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It seems I’ve had an attack of the disengagements, what with the return of the semester so close upon me. More regular blogging will return … at some point. For now, some stuff that doesn’t rise to a separate post but may be worth passing along.

  • Every so often, Daniel Mount decides it’s time to rename Something Big. A while back he was arguing for a subcategory of music he termed progressive southern gospel (rather like fast food made while you wait, I gather), and even slips the term now and again into some of his reviews. Now he’s ready to rechristen the entire genre. Behold: conservative gospel music. Or really really fast food.
  • Have I welcomed two new bloggers yet? Honestly, I can’t recall, but you can’t over-welcome someone, I don’t guess. So if you haven’t already, go say hey to Nate and Phil, two new southern gospel bloggers.  I think Phil may also have the distinction of being our first blogger in Ireland. Anyway, beware, … some bone throwing goes on in the next few items.
  • This (via Phil) is worth watching for a good chuckle.
  • This (via Nate) reminds me: NQC needs to just go on and publish in advance an exact schedule of each nite’s line ups and note that it’s subject to change if they’re worried about last-minute rejiggering getting folks up in arms (though as Nate notes in comments, what they’re really worried about is probably program sales).
  • And finally, from the I tried to tell you so file  … as a lot of folks have already noted, at least one shoe has finally dropped in Gold City’s long goodbye to its current self … Aaron McCune is officially gone as bass, though readers of this site shouldn’t be the least surprised at this. And did anyone else notice the conspicuous failure of the press release to say anything even remotely valedictory about McCune … not so much as a wish him well. Alrighty then.
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  1. Wade wrote:

    Dr. DH… can you not go back and get my original post from back in JUNE??? I think it was!!!

    Don’t forget the BLASTING I TOOK for saying THAT!!!

    TOO….Don’t forget to the self righteous ripping I took from Daniel and the Diesel Sniffers!!! lolllol…for calling them out for being SOOO SLACK!!!

    MORE A COMIN’!!!

  2. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    I have felt for a LONG time that NQC should post the exact schedule, for the weeks night events… But I suppose they want to make money off of the programs they sell you… BTW thanks for the bone… About Aaron leaving Gold City I have posted my thoughts on my blog… Along with a list of possible replacements in my limited view…

  3. Howard Matthews wrote:

    Nate Stainbrook :

    Where is your blog?

  4. quartet-man wrote:

    Aaron is quite possibly the best young bass singer on the road today. I mention Richard Sterban, George Younce and Tim Riley as my three all-time favorites, but as far as basses in SG out there today, Aaron is my favorite. Anymore SG groups in general don’t seem to stay together. The problem though is every time they make progress and start gelling and getting somewhere, there are personnel changes.

  5. Revpaul wrote:

    Howard #3, for Nate’s blog just click on his name.

  6. BG wrote:

    Well, when the commander is wishy-washy on what to do and the direction of the boat should go, the crew gets restless. Something they teach in the military. If your in charge, never let them see you are indecisive.

    Even fans have seen the mis-direction of styles and a lack of confidence apparent in the crew. So, if fans can see it, how much more does the crew see the lack of confidence in their leader.

    I love Daniel and Gold City. But the more we see, the more we know something ain’t right. Don’t know exactly what and cannot say for sure. There is just a sense of “I don’t know where we are going or what we are doing for sure”.

    Hope to see some confidence soon.

  7. Andrew S. wrote:

    I am in the crowd of fans who would enjoy seeing Tim Riley back with Gold City for a year or two at least. However, I must admit another bass vocalist just as good and nearly as well-known is Gene McDonald. Considering that he is somewhat still involved in the genre and occasionally sings, I believe that he would be an excellent choice for Gold City. I just hope their membership changes don’t negatively affect their NQC appearances.

    Question–Does anybody know if the Collingsworth Family’s album [The Answer] releases August 15 or September 15? I’ve seen both dates, but the latter date seems more reasonable.

  8. Tommy wrote:

    Here’s one of my biggest complaints about SG. Gold City is not Gold City. In the last 3 years, they have completly revamped each position yet they continue to win awards. Im sure the new guys will QUICKY win fan awards. It shows how much like sheep the fans are. They are blindly voting for a group name than if the artist deserves an award. With each change, Gold City becomes less of the vocal impact they once had. When will the fans wake up?

  9. Deron Johnson wrote:

    Yes, Doug, indeed I did notice the “conspicuous failure of the press release to say anything even remotely valedictory about McCune.” That really strikes me as very, very strange. It makes me think that something is fishy about the entire situation…

  10. DRL wrote:

    I agree with you Tommy (#8). If the Beatles were a sg group, Ringo would still be going around today with 3 other guys trying to fool audiences into thinking they were the real deal. I recall many ppl making derogatory comments about the “fake” Florida Boys, but how is that situation significantly different than what Gold City, the Imperials, the Couriers or the Kingsmen are doing? The groups are so far removed from what they were in their heyday that the only thing recognizable is a few songs in the repetoire, no different than what 10,000 amateur groups are doing.

  11. Bones wrote:

    Who is the best all male quartet going today?

  12. Irishlad wrote:

    Chris West would fit the bass position,only problem is they(GC)would be lucky to get 12 mths out of him.Maybe Jeff Pearles could be persuaded away from his SDA friends,thinking back to PSQ days with Brion Carter,Kerry Beatty,Tony Peace and Jeff they had to be in the top 5 quartets of the late 90’s and early noughties.

  13. Irishlad wrote:

    #11 Southern Sound?

  14. Irishlad wrote:

    Btw,i know he won’t mind me saying this;the new blogger is Phil Boles from N.Ireland.I just happen to share his forename not his IT skills unfortunately.

  15. Wade wrote:

    #8 BG… Becareful what ya say… I said the same thing a few months back and you should have seen the HATE mail I got not just on here but in my email and facebook inbox… Danny even came on here and told me he had MWED THE GRASS enough around the office when he was a kid to DESERVE such a jewel. I just love it when ppl say things like that.
    I can’t write comedy that absurd!!!

    #8 Tommy- What awards,,,serious awards have they won… surely you are not talking about the BOGUS AWARDS like over at the unthankful ppl???

    #10 DRL- Good Stuff!!! Ringo and WHO EVER!! lol

    Let me say it again. I LOVE GOLD CITY. I know they will never be Brian, Ivan, Mike & Tim EVER AGAIN but there has been some pretty good groups since.



  16. thom wrote:

    you people with all of your theories and criticisms of Danny and what you see as a “lack of leadership” or a “lack of direction” or a “lack of focus” have no idea what you are talking about. Sometimes tough choices have to be made that will not please everybody.

  17. bango wrote:

    Say whatever you want, but GC has not been GC since Tim Riley left.

    …and for some reason I don’t believe they ever will be again.

  18. abh. :) wrote:

    #11- GOLD CiTY!! duhh! They are ALL yall talk about, so apparently you love them too!!

  19. RDB wrote:

    I am one who doesn’t believe Gold City exists anymore. Frankly, it would make more sense to me change the name and rebrand for a new era, with new faces, etc. You don’t see Scott Fowler or Ernie Haase going around flagging their respective quartets as “The Cathedrals”, do you? Nobody would accept that. Of course, in sg, there are lots of groups that continue on with the same name and its not necessarily a bad thing. Brand is complicated after all.

    As a general rule, I would suggest that once a group with a recognizable brand from a certain era has completely changed over to a new set of people, its time to admit that the old brand is NOT going to be re-established due to impossibilities of going back in time and recreating the old personnel and other insurmountable barriers. People will ultimately react more positively to a new brand that’s trying to establish credibility than a new group (that may very well have legitimate claim to talent and anointedness, etc etc) that uses an old brand that ultimately has nothing to do with the existing presentation. Being the old group owner’s kid doesn’t count.

  20. steve krout wrote:

    Burman Porter

  21. Ben Harris wrote:

    I think many of you are jumping to conclusions. We were with Gold City recently and I had an opportunity to chat with Danny for quite a while before the concert. Some of what we talked about was the amazing talent of one Aaron McCune. He talked about what a great singer and what a great guy he was. I did not for a moment get the idea that there was any ill will at all……and this was only a couple of weekes before this announcement was made public. Danny knew then that Aaron was leaving and he said nothing negative, in fact, he was glowing about how good Aaron was. Danny happens to be a friend, and so too is Aaron. In fact I have known Aaron longer than Danny. Both are great guys and deserve our respect and best wishes. Sometimes things happen for many reasons. Maybe the locale was not what Aaron was looking for, maybe he was tired of the road. Or maybe he just needed a change in his life. Second guessing now is like trying to herd cats, it just is not worth the effort.

  22. Tommy wrote:

    #18…they are who we talk about because they are thrust down our collective throats by the powers that be. It is important to the singing news to keep a few groups propped up. SG is so caught up in tradition. Why is it so important that the Kingsmen are still around? Do you see the Temptations receive the same attention they did in the 60’s? No because none of the men in the group were in that historic group. Its ok if guys want to keep singing. Great but have the courage to start under a new name and stand on your abililites not a name that others built up. The Florida Boys were attacked and so were the Anchormen when they were revamped with a local group. Why does GC get a free pass?

  23. Robert wrote:

    Agreed Ben. People leave the road for many reasons:Their heart just isn’t in it anymore, Family issues, Health issues, Just plain tired of life on the road. Whatever reason someone leaves the road, it really is none of our business. Even though I admit we are all curious and LOVE being the one with the latest “scoop”. We really just need to wish them a great life and let them move on.
    Daniel Riley is a great man who’s heart is in the right place. He would give his right arm to help anyone. We all need to give him and GC our full support, and KNOW they will be right back on top..they always have. We can all doubt, speculate and whisper, but we need to remember why these men do what they do week after week. To see souls saved!!

