Sunday discoveries

In two parts.

Part one: Did anyone else notice the pic of Guy Penrod and his kid, Tyler, taken at a recent TBN taping (CeCe Winans hosting)? If you missed it, it’s still up over at gospelmusicupdate.  Because, you know, no one can get enough of GP. There are also some Barbara Mandrell shots, assuming you didn’t get enough of her back in April, and goodness, those Winans are, to quote from Sordid Lives, pho-tow-genic.

Part two: from the South Fort Myers Goodwill off Island Park Road, four classic LPs from the netheryears  of inspo-gospel. Up first (and I’ll warn you … they get obscurer as we go), Doug Oldham, who appears to be one sodiumated buffet feast away from a myocardial infarction, Sings Jerry Falwell’s Television Favorites (1972, Heartwarming). Jerry Falwell, otoh, looks eerily like my father, circa 1983 (no offense, dad).

Next up: Robbie Hiner (lately of SongGarden, or not, it’s hard to keep track) In Concert at (Jerry Falwell’s) Thomas Road  Baptist Church (1978, Light). Check out that bow-tie (the album is SIGNED, too, “Love In Christ, Robbie Hiner”).

Onward, to the Rick Powell Singers, Singing the Songs of Bill and Gloria Gaither (1973, Singcord, a division of Zondervan). Not signed, but still in the shrink wrap. Score.

And finally, more Gaither covers! This time: The Grace Singers Get All Excited (1973, Crusade Enterprises) . Also signed. Double score.

These almost top my Singing In Tongues snag off ebay a while back.


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  1. burt wrote:

    Penrod’s son must be 7 feet tall…spittin’ image of his pop. Wonder if he’s got Guy’s vocal chops too.

  2. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    It’s been a number of years since Robbie Hiner was with Song Garden. (Three or so.) Last I heard, he was with one of the iterations of the Imperials - Armond’s.

  3. quartet-man wrote:

    Daniel, I believe Hiner left the Imperials at least a few months ago. Doug, that Gaither Something Beautiful LP was I think part of like a 2 volume set that had choral books that went along with them. We have the choral books at church. The other cover is the same type, but a lime green.

  4. BUICK wrote:

    So who signed “Something Beautiful” & “Get All Excited”?

  5. Janet B wrote:

    My mom had albums #1 & #3. Recognize them. Wow - I AM old.

    Why is it “The Grace Singers Get All Excited” makes me giggle?

  6. Jake wrote:

    Brings back memories. Years ago I had a copy of the first one you listed (Doug Oldham). It was a freebie if you sent a donation to Jerry Falwell’s ministry. At that time Doug Oldham was a weekly regular on the Old Time Gospel Hour television show.

    As I recall I was a very poor Bible school student at the time and when I requested a copy of the record, they sent it to me for nothing. (Think you could get something for free from them nowadays?) Actually, that wasn’t all I got. I snagged my wife from their school a few years after this, and 30 years later, she is still the joy of my life. Ah, memories.

  7. 1 old fan wrote:

    Yeah, that Oldham record was a premium OTGH gave away. I heard it remarked they could sell them for an average of $25. each. So why offer them through retail @ $6.98?

    Speaking of Oldham and his girth, we had him at our church in Indiana two or three times. Once, we took him to a nice steak restaurant after the service. He ordered steak and shrimp. He made a point to tell the waitress he didn’t want a steak and shrimp dinner; he wanted a steak dinner and a shrimp dinner. Two baked potatoes, Two salads. And Diet Coke. ROFLOL

    Another time we took him to a buffet, where he commented the mashed potatoes tasted like dish water. It didn’t stop him from eating them.

    I had to poke my eyes out, though, when a mutual friend told he’d been sharing the story of his penal implants. TMI!!!!!

  8. Larry S wrote:

    #7 - OMG - on ALL counts!

  9. Irishlad wrote:

    On DO’s web page one can see alot of his old album covers(i own a few,was always a sucker for his voice).One in particular “Christmas with Doug Oldham”featuring Doug the wife and three siblings should’ve been intitalled “Who eat all the pies this xmas”.

