Open thread: A not-lost-in-translation edition

Since I think we’ve pretty much exhausted what there is to say and re-say about scripture and translation and how it can(not) be that the KJV is the literal word of God and full of subjective translational decisions about how to get Hebrew and Greek into English, let’s have a new open thread!

Some things to get us started.

  • Parker Jonathan, very formerly of the Kingsmen, is – allegedly – back on the road with a trio.
  • Chris White explains the song selection process for the NQC Live DVD (Chris was kind enough to send me a copy of the letter, but there’s no reason you can’t just go over to Daniel Mount’s site and read the full thing there).
  • Also via Daniel, Aaron and Amanda Crabb are going to do the music at John Hagee’s church. Meanwhile Jason Crabb spends about as much on TBN as Brittney Spears spends on the tread mill before a big concert. It seems to just get harder and harder to explain to people who didn’t know the Crabbs at the time of their first national appearing how really great their music was for a while, before they exploded into a bunch of splinter acts and descended into retail religion and the fanatical fringes. What’s next? Mike and Kelly Bowling on tour with Benny Hinn?

What else?

PS: One more thing: the Unthanks have taken the UK by storm … sort of (h/t, NG)

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  1. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Thanks for the links!

    Are you sure that Logan picture wasn’t from NQC? The background looks an awful lot like the NQC showcase background.

  2. KC wrote:

    #1 - It looks like the 11/14 Gaither Homecoming in Augusta, GA, to me. And if anymore doubt exists, I’m thinking he’s in this pic too:

    Bill Gaither is a genius (yet again) for letting the kid onstage. :) He knows a crowd-pleaser when he hears one.

  3. John Crenshaw wrote:

    Would someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Charlie Waller have that young man that sounds like Vestel at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion a few years ago?

  4. Tjeerd wrote:

    Nice to see Parker back in Gospel music.
    Anyone know of a internet link to his web site?

  5. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Yeah he was on GOGR about 2 years ago. I’m curiuos what’s gonna happen when puberty hits.

  6. Wade wrote:

    #3… John of course that kid was on the GOGR… didn’t you know Bill follows Charlie around and just copies what he does.

    I mean didn’t you know that Bill stole that IDEA from Charlie about the Homecoming Tapes.

    Although isn’t coping anything called HOMECOMING about like trying to claim a Public Domain song for your own.

    That HOMECOMING THING has been done in churches… AWHILE!!

    That kid will probably end up having 2 sisters and they will tour around and be real famous and Good!!!… and then up hatin’ each other…. Sound familiar???

    All from those Bill Gaither Tours!! ;-)

  7. Rob wrote:

    # 4 - Parker doesn’t have a web site up yet but is working on it. They are based in Bremen, GA.

  8. Brett wrote:

    I don’t know why the Crabbs split up in the first place. I can see Kelly leaving but the rest should have stayed together.
    It’s musical chairs with Terah & Adam forming CR and then Terah saying she wanted to come off the road, only to join Mike & Kelly Bowling to Aaron & Amanda not doing as many concerts to John Hagee.

    I know I wrote a long run on sentence it is similar to the Crabb Famiy movements.

  9. natesings wrote:

    #1- It was from the concert in Augusta. I was there and that is what he was wearing.
    I did an entry for the concert here:

  10. NG wrote:

    See on other forums that Aaron McCune is filling in with Ron Blackwood’s group. Means he is is singing again with John Rulapaugh as they did in Palmetto State.
    With Josh Garner on lead and the much travelled James Rainey on piano they should have a pretty good sound.

  11. Ben Harris wrote:

    Charlie Waller’s Grand Ole Gospel Reunion never used the word “homecoming”. However Bill Gaither did attend the early events in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s. There is no doubt that the idea for his Homecoming Series came from his first visits at GOGR. I really see nothing wrong in what he did, except that without George, Glen, Jake, Vestal, Howard and a few other legends, his “Homecoming” would have not likely been as successful as it has been. BG himself has said the idea originally came from GOGR, So to make light or ridicule that fact is really quite unfair. GOGR is still one of the most pleasureable events we do each year. It is amazing to see the willingness of all the groups in attendance, to work together without one harsh or critcal word. Sad to say, I cannot say that about all concerts we attend in the course of a year.

  12. natesings wrote:

    #10- This also isn’t the first time he’s sung with Ron Blackwood. He was with the Blackwoods in Pigeon Forge between his jobs with The Anchormen and Palmetto State Qt.

  13. Jackie wrote:

    SpeerHair? Seriously? That’s almost as bad as Skidmarks on the Road of Life!

