Open Thread 2

This just in: Legacy Five is looking for a tenor (and, yes, I’ve confirmed this with the L5 office; Seamans will hang around till the replacement is in place). So whom have you heard this week who might be a good addition to L5?

Consider this your place to discuss that and continue any other NQC related discussions from before. The other thread was getting both busy and buried, so I’ve closed it as a way to encourage the conversations to migrate to the top of the page for now.

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  1. natesings wrote:

    What about Daniel Crews? Would he be high enough?

  2. Bryce wrote:

    Because you asked, NQCgoer! I should give props to Donna over at SN forums. She posted these first.

    Wednesday 9.16
    05:55 Opening – Greater Vision
    06:00 Uncle Gerald’s Singing Bee
    06:04 Welcome – Brian Lester & Dennis Swanberg
    06:07 Paid-In-Full
    06:18 Naomi & The Segos
    06:28 Tim Lovelace
    06:31 The Browders
    06:35 Collingsworth Family
    06:57 Karen Peck & New River
    07:17 Talley Trio
    07:34 Booth Brothers
    07:51 “Thanks For The Memories” - Florida Boys
    07:54 Hall Of Fame Quartet
    07:58 The Pfeifers
    08:20 Frick & Frack – Les Beasley & Claude Hopper
    08:25 Kingdom Heirs
    08:46 Legacy Five
    09:02 Todd Starnes (Fox News Radio)
    09:06 Mark Bishop
    09:21 Greenes
    09:38 Mike & Kelly Bowling
    09:55 Whisnants
    10:20 Blazing Piano with Gerald Wolfe
    10:25 Dove Brothers
    10:42 Triumphant Quartet
    10:59 Gold City

  3. Bryce wrote:

    Thursday 9.17
    05:55 Opening – The Hoppers
    06:00 Uncle Gerald’s Singing Bee
    06:05 Welcome – Aaron Wilburn & Tim Lovelace
    06:09 HisSong
    06:16 Lesters
    06:24 Ricky Atkinson & Compassion
    06:38 Greenes
    06:55 Aaron Wilburn
    06:59 Blazing Piano with Kim Collingsworth
    07:03 Mark Trammell Trio
    07:23 Whisnants
    07:40 “Thanks For the Memories” - The LeFevres
    07:43 Ivan Parker
    08:00 Frick & Frack – Les Beasley & Claude Hopper
    08:04 Collingsworth Family
    08:24 Hoppers
    08:41 Dr. David Jeremiah
    08:52 Dixie Echoes
    09:13 Greater Vision
    09:30 Kingsmen
    09:50 Gold City
    10:08 Aaron Wilburn & Jerry Goff
    10:12 Jeff & Sheri Easter
    10:29 Talley Trio
    10:48 Tribute
    10:59 Perrys

  4. Bryce wrote:

    Friday 9.18
    05:55 Opening – The Hoppers
    06:00 Uncle Gerald’s Singing Bee
    06:04 Welcome – Brian Lester & Tim Lovelace
    06:07 The Pfeifers
    06:27 Original Couriers
    06:42 Mike Speck Trio
    07:02 Karen Peck & New River
    07:19 Greater Vision
    07:36 Blazing Piano with Gordon Mote
    07:40 Gaither Vocal Band & Signature Sound
    08:43 Dove Brothers
    09:03 Booth Brothers
    09:20 Frick & Frack – Les Beasley & Claude Hopper
    09:24 Diplomats
    09:33 Inspirations
    09:50 McKameys
    10:11 Legacy Five
    10:31 Hoppers
    10:50 Triumphant Quartet
    11:20 Brian Free & Assurance

  5. Tim wrote:

    If you get a chance to drop by the Artist Spotlight Showcase. Our group, Canaan’s Crossing will perform Saturday at 11:30.

  6. Sadie Sidewalker wrote:

    Frank’s leaving L5. Again. Yawn.

  7. yeppers wrote:

    What’s the deal with Matthew Holt playing for Brian Free and Assurance?

  8. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    How about Danny Funderburke, Or Dan Keeton… I am very sad to see Frank depart… Besides being a very solid tenor,he was a genuine sincere person and that is what this genre needs more of.

