FTC Foolishness

Last week, David Bruce Murray Kyle Boreing noted the FTC’s new ruling regarding bloggers and product reviews. I of course immediately sent this decision down to the intern dudgeon for a thorough going-over, and though it took awhile (intern working conditions being what they are and all) the interns have assured me that we here at averyfineline have nothing to worry about since you can count on one trained monkey’s hand all the reviews we do every year and that monkey would still have plenty of digits left to hack out blog posts here.

Still, it’s an interesting move. The regulations impose much stricter limits on the conditions and terms under which bloggers can review products than those to which traditional media are held. The upshot seems to be that that FTC thinks it’s necessary to hold bloggers to far stricter standards than those people who write for newspaper and magazines and other MSM, because (so the thinking here goes), the product being reviewed by MSM writers is not the personal property of the writer the way it is for a blogger (though I can say as someone who has reviewed books for newspapers, it’s common practice to let the writer keep the copy of whatever he reviews).

Of course, this is all probably a pretty moot point for sg. I mean, I suspect most southern gospel bloggers would be happy to pay for the privilege of planting big ole wet reviewer’s kisses on whatever latest releases are out there. Now if the FTC could find some way to make this kind of Joyful Noise-ism illegal …

Anyway, FWIW, and in case anyone cares (which is probably not much), here’s a post from DailyKos highlighting the inherent idiocy of these new rules.

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  1. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Thanks for the mention, but that was actually one of Kyle’s posts.

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