So the Diplomats – lightning rod group du jour – are on the cover of the Singing News. I’ve only heard them briefly at the NQC, where they were oversinging, out of tune, and out of any new material. This didn’t strike me as any big deal at the time, since I assumed they were just one of the many downmarket acts that lands a few minutes on the NQC mainstage by the impenetrable “logic” that goes into the NQC evening concert lineups, and that they’d recede back into the patchwork quilt of regional groupdom.

The comments-thread flame war that broke out over the “Dips,” as their diehard fans like to refer to them, shortly afterward only seemed to confirm this assumption, since it’s commonplace for the arguments to be loudest in southern gospel when the stakes are the lowest. But I guess we can interpret this appearance on the SN cover to mean that they are now to be taken seriously as mainstream talent. Personally, I liked this act better the first time, when it was called The Happy Goodmans, and the second time when the Perrys had their nostalgia phase. But whatever. I know where the skip button is. 

What they’re doing on the Singing News cover is beyond me, but then it wouldn’t be the first time that the SN has showed up in my mailbox and I’ve had a “what thuh …?” reaction.

What I’m more interested in here is the larger phenomenon we’re all familiar with that’s replaying itself out: namely, nationally unknown group of debatable ability shows up all at once and is suddenly “in,” at which point, a punch-up proceeds to break out among, on the one hand, the group’s diehards, who take this sudden anointing as proof that years of faithfully following the group from one far flung church and county fair to another were not in vain; and on the other hand, an outraged contingent of dissenters who haven’t heard of these people (or have!) and cry foul.

The critics often go too far, or go about making their case the wrong way. In this case, the argument against the Diplomats has more than once drifted into the territory of comments about or allusions to members’ weight. God’s little people they ain’t, but given the history of heft among the southern gospel saints, it’s a leetle late to be making weight problems a barrier to success in gospel music.

It’s too bad, this tendency in southern gospel discourse to launch personal attacks on someone with whom you disagree, instead of making an argument on the merits of the issue. Because the outraged folks have a point, if only they’d make it and leave the petty personal attacks aside: when a group like “The Dips” - as far as I can tell, the sg equivalent of a cover band - show up on the mainstage of NQC and the cover of the Singing News, while, say, the Nelons get three songs on a crappy showcase that involves a ten-minute hardsell for Sally-Struthers-style feed the children outfits and the host spends another 10 minutes trying to get his iPod to play the track for the infinitely forgettable song he inflicts upon us … well, it sure does feel like a little line-skipping is going on here. For the millionth time, better quality control, please.

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  1. melvin klaudt wrote:


  2. Ruth Meyers wrote:

    Well said. Who are these people? And what rung of the political ladder have they landed on to get this kind of attention? Did they buy into the NQC when all of that stock was for sale? I keep up with Southern Gospel and I can honestly say with my hand up (and God knows my heart) that I’ve never heard of them. However, I’ve heard of the Nelons. When do they get a cover? I guess Kelly couldn’t buy Rex’s part of NQC because there are NO WOMEN on the board. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Ugh! No wonder the whole industry is going down the toilet.

  3. Alan Kendall wrote:

    Just now read some of the garbage that was posted against the Diplomats. Let me just say that I am appalled that such horribly distasteful comments would be made, especially against such wonderful people as the Diplomats. Sounds like pure petty jealousy to me.

    I am humbled to call the Diplomats my friends. They are some of the dearest and kindest Christian people in our business. I think the world of them. Not only are they some of the finest people in gospel music, they are giving the people exactly what they want to hear.

    About 5 years ago, The Diplomats came to my hometown of Hiawassee, Georgia on a very popular Sunday concert that normally featured The Isaacs, Chuck Wagon Gang, and The Spencers. The Spencers had recently retired and could not make the date, therefore The Diplomats came as a substitute group. They were received so strongly that the Fair kept them in the lineup, and now 5 years later, they are every bit as popular with those 3000 people as The Isaacs or Chuck Wagon Gang, if not more.
    Their songs, whether old or new, their stage presence, Jimmy’s fantastic emcee work, and their spirit all come together to make them a group that the people just fall in love with. They are favorites with the industry because they are simply likeable.

    They may be the kindest, most sincere people I know in the business, in addition to being one of the most enjoyable groups I’ve been privileged to watch. I love these people.

  4. Wade wrote:

    As some one who Produces Shows. I am instantly leering when I am dong a show and some one shows up with an IPOD and want to run it through the board.

    It is almost always a DISASTER!!!

