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For the long weekend ahead, an open thread for you holiday revelers looking for your gospel fix. Some things to get us started.

  • Janet Paschal has the new No. 1 song. The Talleys had a No. 1 with “Life Goes On” in last month’s issue. Good to see good music at the top of the chart.
  • Have we talked about this: Guy Penrod is billed as a “Gaither artist” for this benefit show (anybody know how Rector, AR, managed to land the Goodship Gaither?). Perhaps Penrod’s solo career all along was going to work out within the contexts of other Homecoming artists (just what the HC needs: another soloist!), so maybe I’m the one who’s off here. Anyway, and no matter, I’m always interested to see how and when Homecoming prodigals are rehabilitated.
  • L5, Booth Brothers and Greater Vision are bringing out a joint project, Jubilee. KingsGold redivivus!
  • Daniel Mount reviews Gerald Williams’ has released an autobiography, with the great title, Mighty Lot of Singing’.

What else?

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  1. David Grant wrote:

    Isn’t that the book that Gerald Williams has had out for many years? Unless this is something new, I got a copy of it at least 10 years ago. I can’t find it now to double check the title.

  2. NonInsider wrote:

    That L5 GV and BB project is going to be something special… I hope they do a video, ala KingsGold…

  3. JJ wrote:

    I’m thinking that Guy Penrod knows Bill Carter from their mutual connection to Bill Gaither?? And that advertised event is something that Bill Carter - not Bill Gaither - is sponsoring. And it’s for a good cause. And from what I’ve heard, it’s just a matter of weeks until Guy Penrod releases his solo album. And I wouldn’t be looking for him as an artist on the Homecoming Tour.

  4. Irishlad wrote:

    I had the privilege of talking to Gerald Williams at the2004 Nqc i believe it was;it was just after MB’s set,and GW had produced some suberb bass singing,his tenor was top notch too(forget his name,bald guy)all in all they were very much the consummate quartet,similar to the DE’s of today.Well after i gushed to him(sincerely)about how good he was,in fact imho the best bass at the Nqc Roy Pauley put him #1 bass in an article sortly after in the SN.I felt strangely elated as i usually took his articles with a pinch of salt.That night i bought one of his(GW) cds only to be disappointed with it when i got home.Whether it was the production or the song selection or both i don’t know,but it certainly didin’t do it for me.However being an avid sg history buff i’d love to get my hands on the book if any one out their can put me in the right direction plz.

  5. Irishlad wrote:

    When you all get a chance head over to Daniel Mount’s site,go to videos and look for the All Star quartet at the GWSFFS.Avery sticks that on his i pod and his hoovering’ll go into overdrive!

  6. Irishlad wrote:

    sorry that’s GWSGFF.I’ll give u a clue,Gerald Wolff sings lead.Enjoy.

  7. Tommy Jones wrote:

    Gerald’s book is copyrighted, “1999,” so it has been out there 10 years. It is very good reading. The bald guy was Mike Franklin and along with Jonathan Sawrie and Doug Kramer or Jeremy Raines, produced an excellent qt.

  8. David Grant wrote:

    The Melody Boys were great in that day. We (Journeymen Qt) sang with them on several occasions. Our home church aslo hosted them. They were great guys on and off the stage.

  9. Nashville Phil wrote:


    So, over on the NO-Thanks site, they are proclaiming that a Radio Release of their song is “Named One of Radio’s Most Added Songs”. Of course this proclamation comes from those whom the No-Thanks pay to put the thing on radio. What in the world? Heck, they can’t even sing…Gesh!

    Here is another Quote from their Press Release;
    “Sunday Edition, one of Nashville’s favorite groups”… I live here and I ain’t never heard of them being a favorite Nashville group. Maybe I’m outta the loop. Not!

    They say they get a “Standing Ovation” everywhere they sing this tune. Are they standing and clapping? Or is Suing Susan the one standing?

    I ain’t making this stuff up, read it for yerselves,

    BTW There are no appearances listed on their schedule page at;

    It shows error…Go figure?

  10. Andrea wrote:

    Does anyone have an e-mail address for Zane King? I can’t seem to find a current one. Thanks!

