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What’s on your mind? Some things to get us started.

  • Jonathan Sawrie, among the most level-headed and cogent folks in sg, has a decent take on the old ministry/monestry thing. It won’t settle anything, but it’s a fun, pointed read (h/t, MM). Money quote:

Now concerning this “gospel group as ministry” idea:

“And he called unto him the twelve, and began to send them forth by two and two; and gave them power over unclean spirits; And commanded them that they should take nothing for their journey, save a staff only; no scrip, no bread, no money in their purse:  But be shod with sandals; and not put on two coats.”

I don’t know if that necessarily means to not fill the bus up before you leave town, but I’m pretty sure it implies not taking a signed contract.

  • Speaking of nostalgia (and also via Burke), the Jimmy Blackwood branch of the Blackwoods have signed with Daywind.
  • Bonus quote, from Scott Fowler, on the origins of the forthcoming Jubilee project: “I Saw a poll in the Singing News asking people if they would prefer a cd with one artist or one with two or three of their favorite artists.  Something like 60% favored multiple artists.  So, I gathered the troops and voila.”
  • Late breaking addition: Is it possible that one member of Gold City has been fired and at least one other may have given notice, leaving GC with one or maybe even no non-Riley members? Often hard to translate bird noises, but I ask because of this comment combined with some emails I’ve been getting lately. This would, perhaps not coincidentally, explain Tim Riley’s return appearance, discussed above. Or not. Just asking.
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  1. NonInsider wrote:

    Ah the Gold City bird noises again… I have been hearing grumblings for some time now on that… All should be revealed by NQC… And the “Jubilee” project is going to be something to have I will tell you that… You Can pre-order now at GV’s website or L5’s and get it before the actual “National” Release date which is August 28th… And also of note The next three installments of Daywinds Live At Oak Tree projects, is slated to be released on July 21st. Which features the above mentioned three groups…

  2. Wade wrote:

    I tried to tell y’all about GC too… you just made fun of me… big changes coming!!!

  3. bryant wrote:

    That comment was posted in May.big changes must take awhile.

  4. qualityseeker wrote:

    Caught the Perrys in concert recently. So, here goes. The Perrys are still one of the top dogs in the Southern Gospel genre. They’re still some of the best singers in the industry. I think what keeps them so well-liked is they come across as so genuine. Libbi, Tracy and Troy come across as good-ole guys and gals. They make you feel as if they can relate to you, and honestly, that’s probably true.

    The new project - which I don’t have yet (am just judging based on online listening and the live performances) - seems to be relatively quality, though on first glance/listen doesn’t seem that much different than any of their last three projects or so (in the post-Harris era). Almost Morning…kudos on a solidly-written but even better-arranged song. Joseph wrote the song and seems to really be making a name for himself as a songwriter. Joseph sings it by himself with nobody else in the group joining in. That really doesn’t make sense to me. Pass that on to a soloist…a Shane Dunlap type.

    Did I Mention was as good live as what we have all seen in that well-circulated youtube clip, though this General Baptist church didn’t have the Pentecostal spell that the one in the clip did. They still enjoyed it greatly. They tagged it with an accapella chorus or two. The song just makes you feel. It doesn’t do too much. It shows the Perrys at their best, when they’re simply singing. The Perrys as a whole (and Libbi and Tracy - yes I said Tracy - in particular) have that ability to evoke emotion within the listeners with their singing. I’m not implying that their voices are any better than Joseph’s (because he obviously has the elite talent among the group vocally), but I don’t think he makes you feel when he sings. He works so hard at his craft. I admire him. He conducts himself so professionally and is blessed with a great voice. I think there’s just a little something missing though in his ability to connect with the audience. It’s not for lack of effort though. Some fans/concert-goers may love his voice and his singing, and he seems like a genuine, stand-up guy. But I don’t think he makes you feel what he’s singing (despite the soulfulness and richness that his voice possesses). Keep on singing though Joseph. You’ve come too far to look back in five short years. You’re going to be something really special if your own dedication doesn’t burn you out. He seems like a guy to where every I is dotted and every T is crossed. I respect and admire that. Keep writing, keep singing, keep working, keep praying…I can’t wait to see/hear you in five years…in ten years.

    This is in no slight to Joseph and Troy (and I have to interject this at the risk of having to endure the Perrys Partners backlash), but calm it down some. Joseph, you’re so in control on stage, but the hand movements are just distracting. I don’t know when you’ve started to try to communicate the messages of those songs by adding in the constant hand movements (especially when singing your leads). It doesn’t look natural. If you want to reach out and up, that’s fine. Don’t cock the wrist backward when motioning though while you’re singing. Stop the cutesy stuff. Your talent stands on its own without all of that. He’s so in control on stage now compared to how he used to be. You’re not Loren, and nobody expects you to be. However, take a page out of his book and just stand there and sing most of the time. I know that Joseph brings the youth to the group, so feel free to bring some energy when it’s appropriate (like when somebody else is leading a song or during an I Wish I Could Have Been There). But calm the hand movement down please. Troy seems like a somewhat emotional guy when something touches him, but don’t let it get out of hand to the point of distracting from the message in the song. I’m sure that’s not his intention. I just wonder if the fellas have any idea how they actually look on stage.

    Libbi, keep doing you’re thing.

    Tracy, you’re one of the best emcees out there. His likability is one thing that endears so many fans to the group. You’re walking that line of being too chatty though. You might think of shortening it up some. Great simple mood changer prior to Did I Mention. It helped people connect with the lyric.

    The Perrys are still a must-see if they’re anywhere close to you, but it’s a different Perrys now. It’s a more emotional bunch.

    Also, many of their top songs in the past were powerful ballads or energetic up-tempo numbers, but it wasn’t just the songs and the singing but the confidence in which they were delivered. There’s not another Loren Harris in the industry. Nobody sings just like he does, nor should they. However, when he was a part of the group, it seemed as if there was a unwavering confidence in each member of the group regardless of the song and who was singing (that may have been due to experience, especially when Curt Davis was there). The lyric and the vocals were the driving force behind the appeal of Calvary Answers For Me, I Rest My Case At the Cross, I Wish I Could Have Been There, etc. Now, it seems as if the arrangements are often what the Perrys are looking to in an effort to move audiences (I know the Holy Spirit is really what should move people, but unfortunately, more than just the Holy Spirit goes into songs moving human beings). Now, granted, Did I Mention is different. It does just stand on the lyric and vocals…really relying on its marvelous simplicity. However, Holy Shore and some of those big ballads off the last two or three albums have so much music/orchestration in the track that much of the vocals is drowned out. The depth and fullness is not what it was during the Loren-Curt configuration nor during the Loren-Joseph configuration (no offense to Nick or Troy), but you guys can still sing.

