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What’s going on in the sg world? Let’s check out the interwebs.

  • Guy Penrod has a new website and album out but since I can’t seem to get the site to spool me the promised clips from the new album, I can’t say much about it. When I click on the play button, my browser simply says “Waiting for guypenrod.com” … indeed. Maybe I need to reboot.
  • So how about Aaron Minick instead? I see he has a new album out, too, according to an ad on gospelmusicupdate. Ok … let’s click over to his site. Except, it seems, http://www.aaronminick.com/ “expired on 8/19/09 and is pending renewal or deletion.” Goodness.
  • The Perrys have re-upped with Daywind (note to Sandy Knight’s press people: “re-up” or “renew” is far superior to the “re-signs,” which leaves the unfortunate image, no matter the hyphen, that she too is pending renewal or deletion). I guess at some point I expected them to sign with Vine Records, given their longstanding relationship with Wayne Haun, but then again, I guess DW is probably the only label in town that could afford to bankroll the thousand-piece orchestras that’ve become standard on P’s albums.
  • Besides the Perrys’ new album, which I AM going to review very soon, despite all evidence to the contrary, any recommendations on what I should be listening to?
  • Via Aaron Swain, there’s an interview, sort of, with Danny Riley about Gold City up at sogospelnews. I say “sort of” only because there are questions posed as if to Riley, but most of the answers are in a strange third-person transcription of what, one presumes, Riley said. Evidently, the part where Riley complains about the internet and discussion-board comments, during an interview with an internet magazine that made its name with its message boards, was not meant to be ironic. Anyway, for GC partisans the piece will  be a rebuttal to all the criticism. To critics, it will probably be very dissatisfying. And so it goes …
  • Rick Hendrix for TN Governor? Yeah, yeah I know. I snorted too. But then when it comes to southern gospel promoters with an interest in politics, one man’s joke is another man’s self-promotion. For his part, Hendrix would neither confirm nor deny when I asked him, which proves nothing so much as you don’t have to actually hold elective office to be a politician.
  • The latest David Phelps Show Gaither video  preview clip is out, via Daniel Mount.
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  1. William wrote:

    When I go to Penrod’s site, it shows a clock counting down to the official launch of the site. I guess we won’t be able to hear the clips until then.

  2. Kyle wrote:

    I heard all the clips just fine; not only that, but I ordered the CD on Friday morning, and the CD was in my mailbox today (Monday afternoon). Not bad turnaround!! I’ll post a review in the next day or so….

  3. weber wrote:

    I agree, the Danny Riley interview is strange but what would one expect from the “NO Thanks” website. After reading the interview, my suggestion to Danny would be to retire the name and start fresh.

  4. Casual Observer wrote:

    I wish you would review the new Brian Free & Assurance project. There’s lots of buzz about it…like to hear your thoughts.

  5. DR D wrote:

    I too ordered the CD from Guy, Got it two days ago and LOVE IT! I hope he is very successful!

  6. Josh wrote:

    The GVB videos are going to be absolutely amazing! Bill has done it again! Its amazing how many doubted him when news of the quintet broke. The GVB has certainly proved them all wrong. I never heard English during his prime, but he sure is sounding good today. I can’t wait until the project comes out!

  7. Wade wrote:

    As far as ppl coming on message boards and being critical… I am glad to say I have NEVER been anonymous!!

    If Daniel had come on THIS SITE… say about 30 days ago and said much of the same thing it might have avoided the necessity of the BS UNTHANKS propaganda!!

    Late to Sound Checks, Late to Address Issues, what will be the NEXT LATE ISSUE???

    Hopefully not The LATE GCQ!!

  8. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    I have been listening to the Jubilee project (L5, GV BB’s) pretty much nonstop since receiving it on Saturday…(Reviewing It this week) It is top notch IMO…

  9. Derrick wrote:

    Well I would hope Rick Hendrix wouldnt be self promoting his political agenda. If he was elected Gov maybe we could have a gospel music day in Tennessee.

  10. cynical one wrote:

    Derrick, If Rick doesn’t self-promote his political agenda, who’s going to promote him. No one else likes him, do they?

  11. matt wrote:

    I find it interesting that the son’s of some of the great SG vocalists don’t seem to/want to/be able to carry on the tradition, and if they do, it’s with less oommph? Obviously Daniel Riley, singing baritone doesn’t have the impact that his dad,Tim R. had on bass. What about George Y.’s son,and Glen P.’s son…didn’t JD Sumner have a son?? I guess what I’m kind of saying is that great lead/bass singers don’t necessarily reproduce…..

