Blackwoods and Farm Aid

I’m trying to get some non-bloggy writing done these days so while I’m away, here’s something to chew on from our longtime friend, RK.

Apparently, the Blackwood Quartet (Ron Blackwood’s tribe) did perform at yesterday’s Farm Aid concert in St. Louis, along with Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp, Gretchen Wilson, Jason Mraz, and several others.  And a Blackwoods’ website article alludes to a deeper performing relationship with Willie Nelson himself.

I find this fascinating on a number of levels:

I’ve never felt that the various Blackwood troupes who have tried to capitalize on the venerable gospel music family/quartet name (compounded by the fact that there ARE multiple groups concurrently striving toward that end) have done very much to stake any legitimate claim or resemblance to the James Blackwood/Blackwood Brothers quartet legacy.  The name only places them at the front of the line of the lower- to mid-tier groups that currently overpopulate the southern gospel landscape.  Had I heard that the Isaacs, any iteration of the Crabb Family, or even the Gaither Vocal Band had entered Nelson’s musical sphere, I wouldn’t have been shocked.  But the Blackwood Quartet?

Farm Aid isn’t what it once was in terms of its cultural footprint, yet it—and its keynote performers/sustainers (Nelson, Mellencamp, Matthews, Neal Young,  etc.)—remains significant and on the left of the American political spectrum.  Conservative country acts have populated the Farm Aid stage many times, yet the aims of the charitable organization comprise a liberal agricultural agenda.  Other political issues may have overtaken agriculture in the eyes of the activist left—climate change and the ongoing wars come to mind.  Yet the “old hippie” nostalgia remains, and your average Farm Aid concertgoer is still more likely to be seen smoking a joint than licking an Erhlers ice cream cone.  That the Blackwoods would grace such a stage that many top southern gospel groups would likely shun is noteworthy, and not necessarily a bad thing.  Surely the irony is not lost on Blackwood tenor John Rulapaugh, who, back in his blogging days, loved to toot the conservative Republican horn at every chance he got.

Toby Keith wrote a song about touring and performing with Willie Nelson…he called it “Weed with Willie.”  No word yet whether the Blackwoods will compose such a song…
The fact remains that aside from the Gaither universe and a few sets on the Grand Ole Opry from time to time, the only times Southern Gospel music gets exposed to a large-scale secular audience is when a secular performer (usually in the twilight of his/her career…Barbara Mandrell, Willie Nelson, et al) engages in enough self-indulgence to put it on a big stage.  The same could’ve been said for Elvis Presley in the 70’s, though the genre then hadn’t slipped into as much obscurity as it has today.

Seeing a group like this one (some might call them a cheap knockoff of the great Blackwood Brothers) grace a somewhat-diminished-yet-still-culturally-relevant stage like Farm Aid says more about the Southern Gospel establishment and the insular, incestuous rut it’s in than it does about the lucrative bookings Ron Blackwood is getting from Willie Nelson.


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  1. j-mo wrote:

    My sister and her boyfriend went to farm-aid. Her boyfriend is a big secular music fan with very little exposure to southern gospel.

    For what it’s worth, he left the concert with a distinct urge to “kick John Rulupaugh’s ass”. This information came via text message from the concert, so I’ve yet to get details as to what prompted the urge.

  2. judi wrote:

    My neighbor and her two business partners (it’s an upscale giftware business) have supported Farm Aid for years and they came from three states in order to go to the St. Louis concert yesterday. These three people aren’t hippies, and they include both secular and religious leanings. Our St. Louis media missed the Blackwoods but concentrated on the small farmers, organic movement, farmers’ markets, etc. represented and a movement that seems not to be either liberal or conservative politically that is concerned with survival of small farmers and a safer food supply for Americans. So Farm Aid seems to have evolved past the various labels people want to slap onto it. FWIW.

  3. Bones wrote:

    Jimmy Blackwood represents the Blackwood name well. Everyone knows that Ron has connections. Mark wants to have his own group.

  4. Jennifer Blackwood wrote:

    Can someone please direct me to the original source of this “RK” blog?

  5. rr wrote:

    What is RW, Jr. doing now?

  6. Ed wrote:

    Mark does have his own group.

  7. Bryce wrote:

    Didn’t we establish somewhere along the way that Nelson bought a package of classic country video masters, and with them, acquired some southern gospel as well, perhaps even the Jubilee or Caravan series? Let’s hope magnetic tape doesn’t make good rolling paper.