  14. Rob wrote:

    I always understood and heard from many different people that the Homecoming videos came when they were first gathered together for a video and Eva Mae LeFevre during break was playing the piano with several artist gathered around singing while she played. The cameramen were in the room when this was going on and call Bill and asked him if they should film what was going on and Bill told them to film it.
    This was the start of the Homecoming Series. I heard Eva Mae tell this many times during her lifetime. She often told it in the presence of Bill Gaither.

  15. JulieBelle wrote:

    Fair enough to say that without Jake, Vestal, George, Glen, etc. the Homecoming videos wouldn’t have been what they were…but it’s also fair to say many if not all of those older singers would not have enjoyed the great success and financial gain they did without the exposure Bill G offered them. He paid for everything up front…taping (which eventually ran into the millions per video), marketing, etc. and the artists enjoyed benefits from his work as did Bill from theirs.

  16. quartet-man wrote:

    And Larry Gatlin says after filming he told Eva to play something and told the guy to film it. Bill admits he has a bad memory, so maybe he doesn’t remember which way it happened. ;-)

  17. quartet-man wrote:

    BTW, what I meant about after filming was after the concept video for Where Could I Go was recorded (which supposedly was the original plan. ) From what Bill said in one of his books, the original plan was to get them together for the one song (as on the CD) and to make a video for it. As far as what happened next, who knows exactly. However, Bill saw the demand for the original which he didn’t intend on releasing, and decided to try it again with some planning and rehearsing before hand.

  18. BUICK wrote:

    Rob, I have a copy of that tape. That’s the way it began. But the way it developed may very well have been influenced by the GOGR.

  19. tommy wrote:

    Speaking of Charlie Waller, it was odd to see him inducted into the SGMA Hall Of Fame. It appears now that he has all of his friends from the GOGR inducted, he has now decided to put himself in. If you look at the list of inductees, its sad to see how many deserving people were passed over to induct Charlies crew. Basically Cahrlie is a promotor and sub par singer. Is that what it taked to get into the Hall Of Fame?

  20. Ben Harris wrote:

    Rob, you are somewhat correct. The very first taping was very unrehearsed. Many of the legends who later became staples as HC performers, were there to make cameo appearances on a GVB recording. There was a camerman present and the event was taped. I have a rough cut of that taping that Jake gave me before it ever was released for sale.The visits at GOGR by Bill Gaither preceeded this event by a couple of years.

  21. YesMan wrote:

    Just saw on their myspace site where Jonathan Bond has announced that Ginger had filed for divorce. I’m sure some of you YH haters will have a field day with this…

    [Editor’s note: link to the myspace page is here.]

  22. Nashville Phil wrote:

    Have you’uns watched & listened to Aaron Minick’s video “I’m A Fool To Want You”?

    I know it ain’t Southern Gospel. Don’t matter, it’s awesome!

    The video is cool…Aaron’s voice is what got me! Just knocks me out! Such control! Such Class!

    I heard him live a couple of years ago…He wasn’t the feature, so I didn’t notice his ability. I should pay better attention!

    I know, I know, you all usually read what I have to say…Often it isn’t puffy. I swear I ain’t gettin soft!!!

    Listen to the Boy…

  23. Alan wrote:

    Well, I don’t know, but that thread on the KJV has 116 comments, and everything since then has had a combined 36. “How Others See Us/UK” has none. I actually enjoyed that thread, especially the largely civil comments. It may have only been indirectly about the Gospel in sgm, but it was pretty refreshing, at least to me. :-)

  24. Ron F wrote:

    Just wondering, has Ron Blackwood hired Aaron McCune????

  25. Ben Harris wrote:

    Tommy, Charlie did not want to be inducted into the Hall OF Fame. In fact his name had been brought up for several years in a row and he would remove his name from contention year after year. I am a board member of the SGMA and I will assure you if Charlie had gotten his way, he would have side stepped the honor again in 2009. As for why he is there: He is there because he is a great historian of all things SG, and has spent a great deal of his own money restoring and preserving film, tape and vinyl that without him would have been lost forever. His management of the Hall Of Fame in Dollywood has been wonderful, and his contribution to that endeavor has saved that institution from total loss. His Grand Ole Gospel Reunion is still one of the better attended SG events per year, and his crowds are fiercly loyal. There are many inductees in the Hall OF Fame who have still not offered to pay a single dime toward the placque in their honor. Guess who takes out of his pocket to pay for those? These names are very famous within the SG community, and even their familes refuse to support the honor bestowed upon them. Charlie Waller has done a lot for Southern Gospel Music, its heritage and its on-going health. If you knew the man you want not be so quick to judge.

