NQC 09 open thread

Reader jbb reminds me that it’s almost here:

NQC starts in 2 days, well, 3 days for me.  We purchased the live broadcast and for anyone who cares, we shoot the webcast on our wall and sit back and enjoy every evening with the 4 f’s..family, friends, food and fellowship.  I can’t wait.

Just out of curiosity, I’d be interested to know how many people subscribe to the live feed along with this reader.

In other NQC related stuff, David Bruce Murray suggests an interesting idea for a Tryout Showcase, Daniel Mount will reprise NQC celebrity guest blogging over at his site, which elsehwere includes a roundup of albums released at or around NQC, and of course, there’s Gaither and the quilt.

Consider this your NQC open thread until I begin regular NQC blogging later in the week. As a courtesy to your fellow readers and commenters, please be sure to mark your comments in this thread so that they clearly reference the day’s music or events you’re referring to.

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  1. Elisabeth wrote:

    I purchased the live feed as well, and we are very much looking forward to it. There were some technical difficulties last year, but I hope those will be worked out this time. We weren’t able to see most of it last year due to revival services at our church, but we greatly enjoyed what we did see. Also, the afternoon showcases (Song of a Lifetime and Dino & Kim) were great! I really think you can’t beat the price ($60) for a whole week of NQC mainstage, especially since they’re leaving select footage up for 30 days afterward this year. Can’t wait for Monday!! We will be planted in front of the computer each evening - except for Wednesday. Church, ya know. =)

  2. K. Allen wrote:

    Hopefully your live tweeting will resume. Last year’s stream presented an amusing distraction.

  3. NonInsider wrote:

    I have not suscribed to the live stream but I may this year… … If Tim Riley is with Gold City next week, then it will be worth the money spent on going and subscribing… I have been hearing that they may be close to a replacement, a name or two has found its way to my ears… But I am not at liberty to discuss…

  4. jbb wrote:

    Elizabeth: I’m not a technical person, but, you can hook your computer to your t.v. and watch it on a bigger scale. We hook ours to a projector and shoot it on the wall which is awesome.

  5. scope wrote:

    Once again, if you aren’t at liberty to discuss it, why are you discussing it? Just keep quiet.

  6. dd wrote:

    I, for one, like to hear rumblings of what’s going on. Even though he/she can’t say it - so what? At least we now have an idea that maybe Tim isn’t semi-permanent, as some have suggested.

  7. SM wrote:

    I agree with #5 Scope, if you can’t discuss it, then don’t discuss it. Some people just like to think they are in the know!!!

  8. SM wrote:

    I also purchased the Live Stream, I usually attend NQC, but was not able to this year. I agree that it is a good price, as long as everything works ok. So, I will be glued to my laptop for the next week.

  9. Ted Watson wrote:

    We tried the live feed the last two years. The first year there was a problem with audio/video sync. Last year there were groups with the direct closed circuit nearby and the 2-3 second delay between their feed (which we could hear) and ours really made it uncomfortable to pay very close attention. This year, we’ll have neither but we’re usually too busy to hear much while we’re at our booth anyway…

  10. SHicks wrote:

    I will not be attending this year…wish I could, but I’m afraid it’s just not feasible for my family and myself to make it.

    I will, however, state that I think it is a travesty that at least two particular quartets are not on the main stage this year. And those groups are The Melody Boys Quartet and Southern Sound.

    The Melody Boys are one of the few groups left that was at the first Convention in ‘57. They are still going strong and have as strong a lineup as they have ever had. Gerald Williams is a HALL OF FAMER for heaven’s sake and a hero among bass singers, yet NQC does not deem Gerald and the Melody Boys worthy enough to appear on their main stage???

    Southern Sound is one of the finest quartets in our business, and one that any fan or any southern gospel group that works with them enjoys. They’ve developed a following and have captured a lot of people’s attention.

    Another quartet X-ed this year was the Toney Brothers. Still and always a great quartet. They did wonderful last year on the main stage.

    And Lily Fern and the Weatherfords, though not a quartet…there’s another Hall of Famer given the boot. Let’s face it, our business couldn’t care less about the people who have built it. No respect for the legends whatsoever.

