Open Thread

Thanks to reader ZS for reminding me that it’s time for an open thread. Some stuff to kick things off.

  • For those of you who have turned “who’s Paul Lancaster singing with now” into a drinking parlor game, you have probably already noted (as did I via Burke) that Lancaster has joined Palmetto State.
  • Gospeleer recently did an annotated tab dump of articles related to  digital culture. A lot of good stuff there, including a much-discussed issue in my day job: digital natives. In my experience, the issue is a bit more complicated than the conventional wisdom suggests, namely b/c kids who grow up with technology often have a wide but very shallow and superficial comprehension of technology, but the articles are worth your time no matter, esp if you’re one of those people who find themselves beginning sentences with “kids these days.”
  • Uhm, I get the impression this may have something to do with me.
  • Burke has a clip up of the Cathedrals from the Talley-Trammel era. The music - due, I think - is just ok but it’s worth the mediocre sound just to see the Cats in cream leisure suits and using an out-of-tune piano.
  • And finally, a clip (via Burke Phil) from the Well, This Certainly is Awkward Department.

What else?

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  1. Nashville Phil wrote:

    Now the NoThanks are claiming they have the #1 song in SG. What a crock! Shameless Self Promoters them people.

  2. Wes Burke wrote:

    Thanks, but I can’t take credit for the EHSS video clip. That is Phil’s find.

  3. jd wrote:

    Does anyone know anything concerning Gold City bass position,is Tim staying or do they plan to hire someone?

  4. NonInsider wrote:

    My sources tell me that Brent Mitchell of N’Harmony tried out for the open Legacy Five tenor position… He would be a perfect fit vocally for L5… He is a Danny Funderburke style tenor with a little Frank Seamans mixed in… There are alot of tenors that have tried out… but only one will be hired… They are going to reveal the new tenor in December…

  5. Kevin wrote:

    Hmm — the heading on this site states: Criticism and commentary on southern gospel music and culture. I have no problem reading people’s opinions as it relates to the music. But I have to agree, when there are attacks and calling out of people’s perceived “sins,” it seems unnecessary. It’s fun, though, reading other’s thoughts on group line-ups, song choices, who deserves what and why (musically), etc. The new Karen Peck song “Why Can’t All God’s Children Get Along?” is a goodie. It’s wishful thinking, but still a good tune. :)

  6. Tommy wrote:

    #1…couldn’t have said it better myself. They are the ones ruining southern gospel. These freaktards don’t know a thing about good gospel music.

  7. Zack Swain wrote:

    Thanks Doug for putting up an open thread. I’ve been thinking for quite some time about this and always wanted to know how other feel. I see alot of this in the country and pop genre but I don’t see quite the demand for it in Gospel music. Autographs. Do SGM autographs hold any value? Do you go out of your way to meet artist and have product signed by them? Would you ever considering paying for an autograph? Just wondering what the feelings on this is. I know to me, personally, they don’t mean anything even though I have hundreds of them. I’d never go out of my way or pay for an autograph. Can’t wait to hear your responses!

  8. SM wrote:

    #3 JD I heard thatTim Reilly told someone at a recent concert, that he will probably be around for a while. He said his health has been good, so he intends to stay with the group as long as they need him. I think based on the problems they had been having, it is a good thing to have him back on the road. I also heard that they are sounding more like the Gold City that we were used to….

  9. natesings wrote:

    Doug- More corrections for your corrections. The clip of the Cathedrals was on Burke’s but the EH&SS one was on Phil’s.

    Noninsider- He was unexpectedly brought up at a concert to sing a song. Not sure if he is trying out or not.

  10. CatLover wrote:

    Thanks for all the clips you’ve been sharing lately, Doug!

    #7 Zack, GREAT question!

    I’ve always wondered the very same thing myself but have never heard anyone EVER talk about SG autographs. To me (and I really don’t have much in the way of autographs), they hold sentimental meaning.

    Have to laugh b/c a few years ago we bought a Gaither CD at the NQC and the line to get Bill to sign it was so long, we asked his Dad George to sign it instead. That ALWAYS puts a smile on my face because Pop just LOVED that we asked him!

    The only other thing I have in the way of autographs is a copy of the book “The Cathedrals, The Story of America’s Best Loved Gospel Quartet.” My book was signed by George and Glen but also by Roger Bennett, Gerald Wolfe, Mark Trammell, Scott Fowler, Ernie Haase and Danny Funderburk. I could probably go for a couple more ‘John Hancocks’ but I think I’m probably done now. Needless to say, especially because of those who’ve already gone on, those autographs are close to my heart.

    If my name doesn’t sound familiar it’s because this is my first post! Long-time lurker here…I read this blog pretty much all the time.

    Be interesting to see other answers to Zack’s questions.

  11. quartet-man wrote:

    7. Zack, I think so many artists sign anything and everything placed before them that most don’t increase a ton in value. However, there may be some from artists who really became popular and who have been gone long enough to lessen the supply and increase the demand that might become worth something. Overall though, I don’t normally think there is a lot.

  12. Wade wrote:

    A negative BLOG about NEGATIVE BLOGGING. Did the GENIUS think his blog was some how different than the negative things he was writing about this one???