  10. Irishlad wrote:

    #9 ooops intitled,sorry.

  11. BUICK wrote:

    #10 still ooops. It is spelled: entitled.

  12. Wade wrote:

    1 Old Fan… What kinda implant did he have??? I want to put one on the lay by plan!!!

  13. DMP wrote:

    The Guy story is still so odd. Wonder when everyone will come clean on it…

  14. DMP wrote:

    Wait… Why is Guy in there? He isn’t listed as a guest, nor is there a picture of him singing anywhere in the slides. Maybe they filmed for a later date? I really can’t figure out why all of the secrecy on Penrod. For those of you who know what happened, and I know you’re out there, why keep it such a secret? It really wasn’t that big of a deal. When I found out, I couldn’t help but wonder why he left over it…

  15. Josh wrote:

    #14 If you know the reason, tell it, just don’t brag you know.

  16. Irishlad wrote:

    #11 Thanks for the spelling lesson…the next time i try my hand at sarcasm i’ll be more careful.

  17. Irishlad wrote:

    #13 Once upon a time in Gospelville the Great King had a great quartet with great singers.Now in those days another great quartet came in to the land and sang for the Great king and the Great King liked what he saw and what he heard so much so that one of the great singers in the Great King’s quartet became jealous of the attention the Great King was giving the new great quartet,and boys and girls there was a .
    great falling out.Now we don’t know if this fairytale has a happy ending or not…we’ll just have to wait and find out.

  18. Parable Interpreter wrote:

    #17 Was this quartet a makeshift one madeth out of former members of the great king’s quartet, a quartet from the faraway land of Henderson who were in the fine land of Alexandria for a taping the same week (who had left gospel music decades earlier), or another?

  19. ROTFLMAO wrote:

    I do love it when the ignorant wax eloquent. Irish Lad, your Fairytale is just that. Funny thing is, it isn’t even remotely based on fact.

  20. cynical one wrote:

    #17 — Or was that quartet from the land of Evansville, by way of the Land of Younce?

  21. quartet-man wrote:

    If nothing else, there is some fun reading here. :-)

  22. quartet-man wrote:

    I do have some questions though, just which quartets are being talked about in the fairy tales. ;-)

  23. ken wrote:

    Me too#22,for us that cant read storylines just tell it plain,is it a if I tell u I have to kill u deal,LOL

  24. DMP wrote:

    I’ll be happy to post it if our host will agree to post it. I have my doubts that will happen, because I’m guessing he also knows.

  25. DMP wrote:

    With that said, let me add something. Guy and I are not friends, I just happen to know the right people to have gotten the story. Not bragging, not taunting, just happened to get the story. That said, it really is not very “good” for those seeking a scandalous departure from the group. The best way I can put it while staying vague, is that he got caught up in something that any one of us could have, and many at your churches have. I know lots who have who are still well respected people. In my humble opinion, it was not a sin and was not a real big deal. That is assuming I know “all.” That said, how does everyone feel about a 2 hour concert with just Guy? I’m having a rough time picturing it. In some ways, it is like David Phelps, where the moderation of a 4 member group made them special… He’s good, but can he carry an evening alone?

  26. cynical one wrote:

    DMP — You’ve stated this #24 comment before, if memory serves me correctly. But have you TRIED to post it? Give the moderator a chance, then let us know if he didn’t.

  27. j-mo wrote:

    DMP, maybe you could reveal the big secret in the form of an anagram?

  28. DMP wrote:

    I’m aware of that cynical one, but anytime I say anything about Guy, people start talking like I’m speaking badly of him. Just a disclaimer I guess…

    J-mo, Hmmmmmmm, what a fun idea! That might be more fun than a 2 hour Penrod concert!

  29. ken wrote:

    would that be jealousy or big cheese,little cheese,just wondering and would it concern EHSS by chance or not.

