that is what is hilarious about their wiki entry. That, and the word GOD always being in ALL CAPS!

  31. BNA wrote:

    TaRanda doesn’t have to have a Wikipedia entry claiming her excellence - she proves it - without one written word.

  32. Elisabeth wrote:

    she’s my favorite. hands down. i could listen to her for HOURS…days, even. the only others i say this about are the perrys.

  33. PBarnette wrote:

    How did Young Harmony even get mentioned in this thread - this has nothing to do with them. Besides they are more than willing for Pay Pay Pay for advertising they don’t need anymore publicity - isn’t the bomb enough?!

  34. Curious wrote:

    Actually, Taranda and Jonathan are cousins. I think Taranda’s mother and Jonathan’s mother are sisters. Taranda told me this her self a few months ago. That is what made me question this. Sorry.

  35. JL wrote:

    This is a great post. The spontaneous rabbit trail was a little confusing, but we all do that.

    Taranda is awesome - there is none like her. Kim has every reason to be jealous - her sister in-law could out-sing Kim under water.

    OK - does anyone else want to just barf when Kim takes the stage these days? She has no range, just lungs. I am so tired of her hair and ear monitor flinging. Have you ever seen anything so grace lacking as Kim’s flailing around with her body, trying to screech out a note? I have quit attending their concerts.

    WHOOPS - this is about Taranda. She is, without a doubt, one of the top 3 SG soprano’s ever. God truly blessed her with range, power, and an ability to convey His message.

    Thanks for bringing to our attention there is a new project available by Taranda!

  36. Amanda wrote:

    Sorry you don’t enjoy listening to Kim, but must you try to ruin it for the rest of us? Good grief, just don’t listen to her if she bothers you that much. Apparently, there are a lot of us who do still enjoy listening to her as is evidenced by all of the awards that she continues to rack up.

  37. JL wrote:

    Thanks Amanda for pointing out my harshness. My comment was abrasive and so much like the gossips I can’t stand. I certainly didn’t heed to the Spirit when I wrote that.

    Kim use to be one of my all time fav’s, but not so much these days. She’s still in the top 10 probably. Kim is a great singer.

    I do disagree that Kim’s talent is substantiated by “all of the awards that she continues to rack up.” Popularity awards in SG do not always equate to talent.

    I still enjoy selective songs from the Hoppers - Let the Redeemed (although overly stacked) is one of my favorites.

    Taranda IMO rocks with her range, power, stage presence, sincerity, and ability to deliver the message.

    I should have kept my post short, and on target, simply by stating TARANADA IS THE BEST!!!!

    Holy Cow…I talk too much.

  38. Amanda wrote:

    I agree that sometimes awards are given to people who don’t seem to be the most talented in the business, but I don’t feel that is the case with Kim Hopper. In my opinion, Kim is one of the most talented sopranos in Southern Gospel. Do I believe that she is everyone’s favorite? Nope! Do I care? Nope! And, in my first post, I mentioned the awards to support my theory that Kim is still popular among many people, not to suggest that awards equate talent. And I stand by that statement. She is still very popular, and that is why she continues to win awards.

    I think Taranda is very talented, as well, she is just not my personal favorite.

  39. John wrote:

    I could look at Kim on stage all day…NO PERFORMER LIKE HER…shes a star, so eat ur hearts out ladies

  40. Elouise wrote:

    Anyone could look at Kim Hopper on stage all day - simply because she keeps us on the edge of our seat… by that I mean - everyone is so anxious to see what her newest surgical procedure has done to her… New nose - plumped out lips - cheek & brow lifts… I mean come on if she has anymore face lifts she’s gonna be able to blink her lips!!!

  41. Amanda wrote:

    Well, I guess if you can’t legitimately attack Kim on her voice, you have to resort to attacking her appearance. Boy, jealousy sure is an ugly thing.

  42. Wade wrote:


    Gotta agree with Amanda here… She might get Botox, lip augmentation, or even some Restolyne… but a FULL FACE LIFT takes WEEKS, usually around 6 to even GET CLOSE to recovering from… I do not know and SGM performer of Hoppers magnitude that has that much time off?!??!?

    Rhinoplasty has about the same recovery time.

    While I am not a HUGE KGH Fan and I became sick of SHOUTIN’ TIME you have to admit the girl can BRING IT!!

    …and I think her Sister in Law can sing circles around her and would pay GOOD MONEY to hear!!!

    So I am not SOME diesel sniffing or whatever for The Hoppers.

    I thought they had the perfect gimmick when they had the 3 married couples thing.

    I lived outta the county when that all broke down…WHAT HAPPENED!!!???

  43. Elouise wrote:

    Oh I can attack Kim’s voice if you wish - and as far as taking time off goes… She is always taking time off and having fill-ins - i.e. Nicole W Jenkins and Melissa Brady…

  44. Amanda wrote:

    Elouise, Kim had Nicole fill in for her because her baby came early. About 2 months early. Get over it.

  45. Wade wrote:

    But Elouise if you are going to be that hypercritical you should at least reveal who you are… very few ppl computer literate do not have some kind of social site page if not their own site period!!! Be fair and be brave!!!