    I Know It Was the Blood will not be considered one of the better Perrys songs in recent memory despite its chart success, but it’s really good. Grip of Grace was never released as a single, and they didn’t sing it, but it is really good too.

    This Old Sinner Testifies is a Gold City song from the late 90s (may have been on Preparing the Way). The Perrys version is good. I’m assuming there’s some Daywind connection there since GC was with Daywind back then and the Perrys have been with Daywind for a long while now.

    Also, the new convention song is pretty solid…not sure what the name of it was, and the song that Joseph led that had the easy listening feel to it really was nice as well.

    Lastly, You Can’t Improve Upon the Truth…great, great, great song. Sing it every night.

    Now that I think about several of the new songs, maybe the Almost Morning project is better than the last few Perrys albums. Maybe I should correct myself. I think I’ll wait until I actual have the project in hand though before I make that call.

    Despite what I liked and didn’t like, my prayers are with you guys. Keep doing your work for the kingdom of God.

  5. RavenT wrote:

    Sounds great can’t wait to get it. I have heard the new single which is great.
    Jason Crabb’s CD is also really good.
    Love it when new CD time comes around.

  6. natesings wrote:

    #4- This Old Sinner Testifies was on Gold City’s “What A Great Lifestyle” and if memory serves correctly, was on the Riversong label.

  7. Adam Edwards wrote:

    #4 & #6 - “This Old Sinner” is a Kyla Rowland song, so Daywind would have easy access to it since she is a staff writer for them.

  8. Videoguy wrote:

    RE: “the old ministry/monestry thing”

    It’s interesting that the moderator welcomes the use of Scripture, as long as it aligns with his personal convictions. Otherwise, don’t even think about substantiating an argument with the Word of God, lest we invoke the wrath of the delete button.

  9. quartet-man wrote:

    #2 Wade, saying we make fun of you is like saying we breathe air. ;-) Just kidding. :-)

  10. Wade wrote:

    It’s OK Q-Man I have big shoulders!!! But I did tell y’all so!!! You can’t…well I will stop… the OLD Wade would have just went down the rabbit trail!!! Hope you are doing well Q-Man and let us know how the future Mega Church is coming!!

  11. Rob wrote:

    Strong rumor has it that Aaron McCune is no longer with Gold City. Does anyone have any positive or true information about this?

  12. Andy wrote:

    #8 it is amazing that Romans 1 is never mentioned in here… mmm… coincidence… I dont think so!

  13. singer wrote:

    Thank you Jonathan for your words of wisdom. Thank you!

  14. Markp wrote:

    If the GC rumors are true, why would Aaron no longer be with GC? Is he peripheral fall out, was he forced out or did he make his own way out?

    Either way, if he’s out it’s a sad day.

  15. thom wrote:

    Josh Simpson is leaving Gold City in about 3 weeks.

  16. j-mo wrote:

    So, is Gold City is pulling a GVB and bringing back all-stars?

    With Riley’s age, that would have to be more of a farewell tour than anything.

  17. Wade wrote:

    Tim is really not that old…

    I am 44 and he was not that much older than I when I knew. I do not remember now… Tim’s Vietnam Experience aged him more than ppl know. I know he is a GREAT GUY and I just love him to death!! He is one of the few ppl in the biz I REALLY RESPECT!!

    I wished they would get out in front of what is going on before the speculation takes such a negative toll. I know they read this.

    But WHATEVER HE DOES I will be happy for him!!

  18. olaneljonois wrote:

    The restructuring/resurrection of Gold City. If Bruce, Josh and Aaron are leaving then Tim should restructure the group completely. Maybe like GVB bring back a few familiar faces like Jonathan Wilburn on lead and Garry Jones on piano. Then TR can bring Chris West to take the bass position. MM recut several GC songs on their Southern Selections cd’s and West filled out the bass parts a lot better than McCune has done on classic GC songs. I think West is a much better sounding bass than McCune. Then TR should travel select dates every month with the group to help fill the seats. I have listened to GC from the early ’90’s and they have always been known for their classic but progressive sound. The last two albums have been great but I think they have left a lot of GC fans wishing for the glory days of Brian, Ivan, Mike or Jay, Jonathan and Mark. TR’s role can be like Eldridge Fox’s role with the Kmen. Travel to large venues and give a feeling of familiarity to the established GC fans.

  19. Aaron Swain wrote:

    One has to wonder about the possibility of Tim Riley returning to the road. Wasn’t it the fact that his health had declined so much that he had to come off the road in the first place?

    Time will tell, I suppose…

  20. Irishlad wrote:

    yea Wade /Aaron Tim’s around the 63 mark,and if i remember correctly Tim pulled out the first time over knee problems.

  21. MP wrote:

    I thought it was because he was diabetic and was having a hard time controlling his levels on the road

  22. Leadsinger wrote:

    Hmm these rumors are getting interesting… How about somebody tell some truth instead of spreading bits and pieces of half truths…

  23. swhalen wrote:

    Gold City’s been one of my favoites since the late 80’s. I attended a Gold City concert many years ago and was standing in the auditorium about an hour before the concert started. Tim walked up to me and introduced himself - “Hi, I’m Tim Riley.” What a genuinely terrific guy and one of the best bass singers ever.

    I’ve always felt that the truly great groups find material that shocases the strengths of the individual singers. Tim had a knack for doing that. While I enjoyed the roster Tim/Brian/Mike/Ivan and Tim/Mark/Jay/Jonathan, I’ve always felt that the group was at their very best when Gary Jones was involved - his behind the scenes influences often go unnoticed. I’m surprised his group effort (was it Mercy’s Mark??) didn’t pan out. I thought their CD was pretty darn good.

    NEW TOPIC - is there a duet, quartet and mixed group lineup that you would especially like to see. How about these:

    Duet - David Phelps, CeCe Winan
    Quartet - Geral Wolfe, Tim Riley, Brian Free, Jim Brady
    Mixed - Kelly Nelon, Amber Franks, Marshall Hall, Paul Lancaster

  24. Larry wrote:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion,but I liked Jonathon Wilburn and only saw GC twice, but I think he was the glue that held GC together. I miss seeing him in Gospel Music.

  25. MusicalFreak wrote:

    #23-I’d like to hear David Phelps and TaRanda Greene do a duet sometime. A classic ladies trio would be Joy Gardner on high Soprano, Ann Downing on lead, and either Debra Talley or Connie Hopper on Alto. Speaking of those ladies, would anyone appreciate a “Best of Gaither Homecoming” of the Talley Trio, Hoppers, Joy Gardner, Sue Dodge, or Stephen Hill? I know I would.