  8. GVBFan09! wrote:

    Why do we have to say something about BARBARA MANDRELL doing something in the twilight of her career - HELLO!? She was at the HEIGHT of her career when she had Gospel Music on her TV Show!

    41 MILLION VIEWERS!!! That’s not in the twilight!

  9. Scot Eaves wrote:

    Let’s not forget that Willie Nelson is now the owner or co-owner of what is left of the Gospel Singing Jubilee video footage. I imagine that he has or at one time had some knowledge of the Blackwood Brothers name from back in his earlier “clean cut” country music days.

    Maybe one or both of these factored into Ron Blackwood’s group appearing at Farm Aid.

  10. RF wrote:

    My guess is that Rulapaugh spouted some of his extreme right wing ideology and it didn’t sit well. When will these groups learn that to minister doesn’t include politics? I know the answer. Never.

  11. apathetic wrote:

    that’s funny, I don’t care who you are…

    Weed with Willie lyrics:

    I always heard that his herb was top shelf
    I just could not wait to find out for myself
    Don’t knock it til’ you tried it, Well I tried it my friend
    And I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again

    I learned a hard lesson in a small Texas town
    He fired up a fat boy and passed him around
    The last words that I spoke before they tucked me in
    Was I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again

    I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again
    My parties all over before it begins
    You can pour me some old whiskey river my friend
    But I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again

    I hopped on his old bus, the Honey Suckle Rose
    The party was Vegas it was after the show.
    Alone in the front lounge with just me and him,
    With one parting puff grim creeper set in.

    I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again
    My parties all over before it begins
    You can pour me some old whiskey river my friend
    But I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again

    Now we’re passing the guitar and telling good jokes
    I know ones a-comin’ cause I’m smelling smoke
    No I do not partake, I just let it pass by
    With a smile on my face and a great contact high

    I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again
    My parties all over before it begins
    You can pour me some old whiskey river my friend
    But I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again

    In the fetal position with drool on my chin
    I messed up and smoked weed with Willie again

  12. natesings wrote:

    #5- According to this, they are still doing the breakfast show at the Black Bear Jamboree in Pigeon Forge, TN (the one that Ron and Rulapaugh were part of). Looks like Rick Fair is still there and they’ve added Darryl Williams (and possibly his wife) and another guy.

  13. Jim wrote:

    As a Southern Gospel fan, going to NQC since 1976, but when a group or a person in a group should have the right to say a little about there beliefs that should with out being jumped on, we have to put up with all the left wing junk that people say and no one will complain about that. Thank You
    I am a little more to the center but am still a Christian.

  14. jonathan edwards wrote:

    When are liberals going to realize that conservatives have the same freedom to speak our mind anywhere. The same freedom that the liberal whacked out movie stars and rock artist have the right to tell us there idiology.Just because I am a christian doesn’t mean I have to check my politics at the door.

  15. GC wrote:

    Ron is a unique individual who has the ability to pull off dates that no other acts in SG could or would try to obtain..George Jones almost took a theatre with the blackwoods opening. That would have been great! They have worked casino’s doing gospel and have worked numerous supper club’s , RV parks, State Fair’s,Theatre’s and yes Churches!

    Some hate him for what he has done, some hate him for what he has done to them. I love him because he was always straight up with me. Some hate him because he has maintained a nice living in music when many have tried to keep him out..

    I agree with Doug that the positive has to out weigh the negative with that exposure to non gospel music fans…

  16. Tjeerd wrote:

    Propers to the Blackwoods for showing up at farm aid.
    Let the joint smokers hears some gospel music.
    Remember this all you KJV Baptists, what better place to bring gospel music then
    a secular venue.
    The same crowd blasted JD Sumner for singing with Elvis in Vegas.

  17. Nate wrote:

    I am new here, but gotta say, that including politics will alienate at least 50% of most audiences. Just like singing “rapture” songs will exclude those with a different theology. There are plenty of the things that Christ did and taught to talk and sing about. Why stoke up some of the audience at the risk of losing any chance at reaching the others? Why beat people over the head with politics or theology that the very folks you are trying to “reach” cannot understand?

  18. weber wrote:

    Most churches wont let the Blackwoods, in whatever form, through the doors. Were they not part of a huge controversy that involved Cecil back in the eighties? I think Willie and Ron Blackwood have much in common, didnt Ron go to jail for tax evasion? Farm Aid was created so that Willie could pay his back taxes. Of course Farm Aid is a step up from the Casinos, Im just sayin…..

