Holiday Open thread

What’s going on in the southern gospel world? Let’s turn on the interwebs.

  • The Gold City Dysfunction Tour continues, with tenor Chris Cooper gone just months after arriving. Daniel Riley couldn’t even muster up a “fair thee well”: All I can say,” Riley is quoted in this morning’s ShowPrep as saying, “is that Chris Cooper is no longer with GC. We appreciate him filling a void for the past six months.” Goodness: Filling a void, huh? Because, you know, “we’re glad he had a pulse” might have seemed unkind and stuff. It’s getting so bad even Uncle Chuck Peters put a little dig in, noting wryly at the end of today’s ShowPrep bit on Cooper’s departure that he had called it his “dream job” when he accepted the offer six months ago. Dream on.

  • Perhaps you’ve noticed the weather system that moved into southern gospel recently, media storm Aaron Minick. Honestly. What gives with the Aaron-Omnimedia phenomenon? Seems like every week I’m getting a press release or seeing a (barely) news item about this guy. Aaron has a new baby. Aaron croons “I’m a Fool I Want You.” Aaron is on Oprah. Aaron’s cd is on the shelf in Korea … now Brazil. (Next up, Kuala Lumpur!) Aaron’s got a Christmas song on iTunes. Eclecticism is one thing; needing a neck brace to sort through a singer’s press releases is another. A prominent (and talented) producer and songwriter I know speaks very highly of Minick, and that goes along way with me, but from the (admittedly limited) stuff I’ve heard so far, Minick seems to have given more time and thought to publicity than his style and niche.

  • Via Burke, you can get your Those Were the Days fix with this old clip from one of the more perfect iterations of Perfect Heart. Burke’s right; the modulation is superb.

  • I’m probably just the last to know or notice, but unless I’m reading the blurry date on this image incorrectly, the Singing News is getting a facelift, including a new logo design, in January 2010.

What else?

I’ll be traveling this weekend and away from the Avery Headquarters for the rest of year. Blogging will, necessarily, be sporadic. Until next time, Merry Christmas.

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  1. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Re: Singing News…looks like they’re the Printed Voice again as well…for a while, they dropped “printed.”

  2. NG wrote:

    That version of “In the Sweet Forever” by Perfect Heart sounds exactly like the version by Bob Wills and the Inspirationals when Dale Shipley was their lead singer. I think Shipley, who had an amazing range, was the key to the sound that Perfect Heart had.

  3. NonInsider wrote:

    Gold City is really in a downward spiral right now… I hate to see it but they should retire the name and try to rebuild… Or they can pony up and try their best to bring Jonathan Wilburn and Jay back along with Garry Jones or Channing… Those guys along with Tim and Mark Trammel just had “it”. When you have a lineup like that it is very hard to follow it up, with a totally different group… I don’t see things getting better however for Gold City and that is sad… I hope they do get better, I really do! But sometimes you just have to let go…

  4. Wade wrote:

    For all the ones who blasted me on my GCQ Feedback starting spring 2009 and continued in the summer telling you that Tim was comig back you can resolve your WRONGNESS by humbly acknowledging ahhhh… I WAS RIGHT!!!!! ;-)

  5. RDB wrote:

    This GC circus just makes me sad. Can they please get something together that doesn’t make me despair that Gold City will ever be a quartet I want to hear again? I don’t care about what they call themselves anymore; I just want the bad joke and revolving door to stop. Sign of the times I guess.

  6. Rob wrote:

    Enjoyed seeing Chris with Gold City. He put a little spunk into the group. He had feelings when he was singing. He didn’t stand there like a mule staring at the gate like the rest of them.

    Maybe that’s the reason he is no longer with them. They didn’t like that.

  7. Derek wrote:

    Having been a GC fan for years, I have to admit that something is missing as of late. I saw them live a couple of weeks ago and I was anticipating something great, knowing that Tim was back. It was good, but it wasn’t great…and the comraderie between the members just didn’t seem to be there. I can’t say I saw this coming, but something just didn’t seem right.

  8. quartet-man wrote:

    Well, even the group with Steve, Jonathan, Daniel and Aaron was solid and moving up. Aaron was the best find in some time. He is no Tim Riley, but he had a good sound and not only had some good low notes, but fit in with a bit more modern sound as well. He also seemed to have the “cool factor” IMHO. No offense to those who came later, but it takes a while for a group to settle in. It can take at least a few years together to get used to each other, get a blend and find their niche within the group.

  9. wtxqtfan wrote:

    I believe the most recent change with Gold City indicates that Daniel is no longer in charge. His comments about Chris leaving, or the lack thereof, clearly indicate to me that Tim has let it be known that if he is going to be a part of this group, that he is going to be making the decisions. I believe this was Tim’s call all the way. And, I believe it was the right call. Chris may be a great person, but his range was just not suited for the day in and day out requirements that singing tenor with Gold City requires.

    Now that the change has been made, they need to get the next one right or they risk really being a shell of their former selves…if they’re not already. However, with Tim around and in the lineup, I think they can recover. All we can do is pray for them. We all know they need the prayers for sure!