    Can’t imagine doing a show like that and playing tracks through an IPOD!!

  5. RDB wrote:

    Quote: “it’s a leetle late to be making weight problems a barrier to success in gospel music”

    Thanks for the laugh!

  6. todd wrote:

    The diplomats are great people and are doing a great work for the Lord. I’ve met alot of sg artists and cory pearson is one of the most sincere and friendly I’ve ever met. And he’s got as much talent as anybody also. He can sing any part and play any instrument. I’m not arguing about whether they should be called a regional group or not, but if a “regional” group ever deserved to be on the cover, they do. Just try going to one of their concerts and I think you’ll like them. Better yet go to a church revival service they are singing at and you can really see how the Lord can use them.

  7. Pat Barker wrote:

    I was a member of the Diplomats for 2 1/2 years. At that time they were considered to be more regional. Since that time they have made great strides to get their ministry to the masses. They are, as Alan said, on some of the biggest dates in the industry: Dollywood, Silver Dollar City, NQC, Brumley, Lebanon, etc. If you have not even heard of them then you have your 2 or 3 favorites that you follow and forget the rest. So your opinion doesn’t matter. 80% of their concert is original songs. they are far from a cover group. The DE do only cover songs; does that make us regional. Gold City is a local group in Gadsden. Jesus never went more than 30 miles away from his home town; does that make him regional? Michael Booth said that there is one group he doesn’t want to follow, and that is the Diplomats. I feel the exact same way. If the only time you have seen them is the four minutes at NQC then you have no right to post such garbage. Maybe you should have seen them at the Saturday showcase when they did 4 songs, and got 4 standing ovations and several encores.

  8. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    “…’The Dips’ - as far as I can tell, the sg equivalent of a cover band…”

    That’s an apt description for 95 percent of groups.

  9. art wrote:

    I don’t know much about the Diplomats, but I’ve seen enough SN covers to conclude that they don’t make their decisions based on journalistic considerations.

    A few heavyweight groups seem to make the cover often, if not annually. And inside the magazine you’ll find that the group on the cover is running a substantial ad.

    Singing News is a PR vehicle, not a news source. Once you understand that, you’ll be a lot less bewildered by the decisions they make.

  10. LaShay Bankston wrote:

    Hey Ruth Meyers - if you don’t like where the industry is going… here’s an idea… LAY OFF THE NEGATIVITY…and help the industry by doing something positive for it rather than trashing it. And if you think the whole thing is going down the toilet… well, why don’t you be so kind as to flush your bitterness down with it!

    Well said Alan and Pat. You both said everything I wanted to say… except a lot nicer. :)

  11. tommy wrote:

    It is nice to see someone different on the cover but all the “Dip” fans or dipheads as I heard one refer to them need to relax. Their have been many groups over the years come along who create a small cult following. Having loud fans doesnt make you talented. The style of performance they use is effective on a certain type of crowd. Its the same one that works for the McKameys and the Inspirations. You wont find many L5 fans who are DIp fans. Getting a standing ovation does not mean you are a quality singer. It means you know how to manipulate a crowd well. Thats great. To hear many of you argue how “great” they are highlights the point. You can argue they are great people, have a heart for ministry or that they know their audience but don’t try to sell us on how they are better vocally than the “average” regional group. People have a right to ask why they are getting the attention they are when numerous good groups are being passed over.

  12. Charlie Sexton wrote:

    It’s my understanding that the cover group for each issue of The Singing News is decided by certain Salem/Singing News employees/executives. As in any similar business situation, obviously, someone brings a suggestion to the table, and the powers that be offer their individual thoughts, and then the ‘board’ votes.

    I’d say that Danny Jones, who has a great relationship with The Diplomats, had much to do with ‘pitching’ their name to the decision-makers. But, then again, it was no different than he probably did with The Kingsmen & GVB on the previous couple of month’s issues.

    But, keep in mind that Mr. Jones most likely brought several other names of ‘friends’ to the table as well…Folks like The Browns, The Nelons, Roy Webb, The Collingsworths or possibly even lesser known, but equally talented groups like New Desire and The Dills.

    Obviously, all these I’ve mentioned didn’t make the cut, and The Dips did. Why? I don’t know. I wasn’t in that meeting, but I dare say that the decision was based on the fact that The Dips have been well received at some of the more prestigious national venues that Pat mentioned earlier, and the overwhelming of response audiences everywhere. I’m reminded of a legendary statement that I’ve heard Les Beasley say about The Inspirations when they first entered the SG circuit…”Nobody liked them but the people…” Guess that is true in this situation.