  19. jonathan edwards wrote:

    Ok Nate if we take you philosphy we should all stay home because if we were to weed out all the things that people don’t agree with we woldnt be able to sing about anything. I mean some people don’t belive the blood, some don’t believe in salvation by grace, some don’t believe in heaven, some don’t believe Jesus as the son of God, so I guess in order to not alienate people we should stay home.I hate when people speak before thinking something all the way thru.

  20. Irishlad wrote:

    #3#6.Mark’s qt aka as “the Blackwood Gospel Quartet imo is a very good group indeed.They have it all;great harmony,good stage presentation(without going ott)and last but not least a superb bass singer.Also they don’t take themselves too seriously which helps a lot.Finally, they also roll the biggest spliffs in sg.Joke.

  21. Howard wrote:

    I think most the post show why there is a problem with churches and SG music. The Bible is the standard but everyone that reads it gets something different out of it. Leave the doctrine to the preachers, let the singers entertain. Thats all it is nothing more, nothing less. I do not know of a scripture in the Bible were any one was “saved” by a song. I do know it says salvation is through the preaching of the gospel.

  22. PuliptminusPolitics wrote:

    jonathan, you should have thought your statement all the way through before you posted it. Salvation by grace, heaven, and Jesus as the son of God are the basics of our faith and clear biblical issues. Your political views are neither.

    You certainly do have the same freedom to speak your mind on political issues as those whacked out movie stars. I’ve never seen anyone argue otherwise. You just need to realize that you will look just as stupid when you excercise your freedom of speech as they do when they excercise theirs. And you will inevitably be criticized by people with opposing beliefs, just as they are.

    And, by the way, anything that is “yours”, as you put it, absolutely should be checked at the door; regardless of whether it’s liberal or conservitave.

  23. jonathan edwards wrote:

    Let me say that I believe that a babies right to life is a biblical issuse I also believe that working for what you get is a biblical issue and yes there is some crossover in my political and theological views and I don’t think I should have to check either at the door anywhere. As far as your statement about fundamental beliefs I agree but there are many that listen to and sing sg music that don’t agree with those beliefs. Howard you are wrong about music just being entertainment and only the preaching of the word saving people. Many times in scripture God used music to move people and minister to them, is it entertainment yes but also can be a powerful tool to see lost souls saved.

  24. Nate wrote:

    I’m just sayin’ - - - nobody is really won over by overbearance. Those who fall in as commanded by some overzealous preacher or singer are usually just as quickly convinced they have been hoodwinked when going gets rough.

    Jesus loved people into the Kingdom. He only had harsh words for the religious people, who claimed to know it all and demanded folks believe like they did.

    So Jonathan. In our glorified state someday, perhaps we will get the Almighty’s review of your “Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God” sermon too!

  25. GC wrote:


    Most of us could go to jail for tax evasion is SG music..think about that one for a second. And does Ron going to jail keep him from singing ? or being in ministry? or making a living? Not hating the hater, just thinking out loud..

  26. PulpitminusPolitics wrote:

    Do you think a lot of people at an average southern gospel concert are struggling with a decision to abort a child? I’m guessing not. What percentage of your average audience do you suspect works for their pay? I’m guessing the vast majority. So, what is gained when southern gospel artists champion those particular causes from stage? Are they really trying to change the lives of their audience or are they more focused on changing their ballot? Surely they’re not simply making an emphatic statement about a cause 99% of their audience already agrees with just to gain report with them and garner an easy reaction. Are they? Have the people making these statements even examined their motivations or are they guilty of your pet peeve about speaking before they really think it through?

  27. apologetic wrote:

    #18 - I don’t think your opening statement could be any further from the truth. Ron’s group (Blackwood Quartet) may not do every concert in church, but enough that “most churches won’t let them through the door” is a false statement. As for Jimmy’s group (Blackwood Brothers) and Mark’s group (Blackwood Gospel Quartet), just about every booking they have is in church. Sounds like you have a bitterness issue.

    I also have to disagree with the writer of the original article when they wrote that the Blackwood name only places them at the front of the lower to mid-tier groups. The name Blackwood, in the mind of the majority of listeners, is prestigious - regardless of whatever “scams” or financial blunders in the last 15 to 20 years.