  24. Jonathan Edwards wrote:

    I am amazed at the complete stupidty some people show on this site. First let me say Gold City should change their name and danny because he is the owners kid doesn’t give him the right to keep the name of the business his dad owned, are you crazy brands are what keeps companies going I don’t think when old henry died ford changed the name of the company did they? Secondly Ernie lives off the Cathedrals name and good for him he sang in the greatest quartet of all time use it and scott and roger did as well and the only reason that name was taken by one of them was because they couldn’t get the name from Glen and George.

  25. quartet-man wrote:

    I started liking Gold City during the mid eighties, but the first one I got was the first live lp, so that was the first “group” I liked. Yeah, I still sort of think of Gold City with Tim, Brian, Ivan and Garry, but I have liked songs from every group they have had since. Granted that Daniel is the only tie to the group at all and he isn’t a long time member, but I think he is one of the best baritones on the road. He seems like a nice guy and Aaron was my favorite bass on the road. Just because they have regrouped and changed their sound doesn’t make them “not Gold City”. It is easier to think of them as Gold City than the Imperials, but granted I haven’t followed them as closely and I suppose it is fairly comparable.

    There have been some decisions made in Gold City that I think I would not have done, but I don’t have to keep a group on the road. I would think that Tim gets some sort of money from the group as owner, and then they have to pay a bass besides and of course each member. That is nothing to sneeze at, especially at this time.

  26. GD wrote:

    For a long time, the “new” group did not have a video on Youtube. Well, there are several there now. If what I just heard is any indication of what they are going to sound like, the are in trouble. Granted the quality of the video is poor, the quality of the singing is even more poor. The lead and tenor are all over the place with their pitches. It’s just plain BAD. I have always been a big GC fan. Even through the many personnel changes, I’ve continued to buy their music. In fact, I listen to their last two projects about every other morning during my workout. So I’m not a GC basher. Their future is definitely in jeopardy. At this point, with Daniel still involved, I don’t necessarily agree that they need to change their name. Even though it’s not a “family” group, Daniel is still a part of the “Riley” family. I doubt very seriously that Dean and Kim will change the name of the Hoppers when Claude and Connie retire. Check out their Youtubes if you haven’t. It’s pretty bad. And I honestly don’t think it has anything to do with the tenor guy being new.

  27. Jake wrote:

    Here’s a little tidbit to talk about: If you think that when a group has changed personel it should change it’s name (such as Gold City) — At what point should it change the name? Obviously it can’t change name every time someone leaves, but when is the determining point?

    During the last year that the Cathedrals were together they still had Glen and George (both originals). By the end of that year, Glen had died and only George was left. Did they still deserve to keep the name Cathedrals?

    Now, let’s just suppose that George had allowed the group to go on after he retired. Roger had been with them for nearly 20 years, and Ernie and Scott had been with them for around 10 years or so. Would Roger, Ernie, and Scott still be “Cathedrals”? And suppose this imaginary group was still together with Ernie and Scott. Would they be Cathedrals?

    I guess my point is, when you say a group should change its name because it isn’t what it used to be, where do you draw the line. Usually group members change one at a time. I can see if a totally new group tried to resurrect the name of a previous group it would not be right, but most groups evolve over time. If the current members of Gold City renamed themselves, nobody would know who you meant unless you referred to them as the “former” Gold City Quartet.

    It isn’t necessarily an easy or cut-and-dried thing.

  28. RDB wrote:

    Jonathan Edwards, are you saying that Gold City should change their name or that they shouldn’t? Anyway, all I was saying about being the group owner’s kid is that it doesn’t count for brand continuity. It may have sounded like I was making some charge of nepotism but I wasn’t intending to, honestly. Essentially, my argument is that the Gold City brand is associated with Tim Riley, at least, being part of the group. The day he was done was the day that the connection with the glory days of the 80s and even the Wilburn, Trammell, Parrack line-up ended. All I’m saying is that Daniel Riley and whoever was part of the group at a given time were not really connected in people’s minds with Gold City, as they were. Would it not make more sense for a talented new group to use a different name, rather than rely on an older name affectionately associated with a past group? I’m sure you can see how a young group using an old name would inspire at least some ambivalence. A little different than a car company.

    Obviously you can argue against this idea as some other posters are. Quite possibly this idea is wrong. Brand is actually a tricky thing - should the old Gold City be less memorable brand continuity would perhaps be less of an issue. However, I doubt very much that it is a stupid idea. I’ve had those, and I’m pretty sure this isn’t one of them. LOL.

  29. Len Wood wrote:

    Some general comments regarding this dialogue:

    #4 and #24, I couldn’t agree more.

    And to add my humble opinion… GC’s downfall has spiraled ever since Tim retired, no matter what the reason for that is. When he handed over the reigns to Daniel, regardless of how great and wonderful a Christian man he may be or not be, they started to slip. And by slip, I mean in every way, including vocally, but most importantly, in attitude and sincerity. I am part of a regional quartet that opened for GC about a year ago, and as we were setting up our product table, the pastor (a close friend) said that as bad as he hated to mention it, Daniel had just reminded him that there contract called for no competition in sales. Now, we’re regional, but I’ve been around the block a time or two. I knew that was nonsense, but to eliminate any tension we put our product back in the trailer and did our best to out-sing them. Hey, just being honest about it. And we got many comments that we did just that, by the way. I know we didn’t out-sing them, but what we did do in our 15 or 20 minutes was connect with the audience and let them know we were real, and GC never managed to accomplish that the entire night. The part I got a kick out of was that when it was all said and done, the pastor gave us a check for a couple hundred dollars, which I assume would have otherwise been included in their till had they not shown their greedy tails about it, and we were just 10 miles from our hometown. On Monday, I contacted their booking agency to confirm for the pastor that they had no agreement whatsoever like what Daniel claimed to the pastor that evening, and to this day, that pastor says they will never sing in his church again. Maybe that or something similar has happened on more than just the single occasion??

  30. fattmatt08atrcs wrote:

    First of all, Gold City hasn’t won any significant award in SEVERAL years. The last one I believe was when Jonathan won the lead singer award, and he was a member of one of their all-star line-ups. Their last #1 song was “He Said” 10 years ago! And to say that Signature Sound and Legacy 5 don’t play off the Cathedral name is a lie. That is why those groups are so popular. It is those “new Cathedrals” that win awards year after year regardless of who the members are. Jacob Kitson (a great singer that I am a big fan of) was nominated for the tenor of the year award just weeks after joining Greater Vision. Steve Ladd, however was never even nominated in over a decade of singing (Which is a travesty). So Tommy, I SERIOUSLY have no idea what you are talking about, and I don’t think you do either. So YOU wake up!

    Does Gold City need to change their name because of all-new members? Did they need to change their name after Brian, Ivan, Garry Jones, and Mike Lefevre all left within a few years of each other? NO and NO! The mid ’90s group was even better than the ’80s group. And although no one agrees, I think the group with Steve Ladd, Aaron McCune, and Josh Simpson was too.

    And if Tim Riley, the owner, wants his son to keep the group going with the same name, then what business is it of any of you to suggest otherwise????

  31. RDB wrote:

    Oh btw, I have been and am a GC fan, even without Tim Riley. Just so you don’t get the idea that I’m a GC hater.

  32. cdguy wrote:

    #24 -Jonathan Edwards - As far as Daniel having a “right” to use the Gold City name, that’s strictly between him and his dad. Tim owns it, and has the RIGHT to pass it on to whomever he wants. Your statement is stupid.

    Now, does it make good sense to use the GC name? That’s another question. SG groups have been carrying on quartet names for 70 years or more, even though there have been multiple personel changes. Look at the Statemen, Stamps, Kingsmen, Rebels, Blackwood Brothers, et al. Hovie had a Statemen group almost up til the time of his passing, and the last configuation or so had NONE of the original singers. No one griped then.

    I agree that cases like the Fake Florida Boys don’t make sense. They’re trying to play on the legacy, but EVERYONE knows it’s none of the primary FB players, and run by a quartet has-been. I’m not sure what the perceived value of that name is. I hope Les got a big ole chunk of change for the privelidge of using the FB name, cause it’s probably worthless now.

    Don’t we have bigger fish to fry?

  33. Jonathan Edwards wrote:

    RDB Iam saying they shouldn’t change the name as far as Danny he was a part of GC even in the jonathan jay days so not sure the need for folks saying they need a name change or that danny has let them slip. Vocally they were better with steve bruce danny and aaron than at the end of jay and jonathan run but that is just my opinion.

  34. cynical one wrote:

    RDB is correct — brand continuity is tricky. Prime examples: Kingsmen and Stamps. Both names were retired when their respective owners passed away, because the families didn’t want to relenquish ownership (probably $$$). The subsequent name changes (Carolina Boys and Golden something-or-other —- see what I mean) forced established groups to basically start over for name recognition, with basically the same group they were traveling with before.

    And as for the Hoppers, of course Mike & Kim should continue the name (if they want to) after Claude and/or Connie retire. That would be like saying Ben & Brock should not have continued the Speer name, after Mom & Dad died.

  35. Yolanda Walker wrote:

    A main stream group shouldn’t have to “compete” with a small opening group that most people probably have never heard of. They are contracted as the MAIN draw.
    Groups don’t travel for days and 1000’s of miles to bring in nothing. They have fuel costs (have you filled the tank of a Prevost?), bus maintenance which can run in the thousands within a few weeks of each episode, there is payroll, insurance, product ect to make FIRST.
    Did you drive 800 miles to that date and have just a few hours to change set up and be ready, maybe not even time to get a shower?
    Glad to hear you feel good about “out singing” them, but your bashing on here shows what kind of person you are.
    Did anyone get saved that night? Or were you focused on your few hundred dollars and your few minutes of fame?