    I encourage you all to get past the politics, and get on the happy side of living. Get back to listening to Gospel Music for the sheer enjoyment of it, and quit trying to dissect every little thing (or big) thing that comes around…

  13. SM wrote:

    Tommy #11
    You could not have said it better!!

  14. art wrote:

    #12 - Amen to your last paragraph. Good point.

  15. LaShay Bankston wrote:

    Tommy - #11 - I’m just curious as to which “good” groups are being passed over?? Because, if I read your post right… being “good” is subjective. What I think is good and what you think is good are probably different. And, I’d venture to say that what you think is good and what the powers that be think is good is probably different. See where I’m going with this??

    I’m definitely not trying to start an argument here, I’m just trying to understand it.

    I agree with Charlie. If everyone would stop trying to pick apart every little thing and just listen to the music and appreciate it…and forget about the stinkin’ politics. It is what it is.

  16. KC wrote:

    Have the Dips ever had a song on “The Official National Southern Gospel Top 80 Chart” - as the Singing News calls it? I don’t see one this month. I always thought most singers that graced the cover had a hit song going on, and some point in time.

    Maybe Singing News is just hopeful they’ll be a success. Sorta like giving the President of the United States of America the Nobel Peace Prize before he earns it. :)

  17. longridehome wrote:

    I agree, how refreshing to see a new face on the cover. Maybe this will be a consistent thing. You know there are other people and groups in sg besides the top 10 same groups. Perhaps God is giving them favor in the market.

  18. Rosco P. Coltrane wrote:

    I ain’t never heard the Diplomats and this ain’t against them or their listeners, but maybe we should call their fans dipsticks. Coo, coo, I love it, I love it!

  19. momof3 wrote:

    I have known Jimmy and Rita All of my life… The good, bad and the ugly……….Not a favorite group at all! If you want to know what the Dips are a singing…turn on the radio and you’ll hear The Goodman’s, The Perry’s……or any other current top 40 group……They ride the coat tails of the GREATS…….I am a SG singer and have the Honor of singing songs of the most anointed writer in all of SG music today………there is ORIGINAL music out there for all to sing….the way I see it. These DIPLIFIED DIESEL SNIFFING COPY-CAT WANNA BES need to back off and let the pros do their own songs….The Perry’s have the awards to prove they belong as well as the TRUE Queen of Gospel Music…Vestal Goodman (RIP)…..Dare to be different! Be original…or stay home…

  20. momof3 wrote:

    Hey…#16…..You know good and well Our EMPEROR deserved that award…LOL

  21. gina wrote:

    This SN is definitely one for the archives - Dips on the cover and a Carol Channing ad within.

  22. Revpaul wrote:

    “momof3″ is speaking what’s in her heart. That’s the reason I’d never have her in my church (if I knew who she was). Imagine, trying to sing the Gospel with all that inside you!

  23. NG wrote:

    #16 Wow. Someone was given the title “the most annoited writer in all of SG music today.” Somehow I missed seeing the ballot for that award in the Singing News.

  24. NG wrote:

    Sorry meant to refer to #19 (not 16) in my earlier post.

  25. Melvin Klaudt wrote:

    The vessel has nothing to do with the message if the heart is right with the Lord. Only they know if their heart is right, not any of us. When we get to heaven are we going to lay awards, ratings and style at the feet of Jesus?

  26. Revpaul wrote:

    Melvin, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” so we can know what’s in a person’s heart by what they say; and we can know them by the thing they do, because “by their fruits shall ye know them”. So to me, if the vessel is not right with God then their song will fall on deaf ears.

  27. lovelife wrote:

    #19 Your post is very mean spirited. Just remember that “we” will be judged just as we judge others.

  28. Tom wrote:

    Given the history of this forum, I must admit that I am perplexed that this thread has gone this far and this long…and no one has yet mentioned Matt Dibler.

    I have no opinion about Matt one way or the other. I have never been a fan of the Inspos. But it is an indisputable fact that the Inspirations are wildly popular among certain segments of the sg community, including the SN subscriber base.

    Mightn’t the presence of Dibler as lead singer of the Diplomats have played some role in helping them establish their bona fides with the SN brass? It seems to me to be at least a reasonable theory–given the sg community’s traditional deference to people who have previously established themselves with other groups.

    Of course, the alleged scandal around Dibler could also arguably work against him and the Diplomats. So I’m not completely convinced this is the reason for their rise to SN cover prominence.

