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Whether you’re interested in Guy Penrod’s new album or not, go read Kyle Boreing’s review of the project. It’s one of the best reviews from the southern gospel blogosphere I’ve read in a really long time (and no, I’m not just saying that b/c it’s been so long since I posted a review). Money quotes:

I can see why Guy would be hesitant to go all-out country right off the bat; he has amassed legions of fans over his 14 years with the Gaither organization, and it would not be the wisest move to alienate a built-in audience. Still, lyrics like “Somebody’s gonna teach him ’bout the birds and bees / Drinkin’ beer and smokin’ things” could be interpreted in a number of ways (either as teaching a son that it’s wrong, or simply teaching him HOW to it). Perhaps the easiest way to explain it is “message music.”


The artwork has a semi-sepia tone to it, not quite grayscale, but not quite color, and that’s probably the best way to describe the album….not all-out gospel, but not quite all-out country, either.

Exactly. It can be harder than you might think to capture the way an album does or does convey a certain feeling about itself, beneath or beyond what each song sounds like. It’s rewarding to read a review that manages to connect what’s going on at the surface with underlying dynamics - in this case, a certain persistent bereftness about musical identity, style, and where home is or can be that seems more or less directly linked to Penrod’s professional (mis)fortunes of late. Good job, Kyle.

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  1. Kyle wrote:

    Thanks, Doug!! I appreciate that…..

  2. quartet-man wrote:

    David is going to have mixed feelings about this review of the review. It is good that you give props to Kyle and as a result Musicscribe, but David just HATES the term blogosphere. :D

  3. DMP wrote:

    Have to love what Kyle said here…

    “Probably the most interesting (although not entirely surprising) is the complete lack of acknowledgement of his time with the Vocal Band, or even Gaither himself. I’m not going to speculate about bad blood between the two, but it does appear that he is doing his best to distance himself from the GVB. I can’t help but think that this is the album that Guy would’ve recorded had he not joined the Vocal Band, and in a way, it’s as if he’s going back to where he was 14 years ago….”

    I also find it strange. But it is even stranger that Bill and Guy don’t just clear the air as they did with Hall, bringing him back to a concert to fill in after he was let go/left. I’d say one stop in a video or a concert would do the trick. Sounds as if one, or both are unwilling… However, there are a large amount of people here who are drinking the Gaither Kool-Aid and will start up in the endless drone of “he left to start a solo career… he left to start a solo career”

  4. Kevin Custer wrote:

    I think the Gaither Kool-Aid is delicious. :)

  5. quartet-man wrote:

    People wanted Guy to record a solo album for years and years. He said one day. I know at the time he was busy with his family among other things. He also wasn’t much to be on a computer (although he did take part in some of the Gaither chats back in the day.) Now he is on Facebook a bit and has recorded the album.

    He is a great talent and at least in the day you could really see IT on his face. I only say in the day because I haven’t seen him since, so I can only say what I saw back then. :)

  6. RDB wrote:

    OK, fine then, eat my posts.

  7. denise wrote:

    It’s so comforting, in a world of great uncertainty, to see that some things never change.. as in.. DMP trying to get everyone to jump in and ask, “Please.. please.. DMP.. tell us the REAL story about Guy and Gaither and why he REALLY left the GVB.”

    Who really cares.. except.. obviously.. DMP???

    If there was bad blood…who cares? If there was something hidden.. who cares? If Guy just took some time off to be with his family and didn’t feel the need to twitter about it everyday.. that’s his business.

    Anyone who knows Guy personally can see that his solo album, sans Gaither’s control, reflects who he is and what he loves - God, his wife, his family, other people and country style music. And his friends know that Guy is one of the most transparent men around.

    DMP we KNOW that you KNOW something that we dont’ KNOW. Do you KNOW that we don’t care???

  8. Rita wrote:

    Bravo Denise, Well said.

  9. DMP wrote:

    Wonder why poor old Dottie Rambo doesn’t get this kind of protection on other threads? Must have to die to be able to notice things about someone’s life that don’t add up. Obviously I’m not the only one who notices something odd, because Kyle mentioned the same oddity. As for your statements about Guy’s life and family, I completely agree. No argument. Why must you assume the real story is bad?! Have a little Faith Denise! Like I said, this would be so easy to clear up. One public appearance with Gaither would clear the air nicely.