  26. Glenn wrote:

    I can’t tell you how many of the last 36 comments I have read, but I can tell you about how many of the KJV comments. That would be one.

  27. pj wrote:

    @#25 — Are inductees into the Hall of Fame asked to pay for their plaque???

  28. joe wrote:

    #27 — I was thinking the exact same thing.

  29. lovelife wrote:

    #21: Noone should have a “field day” when someones marriage ends in divorce. That is sad if they do.

  30. Andrew S. wrote:

    #29- I believe what the original comment meant to say was that the Young Harmony haters would have a field day talking about it. I agree that it is a difficult situation, and I will pray for them. But for the people who frequent the Anti-YH side it could be a gossip gala.

  31. weber wrote:

    #24 I would hope that Aaron would have more class than to work for the ex-convict. Im always amazed at what people will do for a paycheck. As far as young harmony goes, she is hot, while he has no talent whatsoever, anybody could see this coming down the pike.

  32. Ben Harris wrote:

    Yes SGMA inductees are asked to pay for their plaque. If memory serves me right it cost the SGMA a couple of grand to have the plaque with the bust made. Many have never offered to pay a single dime. The SGMA is ran strictly on donations. Every other Hall of Fame, such as Baseball, Rock n Roll, Football etc, have corporate sponsors. When you buy tires for you car or eat at your favorite eatery, chances are very good that some of your money goes to support one of these Hall OF Fame places. But not Southern Gospel. Because it is considered religious in nature, corporations will not help with donations, even though all such donations are tax deductible. If you are not a member of the SGMA, do yourself amd the SG community a favor and join. Your membership helps pay homage to those who have given so much to our music.

  33. NG wrote:

    #25 and #27: The bronze Hall of Fame plaques cost $2,000 each and are paid for by individuals or a group of friends of the inductees.

    It’s similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame where individuals (or their studios or recording companies) pay to have the star put into the sidewalk.

    The link below will show you who paid for the plaques in the SGMA Hall of Fame and which ones still need someone to volunteer to pay.

  34. Eric Melton wrote:

    Weber wrote: #24 I would hope that Aaron would have more class than to work for the ex-convict

    I have not posted anything in quite some time, but as one of the record label reps for Ron Blackwood I must say how and when is this garbage going to stop? Number one you don’t know the circumstances that lead to Ron serving time many years ago. You also don’t know him as a person.

    For a short time that I spent out of the industry several years ago when I was let go from a company and did not know what to do next Ron Blackwood is one of the friends that stayed in touch with me. Ron has helped me tremendously even when I was not a place to anything for him. There are a handful of people that won’t take the time to name them all, but Ron has always treated me like a king and has shown true concern and Christian character to people that were in trouble. Why don’t you go read Jim Bakker’s book ” I Was Wrong”. There is almost a whole chapter about Ron Blackwood in the book when Bakker and Ron spent time together at the Federal Penitentiary in Talladega Alabama. Ron spent 30 days in the hole for smuggling a Bible to Bakker just so Jim Bakker could have the word of God after the prison guards treated him like a dog.

    How many of us have gone to that type of length to get a Bible to someone? I seriously doubt no one on this message board.

    I thank God that I have friends like Ron Blackwood and people like Karen Peck and her husband Ricky. Again these were the true friends that I had when no one else seemed to care several years ago because I could not do anything for them any longer. You realize who your true friends are. Of course if Jesus himself were physically walking on earth again most Christians would probably crucify Him again because he rain too much on their parade.

    So you would not work of for an ex convict. Oh then I guess you would not work for the apostle Peter or the apostle Paul who both spent time in jail. Oh please forgive me. Men who gave their lives for the gospel. The minister of the largest Assembly of God church that runs over 3500 people in the state of Tennessee was convicted of murder when he was 18. So don’t go to his church because of what he did then. Oh please forgive me. I guess you are wiser than all of us including God himself that says “if we confess our sins, then He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Paul also told the Corinthian church “and such were some of you, but ye are washed”.

    If the truth was really known and we dug out the skeletons of most people in Southern Gospel, and trust me I would never mention names, but I could tell you of many of the most well known singers that have told me things they have been through that would make anyone say don’t go hear them sing, they are sinners.

    The bottom line is we love this music enough and our Savior that even though we stumble we get back up and do what God has purposed. I thank God that He is a forgiver of sins and wrongs. I was lost and bound in my own prison of sin. But thanks be unto God, He reached down and said I am setting you back on the wrong course. So even I was an ex-prisoner in my own sin. But I am washed, made clean and forgiven now. but I guess I was an ex con then too.