  26. Rob wrote:

    Seems like everyone is avoiding the correct facts about Gold City. Maybe Daniel will be around and clear the muddy water up. Or else someone that has the TRUTH about what is going on instead of keeping rumors going.

  27. Leadsinger wrote:

    Good post Rob… and I agree 25. David Phelps and Taranda would be amazing… Bill needs to get her and David together at a Homecoming ala David and Candy Christmas… and my Dream Quartet would be…
    Tenor- David Phelps
    Lead- Josh Feemster
    Baritone-Jim Brady
    Bass- Christian Davis

  28. MusicalFreak wrote:

    #27-My main deal is for Mixed Quartets b/c that’s all I’ve been around all my life. Groups like the Goodmans, Perrys, Downings, etc. are my most major influences. As for my quartet of all quartet members it would be
    Tenor-David Phelps
    Lead-Gerald Wolfe
    Baritone-Mark Trammell
    Bass-Aaron McCune.
    Definitely can’t go wrong with these vocalists singing together considering the ranges they hold on their own vocal parts. I’d buy stock for a David Phelps “Best of..” cd/dvd from the Gaithers. He’s awesome. Has anyone viewed those videos of Josh Cobb (original L5 tenor) singing? The one of “I’ve Just Seen Jesus” is awesome.

  29. gina wrote:

    Wow, Dallas Rogers is awesome with the Inspirations!! He has brought such an enthusiasm and sweet spirit to the group. Hope he stays with them for a loooong time.

  30. HP wrote:

    As far as the GC rumors, I think they’ll need to come forward to clear it up. Though, I think the longer it all goes “unconfirmed” the more likely some part of the rumor is true. As in this genre it seems the smaller truth gets blown up into a large, widely circulated rumor. Could it be that group “moves” are becoming more entertaining than the music/performances themselves?

  31. HP wrote:

    Also just reading this the way it’s written….
    “leaving GC with one or maybe even no non-Riley members?”
    This would mean that every member of Gold City would soon ALL be Riley’s or some member of a Riley family…..not the other way around. Not sure if that’s how they meant it or not.

  32. youngartist wrote:

    #18, if these rumors pan out, that is hands-down the best idea I’ve heard in a looong time.

    If all these guys leave, nothing short of a complete makeover will save them. Tim Riley should come back and act as sort of a guide. Meanwhile, they really need to pull back some all-stars like Wilburn (not likely), or Garry Jones (slightly more likely).

  33. Raven wrote:

    Who was the one supposedly fired and why? On SN forums there is talk about Aaron being gone, yet he was with them this weekend in OK. Where does all these rumors get started anyhow??

  34. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    I can clear one thing up almost 99% sure…Jonathan Wilburn will not go back on the road. Contrary to the rumors, it was not his conduct or anything else that caused him to leave, but wanting to be with his wife and family after so many years on the road. He’ll not be back on the road for awhile. I, without any knowledge about this, would like to see Steve Lacy return. He and Daniel would be a great lead/baritone combo and would give GC back their old sound they have been missing for a few year.

  35. jbb wrote:

    Who and how would it be all Riley’s. How many Riley’s are there that sing?

  36. A.B.H(: wrote:

    thom, who told you that Josh Simpson was leaving?

  37. Howard Matthews wrote:

    Yes Josh is leaving Gold City to attend Alabama this fall. I believe he is leaving around the middle of August.

    Aaron was in Holdenville,OK Friday & Saturday and Oblong,IL on Sunday.

    As far as that goes so was Josh,Bruce, Danny, and Chris.

  38. Jake wrote:

    Since this is an open thread — here’s a total change of subject: Last Friday evening I had the opportunity (and privilege, I might add) to attend a concert by Ernie Haase & Signature Sound when they performed in Lancaster, PA. I realize the mere mention of their name elicits a reaction from a few of you, but I have to say it was a great night of ministry and entertainment (yes, BOTH) and I am glad that I was able to go. Those of you who have only seen a few video clips or have only listened to the naysayers on this website should check out their schedule and go listen to them when they are in your area. They are a tremendous group which seems to appeal to both the old and the young.

    From a “production” aspect, EHSS puts on about as good a show as anyone short of Gaither himself. In addition to Ernie, Ryan, Doug, and Tim, they were accompanied by a pianist (Wayne Haun) who also sings periodically, a bass guitarist, and a drummer. They also have a full lighting & rear-projection video show, which just enhances the overall performance.

    A lot has been said about their “dancing.” I don’t know if I am just used to it from watching their videos, whether it is evolving with their growing song repertoire, or whether the total production lessons its prominent effect, but I didn’t find it distracting at all. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it dancing. They are definitely a high energy group, and they know how to work the audience as they move back and forth on the stage, and yes, they have some unique moves during certain of their songs, but I didn’t see anything that would be considered “weird” or even distracting from their message. There was some talking in between some of their songs, just as there is with every group, but several times they would do a mini-set of 2 or 3 songs one right after the other with no break in between, moving seamlessly from a high-energy song to a slower, quieter, more pensive song, or vice versa.

    I have heard a lot of talk on this site about their use of “stacks.” I honestly don’t know if they used stacks or not. I wasn’t sitting there, trying to analyze. If they did use them, it was done in a way that wasn’t obvious to the average person there. In fact, I even heard an occasional pitch mistake, which would suggest there was a lot of live mic being used. The concert started at 7:00 and didn’t end until 9:45, with only one intermission during that time, and they were the only group on, so they definitely gave everyone their money’s worth and truly sang their hearts out. Yet before the program, after the program, and during the intermission, they guys were out in the foyer of the church, not only to sell product, but mingling with the crowd, posing for pictures, etc.

    I don’t know for sure how many were traveling on their bus, but it had to be at least 8, if not more. Don’t anyone try to tell me these guys are gay, as a few of you like to suggest. I think that is totally ridicuous and slanderous toward a group that is really being used to minister to people across generational lines, perhaps more than many SG groups are able to do. The church that the concert was being held in was pretty well full. I don’t know how many it holds, but it has to be several thousand. A lot of people from Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, etc. came to hear and be blessed by them.

    I realize no individual or group is perfect, and none will appeal to everyone, including those who frequent averyfineline, but I really think some of the nasty treatment that EHSS has received from certain people on this site is very unfair and unfitting. I highly recommend that anyone with an open mind check them out, and whether they are your cup of tea or not, at least acknowledge that they are filling a nitch in Southern Gospel music that nobody else is filling. They deserve our respect and support.

  39. Yeah... wrote:

    Ah…a David Phelps/TaRanda Greene duet. I guess we can only dream. What a duet that would be. DP has been established for a long time, but I think a lot of folks are just recently coming to the TaRanda train. I wonder if there’s any song that that girl can’t make better?!