  10. wackythinker wrote:

    denise - You’re wrong about one part — some people here DO care. They probably shouldn’t, but they do.

    Does anyone know if Guy’s cd is going to be available through retail? Does he have a label, or is he doing an indy?

  11. quartet-man wrote:

    The label name escapes me offhand, but I think it was something like Servant Records. I presume it is a new start up or an Indy. At least I have not heard of it before.

  12. Wade wrote:

    Denise… I think I am in love!! Are you married!!! :-))) ;-) Well said!!!

    Wacky…ppl may care but I think what Denise said is we do not care to hear it from DMP!! He really does not know or BELIEVE ME he/she would have told!!

  13. Kyle wrote:

    The label on the CD is “Servant Records,” but I’m guessing that that’s his own label, as there hasn’t been a Servant Records for several years, and the serial number is SR01001, a common trick with indie releases.

  14. DMP wrote:

    Wade, perhaps you forgot to pull the log out of your own eye before casting judgment on me. Lets remember your words just a few months ago…

    Wade wrote:
    Guy info???…
    I know why he left… but believe me it is not going to be out WHY Guy left. As much as I would like to tell you I can’t.
    For the same reasons Dr. DH will not allow me to post OTHER things about the Gaither Kingdom I know he will not allow me to post this too!!
    It is good and it is about POWER is all I will say!!! I think it is amusing to ALL the trouble they are going to keep this story suppressed!!
    While I believe Dr. DH and myself would ultimately be protected by free speech adjudication’s it could still cost MUCHO $$$ to do so. I don’t have it and Dr. DH does not want to waste the vast wealth he has built up from years of being a Professor!! lol
    But believe me…it’s GOOD!!
    Posted 24 Feb 2009 at 11:42 pm ¶

    Perhaps you think I am bluffing, probably because you were. I’m not. I understand that you needed your ego filled by lying about have knowledge, but I’m an adult and am not looking for attention from anonymous internet “friends.” Those in glass houses should not throw stones my wacky, old disturbed friend. Grow up, and have a real conversation.

  15. quartet-man wrote:

    Denise, there have been solo artists (most or may I would say) who have left the Gaithers and in who I never cared much for their solo stuff. Part of it is that generally I will almost always (if not always) love them in groups better. Then, although there is some Gaither music I don’t care for, there is a lot I do, so I already like a lot of the Gaither style. So, likely when they leave Gaither and sing more to their own liking, I might not like the stuff to their liking as much.

    Wade, if Denise is the former Denise Hopper you will have to fight me. ;)

  16. Denise wrote:

    Wade — hahaha.. I’m married and I’m not Denise Hopper. Thanks for loving my brain cells…

    My suggestion to DMP would be to get his/her own blog (they’re free) and then not have to worry about “Dr. H”.

    And it could be titled “What I Know About Guy Penrod And Why He Left The Gaither Vocal Band”. And then we could all go there and hear the story. And rejoice in the rapturous revelation or cry through the miserable mire.

    Some days, DMP could tease us with knowing even MORE… about Guy Penrod. And we would all be rapt with curiosity. Eventually, DMP would have to tell the OTHER side of the story, and tell if from Bill and Gloria Gaither’s side.

    I can see a huge two week future for DMP.
    And then… DMP could move on to bigger and better things. I can see the future when DMP because the TMZ of Southern Gospel Music….except it appears that DMP is a One Story Soul.

    Quartet-man, I think you have a good solid point that when you get used to hearing someone in a group, it is difficult to make the adjustment to them being a solo artist. Time will tell about Guy’s future.. and evidently.. so will DMP.

  17. cynical one wrote:

    Denise, apparently, not only are you not Ms Hopper, you’re also not a good proofreader.

    I like your premise, though — DMP’s own Penrod blog. If nothing else, it would take away his/her primary excuse for not telling what he/she claims he/she knows.

