About that Perrys video

Last week, you may recall a discussion on this and other sites about the Perrys streaming a concert live via the internet. Mickey Gamble praised it as a stroke of great foresight … by “someone.”


In the mailbox this a.m., a note from Libbi Perry Stuffle:

We had nothing to do with video streaming the youth conference. That was the people who booked us that did that.

Admirable modesty. I asked Stuffle if, given the apparent success of the video,  the Perrys might do more of this type of thing, even if they didn’t have the idea themselves. She replied:

Yes. […] We might would like to try it once a month at a really good venue where you know quality would be good. I don’t think it would be something we would want to do all the time. The response that we got Monday night was from all over the country. That’s a plus for people and areas that we don’t get into much.

There you go.

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  1. Deron Johnson wrote:

    Well, obviously, it works for them. Between the Youtube videos of “Did I Mention,” “If You Knew Him,” and other songs from their new album that have been posted on this blog and others, the hype surrounding their new album has been magnified. In fact, because of these videos, I ordered the CD off their website, something that I never do with Southern Gospel groups. This is the kind of thing that could work for other groups, and, in doing so, bring some fresh air to a mostly stagnant genre.

  2. DanKeeton wrote:

    Geeze That’s a Great Idea!

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