    Daniel Riley, we know that at the least, you used to check in on this blog. I’d wager that 98% of the people who read this just love Gold City, and have for as long as the group’s been around. Please hop in here again and straighten some of this mess out, will you? Maybe you’re waiting for a publicist to write up some nice-sounding press release, but I think I’m correct in saying that everyone who reads this would much prefer the straight skinny directly from you!

  40. rr wrote:

    #25 - Musical Freak - the trio you have suggested that includes Joy Gardner and Ann Downing would be close to a re-creation from the Downings’ heyday. There was a ladies’ trio that recorded “There’s Something About That Name”.

  41. A.B.H(: wrote:


  42. MusicalFreak wrote:

    #40-I know it’s nearly identical to the Downings’ heydays. But Ann’s not really an alto, but more of a lead singer and pretty much always has been. The soprano part which, in the shaped note music, is the lead part, is what Ann sang mostly as a member of the Downings. Joy nearly always harmonized with her as a High Soprano which is basicly the female version of tenor. I miss that harmony and definitely long to have it back. There truly has been no other group like the Downings. They were an absolutely wonderful group. Does anyone know how to get cds of the Downings’ music?

  43. Wes Burke wrote:

    #42, Ann Downing has several CDs of Downings music on her website.

  44. Irishlad wrote:

    This is just for fun mind.It’s on youtube HymnTime with Arvin Wynn #63 T0GHQ and Gold City(showing a lighter side of Tim Riley…funny)concept video “the dream” and a cracker one from The Speers with Susan Speer playing a vamp,yes CVH i said a vamp(circa 1980).Enjoy.

  45. Irishlad wrote:

    #52 HymnTime for The Speers vid.

  46. onemadeupmind wrote:

    I will be seeing Tim later this evening for fellowship later this evening (Tuesday). The last time I spoke with him was at church, and he didn’t seem to know anything at all about Aaron leaving the group. I’ll ask again tonight.

  47. onemadeupmind wrote:

    Tim says he is happy with Aaron and what he brings to the tea,, and Aaron is happy as well. Now, if Tim can get the rest of the players on the church softball team to perform like Aaron, they’d have a real team. Aaron loves playing shortstop, but pitches very well too. Batting average is over .600 for the season. Tim has been a great asset to the softball team. Our church has been first in the league all year long.

  48. observant boy wrote:

    Why do quartet wives get so upset when their husbands get another woman pregnant?

    Dont they love kids? Be fruitful and multiply.

  49. greger wrote:

    That happened to me once. Guess thats why I’m at the house now.

  50. bryan wrote:

    On recording oddities some people don’t realize that anyone, any company can cut a track to sell. If you don’t get the track either directly from the artist or the label of the artist, you won’t necessarily get the same sounding track. so to be safe get it from the artist if you like the one you hear by the performing artist

  51. Sam wrote:

    Jake I loved your post. A group that moves and dances and has a good time on stage is a lot more enjoyable to watch than when they just stand there like statues. If someone has a problem with dancing maybe they should stick to listening to Cds instead of going to concerts. Critics are people who go places and boos things!

  52. H.P. wrote:

    Bryan, wonder why they never include back ground vocals on tracks. Doesn’t seem like it would be a lot of trouble.

  53. H.P. wrote:

    Wonder why groups never have the back ground vocals on their soundtracks. Anybody know? Seem like it wouldn’t be too much trouble

  54. quartet-man wrote:

    I think the background vocals thing is for a few reasons. First if the song was originally recorded by a group, they figure a group will not want the vocals there. Sometimes the mixes would have to be redone and even then it can be hard to get it mixed good with the instruments and have the live vocal blend in as good. It can be done though. Also, giving the options of having with and without is done at times, but it takes a little extra expense probably (maybe with royalties and perhaps in the old days longer cassette tapes.) I think they just keep it as simple and cheap as they can. :)

  55. stunned1 wrote:

    observant boy KNOWS what hes talking about. Wake up people and get your head out of the sand and quit being in denial. They should cancel all dates until replacements are found.

  56. Paul wrote:

    On performance tracks, royalties are supposed to be paid for each time the song is presented on the product, so offering with and without BGVs would increase the fixed cost of the piece.
    Another issue is putting your track out there with your groups voices on there and, in effect, relegating your “full time” group to the role of “background vocalists” for every Tom, Dick, Harry and “part-time” group that has the $10 to “hire” you.
    Q-man has a point - if the song is arranged for a quartet, it probably wn’t sound right done by a soloist, even if there are BGVs.

  57. MusicalFreak wrote:

    #55- What do you mean? Give some specifics please.

  58. fattmatt08atrcs wrote:

    please tell me this whole mess is just one big nightmare

  59. Bones wrote:

    In one case, it wasn’t the office girl who was the problem, it was her husband. I should have noticed that years ago. He is such a good actor he still goes ti plays.

  60. Chris wrote:

    He who is without sin cast the first stone.. anyone?

  61. Howard Matthews wrote:

    OK then #55 stunned1 & #48 observant boy gets the gonads to use your real names and say what and who you are talking about.

    Takes a BRAVE person to use stunned1 & observant boy to start and circulate CRAP like this.

  62. Doug Hughes wrote:

    New here…..

    I simpy wanted to say that all of the implied statements here could lead to the truth and I have confidence that whatever the truth is it will come out. GC has been my favorite group for most of my 36 years. The Riley’s are friends of mine and I know that they love this industry and the fans.

    I have no idea what the accusations are or who is involved but I do know that the pressures of having to deal with employees (if there are any) who have made or had mistakes in their lives. It will work out in the end! This isn’t easy in a secular job or in a ministry format. Let’s pray and let the people in charge come up with the solution.

    Of course there are those will talk about casting the first stone (which is relevant) and mercy…..but for an industry that has had several cases of adultery, fornication, homosexuality….and dare we was it advances toward minors….this type of activity is distressing!

    My vote, let’s pray and let’s hear it from the people in charge….and let them handle it!

  63. stunned1 wrote:

    well, call mr riley and ask him if what observant boy says is true. Better yet, call their wives and ask if it is true.

  64. observant boy wrote:

    well mr matthews… name is TIM THOMAS……and what does that do for you?

    Facts are facts man. Your name could be howard mathews or gomer pyle. Doesn’t change facts.

    Wives still dont like it if you get another woman pregnant.

    Get over yourself. Facts are never CRAP as you call it….they are facts.

  65. jbb wrote:

    Observant and stunned: I’m lost on this one….

  66. Leon wrote:

    Observant boy should be Observant Girl. sounds like you got your panties in a wad

  67. Jake wrote:

    Mr. Thomas (a.k.a. observant boy #64) — I’m not arguing with you, I’m just saying you have me (and most everyone else) confused.