  36. jbb wrote:

    Wow Yolanda: Do you need a hug??
    Maybe Daniel should’ve been quiet or bought one of the other groups CD.

  37. RDB wrote:

    #30, don’t know if you were responding to me. However, to clarify. I never said they don’t “play off” the Cathedral name. I merely said they don’t go around pretending to BE the Cathedrals or name their group NAMED the Cathedrals. Obviously they probably can’t, because they don’t own the name. But fans would be unlikely to accept such a thing either. Glen and George were the core of that group and the best anyone else dares to do is play off their former association with them, not use the old name.

  38. Jonathan Edwards wrote:

    Cdguy I think he has every right to use the name.I said the idea of him having to change it was stupid. To the guy who out sang GC and only made a couple hundred bucks I would hire a new manager you got ripped.

  39. fattmatt08atrcs wrote:

    Ok I see what you are saying, but my point was that I don’t think any of those mentioned groups (although they are very good) would be as popular or win nearly as many awards if they didn’t have their Cathedral connection. And in my opinion that is no different than the GC situation.

  40. Charles Brady wrote:

    I blame it all on the heat and broken air conditioners on the bus….

  41. BG wrote:

    I have to agree with GD #27, I can’t remember the last time I heard Gold City just blend well. Case in point, search “You Tube” for Gold City singing “Shoutin Ground”. Brian, Ivan, Mike and Tim. Eddie Crook is playing the keyboards behind them in the band, so you know you’ve got the right one. That was blending. It was as impressive as anything I’ve ever heard.

    Today’s Gold City should sit and take notes of what it was that made Gold City what it was and replicate that to a point. But, today it’s every man for himself. More so with the new band. Even with the band in the 80’s, the singing took priority and you never heard the perfect blend covered by the music.

    Ok, enough. I have my shield, start shootin!

  42. dd wrote:

    If I was promoting the concert, they would compete with whom ever I choose. Obviously this was a church setting, and considering the small following of the SG genre (fans), it’s a reality no matter if you are main stream or not the regional would probably draw as many fans. This not only could be said of GC but others. Maybe GC shouldn’t travel 1000’s of miles to sing in church settings and with regional groups. Truth be known the congregation by a majority couldn’t tell you anything about or who GC was anyway or any other main stream artist. I’ve driven those miles, paid for that maintenace and fuel and witnessed to what I speaks. I hope Mr Wood feels good as well, obviously he was satisfied with his performance. I just hope he was a good steward of the money, used it to reach someone at the next performance and was smart enough not to drive 1000 miles to get his message across.

  43. BG wrote:

    sorry #27

  44. JEB wrote:

    IMHO - the very best and most pleasing to hear bass singer out there full-time right now is Pat Barker… I sure pray no one goes after him, successfully. Surely he is getting a call or three.

    Chris West would be a great choice as would MacDonald. Please don’t call Pat…


  45. BG wrote:

    Mr Brady, You speak from experience, sounds like.

    Ok I’m going back to elementary school


  46. Shawn wrote:

    Len Wood - I think your story is bogus! I have been to countless concerts where Gold City was singing with a local/regional group, and the other group had a product table set up. It happens all the time. I really don’t think Gold City would be worried about having to compete with a regional group for product sales. Why try to stir the pot with a fake story? And I’m sure your family members, in attendance, really thought you out sang Gold City.

  47. Cha-Ching wrote:

    maybe Obama will bait GC out.

  48. Glenn wrote:

    To address one of your other comments, I have not read anything Daniel Mount has written for over a year, and I would be surprised if I have missed anything.

  49. Blackstone wrote:

    I have just read all the posts, and there are several who believe that name calling proves they are right. What a disappointment. I too have followed GC for many years, and it appears that they need a review from top to bottom, not by us, but within themselves. I have confidence that Tim will sit down with Danny and come up with a better plan than the one that is now struggling.

  50. Wade wrote:

    #48- Glenn… AMEN… there is much bone throwing above huh???

  51. Wade wrote:

    If you ppl would READ…Len said his group DIDN’T out sing them!!

  52. Markp wrote:

    The “regional group” I sing with in Texas did a concert with Gold City in May 2007. It was us and them. We were 80 miles from our hometown. Neither Daniel nor the promoter ever mentioned to us that we could not sell our product. We had our table directly across from theirs. Daniel was nothing but nice.

    ….i’m not buying that story. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but from experience first hand, I just don’t believe it.

  53. Markp wrote:

    By the way… If you happen to read this Daniel, we’re praying for you and Gold City. God bless your efforts and all the families associated with Gold City!

    -Mark P

  54. Jonathan Edwards wrote:

    Can someone please tell me why they believe GC has slipped as far as crowds at least in my area they are bigger than ever as far cds there last two have been the best in 10 years. They have a new tenor and will have a new bass let’s give them time before we right daniel off as a manager. His first hires were pretty good in steve and aaron don’t you think?

  55. Rob wrote:

    My personal opinion….Y’all have trashed Gold City enough, it’s time to move on and let them be. Seems like that is what most of you want to do is trash groups if it isn’t Gold City then you’re on another group. You should be praying and uplifting the groups instead of tearing them down and finding fault.

  56. jbb wrote:

    So, some of you ppl are calling Len a liar….
    I for one believe it happened. I don’t care that it did, but, I believe it did. Why would he lie. I don’t know Len, it doesn’t matter and will make no difference in the morning.
    Just because someone “sings” the gospel, preaches in the pulpit, or stands on the street corner, doesn’t mean they are above this. It should, but, it doesn’t.
    Wade: you are correct. I went back and reread the post too.

  57. steve krout wrote:

    You don’t like the group or that they carry the GC name…don’t listen. It’s all very, very simple. Good job Danny!

  58. Josh wrote:

    First. Judging anyone’s talent off of Youtube is stupid. I’ve probably seen GC 3 or 4 times the last year and a half….they sounded awsome. And no, I’m not one to like someone just because they are Gold City or whoever. I think GC is STILL in a transitional period that began 2 years ago. If you don’t like the way they sound, don’t go see them. If you don’t like their “new” sound, well you get the point. Does this mean The Perry’s are not The Perry’s because when I started listening to them was around when “Absolutely….Live” came out. They sound nothing like that now. I preferred that sound, but they have a quality line up and songs, and I enjoy some of what they do now. But they are nothing close to what they were. Change their name I guess. They did that change overnight, yet people are harping on GC about not being GC. So what do they have to “be” to “be GC?” Let’s see, they have very good vocalists, great songs, top producers, high quality recordings….hmmm? Oh, wait, Tim’s not in the group and you like the old songs. Change the name, then I’ll like them……how shallow.

  59. 1 old fan wrote:

    As for playing up on GC or Cathedral names, this has been going on for decades, too. When Jake Hess formed the Imperials, he brought in the best in the business, and played up their resumes (as well as his own). Jim Hammell was known for his days with the Rebels, and that brought a lot of fans into the Kingsmen’s camp.

    Ivan Parker would not have gotten the recognition he has, had he not had his tenure with GC. Also, anyone who’s ever sung on a Gaither Homecoming video, they tout that.

    But that’s no different than you and me. When we go looking for a new job, we brush up our resume, and put our best-sounding history up-front. And when you think about it, whether they realize it or not, singers are looking for a new job every week. Why WOULDN’T they put their resume out there.

    Besides, people want to know what it was like traveling with George, Glen, Bill, Jim, Jake, Hovie, James, Tim, etc. So they give us what we want. If we’d quit asking, they’d quit telling. But we haven’t, and we probably won’t. So guess what!

  60. Grigs wrote:

    If Ernie, Scott, et als stopped talking about the Cathedrals, they would be criticized for forgetting where they came from and lacking gratitude. People are just looking for something to whine about.

  61. Tommy wrote:

    You’re missing the point. I am not saying they should chance their name but it would be nice if the industry and the fans would ackonwledge that the group has drastically changed. Some objectivity would be nice. The moment they hire the next bass singer, many of the kool-aid drinkers will already be writing his name in for bass of the year having not even heard him. Sometimes the reason groups have non-competition clauses is because they dont want to risk being shown up. I heard the Kingsmen last year and they were horribel but the local group that opened for them were MUCH better. I booked GC last year and we had a few groups on the line up. GC was not the last group to go on. Danny made it very clear that they were the headliner. “I just came to see sould saved” apparently was just a good hook for a song. The Cubs have a great name but they still stink.

  62. Wade wrote:

    Grigs… Amen …some ppl just gotta bitch!!

  63. Randy wrote:

    Conclusion Jumpers. All of you. Why assume everything? Stuff happens. If Daniel fired everyone, or if the others just wanted to go, what does it matter? Maybe everyone just wanted to do something else…

    When you have a family and you are gone night after night, you miss out on a lot in your personal life. Some people just can’t hack it. I don’t blame them.

    I think Steve and Aaron were/are incredible talents and I’m not so sure the “classic” GC would even stand up to the more recent today. McCune has sounded more like Tim Riley than Tim Riley and Steve is IMHO, a much better tenor than Brian Free (less nasal, more tone).

    GC has had a good thing going. They have every right to keep or retire their name, but it IS an established name, and as long as it’s legally okay, they are smart to keep it.

    I wish everyone the best in GC past or present. Go out there and do what God has called you to do. Win souls. Forget about all this competition crap that gets stirred up here.