    I will continue however to carry the cross of Christ and follow the Spirit’s leading. That voice means more to me than the one who points out the faults!

    I am not saying this however because our label at Homeland Entertainment now represents the Blackwood Quartet, but because Ron Blackwood is a true friend!

  35. RF wrote:

    Unbelievable that Kenny Hinson, Hovie Lister, Anthony Burger, Mary Tom Speer, Ben Speer, and Brock Speer don’t have sponsors. I think it’s funny that Gaither Music Group sponsored Rosa Nell only. Strange. But with Doy Ott, Big Chief, Jake, Rosie, and Denver having sponsors, it seems equally strange that Hovie doesn’t.

    Hope they don’t remove their busts.

  36. DarrellInIndiana wrote:

    In response to posting #33, I went to the link and was somewhat surprised of the Hall of Fame plaques that have not been “paid for.”

  37. Eric Melton wrote:

    My mistake. I meant the right course and not the wrong! My apology.

  38. weber wrote:

    #34 You make a compelling argument for the artist you represent. However there are a few issues that need to be addressed. The first one is, I dont believe the Apostles went to prison for the same reason as Ron Blackwood. Two, to mention Jim Bakker whom is still trying to raise money, fleecing the flock, we call it down here, whos character has always been questionable is simply appalling. Three, my previous post as you confirmed mentions that Ron is an ex-convict, there is absolutely nothing untrue about that statement. But hey, while were are on the subject, I question Homeland Entertainment and yourself for the lack of standards that are being presented to the industry. Like I said before, Im always amazed at what people will do for money.

  39. Larry Shaw wrote:

    Eric, there’s simply no arguing (nor reasoning, apparently) with self-righteousness.

  40. Audrey Cole wrote:

    #31 - Why is it that God forgives and forgets our sins and christians cannot forgive and forget? The Bible says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. A sin is a sin. I don’t believe they are graded

  41. Eric Melton wrote:

    Larry wrote: Eric, there’s simply no arguing (nor reasoning, apparently) with self-righteousness

    Absolutely true Larry. Thank you. Ron may be an ex-convict. So may Jim Bakker. If I could only pray that God would allow me win as many souls as these men have over the years. I know what God is doing in my life and it doesn’t bother me that people question me at all. Ask anyone who knows me very well and they will tell you that I want to do whatever I can to please Jesus. They will also tell you there is no one that they know of that is more enthusiastic about Gospel Music than I am. I will promote this music till my dying day or till Jesus comes.

    I love God with all of my heart and God is blessing out efforts. I praise God for our team at Homeland and the wonderful artists that we have involved with us.

  42. Bones wrote:

    No. 35, What are you talking about? It does not make sense.

  43. NG wrote:

    #42: No 35 is posting about the Hall of Fame website referred to in post #33. The website lists which plaques in the Hall of Fame still need sponsors to purchase them.

  44. Scott Spangler wrote:

    In reference to Weber’s posts about Ron Blackwood and Jim Bakker and all.

    I do not know you, at least I don’t think I do. But I can tell you that you, my Christian friend, are treading on VERY thin ice.

    Yes, Ron Blackwood served time in prison. He paid his debt to society. Is her perfect? NO…FAR FROM PERFECT.

    Am I, Scott Spangler perfect? Absolutely not in any shape form or fashion. Do I still sin? Daily.

    But I can tell you without any hesitation or reservation that I am a born again child of God that has acknowledged my sins, repented and have asked forgiveness and I know the God I serve and sing about.

    I knew Ronnie Blackwood before he went to prison and I’ve known Ronnie Blackwood since he got out. And I can tell you that Ronnie Blackwood gets lot of flack because Ronnie Blackwood is a PROMOTER…he could sell ice to an eskimo and make them think they got a deal…but guess what? THERE ARE OTHER GROUPS IN GOSPEL MUSIC THAT ARE PROMOTERS AS WELL!!! They just do not admit it!

    I hope Aaron McCune does stay with Ron for an extended period. Reason why? Cause Ron Blackwood goes out and shares his heart and testimony with people and he also can make money, and pays his group members probably better than any other gospel groups out on the road. And in this “business” of gospel music, that’s saying a lot.

  45. kingsmenfan2008 wrote:

    JUST A THOUGHT…. I have followed gospel music all my life! I am a fan of the name Blackwood, although I was a bigger fan of GC, the Cats and Kingsmen; however, you have disclosed information that I had no knowledge of. I had no idea that Ron was a convict, nor that he had spent time in prison. So I ask… Who wins here? You have spread factual information that cannot be argued. I on the other hand will now digest it accordingly. It has helped noone, especially Ron at this time. Weber, do you feel as though he should shut his ministry down? If so, why??

