While no one was looking

Judy Nelon’s GospelMusicUpdate.com is well on its way to becoming the go-to site for news from the world of southern gospel, inspo, and Christian country.

I actually find the site difficult to navigate (it’s a bit spastically designed and the recent news often gets lost on left).

But it’s such a welcome relief to see someone exercise some editorial judgment so that personnel changes and album releases and other news of interest from gospel music isn’t muddled in with the sick, dead, newly birthed, and infirm watch from the lives of every performer’s extended family. And by placing news from the top tier of sg alongside other headlines from the adjacent worlds of inspo, CCM, and Christian country, the site implicitly imagines a place for southern gospel beyond the parochial borders that other publications help build and police.

Meanwhile, an artist friend of mine writes:

I used to sell 400 subscriptions of the SN a month at my table. Now I’m down to about 50.  How the mighty fall.

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