  64. GD wrote:

    Josh, (#58)
    The last time I checked, Youtube does not have pitch altering capabilities. I will agree 110% that you can’t base a lot on Youtube videos. My comments earlier were in reference to their pitch problems. If you’ll listen, I think you’d have to agree. At one point, there were videos up that were recorded in two different locations. However, in both locations, the same pitch issues were present. Stupid or not, pitch issues are pitch issues!

  65. Jason R. Maise wrote:

    It is hard for me to even comment on some of the most ridiculous,ludicrous comments that are posted on this site/comment section. I guess you can mark it up to “freedom of speech.” I have personally known, yes personally (more than just a concert here or there), Tim, Danny and Gold City for over 31 years. Even back when Tim was not the owner and Floyd Beck had it in Georgia. I even was around before Brian Free, Ivan Parker and Gary Jones. Each quartet has a transition time and this simply is what Gold City is going through. It is a changing of the gaurd if you will. To make a point, it is Tim’s group and he can do as he pleases. I feel he has made a great decision in allowing Daniel to manage the group. If any one of you really knew Daniel’s heart you would have a hard time saying anything other than positive things about him. For those of you who are not happy, I am glad there is this site so you can gripe, fuss, and bitch about it. I am just glad I can control when I visit this site and do not have to be subject to this nonsense on a daily basis. I am praying for Daniel, Tim and Gold City and have been and will always be glad to call them my friends.

  66. bango wrote:

    Sorry, Randy, Aaron sounds great, but he’s not Tim Riley. And Steve is better than Brian Free? Boy, some people are way off.

    GC is done as far as I’m concerned.

  67. Wade wrote:

    Randy… I understand IMHO opinion thing… but come on Aaron better than Tim Riley??? Maybe if they were trying to sound like the OAKS or something. But man Q- Man can come on here and quote the exact notes better than I… but as some one who has a voice for radio and can consistently hit what say some one like Ray Dean can… Tim leaves every one else in the dirt and it is not a growl!!! It can hurt to stand and talk to Tim if he is projecting for something like a radio interview!!

    Go to youtube and see some of the exhibitions he put on with some of the GREATEST OPERA singers in the world!!! I do not have to be HUMBLE in MY OPINION!!! IT is there for the world to hear!!!

  68. fattmatt08atrcs wrote:

    Tommy, it is clear to me that you have something against Gold City so I will keep that in mind when reading those ridiculous comments. But I don’t know what you are referring to with regards to the fan voting. I will say it again: no one in Gold City has won an award in a long time! What are you referring to? And btw I can’t imagine any local group that could out sing GC or the Kingsmen. If that is true, then tell me the group’s name because I am sure they will be a major group soon if they are THAT good!
    And Bango, I have to agree with Randy: Steve is much better than Brian Free (and that’s no insult to Brian). I’ve listened to them both every day for as long as I can remember, so I know what I’m talking about.

  69. Grigs wrote:

    One year at NQC, Danny Riley shook my hand and he didn’t smile while he was doing it. Well, he smiled, but it wasn’t a big smile. Anyhow, since then, I haven’t been able to stop drinking and I’ll never play the piano again. Yes, I am bitter.

  70. Grigs wrote:

    Of course, I never started drinking and I’ve never played the piano. But why let that stand in the way?

  71. Butch wrote:

    I won’t get tired of Aaron adusting his ear monitor and straightening his suit coat. His stage presence lacked. And Danny, lose some weight brother. My vote for G.C. is fire em all and hire that “Not Mercy’s Mark” group. Those West brothers are really good and Jay….

  72. RDB wrote:

    #69, LOL.

    Frankly, whether GC stays GC or not, the main concern is that they remain a viable group and don’t the direction, of say, the Imperials, or some other once household name that drops into obscurity or irrelevance.

    In transition, indeed. I hope that the group can be reassembled and achieve some level of stability. Remember, success is not inevitable. If GC sputters and grinds to a halt it will be a great, even tragic, loss for SG. Frankly SG has had enough of those already. I hope that GC can continue to make music and have success on its own terms, and not stumble into an inglorious demise.

  73. Jonathan Edwards wrote:

    Once again can someone tell me how they have slipped? Concert attendance good full schedule two top 10 songs gee I would take that slipping fr the group I sing with. Also wasn’t this the same conversation people were having when Brian and Ivan left gee how many years ago was that and GC is still out there singing. I classify Danny and all of GC friends and wish them the best.

  74. Jonathan wrote:

    Forgive me if this has already been discussed but I just read this and thought it was worth mentioning. It seems Phil Cross is again going through the “change”. For the third time in three years the group Crossing which is Phil, his wife and currently Paula S. is replacing members.

  75. Josh wrote:

    GD (#64)
    Actually pitch can sound different if the digital camera used has any(and most do) digital conversion and it is often interpreted by the device playing, incorrectly in binary code. A perfect example, without all the tech talk. I listened to NQC last year over the radio/internet and thought some groups/individuals were very pitchy and just plain bad. However, after talking to people who were there, more specifically people who were blogging live at the performance I was listening to, they said all of those people who sounded pitchy over the air to me, were very good to those sitting in the seats. So, it can make a very big difference.

    I also agree, that Steve is better than Brian. But I’ll also say that Brian sounds better to me today then he did in his GC days.

  76. me too wrote:

    #71 Butch,

    I always thought it was just me. The ear monitor, suitcoat thing always bugged the lights out of me. :D

  77. KEW wrote:

    I have yet to read anyone recognize that Gold City has brought a live band back to the stage. A rare gem nowadays. For that they deserve an “Atta Boy!”.

  78. gina wrote:

    I noticed Naomi and the Segos “official” website STILL says that she is retiring. I saw the group a couple of months ago and heard no mention of it. Anybody know? If the group will remain on the road and want bookings and/or people at their concerts, I think it would be wise to update the current site or start a new one! Just one of my pet peeves I suppose.

  79. Brandon Coomer wrote:

    KEW, Gold City has received several “atta boy”s for bringing back the band of gold over the last year from several blogs and message boards. In fact, I posted a review of the band’s debut in Gatlinburg, TN.

  80. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    I’ve been away from here for a while and man, I’ve missed a lot. A lot of bashing, name calling and other less than Christlike actions any way.

    I am an ‘old’ GC fan, I was at the first major concert they sang in Gainesville Ga and have had my likes and dislikes as far as group members through the years. My favorite group isn’t everyone’s favorite but it is still mine, yet they had great singers both before and after that group so even if it wasn’t my favorite that didn’t make it bad.

    I’ve watched Daniel grow up and while I don’t agree with every decision he has made in managing GC I wonder if I truly could have done any better. It is easy to criticize when you don’t have to carry the burden of the job.

    Danny has brought back the band- even though right now, Josh will need to be replaced and I love them with the band! The Preach the Word Tour has seen many lives changed. When lives start changing, the devil starts fighting.

    Danny, praying for you and all the guys that you will follow GOD’S direction and no one elses!

  81. oldtimer wrote:

    New topic - I am a fan of the Dixie Melody Boys. But I saw them on “Four” the other night and I must tell you that they were awful. Stunningly bad. Ed O Neal was pitchy to put it mildly. The tenor was average the baritone was blustery and the lead - bless him he seemed scared to death. If this is it for O Neal then DMB has seen its best days and that is a shame.

  82. BG wrote:


    Go lay down somewhere and take a nap. Please leave the comments about Gold City to people who know what their talking about.

    I just love how your an expert on everything concerning Gold City. Come on, just admit it, THEY MAKE YOU HOT! And anyone who does not make you hot, you don’t care to trash.

    Go Away!

  83. Wade wrote:

    The Band of Gold is on a LIMITED basis… not a criticism… just did not want ppl who never leave home to think it was every night.

    As far as Aaron adjusting his EAR monitor… may just be what bass singers do to be able to HEAR THEMSELVES… many times those low notes are just above whisper level and it is the only way you can hear……as far as the coat thing… Bless Your Hearts!!

  84. Rob wrote:

    BG…Think you are the one that needs to go somewhere and crawl under a log. There are a lot of people posting about Gold City that don’t know what they are talking about. Your comments to DeeAnn are totally unnecessary.

  85. gc wrote:

    I have worked with Gold City many times and have always thought they were top notch. I have worked with just about every combination they have had and Steve,Johnathon,Danny and Aaron were really good vocally. Remember that Doug was a mainstay on the road with Gold City and his death had to set them back because he was very involoved behind the scenes..They have always been good vocally and they always produce great projects!

    The Kingsmen have really improved with their latest project. Some great cuts…

  86. Brandon Coomer wrote:

    BG, DeeAnn is one of the most respected friends/fans in southern gospel music and has been for a long, long time.

    Your post, and the fact that Doug or whoever allowed it past moderation, could be what finally makes me stop reading this blog. And considering what all has been posted and commented here in the past, I hope that helps to convey how much I respect DeeAnn.

  87. Grigs wrote:

    For those of you who don’t get satire, parody, etc., I was goofing around about Daniel Riley. He is a nice guy and does a good job. Doug was also nice. As for Tim, if you look up “southern gentleman”, you might find find his picture in some dictionaries.

  88. TJT wrote:

    Gina #78, Naomi Sego is still on the road and going strong. A new website is currently in the works. You can check out her very busy schedule at (her booking agent) or
    the groups myspace acount. She and the group will be on the main stage of the NQC on Wednesday night and just released the single “walk away free” to radio, which was re-recorded with the current lineup of Scott and Jerry. So Miss Naomi is very busy!!!