  46. Greg Crowe wrote:

    Ron Blackwood was gracious to me and never ever fails to call me and check on my family during the year. He paid me, he did what he told me he would do and I would do anything in the world for him today. Is he a saint? I don’t know and I was not put here to judge him. I am to busy trying to make my life everything God wants it to be. Weber, many blessings to you and your gift/burden of judgement.

  47. Rob wrote:

    The thing that bothers me most about the Hall of Fame is that all photo plaques were removed for those members that the $2000. was not paid. I now understand that under Mr. Wallers management that you can not be inducted unless the fee is paid in advance. I used to visit the Hall of Fame each time I visited Dollywood, attend the induction ceremony and was a member of SGMA. NOT ANY LONGER and WON’T BE as long as he is in charge.
    I know he has done a lot for SG music and to restore the history but it was all to his benefit. There are many others that have restored vintage tapes and history without any recognition.

  48. Silverstyler wrote:

    interestinggg…………….. :)))

  49. joe wrote:

    Actually if you read #35 just by itself, with no idea what it’s referring to, it’s pretty darn funny!

  50. Audrey Cole wrote:

    Amen, Scot Spangler.

  51. Fascinating wrote:

    Wait, is Homeland even still a label? I had no idea.
    Will you be paying royalties this time around?

  52. onemadeupmind wrote:

    Post 49: You’re right, post 35 IS hilarious if you just read it. Should be sent in to the newspaper! I sure hope nobody removes their busts. that would be painful….I’m just sayin’….

  53. cynical one wrote:

    #52 - onemadeupmind — I’ve not heard of removals, but surgical reductions are not all that unusual.

  54. cynical one wrote:

    Oops, I misspoke. I was just reminded that Chastity Bono recently had hers removed, in addition to some other things being added.

  55. Tommy wrote:

    Wow, $2000 per plaque. In an industry that proudly claims to be “ministry” minded, we waste an imense amount of money on vanity. If 100 people buy the plagues, thats $200,000 that could have gone to actual ministry. Does a fancy plague somehow tell the story of an artist more than a simple picture? It’s fine to pay respect to the pioneers who helped SG become such an amazing genre but lets keep focused on the whole point of why it exists. Ive heard many groups utter “It’s not about us, it’s about the one we sing about”. I don’t recall seeing a plaque for Jesus there. I guess its just a good line to use. Bravo to the artists who refuse to dish out there money to further Charlies Hall.

  56. Extra Ink wrote:

    When I read about the $2,000 donation requirement to have your bust at the SGMA Hall of Fame, I immediately thought: how podunk. What the SGMA is saying is: “We would like to honor your accomplishments in our hall of fame, but you need to pay us $2,000 to do it!”

    Does anyone besides me see a problem with this? If John Doe, who is an icon in the SG industry, deserves to be in the hall and have his bust in the hall, he shouldn’t have to pay for it..

    Frankly, some of these people don’t have the extra $2,000 to pay the hall to have their busts exhibited. Why make them out to be losers because of it?

    I believe that each one of them feels honored to be there…that’s a natural human response to being recognized. However, I feel that NONE of them should be CHARGED to be there…

    As an aside, if Dollywood, which charges a large admission fee into the park daily with thousands of visitors, is willing to host the SGMA museum, perhaps they should be willing to pay for these plaques.

  57. weber wrote:

    #56, Hello and welcome to Southern Gospel Music, the genra of music that people invest money & time without alot of return. Want to loose thousands of dollars? put a gospel group on the road. The market share that SGM garners is a joke, always has been. The church as a whole has never supported the genra of music with regards to giving, recognition etc… The SGM Museum & Hall of Fame was a business investment that is failing, nothing more nothing less. Many of these so-called gospel music legends often put their families in financial straits just to sing and spend their entire lives away from the wife& kids. How many times do we hear of gospel singers passing away broke, no savings leaving the family with nothing. Why doesnt SGM prosper? Not sure, however a good indication of the future is to look to the past. No matter how good the talent or exposure SGM gets, most people on the street have no clue. I do not know Charlie Waller however I do perceive an attempt to invest maybe buy into an industry rather than rely on vocal talent and ability which is still the most reliable path into the business. But then again with the knowledge that most singers have no health insurance, 401k, and have staked their whole lives behind the voice, anyone interested in making a living in this industry have to be say touched in the head.

  58. quartet-man wrote:

    I understand how it seems to charge people for plaques, and ideally they wouldn’t have to. However, much like the SG artists themselves, they probably don’t have the money. Sadly, the SG industry isn’t supported by a lot of money. This is true with concerts etc. What is the solution, not to have the HOF since they don’t have the money?