  12. Derrick wrote:

    maybe he is more interested in promoting Obamas agenda than the music who knows?

  13. Just Me wrote:

    Someone leaves a group simply because they find something better. You can pay the most money, but there are groups who take “better care” of their employees.

    You let them go and you tell everyone you wish them the best in their future endeavors. That ain’t happening. No respect for their feelings, no class and no good wishes for their future. Only, them leaving was an “attack from Satan”.

    Maybe it was arranged in Heaven. Maybe God wanted something better for them and maybe He wanted something better for you! Maybe He wants to refine the whole “Industry”. “Southern Gospel” has a HUGE problem in believing “WE ARE THE GREATEST” Gold City included” “There’s no better sound than us”, “there’s no better look than us”, “no one takes better care of their employees than us.”

    Leaders must lead without indecision. If you don’t know where God is leading you, how can you have your troops to follow you without confusion.”God is not the author of confusion”. This is not a problem with just one group. It is a constant problem with SG Music as a whole.

    Stick with the old style, or on with the new?…More mediocre singers with their shirt tail out or dressed “better than you” in the most expensive outfit you can get?

    It goes on and on and on. WAKE UP! They asked Jesus,” Which one of us is the greatest?” SG is asking the same thing. It’s becoming disgusting.

  14. GC wrote:

    Hendrix and Singing News have ran gospel music long enough. Lets not fuss about him running for office. Lets throw a party. Let Hendrix and his ego run a state–or power a state.

  15. Wade wrote:

    For those who have said they should retire the name is just CRAZY. There is TONS of Brand Equity in the name Gold City. The group itself has NEVER BEEN BAD!!! I have seen them in ever possible configuration.

    BUT… it could have been better!!! The management could have been better. The jealousies that were obvious could have been handled differently. That is all I ever meant to say!!!

    But retiring the name would just be insane.

    I have heard they are doing a trio. To me that is silly. There are folks they could get and surely Tim could do a few weeks. If they are doing a trio I say that I just another bad decision!!!

    If they are not I am sorry that’s just what I heard!!

    Maybe y’all can inform us.

    I don’t want GCQ to be Brian, Ivan, Mike & Tim… but they could be great again!!

    I hope and pray they will cause they have always been my fav!!!

  16. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    From a political prospective, Rick Hendrix did an excellent job in revamping the “About” page on website of the Rick Hendrix because it is “All About Rick Hendrix.”
    The page is good start for any political upstart.
    You have to give Rick Hendrix credit for inclusion of Jesus Christ on the page.
    The candidate has some obstacles to overcome.
    A Republican candidate , no matter where Rick Hendix lands, could make hay with the non-Democrats by putting images of Rick Hendrix with the DC establishment on the radar screen of the masses.
    The potential candidate has defined the
    He is the insider and everyone else will try to be the outsider.
    2010 will be the year of the outsider.

  17. GVBFan09! wrote:

    just checked to see if Aaron Minick’s web site is back up and IT IS! YAY! I LOVE his voice! I never would’ve known to go there except you mentioning it on here! Thanks Avery!!

    And then, I got my HOMECOMING MAGAZINE today and when I opened it up, it fell open to a page on (drum roll please) AARON MINICK! HOW COOL! I loved reading about him and how he was mentored by Vestal and all the cool things he is up to.

    I went and bought his new music on iTunes! it’s reallly great and he is a fantastic singer!

  18. DMP wrote:

    Seems like that Homecoming magazine would have been an ideal place for Guy to sell his album.

  19. gina wrote:

    Well, it’s now official per SN… Chris Whitaker is out and Terah has joined “The Bowling Family”.

  20. GVBFan09! wrote:

    Just got this via http://www.GospelMusicUpdate.com - Mike and Kelly Bowling announce that Terah Crabb Penhollow is joining their group - and they are changing their name to THE BOWLING GROUP!

  21. DMP wrote:

    For what it is worth, I also thought the Gaither clip was a little Phelps heavy…

  22. RF wrote:

    How many times has Mike Bowling and group changed names? Seems like a lot, but The Bowling Group sounds like a bunch of old men meeting at the local lanes to smoke cigars and drink beer. Hope they reconsider.