  89. quartet-man wrote:

    BG, go to the corner. Those comments are uncalled for and you should be ashamed of yourself. I don’t know Deeann. I have never met her. If I have read her posts here, I haven’t remembered them. offhand. Either way, I don’t see someone who thinks they know it all. She is telling how long she has followed them and sharing an opinion. No need to attack and make it personal.

  90. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    BG, for the record, I never claimed to be an expert but I have been around them and their families for a good portion of my life. Not sure why that seems to bother you but get a life and get over it.

    As for making me hot, I’m not into the Cougar scene so if I’m looking for that I’ll look for someone not young enough to be my son!

    I love how you are willing to make comments that you know little about but don’t have the guts to sign your name, at least when I say it, folks know who it is so if they have a problem with it they can come to me directly.

    I’m not saying (nor have I ever said) that Danny and/or the members of his group are perfect or without failures. I’m just saying that there are thousands of ‘Monday morning quarterbacks’ but only a few that actually have the ability to be in the game.

  91. Alicia Matthews wrote:

    BG, If anyone knows what they are talking about Dee Ann does. She has been around GC since they started and practically has watched Daniel grow up. She stands up for the people she is close to and she’ll back it up with signing her name to something rather then not.

    As far as her trashing people, She may not like someone or somethings but she doesn’t trash them. She has too much class to stoop so low as to trash someone or something that she doesn’t like or doesn’t agree with. She has an opinion just like everyone else, but she doesn’t trash them like some people do. if anything she goes to the person or people it involves and addresses it in an adult manner or the way adults do or at least the way they should. But in most cases she keeps it to her self. One thing she will do is she will defend and/or assist people she loves and cares about when other people are putting them down for decisions they make. She may not always agree with the decisions they make but it doesn’t change the fact that they are her friends and she will stand behind them 110%. She stands behind her family and friends that doesn’t mean they make her HOT! It just means she is a good friend that stands behind them no matter the situation. Maybe you should take a few pointers from her in that point, starting with not hiding behind initials and actually standing behind what you say and signing your name rather then saying it and being to cowardly to sign your name.

  92. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    14 saved at Gold City service last night- puts a LOT of this conversation in the proper perspective!!!!

  93. KEW wrote:

    #83 Unfortunately, I did omit that the GC band was on a limited basis. Kudos to you Wade for pointing that out and for keeping up with the comings and goings of people who post here! lol

  94. Wade wrote:

    Grigs… I GOT IT!!!

    BG… naughty boy!!! lol

    Brandon…come on you ain’t going any where!!! :-))) While BG’s comment were uncalled for… you like a little INSIDE INFO TOO MUCH to go away!!! BE HONEST!!!

    KEW… Thanks.. but when they go they can go!!! I have known Taylor Barnes forever and he can GO!! I am lucky enough to say I helped Jeff Hullender another bass player get his gig with GCQ!!!

    I played with him in a church for years, really Taylor too. Taylor would fill in for Jeff before he went full time and then after he did!!!

    I am very blessed to have been able to pick with them and also able to learn from one of the masters Jean Bradford!!

  95. Joe wrote:

    I just read thru all of these posts, most of them about Gold City, and it was not until gc’s post #85 that there was the first mention of why GC may not be what they used to be.

    They have endured what VERY few groups have ever had to endure…the traumatic death of an integral member. Doug was the glue that held them together for a long, long time.

    Best male quartet in the business today? That’s a no-brainer.

    The Kingdom Heirs. Together, the 4 of them, longer than I believe any other 4. One quality project after another. And singing to more unsaved than any 10 other groups.

    They are simply outstanding.

  96. uh,noway wrote:

    The Kingdom Heirs put out one quality project after another, only in your estimation. I think their material is terrible. There’s never more than 2 or 3 songs on a Kingdom Heirs project that I care for. Their is strength in longevity, but how long has Billy Hodges been with them (maybe 5 years)? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and act like they’ve had this magical sustainability for 15 years. They do get to sing to more people than anybody else by far. They do have the best gig in Southern Gospel music by far (other than the Gaither regime). But your estimation that it’s a no-brainer that the KH are the best quartet in the business is just that, your opinion. I have nothing against the KH. I want them to put out quality music that I want to hear (Forever Changed was a GREAT song…but it’s been 5-6 years ago, and I haven’t cared for much since). Honestly, they wouldn’t even be in my top 10, but I’ll pray for them and wish them nothing but the best.

  97. Wade wrote:

    Have to say AMEN to that Dr. Joe…based on that criteria. Hey did ya ever think i would say something like that to ya???

    Go the the other open blog and see if you think I was gossiping about them!!! I did not EVER mention anything other than they needed to be a little less slack… but I will listen to what you think!!! :-)))

    KH def have THE BEST lead singer in the biz right now!!

  98. Rob wrote:

    Think there are a lot that just don’t want to recognize GC’s success in winning people to Christ. It it jealousy? 14 saved in one evening. That’s something to be proud of.

  99. Tommy wrote:

    Singing to more unsaved than any other 10 groups? Thats sad when you look at their schedule and see almost all churches, promotor events and NQC. Well maybe your right. The top qt today. This proves my point. How can you say that TODAY they are the top group when in the last three months the tenor, piano player and bass singer have all left or were fired? You dont know what they are right now. Maybe a year ago they were but today they are unproven. They are no different than a new group that would form today. Its possible that they may remain a top group because Danny has always found good talent and you can ride a good name for years, just ask the Kingsmen. Before we go handing them the top group honors just yet, lets sit back and watch. For their sake and the good of SG I hope they are awesome but you cant honestly judge that right now. Its similar to General Motors right now. I love Chevy’s. I own one but Im not going to rush out and buy one till I see the quality of what they produce under new ownership. Some of the people on here act more as obsessed stalkers than objective listeners. Im amazed at how many “close” friends Danny must have because everyone on here is one. I have a lot of friends but I can view their work objectively. By just letting groups pass on their name is one reason SG is in the state it is.

  100. Jake wrote:

    BG — you are pathetic.

    You owe DeeAnn an apology.

    If you don’t apologize, then we all know what kind of a person you are, and your credibility — if you ever had any — is gone.

    Doug — I know it’s your blog, but #82 should have never been allowed past moderation.

  101. Cha-Ching wrote:

    A. Rice is good…very good. The best? I dunno.

    I am getting tired of seeing him over sing at times and pulezz! stop holding that note ….actually several notes because he goes off pitch so many times whilst trying to hold it.

  102. cynical one wrote:

    This is SO fun!

  103. burt wrote:

    I like tater tots!

  104. Larry S wrote:

    Hahaha - #103, that’s FUNNY right thar, I don’t care WHO ya are…

  105. cdguy wrote:

    TATER TOTS? ARE YOU CRAZY? THOSE ARE THE WORST THINGS EVER INVENTED BY MAN. Give me good old American French Fries, any day of the week!

    PS That’s about how crazy some of these other postings are, in case you hadn’t noticed.

  106. wackythinker wrote:

    Of what eternal significance is it that one version of a particular group may or may not be better than another? Or that one artist has had more #1 singles than the next artist?

    If you enjoy a person or group, support them: Buy their cd’s, t-shirts, and toe nail clippers; Go to their concerts; send them encouraging emails; Flirt with them at the product table (oops, no, I don’t really condone that).

    If you think it’s an artist that someone else might enjoy, encourage others to take a listen or attend a concert.

    If you don’t enjoy them, don’t support them. But whatever you do, don’t bad mouth them. Even if you know something horrible about their character, it could be gossip.

    Either way, pray for them, and for the people they come into contact with, for heaven’s sake.

    (Please feel free to take those last 3 words both figuratively and literally.)

  107. j-mo wrote:

    Tater tots are clearly just hashbrowns with less substance and more gimmick. Even though they aren’t my cup of tea, if the gimmick is working and taking shredded potatoes to the mainstream; who am I to complain? The world needs deep fried shredded potatoes however they can get them!

    #103, I think it’s clear you want to have sex with tater tots. I’ll be praying for you.

  108. Irishlad wrote:

    #101, I heard AR (live) going for his trademark loooooong note and he ran out of breath,embarrassing for everyone,himself included.

  109. Scott Spangler wrote:

    I am Naomi Sego’s baritone singer, road manager, chief cook, bottle washer and bus driver. Over the past few years, Naomi has flip-flopped thru domain names for various reasons. Her last webname, has been suspended. It wa owned and operated by John Lanier, with permission from Naomi. Because of all of his other interests, it came to the point that he did not have the time to devote to putting up a website for her group. Naomi appreciates what he tried to accomplish for her.

    We have obtained the services of Victoria Shirey and have chosed a domain name that we feel is finally the right one. We will be reavealing that website name in the near future, as well as a new site. We are very excited about the great job we know Victoria will do for Naomi. For the record, any website that has anything to do with Naomi’s group,, net. com, or anything like are no longer associated with Naomi and The Segos. Therefore, anything that has any reporting of a her last project being her “final album” or anything associated with news of her retirement are not valid. Yes, at one time, she was considering SLOWING DOWN, but last year at NQC we became affiliated with the Beckie Simmons Agency of Nashville and they are now, along with myself, responsible for scheduling any concert appearances for Naomi Sego and her group. You are welcome to visit and click on our name for more group information, or you can visit We are finishing up some holes we have in our 2009 schedule and working to book as many dates for 2010. In fact, in 2009, we played the Westfall Men’s Club singing in Ohio for the first time were received so well that we’ve already been confirmed for next year. We played the annual July 4th event at Inspiration Park for the first time in 2 or 3 years, and were so well received that Martin Cook told us to go ahead and make plans on being there for 2010 as we were walking off the stage. We are in negotiations to work several fair dates next year, as well as planning a trip back to the west coast and 2 trips next year to Canada along with being booked back for the annual Grandfather Mountain sing that we played this past May for the first time in 17 years.

