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Mickey Gamble, a Crossroads executive, has added his voice to the blogosphere. Since the southern gospel blog revolution back in the middle part of the decade, no single industry figure in sg has, to my mind, shown more meaningful curiosity about new media and music than Mickey. For artists and other insiders wondering what digital culture means (or could be) for music professionals, his blog will likely prove a must-read. The rest of us just get to consider it a free education in tribalism and other new media marketing concepts migrated to sg.

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  1. Younger Timer wrote:

    Just what we need. Music label executives running another “make it” but pay us 1597.00 first schemes…. enough already boys.. get a real job!!

  2. Wade wrote:

    YoungTimer I am surprised you got that far… my eyes begin to cross and loose focus about half way through the Tribes & Brand Explanation!!

  3. Younger Timer wrote:

    Should be a “word tax” accessed on that one… Some of these guys just think too much… I guess they’ve had a lot of free time in those empty studios….

  4. Wade wrote:

    WoW… YT… u’d think since he is trying to get in the blog game he would at least come here and defend the 1597…ya kmnow make you feel like it was a bargin!!!


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