Stamps Baxter Siesta

While I’m finding some time to collect my final thoughts from NQC, two Stamps Baxter clips.

First up, and since kids on stage have been taking up a lot of our energy lately, a delightful clip of some kids leading “O The Glory Did The Roll” at Stamps Baxter (h/t, SS). You’ll wanna wait for the chorus:

Next up, singing-convention mainstay Charles Towler leading a Stamps Baxter singing of “While Eternity Rolls.”

Both clips feature accompaniment by the incomparable Tracey Phillips.

Bonus Clip (also via SS): A very fine stride piano rendition of “Keep on the Firing Line.”

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  1. RF wrote:

    On a not so great day when everything seemed to go wrong or at least haywire, this was nice. Thanks for posting this, Doug.

  2. Morgan Easter wrote:

    Wow I’m lookin’ good on the first video.
    Around 1:02

  3. Michael McIlwain wrote:

    O the Glory did roll with that rendition. I love it. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Kevin wrote:

    Tracey is awesome — I would go back to Stamps-Baxter just to hear more of her. :)

  5. Kyle wrote:

    I had a blast when I attended in 2001. Would like to go back again!!

  6. Bud Alexander wrote:

    I love how the director’s arms pull her up onto tiptoe in those chorus parts. You can see it best at 2:20.

  7. yeah... wrote:

    I first heard Tracy play during her stint with The Perrys. She blew us away. Of course, her mom, Eloise Phillips, trained Stan Whitmire for 15 years. How could Tracy not be incredible? Nuff said!

  8. Shawn wrote:

    The woman featured at 1:30 is Leah Powell, writer of “While All Eternity Rolls.” She is the granddaughter of Rosa Nell Speer Powell. It’s a family thing!

  9. Andy wrote:

    Thanks to a sponsorship by Glen Payne, I attended SB back in mid 90’s and was changed forever. The musical experiences, lessons, the friendships, the Speers (all generations), everything was magical.

    My standard roommate every year was John Rulapaugh and what a blast we had…still friends today.

    Leah Powell is definately special and I hate I’ve lost touch with them - Jack Clark, Eloise & Tracey, Glenn Wilson, the Northams - and when I was at the school, I actually took bass lessons from Kevin Williams.

    Back then, it was directed by Leah’s father (Rosa Nell’s son) Tom Powell - what an experience. I encourage all ages to look into this for an unforgettable week.

  10. Jonathan Sawrie wrote:

    THIS is Gospel music.

    Tis tragic that what is now called southern gospel so scarcely resembles its original form.

  11. Michael McIlwain wrote:

    I agree with Jonathan Sawrie. Someone had posted on another comment section that rehashing some of the these songs is what is killing SG, but I don’t think that is the case. There are modern songs in this convention format that are being written today.

    Our church pulled out the Billy Graham crusade song “Nothing Is Impossible” a few months ago and it was well received among our young people. The song had a melody that was easy to sing, but the harmony was rich and varied. It was hard for our guitarist to play.

    We need to separate the SG style from the Christian Country style, IMHO. I would love to see the music in these videos make a comeback.

  12. Zack Swain wrote:

    I had the honor of attending in the summer of 2005. I was in Traceys theory class. Just another person that can say my life was changed by stamps baxter! I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world!

  13. jgurnett wrote:

    The group singing at Stamps-Baxter was one of the greatest experiences of my life. All those voices, singing in sweet harmony, was just incredible.

  14. J wrote:

    WOW!!! O The Glory Did Roll!!!! Young lady you got your self a deal here. How wonderful to hear what I was raised on sung like that. Where’d I put those kleenex.

  15. ng wrote:

    If you want to listen to this great stuff (or any other great stuff on YouTube) in your car or on your ipod, go to a free site called It makes its easy to save a file of just the audio on your computer. Then you can burn it to a disk or download to ipod or other music player.

  16. AMS wrote:

    #15- That really works. I definitely enjoy it.. :)

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