  30. Josh wrote:

    Yes I think Guy could carry a two hour concert himself. I went to a David
    Phelps concert several years ago and was disappointed. Not by the lack of quality but by the lack of song choices. Good grief, the man rises from obscurity because of Southern Gospel and then he sings some weird techo-pop stuff. At least he sang “Alpha and Omega” that night. Guy would probably be lean a little too much country by himself, but hopefully if he is going solo he picks really good material, that appeals to his already formed fan base.

  31. quartet-man wrote:

    #23 Actually, I was teasing as far as the quartets in #18 and #20. I don’t know which #17 was talking about for sure.

  32. BUICK wrote:

    #25 - did he burn a copy of a GVB CD? BG probably wouldn’t like that very much.

  33. cynical one wrote:

    DMP — Give the moderator a chance. You’re ASSUMING he won’t allow it. Prove it!

  34. cynical one wrote:

    And why should you care if people think you’re talking ill of Guy. You’re just sharing what you understand to be the truth. Let it set you free!

  35. oilinmylamp wrote:

    I could ,without hesitation, sit through a 2 hour Guy Penrod concert. Anyone going to the Rector High School Helping Hands Benefit Concert next week? Let us know how Guy does in that. And post it on YouTube. As stated, can’t get me enough of GP.

  36. DMP wrote:

    I care because gossip is gossip. Truth is not the underlying issue in whether or not something is gossip. While the Guy issue is not terribly interesting, it is personal. A lot of trouble has gone into keeping it quiet, and I assume it is to allow Guy some time and space to assemble the help and tools he needs to get through this ugly period without a choir of Christians judging him…

  37. mda wrote:

    Cut it out, ok? You are just a gossip.
    Perhaps the real issue is not what people know about Guy - but what Guy knows about people. Truth goes both ways.

  38. ken wrote:

    got that #37 so I guess we wont know,as they say silence is golden

  39. oilinmylamp wrote:

    Re: The Guy Penrod issue/secret ; it seems to me that anything with any meat to it to have been kept secret this long is absolutely astonishing. Which leads me to believe that there is absolutely nothing to tell.

  40. DMP wrote:

    I’d love to hear you explain why I am a gossip MDA.

  41. ADM wrote:

    DMP, I thoroughly agree with MDA that you’re a complete gossip. You love to keep speculation stirred up with your “I’ve got a secret…” taunt. What are you, 12? Spill it or shut up.

  42. DMP wrote:

    You’re insane. If I told you, you’d tell me I was making it up. No way to verify it. So, if I was just being a gossip, I’d make up something real good. You guys need to grow up. You’re so obsessed with getting a story that you can not handle someone knowing something you don’t. I was looking for a grown-up conmversation about why Guy’s story has been kept so secret, but you just can’t stand it. I’m outta here, have fun.

  43. DMP wrote:

    On a side note, you may say I am keeping things stirred up, but the facts speak for themselves. Watch the previews for the new Nashville Homecoming and tell me if you see Guy. He has been surgically removed from those previews. So, you may say that it is just me pushing a story that does not exist, but look at the facts. I honestly intended to post what I know, but the more I thought about it, the more I changed my mind. People like the last two posters are what is wrong with the blogging world. Brave, rude and fearless behind a keyboard. I could tell you the verified and very close to the source truth about Guy, but if you don’t believe I know to begin with, then why on earth would you believe me when I tell you? You’ll simply accuse me of making it up or being a gossip. Honestly, I can’t defend what I know without giving up sources to give it validity, and that just is not an option. Sooooo, you don’t believe I know, AND you’ll not believe what I know. It’s a lose/lose for me. Bait me with your insults, but I know how this would go.

  44. Wade wrote:

    DMP… who is BRAVE BEHIND the KEYBOARD. I say that 99% of you are or you would let it be known who you are.

    Seems like DR. DH, the blog parasites who have their own blog and can’t get it to be as good as this one just a SMALL handful of others and myself are the only ones with enough sack to roll it out and let it be known WHO we are!!

    So DMP you are really NO BETTER than those YOU are BAITING!!!