    Or cause him/her to come up with another excuse. Maybe that the big bad Gaither-wolf would blow the new house down, too. Bill is king of the universe, you know.

  18. denise wrote:

    ahhhh.. cynical one… my phone rang, I hit “post” and read my typos after it was too late. Nevertheless you read through. Thank you. Or should I say thak you?”

  19. DMP wrote:

    Denise, you also failed reading comprehension. I don’t not fear Dr. H, that was a post I cut and paste from WADE in February. Those are not my words. Wade claimed in February to know everything, and claimed it is “good!” I think he is a nut and a liar. Denise, I’m not saying anything bad about Guy, if anything I have prefaced everything with careful wording as to not suggest anything (wow, I’ve said that so many times that I am sick of writing it.). Only people like you give it a negative context. But on other threads on this site, they are making some pretty outlandish statements about Dottie Rambo, Wade refers to Dottie and the bass singer having a “special relationship” and asks for a tell all version of this site. Why don’t you care about that? Why is it you and others are so fast to jump to Guy’s defense for something I have not said, but you could care less about Dottie? I find that curious. Makes me wonder just who some of you are… Denise, you are pretty passionate about this issue, and I understand that. But what have I said? Why are you turning to such strange tactics as calling me TMZ? People found the Guy story odd. There were a lot of unanswered questions, and you had to be turning a blind eye not to notice them. I simply confirmed that there was in fact more to the story. Why so sensitive on the issue? Your post reminds me of Emily Sutherlands post telling us all to drink to kool-aid and stop asking questions. Wanna tell us why you are so passionate about this?

    Cynical One, Denise writes like WADE actually. She writes the paragraph, then attacks it with a capitalization machine gun.

  20. denise wrote:

    DMP, I believe the more important question is why are YOU so passionate about Guy and things concerning him?

  21. quartet-man wrote:

    Denise, I am the one that thought you might be the former Hopper. Don’t give Wade all the credit. ;) Now, if Denise is Wade I have to say oooh, barf etc. :)

    As far as the blog, I would think the way to make it work would be to post teasers and then once you exhaust the one side, then come out with the “other side of the story.” You could milk it for months. ;) Then with all the other strange things it could become a success (at least within the small world of SG and maybe even those who want to discredit SG and Christianity.) Hey, since Doug uses the paper bag and intended on staying anonymous, DMP could either use plastic, or really go crazy and put a picture up, but with the black bar they use to cover over nudity. DMP could do videos and they could blur the face and use the mechanical changing of the voice. Hey, it could really take off. ;)

  22. Wade wrote:

    DMP… honey you are the nut and the lair… and I think you failed some reading comprehension yourself. I challenge you to go cut & paste and cite ANYTHING I SAID negative about Dottie and a Bass Singer. I said there were alot of bass singers who could tell things and it is as natural for women to be attracted to bass singers.


    I also said that what you cut and pasted about Guy in response to a NUT like you that would not LET IT GO!!

    I have not said anything since!!!

    Some ppl know when to let it go and some don’t.

    Go to Guys Web page and [edit] again you will feel better!!!… for a moment!!

  23. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    Perhaps they are not telling what happened between Guy & Gaither because there is nothing to tell.

  24. OK fan wrote:

    I heard Mike, Kelly and Terah at Seminole last week and they gave a very strong vocal performance. I think they are the ones to watch. Mike never has to take a back seat to a Crabb vocally. He is a true talent. As for Kelly, strained? OMG. She is so genuine on stage and sings like a pro. Terah, absolutely the right addition. They are now a family group with a great sound and the ability to do (with Terah) what they couldn’t do before. Be a family group. Hats off to all of them. I am sure they don’t read any of this stuff from the Friday night, sitting at computer crowd, they are out singing and have a real life. HA!

  25. For the Record wrote:

    Family group (in a generic sense), yes.
    Family harmony, no.

    Terah and Kelly are not biologically related, although I’m sure the 3 sound great together.

    Not so long ago, Terah wanted to “stay home with her son,” and that’s why she was leaving Crabb Revival.

    SG artists are just about as disingenuous as politicians.