    I’m just surprised no one has mentioned him yet, or commented on his return to a public position as lead singer of an sg group.

  29. art wrote:

    Re my earlier post (No. 9), I just paged through my copy of Singing News and don’t find a big ad placed by the Diplomats. I’m flabbergasted, but need to acknowledge that this time I was wrong.

  30. Melvin Klaudt wrote:

    #26, Revpaul. I don’t believe you studied my post close enough and jumped to a pre-judged conclusion and therefore misconstrued my post. People are going to judge and criticize but only a singer or a vessel carrying a message knows what is in their heart and what their true motive is. I have always said and continue to say, “Before you criticize someone, look in the mirror”. Re-read my post, surely you must understand that judgemental people are not carrying a spiritual message. Wouldn’t you agree that if a person’s heart is right with the Lord, they would not be trying to remove a speck from someone else’ eye when they have a board in their own?

  31. Stinky wrote:

    I know all of the Dips and have for a long long time. I believe Cory, Miss Rita and the other members are good christian people.(I think)I do no for a fact that JP has been in charge (promoted) many concerts over the years [edit]. I do no I would never do business with him or book his group or step across the street to hear him. I have been told by many people that to make it in Southern Gospel you must have money or know someone or know something on someone (Higher UPS). I have been in singings with them and tried to enjoy their music but I can only see him and that I can’t stand. I personally know of men, groups and promoters that will never book them [edit]. They have talent and JP can really manipulate a crowd but that is what (con-men do) and he is one of the best at the game. I hope for his sake he has or will turn his life around. When I saw the SN cover I knew then that what I have been told for many years, its who you know or what you know or how much money you are willing to spend or who you are willing brown nose to get a song in the charts or a picture on the singing news. They will be back next year because of the same.

  32. Revpaul wrote:

    #30, you are certainly right, I did misunderstand your post. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  33. Blackstone wrote:

    1. If you don’t like the Singing News, don’t buy it.
    2. If you don’t like some SG singers, don’t go to their concerts.
    3. If you think you are better than some of the singers you criticize, get an audition, cut a disk, and go on the road to show off your stuff.
    4. If you can’t say anything good about someone, remain silelnt.

  34. Miracle#1 wrote:

    I think that the Diplomats are a wonderful group. If you have never heard them that is YOUR OWN fault. And if you have only heard them at NQC why not give them another shot? God gives you all more than one chance everyday. Instead of worrying about criticizing a SG group about all of the negative things you can think of, you need to be thanking GOD that we can still listen to SG music. It is coming where the president is trying to outlaw all of Christianity and what it stands for and you people with your negative, jealous comments want to downgrade a SG group for only accommplishing something that GOD is very proud of. They are standing up for GOD. To me this whole discussion reminds me in the BIBLE where it talks about Loving your neighbor as yourself. The world would be a better place if everyone was treated right. If I was a sinner and saw this discussion I would think alot of people were hypocrits that claimed to be Christians. You should be ashamed of yourselves. What kind of example are you all trying to be?

  35. Bones wrote:

    Lets go back in time and hear a concert from The Klaudt Indian Family. That was good singing.

  36. Mike Gibson wrote:

    I post, not as a Diplomat fan, though I am; however, I post as a fellow artist. I have had the pleasure of working with the Diplomats several times. They are my friends not because I needed them, nor did they need me; but rather because they showed themselves as friendly every time we seen each other. Every time they performed, my heart was touched. In Gainesville, GA, I recall that the electricity was blown during their performance. They simply stepped out front and center without one microphone and delivered. Get it?? No stacks, no orchestrations and no hype. They delivered!!!!!
    Now, insult whomever you want, but I have been priveleged to stand side by side with most every major artist in the industry at one point or another. Are there better singers? YES!!! I’m sure the Diplomats would agree. But I have heard enough talented icicles hide in the stacks of studio work for long enough and move no one. Isn’t it about time that we acknowledge someone has found a groove that is working for them and throw out an “Atta Boy” or two?
    Happy Goodmans they are not.. Their bass singer is one of the most solid on the road today. I have a video on my iphone of them singing “Jesus is coming soon” and I watch it often. To compare them to any other group after a 45 minute performance verifies the ignorance that is so common among posts found regularly on this site.
    Lastly, why do they have such dedicated fans? Because they simply give the people a solid performance every time they take the stage. How stupid to take one side of this website and criticize people for shoving their kids on stage, singing to tracks and every other negative aspect of an artist performance, yet be so shallow that you can’t recognize why we love a live band with excellent mix of old and new songs with a solid bass singer shaking the stage when he is supposed to and a great blend of all the parts in between. They are doing it right according to the fans, and the SN is smart enough to get on board.
    Finally, are their politics involved? Heaven’s YES!! EVERY GROUP will spend their dime to be on the front, back or center page of the SN. Why are we criticizing the folks for doing the same thing every other genre does and it simply falls under the category of just doing good business? So you say they aren’t the best singers? Yet they are making a huge splash?? got two words for ya baby……..TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!

