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What’s on your mind? Some things to occupy the time while you think.

  • Mickey Gamble over at Gospeleer thinks the Perrys have the right idea streaming live feeds of their concerts for free. My question to anyone who caught the recent webcast: what was the quality? And if you’re a diehard (what Mickey calls “followers”), does the quality of the feed matter, and how much?  I’m actually asking.
  • Speaking of Gospeleer, why does the main blog page only show one post at a time? Sort of makes it onerous on the non-daily visitor who’d like to see the most recent posts without digging into the archive. FWIW.
  • Daniel Mount has some clips of the new Inspirations. DBM says they sound better than the old Is. I’d say they sound less bad.
  • There’s going to be a big choral extravaganza - Fire in the Choir - at NQC to promote Daywind’s new choral music line (must everything rhyme?). About the same time I saw this, I noticed Roy Webb is playing the SBC convention this year. Which made me wonder, is DW doing a similar choral event for the Baptists at their big get-together? Certainly would make at least as much, maybe more, sense than doing it at NQC.
  • The oldest known instruments have been uncovered in an ancient trash pile in Germany. They’re primitive flutes made from bird bone and mammoth tusks some 75,000 years ago. You can listen to the sound of a replica here.
  • The SN is confirming what regular readers of this site have known for a while now, Terah Penhollow has left Crabb Revival.

What else?

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  1. CVH wrote:

    Oh boy…just wait til the young earth creationists get ahold of you…to them the earth is only 6,000 years old.

  2. DaTweetMan wrote:

    Via Twitter just now: You can listen to JASON CRABB’s CD online at - SUHWEET! headed over to listen now!

  3. NonInsider wrote:

    I have to say I am looking forward to picking up Jason’s CD!!!!! Thanks for the link #2!!!!

  4. Leadsinger wrote:

    Well I saw the Perrys concert at that Youth Meeting… I will say the audio was ok… but the video was a little grainy, and my 5 year old nephew could have done a better job with the video shots…

  5. cheeseburger wrote:

    Will the Inspirations ever sound good? Probably not. Funny thing is, everyone’s shouting a big hoo-rah over their current line-up, but I suppose they fail to realize that Dallas Rogers never stays with a group for more than about a year or so. My advice to all the Inspirations’ fans out there… don’t get too comfortable. He won’t be there much longer.

    Also, did anyone else notice that Archie wasn’t invited to the Singing In the Smokies?? What’s up with that? The man still owns 1/3 of the group, and Martin and Mike didn’t even bother to invite him. Irony? I think not.

  6. SoGospelFan wrote:

    How do you know that Archie wasn’t invited to be a part of the Singing in the Smokies?

    Random Question of the Day- What is up with the Galloways? I know they never were quite up to being one of the top groups out there, but they seem to have disappeared. I guess it wouldn’t be as bad if they hadn’t released 8 out of 10 songs from their last cd which came out 4 years ago. Does anyone have any idea what they’re up to? Earl sends emails every blue moon’s rising, but he doesn’t give any indication as to whether they travel fulltime or not. They have about 1-3 dates posted on their websites from Jan.-Dec./2009. Most of the emails are weight loss or something about their dogs. But like I said, does anyone have any earthly idea whatever happened to them?

  7. SPD wrote:

    Does anybody want to take odds on Bill Gaither coming out with a Michael Jackson special? LOL

  8. RK wrote:

    That’s the first I’ve heard about Roy Webb being at the SBC, but I know Brian Free & Assurance did perform at one the convention general sessions. You can watch an archived version at

  9. Jackofano wrote:

    I suppose it’s a no-brainer that Ernie and SSQ will do “Thriller.”

    Ernie may also do a solo of “Man In the Mirror.”

    How about a duet between Jesse Dixon and Larry Ford on “Black or White.”

    Michael English solo on “Bad” - maybe also “Smooth Criminal” - followed by a tearful rendition of “Heal the World.”

    Guy Penrod and Marsh Hall return for a rousing version of “Beat It.”

    Lauren Talley on “P.Y.T.”

    David Phelps steps out on “Scream.”

    Former soloist Mark Lowry belting “You Are Not Alone.”

    I’ll bet Kirk Talley won’t be singing “The Girl Is Mine” - though he could do a killer rendition of “She Out of My Life.”

    All in fun here. Don’t get your knickers in a knot.