    And has anybody noticed that the number of QUARTETS at the National QUARTET Convention keeps dwindling year after year? The QUARTETS at the National QUARTET Convention are now the minority. It is sickening. I like the Greenes, Booths, Greater Vision, Karen Peck & New River as much as the next fan, but this is the QUARTET Convention.

    And let’s face it, if you are a QUARTET in this business, landing a spot on the QUARTET Convention is extremely challenging. Yet we have several practically unknown mixed groups and trios on the QUARTET Convention main stage. Makes lots of sense, don’t it? If they don’t want QUARTETS on the QUARTET Convention, then maybe they need to change the name of the event that has been staple of our business for over 50 years, because QUARTET Convention it sure ain’t.

    JD Sumner must be cussing in his grave.

  11. NQC09 wrote:


    First of all, our industry is not made up of QUARTETS ONLY! It is made up of ALL forms of groupings!!! SO deal with it!!

    SECOND…The NATIONAL QUARTET CONVENTION is now known (at least image wise) as NQC - its that way for a REASON

    THIRD…JD cussing in his grave? I think not! I think he would love all the variety!

    FOURTH…if you ain’t comin’…SHUT UP!

  12. cheeseburger wrote:

    Hey - SHicks - here’s an idea… if you don’t like the way the board does things and who they choose to put on stage… cough up a couple hundred thousand dollars and offer to buy someone out of their stock!!

    NQC is a BUSINESS, and if you don’t like the way they run their business… start your own convention and make your own rules! The board puts people on stage who will draw a crowd and bring in some money.

    Quit griping about your favorite groups not getting on stage. Sheesh!

  13. quartet-man wrote:

    11. Actually, although J.D. liked some other groups, he complained about there not being as many quartets in the industry before he passed away. He also complained about the lack of quality artists in the industry. I think I remember both of these right. It was in his book (the expanded one at least.)

    #12 Don’t we all have opinions on things whether we run them or are even going?

    Now, I am not going to say what (if anything) I think about this. I am only responding to these posts. I don’t really have a dog in the fight.

  14. Bryce wrote:

    Monday 9.14
    05:55 Grand Opening – Brian Free & Assurance, Dove Brothers, Gold City, & Kingdom Heirs
    06:02 Uncle Gerald’s Singing Bee
    06:07 Welcome – Brian Lester
    06:09 Welcome to Louisville – Larnelle Harris
    06:13 Down East Boys
    06:30 “America the Beautiful”
    06:33 Skyline Boys
    06:41 Soul’d Out
    06:49 Priority
    06:57 Tim Lovelace
    07:00 Brian Free & Assurance
    07:17 “Thanks For The Memories” - Statesmen
    07:21 Dixie Echoes
    07:38 Dixie Melody Boys
    07:56 Blackwood Brothers
    08:09 Blazing Piano with Jeff Stice
    08:13 Triumphant Quartet
    08:34 Gold City
    08:52 Dove Brothers
    09:10 Frick & Frack – Les Beasley & Claude Hopper
    09:15 Kinsmen
    09:32 Kingdom Heirs
    09:55 Inspirations
    10:19 Tribute
    10:36 Legacy Five
    10:57 Finale – Legacy Five, Tribute, Kingsmen

  15. Tyler wrote:

    Dude, I can’t believe 4 of my top 5 favorite quartets (although I can’t necessarily say the same of GC anymore) are doing the opening! Talk about a dream lineup!

  16. Bryce wrote:

    Hopefully, two-day scheds at a time will suffice.

    Tuesday 9.15
    05:55 Opening – Booth Brothers
    06:00 Uncle Gerald’s Singing Bee
    06:05 Welcome – Jerry Goff
    06:09 Lesters
    06:21 “A Matter Of The Heart”
    06:25 Chuck Wagon Gang
    06:37 Blazing Piano with Stewart Varnado
    06:40 Pfeifers
    06:57 Crist Family
    07:01 “Thanks For The Memories” - J.D. Sumner & The Stamps
    07:05 Jeff & Sheri Easter
    07:22 Greater Vision
    07:41 Mark Trammell Trio
    07:58 Booth Brothers
    08:17 Reggie Saddler Family
    08:44 “Thanks For The Memories” - Speer Family
    08:47 Ben Speer
    08:51 Frick & Frack – Les Beasley & Claude Hopper
    08:55 Roarks
    09:04 Hoppers
    09:25 Isaacs
    09:45 Perrys
    10:07 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
    10:28 McKameys
    10:52 Primitives
    11:11 Finale – Isaacs, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Primitives

  17. Donna wrote:

    I purchased the live feed even though I intend to be at NQC by Thursday or Friday. I like that we can view anything captured until OCT. 14th.