    If oh Jeff had any stones he would have called out this BLOG Specifically. But I am sure that some how HIS was done in Christian LOVE!! So that makes it OK!!!

    Be careful talking bad about those UNTHANKS ppl… they claim not to read this blog be Daddy Deon wrote me to ask why I was always negative about them and then did claim they did not read this!! HOW INSANE!! How stupid did he think I was??? Guess he has been getting away with it with his kids so long he thought the whole world was like that.

    I guess about as insane as them claiming to have a number #1 song as reported by a contributor here… and about as childish as what they did to Dr DH when THIS BLOG was nominated for there bogus awards.

    About as BOGUS as the current administration in the White House saying that Fox News is not NEWS because they do not like what is being said!!

    Everybody wants FREE SPEECH until THEIR own OX gets GORED!!

    OK I am about to really get started and I have been trying to be nice lately!!

  13. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Did you know you already paid for the autograph when you purchase that product or being one of th first ones to purchase that most anticipated offering?

  14. jd wrote:

    I sold an autographed photo of Sam,Howard,Vestal,Rusty,and johnny cook on eabay after their deaths and it brought like $51.

  15. Sam wrote:

    Re #7 Zack — I got Jake Hess to autograph copies of the books “Nothin But Fine” and “Happy Rhythm” at the NQC years ago. He wrote a message to me, singed them and chatted with me a bit. May not be valuable in $$ but they and the memory mean a lot to me!

  16. Sam wrote:

    Wade, #12 — Thanks! Well said. Couldn’t agree more.

  17. Pamela Watson wrote:

    I spoke with Brent Mitchell personally today and he said he did not try out , that Frank just called him up on stage out of the blue to sing one song. He did say that there were 2 guys there trying out but only one sang during the concert. Just wanted to clarify. I think he said the guy that sang some with them was named Brian Alvey.

  18. Linda Dillon wrote:

    Bless your heart Wade! I’ve noticed you’ve been a lot nicer lately!

    I know a lot of people are collectors who look for potential value. I just always buy what I enjoy. If it’s valuable, fine. If not, so be it. The value is my enjoyment.

    Autographs are sentimental to me, but I don’t actually get a lot of them. I just love Southern Gospel music, and don’t really think of the dollar value.

  19. NonInsider wrote:

    9 & 17. Thanks for clarifying… I knew they had 2 tenors to try out… I made the mistake of drawing assumptions when I heard that Brent sang with them on a song… Brian Alvey is a solid singer but I am not sure he has the power or range for a Legacy Five tenor… But who knows… Scott Fowler I am sure will make the right choice… Is there any word on who the other singer there might have been?

  20. Andrew wrote:

    #17- That’s a little interesting considering that Brian just made his first recording with Tribute. To me, Brian seems to have a lot of fluff to his voice. When he sang at NQC, his constantly had to move down to the correct note. It got a little dull after awhile. Of course, I realize though that they haven’t hired him at all. My main thought is that Legacy Five will hire the right person. I suppose all that’s left for us to do is pray for them.

  21. Janet B wrote:

    I have an autographed Dallas Holm album, circa 1975. Is that worth anything? :)

  22. K. Allen wrote:


    You’re undeniably a gentle soul, I’m sure, whose protected facebook synopsis reads, “Loves God & Girly Girls. Hire me to Bring the FUN & Deliver the Pleasure to your next event or Party Corp & Crazy Avaiable”

    (Great grammar, btw…)

    Not sure why I see that as being “worthy of posting”, but I couldn’t resist after your shameless self promotion comment…

  23. JEB wrote:

    Regarding L5 and the tenor search, I am still hoping they hire Gus Gaches. He was with them earlier this month in Greenville, SC along with the Booth Brothers. Great evening overall of course. Gaches sounds great with L5 and just seems to fit in well. I have total confidence in Fowler - but sure hope they bring Gaches into the fold.


  24. Greentre wrote:

    I have the book “The Music Men” by Bob Terrell. About 10 years ago I started getting folks to sign it. Currently I have a little over 100 autographs. 19 have since passed away, the last being Dottie Rambo. It may not be worth a plug nickle to anyone but me. But like the others here, the value is sentimental. Looking for the day when I can see these folks again and not ask for a signature. Thats when it will be worth it all.

  25. Jake wrote:

    I’m a big fan of EHSS so I got a kick out of the “Awkward Moment” link above, but what I want to know is, Where in the world did Tim Duncan find that suit coat? (I doubt that he found it at a thrift store. That’s usually where you would find something like that!)

  26. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #17: I think Brian Alvey fits in better with Tribute than he would with Legacy Five. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but I don’t think he has the range to do those songs that require a good, full-sounding tenor, like “I Found Grace.”

    I, too, am in the camp for Gus Gaches. As much as I’d hate for Priority to lose two members in such a short time, Gaches would give L5 a very dynamic sound.

    I think I mentioned on here before that at NQC, a young guy that fills in for Gaches with Priority was sending in his stuff to audition. I was told he sang something with the guys (not on stage) and they liked him. His name was Nathaniel something or other…

    Tim Parton said on the Legacy Five blog that they are heading out on an 18-day tour in a couple of weeks, and will possibly reveal the new tenor before then.

