NQC 09: Better burning

In preparation for my flight to Louisville tomorrow and my weekend with a rental car (that may or may not have satellite radio), I’m in the middle of furiously attempting to rip a shoulder-high stack of cds I’ve accumulated over the past year onto my iPod so I’ll have plenty of listening material/distractions from any screaming infants on the plane.

A discovery: a lot more sg (95%+) is in online databases of the sort iTunes draws from to prepopulate title, artist, and album metadata. A few years ago, the kind of thing I’m doing tonight would take at least twice as long while I entered metadata for the tracks. Now, I had to get all the way down to The Landmarks (thanks again, J) before I found an album that iTunes didn’t recognize and prepopulate.


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  1. Wade wrote:

    BURNING??? I thought you were bringing the good stuff from FLA!! Then I saw it was just music!!!

  2. HP wrote:

    The thing is, iTunes I believes draws from theirs and another data base. If the info for a CD doesn’t come up, there is an option in your menu to submit the CD/Track info to the database. I try to do this if the data is not available, this way when folks like you pop your CD in to burn, the info is then magically there. The down side…sometimes the info is not exactly correct(track names, etc.)

  3. HP wrote:

    Technically speaking…your “Ripping” music. I messed up too. Ripping is from disc to computer.

  4. quartet-man wrote:

    #3 HP, Avery did say he had music to rip in the comment itself. True, the comment about burning doesn’t mention ripping, but if you burn cd’s after ripping them, your burner will write CD text, and you don’t want to change or type in titles, it IS better burning. :-)

  5. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    Watch out Doug. Some of the powers that be think your stealing from them doing that

  6. Not Ernie Haase wrote:

    Folks, could you please stop using “your” when you really should be saying “you’re?”

    Come on.

  7. KDM wrote:

    Burning, ripping…it sounds like a bunch of pirates pillaging a peasant village. “Arrr, that thar be the Statesmen Quartet. Burn ‘em!”

  8. quartet-man wrote:


    Your right! You’re observations are accurate and you’re comments concise, but your going to ruffle some feathers if you keep it up. ;-)

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