    Granted, we may not have songs on the charts anymore, but Naomi is still a bonafide Living Legend in gospel music, and now that we have gotten her back in the public eye, people are realizing that she can still “tote the mail”. Sure, she is 78 years old, but her mind is still sharp and she wants to share her group with as many people as possible til the Lord calls her home.

    Thanks for letting me share this with you.

  110. Michael McIlwain wrote:

    Scott Spangler,
    I just clicked on the myspace site and listened to some of the clips. Naomi can still sing powerfully. She sounds as good as she ever did on “Born to Serve the Lord.”

  111. Irishlad wrote:

    Hey Wade, not think Josh Garner’s the best lead out there?

  112. Oldtimer wrote:

    I hope Naomi will start serving up some of the good old Sego Brothers and Naomi stuff they used to wreck a place with - they could tear a room apart with “Silver and Gold Have I none” and “The Dearest Friend I ever had” among others.

  113. SingingMan4Jesus wrote:

    So, I have read these blogs for a very long time and have kept my opinions to myself but it seems as if I just can’t hold it in any longer. (I am an artist, therefore, for obvious reasons, I will keep my identity hidden….I love my job and I would like to keep it! lol) Anyway, I see fans night after night come to our table (and other artist’s tables) and its always the same ones that THINK they are friends with the singers. Now, dont get me wrong, we love our fans, after all, you are who keep us on the road. BUT, I know of fans who have invited themselves to weddings of artists, out to dinner with the artists and their families and a number of other RIDICULOUS things! You basically take advantage of someone just being nice to you! You just assume that because we are nice to you and that we recognize you (like we could forget the same people that REFUSE to leave us alone!) that we are your best friend! Then, you get on websites like this and brag about being friends with the artists. Most of these people that I am referring to are middle age & older women…and I must say, as someone mentioned earlier, there are MANY that I have noticed hanging around our tables that are “after the men”. And, I see it week after week….in fact, there is a “herd” of women that show up ALL of the time and anyone can tell they are only after the men. May I remind you ladies that most of us that you “chase” are married men! And then there is a young lady who was “after” a certain piano player and I know for a fact she showed up at several concerts without her baby and spent all her time trying to get the poor guy to look at her. Are you ladies THAT desperate? What happened to just enjoying our great music, being a fan and just talking to the artists for a few minutes and moving along? If you are looking for a man, try praying about it! That’s how I found my wife and I know it works! Plus, that will spare me and my fellow artists from all of the uncomfortable situations that you put us in!

    Now, one more thing…. this quilt thing that I have heard about on various blogs…I don’t quite understand the hype that is being created (or attempting to be created!). There isnt anything wrong with the quilt, except that I feel this group of people is just using it as an excuse to have a booth at NQC so that they can get into the exhibit hall earlier than the other fans.

    I know there are MANY out there that feel the same way that I do and I just wish fans would consider us when they decide to spend an eternity at our tables and especially when these ladies get “turned on” by quartet men…please remember that we are representing the Lord and we only want to present the gospel and be able to meet our fans and be nice, not be “attacked”. Thanks for your time and your consideration at the next concert that you attend!

  114. Diana wrote:

    SingingMan4Jesus, that was a good post and re-stated what others have said before about artists and “friends” and I think it’s good to hear it again.

    I have to respond to your statements about the quilt. The booth came first. We started talking about the posibility of having a booth in January. We wanted a place where we could meet each other and spend time promoting as a neat place for folks to come and share about our favorite music. The idea for the quilt developed around the first of March as a tribute to the artists we love. Yes, it has been mentioned in some blogs (including this one), but we have not tried to “hype” it in order to have people visit our booth. We have, however, thoroughly enjoyed sharing the process on our own forums with our own members and guests. We are entitled to 6 passes to get into Exhibit Hall with our booth rental but there are many more of us that will use our own tickets to access the various events at NQC just like everyone else. The comment you made about us just wanting to get in the hall early was just plain unfair. Do you know how much it costs to rent a booth, furniture, carpet, etc.??? It would be silly to rent a booth just to get 6 people into the exhibit hall a little bit earlier than everyone else.

  115. Donna wrote:

    SingingMan4Jesus, I agree with several of your comments about unrelenting fans, and I, too, would encourage all fans to be more thoughtful about their expectations and their demands from their favorite artists(s). But, I’ve gotta say, it’s not just SG artists that have this problem! Preachers have this problem. Politicians have this problem. Just about anyone that is a “star” in the public arena has this problem! Every “star” just needs to develop their own way of handling the situation in a tactful and loving way. I’m glad you love your job and want to keep it. If some of the fans are getting under your skin, just keep in mind that they are humans and they have needs. Just tolerate them and love ‘em anyway….in a Christian way!

    And about that has rented an NQC booth that will have a quilt as a backdrop (just like most artists have their own backdrops!), I can tell you that none of us cares one iota about getting into the Exhibit Hall early. (I’m going to be at the Showcases!) In fact, a surprising number of us are volunteers helping our favorite groups staff THEIR booths (especially during performances) and will need to get in early anyway. We have a new chat forum and we’d like to invite as many SG fans out there as possible to join us to talk about our favorite groups and the industry. THAT’S why we have gone to the expense of renting, furnishing and staffing a booth!

    By the way, I really hope YOU will come by our booth and meet us. It’s #1004. (And, when you come, tell me if your group is on our quilt!! I hope it is!)

  116. wanderer wrote:

    Why did the Cathedrals stop doing custom/tabletop projects after Distinctively in 1984? What does it mean to sing flatfooted? I asked a former Gospel Singer that once and he got really steamed at me and refused to answer. I’m not in the music biz. Is it a naughty phrase to use in Gospel circles?

  117. jbb wrote:

    #113: Well said and so true.
    I have been in gospel music most all of my life in one way or another and I can spot a “diesel sniffer” a mile a way and it didn’t matter that we wives were there.
    I know that there are groups that do not fall into this category, but, just walk around the exhibit hall at NQC and you will see the diesel sniffers sniffing around. It’s sad to see women and men act this way when they are suppose to be presenting Jesus to the world.
    Enough of this soapbox…..

  118. NG wrote:

    It’s not good to be caught flat-footed whether you are a singer or something else.
    Meaning of flatfooted: “Unable to react quickly; unprepared. Example in sentence: The new product caught their competitors flat-footed.”

  119. Rob wrote:

    SingingMan4Jesus # 113. I think if your group and identy, with your attitude, ever becomes known to those little old ladies that hang around your table your group will die a quick death. Those little old ladies that hang around groups are the ones that buy tickets, buy products and make donations to groups like yours. I personally think you’re on the wrong track. You just don’t have the attitude that you need to have to be singing Southern Gospel Music. Maybe you need to try Rock or Pop music.

  120. NG wrote:

    Here’s a completely different use of flat footed by the moderator of this site in reference to the Ruppes. I take the meaning in this context as steady with no gimmicks but could be wrong.

    “There are few artists who can sing flatfooted and take the top of your head off with a smile and a pitch-perfectly sung passing tone the way the Ruppes could in their prime.”

  121. L Wilson wrote:

    SingingMan4Jesus, with an attitude likes yours I’m surprised that anyone even cares to come by your table to try and speak to you much less try and do anything else with you. I’m sure that it is clear to everyone how you feel. After all, aren’t we taught that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh?

    Hopefully, I have never encountered you and if I have hopefully I learned my lesson and will avoid you at any cost from now on (whoever you may be).

    And concerning “the quilt”, I’m sure it will be a beautiful piece of work and that many will enjoy it. Obviously not you though.

  122. Sam Johnson wrote:

    This is the first time I have posted on Averyfineline and probably will be the only time but I could not let the comments by SingingMan4Jesus go unanswered.

    First of all the “quilt”. There is a relative new forum out there in cyber space called It was started by and for Southern Gospel fans. This group decided to rent a booth at NQC for the purpose of promoting that forum and inviting fans and artist to join in the discussions there. By the way there are some artist that are already members. The “quilt” thing was something that came up later when deciding how to decorate the booth. I am shocked anyone, especially an artist would have a problem with that.

    As for the attention of fans I agree with a lot of SingingMan4Jesus’ post. Yes there are some over zealous fans out there. And yes there are even some fans, both male and female for your information, that are looking more romantically at the various artist than they should. But the post made here is a picture painted with way to large of a brush. The vast majority of the fans are truly interested in Southern Gospel music and the various groups.

    I have the cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses of several artist. They were given to me by the artist themselves. Yet is has been over two years since I have spoken to one of them by phone and almost that long since I have exchanged e-mails with one of them.

    Fans go with the territory. If you are annoyed by them maybe you should change professions. As long as there are artist out there there are going to be fans. Unfortunately some of them truly live up to the root word fan comes from. But, please do not throw us all into the same pot.

    Now to be fair, there are and have been groups out there doing the same thing you accuse the fans of. I have witnessed various group members over the last 40 + years attempting to pick up women at their concerts. Some of them were successful. So just as we have fans that go for the wrong reasons we also have groups that go for the same reasons.

  123. Donna wrote:

    Good post, Sam!

  124. cynical one wrote:

    I’ve heard Naomi like tater tots, too. Anyone know if there’s any truth to that?