    Let the speculation continue.

  27. Bones wrote:

    # 21 No. He’s still alive.

  28. DD wrote:

    It’s slam the Unthanks season again. As far as their song going #1 on a internet fan chart, I think it’s great. We did the same thing a couple a weeks ago on the same chart. That chart seems as legitimate as any others right now, considering the way they are chosen. That chart is open to any so called SGM fans out there, so go vote for who you think should be #1. While you’re at it send a email to the website owner of the chart and tell him is site is a bunch of crock and his chart is bogus.

  29. quartet-man wrote:

    I do think that Gaches is a “Legacy Five” type tenor. At least from what I have heard of Gaches. On one song I heard on a live DVD of theirs, I heard glimpses of Cobb in his voice (for a very brief moment.) However, Gaches seems to be more comfortable in that range than Cobb sometimes seemed.

  30. NonInsider wrote:

    I also agree on Gaches. He would be a great fit all around for Legacy Five. Q-Man I have also heard some of “Cobb” in his softer solo stuff… He would bring a full rich, complete sound to the L5 tenor spot that I believe they have lacked a little…

  31. Andrew wrote:

    What about a rejoining from Tony Jarman since all he’s doing now is a solo deal? Or Chris Allman. Both are great tenors as well as Gus!

  32. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Gus Gaches got the job.

  33. cdguy wrote:

    Apparently, it’s official: Gus Gaches is the new tenor, according to Legacy 5’s blog.

  34. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    Legacy Five announced today that Gus Gaches is their new tenor. This is a great move for Scott Fowler and Legacy Five. I am looking forward to hearing Gus singing with them….

  35. Michael McIlwain wrote:

    Legacy 5 has just announced that Gus Gaches is their new tenor.

  36. redhead wrote:

    L5’s new tenor is Gus Gaches

  37. Edward Robinson wrote:

    In terms of the info about Paul Lancaster and Palmetto State, I never have had an opportunity to hear them live. But from just bits and pieces that I’ve seen and heard over the years, it’s interesting that they seem to have made a transition from “old school” quartet singing (when Hovie Lister was with them, for example) and more of a progressive sound now. If that is correct, then I’m guessing that Lancaster would make a good fit. Personally, I always wished that he had stayed with the Nelons. I thought that he made a good fit there. I’m hopeful that this will work for all involved!

  38. Ethan wrote:

    One of the funniest parts of the EHSS video is around the 1 minute mark. The lady in blue apparently forgot how she got on stage and attempted to leave the wrong way and Doug Anderson had to help her off the stage.

  39. Markp wrote:

    Big, BIG thumbs up on L5’s choice! I can’t wait to hear the new sound. Good job, Scott!

  40. Michael McIlwain wrote:

    It looks like a bunch of us found out about Gus Gaches at the same time.

  41. Tad Kirkland wrote:

    Paul Lancaster is my favorite singer. He was great (and under-used) with the Mullins/Sunday Drive. He was phenomenal with the Nelons and the Martins. He was starting a group with Jim and Melissa Brady before the Booth Bros came along. I was really looking forward to hearing what he would create with the Greenes and don’t understand why that didn’t last. I am not excited to hear he’s with another quartet. Nothing against the Palmettos, but he doesn’t fit and I seriously doubt this is the kind of music he prefers. I guess it’s what pays the bills.

  42. NonInsider wrote:

    Smart move by Scott Fowler… Gus will help send them to the next level…

  43. Glenn wrote:

    Although I realize once we get on topic, we don’t get off, and maybe I have missed something, but does anyone know why EHSS don’t show any Gaither Homecoming dates through the first few months of next year. Gaither has several scheduled.

  44. Rob wrote:

    Glenn it could be that EHSS is not going to be singing with Gaither Homecomings next year. They have gotten is so much demand on their own they probably feel that they can make more money on their own than Gaither was paying them. Seems like the Isaacs are still with him and he is going back to using different groups on selected dates. Maybe this will increase the attendance at Gaither’s Homecoming Concerts.

  45. Tim wrote:

    Gus has a great musical mind and I am sure Legacy 5 will sound great and move forward. Gus is leaving a great quartet in Priority and I am sure they will attract the proper replacement.

  46. NonInsider wrote:

    43. I have heard several different reasons for this… One is that Ernie feels like he can make it on his own, without leaning on Bill… Others say that Bill has been cutting back on EHSS dates because he has his new “Quintet” and they don’t need EHSS anymore to generate excitement… I would not be surprised to see EHSS pull out of the Gaither Label… But That is all just speculation and opinions… Take it for what it is worth…

  47. GM wrote:

    I have enjoyed the Gaither concerts with EHSS for several years now but am ready for a change. I think the fans will benefit.

  48. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    There is two different type of crowds in southern gospel these days.
    The over and the under 40’s crowd.
    EHSS and GVB need each other to get the both crowds.

  49. NG wrote:

    Sonya Isaacs is planning to get married to a country songwriter. Surprised to see she is 35. Time flies.

  50. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    #48 is almost absolutely right.

    EHSS doesn’t need Gaither to get the old folks (Exhibit A is that video of that elderly woman accosting Tim Duncan). However, Gaither needs EHSS to get the under 40 crowd.