  23. H.E. wrote:

    The news about Terah, Kelly, and Mike is the best news I have heard in a while. I will drive to NQC to hear that.

  24. Derek wrote:

    Maybe they should be called “That Other Bunch of Crabbs”…or “Crabbs Reunited”…or maybe Mike should change his name to Crabb…then they could be the Bowling Crabbs! LOL Stranger things have happened…

  25. gina wrote:

    Where is everyone getting the Bowling Group name? Everything I read says the Bowling Family. The press release was pretty vague though, making a deal in the heading about the name change but failing to really address that directly in the text. And then at the end it still refers to booking “Mike and Kelly Bowling”… This goes back to Doug’s mention of the poor wording in press releases, as in the Sandy Knight case.

  26. GVBFan09! wrote:

    OOPS!!! Sorry, my bad! It is the Bowling Family! MYFAULT!

  27. wackythinker wrote:

    RF #22 — I’m right there with you. Mike’s changed the name of the entity like most people change underwear.

    But gina’s right, everything official indicates “Family”, which doesn’t speak much less of cigars, beers, and bowling alleys than the other way. “Group” was the last stupid name they dropped due to a sudden personel change.

    But let’s face it, Mike can’t help the name he was born into.

    Maybe with “Family” as name, that will open up more opportunity for that screamin’ kid of there’s (who can’t sing a lick) to join them, the next time a member changes their mind as to whether they want to sing or not.

    Maybe the next cd cover photo should play up on the “Bowling” name, and show them in matching bowling shirts, at the bowling alley. A couple of beer mugs on the scorer’s desk. . . Hokey sells in s/g!

  28. gina wrote:

    I had wondered what was up with Chris Whitaker. A few weeks ago at a M&K concert, someone with me asked him about the price of a product on their table while he was working at it. His response was something like, “Umm, I’m not sure, I think they might be $X but I dunno”. OK, thanks, don’t believe we’re interested!

  29. quartet lover wrote:

    #28 Gina. . .
    He probably had that response because most every group has a price list obviously placed so you know what items cost. I heard a lady walk up to Ben Speer one night and ask Ben himself “Is Ben here tonight?”

    Sometimes a gospel singer can get weary from the folk at the product table. AND, that is the very reason that many of the upper tier of performers avoid the table.

  30. wackythinker wrote:

    gina #28 — WOW!!! What a disconnect. He may have still been there physically, but obviously, he was already gone emotionally. What a disservice to his employer. I know if my boss ever heard me say something like that to a customer (or potential customer), I’d be fired faster than you can say “Bless Jesus!”

    And rightly so.

  31. he wrote:

    Wackythinker: for the record Hope is a great singer. But I must say that to attack an 8 or 9 year old is a new low even for posters like you. I am asking God to take care of this. I am confident you need to be ready for that.

    Ever read the Bible?

  32. Katy Peach wrote:

    #22, wackythinker - I don’t frequent this website much, simply because it frightens me to hear from such ridiculously uneducated and plain old stupid people. You might want to use your spell check and learn the difference between there/their/they’re. (That’s a really big pet peeve of mine.) More importantly, you must be unbelievably pathetic to get on a website under a “fake name” to make fun of a 9 year old. Seriously. To call her a “screamin’ kid … [insert poor grammar]… who can’t sing a lick” just shows how ignorant you are. I actually just sang on her record and recognized that her pitch is better than most adult vocalists.
    Like I said, I don’t get on here much at all and I certainly don’t post, but I felt the need to share my opinion about someone who feels it necessary to deride a child whom God has blessed with a desire to serve Him… I think you’re malevolent and malicious and plain old evil. I pray you don’t have children because you obviously have no idea how God requires adults to cherish the blessings He has allowed us adults to borrow.

  33. kingsmenfan2008 wrote:

    Man, to attack a little girl is pretty disappointing. Especially, when Mommy and Daddy leave so much room for arrows. I recently attended a concert where M&K were on the program and I gotta tell you, they are not Crabb quality. Mike cracked all night long, missed notes and had to pull the microphone all the way to his ankles to avoid the obvious sharps and flats. Kelly and the other guy worked overtime to cover up, and that’s not pretty when they were both singing harmony.
    One might wonder if the new sound will improve with terah? If nothing else, she brings a genuine smile to the stage. Kelly seems a little bit strained at being genuine. She certainly doesn’t possess that Southern Hospitality one would expect from TN. Her vocals are without a doubt more in tune than Mike’s however, Mike is willing to take risks that she doesn’t. All of that said, Wackythinker is a puke for picking on the little girl. As I recall, it brought the only standing ovation of the night. I think the remainder of applause was that the songs were ending!