    We all agree that wives don’t like their husbands getting another woman pregnant. But … what relevance does that have to the discussion at hand? Are you trying to tell us that someone from some group is leaving because of an adulterous relationship that got “caught” with the woman getting pregnant? More specifically, are you referring to someone mentioned in this thread? And more specific yet, is it someone from GC?

    I’m just trying to clarify what you are saying, because you’ve got me completely puzzled. And I’m clearly not the only one.

  68. Danielcleartheair wrote:

    Jake, you have put the pieces together as the rumormill grinds…

  69. Leon wrote:

    Why is this person or person(s) so hung up on this? Sounds to me you got an axe to grind and you keep saying ‘ask the wives”, “ask the wives”.
    Are you an angry wife?

  70. fattmatt08atrcs wrote:

    really? i thought everyone knew what we were talking about. i can’t believe anyone is confused.

  71. BMan wrote:

    Then spit it out fattmatto8atrcs.

  72. Doug Hughes wrote:

    Well, I don’t know what everyone is talking about! I do agree that we need to know and let GC get on with operating as a ministry….

    The point of my post was simply if there is a problem (I know it wouldn’t be easy to deal with) then deal with it….again with an industry plagued by questionable allowances someone should stand up and deal with this….

    It would make the group stronger in my opinion!

  73. Doug Hughes wrote:

    I guess I too would like to know if this is a plural problem…..I keep reading “wives”!

  74. Derek wrote:

    Don’t you just love it when someone comes in and posts something like the recent posts…gets everyb ody’s dander stirred up and wonderin’…and sits back kicking and laughing because they have no intentions of telling what they might or might not know. What’s worse…we all fall for the trap and try to get them to tell us!

  75. j d wrote:

    If these things are true they should be dealt with and soon,if they are not then they should also be told to be untrue.

  76. j d wrote:

    Hows that new song go…Mom and Daddy stay together…aint it crazy… oh well.

  77. that girl. wrote:

    iF you dont know that what you post is a fact, then dont post it!!!!! Rumors just make more crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Paula Andrews wrote:

    I have been reading these comments and I makes me sad that some people are so mean spirited and hateful. Then we wonder why people want no part of the christian life. We are all sinners, saved by grace, the last time I looked the Lord Jesus was the only perfect One! I have found that usually the one or ones who are trying to spread rumors, are the worst sinners of all, just trying to blow smoke away from their on sin. I love every member of Gold City and count each one of them, and their wives, dear friends of mine. Are any of them perfect, not the last time I looked. Are any of us writing on this website perfect, NO. I just don’t understand the pleasure some people take in hurting other people. I do know that the members of Gold City, in my opinion, are the most talented group ever. I have been first, a fan, and then a friend of Gold City since 1988. Please, if you are a christian and have the Lord in your life, stop all of this mean spirited rumors.

  79. Wade wrote:


    I agree with you if there was no truth to it. Several ppl have ask Danny to come on and address the rumors and after about 2 weeks NOTHING!!!

    I love GCQ and always going back to about 1981.

    If they are such good friends…call them up and tell them to come here or go on their web site and lay this to rest…NO PUN INTENDED!!!

    I would like to see it addressed too!!!

    Happy HuMp DaY to Y’all…again no pun intended!! lol:-)))) ;-)

  80. cynical one wrote:

    Here we are again, claiming that whichever incarnation of a particular group was active when we first discovered that group is the best ever. No one else ever was. or ever could be. as great as that combination. Never mind that there may have been more talented individual either before or after, or a better blend before or after. Or possibly equal, for that matter.

    Isn’t that a little narrow minded?

    And it appears we we’re also once again defending people we don’t really know. We think, just because we bent their ear for an hour-and-a-half at the record table, and they agreed to pray for Aunt Sally’s ingrown toenail, they’re the most spiritual being this side of the apostle Paul.

    We really don’t know these people. We see them for an hour or two, 3-4 times a year (at most, unless we cling longer at NQC), and we really don’t know what happens once they get on the bus and leave for the next town. And even less what happens once they get home.

    Let’s get real!

  81. Chris wrote:

    Wives wives wives, I know the wives ask the wives…Speaking of the wives, GC has the snobiest most unsociable wives I have ever encountered in my 20 years of following SGM. We are just as interested in getting to know the families too. I’m sure some SGM wives fake their way through being interested in talking with us and that is fine, give us our few minutes of feeling special to someone important, but not them. They are not interested and don’t mind showing it.
    Rumors and Gossip? We all want to hear it and we all feed off of it Why? Cause it makes our lonely pathetic lives a little more exciting. Yes blow smoke in the other direction. Even the most sincere supportive people do it. Makes them look real good. Covers their guilt in doing the same thing.
    Want to talk about mean spirited and hateful? We all are to some degree. All you people so full of love and understanding,and telling everyone to pray, you are just as guilty as the other sitting there gossiping and pointing fingers at people you see and mostly have never met some are even your own friends.I have sat close to the wives and have heard with my own ears the gossiping they do about other people there to come and hear some good music and praise the Lord, minding there own business.
    So all you good minded people on here,Don’t sit on your high horse and proclaim to love and pray for everybody. If you weren’t hungry for gossip you wouldn’t be visiting this web page.
    Does GC need to step up and put an end to all this gossip? I don’t think they owe us a darn thing. Have you been appointed to their board? If not you don’t have to know what goes on, or how it is handled. It isn’t any of our business. If it your place to judge them or anyone? Only if God has appointed you personally to handle that for Him.
    Yes lets pray, for each other. We are one messed up world.

  82. Wade wrote:

    Chris…nobody on here is high & mighty… but a few think they are. There are even several, some who have LITERALLY said for YEARS (see archives) they were not coming back because of the hethern nature of the OTHER POSTERS!! lol

    But they can’t really look away… they like the gossip and the naughty nature as much as anybody but will not allow themselves to admit it.

    They may not post but they are there and usually rear their ugly head when they need to pass judgment on SOMEONE or SOMETHING. Which to me is as evil as any gossip or ribbing.

    You are correct GCQ does not owe any explanation as long as they do not mine ppl openly speculating about who screws who in Alabama. Which does not make much sense when it would be so easy to silence.

    But just like the Guy Penrod or William J. Gaither thing it will or will not all eventually come out.

  83. Douglas Hughes wrote:

    If I was promoting them I would want to know…..

    I remember seeing Legacy V one night and Roger Bennett thanked the pastors in the audience for “Trusting” them to come into the churches and sing.

    I am not a pastor, but I suppose I would like to know if bad news was going to hit the news the day before or after I had a group.