    I’ve had both Jimmy’s and Mark’s group in our church. Jimmy’s group is an outstanding Blackwood tribute group. They put on show very much like the original Blackwood’s from the 50’s and 60’s. Mark’s group is more like what the original group would be like today if they were still going. Both were fantastic. I’ve heard that Ron’s group is great as well. I’m a fan of both Garner and Rulupaugh so I can only imagine.

  28. Bones wrote:

    There is several churches that won’t let some groups in for whatever reason. It is not only the Blackwoods. Sometimes stories get out of hand. I like all of the Blackwoods.

  29. jonathan edwards wrote:

    I wish i could take credit for that sermon but can’t.

  30. weber wrote:

    #27 One could presume that the scams and blunders the Blackwoods are known for are the very reason why they are not considered top tier groups. Define top tier?
    Perrys, GVB, Signature Sound, Greater Vision, Booth Brothers. What impact has the Blackwood name had at NQC over the past twenty years? Nada…

  31. Lewis Wells wrote:

    The right-wingers have every bit as much right as the left-wingers to promote their political beliefs from any and every platform afforded them.

    That said, if you can show me where Christ ever promoted a political view during His ministry, then, and then ONLY, will I support or encourage anyone in promoting theirs on platforms given in service to Him and framed as “ministry”.

    Otherwise, shut up and sing.

  32. Rev. Edward Robinson wrote:

    I have not attended a concert with Ron Blackwood’s group. I don’t know him, nor do I know the details of his life. Thus, I won’t speak about what I don’t know. I have not attended a concert with Mark Blackwood’s group. I don’t know him, nor do I know the details of his life. Thus, I won’t speak about what I don’t know. But I have had the privilege of helping to promote several concerts with Jimmy Blackwood & The Blackwood Brothers Quartet. I have had the privilege of getting to personally know James Blackwood in the years prior to his death. And with these individuals, I have never met a group with whom I felt that I shared a greater kindred spirit. These individuals were the same on the stage and off. I did not in any way sense that they were “puffed up” or “arrogant.” I did not sense that their ultimate goal was to make a profit or to fill the offering plate to overflowing. It became very obvious and very quickly that they were more concerned and passionate about what the Holy Spirit did in the hearts of the congregations rather than in the amount of the love offerings that were taken. I marveled at their integrity and character. I marveled at their love for Jesus, their love for those to whom they ministered, and their love for one another.
    There are times in which I get the impression that we who enjoy southern gospel music are more consumed with how low the criticism and innuendos go than we are with how low the bass singer can sing. Sometimes, I think that we are more consumed with how quickly the rumor mill can move than we are with how the Holy Spirit can move. Before we are quick to criticize those in all forms of ministry, including southern gospel music, maybe we should first ask the question, “Is what I am about to say going to bring honor and glory to the Lord?” Maybe that is the perspective that we should embrace.

  33. GC wrote:


    So your one of those? There is an entire world of Christian music that does not channel through the NQC.. And when speaking of rating or listing top tier groups, please take GVB and Sig Sound out..They are on a different planet than anyone else in concert attendance, sales and exposure.

    Those other groups you named are awesome and I love them but there is a huge gap between the gaither gang and mainstream SG..

    Back to Ron Blackwood–Would you believe he could be singing in front of bigger crowds, garnering larger flats, more sales and and and better known in the general population than any of the groups you mentioned besides the gaither gang…

    Would you believe that the men in his group are making better wages and are treated better than when they were in the “NQC” every year?

    Would you believe that they know they are not a “Top Tier” group in SG and have no problem with that tag…

    Please do not use Singing News Awards to place merit on your “Top Tier” groups.

  34. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    “The Bible is the standard but everyone that reads it gets something different out of it. Leave the doctrine to the preachers, let the singers entertain. Thats all it is nothing more, nothing less.” (See #21).

    Um, sound doctrine is essential…even for any high-school-educated hack singer who would dare present the Gospel based on his for-entertainment-purposes-only interpretation of said Gospel.

    Gospel music can and should be entertaining, but it has to be “Gospel” first. Otherwise, what in God’s name (literally) is the point?

  35. Big John wrote:

    I think the fact that a Southern Gospel group participated in a secular event at all is a huge event. Why not latch on to that and not alienate the crowd by talking politics. Why talking about the things that can bring us together? Don’t you think that what the world is missing is the love of God and not the judging comdemnation of a Southern Gospel singer. Maybe if we want people to listen to the message it should start with and end with God Loves You the sinner, the believer and the unbeliever not because of anything you have done but because that is Who He is.

    Perhaps the Fox News approach to Chrisitianity is not what God had in mind. Just sayin…..