  34. he wrote:

    So you are a Kingsman fan and you don’t think Mike Bowling is “Crabb” quality?? Is this a joke?

    Agree with you on the little girl. She has it.

  35. K wrote:

    I have engineered records that Mike Bowling sang on. He DOES NOT SING FLAT or SHARP!

    He may have been struggling with a cold or the flu, or a vocal strain or whatever. But, let me repeat. I have the hard drive to prove it. He doesn’t have to be digitally altered (tuned) and he doesn’t have to sing a line 35 times to get a good pitch. All his pitches are good.

    I am SO glad that I saw these comments. Unbelievable!

  36. Kingsmenfan2008 wrote:

    Not at all! He has all of their latest stuff out of range! They are struggling to do a full set without embarrassing themselves. Obviously, the Kingsmen have had their glory days a long time ago. M&K sound great in the studio, but how many times did it take to accomplish this? Obviously more than the one they are allotted nightly!! Gerald and the gang had it every night!!! Period!!!

  37. Todd wrote:

    Wackythinker: One word “Jerk”. Why don’t you get a life.

  38. MikeGibson wrote:

    I love Hope Bowling! I recently had the opportunity to fill a need working for the Bowling Family. I would even like to consider them my friends!
    For several months, I played the piano for Mike and Kelly, thus I had the pleasure of hearing Hope and her sisters sing no less than 100 times. Her rendition of “He pilots my ship” with Mike is nothing less than incredible. My daughter is a friend of Hope separated by less than 3 weeks of age and I can only hope that she can sing like this at age 15-16.
    Bottom Line, Wackythinker… I would bet the mortgage to my home that in the next 6 months, Hope Bowling has a top 20 single. Why? Because I’ve had the pleasure of hearing it. You, my friend will always be known for this pathetic post. I agree with Katy, and I’m sure you won’t have the ?????? to respond, let alone apologize, which is the only option you really should consider.

  39. Todd wrote:

    I actually think the Mike, Kelly and Terah mix is going to be great and as for Hope I think she diffinitely has it….maybe a new breath of fresh air for southern gospel.

  40. Todd wrote:

    I meant “definitely”

  41. jb wrote:

    wackythinker….you are a true jackass….

    And Kingsmenfan…it hasnt been Gerald and the “Gang” in a while. There is a reason why the kids booted him out of the group.

  42. Libbi Perry Stuffle wrote:

    Wow, a kid loves gospel music so much that she wants to be a part of it and I’ve heard her and she can out sing a lot of adults that try. We all have to start somewhere…. thank God she has a mom and dad that love her so much to help her dream come true of being a singer. I had rather have her singing Gospel music than out in the world singing something that has no substances to it. One day that little girl is gonna grow up and we all are gonna have the last laugh on you when she’s another Vestal Goodman, Dottie Rambo, Kim Hopper, Taranda Greene, Janet Paschal or even Sandi Patti!! And trust me, so is gonna be that good!! That’s if, she doesn’t get discouraged and hate Gospel music because of comments like what has been made on here about her and her family!

    Matthew 18:6
    But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

    These are not my words, but the words of Jesus Christ!!

  43. Todd wrote:

    Wackythinker, do you need a life jacket?

  44. Kingsmenfan2008 wrote:

    JB, I know that and I know why!!! I know that he struggled w sin just as you and I, however, that has nothing to do with the fact that he leaves a heritage of professionals! That’s all I’m saying, and you have to admit there is a difference in the “real” crabbs and those that aren’t.

  45. Kingsmenfan2008 wrote:

    K, he should consider one live! I’m just sayin…..

  46. jb wrote:

    Kingsmenfan…… CeCe Winans, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston….too bad they arent Crabbs maybe they would have some talent….I think we can all read between the lines and probably can come to the conclusion that your last name may be Crabb….Maybe the rest of the world will catch on and think the only artists that can truly sing are Crabbs. I wouldn’t hold my breath. I actually appreciate Jason’s vocal, however I don’t think it has anything to do with the last name.