    And, Doug, I want to know what you think of “the quilt” when you see it!!!! :-)

  18. NG wrote:

    Reader comment on a Louisville Courier-Journal story on NQC:

    “Yeah, the old time gospel group from the south spreading their version of christian music. Still living like the devil!”

    You can read the article at: http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20090911/NEWS01/909110380/Gospel+quartet+convention+starting

  19. NG wrote:

    Worth noting on page 2 in the article in #18 is that Clarke Beasley said the convention has a contract with the Kentucky State Fair Board only through 2010 but added there are negotiations about an extension. However article says Beasley “appeared reluctant” to predict that the contract will be renewed.

    He said the logistics of the convention means the convention would not fit well into the new downtown arena, which is to open late next year.

  20. Lead1 wrote:

    Is it a misprint that the Reggie Sadler family gets 27!!! minutes?

  21. quartet-man wrote:

    Hey Doug, are these relatives of yours?


  22. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Gold City sounded awesome tonight. Tim Riley still has it! They got the biggest response of the night.

  23. Glenn wrote:

    Watched the live feed tonight. A few observations. (1) I had forgotten how good the Dixie Echoes are. (2) I thought Gold City sounded as good as I have heard them. (3) Jerry Martin is really talented. (4) I would be OK if I never hear “Didn’t it Rain” again. (5) the Inspirations are better than I thought they were. Overall, I think everything, especially from Brian Free on, was really good and well worth it.

  24. Lookinonfromafar wrote:

    The opening night of NQC 09 was, well, blah. The highlight had to be Tim Riley returning to the stage. I’m not a huge Riley fan nor a big nostalgia guy, but there was a buzz and an energy in the building when he stepped on stage. They sang After Awhile, which fits Riley quite well. Cooper does not need to sing In Time, On Time, Every Time. I’m not the biggest Jay Parrack fan, but it was not even close to the quality that Parrack used to sing it. I felt bad for him. He’s a good singer, but that is not his song. Triumphant is a mystery to me. They’re getting or performing better material than ever, like Amazed At the Change, When the Trumpet Sounds, Everyday and Jesus Built This Church on Love. However, it’s like they’re either making a very slow rise to elite status or are just stuck just below the upper crust (kind of like Brian Free and Assurance). Jeff Stice, stop overplaying everything. David Sutton, create a blend at some point. It doesn’t matter how high you can sing if you can’t help to create a pleasing blend. The old Kingsmen hits still bring back good feelings for the fans, but minus Bryan Hutson, they’re simply not very quality vocally. Memo to Arthur Rice, stop yelling everything. It’s played out. You’re too talented vocally to be doing that. Tribute Quartet is so impressive to have no better than average vocalists in the group. They do good songs - like When the Gates Open Wide and Be Still and Know That He Is God - and typically have good arrangements. They are industry guys who understand what it takes to be good. However, get a big-time vocalist if you can. Legacy Five…boring. You’re better than that. Best two piano players were at the end of the night, Josh Singletary and Tim Parton. Parton is way, way good. Singletary is too, though he only played (and halfway did it at that) on the final song. I know that you’re a really good guy, but get rid of some of the team-playing stage antics, calm it down a little and use your considerable talent more of your time on stage. Tribute Quartet doesn’t try to do more than it’s capable of doing. I like that a lot. The Booth Brothers weren’t on the lineup for Monday but still managed to get on stage multiple times. The crowd loves them though…well, really loves Michael most of all. Hoping NQC 09 Tuesday is better.

  25. NQCgoer wrote:

    Is anybody attending NQC early in the week who will be leaving before the weekend? If so, would you like to sell your parking pass and make some money back on it? Give me an e-mail address or number, and I’ll purchase it from you.

