Five years and change

Somehow, Avery’s birthday always seems to slip my mind and I end up remembering and writing about it belatedly. This year, I think I might have missed it altogether if so many kind folks on the Avery Facebook site hadn’t seen the birthday and sent good wishes. In any event, avfl is now five years and week or so old.

So, half a decade. Stock-taking usually and inevitably accentuates all the differences of then and now, but in some ways, I’m more taken by what hasn’t changed. The site’s audience continues to steadily increase (so, Kyle, as for your question about how often to post, I’d say, as often as you want … your traffic stats will all come out in the wash more or less, once you’ve established that you know how to do a load of laundry), readers continue to invest in this community (often, it seems, against their better judgment), and perhaps most important to me, I still continue to learn a great deal.

In fact, if there is one thing I continually marvel at, it’s how powerful the site has been as a force for my own education about southern gospel. I started the blog thinking I knew a lot, but it turns out, I was but a wee grasshopper, comparatively. And as I learned more, the learning spilled over into my day job to the point that now sg is a huge part of my professional, as well as personal, life.

Of course, that spillage also accounts for the downtick in frequency of posting to some extent. One can only live and breathe something for so long in any given day. And, too,¬† I confess that some days I feel like the conversation just goes in big circles at times, and I can’t find the energy that originality requires … for instance, Kyle Boreing has a post up right now about in-ear monitors and when I read it, I thought, oh yeah, I got to something to say about that … and then recalled: wait, you’ve already said what you have to say …. two and a half years ago (cause there’s only so much to say about in-ear monitors or royalties payment and someone leaving the road to spend more time with his family, after you’ve said “keep them in” and “pay them” and “yes, there’s usually always more to it, and no, I’m probably not going to be the one to tell you what it is”). Indeed, sometimes I’ve toyed with the idea of posting random entries from three or four years ago and seeing if anyone would notice.

Still and all, more often than not, I look forward to what will surprise me when I go to moderate comments (some of the most interesting stuff I can’t even publish!) and what kind of muse might strike at the odd hour … these are pleasures few other contemporary forums¬† and media allow. So after five years and change, I got no complaints.

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  1. Revpaul wrote:

    Happy birthday. Welcome to kindergarten.

  2. judi wrote:

    Happy Anniversary to Avery. Has it really been five years? If a small business makes it through five years, it is deemed successful, having beaten the odds against survival. Not sure what the staying power stats for bloggers are, but you have to be right up there with the best of them. Congratulations!

  3. Doug Sword wrote:

    congrats and keep up the good work.

  4. Bob wrote:

    I honestly believe that this site has caused more damage to folks and doubt about people than it has been any kind of a benefit. I mean that with all honesty. Not trying to be insulting at all. It has caused harm with to people without facts and truth. I have read this site on and off, mostly off but enough to know that even though many of the regulars love it to death, sometimes its better to pray for others than it is to cast doubt about someone on a national forum.

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