    If you do not be like the Good Pastor did recently and just type it out!!!

  46. Ruthie wrote:

    Elouise, that’s right…I’ve seen her with different noses in the past few years. Take a look at the old Gaither videos and then look at her now. Totally different face. It seems she is so concerned with her looks now days, she’s not as concerned with her singing.

  47. Londan wrote:

    Amanda - Kim has had fillins numerous times over the past year…for many reasons such as needing a break…what about the rest of the singers…don’t you think they get tired like…MRS DIVA KIM HOPPER

  48. Elouise wrote:

    Wade I don’t know what “social site page” you are speaking of - I am a 67 year old wife and mother, so I’m not listed on e-harmony or match dot com if that is what you are talking about???

  49. JessicaLynn wrote:

    I don’t get why people are 1. talking about young harmony on this page or 2. why they are discussing Kim Hopper’s (which all that has been said is quite true) this is supposed to be a page about TaRanda Greene - and I just want to say that she is marvelous and her voice is far beyond any other female voice I have heard in years, I don’t think we should compare her to Kim Hopper or any other singer because truth be told vocally there is NO comparison. as seen here…

  50. Amanda wrote:

    The comments here are pathetic. I will be honest with you, I don’t go to church, and there is a reason for that: hypocrites. I would like to ask Ruthie and Elouise two questions: Are you both Christians? and Are your comments glorifiying God in any way?

  51. Amanda wrote:

    By the way, I agree with Wade. I want to know “Ruthie” and “Elouise’s” real names. Go ahead with your hateful comments, but don’t hide behind a fake name or just your first name. Let us know who you really are.

    As far as her voice, Kim keeps getting better and better. As to her nose, it looks the same as it always has, to me. Her weight has fluctuated over the years, but her facial structure is the same.

    Ruthie and Elouise remind me of the ladies who sit in church and gossip about the other ladies. They do no one any good, least of all themselves, and their hatred is the direct result of jealousy.


  52. Amanda wrote:


    How many times exactly has Kim had a fill-in over the last year? You seem to know first-hand that she has had “numerous” fill-ins, so give us a number. I have been to a lot of Hoppers concerts over the past thirteen years, and I have NEVER seen someone fill in for Kim. I know she has fill-ins from time to time, just like all singers do, but to say the fill-ins have been NUMEROUS?? I think that is a gross exaggeration on your part.

    I know that we all have our favorites when it comes to SG singers. I like Taranda, but she isn’t my favorite. I love Kim’s voice, and she is definitely a favorite of mine. However, just because Taranda isn’t my favorite doesn’t mean I have to resort to attacking her personally.

  53. JessicaLynn wrote:

    It’s a little much to question someone’s salvation. Might be a good time to back off. Some people are a little more “in the know” on the SG business and your hasty defense might make you the fool in the end.

  54. Tom wrote:

    I don’t care if Kim Hopper goes to 250lbs…to me she is gorgeous and sexy (in a Christian way…if there is a word for that)….is someone going to say she implants next? I think she has her original equipment….’cept a few teeth,and may appendix or tonsils …or…well you get the picture..

  55. Yeah... wrote:

    Sheesh. What incredibly catty and lousy comments have descended upon us on what was such a positive post about TaRanda. I dread thinking that either of them have visited this site. A few of you jealous ladies need to have a little quiet time alone with God, since it’s obvious that you’ll never face Kim Hopper and say the egregious things to her in person that you spewed here.

    Kim and TaRanda have their own ministries and talents. Anyone can - and will - have favorites. But, each of theirs is a talent given to them by God, and as each of them could likely make it quite nicely in the secular world, I’m pretty delighted that they’ve chosen to sing the Gospel. Both have their own personality types and stage manners. These are no accident; they are the women that God has formed them to be. Instead of rejoicing in this, even if you prefer one over the other, you’ve chosen to tear them down on a personal level, and in a tone that should never be from a true Christian. I hope that over time, several of you become ashamed. But, I doubt that you will. Shakespeare was so correct: “Jealousy, crueler than the grave”.

  56. Amanda wrote:

    Tom and Yeah,

    All I can say is, “AMEN!!!’

    Maybe you’re the one who should back off. I simply asked a question of the two “ladies” making rotten comments. Last time I checked, this was a free country. Who made you the comment police??? The comments made by many of the people here regarding Kim Hopper do nothing to promote Christianity; in fact, those types of comments hurt Christianity, if the people making such comments on a public forum proclaim to be Christians. So, I’m interested in knowing how two people who may potentially be Christians justify such comments.

    Since you’re so “in the know”, you should’ve known that already. Who’s the fool now?

  57. JessicaLynn wrote:

    Since this is a free country; don’t these “two ladies” have the right to make comments… even if you consider them rotten. I did not say I was the “comment police” nor did I say I was the authority of “christianity” They might not be able to “justify” their comments to someone as biased and blind as you, but I’m sure they don’t care what you think anyway… Obviously you are Kim Hopper’s top defender, and that’s fine and dandy but don’t criticize people who put out their thoughts.