    I’m so tired of the meaningless press releases and the never-ending spin.

  26. Seriously wrote:

    Best wishes to Guy Penrod in his new venture. May it be successful enough to support his fabulous family.

    And best wishes to THE BOWLING FAMILY (Mike, Kelly Bowling and Terah Penhollow). I think I speak for many when I say that I hope that Mike has finally found a group name he can enjoy for years to come.

  27. DMP wrote:

    Don’t forget. TMZ is usually right.

  28. DMP wrote:

    I love these blogs, because when the questions get tough, people just ignore them. Denise, why are you so interested in protecting Guy? You interest seems to lye not in fighting what you see as gossip, but in fighting comments about Guy. You didn’t jump in to protect Dottie. There’s an old saying…If you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps loudest got hit. Why the yelping Denise?

  29. quartet-man wrote:

    There is a new quartet-man saying that says be careful throwing rocks at a pack of dogs, they might just bite.

  30. Wade wrote:


    Denise does not need my help, but I never heard her yelp… just said she did not care what you had to say and called BS just like I did on the fact that you tried to make us give a [shit] that you knew why your wonderlust boy Guy left the Gaither Kingdom. You are the only dog yelping like a little wiener dog!!

    Q-Man is still wishing her last name was formerly Hopper but she spells her name different!! I am proud of Q-Man for showing some…ahhhh …interest… way to go!!

  31. quartet-man wrote:

    Wade, SG has some hotties and I certainly have noticed them over the years. Many are sadly (for me ;-) ) married, but another who is a hottie and not is Sonya Isaacs. :-)

  32. DMP wrote:

    Good ole Wade, bias by omission. You still haven’t explained you claim to know everything. Please tell. You made claims of fearing a lawsuit and claimed you just couldn’t reveal the truth, but said it was “good” and was all about “power.” Do you or don’t you know? Who is the one spewing the BS here?

  33. RDB wrote:

    Reading this idiotic conversation really makes me wonder why my first post got ate. Maybe I forgot to post. I hope that’s the explanation.

  34. judykins wrote:

    Does anybody care that Guy had his first solo concert last night and it was good?

  35. cdguy wrote:

    #34 - judykins.

    Do tell. was it just the new material, or did he do a lot of what he did with GVB?

    Inquiring mind, and all that. . . .

  36. judykins wrote:

    A mix of both as I understand it. That is according to his fansite at Gaither Community. All is well with Guy.

  37. denise wrote:

    I heard a well known pastor say something to a group of others pastors. He was talking about counseling people in his church. He instructed the pastors that, regrettably, some people are just unreasonable. They don’t want to be wrong, they just want to argue. He advised the group that it is a waste of time to deal with those people. He said, “You cannot reason with an unreasonable person.” A simple, life-altering fact of life.

    DMP - Nothing about your diatribes here include any questions that are “tough” or make me want to run away. You are, evidently, a person of limited understanding and intelligence. And most certainly fall in to the above-mentioned “unreasonable person” group.

    Therefore, I have chosen to ignore you and your vendetta against Guy Penrod. My time is very valuable to me and you.. DMP.. are not worth it. I don’t care what you think about Guy Penrod, Dottie Rambo and what people say about them. I am, and will continue to, ignore you….and any posts addressed to me by you. You are non-existent to me. Enjoy your little life.

  38. DMP wrote:

    Very good Denise. I like having the last word. I still can not figure out why you seem to be fighting a battle that does not exist. I never, ever, ever said anything bad about Guy. I’m a huge fan. All I said was that there is more to the story. Do you know something I don’t? Because that’s what is sounds like to me. I’ve simply said there is “more.” Anyone who has worked in PR knows that there is the press release, and then there is the story. It’s common sense. I’m just not certain why that makes me so “unreasonable” to notice and point out. The only one who has put a bad spin on this is you, and I have a guess why, but it is just a guess, and contrary to what you believe, I’m not one to speculate. You simply have taken my words and put the worst possible spin on them. Why did you say I would eventually have to “tell the story from Bill and Gloria’s side”? How do you know what I know isn’t their side? Who said there were sides? Denise, you and I both know that there was more to that story, and I’d go over the extremely odd details of his departure again if I didn’t think that you know them better than I do. You come on here and call me unreasonable, one of “limited intelligence,” and refuse to comment simply because I have noticed what so many others did. Contrary to what you may think, I’m not the only one in cyberspace who noticed. Call me names in an attempt to discredit me, but the truth is the truth. I originally admitted I knew what had happened not to stir the pot, but to quell it. I said on numerous occasions that the real story wasn’t even very “good.” I said (numerous times) that in my opinion, there was nothing immoral, sinful or illegal done by Guy. There was not a scandalous story to dig up, it was just a personal issue. I don’t have a saying for what happens when the yelping dog runs away, but something tells me I should make one up.