  45. Kyle - Blog Parasite wrote:


  46. ADM wrote:

    DMP, you have been baiting people here for months. “I’ve got a secret,” “I know something you don’t know,” “You can’t handle someone knowing something you don’t.” Lots of people know things I don’t –I’ve got no problem with that. I promise you, I’ve known Guy Penrod long enough and well enough to know that it wouldn’t matter what you said, what you know, what he allegedly did, it wouldn’t change the way I feel about him. Guy’s a human being who isn’t perfect and he’s never professed to be perfect. He’s a Christian, forgiven by a loving, merciful and gracious God. He doesn’t deserve to have someone who claims to know something keeping things stirred up all the time. Let it go already. Or at least until the next post where someone mentions Guy and you can come back and taunt everyone again.

  47. Wade wrote:

    DPM…ADM is RIGHT!!

  48. oilinmylamp wrote:

    I still think that if there was anything to tell it would have leaked out by now. For a “secret” to have been kept this long when there is more than just this site with folks claiming to know “what happened” with Guy is just too astonishing. As Mark Lowry said in one of the comedy bits with Bill Gaither “It’s a revolving door” I think Guy decided it was time to get off the road for a bit and enjoy his teenagers. If I was the parent of these teens I would want to be a bit more involved as they start to think about dating, college, careers, etc.

  49. Wade wrote:

    oilinmylamp…. are you kidding????… you know HOW MANY STORIES have NEVER made it out??? Lots better ones than this one….LOTS BETTER!!!

  50. oilinmylamp wrote:

    How do they manage to keep the secrets?

  51. Wade wrote:

    2 ways oilinmylamp… 1 some ppl actually have discretion about what they tell because it really would not do any good to tell… the other way is they are concerned about legal jeopardy!!! Although on the 2nd one they would never win out because of the legal precedent concerning public figures… but it sure could cost ya LOTSA money defending your self!!!

  52. DMP wrote:

    Wow. At no time have I said “nah, nah nah, I know something.” I’m a huge fan of Guy’s. But I also love the truth. What I have said is very consistent and truthful. When I see people professing that Guy just up and decided to move on, I really have a problem with that, because I know better. I’m not holding anything over Guys reputation as some have suggested. If anything, I have issued numerous disclaimers that what happened was not that big of a deal in my estimation. But make no mistake, something happened. I seriously would not go to this trouble if I didn’t know something. Believe what you want, but someday, you’ll see I’m correct. Anyone who has followed the GVB for many years can tell you that this departure just didn’t feel right. Anyone else see this article and recent interview with Guy?

  53. Wade wrote:

    So DMP… you are actually coming on here with a STRAIGHT FACE and after ALL you wrote trying to get us to believe you are not trying to be a BIG DEAL for knowing something you do not think anybody else knows??? You are a woman right??? Cause only a female could attempt such a disconnect with logic & reality and THINK they are going to GET AWAY w/ it!!!

    You want me to invite even Mark forester to wade in on this??? lol No PUN INTENDED!!!

    PULEEZE spare us the BS!!

  54. DMP wrote:

    Seriously Wade, what’s you’re problem? And for the record, I have no idea what your last post was about… Do you treat everyone like a jerk, or have you bestowed this honor upon me? Do you believe there is no story or that I simply don’t know it? Let me ask you, what would you do? Speaking of BS, I know all of this solo career talk is a big pile of it. So when I hear people talking about it, I simply spoke up. However, for the sake of sparing those who told me, I choose not to spread what I was told. Would you? Or are you as trashy as you come off? Perhaps you would tell it, but I won’t. You, being a gossip magnet, see my speaking up as taunting you, or baiting you. The problem is yours my friend. Wade, why don’t you answer my previous questions instead of going on with this pointless banter? Do you think the Penrod situation stinks? Do you believe he simply went off to start a solo career with not concerts scheduled, no website and no marketing? Don’t you find it odd he dropped off the face of the earth for 9 months? The answer is staring you in the face, but you’re too arrogant to see it. Why don’t you address the topic instead of going for my throat?!

  55. Wade wrote:


    You must be female you are so thinned skinned.

    There are multitudes of question you have left unanswered so you should not be chastising ppl for that.