  47. Todd wrote:

    Kingsmenfan2008, I don’t think his heritage can be discussed here.

  48. Joseph Habedank wrote:

    When I was a kid, Mike Bowling was who I WANTED TO BE! I wanted to sing just like him. Why? No, not because he’s perfect, but because he’s, frankly, a singing machine. We ALL have off nights and WE ALL crack at some point or another, but Mike doesn’t have the luxury of having someone to cover him up. Not that he needs it or that Kelly and Terah couldn’t do it, they are BOTH great singers, but because Mike is the show. He’s one of the greatest vocalists in our business. Cracking or no cracking. When I first took the lead job with the Perrys, I cracked at least once a night if not more and I still do some nights and most mornings so I know what it’s like and sometimes it’s something you just can’t avoid.

    As for Hope, she’s just a kid for pete’s sake and a darn good singer. Let her voice develop and let her be a kid. She’s not out here trying to make a living, she just loves this music, JUST LIKE THIS KID DOES!

    Oh and by the way, don’t go attacking someone in our business who is as an accomplished vocalist as Mike is… Cause you just might get the whole lot of us after you ;)


  49. MikeGibson wrote:

    Joseph, amen Brother!!

  50. Kingsmenfan2008 wrote:

    Jb, that was simply a stupid comment! I was not comparing Celine, Whitney, Garth or Elvis to the Crabbs! I was comparing Mike and Kelly, original members and current participants of Crabb reunions. Terah will bring that stage presence and Crabb feeling to the forefront. I guarantee the next time you see them, they are better!! Why? Because a real, genuine offspring is in the blend! Kelly’s confidence will grow by knowing that Terah is a part of the mix! As for Chris Whitaker, he was way too good for them! Not country enough, and he belongs in a top quality male group somewhere!!! Only a moron like wackyboy would fire such an incredible singer for not knowing the price of a hat or CD!!

  51. jb wrote:

    There you go again….a real genuine offspring? Thats what I am talking about. You speak of the Crabb kids like they are royalty. What are any of the “real genuine offspring” doing that matters, besides whining about broken down buses and name dropping who they know on social networks. SO my question is which Crabb is this posting as Kingmenfan??

  52. Disgusted wrote:

    “real genuine Crabb”…..you must be kidding. To insinuate what?

  53. Todd wrote:

    Kingsmenfan2008, they will be better but it because you have 3 professional singers not because one is a “Crabb”. You seem to have a problem with Mike and Kelly maybe its just pure old jealousy.

  54. Chris Whitaker wrote:

    WOW wacky thinker what a great name for you!! Let me start off by saying your comments on Hope are heartbreaking, STUPID, heartless, and just plain TACKY!!! I had the GREAT privilege to sing a song with her and Mike night after night and let me set the record straight… She is the most talented 9 year old I have ever met in my life!!! She I am sure has more class and maturity than you have in your pinkie! I never post on this site but a friend called me and told me about your disgusting post and I felt that since I was a part of this family I had to say something. On the post about me not knowing the price I am sorry if I came over rude or tired but I honestly did not know due to the special that Mike and Kelly were running for that night. Another thing the reason I felt I needed to come off the road was to be with my family at a time when I am needed the most!! Mike, Kelly, Terah, and Hope I love you guys and your family and know that I will pray nothing but the best for you guys!!

  55. kingsmenfan2008 wrote:

    I sincerely thought that this was a place for opinionated statements to be considered welcomed. For the record, I have no jealousy over Mike and Kelly and JB, I am not a Crabb nor do I know any of them on a personal basis.
    Consider the following… There is no reason to disband the most successful group in our generation for no other reason than the fact that there is a problem at the top. The problem had to be with Mom and Dad. Gerald and Kathy seemed to have had their own issues. She spent more time like a cat in a litter box trying to cover up for his mistakes than she probably should have. Don’t take my word? It was in the newspapers!! he struggled with sin and from time to time, he lost. Therefore, the most amazing songs in our era came forth! Kathy, on the other hand, seems to be a very tough woman in what seemed to be a man’s business until she came along and kicked all of their tails. She has had more plastic surgery that Michael Jackson. Someone is paying for all of this. I tend to believe it was “The Crabb Family” as we used to know it. Since their split, JB has accurately indicated that they whine about bus troubles, beg for monies to fix them and Jason peddles Itunes downloads of his new CD like Billy Mays.
    Having said all of that, Kathy was marketing a group of talented, good looking, YOUNG excellent singers. As any smart business woman would do, she got out just in time before it was destined “Southbound”!

