Dead sells

By 37% more to be exact, in this most recent analysis.

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  1. cdguy wrote:

    And we’ve seen the same thing happen in sgm. Cathedrals, JD, Dottie, Vestal, et al. Maybe not to the extent of MJ or Elvis, but the same scenario.

  2. Janet B wrote:

    37% more than the previous week; in the week following MJ’s death, sales increased 4000%.
    If someone put together a dvd package of his videos, can you imagine how many they’d sell? I’d buy one…

  3. D IN Indy wrote:

    Yeah but it’s hard for a follow up act.

  4. Randy wrote:

    Personal life aside, Michael Jackson will always be the greatest entertainer who ever lived. You can’t pass him. He’s sold nearly 3 million albums since his death, just weeks ago. And in a “piracy” society, that’s saying a LOT. Imagine what the sales would be if everyone who obtained his music actually BOUGHT it over the past couple weeks? I’d estimate double or even triple what he’s sold.

  5. quartet-man wrote:

    That’s right. A celebrity’s death brings them to public attention again, and usually the media does retrospectives which reminds people of their art. Also, the public might be afraid in some instances that the material might not be available for much longer.

  6. bango wrote:

    Randy, I think you overestimate piracy…if that’s possible.

  7. Randy wrote:

    Bango, I think you underestimate piracy, but that’s a given in the SG world where the majority of the fans are clueless to what an “internet” is.

  8. cynical one wrote:

    Randy #7, according to my mother-in-law, the internet (and computers in general) is anti-Christ. It’s the root of all evil.

    I could probably safely sign my name to this, as there’s no way on God’s green earth she’d ever see or hear about my posting.

    But I won’t. :-)

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