    Funny the person who is on here taunting ppl they know gossip and nobody else does calls me TRASHY!!! lol

    You must have a reading comprehension problem not to know what my last post was about and I don’t teach short bus classes.

    If you had been around I wrote many months back about the issue. You claiming to know is a little late to the party.

    There is more than one person on here that things you are taunting.

    But no I am not giving you an SPECIAL TREATMENT HONEY… I call BS equally on everybody!!!

    You the one on here that is engaging in pointless banter. But to make you feel better honey pie. I do not think there is a person on here that thinks GP JUST wanted to start a SOLO Career without an underlying issue.

    You feel better now???

    Take your Midol it will help with the cramps and bloating!!

  56. Irishlad wrote:

    #55 What’s the hell Midol?

  57. Wade wrote:

    Irish Laddy… it is an over the counter medication for menstrual cramps and bloating

    What DMP needs alot of… I do not know they are giving females for disassociating from what is so obvious to every one else… but I am sure there is a drug and DMP needs some of that too.

    Now reading comprehension that is a short bus issue as I have stated!!

  58. j-mo wrote:

    A couple of legitimate questions for you Wade.

    Why do you feel two punctuation marks are better than one??????

    Is THERE any rhyme or reason behind WHEN you decide to to type a WORD in all caps!!!!

  59. Wade wrote:


    To answer both of your questions it is simple.

    Emphasis, in informal non verbal communications.

  60. noonner wrote:

    My vote is that DMP is NOT a woman at all. I think HE is someone who has always been in Guy Penrod’s shadow. I think he is a Guy Penrod wannabee.. who wants to discredit the man. DMP doesn’t know Guy but I do. I go to church with him and his family. IF there was “a story” it’s old news now. He is in FINE shape.. loving Angie and his seven boys and little girl. So.. he took his time making an album. So.. we may never know the REAL story. SO.. what? It’s OLD news. Guy is not hiding from anyone - is out there in public in his church - is on Facebook and on has his own website up and running this week.
    So.. I wonder if whoever DMP is understands the TWO sides of EVERY story. You wanna start telling tales, DMP… Go for it. I’ve heard some tales of my own.. and it’s not about Guy Penrod.

  61. Rita wrote:

    Thank you, Noonner. I think DMP could live in the senior apt complex that I do. When there is part of a story going around we have a couple of folks that just make up whatever they think sounds good to finish it off. All I care about is that Guy is healthly, that his family is well, and that I have tickets to see him in Branson in a couple of weeks. As far as I’m concerned, whatever the “story” is or was, is Bill Gaither’s loss. God is still in control and I believe He is still first in Guy’s life.

  62. md101 wrote:

    Truth is, we all would probably have a “story” if the truth be known.
    Let it rest.

  63. Rita wrote:

    md101. To that I say AMEN

  64. disrespectful_1 wrote:

    Sometimes, it’s just as well we DON’T know the story. Frankly, I’m glad most people don’t know mine.

  65. DMP wrote:

    You know what, I’ve reached my quota on being called names and dealing with immature posters. So far, I’ve been called a liar who makes up facts when I don’t have them, a “thin skinned woman,” and it has been suggested that I have taken too much menstrual medication. All for suggesting that there is more to the Guy story than has been put out. I’ve even been called a “Guy Penrod Wanna-be.” That’s my favorite. I’m guessing you actually had a nooner. Talk about people jumping to conclusions. Judging from your bizarre and judgmental reactions to me, I’m guessing I now know why Guy kept it a secret. Are you people listening to yourselves? I’ve offered no details beyond the fact that the real story was not as Gaither presented it, and all hell has broken loose. No theories, no criticism, and absolutely no judgment. But with that said, I think the real story here is why WADE hates women so much. Now there is a back story worth listening too… See you on another thread, or come to think of it, maybe not.

  66. DMP wrote:

    Wade, I’m not your “honey,” and something tells me you haven’t had one in a long time. I also find you “short-bus” comments offensive and disgusting. You are a pathetic man.

  67. Wade wrote:

    DMP… seems like you are the one that needs SOME… it has been a while for ya hasn’t it honey!!