  11. GD wrote:

    I’m pretty new to the “Unthanks” debate/conflict, however, I had a few minutes so I visited the site that #9 shared. There are a few dates that show up on their homepage. I listened to the entire single. If that’s one of the top ten releases, SG is in serious trouble. I honestly, and am not intending to be mean-spirited, don’t see how this song would make it to any radio station period. If that song gets a standing “O” everytime they sing it, somebody’s mama must be traveling with them and sitting on the front pew. I’m sure they’re nice folks, but there’s not much to the song. It’s not even well-written. Just my opinion.

  12. cdguy wrote:

    GV, L5 & BB each have video projects coming out soon, in the “Live At Oak Tree” series from Daywind. I was in the studio for part of the recording, and was privelidged to watch the 3 groups record a couple of songs together.

    Mosie Lister also sang with them, and Lari Goss joined Tim Parton for a 4-hand piano accompaniment.

    In my opinion, this was the equivalent of putting The Blackwood Brothers, The Statesmen, and the Stamps together 40 years ago, when they were in their prime. Could you image having a video of that?

  13. Leadsinger wrote:

    12. The release date on that is July 21st… the Jubilee project I believe is coming out August 28th… They should be really good on the Live At Oak Tree, it also has the groups singing Boundless Love with Gerald Wolfe on the Piano and Michael Booth on the Drums…

  14. Tjeerd (Ted) wrote:

    If anyone knows where I can buy a copy of Williams book, post a link.

  15. Irishlad wrote:

    I’ve ranted and raved about Chris West on this blog many times and at last he sings a full solo on DinanaSN,s you tube account,”Going Home” with the “no mame quartet”.The quality’s absoulute crap yet you can tell he’s a fantastic bass,easily as good as Aaron McCune and i don,t say that lightly,he just doesn’t allow himself the same level of exposure for some unknown reason.I’ve championed him since 1996 when he was with the “Men of Music”.I think later that year he had a brother killed in an accident. Sad.

  16. NG wrote:

    In response to #14, you can order Gerald’s excellent book for $15 in the catalog section of his quartet’s website:

  17. Tony Watson wrote:

    #14 -

  18. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #15: Absolutely agree. Shame that the “No-Name Quartet” never took off. Never found a tenor, for one thing, and I think everyone else was preoccupied with other stuff.

    Two of those guys are with N’Harmony now, and if Will Van Wyngarden (another good bass) ever leaves, Shane would do well to hire Chris.

  19. Irishlad wrote:

    #18 Chris did team up with ‘N Harmony before Keith Watters replaced him. As i said he can’t seem to commit himself to one group for any length of time;if he did he’d go down as one of the very best….ever. IMO.

  20. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #19: Bet that lineup was good.

    Ditto your statement about commitment.

  21. weber wrote:

    I got curious went over to the No thanks site LOL, thats just funny, gave a listen to the Nashville favorite group. If they own the site, that is the most obnoxious form of self-promotion I have ever seen. It appears they are using the website to find a nich in the industry because they cant make it as a group. I have never heard them in person, not sure about the quality. I live in the Nashville area and support Gospel Music, and as far as any Nashville favorite goes, there is a group called the Tennesseans Quartet that I recently saw in concert, and they are absolutely on fire, the best quartet around here for sure. If they come to your area, go see them. No thanks, LOL just had to say it again, thats so funny!

  22. jbb wrote:

    #21: Just went to the Tennesseans website and they have a pretty good sound. Thought about seeing about how far they travel and sounds like they only do Tn. since they travel with a “band”. Too bad. Will see about getting someone else.

  23. qualityseeker wrote:

    I’m not sure that I understand the direction of the Martins. Obviously, they only do a limited touring schedule, and based on the fact that many of their dates are quite a distance away, I would guess they only do dates to where it is lucrative enough for them to schedule. However, now that they are back singing together as a family, why do they not do any Gaither dates? Why are they not involved in any industry functions, like the SGMG concert held in Nashville during GMA week each year or maybe in a showcase at NQC? Are they just bigger than all of that? I see Joyce and Jonathan at various industry events and just at concerts here and there.

    Can anybody shed any light…or at least intelligently theorize?

  24. Irishlad wrote:

    CVH……..Help!!! re:Susan Speer.Is Susan Valliant Speer(the jazz singer)one and the same? If so,she’s residing in the UK.

  25. DMP wrote:

    Hmmmmmm, what a curious choice of words on the Penrod comment.

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