    Go Diplomats… I love you all!!!!!!!

  37. gina wrote:

    #28 - Tom, you are right. I don’t know how many people I have heard say they were just starting to warm up to the Dips when Matt joined the group and they changed their mind. Were the Dips unaware of the scandal? Did they care? I did notice in the SN article Matt’s only quote was to let the reader know he still has a “family” waiting on him when he returns home.

  38. Bryce wrote:

    Blackstone (#33), another for your list:

    5. If you can’t appreciate the diverse perspectives and relative freedom of open dialogue found on this blog, don’t post on it.

  39. dbh wrote:

    #31 can you please name a credible source that supports your claims? I didn’t think so.

    I have never seen such horrid jealousy or ignorance in my life. One gospel singer in particular spoke it right when he said that Christians are the only army that would ever shoot their own soldiers. Some of you people totally fall under that category.

    Folks like you who are so eager and excited to judge and criticize people who have done nothing to you, and who are guilty of doing nothing more than remaining dedicated to gospel music and making the many friends they have in this industry. You people literally make me sick to my stomach. I wish you people would step away from southern gospel music and quit hindering its progress.

    Country music artists and fans are some of the most positive people I have ever seen. They are supportive of each other and literally treat each other like a family.

    Several of our so-called Southern Gospel “artists” and “fans” go to lengths to stab each other in the back and shove their ignorance down everyone’s throats. There isn’t one trace of the love of God whatsoever in some of you. You people are simply pathetic. You must gain pleasure out of stepping onto this blog and forcing pure hate on good people like the Diplomats.

    The Diplomats are exactly what their name says they are….true Diplomats. If you people have a problem with singers committed to spreading the gospel in their own format, then just get away from this industry. You are hindering the gospel message from reaching places where it can possibly be sung.

  40. Tommy wrote:

    I guess the reason it is frustrating to see how “the powers that be” push certain groups is this : We continue to wonder why the SG industry is suffering yet we continue to push groups thats are embarassing to most secular visitors. I’m not saying that the Dips dont have their place in SG but the National Quartet Convention and the Singing News should be our vehicle to show the best we have to offer.
    In the last few years, we have had groups such as the Browns, Sould Out Quartet, the Skyline Boys, the Diplomats and others pushed on us as the future of SG. Ok, the Browns are a cute family, SOuld out is young… we get it. The Skyline Boys have money and the Diplomats prove that if you scream and use lots of SG cliches you can generate a fan base. This is the best we have to offer? Where are the “new” Gold Citys and groups that can truly draw a new crowd? Put those groups on the showcases but save the main stage for the pro’s.

  41. LaShay Bankston wrote:

    #37 - Gina - to you and the rest of the ones who were “just starting to warm up to the Dips until Matt joined…”

    I certainly hope that nobody EVER judges you for messing up, and I certainly hope that you NEVER have to live life in a public spotlight to where every little thing you do is ridiculed and picked apart.

    Matt will be the first one to tell you that he made a mistake. THE FIRST ONE. If making a mistake makes him a bad person, then toss me into that category as well…and you can come join us too…

    If Matt Dibler’s “scandal” as you called it is the worst thing that you can think of for a SG singer to do… then I’m pretty sure you’ve not been around SG much. I can think of TONS of others who can be lumped in the same scandalous category as Matt… and one or two of them are probably your favorite.

    As far as most people are concerned… the Diplomats extended MUCH grace to Matt. They didn’t shun him for making a mistake. Thank God for gracious people who are willing to look past wrong-doing.

    Instead of being so quick to throw up the word scandal — how about do a little self examination. OR, even better… keep your mouth shut, because when all that comes out of it is doubt and filth you make yourself look ridiculous.

  42. Bones wrote:

    I think enough trash talk has been said.

  43. Melvin Klaudt wrote:

    #42 Bones, biblical principles cannot win out in this one.

  44. gina wrote:

    LaShay, take a breath and reread your post and mine. I think it’s obvious which one displays more negativity.

