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From reader Paul:

I remember Susan Speer at Massey Hall in Toronto in the early ’70’s…I was a young university student and she sat in the back of the hall following intermission and fanned her face with a large stack of dollar bills received from album sales.

I love it.

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  1. CVH wrote:

    I’ve seen the same moves by some artists behind the table…I’ll never forget seeing the Oaks in the early 70’s when they were still doing gospel. The show was over, the crowd had mostly left and Willie Wynn was sitting on a record case behind the table counting bills with the biggest s***eating grin on his face I’d ever seen.

  2. AnnD wrote:

    I may be sorry I even took the time to type this out, but CVH…that sure is drawing a conclusion without knowing at all what he was thinking…you have no idea what he may have been thinking about, do you?

  3. onemadeupmind wrote:

    This facebook link is of a Suzan Speer from Nashville. If it is indeed THE Susan Speer we have been referencing, she’s still hot.

  4. CVH wrote:


    No, of course I don’t know what he was thinking. But I see a guy who was working up a sweat behind the table pushing product, I see him relaxing after what was by all accounts a successful show, and I see him gleefully counting 20s and 10s and whatever other bills were in the stack and…I don’t know, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…you’re right, maybe he was thinking about hitting Denny’s after they loaded the bus. I’m not drawing any conclusion other than that he worked hard for the money and he seemed to be enjoying it…why not?

  5. Wade wrote:

    Thanks One Made Up Mind…

    CVH… dr Joe my chime in here and say he was smiling about all the carnal activity going on the Oaks Bus… just wanted to say it before he did.

    I bet Vestal smiled too after a good night which was easier after she helped banish the OAKS.

    AnnD… Come on Ann… even if he was smiling for the reasons stated by CVH …whats wrong with that???

    Hope you had a Happy Birthday!!!

    Hope you saw the tribute we gave you on the HOTTIES Thread!!! lol ;-) :-)

    Is that OK???

    You smile alot too!!!

    Love the Book… every body that is a true SGM fan needs a copy!!

  6. cdguy wrote:

    Even if Willie wasn’t waving one’s (alliteration strictly intentions) and twenty’s in glee at the thought of how much doe they’d raked in, this story, and the one about Susan fanning with dollar bills, just points to what our parents tried to teach us: we have to be careful of the impressions we leave with people, even unintentional ones.

    I know a few will be offended by my mentioning scripture, but Paul talked about being careful not to offend anyone. “All things to all men.”

  7. Yeah... wrote:

    Hey Wade - Duane Allen is among my Facebook friends. Likely he’s a friend of yours as well. Check out his FB friends - and you will find Tanya Goodman-Sykes, Johnny Minnick, and Rick Goodman. If indeed The Goodmans were as instrumental in getting the Oaks out of sgm as you hint at quite often, it seems as if any bad blood is old news. Just a thought.

  8. quartetter wrote:

    I would never trust ANY gospel singer who was not grinning really big after a great night of sales.

  9. Wade wrote:

    Yeah… The Oaks always stayed classy about it.

    Go look at the Gaither things the Oaks were on while Vestal was still alive… did you see her??? I am sure there might be one or even 2 but I know I have seen where EVERYBODY ELSE was there minus Vestal.

    But ya know what Yeah???

    You are right… if the Oaks are classy about it…so should I!!!

    Never let it be said that Wade is not open minded and actually considers what other ppl say!!

    MORE SURPRISES to Come!!!

    Blessings to ALL!!!

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