  26. jbb wrote:

    Glenn: I must say I agree with all your comments. I enjoy the Dixie Echoes more each time I hear them. The Inspirations were so much better than before.
    What’s with the slippery stage?…I thought Doug Riley was gonna bust is backside when he “Hit the stage a runnin” right when the show began. The live feed is great. No problems like last year and it looks awesome on a 8 ft. wall in your living room. I really appreciate that they offer this.
    Can’t wait to see what tonight brings.

  27. 1 correction wrote:

    #26 - I think you mean Danny Riley.

  28. onemadeupmind wrote:

    I am in Louisville for convention. Highlights to me were Brian Free w/Jeff Chapman. What a bass singer. Triumphant QT can flat out sing. Kingdom Heirs were mediocre. Their mix was terrible. Kingsmen mix sucked. K-men did ok, but somebody needs to tell Hutson that tapping time on the mic with his finger is annoying as hell! Also, never could hear their lead singer in the mix. Tenor singer Harold Reed is a good group singer, but too chubby to hit the high ones! Inspos were better than expected, sounded more like they did when the were in their heyday. Martin is old and needs some Geritol. By the time he finished the, “I would still strap on a gun and figt for Myron’s 3 little ones who will be here tommow” rant, I wanted to send him. Dixie Melody Boys? Ed O’Neal needs to pack it in and go to the house…BORING! Dixie Echoes? Bass singer tries to hard…Fake spirituality. Gold City….I agree, ROCKED THE FRICKIN’ HOUSE! And I’m not a huge fan to begin with, but they BROUGHT IT on Monday.

  29. Ron F wrote:

    Great Job #24. Could you tell about how the crowd was????

  30. Donna wrote:

    The much talked-about “Quilt” made its debut at NQC. Here’s a link to pictures of the quilt construction process and then set-up and display at NQC. We’ll keep adding pictures during the week!

    Hope you like it! http://www.kodakgallery.com/ShareLandin … tos_button

  31. SM wrote:

    To #24, You must have been watching a different program than I was watching, I thought overall it was a good evening. I guess it is all in what kind of frame of mind you are it. I usually attend NQC, but was not able to do so this year. I signed up for the live streaming, and was just very happy to be there even if it was from home. But I guess if you start watching with a negative attitude, what you will see will be negative. I hope for your sake the coming evenings will be better for you, if not then maybe you need to take up watching another genre of musical entertainment.

  32. Tony Watson wrote:

    jbb - just FYI - that was Daniel Riley. Doug passed away.

  33. Donna wrote:

    http://www.kodakgallery.com/ShareLandin … tos_button

    I don’t know why only the first part is highlighted as the URL in my earlier post, but it’s the whole thing! If the URL doesn’t post properly this time, maybe y’all can type the whole thing in including the “…tos_button” :-(

  34. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    Sound at the NQC is TERRIBLE. I don’t know who’s running it but they need to go back to school. Brian Lester checked both mics before Dixie Echoes sang and they were hot then when they started singing NOTHING. It is the middle of the first song for everybody before the mics are hot. I bet it’s not that way for Claude Hopper. Never did hear Eric Bennett sing bass. Hope it gets better as week goes on

  35. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    #20. They get 17 minutes not 27

  36. LaShay Bankston wrote:

    #28 - onemadeupmind -

    Who the CRAP are you to say that Pat Barker is “fake spirituality”?? Let me explain something to you about him. Pat Barker is more of a Christian than ANY person I’ve ever met in Southern Gospel. He literally gets up on Sunday mornings and WALKS to the nearest church to where their bus is parked… rain or shine. How dare you say that he’s fake. If you don’t know him…then keep your mouth shut. You have no business saying he’s fake. You’ll never meet a more genuine and kind person in SG. So, here’s a slice of advice… if you think he’s trying too hard and don’t enjoy their set… then by all means… take a hike out of Freedom Hall and go get you some fresh air. I’d hate for his “fakeness” to give you something to moan and groan about. I’m sure you can get enough fresh air to tide you over until you can get back in to listen to some other group who is wayyy more spiritual.

  37. onemadeupmind wrote:

    #36-I didn’t say your boyfriend Pat Barker was fake. I said fake spirituality, you know, all the jumping up and down, and tip toeing on the stage stuff. Your fellow is probably a good guy, I just thought he was trying a bit too hard.

