Missing the Mark

Regular readers not doubt remember my prolonged swoon over Mercy’s Mark when the group debuted way back when, followed by the inevitable let-down when the too-good-to-last original formation dissolved and more mediocre replacements came on board. Eventually (and predictably), the group fizzled.

Now via Facebook (h/t, JW), Garry Jones is plugging two upcoming dates for the group. Thus Jones: ”

Getting excited about two Mercy’s Mark concert dates coming up soon. It’s been almost 2 years since me and the guys sang together. Hope I remember all the words.

Jones may be getting excited, but I really wonder if anyone is or will.

I guess a smattering of concerts every few years could be what Jones meant back in 2007 when he wrote in the SN that he was pondering “exciting possibilities” for the group’s future. Who knows. JW wonders which MM this will be, the new or old/original, and speculates about whether Shane Dunlap will be involved, despite the talk of a resurgent N’Harmony II. I have no idea but the smart money would bet it ain’t going to be the original formation, whose members have largely scattered to the four winds.  I’ll just have to go on missing Mercy’s Mark.

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  1. Kyle Boreing wrote:

    According to Garry, Chris and Craig West will be joining him.

  2. Just Me wrote:


  3. Wade wrote:

    Not taking ANYTHING AWAY from Anthony Burger…. but you can hear the influence that Garry had on MANY of SGM’s pianist!! He wsa THE BEST at tasteful fills in the OFF!!

  4. Irishlad wrote:

    Yes the makings of a great quartet alas with the attention span of a flea.

  5. RDB wrote:

    Good group. I blinked and nearly missed ‘em. Sad, but goes to show that ability isn’t the only ingredient which contributes to longevity.

  6. Yeah... wrote:

    Wade - I couldn’t agree more. Man, that guy can arrange and play. He has few peers. Sad that he isn’t with some major name group, isn’t it? He definitely is about as tasteful as anyone out there on his fills, with the possible exception of Stan Whitmire.

  7. jbb wrote:

    We were at a concert over the weekend and got to hear Mercys Mark with Jay Parrack filling in…I’ll just say they did the best they could do. Lots of technical difficulty and they all seemed uneasy on stage. I don’t think they are singing much and that is probably the reason for the uneasiness.

  8. Wade wrote:

    Yeah… yes it is sad. I have often wondered what he is doing. He can’t be doing much studio work or we would hear more about it.

    If I were starting a group… Garry is who I would try to hire first. Stan is good but really… just listen to some of the younger players ans tell me who you hear the most???

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