Eat your heart out, Roadhog

The Kingsmen, like you’ve never heard them before, put the ole Roadhog and his Cadillac Cowboys to shame (h/t, ME):

FTR the original is here, but somehow, it’s just not nearly as good.

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  1. elrod wrote:

    Technology is a beautiful thing! Who is the genius who synched the Diplomats audio with that Kingsmen clip???

  2. shredlover wrote:

    I loved the video…

    I’m glad i put down my water rightbefore i read that comment…because i would have lost it all over my screen hahaha

  3. KC wrote:

    I miss Jim Hamill!

  4. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Sounds like the Kingsmen to me…

  5. Joe wrote:

    Now THAT was hilarious! Actually, a group has to be better than average to sing that putrid on purpose. That is not real easy to do…

  6. Amill wrote:

    I loved the banjo part! The facial expression really fits the playing.

  7. Mr. Big wrote:

    Thanks, I love to LOL!

  8. Tommy wrote:

    For a minute I thought it was the new Kingsmen.

  9. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    There’s at least two more. This one is the funniest in the bunch, I think:

  10. Glenn wrote:

    Actually, the putrid one was kind of painful. It is interesting to see that Ray Reese was ever that young.

  11. Doug Sword wrote:

    I usually describe that kind of performance as being done in the key of X. In their case, the key of X flat.

  12. Auke wrote:

    Man that sure doesn’t sound like the Kingsmen..the KM were loud..but on pitch and these guys who ever they were were not. The clip made me


  13. Kyle wrote:

    Naw, Doug, it’s the key of A tonal.

  14. Hummingbird wrote:

    I think my ears are bleeding!

  15. Videoguy wrote:

    I’m sorry, did they do something different?

  16. RA wrote:

    Re #1: You better leave the Diplomats out of this one. Lol. Don’t you know they are big time now. They made it on the cover of the sn, and got to sing a song on mainstage. And if you don’t believe me, just wait till one of their dipstick fans gets on here and tells us so.

    I do wonder who it really is doing those videos. That’s brilliant and funny!

  17. Faith wrote:

    That was great…and Ol’ Roadhog DID come to mind. Still laughing!

  18. Bones wrote:

    Try Staler Brothers.

  19. joe wrote:

    That is just TOO GOOD!

  20. Bones wrote:

    I mean Statler Brothers

  21. Irishlad wrote:

    “cadallic coyboys”(statlers) on “church in the wildwood” were funny. harold’s a natural comedian.

  22. Irishlad wrote:

    21.maybe they were being coy but i meant bad….

  23. matthew wrote:

    I realize this is off topic, but I wanted to get some feedback. I’m trying to book a prominent group for 2010, in the fall, and am having a heck of a time getting a response from the booking agency. They have responded a few times, weeks go by inbetween, but nothing ever gets decided, and they don’t let me know if it can happen…is this normal?? I realize my little booking is one little booking, but isn’t it important to at least try to communicate properly with “customers”??

  24. matthew wrote:

    On topic, yes this is one of the most hillarious things I’ve ever seen. I saw it on youtube a few months ago, and watched it every night for about a week, and nearly soiled myself each time. Some people take it too seriously, and are offended. Oh well.

  25. Nashville Phil wrote:

    #23 Matthew,
    The Artist you are trying to book, certainly would want to know that you are not getting attention.

    Seems strange to me that they are not getting a Contract prepared.

    The folks that I know in the Talent Agency business are generally good people. Perhaps they are trying to build an Itinerary that can include your date.

    Stay calm, it’s still early…

  26. Sensible wrote:

    I saw this video a few months ago also. What amazed me is how close the bass singer overdub sounds like Ray Dean.

  27. matthew wrote:

    #25, Nashville Phil, thanks for the reply. So far, the process has taken months. My first email was April of this year, then I heard again in September, saying I would have an answer in October. No answer yet. I emailed again, and that was 2 weeks ago. I can see on their schedule that they are booked within 2 hr drive of my church. Maybe that’s my answer. I would appreciate hearing it from the agency direct.

  28. Wade wrote:

    #4 Soli Deo Gloria- What performers or groups are your fav??

    Matthew- Did you low ball them on an offer??

    If you are paying a fair sum make offers to many of the top groups and GIVE THEM a deadline. You might be surprised who ya GET for WHAT!!

    Make multiple offers to multiple groups and disclose that you are doing so with a contingency that the offer will be withdrawn automatically once you have reached a satisfactory arraignment with any other performer(s).

    If you wanna see WHO really wants to work make the offers and state whom ever sends back an approved offer first with NO CHANGES will prevail.

    Have corp sponsor, sell a book or have REALLY DEEP POCKETS cause if it is a ticketed event you CAN LOOSE your ass!!

  29. weber wrote:

    Yes, Ray Dean should have retired fifeteen years ago, has always had pitch problems.
    Always been regarded as one of the least talented bass singers in gospel music :)

  30. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Generally, southern gospel fans are neither tech savvy nor genuinely funny.

    This video is both.

  31. Sensible wrote:

    #29 I remember a few years ago being on a program with the Kingsmen and Gold City. I got on Gold City’s bus to talk to Tim Riley. The Kingsmen were on stage singing and the bus was parked directly behind stage with only a commercial garage roll up door separating the stage and the bus.

    Tim’s ear monitor and Ray Dean’s ear monitor was on the same frequency. I asked Tim what he was doing, and he said, “I was just sitting here listening to how bad Ray Dean was missing his notes and pitches.” Tim kind of chuckled as he said it.

  32. Steve Krout wrote:

    Yeah he does miss notes and pitches but I still love hearing Ray Dean Reese sing.

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