  56. kingsmenfan2008 wrote:

    #52 Disgusted, if you don’t know the difference implied, I’m not sure you should be in this particular conversation.

  57. MikeGibson wrote:

    #54 Chris Whitaker, well put! night after night Hope was awesome!! Might I add, that on occassion she would come and help Kelly finish the concert by standing toe to toe with you and Mike nailing a professional, SG ending on “Never Shall forget the Day”
    I, too would wish Mike, Kelly and terah nothing but the best. Oh and by the way… Though i love you like a bro, Terah sounded better than you, is alot prettier than you, (Have you seen the new group photo) and she doesn’t talk too much in the captains chair!! LOL

    Mike Gibson

  58. Olan Witt wrote:

    WOW! It takes a pathetic “little man” to to hide his identity and attack a child.I consider myself a friend of Mike and Kelly, they are also loyal customers of mine. However my reason for defending them has nothing to do with friendship nor business. I am defending them because they are annointed as well as talented and Hope can hold her own!
    Has Mike ever cracked, or Kelly ever had a bad night? Sure they have! We all have bad days “on the job” from time to time. Heck, I had a bad day today!
    The sad truth is this genre we all claim to love is dying. It’s not the secular world killing us, it’s not the CCM market putting the nail in our coffin. We are imploding because we are attacking ourselves from within!
    25-30 years ago when I was a Southern Gospel Musician there were plenty of young people wanting to get a job playing or singing in a group. I don’t see them line up looking for a group……but the why should they.

  59. disgusted wrote:

    Plastic surgery?? I think there are many people that have had plenty of that. If Kathy had plastic surgery what business would that be of yours? Who pays for Kim Hopper’s? Claude? Or does Kim get paid? I wonder.

    Kathy Crabb (according to their many interviews) was making six figures in the 80’s. I am pretty sure she can afford whatever she wants. That was pre-Crabb Family. I am not sure she has had plasric surgery, but if she has, GOOD for her. She probably deserves whatever she wants. I think SHE worked for it!!

    Oh yes, I think the plastic surgery list dips into the quartet roster, and most every woman in the music business.

    Get a life.

  60. disgusted wrote:

    Oh yes….don’t forget the hair transplants. Want that list? It’s a long one. LOL

  61. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    Good Post Chris… Will be praying for you as you move to the next chapter in your life… As will I be praying for Mike and Kelly as they move forward with their wonderful family.

  62. kingsmenfan2008 wrote:

    #59 disgusted, why would you assume that I meant this in a negative tone? Kathy looks great, might I even say “Beautiful”? My point was that it is expensive. Truly none of my business, nor did I imply that it is. Sorry to offend you! Thanks for allowing me to clear that issue up. As for the hair transplants, I think it would be funny to hear who all has partaken. Obviously, as a kingsmen fan, Eldridge would have to go down as sporting the worst one ever seen on a stage.
    I wonder if wackythinker has drowned at the reccomendation of the word’s of Christ shared by Ms. Libbi Perry Stuffle? I find it ammusing that he hasn’t replied to anyone. If anyone needs to get a life, it would be him.

  63. yeah... wrote:

    Wow. Been away from this site for a good long while, until I was told by a friend to return and read through a few threads. I sure am sorry that I did. This used to just be nasty and disgusting at times. Seems as if it’s gone into a new league altogether. I will say that seeing Libby and Joseph on here, Katy Peach on one thread too, is a good thing. The one constant on this blog has been people thinking they know what’s up, posting the most egregious things, yet who, in reality, know almost nothing. There are some who read this on occasion, who actually do know the behind-the-scenes realities of the stuff everyone likes to titillate everyone with as “what they know”. Some of us who do know some stuff alternate between real outrage, laughter, or just shaking our heads. Rarely…very rarely, has anyone said anything on here that’s actually correct. It has happened, to be sure, but not usually.

    And even if these things were reported correctly, why? To what end? To make us better people or Christians? Nah. I’d bet that’s so far down the list that it would barely make any list. It appears that it’s all just to make this site even more like the National Enquirer for SGM, and frankly, that’s both disgusting and not a little pathetic.

  64. Wade wrote:

    wacky1… man i get in some ppl’s grills from time to time… but to pick on a kid and to be soooo wrong about it!!!