  10. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    Don’t write Gold City off just yet. Bruce is a strong lead singer and Daniel has a great baritone voice. They don’t get any better than Tim on bass.

    Yes they need a strong tenor with life, sorry that things didn’t work out with Chris, but life happens. While there are not a lot of ‘known’ tenors that are both strong and have great personalities, that doesn’t mean there isn’t someone ‘unknown’ out there that can fit the bill. If there is, I’m sure that Tim and Danny can find him.

    Yes it takes time to blend, and traveling on a bus with folks that aren’t family is almost as hard as traveling on a bus with folks that are family! :-)

    I pray that the best is yet to be for GC. My personal fav time of the group was Jay, Jonathan, Mark & Tim but I really have not disliked any combo and my hope and prayer is that as they celebrate their 30 year anniversary they will again find that ‘mix’ that sets apart a decent or good group from a great one!

    I don’t know what will happen but they definitely have my prayers now as they go through this transition.

  11. cynical one wrote:

    HMMM — after all the talk and speculation about Penrod, over the last year, and his solo album not being picked up by any label, Gaither’s label has announced they will be releasing it (February, I think). HMMM

  12. HP wrote:

    Wade: Don’t count on Tim staying in there too long. I think when a suitable replacement is available, he’ll be back on the couch. No hurry though. GC currently has a solid foundation vocally to build on. I have a feeling they already know who the replacement is. Could be wrong, just a feeling. I think a call to Gaither is in order to see if they can pluck someone from his farm system of tenors. As for Penrod, he did a concert at our church and was great solo! His solo album is also really good. He admitted it’s nice not to have to sing so high all the time.

  13. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    I think Tim likes being at home but he also loves singing. When we saw them in Oct his statement was he was back for as long as ‘mama would let him be’. LOL

    If he watches his eating and the back doesn’t cause problems, I think he will stay a while. But I’m sure somewhere down the road he will ease on back home!

  14. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    PS, 2010 is the 30 year anniversary for Gold City- not making any predictions but I would not be shocked if Tim stayed for that year to make the celebration special!

  15. David J. Stuart wrote:

    I liked Steve Ladd, but i liked Chris Cooper even better. Too bad. It’s true, that Tim won’t be there long term. I wish them all the Best.

  16. Nashville Phil wrote:

    There aught to be a Reunion Tour since it’s their 30th anniversary. A creative Promoter could put together an awesome show. Ivan, Brian & The Boys, MTT, LeFevre’s Bunch. Garry, Noski, Adam, Jay & Jonathan etc.

    I would bet this show would sell well.

    Amongst the resources are all of the Artist’s Fan Rolodex & Newsletters. Done properly, you’d fill the seats with buttox(plural)!

  17. Delores wrote:

    “Goodness: Filling a void, huh? Because, you know, “we’re glad he had a pulse” might have seemed unkind and stuff. It’s getting so bad even Uncle Chuck Peters put a little dig in, noting wryly at the end of today’s ShowPrep bit on Cooper’s departure that he had called it his “dream job” when he accepted the offer six months ago. Dream on. ”

    Sometimes dreams are what nightmares are made of.

  18. Butch wrote:

    Danny, If you’re listening, please bring Jay back! Pay him whatever he wants; the next time they are in town (Lancaster, PA) I’ll be there-no ands, ifs, or buts.

  19. GVBFan09! wrote:

    I happen to love the voice of Aaron Minick - I love jazz and he’s just as good a voice as buble, connick and other new voice in that world! I hope he does well!

  20. matthew wrote:

    In some ways, I think what is happening with GC would have happened with the Cathedrals if they had kept going in some form….the name is there, but the magic is gone. I think Chris Cooper did well in the few times I saw him, on youtube. Admittedly those arent always the best recordings…..they had a good sound with Tim back, but they sure didnt smile much.

  21. Nashville Phil wrote:

    I expressed on a previous thread my feelings about Aaron Minick. The boy can sing! I think his video, “I’m A Fool To Want You” is very well done. #19 U B right!

  22. wanderer wrote:

    Too bad they’ve had so many changes lately. I bought Moment of Truth depsite all the bashing on here. I’m glad I did. I really like it. Of course the problem is 50% of that group is gone. I’m sure they’ll survive. Tim isn’t going to let it die unless he feels led of the Lord to disband.

  23. GVBFan09! wrote:

    Nashville Phil, we should talk! You seem to be a bright person (because of course, you agree with me)

    Regarding the post about him and his publicity…isn’t that the idea? To let people know about what he is doing? I thought so….and things seem to be going well for him!

  24. quartet-man wrote:

    The Cathedrals had George and Glen for consistency. However, after they were gone it would have been really hard to keep the group going. Even if Ernie had been able to run it and Fowler and Bennett had stayed, losing George and Glen would have been tough to deal with.

  25. Nashville Phil wrote:

    GVBFan09! - Amen!
    The mere fact that there is dialog here regarding Aaron Minick, and his rise, gives credibilty to his Promotion work.