  9. jbb wrote:

    I’m sure Frank feels the need to be with his family since his son is ill right now. Sure can’t blame him for that.

  10. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Dan Keeton would be a great fit. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tony Jarman come back. Didn’t Chris Cooper fill in with them between Jarman and Seamans?

  11. philip elwood wrote:

    A thought occurred to me(painful as it was)what if a frequent blogger just disappeared off site;what happened to them?did she/he die?or who cares anyroad?Which brings me to the point:WHERE THE DEVIL ARE YOU CVH.See, i care…..

  12. Irishlad wrote:

    #10.How about Josh Cobb?i hear he’s on the straight and narrow again.Then again “once bitten…

  13. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #11: Josh would fit, too, provided that he would want to travel again.

  14. cheeseburger wrote:

    pretty sure that Josh Cobb wouldn’t be welcomed back to the L5 family with open arms after all the smack talk he did…

  15. Irishlad wrote:

    #13.Still, a good, possibly great tenor Cheesy.

  16. Naomi wrote:

    I’m devastated that Frank is leaving. On top of the fact that he’s a world class tenor, he’s an awesome person! He’s brought such a unique sound and style to L5.. and he’s been such a big part of making L5 AWESOME quartet that they are today.
    I completely understand why he would leave, considering his son’s health, but I keep holding onto the hope that he may change his mind. I know from talking to him that he LOVES his work, and he wouldn’t leave unless he had to.
    I wonder how long it will be until a press release is issued..

    Ok.. I personally hope that they don’t bring back a former L5 tenor(NO offence to either of the guys whatsoever).. I think that L5’s sound has developed quite a lot in the last few years, and IMO, they need to keep going forward. I really can’t come up with a good replacement for Frank.. because Frank can’t be replaced!! Imo ANYONE else would be a step back. That’s just how I feel about Frank.

    I guess I wasn’t around for Josh’s “smack talk”… I hate to be nosy, but what did he say?

  17. Deron Johnson wrote:

    #13, I can guarantee you that he won’t be. I am so sad to see Frank leave L5. To me, he was a perfect fit for them after two tenors that I didn’t particularly care for. I remember when Frank almost had to leave in 2005 after Libby got a new job, and I was really sad, but he worked it out, and I am very glad he did. I wish both Frank and all of his family the very best.

  18. Naomi wrote:

    #16.. I agree.. Those were the words I was searching for “Perfect Fit”.

  19. onemadeupmind wrote:

    Dan Keeton is GREAT! If they will keep his ego in ck.

  20. Eric K wrote:

    While I preferred Tony’s voice over Frank’s, I feel Frank brought more to the group with his outstanding stage presents and wonderful personality. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tony back with L5, but Tony seems to change jobs too much. It’s like he can’t make up his mind about what he wants to do. To me, he would bring instability.
    Danny Funderburk is my all-time favorite tenor…but do you think his age will be a factor? Not sure if he can sing like the Danny from the ’80s anymore.
    I think they will bring in an “unknown”…at least unknown to all of us who are not living in the SG world.

  21. cheeseburger wrote:

    #14 I don’t think he’s a bad tenor, at all. Just think he wouldn’t be welcomed back.

    Maybe L5 will find a new tenor to introduce to the SG world?

  22. Ryan wrote:

    What about this guy? I don’t think he’s nationally or regionally known, but his clip of this song is fantastic!

  23. Bud Alexander wrote:

    Ernie Haase

  24. BUICK wrote:

    I agree with #23: Ernie Haase. That would improve two groups at the same time.

  25. William wrote:

    Jay Parrack

  26. TJT wrote:

    Can someone please tell me why the Dove Brothers would do the same exact set tonight (Wednesday) as they did on Monday night? Word for word down to the comment about George Jones. I am sure they have a new CD to sell, but come on guys…change it up. The Greenes kicked butt tonight. Tony was moving slow, but did a good job and TaRanda looked GREAT! I enjoyed the memory lane video on Naomi and the Segos,(Sego Bros. & Naomi). She truly is one of the Grand Ladies of gospel music.