  45. Wade wrote:

    Come on Bones… Irishladdy & I enjoy a good cat fight!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving every one!!

  46. Tommy wrote:

    Matts personel issues should be no ones business but his, his families and the Diplomats. Im sure they made sure everything was above board before going forward. Its good to see people restored. It was odd however to see an article in the SN one month from him saying he needed to take time off the road and then the next month to join another group. I can see where people were concerned but again, it is his business.

  47. AAron wrote:

    The Singing New is the most political mag. out there today.

  48. gc wrote:

    This thread is so wrong in so many ways.

  49. RA wrote:

    #47: SN is so political, even Wal-Mart or any other major outlet won’t carry it…….wait…. :)

  50. quartet-man wrote:

    I doubt that is the reason Wal*Mart doesn’t carry it. They probably don’t carry it because they probably don’t even know it exists and don’t have the sales to back it up anyhow.

  51. cynical one wrote:

    #34 Miracle#1 — You wrote, ” If you have never heard them that is YOUR OWN fault.” How can it be my own fault they’ve never toured in my area, nor received radio airplay on the sgm station I listen to regularly?

    And as to their friends and fans referring to them as the “Dips” — the last time I was called “a dip”, it was not a compliment.

  52. RA wrote:

    #50- Thats my point. I was being facetious. :) The lost world is dying and going to hell and we are all concerned over some fat folks who can’t sing or [edit]. Of course wal-mart doesn’t carry sn. No one knows what sn is. Not in the real world, at least.

  53. gc wrote:

    1. If you don’t like the Singing News, don’t buy it.
    2. If you don’t like some SG singers, don’t go to their concerts.
    3. If you think you are better than some of the singers you criticize, get an audition, cut a disk, and go on the road to show off your stuff.
    4. If you can’t say anything good about someone, remain silelnt.

    Most people are doing the first 3?

  54. rn wrote:

    We recently had a sing with The Diplomats and I have to say it was one of our better sings. We had a great night and people were blessed. That is what it should be about. The bottom line is we should want to see people blessed and enjoy the greatest music around. As a promoter, I am very happy to promote the gospel. We need to listen to the message in the songs.

  55. corey pearson wrote:

    Hey Stinky, If you have the guts! Let me know your real name. I love all the talk on here about us, I think it is great! I just wish people really knew how we got on the cover and on NQC. Some say we paid for it. WRONG! Some say brown nose! WRONG! I have been a fan of SG music since I was a kidd. I just didnt know there was so much jealousy in it until the Last serveral years. And as far as Averyfine line goes. It dont bother me. Maybe we will get to meet you sometime and fellowship. I wish people wouldnt compare us to the Happy Goodmans. I did like the Goodmans and I love the Perry. They are some dear friends. But trust me, We dont try to sound like them. But I will say there is something special about those old songs! As far as Matt Goes, we love him! Whatever people think has happend, let them keep guessing! Its funny how people Assume things. Whats really funny is that they become the first 3 letters of the word. Blessings to you all.

  56. Bones wrote:

    #55,We’re acting just like them.That is no way for a christain to talk.

  57. corey pearson wrote:

    hey 56….. I was talking about a Donkey! u know its in the bible!

  58. Charlie Sexton wrote:

    For what it’s worth, The Diplomats do have one of the best bass singers in the business in Joseph Brown. He can hold his own with anyone, and is genuinely one of the nicest folks I’ve ever met. He could easily sing with any top male quartet on the road today.

    Just for kicks, I wonder who YOU would put in an all-male group that was anchored by Joe?

    Maybe Eric Phillips on tenor, Tony Peace on Baritone & Jon Wilburn on lead? Tell me THAT wouldn’t be awesome!!!

    Let me hear your ideas!

  59. KathyT wrote:

    Joe Brown is a really nice guy. I’d love to see him downsize and get with a really good seasoned quartet. Reminds me a lot of London Parris, too.

  60. Stinky wrote:

    Hey #56 Bones Thats just the real person seeping out on the page. You can only hide it for so long.

  61. Deb wrote:

    I don’t think the Lord is pleased with all this bickering. He commands us to love, honor and support those who are trying to carry the gospel through songs. This is why the world doesn’t want anything to do with us “Christians!” It’s great to see someone different on the cover of the SN mag. There are a lot of good groups that have dedicated their lives for years to the ministry….we should all the proud and pray for those out there that are beating the roads and making very little money doing it ….they do it because they’re called and they want to see souls saved. Why can’t we love each other the way Christ loves us??

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