News roundup

Some stuff that’s going on around the blogosphere and interwebs:

  • Gordon Mote won the Music City Award for Piano/Keyboard Player of the Year for 2009. My handy press release tells me this is “an honor awarded to the artist who has performed on the most Top 10 selling albums for the year.”And it’s quite an impressive list of albums. The full list and press release are here.
  • Longtime readers will recall my blogcrush on Allison Lynn the year she blogged her first experience of Stamps Baxter music. Since then, she’s moved from her native Canada to Nashville and tried to improve upon the starving artist status her blog is named after. Anyway, turns out she’s headed back to Canada. Bon voyage, eh.
  • Rick Hendrix appears to have surrendered his claim to (at least it was available for purchase when I checked this afternoon). A while back, the Rothenberg political Report surveyed the splash Hendrix was trying to make in Democratic political circles and concluded that “the political world may not be ready for Rick Hendrix.” Maybe Hendrix has come to that conclusion himself?
  • News-related peeve of the day: I really wish PR folks (yes, Collingsworth Family, I’m looking at you!) would paste the copy of the press release into the body of the email rather than attaching a cryptically worded “official” file to the message and then advising me to “see attached news release.” Even though I might actually be interested in what you have to say, I delete that sort of unsolicited, Trojan-horse-looking stuff on sight.

What else? Consider this an open thread.

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  1. morningmist wrote:

    Did anyone attend the weekend series of concerts in Jackson, Tenn.?

  2. Just Me wrote:

    Maybe press releases should include real news instead of just nonsense. Nothing more than using lame situations as a reason to promote yourself. It’s pretty sick.

  3. ROTFLOL wrote:

    I just got this e-mail…and had to share!

    “Hey Everyone!

    The disbanded “Dan Keeton Quartet” is re-banding for a three day weekend we will not soon remember.”

    Now, if you won’t remember it anyway, why bother?

  4. Derrick wrote:

    I heard after the Democratic party lost Tim Mcgraw for their candidate for Governor of Tennessee Rick Hendrix and the Democratic party removed all congress websites and are announcing his run for Governor of Tennessee in 2010. I know because my sisters roomate is building the website for a DC company handling Hendrix for Governor.

  5. ken wrote:

    Lets see who do you think should be on the main stage at NQC,maybe wipe out the old timers that are there every year and add some new blood,tired of most of them!

  6. Revpaul wrote:

    Re: NQC . . . Soul’d Out Quartet!
    They were on main stage last year for the first time. They’re awesome. Up for Horizon Group award, too.

  7. Gayla Fooks wrote:

    Gerald Williams and The Melody Boys Quartet of Little Rock, AR should be back on the Main Stage of NQC. Lily Fern and the Weatherfords should be there as should Southern Sound!

  8. walks like a duck wrote:

    Has anyone else noticed Janet Paschal hasn’t mentioned her husband for some time on her blog? Have they parted ways?

  9. NG wrote:

    Janet Paschal’s wedding album is still on her website.

  10. rr wrote:

    Janet has always successfully kept her personal life and her performance life separated. She hasn’t said much about Maxwell Smart, her “wonder dog” in quite some time, either. I would rather read things of substance on her blog (as is typical of this classy lady) than to read boring accounts of her personal life.

  11. walks like a duck wrote:

    Janet used to talk about John quite a bit, and he would often blog, as well. That’s what prompted the question.

    You’re right, she’s a classy lady, but her references to her personal life were never boring, as far as I’m concerned. You know how we sg fans are. We want to know EVERYthing about our favorite artists (as if we didn’t think we already did).

  12. rr wrote:

    I didn’t really mean that I thought Janet’s personal life is boring. I really meant that I know others who blog on and on about the same old same old, and it’s not interesting. I should have made it more generic, “than to read boring accounts of one’s personal life.” Didn’t really mean Janet on that part of the sentence.

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