  27. Alittlecloser wrote:

    The purpose of any form of music is to make you feel something, to evoke emotion. With that in mind, Wednesday night at NQC was easily the best of the evening concerts so far this week. The Greenes, how could you not sympathize with them and be thankful on their behalf at the same time? What a big God we have who can meet our every need, not matter how low the valley. I’ve seen Tony Greene emotional many times, but I’ve never seen him – and really have probably seen few people period – possessing such a level of broken gratitude for what God has done in his life and in the life of his family. What a testimony he has. Three weeks after kidney replacement, both he and Taranda were able to stand on the main stage at NQC and sing. They came out guns ablazin by singing “Miracle In Me” to start off. Jeff Snyder needs to get stronger in his leads. Hopefully, he will. He is definitely high enough to sing that part with the Greenes, but he just needs to try to fill it out a little more. There was a heavy and sweet spirit in the place as Taranda led the place in singing through “Through It All” after they concluded their set with “Hold On.” Prior to that, it had already been mentioned what Frank Seamans and his family has gone through during his son’s recent bout with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and Frank followed that up by singing a ballad (can’t remember the name of it, but it was talking about grace I believe). The Greenes set was one of the most touching performances I’ve ever experienced in Freedom Hall. Tim Riley was…just…wow. He sounds unbelievable. The song selection helped too, but he was just knocking the bottom out of stuff right and left. They sang “I’m Not Giving Up,” “When I Get Carried Away,” “Under Control” and “When He Blessed My Soul.” Riley’s lead on Under Control was just great. He’s a better “singer” right now than I’ve ever heard him, and some of the notes he was hitting in the other songs were just insane. I say that, and I’m not even a huge Tim Riley fan. Cooper did better in some ways on Wednesday night. When he took the lead on “I’m Not Giving Up,” he sounded great (he brought power and energy in the moment). However, at times when he went really high (like at the end of “Under Control” when he sings “for it’s under conturowll”), he just gets really thin. Maybe his voice just does that when he gets way up there. Maybe that was the problem with “In Time, On Time, Every Time” the other night. I heard him in a church setting though earlier this summer, and he was very solid. Let’s give him some time and hope for the best. Taliaferro has been with the group for more than a year now, but he’s quickly gotten very comfortable in his role. It’s fun to watch him. It was also fun to watch the interaction between the groups on Wednesday night (like when Triumphant closed out the night by joining Gold City on “When He Blessed My Soul” – when Gold City joined Triumphant on “Everyday” – when Mike and Kelly Bowling and Whisnants joined the Greenes on “Glorious City of God” – when the Talley Trio and Booth Brothers joined Karen Peck and New River on “We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown”). By the way, Roy Webb is very good, and he knows his role when he plays with somebody on the main stage (it was Gold City on Wednesday). His fills during the verses of “I’m Not Giving Up” were great in spots. The Collingsworth Family was not at its absolute best, but the they are so talented and solid. The trio song that the two daughters and Kim sang was superb. Can anybody remember that song? I’m blanking. Also, was the final song “Blessed Be the Lamb?” “Not the Same” is a great song, a great song to get going with. That song brings energy to the stage. Brooklyn is already a quality singer, but I can’t wait to hear both she and Courtney 5-10 years down the road. When Kim Collingsworth played “Blessed Assurance” for Kim Hopper, that was a lesson in accompaniment. Hopper didn’t try to do too much with the song. It was very mellow. It was elegant due to Collingsworth’s unbelievable playing. She followed her and didn’t try to do too much (she didn’t get in the way). You could have heard a pin drop in Freedom Hall during that song. She has won so many awards and has gotten so much attention that some people have grown tired of the attention that Kim Hopper receives, but she’s just as good as there is. The only fault I can see is that she tries to do too much at times (though that was not the case on Tuesday or Wednesday at NQC). Her vocal control is so impressive. I’d love to know what she has done to hone her craft, if she still takes voice lessons and regardless of whether she currently does or does not take voice lessons, who she is/was instructed by. I was expecting more from the Whisnants. Susan Whisnant is the meal ticket for that group. Let her sing. Most of their hits are songs she sings lead on. She’s a low alto, but there is a richness to her voice that allows her to deliver songs well. She sang one lead on Wednesday night, and I wasn’t overly keen on the tune, the final of their set. Mike and Kelly Bowling were not impressive, but they may be in a transition phase currently (due to Terah recently joining the group). It just wasn’t good stuff. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good. Speaking of evoking emotion, Michael Booth is capable of doing so in many facets. His vocal performance of The Secret Place was high quality for that reason. For a few minutes, you didn’t look at him as goofy, likeable Michael Booth. You got past him and focused on the song. Potentially, you could have looked internally, because he got out of the way and let the song – essentially let God - work. That’s the secret to greatness. Ronnie did a nice job on the Elvis tune, and Jim is the best wing-man in the business. The Talley Trio – as has been the case recently – allowed their set to be all about Lauren…but she’s quite good. Regardless of how much you like her voice, she continually improves on her craft. There’s a reason for that though. She – much like Joseph Habedank – desires to be good and works very hard at it. They work hard at their singing, phrasing, voice control, stage presence, composure on stage and even their appearance. As a result, they deserve all of the success that I feel will eventually come to them. Triumphant gave the fans what they wanted in their set, with Clayton tearing it up on the Old White Flag and then closing it out with “Everyday” (with Gold City joining them for the final couple of choruses). Scott Inman sounds incredibly seasoned at times, such as when he sings the line “I tell ya he is like no other” during the chorus of the song “Don’t Let the Sandals Fool Ya.” Sometimes, Sutton initially hits his note and is forming some semblance of a blend, but then, he tries to stretch the note skyward. Just blend man. Your voice is big enough. There’s no need to be so showy. Everybody knows you’re high. It’s not what your voice is, but it’s how you utilize it. When I heard on Wednesday that Frank Seamans was leaving Legacy Five, I honestly didn’t think much about it. I’ve always liked Frank. I think he’s a better than average tenor singer – not overly high – but solid. However, after hearing Legacy Five on Wednesday night, I wish he wasn’t departing. That’s probably as good as I’ve ever heard Frank for an entire set. Great, great job. By the way, Legacy Five could reach that next level of prominence (maybe have that 2-3 year run atop the Southern Gospel mountain like the Perrys, Booth Brothers and Greater Vision all have this decade) by hiring a really great vocalist to replace Frank (one who can really command a lead). However, why do “I Found Grace” again? They did that on Monday night. Come on, that song has been out for 5-6 years now. It was on the London project with Tony Jarman if I’m not mistaken. I can understand doing it, because it was a big hit. But it wasn’t so big that you do on the NQC main stage on both Monday and Wednesday nights, not 5-6 years later. Arthur Rice sings higher than any lead in Southern Gospel music. He also screams more than any lead in Southern Gospel music. See a correlation. I always like Arthur Rice, but I just don’t understand the misuse of his voice. Maybe he’s always done it that way. Everybody loves him. He sounds good when he’s singing in a comfortable range, but to me, it sounds like he’s singing out of the back of his throat when he goes way high. He’s blessed. I guess my small mind is just incapable of understanding some things. The Kingdom Heirs were much better than on Monday though. Jeff Chapman is so deep, and his lead was relatively good on Wednesday night. However, some of his ensemble work (like when he is singing a line by himself in the chorus of a song-with the other three guys singing a trailing line) is really muddy sounding. That’s an issue with a lot of bass singers, but Chapman seems to have a bigger voice than most bass singers. I had that same issue with Aaron McCune. McCune was a very good singer, but his vocals got muddy in spots (muddy meaning hard to distinguish words/phrases). Memo to Karen Peck…let Devin McGlamery sing some. You’re great. You always have been. Let Devin sing. “We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown” is still a crowd-pleaser, and you guys just go for it and rip it (loved Devin’s ending on that…hit it early and just held it solid for a good while). I think Michael Booth played drums on that song. Dean Hopper played drums for the Greenes (with no bass guitar-I don’t get it). The Pfeifers and Dove Brothers just don’t do it for me personally, but I’m glad lots of others are being blessed by their music. Fans did love it when Clayton Inman danced with McCray during “Didn’t It Rain.” Actually, Clayton and McCray seemed to enjoy it too. But really, doing “Didn’t It Rain” on both Monday and Wednesday…I mean, really.