  125. Len Wood wrote:

    Well, my goodness - I should have checked back in sooner. It is not to my surprise that some refuse to accept that my story (#29) is true. It also is not to my surprise that my CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM of GC and the way they are being managed was considered “bashing”. If you kool-aid drinkers who are, indeed, bashing me and if the rest of SG in general weren’t so hyper-sensitive, maybe we could actually learn something from taking others’ opinions and viewpoints into consideration….and maybe, just maybe SG as a whole wouldn’t be slipping more and more by the minute.

    #35 - Yolanda, I totally agree. GC should have never felt that they had to “compete” with us. We weren’t there to compete, but obviously they were, since they handicapped us from the get-go. I also assume that they were working on a set expense check plus offering, or either a guarantee of some amount. This, if they are running things correctly, should have been enough to meet their expenses. And since you mentioned it, I have in fact filled the tank of a Prevost before, paid insurance, met payroll, paid for advertising and promotion, recording, driven 800 miles (and thousands) etc., etc. and all things related to managing a group - oh, and I’ve done it all without a shower, too! As I said - I am now in a regional group, but I have been around the block in all things SG and I wouldn’t offer an opinion if I didn’t know what I was talking about. If stating facts is bashing, then consider me a basher. You, on the other hand, chose to bash me without facts. And no, unfortunately no one was saved that night, being that there was about 500% more time devoted to pitching their products than on what seemed like an obligatory invitation to accept Christ. Sorry, but you asked for that one, Ms. Kool-Aid herself.

    #46 - Shawn, it matters not to me whether or not you believe my post. They didn’t say it to me, but it was relayed to me by one of the Godliest pastors that I know, and have known all of my adult life and I would like to take up for him. So, if you say it’s bogus, that’s who you’re calling a liar, not me. However, I and anyone who knows him, would take this pastor’s word as the gospel truth. Besides, can you in your infinite wisdom conclude a logical reason he would have told me such a thing if it hadn’t been requested of him? And, I reiterrate the main point: GC will never sing in his church again because of the way they conducted themselves that night. BUT, you are certainly free to believe what you want.

    #51 - Wade, thank you. Glad to know some people on here can read. lol

    #52 - Mark P., See above. I’m sure your experience truly was different. I’ll never understand why Daniel acted that way that night.

    #56 - jbb, Thank you. I agree with you totally. Those who sing the Gospel are and should be held to a higher standard, but unfortunately all of us falter from time to time. I’m thankful for mercy and not justice, and I pray for a relationship with fellow saints who will be so bold as to point out my own shortcomings.

  126. oldtimer wrote:

    # 116 - Generally in Southern Gospel Music when one speaks of standing “flatfooted” and singing it is a reference to the fact that there are no outrageous orchestrations or overdone stacks necessary to wow the listener - the artist can stand with none of that - flatfooted so to speak - and their own talent is sufficient. I am not surprised that many artists get mad at this reference. Few can actually do it. Who are some who could/can stand flatfooted and get the job done? The Booth Brothers, the Perrys, the Cathedrals, just to name a few.

    I would like to ehar some of my fallow posters ideas - who can stand “flatfooted” and sing and get the job done without all the bells and whistles that most groups try to pass for performance these days?

  127. quartet-man wrote:

    I have no doubt there are fans who do just as stated above. There are also in country music. Many acts call their fans their “friends” and although I am sure many likely mean it, I am sure they don’t mean it to the level some fans would take it. I do think that many fans simply enjoy what the artists do and many like them as Christians and people, but there are some who go WAY overboard. I think that is the reason for the post. I think the artist was simply taking about the extreme fans which exist and not the ones who are the more sane ones. :) Now, the quilt thing apparently is wrong, but I am also sure that there are fans who would do such things (give gifts and the like) to get closer to the artists or to get something out of it. Not all by any means, but at least some. So, although they were way off base, I am sure since it happens they just were wrong in this instance.

    As far as flat-footed, my belief has been that it just means they don’t have to use gimmicks, dance, testimonies or the like to grab attention, that their talent is enough to get the job done. Now before someone blasts me, I have no problem with any of these and testifying if sincere is something good. It gives a glimpse of the artist. The objection would be if they only use it to help their sales or because they CAN’T get the job done singing. If they can’t sing and have to use that to get it done, they should be in the preaching biz (if their testimony, preaching and motives are sincere.) For that matter, I would also object if the artist spends more time preaching instead of singing unless that was presented as being part of it. I have no objection to preaching at all, but to sell the tickets as a musical event and then pull a shell game and not deliver that is dishonest. Now, of course if the spirit moved to do something, the artist should be open, but just make sure it is the spirit and not someone’s feelings that are their own.

    As far as those who can sing flat-footed, in the past Gold City was another. The Oak Ridge Boys would be another. The Cathedrals of course. The Stamps could too. Today I would add the Gaither Vocal Band to it. I’m sure there are more.

  128. BG wrote:


    What’s a Cougar?

  129. gina wrote:

    Len Wood, I’m sure it won’t make a difference, but I, for one, can believe your story. After the way we all saw Danny himself respond to Wade in this forum several weeks ago, it’s not hard to believe he did the things you said at all. Before then, I would’ve been surprised.

  130. Irishlad wrote:

    #126, Ist time i heard ‘flat-footed’ was Jake Hess in reference to the then newly formed Imperials.He said they could stand all night and sing flat-footed without repeating a song.The exact quote can be found in Jake’s autobio ‘Nothin’ but Good’.

  131. Irishlad wrote:

    #127,forgive me,should have read ‘Nothin’ but fine’.

  132. quartet-man wrote:

    Hey, Irishlad, are you familiar with the old southern gospel song “I’m Feeling Good?” You know the one………..well I’m feelin’ mighty good I’ve got Heaven on my mind. ;-)

  133. SingingMan4Jesus wrote:

    So here I am again… I just want to clear something up…for those that are involved in the quilt on, if your intentions are not as I accused earlier, then I apologize. Yes, I am human and I get upset and irritated like anyone else would, being an artist doesnt equal being perfect (same goes for ministers or anyone else held to a “higher standard”), so if you were offended, then please accept my apology. Everyone has been guilty of forming an opinion about something when you are irritated before getting all the facts…and I should have considered all the facts before venting my feelings.

    I would also like to say that I do appreciate the comment from jbb (#117), its nice to know other people in the business agree, and that I am not alone in my observations.

    Also, to Sam (#122), my thanks to the kind of fan/friend that you are…having phone numbers and email addresses of artists and not “bothering” us is a sign of a REAL friend, in my opinion, and when you do call or email, its as a true friend would. Many thanks to ALL of the REAL fans/friends out there that DO keep us on the road…you are why we do what we do!

    If I may leave you with one final thought….If you are a fan/friend, just be conscious of your actions the next time you are at group’s table… wouldnt consideration for the artist (and for the other fans around you) be the ultimate sign of true respect for your favorite groups/artists? After all, that was the whole point of my original post anyway!

  134. Donna wrote:

    Thank you, SingingMan4Jesus, for your post. Your apology is accepted. And I will definitely keep in mind how I relate to artists in the future!

  135. Diana wrote:

    SingingMan4Jesus, I really appreciate your last post. I understand what you’re saying about the friends/fans thing and I totally agree with you. And I will try to be more conscious of my own actions around “my” artists, all of whom I do respect very, very much.

    Thanks for the apology about the quilt. You didn’t have to make the apology but you did, and I have a much different opinion of you now!

  136. CWG wrote:

    I think that in Southern Gospel Music there are many who feel that because they promote groups, pay groups, feed groups,even have them stay at their homes, they should be treated in a special way. I have been working in Southern Gospel Music for many years, and I know just what is being discussed, as I see it all the time. I would put forward that no matter how well you think you know a group, or person in a group, you don’t really know them. Most of the groups are kind enough to remember your name when they come around, and they are giving of themselves like no other entertainers, and they are always ready to talk with you. But, how deep some people want this relationship to go is not even healthy. As has been mentioned, there are different types and levels of friendships - people you grow up with, have known all your life, are probably on the “inner circle” - and as you go outward to the edge of the circle, you have friends that you see manybe only once a year of once in two or three or more years. My advice would be don’t take advantage of S.G. entertainers, just because of the setting you find them in - say hi, good to see you, and then move on - they are not part of your life nor you of theirs.

  137. concertattendee wrote:

    I can’t help but agree with SingingMan4Jesus #113. I go to a lot of concerts and there are a certain amount of little ole ladies that spend the entire time at the tables talking with artist. They hang out at the table before the concert begins and after it’s over with. Not all are like this but there are some. There are other people attending the concerts that would like to visit with the artist but can’t speak to them because this small group is taking up all their time. PEOPLE NEED TO BE CONSIDERATE of others and not just stand and talk taking up all the artist time.
    As far as the quilt goes it seems like this was a great idea. It will be interesting to see the groups. Are they ‘my favorite’ groups or will other artist be included on the quilt.

  138. SingingMan4JesusWife wrote:

    Hi. I am the wife of “SingingMan4Jesus”. I just wanted to get on here and set the record straight on a few things…

    First of all, thank you to all of the true, respectful fans that enjoy SG Music and for giving my husband the opportunity to do what he loves to do… SING! Also, a special thanks to Diana and Donna for their acceptance of my husband’s apology and especially for their kind remarks in response to his post. You will never know how much it means to all of the artists to have fans that truly care enough to respect them and respect what they do! Again, thank you!

    Now, on another website (, there were several comments about my husband’s post. Of course, his remark about the quilt was made out of frustration and it wasn’t made about the actual quilt, but about the motive of the ones “sponsoring” the quilt. And may I remind you, he realized that he was in the wrong and he did apologize for it! However, there is one person that seems to have it all wrong! She is now trying to make people think that she knows who my husband is and what group he is with.
    Here is what she wrote:
    “…….Not sure what SingMan4Jesus has against a quilt or these forums but he is with a quartet currently and no I will not name him because people on this forum do attend their concerts. While I understand the ‘want’ to know, I think it is the Holy Spirit’s place to reveal it, not mine.
    He made a critical error in making one of his statements because that put folks on the right track to knowing who he was and most probably led to the apology because those in his group could recognize it as well.
    All of that being said, he needs our prayers, the entire group needs our prayers.”