    More poor decisions from an industry that patently refuses to evolve.

  51. lovelife wrote:

    I think EHSS should be careful. They are a
    “seller” now, but, I think they have burned some bridges in the SG field that maybe they shouldn’t have. I wish them all the success, but, eventually people will not pay $25 to go see them. Just my opinion, of course.

  52. Wade wrote:

    I have missed y’all while I have been away. I do not have time right now to bring you the NEWS… but I do have BIG unthanks news Daddy D wrote me and complained MUCH!! So when I have time a little later tonight I will bring you his message direct so he can’t claim he was misquoted.

    I of course will have commentary.

    Daddy D told me he always knew I was NOT NICE but I was honest. Now he does not think I am honest.

    So in a effort to prove both wrong I will bring you this new EXCLUSIVELY on

    I am sad though it appears he he DEFRIENDED me on Facebook!!! :-(((

  53. DMP wrote:

    Anyone else listen to the Gaither Reunited Ballad album? I’m not sold on the album as a whole package, but I do think this is Wes Hampton at his finest…

  54. Kitten wrote:

    #51 Lovelife — What bridges has EHSS burned behind them? I know there were some issues early on when Ernie split with Garry Jones, but that was a long time ago and hopefully that is long behind both of them. Gaither provided the opportunity for a then young group to get public exposure and an opportunity to develop their own style while in the shelter of the Homecoming group. Maybe they have come to maturity so to speak and now are ready to fly on their own.

  55. NonInsider wrote:

    53. I agree That is Wes at his best! Just wait though till Jan. 26. When the Gaither Vocal Band releases their new album entitled Better Day.

  56. dd wrote:

    What bridges have EHSS burned?

    Well let’s see:

    -They snubbed NQC (and have been SHUT OUT of the Fan Awards several years straight as a result)
    -They left some traditional fans behind when they became metrosexualized (look that word up, it’s not what you think)
    -They became all about the “show.” “Come see the EHSS show.” That show included Christian themes and commentary, sure, but it was still primarily, a show.
    -They marketed at least one song with apparent total oblivion to other industry professionals who had made that song their trademark just a few years before.
    -They went progressive. They started out with a traditional sound and a progressive stage presence, but now both are progressive. Those that liked them for their “Cathedralesque” sound no longer have much to like.

    I don’t know, just my opinion of a few reasons why they went cold with some traditional fans. That said, they’re still really good for the industry and help draw outsiders into the fold.

  57. dd wrote:

    In a nutshell: They appear to think they are too big for some of the fans that put them where they are.

  58. Rob wrote:

    I see some post in another forum that NQC is thinking about moving to Indy in 2011 & 2012. Wonder if anyone knows anything about this or if it’s just another rumor that has been started?

  59. Rob wrote:

    To answer my own post, don’t guess it’s a rumor as I just received a survey from NQC about moving to Indy. They are now using the excuse about the seating in the Expo center as the main reason to move. Funny thing they didn’t think about this a couple of years ago when they were talking about moving to Nashville. Guess $$$$$ is what talks to the board.

  60. sogospelfan wrote:

    AMEN, DD#56, #57 - You hit the nail on the head, and I know all about #57.

  61. Wade wrote:

    # 16… Sam… Thanks

    #18… Linda…Thanks for noticing!!

    #22…K Allen… Thanks 2 you too for the REALLY GOOD plug… IT is all true!!! I do love God & Girlie Girlz!!

    Now it is really late and will not do the UNTHANZ NEWS justice. So tune in tomorrow and I will have the Daddy Deon’s Facebook message to me pasted her unedited with commentary.

    Gosh I really did miss y’all while I was gone!!

    Who is the new tenor for L-5??? lol ;-)

  62. Knows Nothing wrote:

    To DD #56 very good points,and a few other points could be made. I will see them in Dec. for first time. At much less than $25 as lovelife#51 stated.

  63. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    “They (EHSS) went progressive. They started out with a traditional sound and a progressive stage presence, but now both are progressive.” (See #56 above).

    In other words, how dare they attempt to look and sound a little different than the same old, tired, cookie-cutter quartets this industry demands?

    Industry-wide suppression of “progressive” groups such as EHSS is why the southern gospel fan base is literally dying off.

  64. gina wrote:

    NG - Thanks for that link to the story about Sonya’s engagement. I saw a little about the story on the Isaacs site. Too bad this guy didn’t film the proposal to show the world on youtube, ala Habedank, huh? Right.

  65. lovelife wrote:

    #62: They were at a family members church recently and I know the tickets were $25. Glad you are paying less. Great answers #56.

  66. lovelife wrote:

    Me again. Since this is open forum…Does anyone know where you can get some older, no longer published sound tracks?

  67. CVH wrote:

    On the subject of EHSS, has anyone heard their new Christmas project? I’ve never been so unimpressed with a record that I would normally expect to be good. The song selection is inconsistent and in some cases sophomoric, the vocal performances aren’t very strong and even the mix sounds ‘off’ a lot of the time. I usually like Wayne Haun’s work but this stinks. I know the true believers will buy it but in terms of quality, especially compared to their other projects, forget it. Just my 2 cents.