    I do love it thought when some1 like Katy comes on here and says she RARELY frequents the SITE… but knew right when to jump in. Much like another web site owner just beamed me for being critical of his site. But y’all know JUST WHEN TO JUMP IN!!! lol

    Be HONEST…everybody seriously or in the biz and other wise is on the site all the time!!! AND TALKING ABOUT IT!!! You do not have to hide behind… WELL I JUST HAPPENED TO BE PASSING THROUGH…line!!!

    But do love to hear ya sing Katy!!!

    The Perry’s BRING IT EVERY TIME and are among the BEST MANAGED GROUPS in the biz!

    Mike Bowling can sing the phone book as some one recently about Reba Rambo!! He has been BRINGING it and can’t believe the idiot would be hyper critical of Mikes singing… bet he’s had more #1 songs than who ever the sackless… as Katy said, IDIOT who was.

    If you are gong to be critical have the guts to say who you are and post a link where ppl can get to ya much like the owner of the sgm site did me and then have the guts to answer him!!

    Hope every one had a Great Sunday!!!

  65. jbb wrote:

    My first reaction was to be angry that someone would attack a little child, then my thought was “pity” the one who did it that he/she would be that insensitive. A 9 yr. olds voice has not even developed yet, but, Hope sure has what it is gonna take to keep the legacy going.
    I have heard professional SG singers crack, forget words, and frankly, just not be “spot on”…Does God care?? I think not. He just wants us to be obedient and spread his word and if they can be done through a 9 yr. old, then praise the Lord.

  66. wackythinker wrote:

    Ok, I’m going out on a limb with an apology. Looking back, I see my fault on several levels:

    1. It’s been a few years since I saw Hope. Mommy, Daddy & Grandma were pushing her when she was about 4 or 5, and AT THAT TIME it was not good at all. But a lot of time has passed. I’ve not been to a M&K concert in a few years, so hopefully Hope has improved vastly. And I respect Katy enough to know that, if she says the kid’s good, the kid’s good.

    But the times I DID see Hope (years ago), I felt sorry for her. Her folks (IMHO) put her in an embarrassing situation. If you’re going to put a child up to sing, and she’s not carrying a tune well yet, please at least teach her to not yell.

    And frankly, their parading of a child who was not yet ready to sing on stage was a lot of what’s kept me away.

    2. I should hot have attacked a child. I do apologize for that. It was uncalled for.

    3. It was NOT Hope’s fault, those years back. It was her parents’ fault. I should have pointed the blame where it belonged.

    I realize, of course, a child has to be given some stage exposure, if the child is to ever have a chance at singing on a larger scale. But PLEASE don’t push it! Teach them some musicality and allow their voices to develop before you put them in that position.

  67. kingsmenfan2008 wrote:

    #64 Wade,
    Don’t be hatin! I never said Mike sucked. All I am implying is that he has all of his current stuff too high and it takes his voice by the end of the night. When is the last time you seen them? Do you know what you’re talking about. As referenced previously, I stated that mike is incredible on CD, but those 10 songs are split over several days in the studio.
    As for the number one songs? C’mon man, if you spend your time on here, you know that this all comes down to money. Hmmm. back to my point on a previous post!! They probably are paying someone a monthly fee to push all of these songs #1!! They had a great song about awaking the master… True #1 song, man! No doubt about it. The other stuff?? One song, I believe titled It’s alright sounded like a black choir and just not SG. I can’t see people in the south or the hills of WV sittin on the porch singin along. DO you?
    I have friends in the biz, and trust me, #1 songs are not always because of the music or lyrics. Mike would probably even agree if you had a chance to ask him.

  68. pooh wrote:

    Well, I just want you to know that I really don’t ever visit this site and didn’t want to now, but here I am. I heard from someone that there were some horrible things being said about members of my family and was curioius. Here is my viewpoint. If you are a true Christian, you WILL NOT visit this site on a regular basis. Here is why I make that comment. I have never in my life heard of such ridiculous comments about Mike’s voice and Hope’s “screamin” and Kelly’s lack of stage presence. These are comments that “true Christians” would not make about another brother or sister. Would they? I recently went to hear M&K and heard Kelly preach a sermon with such an annointing that I sat and cried. I sat and listened to Hope sing her little heart out and listened as she harmonized with such natural capability that I just sat in awe. Remember folks, she is 9 years old. Just think of what she will sound like when she is 16 years old. Look out. As for Mike, holy cow people, give it a rest. Mike is one of the best southern gospel singers in the industry. So what if he has an off night every now and then. We all know that he can sing his booty off. Leave him alone. I say this of course with all the love that one could muster. And leave Kathy alone. She has been through enough. Why even mention about the plastic surgeries if it is none of your business. Please give me a flippin break.