    Now, the funny thing about this is that the person writing the comment is acting like she knows who my husband is, when in fact, he hasn’t told anyone that he was the one that posted, not even his fellow group members. So, maybe she has received some incorrect information from a non reliable source. And when she says that he made a “critical error”, I just had to laugh. I know what group she thinks he is with, but she needs to realize that SG artists are all friends/colleagues and he was actually referring to something he learned from a friend of his! Therefore, he didn’t have to apologize to keep his job or anything like that. He apologized because he was truly sorry! She also accuses him of having something against the quilt and the forums and my husband doesn’t have anything against the quilt or the forums! If you would go back and read his posts, you will see that he didn’t refer to the forums at all!

    Reality is, it doesn’t matter who he is, but rather the meaning behind what he said. Im afraid that too many people have looked too much into who is behind the name and missed the point of his post entirely!

  139. Jake wrote:

    To quote — somebody — “Can’t we just all be friends?”

  140. Odeliya wrote:


    its an interesting site,please do accept my compliments.Appreciate the link to the political site as well,a good article.

    I have a question regarding the OP statement ab. Daniel Mount’s use of terms “progressive”, etc. SG. Would you mind elaborating on why are you dislilking the terms? How would you personally call those sub-genres? Modern, or something else? I believe the terms to be valid,there are practical uses for them - unless you kindly provide an additional explanation,maybe there is something I dont know.

    Even based on my so far very humble study of SG history,the term “progressive SG” have been widely used in distinguishing songs of a particular type on i-net radio, in CD descriptions, and musical history sites for quite some time. The earliest use of the term I found was related to a group that evidently promoted that particular brand of music in mid-to late eighties, when D.Mount was, if i remember his age correctly, still learning how to walk, so he is surely not the first one to come up with it

    Honestly, I dont see anything wrong with using the word.If i was a promoter, then from purely commercial point of view, using the most descriptive ways to explain various genres to public would be a smart move; for it would attract more target audience ; not to be tricky and dishonest in a secular way, of course, but rather using the rules of advertisement and marketing wisely.

    Of course, terms are subjective, there will be arguments about what exactly is “progressive”, “modern”, and “classical”, etc until the Second coming. Art, music are not binary and set in stone,The platters and AC/DC are both Rock n roll ;) Ones man’s “progressive” is another man’s “modern”,the terms are vague, its like talking about foods, what is “spicy”to my sister is “ketchup” to me, my definition of spicy includes the likes of habaneros.

    Its probably a universaI issue.. I am an Israeli living in States now,and my fav music genre also has major sub-genres like dark, progressive, chilllout, ambient and goa. Each one of those terms mean different things to different audiences in different countries I ‘ve seen bloody and long debates on “is a particular artist/album light or morning psy?”

    So where i am getting with this- the more informative the term, the better. the word “gospel” to most of my friends would mean nothing but one of the books of christian bible,especially in ivrit (hebrew) we dont use capital letters. I had to think how to describe it to my parents,for one, (eventually i just played it ), because it has deep spirituals and Tehilim, soul music and holiday freilach (in our understanding of the words) If the main goal it to be better understood and thus promoted, then the terms do their job, is that not so? : )

    If you or someone would elaborate to me on the subject, i’d appreciate it.

  141. cdguy wrote:

    Odeliya, from what I read in your post, you don’t need US to elaborate on the subject for you. I think you have it “down pat”. Thanks for trying to straighten Doug out.

    I’m afraid it will take more than any of us, though. :-)

  142. scope wrote:

    # 138 I appreciate your post, and your support of your husband. It seems to me the easiest and best way to clear it up for DeeAnn and the rest of us, is for your husband to tell us who he is. We have accepted his apology, and all have moved on. For you to then turn and criticize DeeAnn is keeping the pot stirred. One way or another, can we move on please?

  143. Diana wrote:

    Hey, concertattendee #137 — you can see a complete list of all of the quilt blocks that were submitted by our forum members for the quilt at

  144. Andrew S. wrote:

    Hey everyone—Terah Penhollow is back on the road..this time with Mike & Kelly Bowling. From what I’ve heard it sounds good!!

  145. Amanda wrote:

    I can see both sides of the issue when it comes to people crossing the line from being a fan to being a “friend”. SG artists are generally very approachable, and they spend a great deal of their time chatting with their fans. They know who is paying their bills at the end of the day. But, that doesn’t give fans the right to monopolize an artist’s attention at a concert, just because he or she recognizes you. People who live in SG concert hotbeds like Georgia and North Carolina probably get the chance to visit with their favorite artists quite often. Naturally, the artists will recognize you. But, if you weren’t their friend before they became “famous”, you probably aren’t their friend now. You may be acquainted with them, and you may feel like they are your friends, but at the end of the day you are really “just” a fan. I definitely know the difference between my close friends and the people with whom I am simply acquainted. There are many people I recognize when I see them, but I don’t consider them to be my “friends”; just people with whom I cross paths now and then. I can definitely see SingingMan4Jesus’ frustration with this situation.

  146. gina wrote:

    Great post, Amanda, and I think you are exactly right. SingingMan’s wife also makes a good point about people on some boards/blogs pretending to know everything. You don’t have to hang around these things long to encounter someone who claims expert status on some subjects/groups, only to find they are trying to boast and really know nothing about which they speak. Some of them have alot of people fooled and believing everything they type.

  147. NonInsider wrote:

    144. That sounds interesting… If true I am looking forward to hearing that lineup at NQC this year…

  148. JBB wrote:

    Terah is traveling again? So why did Terah say she wanted to be a stay at home mom and a wife???

  149. Notthatpianoplayer wrote:

    SM4J & wife, you are correct that many SGM artists are much like family. What you neglect to say is that many artists who read this had an inkling of who the poster was when your husband posted and I bet it is the same person that was aluded to in that forums post. You also neglected to mention that the piano player in question has a steady girlfriend yets spends a LOT of his time making out with other girls when he is on the road. And you neglected to say that he invited the young woman in question to come to the concerts and talked with her often by phone and text.

    I don’t really have a ‘dog in this fight’ as my grandfather used to say but for you to slam this girl and her reputation why aren’t you concerned with the piano player and the way he is trying to use people?

  150. LS wrote:

    #148…Which commandment says that a stay-at-home wife and mother can’t help her sister and brother-in-law for a few weeks? As far as I know, this is temporary while Mike & Kelly look for another tenor.

  151. cynical one wrote:

    Maybe Terah’s just filling in w/M&K, while they try to find a permanent person?

  152. gina wrote:

    Does this mean that Chris Whitaker has left Mike & Kelly?

  153. wackythinker wrote:

    Notthatpianoplayer - I don’t know what player (pun intended) you’re referring to, but I know of at least one prominant s/g personality who’s had several “girlfriends” on the string, and asked them all not to tell anyone they were dating. HMMMM

  154. Notthatpianoplayer wrote:

    wackythinker, the piano PLAYER I’m referring to likes to ‘date’ friends and make them jealous and break up friendships all the while the girl back home is either clueless or willing to put up with his ‘wandering ways’.

  155. wackythinker wrote:

    Notthatpianoplayer, apparently there are people (both genders) who are insecure enough, that they will put up with such shenanegans, only because they either think they don’t deserve better, or they think they can’t do better. I don’t know if either is the case with this playa’s girl, but NO ONE deserves that kind of treatment.

    But playa’s like that know there will always be someone willing to put up with this horneriness.

  156. Andrew S. wrote:

    It would seem reasonable for Terah to sing with them. Not only because she has a valuable voice that could even out the female registry in that group, but also because the mothering she wants to do would be easier. Mike & Kelly’s kids go to school during the week and, for the most part, travel with them on the weekends. So If I were a mother who’s also a talented singer, I’d jump at that chance too. Besides, Mike & Kelly’s website states they’re looking for a pianist…and doesn’t give any mention of needing a vocalist. I’d appreciate it if Terah stayed in the Southern Gospel arena because of her vocals, but I also respect her if she decides to do otherwise.
    Has anyone heard Karen Peck & New River’s new single, “Why Can’t All God’s Children Get Along?” It’s from their new cd, “No Worries.”

  157. jbb wrote:

    #150..Don’t get your pants in a knot. As I reread my post, it was just a question. I really don’t care why Terah does what she does. She can go sing with all of her family if she wants to. She’s good enough to do that.

  158. Odeliya wrote:

    cdguy, appreciate the answer, brother, thank you.
    May i ask another question, too - are most artists that perform SG consider themselved christians ?

    Sure, only God knows who is who isnt but at least are most openly profess Jesus, or is being in a band just a job or a hobby for some?

    Sorry, again, i am not american, i dont know this whole SG culture.

  159. cdguy wrote:

    Odeliya, yes, MOST performers in SG profess Christianity. Do we all live it all the time? That’s an entirely different questions. No, not all of us all the time. There are some who are very straight in their walk, and some who are not.

    The best we can do is to follow Jesus’ directive in not being judgemental, but watching the fruit they bear.

  160. Virginia wrote:

    Several years ago I heard a young tenor singing gospel music with (I think the Anchormen quartet) whose name sounded like Brian Rue. He was such an outstanding singer and I am wondering if he is still performing. If so, with what group?

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