  68. Ben Harris wrote:

    #63, I would think you need to look at what the fans are clamoring for rather than what radio or the labels are pushing us toward. There is a great divide between what the audience says they want and what the industry provides. Our numbers are shrinking, not because we have not evolved, but rather because we have evolved to a point that our core audience can no longer relate. In much of what we now term Southern Gospel, we hear little more than three chords and a cloud of dust. So much has been said about, “Well they do it for the right reasons” that we have forsaken good music and well rehearsed groups, embraching the untalented and poorly prepared, until we have something musically that is far below the mantle of good quality music. Everyone should be about ministry, but no one should do so at the sacrifice of good quality music. One only needs to listen to SG radio for 5-10 minutes to realize this alarming fact. IN an effort to reach out to a younger audience we leave our faithful core audience wanting what we do not provide. When I started in this business as a kid the audience was gray then and now all these years later, it is still gray. I would challenge any SG group to learn to read music, strive to make your arrangements musically challenging, and work to perfect your craft. When one does this, the youthful audience will be there, because they desire to hear good music too, its just that many of them don’t know what good SG musis really is. Ok off my soap box now.

  69. lulufan02 wrote:

    hey wade…no one cares about your conversation with deon…despite what you, Dr Doug, Nashville Phil, Tommy, or anyone else here thinks, most people in the southern gospel industry hold all of the unthanks in high regard and think of them as great people…

  70. Jake wrote:

    If I read #56 (dd) correctly, the “problem” with EHSS is that they dared to be different, to try new things, to refuse to just conform to the tired old mold, even if that is where they started,and even if it left some traditionalists behind in the process. Strange how a venue that takes 2 or 3 “traditional” SG groups together to fill, can be filled when EHSS come as a stand alone group. If sounds like they have built up a new kind of fans to add to the SG fanbase.

    Maybe that is not such a bad thing.

    Also, #67 (CVH) — I respect your opinion, but I have the new EHSS Christmas album, and I like it a lot. It has a lot of variety between secular and sacred songs, but that has been a trademark of Ernie’s in the two previous Christmas albums. There is something for everyone — slow songs, fast songs, a cappela, traditional Christmas carols, etc. This is a winner as far as I’m concerned.

  71. cdguy wrote:

    I agree with Ben’s statement that the SG crowd has ALWAYS been predominately gray haired. So, is our audience really dying any quicker than any other genre? Actually the opposite should be true, due to baby boomers living longer than any previous generation.

    But I disagree that the labels are encouraging the artists to remain more traditional than they would desire. I think the better acts are as progressive as they want to be. There are some who remain old-school on purpose, and some who try to be a little more contemporary on purpose. Do you think Crossroads is holding the Talley’s back? They’ve never been very traditional, and probably never will be. And that’s great! Their label knows they sell! The Inspirations have ALWAYS been very traditional, and no label is going to change them. And they sell to their market. I really think the dominant labels only encourage their artists to be JUST WHO THEY ARE — nothing more and nothing less.

  72. cynical one wrote:

    lulufan02 — #69 — You’re wrong, and you proved it! You stated that “no one cares” about Wade’s conversation with Deon, yet you listed 2 posters who apparently do, then added “anyone else”. You can add my name to that list. I care.

    Unless you’re calling us “no one’s.”

    My opinion is of their website is that it’s primarily a self-promtion tool. And that’s ok, as long as everyone understands that.

  73. Ben Harris wrote:

    CDGUY, I think you misunderstood my statement. The labels are pushing hard for groups to be more progressive, as is radio. The fact that most radio and labels don’t have a clue who their audience really is should make all of us shudder a bit. These are the folks who decide who gets promoted and who gets played. Listen to any SG radio, anuwhere in the U.S. and you will see what I mean real fast. Poor talent, singing very average songs, with pitiful arrangements is the mainstay, not the infrequent

  74. Wade wrote:

    Cynical One… and ALL …

    I am not just teasing this, but I have been incredibly busy on the road and then back here for the Halloween Holiday Parties. You can see on my current Facebook Page. I even had my pic made with a Priest as we were attempting to cast out demons from a few of the ppl attending the gatherings! :-))

    As you can see I am writing this at almost 4am.

    Oh Cynical and even Lulufan (shill for unthankz…probably one of them) MANY ppl care you should see the ppl that are beating me up on both sides in my private email and facebook inbox.

    It will be worth waiting for.

    But I am going to be FAIR. I will be both critical and complimentary. I will post Daddy Deon’s word directly from the message so I will not have to get him any cheese with his WHINE!!

  75. Nashville Phil wrote:

    So Wade,
    I for one am waiting…

  76. weber wrote:

    #69 I know of no industry professional that holds any of the nothanks with high regard. Their website is a joke, and always has been. They will always be nothing more than wanna-bees in the gospel music industry. I am very interested in what daddy Deon had to say to Wade. They remind me of Michael Moore, they all look like they swallowed a gold fish bowl….. im just sayin

  77. Rob wrote:

    The Unthank Family is some of the nicest people I have met. I just think there is a lot of jealous people because they have one of the largest, if not the largest, web news site in Southern Gospel Music. Check the number of hits this site gets eacy month. As with any publication that has a chart list they select the stations they want to use for their list. Sure some stations play one groups music more than they do another. Remember most stations play what their listeners want to hear so they can keep an audience.