  59. Rob wrote:

    I still say, WHY PUNISH those that can’t afford to buy the plaques by removing their photo plaques from the Hall of Fame? Come on Charlie what’s wrong with leaving those photo plaques on display, after all those people have been voted into the Hall of Fame.

  60. quartet-man wrote:

    #58 I don’t know if they removed the plaques, or they never had any made in the first place. I would have to see. Either way, people generally won’t pay for something they already have. So, the only leverage they have is to not “give” them the plaques until they pay for them. If they are going to get them anyhow, why would they pay for them? Of course it is the honorable thing to do, but most people I suspect would not do so and not really have incentive to if they were getting the plaques either way.

  61. quartet-man wrote:

    Okay, I’m back. I did want to say that I understand money should have been collected before they were bought, and that billing afterwards is tough. It isn’t like the people asked to be chosen or ordered the plaques and then refused to pay. It is more that they were ordered “for them” and then attempted to collect. We wouldn’t want someone to do that to us. It is also sad that they cost so much, however I also don’t think doing them on the cheap is good. It is just a tough situation and like many things there isn’t money to take care of business. I would think that even if the artists themselves cannot afford them, that they have enough fans if someone would go through the trouble of trying to raise money.

  62. Rob wrote:

    quartet-man. They have removed them quite sometime ago. I was there a couple of months ago and they were still removed.

  63. Rob wrote:

    When those members that have had their plaques removed were inducted into the Hall of Fame they were not using the bronze plaques. All plaques were photo plaques with an inscription on the bottom. It wasn’t until later that they changes to the bronze plaques. I was told by a family member of one of the Hall of Fame inductees that they could have the picture plaque for a fee of $300.00.

  64. gina wrote:

    I know it was discussed recently on another thread that Debbie Bennett was remarrying and people were wondering if the new groom was involved in SGM. She has now updated her blog and it appears tied the knot a couple of weeks ago. The new groom is in the real estate business and I saw no mention of a gospel music connection, fwiw.

  65. bob wrote:

    This may or may not be the correct location, but I have a question that has been driving me nuttier than usual of late. For some reason part of a chorus of an old song has been going though my mind and I cannot get a handle on the name. ctually, I don`t think it was a gospel song per se but the little bit that I recall had that aspect to it.
    The part playing with my mind goes like this..`Lord, don`t you think it`s time we had another miracle, Lord don`t you think it`s time?
    Can anybody help me??????????????????????

  66. DP wrote:

    Saw Brian Free & Assurance a few nights back. Incredible blend except for Jeremy = he was either rattling the sub woofer or was non existent. One hour of singing and one hour of talking. That does not include the 10 minute plea for money prior to the love offering. A strange night for sure… But when they were singing, the top 3 parts were very, very good.

  67. ExtraButta wrote:

    Eh, the bitches are back.

    (grabbing the popcorn)

  68. lovelife wrote:

    #66: YOu lost me on this one………

  69. Greg wrote:

    I hope someone comes along and explains the drama (fireworks?) implied by post #67, above.

    When I visited the link, I had to give up after a few seconds. Many of us, wishing to avoid having a seizure, have great difficulty reading grey text against black backgrounds.

    Who are these guys, anyway?

  70. John Crenshaw wrote:

    For those of you who are members of the SGMA, don’t forget to have your hall of fame nomination ballots postmarked by midnight tonight, December 4th.

  71. quartet-man wrote:

    #68, Looking at the bios, I think I have the answers. The lead and baritone are the two people that were in the Naomi Sego problems a while back. I never even knew what they looked like until now.

  72. in the know wrote:

    #69 …..2 of them were with naomi and the segos and basically pulled a stunt where they registered the name and tried to pull the group away from here. They had a long list of unethical crap and then one of them wrote a big letter saying how everyone else in SG was crap…..only to show up again a year or two later.

  73. cynical one wrote:

    New topic — interesting news article:

    Doesn’t have anything to do with sgm, but interesting, none-the-less.

  74. DMP wrote:

    Things seem a bit dead around here. Thought I might throw this out there…
    Just wondering if anyone ever heard about this or what happened. This was reported on another SG site… This never made Gaither’s site did it?

    “Incidentally, a member of the Ernie Haase & Signature Sound message board who attended one of the concerts in South Africa reported Guy Penrod fainted when hitting a high note in the final song of the concert. He was assisted off the stage and was doing fine.”

  75. cdguy wrote:

    Greg #69 — 2 of the 3 guys in that group are the former members of Naomi & The Segos, who were chatted about here and elsewhere, earlier this year, when there was talk they had taken “The Segos’” name from Naomi.