    I left out a=my comments about the Dove Soap Brothers. Poor, pathetic, set. Didn’t it rain? I never can understand a word this guy sings…mush i tell you, but those amp’d up on hype think it is spiritual. And McCray’’s comments on doing a little George Jones? He can’t carry George’s microphone, much less sing like him…there’s only one possum. The closest one in Gospel music to ole George would be Gerald Crabb, but he’s persona non-grata at the convention.

  38. LaShay Bankston wrote:

    First of all, Pat has a very sweet wife. Her name is Kesha. Don’t be such a smart-alec. It’s not necessary…AT ALL.

    And how do you know it was fake? Did you go ask him? Probably not. What about all the others who dance around stage and run and jump and do whatever else they do? Are they fake too? If you’re going to be critical… at least learn how to do it with a little bit of integrity. Or maybe you should get up on stage… let us see how you perform. I’ll be glad to drive to Louisville to report to the world how “fake” you are or not. OR… how about find Pat at their booth tonight and tell him you think he’s trying too hard. I’m sure he’d appreciate your critique….

  39. onemadeupmind wrote:

    #38–I have been on the NQC Stage and you were probably there (last night.) Yes, I am a very high profile individual.

    As for the others who fake spirituality, i think the same thing. Good folks, trying too hard to make something happen with the crowd.

  40. LaShay Bankston wrote:

    Awe. well good for you with your axe to grind. I’m so happy that you’re a high profile individual who comes to the blogs and critiques your peers then tells everyone how high profile you are. You should be so proud of yourself. Hey, here’s an idea… why don’t you tell everyone who you are… and I’ll call up to Louisville and get some of my buddies to go sit in on your set next time you’re on main stage.. and then we can all throw together a critique about YOU. And, the next time you’re in Southeast Louisiana… let me know, I’ll be glad to come see your group and judge your spirituality or lack thereof.

    And no, I wasn’t at NQC.

  41. TJT wrote:

    #39…. mmmm a very high profile individual, sounds like you need to wash your mouth out, with post # 28. “annoying as hell” and
    “Frickin’ House!. - Why do you to feel the need to promote yourself ..”as high profile”,
    you put your pant on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us.

  42. gc wrote:

    Lashay has a point! It is easy for onemadeupmindchickeneisha to degrade people when he or she or a combination of both does not have to stand behind it…It is very hard to decipher a person’s spiritual depth…..

  43. onemadeupmind wrote:

    40-You are great at picking up one’s offense. How spiritual of you. Southeast Louisiana? I’m impressed. you can actually spell, and read, and the whole bit! You sure do fire up easily. Chill! I bet you’re a church devil too!

  44. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    LaShay you are playing right into this guys hands. He just wants someone to argue with. When you have to tell people how important you are then you are usually not important at all

  45. LaShay Bankston wrote:

    Ahh, yeah, I know.. I’m glad he/she can argue with me. The difference between us is that I’ll post on here with my real name and say on here exactly what I’d say to someone’s face.

    As for taking up Pat’s offense… Nah. Pat can take up his own offense. He probably wouldn’t… but he can if he wants. I’m simply pointing out that you can’t get on a blog and post trash about people and hide behind some nickname. Man up. Use your real name. I would’ve called you out on your post regardless of who you were talking about… it just so happens you were talking about someone I happen to know.

    Seriously, I’d love to go to onemadeupmind’s concert one day. I’ve probably been to one at some point, I’m sure. We can hash this out in person. I don’t have a problem with it. I’m no respecter of persons… so if you want to trash talk someone, including myself.. and attempt to insult me by poking fun at where I live… that’s fine… I don’t really give a flying crap WHO you are or who you THINK you are… but you’re beginning to embarrass yourself whether you know it or not.

  46. HighProfile4Real? wrote:

    It made me laugh to see ANYONE in SG call themselves “high profile” - I mean i LITERALLY laughed out loud!

  47. Wade wrote:

    ahhh onemadeupmind…

    I gotta pile on and call BS!! Or atleast have a big enough sack to man or woman up if you are going to be critical that way and then claim to be HIGH PROFILE!!!

    That is tasteless & chickenshit in it’s HIGHEST FORM!!! But hey you are good at it!!!