  10. Buttercup wrote:

    I ran across this on josh
    white’s blog and while it made sense over
    there, I wonder if it would bring comments to a screeching halt over here.
    However FWIW, I felt like I needed to at least make the effort - I, for one,
    am IN for “happy week” — here are the rules:
    ” 1. no sarcastic, negative, cynical, or otherwise mean posts on any of
    our social media sites. this includes talking negatively about celebrities,
    our elected officials, or anyone/anything else.
    2. if someone, someplace or something irks you, do what Jesus himself
    commanded and do your best to turn the other cheek. respond to negativity
    with positivity, in the long run that’s the best way to get back at people
    anyway. mwahahaha. (i kid)
    3. send at least one encouraging note to someone each day of live happy
    week. it can be a tweet, a wall post, a hand written note, a blog comment.
    whatever. just something to let someone know that you care and you think
    they’re pretty swell.
    4. call each other out, hold each other accountable. if you see someone
    falling a bit into the negative zone, send them a little (private) note and
    remind them what week it is.
    5. pray for each other (if you’re the praying type) without agenda.

    i am well aware that this is probably how we should act all the time.
    however, for now i think it’s enough to ask for just one week of it from all
    of you. and please know that i am not so delusional to think that we don’t
    all have bad days, i’m simply proposing we keep our online persona’s
    positive for the week. each of us (hopefully) have people we can call,
    private message, or speak face-to-face with when we get really ticked off or
    upset. additionally, i am not saying we should be anything other than
    authentic, if something bad is happening in your life and you need some
    prayer there is nothing negative about asking for some. this is more aimed
    at the constant negativity we all sling towards things/people/places in our

    I know this sounds strange for a site pegged as “criticism and commentary” -
    but I just wonder what would happen to the tone around here if we were all
    able to apply it for a week, one “Happy Week” are you in?

  11. cynical one wrote:

    Why the big surprise over the choir event at NQC? That’s nothing new, except the sponsors/participants. Mike Speck’s done choir events there for years. It’s just that now, he apparently doesn’t want to do it any longer, so others have stepped to the plate.

  12. Tony Watson wrote:

    #11 exactly right - the Speck things were always great but they are not happening anymore. The LifeWay involvement probably goes back to the failure that was the American Gospel Music Festival of which LifeWay was an initial partner.

  13. gina wrote:

    Actually, the Singing in the Smokies lineup was announced for this year before Archie even left the group. I did notice that it contains the Diplomats, of which Matt Dibler is now a member.

  14. apathetic wrote:

    Just listened to the new Jason Crabb CD. Incredible. I was curious as to what direction he would take this one. To me it is in the same vein as the Crabb Revival CD. Sort of a Modern Country kind of feel to it. Maybe even hear a release on mainstream country radio. Well done Jason. Great songs, great production/arrangements. This is the direction Southern Gospel has to go to stay alive and relevant.

  15. GC wrote:

    The Northmen are singing at a Church fish Fry in Kentucky sometime soon. What’s hilarious is that The Northmen are bringing the fish! That’s right, If you book the group, they bring the fish. This has to be the most hilarious promotion ever! Sad but funny….

  16. cheeseburger wrote:

    Doesn’t really matter when the lineup to the Singing In the Smokies was announced… after Archie was announced as no longer being part of the Inspirations, Martin and Mike made it a point to NOT have him be a part of the event. Everybody knows (including Martin and Mike) that Archie made the Inspirations. And since Archie didn’t leave willfully, it makes sense that M&M wouldn’t have him come back on purpose. How dare the fans become suspicious. Too bad Archie still owns 1/3 of the group. *sarcasm*

    Also, Matt joined the Diplomats after they were booked on both installments of Singing In the Smokies. I’ll guarantee you one thing - the Diplomats won’t be invited back. It’s a shame, really.

  17. cynical one wrote:

    #12 Tony — Lifeway’s involvement has more to do with Daywind’s involvement, and their new publishing agreement than anything else. I doubt Lifeway would have thought about NQC, had Daywind not brought them to the party.

  18. redhead wrote:

    7), 9) LOL

  19. olaneljonois wrote:

    “apathetic wrote:
    Just listened to the new Jason Crabb CD. Incredible. I was curious as to what direction he would take this one. To me it is in the same vein as the Crabb Revival CD. Sort of a Modern Country kind of feel to it. Maybe even hear a release on mainstream country radio. Well done Jason. Great songs, great production/arrangements. This is the direction Southern Gospel has to go to stay alive and relevant.”

    Why is it that people think that Southern Gospel can only be “relevant and stay alive” by moving away from the foundational sounds of the genre? I think something is usually “dead” when there is no longer any activity. It seems to me that there are quite a few traditional Southern Gospel groups that are traveling and seeing great success. I enjoy Jason Crabb’s singing but I don’t think that a “countryfication” of southern gospel is needed.

  20. Wade wrote:

    jackofffan… those are good!! to bad a regular audience would not understand and they may be 2 blue for a church group!!! oh well… taking votes now on the best MJ joke on my facebook profile… will post the winner over night… post your own or just vote on the ones that are there!!!

