Speaking of quartets

Because I’m sure we were, at some recent point … speaking of quartets, that is.

Quartet-loving readers in and around Chicagoland might be interested in catching Million Dollar Quartet, now playing at the Apollo (h/t, SS’s FB page). The play is about the (real) time when Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins spent a day in the same studio. The play’s Facebook page, which is more informative than the first URL, is here.

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  1. ng wrote:

    Cash was there for the photograph but listening to the recordings indicates he left before the playing started or shortly thereafter. Cash says he was off mike.

    In any case, the other three sang lots of gospel that day from “When God Dips His Love” to “On the Jericho Road” “to “Farther Along.”

  2. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    It’s probably best that Cash left. Otherwise, there would have been two people doubling the melody on every song. :o)

  3. Kevin Custer wrote:

    Stumbled upon this, and thought peeps would care:


  4. Cha-Ching wrote:

    I always understood that Sam Phillips called Cash to come down because the other three were there…but yes, I don’t think he is hear on the recordings.

  5. Grigs wrote:

    I’ve heard and read that Cash said he was singing in a higher key than he usually did, thus his voice wasn’t recognizable to most. FWIW

  6. quartet-man wrote:

    I’ve never cared much for quartets myself. ;-)

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