    You might even be a GOOD SINGER and most likely a woman or a very fem man to make catty comments like that!!! IMHO!!! :-) ;-) lol

  48. judi wrote:

    Donna, #30 and #33: Your finished quilt is really impressive! I’m sure if I could see it in person I would enjoy looking at all the techniques you used to put this together! Unfortunately the URL for your Kodak Gallery site is really long, which is why I guess it doesn’t work from the link you posted in these comments. But I went to your main So Gospel Forums site (clicked on the word “quilt” in Doug’s original post and it comes right up) and used the link on page 70 of the comments, and it took me to the gallery just fine. If you could get a link to the gallery on the opening page of your forum, that might help folks trying to find it. Anyway, from one quilter to another, congratulations on getting it finished and installed!

  49. Harold Reed wrote:

    to the poster of post 28…why dont you come and give us all your critiques to our respective faces…would LOVE to meet you at NQC

  50. onemadeupmind wrote:

    Sound is horrible tonite. I really should help them out. Reggie Sadler is funny. Has anyone noticed that Dean Hopper has a billy goat vibrato? It’s very noticable. Sound for Hoppers is having issues. Somebody will get a buitt chewing I’m sure.

  51. Butch wrote:

    I getting tired of seeing the same goofing around between sets. Why in the world can they not figure out how to get the mics turned on. You would think this is a Jr. high Sunday School class producing the show. I mean really; can’t we get this right. I officially call for a change somewhere. It has got to start at the top-new producer-anything. And please spell the groups correctly up on the board-The Isaacs are not spelled Issacs, The Perrys are not Perry’s. I’m watching this stuff on my computer and thinking, this cannot be that complicated. Producer Dave has got to be replaced. I submit Butch as his replacement.

  52. NQCgoer wrote:

    Somebody help out with this…Bryce, when/if you post the Wednesday and Thursday schedule, can you go ahead and post Friday’s schedule too? Also, can somebody tell who is doing bible study and chapel each day. I heard it was Jerry Goff and Legacy Five Wednesday, but what about the final three days? Also, how old do kids have to be in order to require a ticket to get in to the evening concert?

  53. LW wrote:

    Sounds to me like onemadeupmind should be able to go work in Washington, DC with all the other crazies.
    If you are only there to cause trouble and be critical, then don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  54. onemadeupmind wrote:

    Isaacs Killed it!
    Perrys Killed it!
    Booth Brothers Killed it!
    Who are the Roarks? Country music wannabe’s, that’s who they are.
    Ben Speer “In The Midst Of It All” Killed it!

  55. Alan Kendall wrote:

    I’m not at NQC this year, Melody Boys are in the middle of our 33-day tour of the west coast, but I think I’ll put my 2 cents in anyway. I must admit I am quite mystified at this onemadeupmind character, but I do suspect this individual will most likely exhibit as many or more vocal flaws on stage this week than the rest of the singers who perform there.

    I appreciate the energy Pat Barker brings to the Dixie Echoes. The energy those guys have is all real and their singing and sincerity cannot be topped.

    Harold Reed is one of my favorite tenors in our business and the reports are true. The Kingsmen quite possibly have the best sounding quartet in their history.

    The Dove Brothers are great friends, great people, and put together one good quartet. I love the song “Hold On”…and the song most definitely sounds like something George Jones would sing. Does McCray sound like George Jones…of course not…I doubt he would ever claim to be gospel music’s “possum”, but “Hold On” is one of the strongest feature songs he has ever had.

    About the only thing I agree with onemadeupmind on is that Triumphant Quartet can flat sing.

    Hey LaShay, you go gal. You’re a cool lady…looking forward to the cruise again!

    Onemadeupmind, you sure do not act like the “high profile” individual you make yourself out to be. No wonder you go by an alias. Someone with an attitude like yours is better off in hiding anyway.

  56. NoNQCFAN wrote:

    One comment–#49, I hope your singing is better than your attitude!

  57. thisisfunny wrote:

    high profile and yet watches everyone’s performance? i’m actually in this industry and do perform on that stage. no, i’m not ‘high profile’ but knowing all of the groups on monday night VERY well… we are all pretty good friends, and while we enjoy each other, none of these pro groups sit around to watch all of the performances. yes, we are still fans, but none of the quartet guys are going to sit in freedom hall to watch ALL of their piers.