  78. Ben Harris wrote:

    Rob, you would be surprised as to how radio decides what to play. I can assure you it has very little to do with what their audience wants to hear.

  79. Wade wrote:

    OK… Here we go with what I have been promising. I am dedicating this to the time change and going to take that time out of the extra hour we may get to sleep tonight. I certify all messages between me and Daddy Deon are real and unedited

    Thanks for every one who has written me privately on email and facebook inbox. Even that haters and the unthankz shillers. I enjoy getting booed as much as applauded.

    To set this up a few months back I made a smart ass comment (criticism) about something unthankz. I admit that. But come on if you are going to put it out there like they do you are BEGGING for it. So below this I will post the thread of messages between Daddy D and myself so he can’t whine and say he was taken out of context.

    Deon Unthank August 27 at 7:33pm
    Hey, Wade,

    I just curious. As far as I know, we have never met, never spoken to each other either orally or via E-mail, yet when you refer to me or my family on avery, it is always in a negative connotation or snide remark.
    You have never sought my side of any situation so you have no idea why we do things the way we do.

    I’m just curious as to why a total stranger would talk about me and my family in such condescending ways.


    So here was my initial response…

    Wade Cardwell August 27 at 8:00pm

    Hi Deon…

    I think the web site is a shill for your favorites and as a front for the other things you do as far as promotions.

    I have never said anything specifically about anybody personal. You might be a good guy.

    You NEVER came on the AVERY site and defended yourself about leaving the web site off the web site and ballot. Why did you not do that??? Why did you do that??? It really went to prove what I said above.

    I am open minded though. Be glad to hear your side but it seemed fairly obvious.

    Thanks for writing…least you know who I am and I do not hid behind being anonymous!!

    Looking forward to hearing back from ya… Wade

    PS…Oh and Deon… I did in fact numerous times try to get you to tell your side of why you did that during the time you left the avery site off the pub….MANY TIMES!!!

    His Reply…

    Deon Unthank August 27 at 8:52pm Report


    Years ago, Doug was banned from for reasons that would take far too long to explain, but since he cannot post on my site, I feel it only fair that I do not post on his site.

    As far as avery being not listed on our site, we have blocked the mention of avery on our site, so when it showed up on the press release, it showed up as XXXXX, or whatever it was, just like any other blocked words would show up. It was not a slam against avery, it’s just the way the program was set up.


    My reply back…

    Wade Cardwell August 27 at 10:00pm

    But Deon, you could have fixed it.

    You obviously monitor his site so it should have been clear you were being called out on it. I am pretty sure I have seen other members of your family post their and here we are today.

    While I do not agree with Doug on everything, I can say he does not shut down debate. I have seen debate shut down on your site when ppl were using scripture. It is your site you can do what ever you want. But it would be interesting to see who’s visit counts are higher!!

    I enjoy your site from time to time and I am sure you know I am a registered user. The columns from some of the contributors.

    I think your explanation for the XXXX is still pretty weak.

    Thanks for writing and asking if there is anything else I can answer for ya feel free… you know I will write ya back!!!

    Thursday best,


    Deon writes more…

    Deon Unthank August 28 at 1:08am Report

    You have NOT seen any members of my family post on Doug’s site that I am aware of. We have an agreement NOT to post over there. You may consider my explanation pretty weak,. but it is the truth, and I have no reason to tell you anything but the truth.

    We moderate from our principles, they may not be the same as yours, but we do what we feel is best for SGM. I must say that I do appreciate your bluntness in your opinion, and I would dare say that you and I are just as firm in our opinions though they may be different. I also respect you for posting your real name on everything you write. If I can’t say it to you with my own name, then I shouldn’t be saying anything to you at all.

    You may or may not have changed your opinion of me and my family, but thank you for clearing the air.


    I close this thread out with this reply… see I am nice too….

    Wade Cardwell August 28 at 1:23am

    Thanks Deon for what you do for SGM… a music and art form we both have to love.

    But come on Deon you telling me you could have not went and fixed the XXXXXX issue???

    If you are going to have a legitimate awards how can you freeze some one out???

    Sure it is your site and you can do what ya want… but let’s say… I might not like the Inspirations or the McKamey’s and maybe I have had it out with Ivan Parker & Ernie Haase and we had agreed not to talk, but if I ran an award production I could not freeze them out and XXXX their names out of the announcement on my site if I had one.

    I have NO idea what Doug may have done, and again I do not agree with him on things much like we are not agreeing but I would professional enough to be able to do business. I have seen him allow some pretty mean spirited stuff to be posted about himself.

    If nobody in your family has ever posted please accept my apology but I could swear I have, but not really the point. You obviously monitor the site or we would not be having this convo.

    I do wish many of the SGM site we not so pollyanna. So truth needs to be said and sometimes the light does not always shine brightly!!!

    TGIF wishes… Wade

    So see I was nice told him I enjoyed his site from time to time but in my unofficial capacity as BS caller on AVERY I felt it was necessary to post the entire thing just to pull back the curtain and to let every one see who is full of it and who is not. HE NEVER ONCE had a good reason for freezing out this site in his little award show and I have given him MANY OPPS to do so both in that thread and many times on this site before.