  28. CVH wrote:

    “phillip” - thanks for the love. I’ve been off the grid part of the summer but around now. I’ve got nothing on L5.

  29. jbb wrote:

    Wow, the spirit was so thick in Freedom Hall last night when the Greenes were on stage. They had church and should’ve not worried about the time and just went on with it. Who knows, revival could’ve really broke out in that place. I’m always amazed at how awesome God is. How he orchestrated it all and set the plan in motion 40 yrs. ago. I can’t wait to see what happens tonight.

  30. HP wrote:

    Yes there was a merry go round of pianists. NQC seems to be the time when they see somebody and say, “hey you want to play during our set?” Webb with Gold City, Eleton with Skyline Boys, etc, etc. Doesn’t mean nothing, just a lot of good pianists roaming around so why not use them?

  31. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    The sound is still TERRIBLE for the third night. Hire some professionals if your buddies can’t do it right

  32. John wrote:

    #27, nice, well-stated review.

    Now if you could only embrace the concept of separating your thoughts into paragraphs, it would be a LOT easier to read.:-)

    Hint: when you want to talk about someone or something else, that would be a good time to commence a new paragraph.

    Carry on, folks! It’s good reading!

  33. Irishlad wrote:

    #28 Nice to hear from you CVH,boy you had me worried for bit.

  34. remember wrote:

    How about a guy named Jeff Gibson from Royalty? They were out in the earlier 2000’s and he sounds incredibly like Danny Funderburk. Oh, I know, you would have to hear it to believe it, but he really did back then. Does anybody know where they went. Had a song called “Amazing what a prayer can do” and “my soul is lifted up”? Please inform if you know.

  35. Alittlecloser wrote:

    Got a few questions. You insiders and old-timers help me out with these. The guys sitting at the board (Greg Shockley and Wesley Pritchard) are running the in-ear and floor monitors, giving the artists what they want to hear. So, the house sound - which has been so inconsistent (largely just due to people not being turned up near loud enough until well into a group’s set) - is being run from where (the sound board that is on the floor in front of section 101)? Why are they not hearing what we’re hearing out in the risers and in the upper deck? I mean, at times, it’s just been very poor.

    Signature Sound’s “Since Jesus Passed By” is a really good song, and they deliver it well. This has nothing to do with that song, but Seaton is underrated (overshadowed maybe).

    Michael English seems to be gaining his voice back. Don’t get me wrong…he doesn’t “still have it” but he is sounding better (more solid). What was it like back in the late 80s when he was with the Singing Americans? Did the crowd at NQC go wild over English at that time?

    Phelps is just unreal.

    Hampton is so good too, and he’d be considered an elite tenor if he sang with any other Southern Gospel group. However, he will inevitably get compared to Phelps since they stand on stage with each other night after night. Make no mistake though, Wes Hampton has a good voice and is a very good singer.

    Oh, also, what’s the story with Wayne Haun? He seems to be a highly-sought-after producer. Does that type of work not keep you busy full time though? I mean, I’m just wondering why he chose to become the piano player for EH&SS, unless it was just too good of a gig in terms of money to pass up. And is he really that good of a piano player? I’m not saying that he’s not quality, but I mean is he even in the neighborhood of the Tim Partons, Stan Whitmires, etc.? I was listening to him today, and he was just very basic in a lot of the songs. I mean that in no offense to Wayne. I’m really just asking. I love his production work. I don’t think there’s anybody any better in Southern Gospel music, though I’m really fond of the sound that Garry Jones creates too.

    That two-hour showcase was well worth the cost of a showcase ticket. SSQ for 45 minutes; GVB for 45 minutes; together for the last 30 minutes.

  36. Bryce wrote:

    Thursday’s life lesson from center stage:

    If you want a career as a lead singer, lay off the ciggies, kids.

  37. jgurnett wrote:

    Wow. Ivan Parker was just awful. Easily the worst I’ve ever heard him sound.

  38. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    I have to agree Ivan was awfully flat many times and Midnight Cry he should have stopped at the song before Sound terrible again. I’ve been to NQC for 35 years but this is probably the last. It is slumping back to the Nashville days

  39. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    Anybody else noticed how Claude(Frack) has made several references this week to Les (Frick) on ways to make them some money, candy, programs etc and I don’t think it was any joke. More the business side of gospel music

  40. Kevin wrote:

    Tony Greene is making some money on the anti-Obama sg fans. Get your t-shirt while you can, Christians! Why am I not amazed.