  58. John wrote:

    TaRanda Greene Rocks!! Shes probably the most unbelievable female to ever sing a song. Especially a SG song. Shes so much better than the norm. Great heart too..

    Kim Hopper is also incredible. The woman can deliver a song like nobody else. I love watching her sing too. For those of you that wanna criticize work she has had done…etc etc.. SO WHAT?!! who cares. Shes a hot middle aged woman!! And yes Hot in a Christian way. haha :-) I think her extensions and hair tossing, make up and lip injections are a class act. Nobody talks about Dolly when she does it. haha So Go for it Kim. All these other ladies are just jealous. I say keep gettin the lips pumped and keep getting the stomach tucked, botox should be every womans best friend. Start lookin natural and ill look away….Kim has got it goin on. Class act. Dont hate on the women that can afford all that work. get a life people!

  59. Luke wrote:

    TaRanda Greene is in a class all her own. IMO Nobody can touch the hem of her garment. She is a Class act with a set of Lungs. Kim Hopper is also and incredible singer and performer, Cut her some slack people!

  60. LewisWells wrote:

    Being that I have fairly intimate knowledge of all three subjects broached in this thread of comments…


    Yes. TaRanda is awesome. I was fortunate to do the majority of the piano/keyboard work on her first two solo records and several Greenes records. I consider her a mega-talent and a good friend.

    I’ve also worked on a couple of Young Harmony’s records, and had nothing but good experiences with them. Very decent people whom I consider friends and still exchange contact with from time to time.

    I’ve also spent several years on a bus with Kim Hopper, and I’m not appreciative of people with limited knowledge (or perhaps zero knowledge) of issues making statements that tear down people I care for. If you don’t like her singing, well, fair enough. But this nonsense about numerous cosmetic surgeries and facelifts is over the line. Kim has missed dates from illness, from the complications with Lexy’s delivery, and from being invited to Gaither shoots to showcase her solo work. Every member of the group has missed dates. Claude and Connie with the passing of family members or personal medical procedures and issues. Mike and Dean with illness or with other business obligations. Roy Webb filled in for me on a couple of occasions when I had personal business to attend to. Stop reading into it what you might WANT to read into it.

    Choosing between Kim and Taranda is, for most of us, like choosing which Ferrari we would prefer to drive. My word, just enjoy the talents of them both and stop trying to put a square peg in a round hole by determining which one’s better.

    There have been a few comments on this site by people very obviously “in the know”, and Doug obviously has some connections that give him solid information on a lot of issues whether I agree with his take or not, but many/most of the people who comment on his posts who either claim directly or by inference to be “in the know” actually know jack-squat.

    Just enjoy the music, people. If you don’t, then listen to something else.

  61. Brandon wrote:

    I want to echo what Luke said about TaRanda being a class act, she is an amazing singer and performer…her newest solo cd “In The Sanctuary” is flawless and one of the best projects I have heard in a very long time. With that said I want to also say that I too love and enjoy the music and performance of Kim Hopper, cosmetics has nothing to do with who’s the better singer, and truth be told it doesn’t matter because it’s all personal preference… In the end all that matters is that this music glorifies God and points people to Him.

    Also want to give props to John Jeffrey (the pianist for The Greenes) who played piano on the track for “There You Are” great guy, great talent.

  62. LewisWells wrote:

    I second the props to John. He nailed the vibe and emotion of the song, played an extremely tasteful track, and John is one of the nicest guys in the business to boot.

  63. Amanda wrote:

    Thank you for the honor of being called Kim’s top defender. I think she is marvelous, onstage and off. As far as criticizing those who wish to tear her down without cause or merit, I will continue to do that with or without your permission. As you said, they don’t care what I think and I couldn’t care less what you think.

  64. Wade wrote:

    Let’s get all these women in a cage match at NQC…irishlad may even come over for that.

  65. Nick wrote:

    WOW!! I just found this blog and I am I just have one thing to say to these folks talking about Kim. Whether she has had work done or not…If you were in front of hundreds of audiences year round..wouldn’t you want to present yourself well. I mean, if there’s something that you don’t like about yourself and it’s bothering you, and you have the means to fix it..then by all means DO IT!! Some people care about what they look like and that’s not a crime. Just don’t be vain about it.

  66. pat wrote:

    Some of the UGLY comments that people have said about Kim Hopper are down right uncalled for! You may not like her as an intertainer in Gospel Music, and you may not like the way she delivers a song on stage. But to go as far as throwing off on the way she looks, or what she has had done or what she’s gonna have done, may call for you yourself to take a good hard look in the mirror to see what you may need to improve on! And I can assure you, You do need some work! Like I do or the next Tom, Dick or Harry!!
    Just be honest with your selfs, She’s an awesome singer, one of the very best in the buisness, and in MANY eyes THE BEST! Gospel Music is about delivering the word of God in Music. It looks like many have made it like everyother type of music, WHO’S THE BEST!! PUT ONE DOWN, TO MAKE ANOTHER LOOK GOOD! Regardless on what their singing about! And that is,…God our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ….

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