    So last week I made another comment and it must hurt his feelings again because I received this in my FB inbox…

    Deon Unthank October 24 at 2:18pm

    Thanks for twisting my words into something I never said. I NEVER said we don’t read avery, I said we NEVER reply. No one in my family has ever said we don’t read avery. Quite a difference. Of course you twisted the press release too. The press release said that the Sunday Edition was number one on the Gospel Music Times chart, not number one in Gospel Music. I never thought you were a nice person, but I did think you were honest. Guess I was wrong.

    OK… first of all any of you there who have written me privately I normally would not post ANYTHING unless you said it was OK… but when you WHINE as much as Deon does and call me mean and dishonest I will pull your pants down and spank ya.

    For him to say THEY NEVER reply here has to be a joke. If they don’t then there friends & shillers do so to me that is the same. Can you say SOCKPUPPET???

    The remark that I made is above #12 you can check it out if you want. I had everything hedged as well as they do on their site. The rest of how I feel I made very clearly in the relies to his initial whinning so I will not rehash again.

    I do not know WHAT Dr. DH may have done on his site to make him banned from their site but based on how he reacts to simple criticism I bet it was not a world ender. If it was so bad I am sure he would have taken the time to expound or maybe one of his shillers will come on here and tell us…and maybe Dr. DH … but if I were him I might not stoop to their pettiness.

    Bottom line the reason they read this site is to get the REAL NEWS. I bet this site has way more hits if independent verification was possible.

    Hyperbole is a sword that cuts both ways and if you are going to live by it you may die by it…especially if you get all out of joint when it is used against ya!!

  80. Nashville Phil wrote:

    Thanks Wade.

    Mr. NoThanks responses to you, show that he is as goofy as he looks!

    #76 Weber, you are exactly right! Ain’t nobody in the Industry takes them serious. Folks I’ve talked with regarding those people only laugh at the mention of their name.

    Those awards they give out look like something only available at Dollar General. Not only are their awards Cheesy, so is the awards show! This year the Deon got up there complaining about even buying those plastic thingys(awards).

    I can’t remember word for word what he said, I was to distracted by [edit] how his clothing appeared to have spent several days wadded-up in the laundry before he dressed hisself.

    Another thing, most of these awards go to folks whom have hired SouthernSpin to build their websites. Has nothing to do with artistry.

    One thing that really chaps my fanny is, that Johnny Minnick, whom I have great respect for, lets them use his Church to do their deal. Johnny, if you’re reading this, you have too much class to be takin in by these goofballs…Give em the boot John Boy!

  81. NG wrote:

    Some folks obviously take the Unthanks seriously. Otherwise why would they hire them do publicity and/or websites for them? Client list includes such acts as Dove Brothers, Nelons and Blackwood Gospel Quartet. Looking in from the outside, they seem to have built up a reasonably successful family business in SGM, something that is not that easy to do.

  82. Wade wrote:

    NG…them are some BIG names there Jethro!! Don’t forget Gold City..them boys are doin’ good too!!!

  83. weber wrote:

    #81, Nelons, Dove brothers, Blackwood Gospel Quartet? Lets break it down, Nelons, not even on main stage anymore, although they sound good. Dove brothers have struggled since Rulapaugh left, BGQ, never had a song in the chart, never sung on main stage, and have a bad reputation in Gospel Music, just one of the Six Blackwood group trying to make a dollar off a has been name. Nashville Phil, got it right, rewards are a joke, they con all the groups to come sing at their fan fest and award show, take up an offering every night, never pay the groups a dime, then after the week is up, they run off to Disneyland, to spend the ill gotten gain. They dress un-professional and look like slobs on stage. My best guess is they are paying Johnny Minnick a ton of money to use the facility.

  84. Rick Hendrix wrote:

    I saw a Facebook status and thought I would check out what was going on with the Unthanks…. I have to say-Deon Unthank is a good man. He really has worked VERY hard to do the right thing by people and his family. He is very kind and big hearted. He isnt a vulture or egomaniac like most people in this business. I do not agree with non airplay charts. I think a chart should be voted on my spins not hits or artist. But, with that said. The Unthanks single barely missed a Top 40 debut in Singing News…I think thats the big story here. I see people all the time saying go vote for my song on various charts. I have never seen the Unthanks do that. And I can honestly say…radio likes what they do…Even if industry doesnt. Its a tough position to be in. They own a fairly large, visible piece of SG music and its Internet life, and having a passion for the music within themselves—does put them under the radar and in a peculiar situation when it comes to their own news and success stories being printed.

  85. Rob wrote:

    Rick Hendrix - AMEN and AMEN

  86. lovelife wrote:

    Since this is an open thread, what is up with the songs/singers chosen to be on the 2009 NQC dvd???? Why would you not put, If You Knew Him (Perrys), #1 Group of the yr. (Triumphant), Legacy Five. Question 2, why would you put Ivan Parker, and Janet Paschal??? Nothing against either of them, but, the other 3 groups mentioned are what NQC and SG is all about. I think they were sleeping when they made this decision.