    I know the Riley’s they will handle this in a professional manner and the right way (that is if there is anything to handle)

  84. HELLOGSM wrote:

    It seems to me that you may not be a Christian… if not I know a really good preacher…. or I could lead you to Christ!
    I feel sorry that you are so hard-hearted about whole GC “rumors”!! Do you personal know any of the wives of GC?? How could you judge someone you don’t even know!!
    I am sure it is really tough to be away from you husband like they are.. and come to a concert to see their husbands.. and you sit behind them for you to judge them! Were you in the conversation?? No, I wouldn’t think so… SO apparently you DONT know what they are saying!
    And on the “rumor’ about one of GC members… Where you told by a GC member what the RUMOR was?? No.. I dont think so either!!! So.. I would calm down and pray for the group instead of YOU making up RUMORS!!! I will pray that you will have peace in your heart…. and that you will pray for men and women that were called to spread HIS word… instead of RUMORS!!! God Bless!!! :)

  85. Wade wrote:


    I have doubts too about anybody that could cast such doubt on someone’s salvation. But would never say something like that. Who called and left you judge??

    DO YOU KNOW Chris??? I DIDN’T think so!!! lolllol

    Seems you might try getting in on some of those prayers. I know a good minister too that might help you!!lolllol

    Say what you want about anybody but try to refrain from judging some one so harshly you call their salvation into question. That is not far away from telling some one to go to hell!!

    Many prayers to ya!!

  86. HELLOGSM wrote:

    I will pray for you too WADE!!

  87. :P wrote:

    this is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE GC ALONE! THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON WAYYYYY TOOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. concerned wrote:

    I would personally like to address the rumors you have all been is leaving, a personal decision to go to school. The other one you were referring to is not getting fired. I wish I had bigger things to worry about than someone else’s life. Let me also say that GC wives are not snobby or stuck up. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be home 6 days a week, alone, taking care of kids, celebrating special occasions via telephone conversations or e-mails rather than getting a fancy dinner and roses? Or maybe you haven’t thought about the fact that they not only have to be mother, father, lawn mower, dirty underwear washer, breadwinner, etc? It’s not that wives don’t care or do not want to entertain, but how would you feel, if women surrounded your husband’s right in front of you (not to be nice, but to flirt) while you are supposed to believe that they are there to be spiritually uplifted by the ministry that the wives so freely give their husband’s to. Have you thought about what it would be like to get on the internet to see your life endeavors plastered all over the internet along with reading why your husband should or should not be with you. It doesn’t make for a happy situation, does it? You have to remember how you might feel if the general public got to spend more time with your spouse than you did. I could understand your argument about the wives if they were married to a superstar who made millions and were able to fly them all over the world just to see their smiling faces, but since this is not the case, I think that would be most kind of the rumors to stop and for some of you to be a little bit more understanding of the emotional state that you put good people into. I wish that I could go talk about you and each of your families the way you talk about GC, so that you could feel some of the pain that you put other people into. You should be really proud of yourself and rest assured that your time has been well wasted.

  89. Daniel Addison wrote:

    How bout we get this over with! It doesn’t matter what you think you know, I know the truth! I’m a GC employee! First off may wanna lay off our wives kinda gettin a little personal. If our wives have treated you badly more than likely you were not acting like a lady…and yes I said LADY. You see folks there are a few folks out there that have agendas of their own…not sure why. So all that has been speculated is ALL FALSE!! Just wondering why you people get your kicks from running good folks in the ground! I’m saying a special prayer for all of you tonite especially you Chris…talk about peoples family, where I come from, you would tote a big ole whoopin! God Loves all of you!

  90. Wade wrote:

    concerned… buy the ticket, take the ride.

  91. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    I go to church with one of the GC wives and she is a very precious young lady. I’ve met the other wives and they have always been very cordial to me. Maybe because I’m old enough to be the guys mom. But I’ve not seen them be snobby or unfriendly with anyone.

    I will say that that any wife any where under any circumstances may get upset if they see women coming on to their husbands.

    As for the rumors, we saw Gold City Saturday night in Sevierville and yes Tim Riley was there with them and so was Aaron. During the first set Aaron sang several songs and then they introduced Tim and he did several. Tim is still one of the best out there and I as glad he did my fav song by him “Under Control”, no one can do that like him!

  92. Mandy H! wrote:

    haha, yall got told!! :)

  93. HelloSGM wrote:

    Dear, Wade… I mean Jamie!!

  94. Wade wrote:

    So your are not praying for me HelloSGM??? lol

  95. Paula Andrews wrote:

    Hey Daniel, Thanks friend for saying what I wanted to. I dearly love every Gold City wife, and yes they are my friends. I know there are some females out there who get their kicks from hurting the wives with their ugly remarks…thats just sad. I know of two fans, who I have disassociated myself with for obvious reasons, who told me that they loved to go to GC concerts to come on to the guys. One even told me that an older woman at one concert told her they were going to hell for what they were trying to do. When asked what she replied, she said we just laughed at her. And you wonder why any wife would be upset with this kind of crap thrown at them and their families. Girls, I love every one of you…of course ya’ll already know that!! God bless!!

  96. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    Speaking of Gold City here is a decent video of their new tenor singing “Preach The Word” It seems he will do just fine…

  97. Tim Fultz wrote:

    I’m SO glad all this is finally cleared up! Thank you, Daniel! And, Nate, thanks for posting the link to my video. That was a wonderful concert that Paula and I both got to attend. I’m glad you enjoyed the video.


  98. Wade wrote:

    Oh yeah a couple of diesal sniffers come on here and CLEARED IT RIGHT UP!!

  99. Gaye Nelson wrote:

    Last time I checked, Daniel was an employee not a diesel sniffer…of course “Wade” we all know you are the real diesel sniffer!! ha

  100. Basssinger wrote:

    So what do you folks say now that knew the “INSIDE” story about GC seeking new bass singer?

  101. Wade wrote:

    Gaye….80% of the ppl EMPLOYED in SGM are diesel sniffers that get a check for being a lacky. The wages they get paid can hardly make them much more.

    Gaye honey I promise you I have the skills to play with ANY SGM or Country Band rolling!! If your in the Chattanooga area let me know I will invite you to a few exhibitions.

    What I get paid to play 2 Services at a church is more than what most get paid to be in a SGM Band on the road!! OH… are there any FULL TIME BAND hardly left???

    Believe me I CAN GO!!!

  102. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Well, whaddya know… they were right.

  103. whocares wrote:

    I would like to inform you that at the time you made the post you were INCORRECT. There was no intention for Aaron Mccune to leave; However, I’m sure you will continue to run your mouth just as you seem to enjoy doing. On the flip side… who said all Daniel did was Gold City and trust me…there are some people who truly do it for the ministry… not for the money– it’s apparently not you or your above posted comment would have been unnecessary..