  58. onemadeupmind wrote:

    First of all, too all my friends that have been the victim of my critiques, please accept my apologies. After reading Harold “Huggy Bear’s” post, I felt threatened. So I apologize. Do you accept my apology? 70 X 7.

    Now on to business.

    My personal rankings:

    Joseph Hadawadabankalank (however you spell it and say it..you know, the Perry’s Lead dude) has stepped up and in my opinion OWNS the best lead singer in Gospel Music award. Poised, controlled, classy, is what comes to mind. He will be the KING for the next several years. BTW, Perry’s KILLED IT TONIGHT!

    Baritone? Mark Trammell still owns this spot. Daniel Riley a close second. Rodney Griffith or Griffin, which is it (?) is honorable mention.

    Bass. Lots of thoughts. At the convention, TIM RILEY owns it this week, but as far as active road singers go, Eric Bennett. Great cut in his voice.
    (I would have went with Aaron McCune, but he’s had to go to the house to take care of momma matters it seems.

    Tenor: It’s not Huggy from K-Men, it’s not Billy from Kingdom Hairs, It’s not Kitson from GV. My opinion: David Sutton from Triumphant. The boy can sing!

    Pianists? Stan Whitmire. Nothing but fine! K-Men Kid is going to be (is) great as well.

    Drummers? I dunno, but I like Rick Free’s new hairdo! It’s cute ! (Puulllleaze!)

    Hot Female Singers? I didn’t hear any, but the Browns ladies are really, really, purdy!

    More later!

  59. onemadeupmind wrote:

    I made my debut at NQC in 1962. It was a very good year. I did manage to stand on the stage this year, just before it all started. High Profile? Yep! Sat in the cheap seats WAAAAAAY up in the air. Important person? I think I am. Opinionated? You betcha. Mean spirited? Nawwww. Not a mean bone in my body. Antagonist? Thou hast said.

    Leaving convention and will be back next year. Adios Amigos!