  36. apologetic wrote:

    Definitely a bitterness issue. First of all, the Blackwood Brothers are far from “known for” scams and blunders. Secondly, the Blackwood name has held it’s own for over 75 years. These other groups you mentioned haven’t come close to making the impact that the Blackwood Brothers made in just their early years, let alone their entire career. Are they as big now as they were then? Of course not, but NO group is.

    As far as NQC - anybody who actually makes a living in this business will tell you that the NQC hasn’t been what it was for a long time. That’s a whole different discussion. But come on, impacting it over the last 20 years? Jimmy’s group was just on main stage this year. Oh, and how about starting the thing in the first place? The Blackwoods, and groups like them (which were few), are the reason there’s even an industry for others to be involved in.

    “Top Tier”, obviously in your mind, is based on the Singing News and NQC (both of which are based on how much money a group pays, subscriptions sold, or politics played). However, if you base it on listeners or fans (the ones who buy the music, the tickets and support the groups) - the Blackwoods are still, very much among the top tier groups.

  37. cynical one wrote:

    #21 Howard — No, the Bible doesn’t say “salvation is through the preaching of the gospel.” It says, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”

    That Word could be heard by preaching or singing, either one. IMHO

  38. Bones wrote:

    The Blackwoods have been at NQC,they’ve had number 1 songs, good records sells. They have been there and done that. They don’t give a flip about NQC because of the way it is now. They have hung in there for many years. Other groups have come in like a storm and then they are gone.

  39. John Rulapaugh wrote:

    I’m really not sure what would have caused the fellow mentioned in comment #1 to leave the show with that particular thought in mind, but I do know that it certainly was not a result of me talking politics in public. I know that I have been guilty of opening my mouth a bit on political issues that I believe in. It’s your right to disagree and mine to speak my mind. But on this particular occasion my politics definitely were not the problem. The only thing that I can think of that might have caused someone to be offended by my actions was when a gentleman said to me “Hey John, it was nice to see you guys up there earlier today” to which I replied “Thanks, it was a lot of fun” and I kept walking instead of stopping to talk with the fellow. If that’s what made him want to kick my butt then so be it…otherwise the basis for my “would be attacker’s” anger is unfounded. I’m amused that the supposition has given y’all plenty to talk about though…

  40. weber wrote:

    #36, no reason to be bitter, not sure how that relates to the facts that speak for themselves. You are very dellusional if you believe that any form of the Blackwoods can be mentioned in the same breath as the popular groups with have today. Many years ago, the Blackwoods became the Blacksheep of the industry and as far as I can tell the only Blackwood trying to recover any positive reputation at all would be Jimmy.

  41. jbb wrote:

    John: Probably just someone wanting to stir the pot with no reason at all.

  42. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Here’s a link to the latest promo video for the Blackwood Gospel Quartet. (Mark Blackwood’s group)

  43. apologetic wrote:

    Wow, weber. You really are confused. I’m interested in hearing the “facts that speak for themselves”.

    The Blackwoods from the 40s and 50s are still selling thousands of CDs per month today, 50 - 60 years later. The FACT is that the Blackwood family’s influence is still impacting the country today, in spite of setbacks and failures (like everyone has).

  44. GC wrote:

    So Jimmy’s sin’s are lesser that other Blackwoods? But because he is James son, his failures are overlooked?

    I do not feel that the Blackwood’s in any form are an elite group in SG! I do believe that they are a huge factor in christian music because they are exposed to different crowds. They are succesful in ways that can’t be gauged by NQC..