  87. Jake wrote:

    Lovelife (#86) — Maybe it had something to do with copyrights and licenses or something. That is only a guess. I understand they didn’t include Gaither or EHSS either. I’m sure anytime someone wants to make up a compilation album it requires making arrangments with every record company involved. Then there is the whole matter of royalties, and all the legal stuff. And no artist or group wants to risk lose their own CD sales because fans are buying their song from someone else.

  88. jb wrote:

    I heard that Ernie Haase and the boys were recording “Didnt It Rain” on their new album. Looks like the Dove brothers will be turning into a cover band for SSQ before long.

  89. AT wrote:

    Deon may be nice..But Chris,Amy and Susan are the reason the Sogospel bunch has problems. Chris and Amy are just rude and non social. And Susan is just bitter and as rude as her kids.

  90. cynical one wrote:

    #86 & #87 — It may have had to do with Crossroads wanting to promote their own artists on the dvd? I guess, since they are the compiler and manufacturer, they probably have the right to do that.

    I don’t think we can claim they didn’t want to promote OTHER labels, though, as at least half the project is artists from other labels (or independants).

    Not that anyone said their motive was to omit the competition, but some folks might read that between the lines.

  91. weber wrote:

    I find it interesting that someone that has about the same credibility as the unthanks would post here, and defend what they do. Birds of a feather, they say,. One might ask, “Well how did they loose credibility in gospel music”? It all starts when you take the first dollar from an artist that you has no chance, no talent, and more money than common sense.

  92. Not Likely wrote:

    Just curious Weber… which one of those groups, that you mentioned, couldn’t you get a job with? Or was it all three?

  93. weber wrote:

    #92 Oh curious one, I did apply for a job with the Dough boys quartet, needless to say when I didnt get the job, the feedback was my hair was to long for gospel music. Actually if you paid attention, the groups were not the point, the point being stated by other posters. geezzzzzz

  94. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #88: What was the source? I have to wonder if it is indeed the Dove Brothers’ “Didn’t It Rain” or the old spiritual that the Mike LeFevre Quartet/Priority did on their “Nothin’ But Good” project. I think the latter is more likely for EHSS to do, although hearing them modernize the DB version would be very interesting.

    I met Deon, Amy, and Susan at NQC (never did get to meet Chris) and all three of them seemed genuinely nice. I may not agree with everything they do, or how they run their site, but I didn’t pick up on any rudeness or bitterness with any of them.

  95. Not Likely wrote:

    #93 The Dough Boys Quartet from Krispy Kreme? Curious again… have they ever played any dates with the Tennesseans?

    You’re pathetic.

  96. Ben Harris wrote:

    I happen to know Deon and his family very well, and truly believe they are good God fearing people. Deon and I may disagree on some issues, but he has never been disagreeable. No two people see eye to eye on everything… wife and I are living proof, but we still love each other. You may not agree, you may wish it not so, for any number of reasons you may feel are valid, but the Unthanks have, very likely the most popular SG website on the ‘net. They sell advertisement on their pages, just as Singing News does, and just as every newspaper, billboard, radio, broadcast channel, and a myriad of other media outlets. Some of the people who buy ad space in these places would be well advised to not spend their hard earned money on advertising, but it is their choice to do so. Why we would spend time questioning their logic, or the Unthanks motivation for having a web site in the first place, is well beyond me. It seems there are far better things we could do with our time. I think their favorite style of SG music is vastly different than mine, but that does not make them my enemy, for they are still my friends.

  97. weber wrote:

    #95 I heard some form of the Tennesseans were traveling again, no never worked dates with them. Pathetic? no not really however since you seem to take my comments personally, one could assume You travel with one of the aforementioned groups. If this is true, I can assure you, Im doing much better than you…

  98. Not Likely wrote:

    #97 That’s funny. You seem to have a problem understanding punctuation. Periods do not suggest a question has been asked. Here, I’ll break it down so you can more easily understand.

    Pathetic is just who you are, no matter which name you post under. (period)

    There’s plenty of people here who post on both sides of the argument, intelligibly. (period)

    Yet, you insist on waging personal war on the Unthanks, even in threads where they had yet to be brought up. (period)

    If they really are — as you put it — unprofessionals, slobs, and a joke in this industry, why are you so infatuated with making sure everyone knows? (question mark)

    Maybe you’re just one of the very few who think that. (period)

    That’s a pathetic existence. (period)

    If you’re really doing better than me, or anybody for that matter, get outside, buy a Krispy Creme doughnut and do something with your life. (period)

  99. weber wrote:

    #98 What is your infactuation with Krispy Kreme(question mark) The Unthanks were brought up on post # one(period) If you know me, and I believe you do then you also must know that Im always willing to discuss any opinion I may have openly and in a public forum. I curious to see just how pathetic I can be…

  100. Not Likely wrote:

    #99 I understand they were brought up in the first post of THIS thread. I was referring to the VERY OPEN THREAD posted recently.

    However, I must apologize. That was Nashville Phil who did that. And although I’m not convinced that Nashville Phil and you, weber, are not one in the same … I must recant my statement.

    And your last statement confuses me. Are you trying to say that you’re curious about how pathetic you are? I don’t get it.

  101. jerry wrote:

    i don’t understand you people wanting to sell your gospel material and etc ,must not be very christian like what a shame Jerry

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