  39. cynical one wrote:

    DMP #38 — You said, “I’d go over the extremely odd details of his departure again if I didn’t think that you know them better than I do.” UNTRUE!

    First, you’ve never gone over the details the first time, so there’s no “again” about it. Second, you’d already said you would NOT tell the details, well before denise ever started posting. So your telling of the details has absolutely nothing to do with whether she knows anything or not.

    Let’s keep it real.

  40. DMP wrote:

    cynical one,
    Easy there… I was not referring to the untold details, but to the oddities that exist surrounding the ones that we are all familiar with. I’d be happy to list them, I figured everyone is aware already.

  41. cynical one wrote:

    Apparently not. Or am I the only one that’s been in the dark?

  42. Wade wrote:

    Denise… Yeah what you said in 37!!

  43. denise wrote:

    Cynical… thanks. I could easily have your screen name.

  44. denise wrote:

    and.. thanks Wade.

  45. DMP wrote:

    Here’s the problem Wade. If I came on here and said that there was “more” to the departure of say, Phelps, Lowry, or Mullins, people would just laugh it off. These passionate people that come out of the woodwork to tell me to shut up are the very proof that I’m not making this up. The fact that they are so passionate about it makes me wonder how much of the story I don’t know. Again, for people like Denise who say these questions are so easily answered, wouldn’t the Homecoming crowd be the very place for Guy to sell this album? Why did Gaither say the break was his idea, yet Guy came back and quit? Why did moderators on other sites say that anyone who knew anything about Guys “personal issues” knew he would not return? What was Michael English referring to in his Sutherland interview when he said “it broke Bill’s heart to do the things he had to do”? Why did Hall come back to fill in lead after his departure, but never Guy? Why did Guy leave to “go solo” without a website, record or schedule as if he just set out on a solo career on a whim? Why did it take him almost a year to get back out there? Why is Sutherland telling us all to mind our own business? I’m not, by far, the only one talking about this, so why don’t Gaither and Guy just do something together to clear the air like they did with Hall? Everything about the situation screams that there was more to this story.

  46. ADM wrote:

    DMP, you’ve already implied that you have all the answers. The funny things is, you’re the only one asking these questions. No one here is begging you to tell what you “know.” No one.

  47. Wade wrote:

    Denise…ok since you are married do you have a sister???

    ADM… yeah Amen to what you said!!!

  48. Denise wrote:

    Wade….no sister. How nice of you to ask, however. My compliments to your brain cells.

  49. DMP wrote:

    I think you have missed the point. I don’t want or need anyone to beg me for information. I realize you think that is what this was about, but in all honesty, it wasn’t. I’m not looking for that kind of faceless validation like Wade was. God only knows what he is looking for from Denise. I’m simply pointing out that something was not right with this member change. Would you like the links to other sites asking these same questions? Granted, my observations are a bit biased based on what I already know, but that was the point. I’d love to hear some answers to those questions, but no one has them. Don’t beg me for anything; just tell me where I am so far off on this thing. Does anyone honestly think this was a normal changeover? Gaither takes in hundreds of millions of dollars each year (one estimate said a billion in homecoming videos alone have been sold), so don’t fool yourself into believing that he will not, and has not, gone to extreme measures to protect the image of the group and organization. Save you high school insults and name calling, if you want to make me look foolish, simply provide some quality answers to these questions. It’s that easy.

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