On how (not) to be a sockpuppet

Dear Southern Gospel Performers Who’ve Discovered Sockpuppetting,

If you are going to sockpuppet my comments threads in order to give the appearance that “ordinary fans” have just so happened to show up and support the comments left by the “real” performer you, probably best not to use the same IP address for both comments (y’all know who you are). It makes you look a little desperate.

Plus, your snarky, snipey sockpuppet comments pretty much completely undercut your “real” efforts to appear as though you read criticism of your group and just laugh it off. This sort of thing only reinforces all the worst stereotypes about thin-skinned amateurs in southern gospel trolling the internet and igniting flame wars when they should be off somewhere learning how to sing better.


PS: Other than that, stop by any time!

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  1. harold reed wrote:

    who in our world would do such a thing? hahaha

  2. CVH wrote:

    They used the same IP address? Not too bright…not too surprising.

  3. Bud Alexander wrote:

    Is sockpuppeting a business or a ministry?

  4. Bones wrote:

    Someone is Busted! At least JD Sumner would say what he had to say.

  5. Nashville Phil wrote:

    I’ll tell you what! Doug did not “SmackTalk” in nary a sentence. Set em out Douglas!

  6. quartet-man wrote:

    That seems sad. I suppose it could be a family member or friend, but without knowing how they said it, it is hard to tell if there were lies or deception involved.

  7. not quartet-man wrote:

    Great thoughts, quartet-man!!!!!!!

  8. still not quartetman wrote:

    quartet-man and not quartet-man, I couldn’t agree more. Well said!

  9. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    What’s so amusing about this is the fact that you explained how you were able to tell that comments were coming from the same address before, but they’re too lazy to adjust their methods.

  10. Bryce wrote:

    Maybe The Sockpuppets just need to record better material. Here are some suggestions:

    Be Still My Sole
    Stepping On The Clouds
    ‘Tis Toe Tweet
    Phalanges: Us Lifts The Load
    Don’t Let The Sandals Fool Ya
    Look For Me On Jesus’ Feet
    The Ankle Holds

  11. Randy wrote:

    Would this be the 16th Thing I Hate About Southern Gospel?

  12. quartet-man wrote:

    #9 DBM, I guess it depends on if they have a static IP or not. Either way, they could go to a friend’s house. :)

  13. Murray's Sockpuppet wrote:

    Brilliant analysis, DBM!

  14. cdguy wrote:

    Bud #3 — Neither. It’s entertainment. :-)

  15. RDB wrote:

    #10 - Lol - a little more with the puppetry and a little less with the socks. Or maybe not.

    And of course the sockpuppets didn’t change tactics when Doug explained how he was able to catch them. Why would they take time to read anything? There’s too little time to devote to sockpuppeting as it is.

  16. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    #10- Powerfully weak, especially the first one.

  17. Odeliya wrote:

    cdguy#14 - or a hobby;)

  18. RDB wrote:

    #14 - Maybe if we can steer the ministry/entertainment debate to sockpuppeting, the rest of us can just sit back and enjoy the music without being told how to listen without sinning.

  19. wackythinker wrote:

    RDB — listen without sinning? You obviously don’t attend that church that’s getting ready to burn Billy Graham’s & James Dobson’s books, and NIV, NKJV, et al, Bibles.

  20. Wade wrote:

    CVH… Today is Suzan Speer’s Birthday!! Just wanted to make sure you would know!! Good Luck!!!

  21. RDB wrote:

    Wackythinker, you know, it’s those churches that make it so hard to make fun of evangelicals as they’ve probably already done something more outrageous than what you’ve thought up. Although book burnings aren’t very original.

  22. wackythinker wrote:

    RDB - You’re right. Book burnings are not original, but Bible burnings by a Baptist (not Southern, thank you very much) church may be. Sheesh.

    I think I heard that church was up to 15 members, now. Their ways sure are winning folks to the Lord, aren’t they?

    I heard the pastor on national tv call the KJV “the original Bible.” So, I guess, if the KJV was good enough for Jesus, it ought to be good enough for the rest of us. Jesus did speak the King’s English, didn’t he?

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