  104. Wade wrote:

    yeah basssigner… we have a BIG OLE DISH of CROW fixed up for ya!!! If you are gonna be a smart ass either eat it and be a good sport… or be quiet and sniff the diesel like Gaye. How about that GC Genius Employee… he was tuned in huh???

  105. whocares wrote:

    or maybe it wasn’t planned…

  106. whocares wrote:

    oh.. and as far as diesel sniffers are concerned…. you seem to care/think you know an awful lot not to be one… hmm…

  107. Wade wrote:

    who cares… you cared enough to zing at me 2x… but your right WHO CARES what ya say!!! you are brave one!!!

  108. Derek wrote:

    Either they were right…or it’s really bad timing!

  109. Bassinger wrote:

    Wade you misread my point. (That happens alot when people can’t communicate face to face). I was referring to the people who got on here and stated that they were close friends or employees of GC that just knew Aaron was not going anywhere. I will also say this, and we may never know, if it comes out that the rumors are true concerning Aaron and GC basically let him sing till the pressure got too much, then I will never again spend one red cent on any concerts or product from GC again. JMO

  110. Wade wrote:

    basssinger… think you got lucky!!!lol and are good at spin!!! Thanks for being a good sport and YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT you last comment…. it is funny how THEY ALL KNEW… even an employee!!!…that is the funniest!!! They come in to SET US STRAIGHT!!!

    Maybe we can pass the crow around like it is communion… and LOTSA ppl can have’m some!! Oh, but Gaye would get 2nds I am sure!!

  111. youwannaknow wrote:

    okay okay okay. here’s the truth.. call Aaron yourself, OH WAIT, you don’t have his phone #. The employees knew the truth AT THAT TIME, notice how when steve left, a press release was released PRIOR to his departure… and Aaron’s was done after BECAUSE IT WAS NOT PLANNED. The rumor that was originally posted was that Aaron was being fired and Tim was coming back– NOTICE that TIM IS NOT BACK AND THEY ARE LOOKING… would they be looking if Tim was returing. I know you guys wanna talk about who knows what but the reality is– you know nothing. Aaron left after management decided it was necessary to work 6 days a week and with travel time and sorts- that doesn’t leave time for family– now does it? So if you wanna talk about someone or something… try talking about how amazing it was for Aaron to leave the road to be with his family. By the way- he has read all of this … and dies hysterically laughing at the “truths” you think you know and the “lies” you definitely believe.

  112. NonInsider wrote:

    Whatever helps you sleep at night…

  113. Daniel Addison wrote:

    Well…I see that Wade has had a field day with me…LOL! Just to let you know…GC is not my only income…as if it were any of your business. Yeah I don’t get paid a lot here, but that’s not why I do what I do. You see we were in a church tonight and had 14 saved, that’s why I’m here! My name translated means “God is my Judge”. Wade one day you will stand before the Almighty! I pray that Holy Ghost conviction will fall upon you! I would love to lead you to the Lord. Oneday, I pray you will realize that the gossip you spread is killing your soul. God be with you sir.

  114. Wade wrote:


    What gossip am I spreading???

    I have not said ANYTHING about who was doing who!!! That was others who did that…NOT ME!!!

    I just said there was a BIG CHANGE COMING!!! OVER 60 days ago!!

    There NEEDED to be some BIG CHANGE regardless.

    I am not the only one to make that observation and there is NO SIN in that.

    I did not call you out by name… no need to… but there were many others that had it ALL WRONG and KNEW IT ALL!!

    I am very safe in my salvation and yes I alone will stand before God!!

    14 led to The Lord…GREAT!!!

    Just think how many more MIGHT have been if things where run differently???

    SOMEBODY is gonna have to answer to that also!!

    If GCQ had got out in front of this sooner just think how easier it could have been. THEY allowed the speculation to continue when there was NO reason to!!

    Nobody had to come on here and give details from GCQ… but boy they sure could’ve been a little more proactive.

    They caused MUCH of the issue. They caused MORE QUESTIONS than there had to be!!

    Then when they do put something out it makes it so obvious you can’t get out from in front of it… just runs you right over AGAIN & AGAIN… more like running over ya and then backing back over you again!!!

    THAT is what YOU did by coming on here as an EMPLOYEE and saying there was NOTHING when in actuality YOU caused the problem to have more attention drawn to ya… you will have to stand before God for that too Young Man!!

  115. Brandon wrote:

    Daniel hey man saw yall tonight in NC. Only you guys can pull off such a feat by singing as a trio and sounding sooooo good. May god continue to bless goldcity as they have blessed me. Aaron.. buddy you are in my prayers Love you guys!!

  116. HELLOSGM wrote:

    Wade, Man you are just straight up MEAN! If you think you could run a Southern Gospel Group, you go right ahead! You talk about GC like you know them and their all their business!!

    You make me SICK!!!! I cant get how you think you can talk about the group like you do! It seems to me that you dont have a life! I feel SORRY for you that think you can sit in your home and talked about a Christian business. First you talk about their wives and then how it is ran…. If I were you I would look in your life and GET ONE!!!!!

  117. HELLOSGM wrote:

    Brandon, that is how it’s done… Great attitude!!!! If there were only more of you, in a time that GC needs your prayers!! God Bless Man!!

  118. Wade wrote:

    HELLOSGM… well ya just proved what a genius you are… I NEVER MENTIONED THERE WIVES EVER!!!

    SHOW ME WHERE I DID!! I ‘ll give you $1,000 if you show me one post where I mentioned their wives or the other issues they were having besides the obvious management issue many others have mentioned.

    THAT IS ALL…ALL I have ever mentioned is the HELP they needing in managing… and if you read what I have written a few times I DID OFFER!!

    I could continue to go off on you and make you look like uninformed GOMER you are but you did it well enough your self I don’t need to pile on and smother you with it.

    But please tell me, besides where you are mistaken about me talking about their wives and the other issue they are dealing, where I am mistaken and mean???

    Tough yes, MEAN NO!!

    Please do!!

    I am THRILLED we have 3 threads going on 100 post with out any mention of being gay!!!

    Seems like you should maybe consider an apology and getting a life your self!!!

  119. Brandon wrote:

    Thanks hellosgm. Its from the heart. I have followed the group since I was 3 or 4 years old. I got real close to them when jay was there and channing and adam. but I still get to 5 or 6 concerts a year. I dont know whats going on. However I wont sit back and chitter chatter on what is either. I will continue to pray for these men. They are not perfect nor are we. and to leave their families like they do for so much of the year to try and bless our hearts and reach us through song just amazes me. We dont deserve the love and hope they so greatly sing about but thank god he was unwilling for us to stay lost.

    Gold City Keep on NOT GIVING UP!!!!