    Nice to hear Tim Riley again. Sounded awesome!

  41. Casual Observer wrote:

    #36 - Wayne Haun is, arguably, one of the finest producers in SG - but, there are few producers in our industry who can afford to do that, alone, for a living. That’s partly because fewer and fewer artists can afford “the magic” he brings to a project. And he can’t afford to stoop to bargain-basement production tactics - that would be the cheapen his “brand.” He would be the first to admit that he’s no Tim Parton at the piano, but what he lacks in technique, he makes up for in taste. Because he arranges and orchestrates the charts himself, he knows where all the holes are and fills them in without stepping on the other instruments. I think any group would be thrilled to have a consummate musician like Wayne at their disposal - Ernie’s no dummy.

  42. Wade wrote:

    #36… what Wayne Haun brings that most piano players as good as they are is this….

    A piano player that is also a producer plays with an entirely different perspective than just a GOOD TECHNICAL PLAYER.

    A good technical player will be JUST THAT a GOOD PLAYER. But the perspective some one who is a good producer will LISTEN to what is going on stage and adjust what they are doing to make THAT better not just WHAT they do better. Not just pounding out there part and being flashy.

    That is why some one like Garry Jones is such a GOOD player… Gary was never FLASHY like say and Anthony Burger… but Garry made what was happening on stage BETTER.

    If like Wayne & Garry you also produce the group and do the arranging of the orchestrations and YOU LISTEN to what is going on you are literally PRODUCING a WHOLE NEW Project every time they step on stage.

    Milton Smith is the best example I can think of to bring this all together…. and was THE BEST at THIS…We surely can ALL agree when the Singing Americans were Rick, Mike, Ed and Dewayne the center of pitch OFTEN swayed.

    Milton would actually LISTEN to WHO may be a little off and you could hear him ever so slightly HIT that persons note just a LITTLE HARDER!!

    Unless you are a trained musician you would never ever notice it. That little bit of help could make something that could sound like a SHRED into a well PRODUCED PERFORMANCE!!

    JUST a normal or 98% of piano players are so IN to what they are doing they would never notice something like much less know what to do about it!!

    THAT is what Wayne brings to the game… and with the way Ernie can slide around…like Casual Observer said… he might not be the BEST TENOR SINGER and he might have the best GUYLINER and make up job… but he is NO DUMMY!!!

  43. Wade wrote:

    Maybe that is why Ernie & Wayne. & why some one like GCQ has never really been the same since Garry left!!

    Certainly something to think about.

    I am glad to hear Tim is back with GCQ… did they make an announcement that is a permanent thing??

  44. Not Wayne wrote:

    Wayne Haun’s excellence in the studio causes people to assume he is completely out of their price range, but that is not the case.

    New artists or groups who are hoping to make a breakthrough CD would be surprised to find that his genius is very affordable — if he can fit them in.

  45. Naomi wrote:

    # 43,
    I heard that Tim isn’t going back on the road with Gold City. I believe he’s just making a few appearences with them until they find another Bass singer. It’s a shame though, he would really bring in the heritage and stability that the group needs right now. Losing 3 members within 1-2 months must be really hard for them!

  46. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    Isn’t it amazing that when Gaither brings in his own sound people how much better the sound is? Otherwise the sound at convention all week has been pitiful. Also thought David Phelps was way under par tonight but everyone has an off night

  47. Wade wrote:

    Thanks Naomi!!!

    It is a real shame. They do need the heritage and a strong leader.

    I am glad to hear they did so well!

  48. Karen wrote:

    Ivan Parker is a phenomenal singer, he is one of the most gifted singers in southern gospel music. I thought he did an outstanding job at the NQC. Also he is a wonderful Christian man, as evident by his wholesome lifestyle and wonderful, humble demeaner, I have followed him for years and seen him in concert numerous times, his main mission is to glorify our Lord. I hope he never quits singing, “The Midnight Cry”, as he sings it wonderfully and helps us to keep looking up for Jesus. Shame on you for bashing this great soloist, you should encourage and edify others, and not be such a “Simon Cowell” for southern gospel music.