  60. Alittlecloser wrote:

    And the award for stealing Tuesday night’s show goes to…the Isaacs. They were superb. I’m not a huge bluegrass fan, but they may be the best live performers in Southern Gospel music (given the music and the vocals together). The accapella song that they ended with was great. They go for it and reach it. Kudos. That takes guts and confidence. Ben did a great job on Little Jimmy Brown. The song they did with Sonya playing the banjolin as she called it was great, and the acapella tune to end was phenomenal. That’s the way to bring it at NQC. The Hoppers before them had a decent set, despite the issues with Connie’s mic throughout the first two songs (that’s ridiculous). Blame It On Love is a good song that is delivered well. Kim - who was striking in that blue dress - sings songs so much better with time. I’ve never heard Kim Hopper sound in the neighborhood of poor, but the little nuances she adds in songs as she sings those songs more often is fun to watch/hear. It would stand to reason that most people do sing songs better as they get more familiar with them, but she takes songs to a different level after she has gotten used to them. Some artists are simply not capable of that. The Perrys were solid as always. If You Knew Him went over very, very well. Habedank’s confidence and control are noticably better. That’s what voice lessons will do for you. He’s much more comfortable in a higher register than he ever used to be. Reggie Saddler was entertaining as ever, though the set needs to be revised somewhat. They do the same songs year after year. Come on, bring something new to the table. Ingra is a high-quality vocalist. Just let her sing. Memo to the guy placing the names of each group up in lights…check the names (it’s Mark Trammell, not Trammel, and it’s Reggie Saddler, not Reggie Sadler - also it probably should be the Roarks, not the Roarkes - and it’s the Perrys, not the Perry’s - what in the world is going on there?!?). The Booth Brothers had a quality set. I liked the opening song, but I can’t remember what it was. Sail On was okay. Jim did a solid job on Tears Are A Language God Understands. He doesn’t have the most pleasing voice in the world, but he’s a really good singer. The BBs had a quality set with little frills, but quality nonetheless. The new tenor with the MTT struggled a bit, but mainly on the ultra-high notes. May have been his first time on the main stage. That’s understandable. Was Matthew Holt playing piano for the MTT? It was hard for me to see. If so, what was he doing there? I had never heard him before, but Shane with the Roarks has a great voice, and I liked that first song. It was “real.” The Lesters were so smooth as always. Brian Lester and Ginger Pitchers have such pleasing voices, and their blend is great. They nailed “It’s Going To Be Wonderful.” It’s a hymn-sounding song with a lot of energy. It’ll go over even better in a church setting. It seemed as if the Crist Family made a big splash last year at NQC, so it was surprising to see them only get enough time to do two songs. They’re very good live, but it’s like being stacked with seven vocals on stage at one time. Nevertheless, they’re quality. It was nothing special, but I enjoyed Jeff and Sheri’s set. Madison, you did a fine job from what I heard, but sing into your mic. Morgan is also doing a fine job of singing her harmonies (just a little weak at times with the high stuff, but I’m sure it’ll get there with age/time). It’s not easy succeeding somebody as awesome as Charlotte Ritchie. Who was playing with Jeff and Sheri? Was it Jason Clark on bass and Greg Ritchie on drums? Who was on piano? I couldn’t see them very well. Kitson did a very solid job during Greater Vision’s set, moreso on the other stuff he did rather than on Little Is Much (though he did quite well on that also). Gerald, that is played out already. Let it rest my friend. He’s good enough to do other stuff. Did anybody else notice how much that set was about Jacob rather than about Rodney? Rodney was really not the focus of attention for a change. It’s always nice to see those three trios up on stage together. Wolfe and the Booths have a great relationship it seems, since they just recently did the Jubilee project together (along with L5). Trammell and Wolfe go way back, and the MTT and BBs seem to get along well. They’re all Daywind artists, so it makes sense to see them all on stage together. However, why put all of those trios right there together? They all have big fan bases. Spread it out. That’s three big-time groups in the Tuesday night lineup. Give people a rest and then bring another up later. There was much less group interaction on Tuesday as compared to Monday. On Monday night, every time one looked up, one group was coming up on stage to sing with another group. On Tuesday, the interaction was very minimal other than the three male trios together. I mean, I personally would love to have seen the Perrys, Isaacs and Hoppers do something together since they were consecutively in the program (I Wish I Could Have Been There or Shoutin Time or whatever). I mean, Sonya could really belt out Shoutin Time with Kim or what about Kim hitting a harmony note above Libbi at the end of I Wish I Could Have Been There. NQC is trying to give fans what they want it seems like. How’s about placing those types of configurations together, not just buddy groups or label-mates together.

  61. Ed wrote:

    The onemadeupmind guy is not man enough to say who he really is. Cause if the quartet men who he has ran down (who is supposed to be friends with) find out who he is, he might find himself with a good old country ass whippin.
    They are christian men, but also are men.

    Grow a pair and if you got the gall to say it, but your name on it.

  62. Steve Barbour wrote:

    I am so amazed that “christians” act this way. It’s sad to think that this forum may need a filter for language. The name calling is childish. Onemadeupmind - I really wish you would use your real name… It would be interesting to see how your comments were viewed if you couldn’t hide behind an alias. I sense a note of jealousy or anger towards someone or something. It’s just really sad. By the way, if you want to talk to me live, you can. Just post here and I’ll go out on a limb and post my cell phone number. I’m not a “very high profile” individual and I don’t think my cell phone will ring off the hook. I will say that I do agree with one or two items you spoke about (in a way somewhat).

  63. onemadeupmind wrote:

    Post 60-I agree with your Isaacs comments, They KILLED IT! Great set.

  64. jbb wrote:

    Sorry for getting the name wrong. Not intentional.

  65. onemadeupmind wrote:

    #61-Ed, this is why I have to speak the truth behind an alias, because of threats, like the one you posted.

    #62-Steve, If I wanted to talk to you, I could have already. Tell Bobby, Charley, and Dewayne I said hello. I view you as a nice guy, Steve.

    To all that blasted me…you’re as guilty as me. With a few exceptions, most of you wanted to either give me an ass whooopin’ or attend one of my concerts to see if I could do any better, or blah, blah, blah….Most of you are a bunch of Pharisee’s! Go figure.

    P.S. Amending a previous post. In addition to the “Brown” girls being purdy, I would also like to add Sonyha Isaacs to that list…She’s a HOT chica who can flat out sing! LOL!