    The short bus thing is evidently true if you use the TIME it took for you to think your reply up!!!

    Oh I know you have a life… as long as it is YOU trying to figure out what to say… as long as YOU KNOW it does not take you ANYTIME to respond!!!

    I doubt very seriously you know ANYTHING cause I do not believe you could keep it to yourself!!

  68. DMP wrote:

    Trust me Wade, when a guy has to make fun of mentally challenged children and degrade women to make his point, words like disgusting and pathetic flow out without any effort at all.

  69. DMP wrote:

    Anybody visit to hear samples of the new record? I have mixed feelings about it…

  70. Wade wrote:


    Honey I was not making fun of ANY of those ppl… JUST YOU!!

    Now pull your panties out of your crack…


    You are always coming back to him!!! Fly Bird FlY

    Thanks for helping me make my point!!

  71. oilinmylamp wrote:

    I visited the website. I loved the clips. I predict this album will do very well. Looking forward to the full website.

  72. md101 wrote:

    I listened. To me, it’s like Guy is trying to sound like a country singer.

  73. DMP wrote:

    I know what you mean. It isn’t that I dislike the clips, I just am not overly thrilled. Maybe I need to hear the whole song to be fair.

  74. oilinmylamp wrote:

    For one thing,he is singing within his natural range on this new album. Bill had him singing too high sometiomes. I realize that’s what the crowd wants but I always wondered why he couldn’t just sing in his natural range and leave the really high notes to Phelps. Anyway I am thrilled for him to finally have a new album and a new road to follow.Bet the kids are glad to have him around more. His facebook page is off to a good start.

  75. wackythinker wrote:

    oilinmylamp — I don’t know about that. His oldest boys are either at or nearing adolescence. You REALLY think they want their dad around more? Not many teenagers seem to.

  76. oilinmylamp wrote:

    Wacky-As I said in an earlier post,these boys are starting to think about girls,college,careers etc. I think it is probably a good thing for their father to be home more. Anyway I am glad to see Guy seems to be off to a good start with his new album.

  77. DMP wrote:

    If anyone is taunting Wade, it’s you. Remember this?

    1. Wade wrote:
    Guy info???…
    I know why he left… but believe me it is not going to be out WHY Guy left. As much as I would like to tell you I can’t.
    For the same reasons Dr. DH will not allow me to post OTHER things about the Gaither Kingdom I know he will not allow me to post this too!!
    It is good and it is about POWER is all I will say!!! I think it is amusing to ALL the trouble they are going to keep this story suppressed!!
    While I believe Dr. DH and myself would ultimately be protected by free speech adjudication’s it could still cost MUCHO $$$ to do so. I don’t have it and Dr. DH does not want to waste the vast wealth he has built up from years of being a Professor!! lol
    But believe me…it’s GOOD!!
    Posted 24 Feb 2009 at 11:42 pm ¶

  78. wackythinker wrote:

    oilinmylamp — I’m not wanting to beat a dead horse, but just read the last 2 statements in your post #74. And I was commenting on the part about the kids being “glad to have him around more.”

    They may NEED to have him around more, but I wouldn’t be too quick to say they would be “glad.”

    Truth be known, if this new cd is going to go anywhere, he’ll probably be home less. GVB’s never been known for a heavy touring schedule. Probably less than 50 dates/year. They are the exception to the rule.

  79. oilinmylamp wrote:

    Guy’s album is seemingly off to a good start
    The solo concert in Branson was sold out
    His real fans are numerous following him on facebook
    Bill who?

  80. cdguy wrote:

    oilinmylamp #79 — “Off to a good start”? How can we know it’s off to much of a start, if it’s not available in stores, and there’s almost no communication from the Penrod camp?

    Bill who? GAITHER! You know, that guy that gave Guy a regular gig for about 14 years? Put him on the map.

  81. oilinmylamp wrote:

    Bill who? was a joke since Guy seems to be doing well without Bill who? An album and a sold out solo concert are a pretty good start. We real fans have our Guy back. Hooray!!!

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