    Any you’re right, many websites try to be cute and artsy, but putting color combinations that make it nearly impossible to read, unless you click & drag to highlight, or copy & paste it into a Word document. I hate it when that happens.

  76. Rob wrote:

    70.John Crenshaw wrote:

    For those of you who are members of the SGMA, don’t forget to have your hall of fame nomination ballots postmarked by midnight tonight, December 4th.

    Be sure to include your check for $2000.00 to cover the cost of the plaque.

  77. John Crenshaw wrote:

    Thanks for your kind suggestion, Rob, but I don’t think I’m going to be inducted this year.

  78. Knows Nothing wrote:

    Sorry about this AVERY,saw a bumper sticker today that read:Home Improvement Starts With a KJV Bible.

  79. Wade wrote:

    While you guys are talking about Hall of Famers… Jean Bradford widow of Shorty Bradford of Happy Two fame with Lee Roy Abernathy died Sunday AM.

    Here is a link to her obit…

    I was VERY HONORED to play with her group for 9 years. She taught me MUCH!! I wished many times I could COPY her WISDOM!!

    She is MISSED!!!

  80. NonInsider wrote:

    Looks like Chris Cooper has left Gold City or was fired, for not being consistent enough… I think Gold City needs to bring in Brent Mitchell… Or beg Jay to come back along with Garry Jones or Channing Eleton. And return Gold City back to the top where they belong..

  81. cynical one wrote:

    HMMM — after all the talk and speculation about Penrod, over the last year, and his solo album not being picked up by any label, Gaither’s label has announced they will be releasing it (February, I think). HMMM

  82. Melvin Klaudt wrote:

    #’s 35, 36, 43, 49, 55 56, 58. In reference to the $2,000. that is required to have your bust placed in the SGM Hall of Fame, let me address this.

    My mother, Lillian Little Soldier Klaudt was inducted in 2004. She had a picture on a plaque for a couple of years. Unknowing to us, this was changed to a bust that cost $2,000. Our foundation, Klaudt Indian Memorial Foundation, was billed $2,000. for the bust after the fact. There is an ethical question besides a financial obligation attached to this. We, according to our 501 c 3 public charity IRS ruling couldn’t take the funds out of the foundation to pay it in the first place.

    #1, If they in midstream changed this to a bust, there should have been the monies set aside to accomplish this.

    #2, Many of these old time inductees are long gone and the families could probably care less.

    #3, To place families in a position of seeing their loved ones in a position of being deadbeats is asinine.

    #4, I wrote a letter to one of the Board of Directors stating my position and even asking my mother to be removed from the Hall of Fame. Needless to say, they have not had the intestinal fortitude to even respond to this, and still name her as a deadbeat.

    #5, we, as a family , had nothing to do with her nomination and were surprised when we received the letter informing of her induction.

    #6, we appreciate the honor for her, since she is the only 2nd Native American honored in this fashion as we are aware of.

    #7, if we would split the $2,000 between our family members it would amount to about $200. each. So money is not the issue. When I informed my family members of the, after the fact $2,000. fee, I will not disclose what was said.

    #7, Finally, my mother has other more important spiritual things to lay at the feet of Jesus than a SGM hall of fame plaque.

    Full disclosure of the $2,000. must be disclosed to the public who are excited to nominate somone deserving of this award. I seems like everything else, lets just buy us an award. SGM is eat up with awards. Every year there is a new one.

    I beg the Hall to remove my mother from this honor and remove her name from the deadbeat list. She evidently does not deserve it.

  83. louis wrote:

    Mr. Melvin…being one of this industry’s pioneers, you certainly have my respect.

    But with all due respect, there are 114 inductees who had benefactors. There are only 16, that do not. By asking the SGMA to actually REMOVE your mother from the Hall of Fame, you evidently join quite a minority.

    114 inductees have benefactors that must have said to themselves, “He/she deserves that plaque. I want to contribute to that!” Whether the inductee had one contributor or 20, the benefactor(s) saw to it that someone they loved was honored for their life’s work. That’s a pretty nice gesture.

    This “deadbeat list” as you refer to it, stressed a need, and people obviously liked the inductee they contributed to enough. Waller and the Keys liked Buford Abner well enough. Arthur & Angie Rice seemed to like Jim Hamill. And Judy Nelon liked Howard & Vestal. How many people would really contribute $2000 to a deadbeat?

    I guess it’s all in how you look at things. My logic would deem such an honor for any friend or family member a great honor, but I sometimes don’t look at things like everybody else does….especially in this industry.