  120. HELLOSGM wrote:

    Wade, I do see where I made the mistake about the “wives”… it was Chris! Oh and I have a life… a great one! I can go to sleep at night knowing that I am not MEAN… oh I mean… TOUGH! And are you saying you gay? Just worring bc why would you mention it!! HMMM WEIRD!!!

  121. Wade wrote:

    HelloSGM… leave the funny to the professionals… but even YOUR UNFUNNY is better than all the time speant here talking about being gay… yes I am a lesbian trapped in a mans body!! While you have YOUR LIFE work on BEING RIGHT!!

    What is interesting your Christianess apparently will not allow you to REALLY APOLOGIZE and you lack of calling out Chris as much as you did me shows what kind you are!!!

    Sleep Well… but be careful about the naps during the day you can MISS soooo much…like what is going on with the group YOU WORK FOR!!

  122. HELLOSGM wrote:

    Wade i dont work for the group but i am close enough to members both present and past to have an understanding of where they are coming from. U seem to be the authority on all the gold city happenings but when i went to try and see what years you where a member of the group couldnt find it. i also would like to know if you get your info from aaron, steve,josh, bruce, chris, daniel, danny i would assume since they are the only ones who have been on the bus since the changes started they may have notified of the reasons behind the change..but i seriously doubt that..i read earlier where you said you are 44 years old why dont you take to time to get a job that matters, start a family and focus on not just the permissive will but the perfect will God has for your life or get busy sharing the gospel of Jesus with someone who is lost. I thought we were all in this together. if someone lost read all this who would want what we have..we look no different than the world to them, besides you might be the only Jesus someone ever sees..what picture of Him are you portraying..would you want Jesus to come back and find you on here just spatting off a bunch of meaniless bull when there are lost people a rocks throw from your house..i am about to be done with all this it is pointless besides no one on here would want strangers digging in there personal lives..ive made up my mind im gonna spend a little more time on kingdom work and less on senseless work, i wish you all the best but come on man gold city said it best lets get busy preaching the word to a lost and dying world.

  123. hc911 wrote:

    I dont see how you guys have the nerve, to talk this way on a site, and argue over what business is going on i one of the best southern gospel quartets out there, Wade you am not meaning anyharm to you but that lesbian statement could have been avioded, i dont know you and you dont know me, i want have to stand for what you said, but i do wont you to see it like this. What if an unsaved individual saw you state you were a christian and 2or 3 lines dont got angry and stated you were a lesbian in a mans body and never met the Lord befor it was too late died lost and went to hell because of that comment you made, I firmly beleive on the day of jugement when that indivual looks at you when he is cast into the lake of fire, that lost person blood will be at you hands,THINK ABOUT IT, all over and argument about GCQ bass singers resignment. Im not preaching to you, i just want to be a friend to you and help you realize how negtive this whole thing has gotten. Daniel Addison too you my friend as a Gold City EMPLOYEE your professionalism stinks simply because you used your name and got involved in something that was inside to you, but bless you for what you do anyway,and bless GCQ whom have always been a well based group ans God Bless All My Friends On This Blog, lets please bond together to pThe Lord leads Theright singers to Gold City and I Got The Faith He Will GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!

  124. Howard Matthews wrote:

    Daniel Addison, if you are indeed the GC member that runs sound and plays the lead guitar when they have a band, you have shown a VERY UNPROFESSIONAL manner. First as a member of GC you should left the public comments made, if any,up to the GC management/owners. Second if you talk openly on a blog about private company matters what would you say to others privately, who may not have the discretion to keep it to themselves. Third you became defensive rather quickly which usually shows untruths or at best a shaded 2nd handed version of the truth.

    Just another GC fan, through thick and thin, not a close product table, restaurant,or blogger version of a friend

  125. intern wrote:

    I heard several of the members of Gold City liked Tater Tots. Anyone know if that’s true?

  126. Wade wrote:

    HELLOSGM… you might try getting a life yourself. I am fine. Thanks for obviously taking much time to research THE SUBJECT!!!I do not recall ever mentioning being 44 but thanks for visiting one of my pages. Least I have the guts to say WHO I AM and not hide behind some kinda bs moniker.

    I am not making any kind of statement that NEEDS info from any body IN GCQ. I TOO want them to do good I have said that MANY TIMES. But it does not take anybody inside to comment on what is obvious to anybody that has any experience in entertainment/ ministry/ public relations. ALL of I have PLENTY of experience.

    hc911… Understand what you are saying but this is not a bible study sight. If you call me down in any form try calling THE PERSON, no names mention, who also made some CUTE comments.

    I have NEVER MENTIONED ANYTHING about wives, any other things going on in the group besides commenting on REGULAR BUSINESS. I do not care WHO the bass singer. I do not care what else is going on personally. I would just like the group to be managed in a why where they would THRIVE AGAIN!!! Obviously what has been going on has not been working…kinda like the the definition of insanity!!

    Howard… could not have said any better!!!

  127. Brandon wrote:

    this whole site needs to be shutdown. its not even about GC now. you have 2 or 3 kids now coming on to see what the last person said about him and then trying to get the last word. You fellas at this rate will be 90 yrs old coming on here jibber jabbing back and forth at eachother.

  128. Howard Matthews wrote:

    Exactly Brandon, Exactly. I use it to see how hilarious people can be thinking they are experts at knowing the right or best way to do everything. I seriously mean hilarious, makes me go “can you believe somebody actually said that in a public forum”.

  129. Brandon wrote:

    well said howard

  130. Daniel Addison wrote:

    I apologize Howard if my statements were considered unprofessional. Also, when I first posted there was no one leaving. Let’s let the public begin to talk about your wife and see if you don’t get a little in the flesh. You see Howard I am flesh and blood so my perfection will come during rapture. Wade I apologize to you, you did not say anything about wives…so my apologies to you. Just for the record I was not prompted by GC to repost. God bless you all.

  131. Wade wrote:

    Daniel A…

    Apology accepted. It is all good.

    Just help GC be the BEST THEY can be… also… work with Taylor a little more on his bass playing… he might just turn into a GOOD ONE some day!! :-)))

    Be safe in your travels!!!

  132. Howard Matthews wrote:

    Daniel Addison,

    Apology accepted. I do understand Satan’s battle against our flesh.

  133. hc911 wrote:

    I so glad this whole thing has been turned around, and we can now begin to help Gold City pray for there personel change.

  134. smothers wrote:

    I know this has been almost a year ago but I found the courage to write back today as I am lookin at me and Aarons lil beautiful girl. The one he gets to see every day at 4 and kiss good night everynight and be there for every holiday.. theres your reasoning for coming off the rode….it was that simple… God Bless and take care!

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