Through the Facebook looking glass

It’s official. Facebook is making the world go completely, solipsistically insane. Avery just received this message:

Kyle Boreing became a fan of Kyle Boreing on Facebook and suggested you become a fan too.

I’m no Facebook hater, but WTF. Reminds me of that Conan O’Brien joke from a few weeks ago. “In the Year 3000 … all social networking will be done on one giant site:”

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  1. thom wrote:

    catch a Live Webcast of the Perrys in Gatlinburg here at this website. - Starts at 8pm Eastern, 7pm Central.

  2. redhead wrote:

    That Conan O’Brien joke made me laugh out loud, I loved it! It’s also very true…

  3. Revpaul wrote:

    Okay, that’s twice now. Enough of the “WTF” vulgarity. You have sufficient skills to express yourself without resorting to gutter language. IMHO.

  4. Kyle Boreing wrote:

    But he’s such a great sanger…..

    I actually hate the fact that Facebook does that.

  5. thom wrote:

    I just posted a video on You Tube of the Perrys live in Gatlinburg tonight - Doing
    “If You Knew Him” - check it out

  6. RDB wrote:

    Yes, please, we’re not stupid. We know what WTF means and if it’s not acceptable to spell it out, don’t be writing it in shorthand.

    Please and thanks.

  7. Kyle Boreing wrote:

    It is so tempting to stir the pot, play dumb, and ask what exactly “WTF” means.

    By the way, RDB, you used it in shorthand, as well….

    It’s early, I’m half awake, and that means TROUBLE!!!

  8. Just Thinking wrote:

    I vote with Revpaul and RDB.

  9. Irishlad wrote:

    What’s wrong with “what the flip”? It’s just your dirty minds working overtime.

  10. Revpaul wrote:

    Kyle #4, it is unfortunate that FB does that to us. When the same message came up when I had set up a page, I just deleted the response. Same thing when it said my wife “is now my friend”. Deleted that, too. She has been my friend a lot longer than FB knows.

  11. Revpaul wrote:

    Oh yeah, and you IS a good sanger, too.

  12. Wade wrote:

    Yeah Dr. DH… WTF!!!

  13. Jake wrote:

    I vote with those who respectfully request that Doug — and everyone else who writes in here — not use “WTF.” We know what it means. It shouldn’t be in the vocabulary of decent people, let alone those who “profess” Christ. You can’t even use those words on secular TV here in America.

    And before someone bashes me or uses the “censorship” argument, I repeat that I “vote” — that is, I am voiceing my opinion and hoping that there will be enough of us to bring about a change here. And I also am respectfully requesting. Nothing more, nothing less.

    (I could use some scripture here, because the Bible is not silent on the subject of our language, but some of you would probably scream about how awful it is to quote the Bible, so I will refrain at this point.)

  14. soldier wrote:

    “Let your speech be seasoned with grace…” not vulgarity.

    But since when has anyone here cared about what the Bible said?

  15. quartet-man wrote:

    Actually, Douglas, the message said Kyle became a fan of Kyle Boreing (or at least mine did.) :D I once got a message that said quartet-man became a fan of quartet-man and wants you to be a fan too. I said “heck, no.: ;)

  16. Yeah... wrote:

    And I would also respectfully add my wish and vote that acronyms like WTF not be used here. It’s not our blog, and we realize this. But, most of us try to keep our language respectful in our comments. Thanks.

  17. redhead wrote:

    I agree with the posts against vulgarity.

  18. Kyle Boreing wrote:

    I personally prefer “What the flyingflippingflop” myself

  19. quartet-man wrote:

    #19, I prefer “what in the wide, wide world of sports?” :)

  20. big dog wrote:

    Facebook is interesting. It cracks me up when I see an “ad” asking me to be a fan of God or Jesus because “6 of my friends are fans.!ยก

  21. DaTweetMan wrote:

    Just got this on my TWITTER - JASON CRABB steps into the COUNTRY spotlight…

  22. Wade wrote:

    DaTweetMan… beside having some Christian ppl who also do country music… how is this STEPPING into the country Spot light???

    It is released on Spring Hill, a Gaither Gospel Label… the 12 song set, as they call it, is gospel music. AND the web site is called…Gospel Music Update!!

    Please do not be critical. Jason is a great guy and is trying to do a good work!!

  23. MD wrote:

    Speaking of Facebook, a friend just posted pictures of Guy Penrod in their back yard looking over CD cover samples of his new solo CD.. and they commented that they just heard the final mix of his new CD’s thirteen songs. Anyone know anything about when it’s being released?

  24. DaTweetMan wrote:

    HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE WADE: I DIDN’T WRITE THAT! It was posted on the web site!!! I didnt say he was stepping into the COUNTRY SPOTLIGHT! THEY DID!! It looks like a press release….so the record company probably did it!

  25. Wade wrote:

    Ok DAtweet… Got I understand!! Peace

  26. curt wrote:

    i exected nothing less from this website with the language and vulgarity. You hide under the cloak of being a blog site but this is nothing but a gossip site, so anythig said by any staff or blogger does not supprise me. I guess using that language glorifies our Lord and Savior!!! But then again, attacking artist you don’t like is not expected behavior also.

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