  21. NonInsider wrote:

    I am sure you all may know this by now but Randy Crawford is rejoining BFA… I think this a great move… Randy is a solid vocalist… It should be interesting now that they have basically 2 lead singers… should make for some good “High” Harmony…

  22. gina wrote:

    My point was that the Inspos couldn’t include Archie on the lineup announcement because he wasn’t a soloist at the time. Do you know for a fact that Archie won’t make an appearance? And if he “didn’t leave willfully”, why is he giving the impression he made the decision to leave and travel with his wife?

  23. Rob wrote:

    If you’re going to Singing In The Smokies, don’t be a bit surprised if you see Archie there. He may not be on the program but he is still a part of the organization. He also sells Inspirations cd’s on his product table. I’ve seen both Archie and Matt several times since they left the Inspirations and have never heard either make a derogatory statement about the Inspirations.

  24. cheeseburger wrote:

    I know for a fact that Archie wasn’t asked to make an appearance.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Archie there…because, yes, he still owns 1/3 of the organization.

    Don’t you think people will be asking a LOT of questions if he’s not included in the program(s)? Yes. That’s what I thought. And that’s what needs to happen. Fans need their eyes opened a little bit. Poor fans. They don’t have a clue.

    Rob, I don’t know if you’re just a fan or if you have any sort of personal relationship with Archie or Matt - but I know them both personally and I know what went on. They’re both class acts and they won’t make a derogatory comment about the Inspirations. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean they weren’t both treated like crap.

  25. LS wrote:

    “I’ve seen both Archie and Matt several times since they left the Inspirations and have never heard either make a derogatory statement about the Inspirations.”

    And you never will…some people have more class and kindness than to gossip about what did or didn’t happen. Why should they waste time dwelling on the past, when so many people are willing to do it for them?

  26. Thom wrote:

    It has been confirmed - Randy Crawford is rejoining Brian Free and Assurance. He starts July 16th.

    Randy was the lead singer for Brian a few years back and did an awesome job. I Can’t wait to hear the blend with Brian, Bill, and Randy - it should be awesome.

  27. NG wrote:

    Archie Watkins’ website (touring schedule) says he will be at the Singing in the Smokies from July 1 to July 4.

  28. Brian wrote:

    Sounds like someone had a few too many cheeseburgers…

  29. Irishlad wrote:

    Just having a listen to Gold City’s latest effort.Excellent i must say.The 2nd track “What children believe” to me was very Oaksey,perhaps that’s the direction they’re heading.

  30. NonInsider wrote:

    Looks like Gaither has posted a promo video of the Nashville Homecoming and Joy In My Heart. I love Ernie Haase eating up L5’s stellar rendition of “Strike Up The Band” at the 3:08 Mark… Looks like its going to be another bestselling HC video for the Gaither Machine…

  31. NonInsider wrote:

    Here is the linky lol

  32. jbb wrote:

    Why did Randy Crawford leave BFA before, or what he just a fill in?

  33. mad wrote:

    just incase you didn’t notice…the song “someone like me” on Jason’s new record was orignially sang by a guy named Marc Broussard…I guess Jason is on his way to the country/blues field instead of gospel…

    just another saleout.

  34. Wade wrote:


    I believe some ppl just WANNA be MAD…especially if they call themselves that… do you know how many times a secular artist has done a song later to be covered and usually tweaked by a Gospel artist???

    Best example that comes to mind is BRIDGE OVER TROUBLE WATERS!!

    I don’t think you can call Sammy Hall a SELL OUT!!!


  35. Kyle wrote:

    Wade, let’s not forget The Kingsmen’s “Stand Up,” which was originally a Mel McDaniel country song with different words, written by Sonny Throckmorton.

  36. wanderer wrote:

    Real Good Feel Good Song by the Kingsmen was a Mel McDaniel country hit also. I Believe in Jesus by the Oaks was I Believe in Music on the secular side for Mac Davis.
    Let Him Be There by the Stamps and Blackwood Singers was Let Me Be There by Olivia Newton-John. Go Jonah by several artists was Elvira by the Oaks.

  37. gospelman wrote:

    Tony Gore’s song teardrops could also be tied toward a country song.Also what is tony doing these days?

  38. Nashville Phil wrote:

    So, over on the NO-Thanks site, they are proclaiming that a Radio Release of their song is “Named One of Radio’s Most Added Songs”. Of course this proclamation comes from those whom the No-Thanks pay to put the thing on radio. What in the world? Heck, they can’t even sing…Gesh!

    Here is another Quote from their Press Release;
    “Sunday Edition, one of Nashville’s favorite groups”… I live here and I ain’t never heard of them being a favorite Nashville group. Maybe I’m outta the loop. Not!

    They say they get a “Standing Ovation” everywhere they sing this tune. Are they standing and clapping? Or is Suing Susan the one standing?

    I ain’t making this stuff up, read it for yerselves,

  39. Nashville Phil wrote:

    Oh I forgot to mention that there are no appearances listed on their schedule page at;

    It shows error…Go figure.

  40. my friend wrote:


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