  49. House wrote:

    Steve Ladd is the only “big name” out there that I can think of, but I totally see him coming back with a new group along with Aaron McCune. (Hopefully it will be legit SG, not the Country Gospel that GCQ has sadly become.)
    Jay Parrack…don’t see him coming back into the industry just now.
    Tony Jarman I could actually see. Pretty sure the OTGHQ is defunct, so he should be available.
    I’d love to see Kirk Talley back with a group, but not sure doing that full-time is in his personal best interest right now.
    Milan Klipa (who replaced Jarman with Poet Voices in the late ’90s) had a great voice. Would be interested to see him back out there, and he might fit.
    Daron Osborne, formerly of Daybreak and frequent fill-in for the Inspirations, would be amazing with them, but he won’t leave the pastorate, I’m sure.
    Really, though, I hope they find a solid quartet first tenor. Frank has a pleasant voice, but I think he damaged the sound of L5. He has more of a trio-tenor sound, imo.

  50. Just Me wrote:

    #48 Karen, God made these ears and he made them perfect. If he wanted me not be able to tell when someone is off pitch, he would have made them that way. It is the same as telling someone they are telling the truth when they are telling lies. We are then lying.

    The problem with SG Music is that it is a “free for all”. Lets make a joyful noise, but IT AIN’T JOYFUL! We celebrate the bad singers. From the top down, we champion the mediocre. So don’t tell me I should be edifying and encouraging, when we should be telling them to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!

  51. NonInsider wrote:

    49. I agree with everything you said. Frank does have a pleasant voice… I own the new L5 DVD Live At Oak Tree and he sounds better singing a duet with his son on that DVD than he ever has with L5… Now for tenors that might fit with L5 how about Brent Mitchell? He would be a great fit vocally but would he stick around. Also another name to ponder is Anthony Facello, but like Mitchell he has problems sticking with a group… Someone mentioned Dan Keeton… Um I don’t know… He is a great tenor singer for sure… But I don’t think he “fits.” I know L5 tried out several tenors throughout NQC but I did not get any definite names… I wish them the best in their search… And Frank just keep on keeping on…

  52. Eric K wrote:

    #50: I agree with you about the how “we champion the mediocre” thing…but a little tactfulness goes a long way, my friend.

  53. Andrew S. wrote:

    Some suggestions for the L5 tenor are:
    1. Adam Elrod (HisSong)
    2. Jay Parrack (No Name Quartet/Mercy’s Mark..)
    3. Wes Hampton (Gaither Vocal Band). The real question, how would Wes sound with a classic-sounding Southern Gospel quartet?

  54. Just Me wrote:

    Eric #52 - You are right. “Sit down and shut up” might be a little harsh. However, when we continue to put mediocre in positions of higher stature, it is doing them a great injustice. They begin to think their are as great as we insinuate they are, when they are not.

    There is a fine line (no pun intended) between “tactfulness” and “truthfulness”. Do we need to be mean, NO, (and for my part I do apologize) but a little more “truth” and a lot less “tact” is quite in order in Southern Gospel Music and at the NQC.

  55. Karen wrote:

    #54 Thanks for the apology, and I agree we need to keep our standards high in regards to the quality of music for our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ. As He is the most deserving. Have a blessed day :)!

  56. NonInsider wrote:

    53. All of those are good choices but I don’t feel any of them would join L5… Except maybe Adam Elrod… Well Parton could use his connection with Jay from their GC days together… Wes Hampton would sound incredible with L5 IMO… But he has a good thing going with the GVB… Unless he is dissatisfied with being the odd man out, I don’t see him taking a step down by joining L5 (and that is no slight to L5) But He would be a instant star with L5 if he were to join… I could so imagine him nailing “I Stand Redeemed.” Time will tell, also another name I thought of was Jodi Hosterman… He would fit L5’s style maybe a little better…

  57. NonInsider wrote:

    There are some rumors flying that L5 has hired or is going to hire Gus Gaches <(SP)… Who I believe sings for The Priority Quartet… Hmm He would be a pretty good fit probably… Stay tuned…

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