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In homage to Kyle, I have a question about an odd thing I encountered in a book the other day.

In Glen Payne and George Younce’s autobiography of The Cathedrals, the Glen Payne section states the following:

In the spring of 1963, with hardly any warning, Earl [Weatherford] announced that he and Lily Fern were moving to California. (150)

Ok, except that  in HIS part of the autobiography (it’s split into halves more less, between George and Glen), Younce says this about the same incident:

I knew the Weatherfords had left [Rex Humbard’s church] and moved back to their home in Oklahoma. (88)

So did they move back to OK or go to CA? Anybody know what gives? I’m not saying either one of them is wrong. Maybe. Maybe not. Indeed, I can imagine a scenario in which both stories are true (the Ws left Humbard and went home to regroup in OK and then decided to head further West). But it’s a curious little bit of trivia I thought I’d throw out there and see what our collective memory and wisdom could do with it.

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  1. John wrote:

    It’s been a while since I read this book, but I do remember some parts that were inaccurate.

    I do believe it was ghost written by Ace Collins. As such, I believe there were some mistakes made.

  2. Dean Adkins wrote:

    From Lily Fern’s book “With All My Heart”…
    “…Earl hired Bobby Clark, who stayed until the group split up in 1963. The Cathedrals were formed and the Weatherfords went back on their own again.” (101)
    “The Weatherfords moved to Johnstown, PA, where they had connections …had been promised a television program…” (105)
    “The promised television program did not materialize…When school was over they left Johnstown and headed for their old territory, Southern California…” (113)

  3. quartet-man wrote:

    There were errors in the book. In one as I recall, they mentioned Roger when they mean Mark (or vice versa o

    r something like that) and one I remember in more detail is they gave the wrong tenor in the three that left to form the brothers. I believe they said Mack and it was Roy Tremble.

    Someone once said that they suspected the book was written from oral accounts and of course it is easy to make mistakes like that when talking and if someone doesn’t proofread good, or if someone who is writing it down doesn’t know the subject matter as well, mistakes are more apt to happen and not be caught. Even if it is written and proofread by people who know the subject matter, things can slip through.

  4. Deron Johnson wrote:

    Yeah. It seems I read a passage once from an online copy of that book about Dianne “Wilkerson.” From what I’ve seen and heard, it sounds like more than a few things “slipped through.” Instead of ignorance of the topic, I’d wager it stems from a problem that SG experiences all-too-frequently: unprofessional and shoddy work.

  5. Kyle wrote:

    I, too, wondered about the complete lack of mention of several group members. Granted, there was a decent amount of turnover, but still….Mack Taunton wasn’t with the group for quite as long as Roy Tremble was, and Roy wasn’t even mentioned other than in group photos….

    I think it can be forgiven, though, that Kurt Young was spared a passage!!

  6. Tom wrote:

    This all sounds kind of like trying to reconcile Matthew and Mark and Luke and John with each other. Except most people who try to do that aren’t willing to admit to the possible failures of oral history and memory–and instead exert a great deal of mental and logical gymnastics in an effort to prove that there isn’t any contradiction there at all . . . .

  7. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    _The Weatherfords: Gospel Music Legend and Legacy_ (Shadwell/Gardner) confirms that the Weatherfords first went to PA after leaving Akron, OH.

    It would appear that Payne/Collins and Younce/Collins were both (or would that be thrice?) wrong.

  8. Nftnat wrote:

    As mentioned before, they did move immediately to Johnstown PA, and then to California. But the story doesn’t end there.

    From the same book that Mr. Adkins mentioned, With All My Heart by Lily Fern Weatherford:

    “They worked there (Southern California) for a year, and…they moved up to Sacramento for a year, which also fell through in terms of what they needed.” (113)

    (What fell through was gone into on page 115: the Brush Arbor Jubilee with the Song Fellows and a couple of other groups. I assume that’s California’s attempt to answer the Gospel Singing Jubilee, the Caravan, Bob Poole, etc.)

    “After the financial problems with the Brush Arbor Jubilee, The Weatherfords moved on to Sacramento. Lily Fern explains their last effort to make it in California:

    LFW: ‘In Sacramento, we were on the staff with Reverend Clyde Henson at the Assembly of God Church and Bethel Temple for a year. Then he passed away, so we left there and moved back to Oklahoma, since it is more centrally located and we had family in the area.’” (115-116)

    (They were in Los Angeles and Fontana before the move to Sacramento. Long-time and repeated member Fulton Nash remembers the moves in that order: Johnstown, Los Angeles, Fontant, Sacramento, three months or so in Los Angeles again, the Yukon Oklahoma.)

    “In 1967, they moved to Yukon…They stayed there for two years and then made their final move to Paoli, Oklahoma, just south of Oklahoma City.” (121)

    Keep in mind, though, that her memory also might not be the best.

    As to George and Glen’s faulty memories, it’s possible that Earl mentioned at the time that they were moving to California, but that afterwards California just wasn’t feasible or Johnstown was more so; and it’s possible that George, thinking back from thirty-some years after the fact, might have run the ultimate move to Oklahoma with the others in his mind.

    As to the comment on reconciling The Four Evangelists, while George and Glen might be extremely flattered to be mentioned in the same breath with them, they (George and Glen) would be the first to tell you they never were in the same category with those holy men of God who were inspired by the spirit and wrote what they knew, remembered, and / or found out all under the guidance of the Spirit; and they (George and Glen) never claimed to be. While I’m tempted to inquire further into ‘reconciling’ ‘contradictions’, something tells me no good could come from that. You have your opinion and I have mine, so let’s just agree to disagree.

  9. Jake wrote:


  10. Henry Riffe wrote:

    I am THE biggest Cathedral fan that ever lived, but the book was a big let down. Inaccurate and shallow. I know more about them than the writer.

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