  45. Rev. Edward Robinson wrote:

    As a believer and as a minister, I am constantly confronted with the danger of the tongue. In all candor, I have certainly been guilty in my 44 years of living of sharing a bit of gossip at different times. I learn more and more how critical it is that it is out of the abundance of my heart that I speak. I learn more and more that I need to guard my heart, for from it flows the issues of life. (Read Proverbs 4 and Matthew 12.) So as I write the following comments, I am confessing that I have sinned in these areas, and that is by God’s grace that I am learning to deal with these in a Biblical perspective.
    But having said that, I am absolutely amazed at how 2 trends are emerging more and more in contemporary Christianity. First of all, we are so very guilty of making celebrities out of those in ministry, whether it be pastoral ministry or music ministry. We hold them up as idols. We seek their autographs. We seek their pictures. We seek their “prayer handkerchiefs.” And oftentimes, without even knowing it, we put the lyrics of their songs on the same plane with Scripture. After all, we assume that if such-and-such artist sings it, it has to be absolutely Biblically correct. God must shake His head in disgust.
    But the second problem that we as Christians have, and for our purposes right now, specifically as it relates to southern gospel music, is that we are embracing such a cynical, sarcastic, mean-spirited, and angry attitude about those in ministry. Do terrible things happen in southern gospel music? Yes! Do scandalous things happen in southern gospel music? Yes! Are there hypocrites in southern gospel music? Yes! Do these issues need to be dealt with in loving, yet Biblical terms? Absolutely! But why is it that we seem to enjoy these scandals? Why is that we seem to enjoy being the first to know the reason why “so and so” is no longer with “such and such group?” Why is that we seem to relish knowing the deeply-hidden secrets of groups from yesteryear?
    I can’t find any Biblical reference to God being pleased with Christians who consistently utter the words, “Have you heard?” There are plenty of Biblical references to God being pleased with Christians who, from their depths of their transformed hearts, utter the words, “Let us pray.” Maybe the ministry of southern gospel music would be better served, and maybe even the Kingdom of God would be more greatly lifted up if we as believers would spend more time on our knees in silence than on our computers feeding the appetites of southern gospel music fans with the news / rumors / dissension that is making its round.

  46. musicmantoo wrote:

    Hmmm…let’s see…Blackwoods get the chance to sing pure in your face gospel to a crowd of many thousands…who by the way many would never walk into a Gaither event. So they came there to hear Willie..and let hearing about Jesus…

    I like it…spread the word…we don’t have a lot of time left.

  47. HP wrote:

    Let’s clear up what I do know. One. Ron’s group is not the same group that still does the breakfast show. Two different groups. Two. I believe the connection with Ron and Willie is through Willie’s manager. Three. They are slated to be with Willie again, soon. Four. It’s been mentioned to me that they may not be doing straight up, full gospel music on these dates but more of a classic Oak Ridge Boys type of thing. Either way, it’s quite an impressive door for them to walk through, to have the opportunity for that platform. Sounds like the concert goer in the first post on here either was convicted in his spirit or convicted of public intoxication/drug possession. I am confident Rulapaugh didn’t say or do anything to garner that response as being appropriate.

  48. HP wrote:

    November 4th in Knoxville. They will be with Willie again.

  49. musicmantoo wrote:

    Good point on the last…and to clarify…the songs done at this event were gospel…songs like Hide Thou me. I think they did 4…and I believe they were all 4 gospel. Point being…there was ministry delivered to those folks there at Farm Aid…Willie loves gospel…has for years. Who knows…maybe through this relationship Willie finds his way back to Jesus…that grace we’re so pleased with is EVEN for him…after all.

    There are lots of things to be concerned about in this genre…having an incredible group represent this style and ministry to a ’secular’ audience…ain’t one of them.

    in my opinion, which is humble….

  50. Melvin Klaudt wrote:

    Let’s see, in Christ’s time, they flogged Christ, pulled the beard from his face, spit upon him, pierced his side, nailed him to the cross murdered him, and then they released Barabbas the murderer from jail. Both loved God’s people the Jew. Barabbas wanted to free Israel from Rome, Christ was sent to free people from their sins. So what did Christ do, He said “forgive them for they know not what they do”. If you were to remove the personal names of gospel singers, we would all be sinners saved by grace and growing in his image. Why do we constantly want to remove the speck from someone else’s eye when we have a log in ours?

  51. JR wrote:

    #50. Where in the heck do you find in the Bible that they pulled Jesus’ beard off his face?

  52. Bryce wrote:

    #51: There are no NT references, but Isaiah 50:6 is often read as a prophecy of the crucifixion.

  53. stan wrote:

    Im not here to defend or bicker, Just to let you know that Josh and John are on thier own and with Gods help, They will STAND! They are not affiliated with any group at this time and your prayers would truely be appreciated. Iv known these two young men a long time and even heard Glen Allred make the statement that Josh was as Solid as any Young Christian as he had ever seen. This comming from Glen meant a lot. Folks, I ask you to please remember Josh and John in your prayers and that God would lead and guide them through this time of rebuilding.

    Thanks So Much,

  54. Richard wrote:

    I’m surprised all this was said about the Blackwoods after all these years. Who would sit and read all that stuff? Oh, I did.
    They say, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”…I don’t know…good stuff, guys. Keep writing. Mark has the best show!

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