  84. somebody else wrote:

    to #66 - DP - sound like we were at the same BFA concert. of course you could be describing ANY bfa concert that I have attended in the last 2 years. TOO much preaching and Too heavy-handed with the offering pitch. and Jeremy was not in the mix at all that I could hear.

  85. Harold Timmons wrote:

    Having read recent posts regarding the so called “deadbeat” list of the SGMA, I must respond. I am a former performing member of The Chuck Wagon Gang from 1985-1994, presently, non-performing, but doing the booking and operating as Marketing Director for the group. My response is mine, and may or may not reflect the opinion of the Chuck Wagon Gang. For anyone unfamiliar with The Chuck Wagon Gang, the group will celebrate their Diamond 75th Anniversary in 2011. The group was associated with Columbia Records for 39 years, selling nearly 40 million records for that label alone. Their 1948 recording of “I’ll Fly Away” is a certified RIAA million selling single. Currently, the Chuck Wagon Gang is the oldest recording mixed gospel group still recording and singing with a family tie to the founding family. In this writer’s opinion, they must have done a few things right along the way.

    While I do respect Mr. Melvin’s Klaudt’s opnion, I do challenge his position on asking that his Mother be removed from the SGM HOF wall for any reason. The Chuck Wagon Gang worked with the Klaudt Indian Family many times during the ‘60’s and even into the ‘70s at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. The Klaudt Indian Family and The Chuck Wagon Gang were regular members of the highly syndicated TV series, “Bob Poole’s Gospel Favorites”. To me, the Klaudt Indian Family are unique unto themselves, as of Indian Heritage as well as involved in “Southern Gospel Music”. It was a board of directors who recognized Mrs. Klaudt and her contribution. It was the voters who agreed with the nominating committee, who in essence bestowed the honor of inducting Mom Klaudt into the SGM HOF. How on earth can anyone, even a family member, ask that Mrs. Klaudt removed for any reason?

    Southern Gospel Music in some aspect works on a play “B” almost daily, and most certainly there could be a plan “B” in situations on the SGMA HOF list. This could be a family split of the dues due, or fans or friends, or even some businessmen.

    The Chuck Wagon Gang currently has three deceased members who have been inducted into the SGMA HOF. The plaques of the founder, the late D. P. “Dad” Carter and his daughter, Rose, were paid for by private benefactors. While I, as well as The Chuck Wagon Gang, knew early on that the plaque of the late Anna Carter Gordon Davis had not been paid for, the fact slipped my mind. I (we) were not aware that no contributions had been received since her nomination. We were only recently aware of this fact by recently visiting this site.

    I was immediately embarrassed and immediately went to work on the matter. That same day, I had her plaque covered by a single individual, a prominent business man, and friend and fan of The Chuck Wagon Gang. Again, there is always a plan “B” in any situation…but one must go for it.

    Everyone will soon fine that the name Anna Carter Gordon Davis will soon be deleted from this “needed” list. Plan “B” worked.

    From the list of 114 nominees, I can see that many were paid for by outside organizations and individuals. That is great! From the “needed” list I can see several living and decease individuals, all well established, and most deserving of their induction, and in my option, some could have been taken care of in their estate, or some are still living and, in my opinion have the resources to take care of themselves. But as Mr. Klaudt pointed out, it very well could be that “Many of these old time inductees are long gone and the families could probably care less.” That is most underserving for history to record.

    The SGMA is a non-profit organization, operating on membership and contributions in money form as well as physical memorabilia in many formats. I urge all of you with a connection to any “needed” inductee to resort to plan “B” or “C”. The inductee does not deserve to be on this “needed” list And, to any of you, even not affiliated with an inductee, you can be a part of Southern Gospel History…support the SGMA and make a tax deductible contribution to one of the “needed”. Help get them off this so called “deadbeat” list.

    Respectively submitted.
    Harold Timmons
    Bookings – Marketing Director
    The Chuck Wagon Gang

  86. DRL wrote:

    Mr. Timmons, #85, you hit the nail on the head without intending to. You said you went to the Hall and “I was immediately embarrassed.” That is exactly the point! It appears as though the HOF is trying to embarrass family or friends into coughing up the $2,000 to pay for the bust. There is no need for a “Plan B.” The Hall itself should be finding benefactors to pay for their own expenses. If they nominate someone, and it is truly their decision who gets elected, then the Hall should be finding donors to pay the expenses for that nomination. As it is now, they’re basically blackmailing families by trying to embarrass them into paying is quite simply … wrong!

  87. Bones wrote:

    Maybe some families can’t afford it.

  88. Andy wrote:

    #74… Where else reported the incident about Guy fainting?

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