  69. k wrote:

    Good for you Pooh. Get ‘em!

  70. scope wrote:

    # 63 . . . Once again someone making a comment about something he knows nothing about. I know Katy personally, and with three-year old twins at home, reading this blog is way, way down on her priority list. The thing is, the SG community is like a family. If someone is criticized unfairly, word gets around and they circle the wagons. Katy is a very good friend of all the Crabbs, so when she was told about the attack on Hope and Mike and Kelly, she jumped to their defense. I don’t know personally whether or not Libbi and Joseph read this blog themselves, but as busy as they are I really doubt it.

    Please can we not make statments about other people that you can’t substantiate?

  71. Mr. Big wrote:


    It was big of you to come back and apologize. Thanks. I actually appreciated your original comments for one reason. It brought out some of the BIG guns!!! How cool to see Katy, Libby, Chris, Mike and Joseph taking part in this forum.

    And by the way, I have seen Hope recently and she is THAT good!!!!
    …And I to would listen to Mike sing the phonebook.


  72. gina wrote:

    It always bothers me when the ‘big names’ drop in on these conversations to defend (or offend) someone else. They often use less than flattering attacks on the posters while claiming to stick up for what’s right. I don’t agree with attacking a child, but when someone defends the child by calling a poster things like “ridiculously uneducated” and “plain old stupid”, where’s the glory in that?

  73. Todd wrote:

    Attacking a child hmmm….what would you call it. It just is what it is!!!

  74. Todd wrote:

    “Plain old stupid”

  75. reno wrote:

    Way to go pooh I to have never been on this sight and will not be back I really can’t beleive I set here this long and read this trash but my daughter called me to tell be the things being said about Mike Kelly and Hope. Just wish I could sing as good, Mike Kelly Hope love you guys looking forward to seeing you tonight.

  76. gina wrote:

    The post to which I referred didn’t say the comments about Hope were plain old stupid; she referred to posters here collectively as plain old stupid and ridiculously uneducated. It’s really not necessary to stoop to someone else’s level just to get your point across.

  77. Videoguy wrote:

    Hoo boy! This is more fun than watching a clown on fire. Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry!

  78. Wade wrote:

    kingsmanfan2008… Never a hater… and yeah sure there is some $$ & politics in it it is a biz… but come up with a million $$ have a sucky song and see what it gets ya!!

    What I think is funny is there is a BIG GROUP that back in the 80’s & early 90’s everything they did turned to gold…. and it was COOL.. but now that they are struggling and can’t get a song to go #1 it is because they won’t play politics… that is the BIGGEST COP OUT I have EVER heard.

    Almost as BS as ppl that say they are not going to come back or have never been on here but came on because THEIR KID CALLED and told them!! lollollol

    BS…BS…. BS calling it on ya… you will ALL BE BACK cause you can’t help but watch the only site where ppl can come and say what they want with very little filters!!!

    QUICK name another one??? HURRY!!!


  79. DMP wrote:

    I am constantly amused by the people who come on here and tell people to mind their own business. Celebrities, and Christian celebrities more so, seem to struggle with their status in society. They ask people to buy their CD’s, purchase seats to watch them sing, and then wish to return to obscurity and live in a vacuum, and it just doesn’t work like that. I’m not defending any one comment, but I am saying to people like Pooh, that when you enter the public stage, you must be ready for what that entails, and a loss of privacy is certainly one of the downsides. If parents don’t want the public criticizing their child’s singing, then don’t put them on a stage. And it is a cheap shot to tell people that they should forfeit their ability to observe and criticize because they are a Christian. It was Galileo that said, “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.”

  80. Dixie D wrote:

    I must say that usually listening to a group’s kids sing is quite painful. We have a group here in Canada called “Double Portion” and they have 8 or 9 kids!!! I find it VERY painful to listen to their kids and often have a break when they appear on stage.

  81. Todd wrote:

    The difference is “Hope can sing”

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