    For those that care to check him out:

  26. Andrew S. wrote:

    #23-He doesn’t seem to be marketing off of his dad’s name either. I’ve never heard his music, but at least he makes his ads look decent and doesn’t try to buy success from a name or group association.

  27. GVBFan09! wrote:

    #26 whats up with just reposting someone else’s post? I am confused.

    Have you seen his Christmas video “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear” -

    and #25 NashvillePhil - when people are talking about ya, something is going on. Thankfully, this time, there is great talent to back up all the talk!

  28. Andrew S. wrote:

    #27-How was that a re-post of someone else’s?? I was just sharing my honest opinion. And I do not see anyone else’s post that looks or says the same statement as mine. I do have to say though that you have gotten me majorly confused.

  29. Hp wrote:

    Just my opinion….Aaron Minick is a good singer but he is no Buble.

  30. Andrew S. wrote:

    #29- I agree, too.

  31. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    No. 20 is dead on. The Beatles without Lennon and McCartney aren’t the Beatles. The Cathedrals without George and Glen aren’t the Cathedrals. The Kingsmen without…well, the Kingsmen have always sucked.

  32. KC wrote:

    #31 — There was a time when I soooo looked forward to the next Kingsmen live album release. Live…Naturally, Stand Up at Opryland, Better in Person, Mississippi Live, etc. Jim Hamill was amazing onstage, vocally and as MC. Anthony Burger added so much to the quartet, too. They won Best Band for years. I WISH groups today “sucked” as much as they did then!

  33. GVBFan09! wrote:

    Andrew S. - Sorry I thought I had seen that comment earlier.

    #29 & #30 - I think the quality and tone of his voice is different than Buble’s but the QUALITY of the voice is there!

  34. GC wrote:

    My favorite GC group was also Jay, John, Mark, and Tim. But honestly Jay couldn’t handle the GC stuff anymore that’s why he left. Also GC will not be what it was because there is no carisma you can’t just stand up there and sing and expect ppl. to be happy. The last time I say them Bruce couldn’t even hold out an ending with the rest of the group and Danny looked as if he would rather be on the bus watching football. They need a major overhaul and attitude adjustment.

  35. LarryS wrote:

    Not saying this IS the case, but you can’t always sit in the seat with no charisma and expect a group to be happy, either. Lots and lots of miles with few too many smiles? Can make you wonder why you leave your family every week. FWIW

  36. Andrew S. wrote:

    #33- Thanks for the clarification. No more does confusion cloud the skies I’m seeing.

    Has anyone read AnnD’s new book?

  37. Bones wrote:

    We need some new GOOD groups. GC needs to retire.

  38. Nashville Phil wrote:

    #37 Bones, we have plenty of “Good Groups” what we need are some GREAT groups!

  39. GVBFan09! wrote:

    #36 NOPE! I don’t wanna read ANYTHING about ANYONE’S SKIDMARKS!!!!

  40. GVBFan09! wrote:

    NashvillePhil - man, we need to hang out! You and me - two peas in a pod!

  41. Rob wrote:

    There are a lot of Good Groups and a lot of Great Groups. Everyday someone leaves a group and wants to start his/her own group. We have enough groups we need to SUPPORT THE GROUPS WE HAVE.
    There are only so many slices in a piece of pie and they are getting smaller and smaller people can’t support very many more groups.

  42. Lovelife wrote:

    #34 Not sure what “Jay couldn’t handle GC stuff anymore, that’s why he left” comment is referring too, but, I think he left to be home and take a worship leader job. Last time I saw him, he said he was happy doing that. Anyway, I’m sure they will pray and regroup and be better for it. Merry Christmas!

  43. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Where did this mentality come from that a person or a group is entitled to be on the road regardless of whether they suck?

    If you or your group is terrible/dysfunctional/ineffective, give it up. Neither God nor gospel music fans appreciate your spotted goat offering.

  44. Justin Noutsider wrote:


    I thought he hated southern gospel music?

    And Roy Webb has been named the new piano player for Gold City.

    Roy is a great musician and Coob CAN sing…just hope his attitude has changed in the last while.

    Oh my…this is interesting. Found it on the Singing News website.

  45. Andrew S. wrote:

    #44- There actually are some recent videos on YouTube (under the user Bachraan) of him singing “Jesus Saves” (Gaither tune) and “I’ve Just Seen Jesus” (the Sandy Patti classic). With the fact that he is singing a Southern Gospel song with a church choir, I take it that he doesn’t “hate” Southern Gospel Music. And I believe that he originally left Legacy Five because he didn’t enjoy being 1 of 5 singers instead of 4. If I had to do the same, I know I wouldn’t feel to fond of it either.

  46. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Don’t forget, Tim is back with them full-time as well!

  47. Ron F wrote:

    Wow Justin you are dead on it. Gold City acted quickly.Gold City knew they were flirting with disaster, they knew they needed to make a quick hire before they all get back on the road in January.

  48. wtxqtfan wrote:

    I’m so happy for Daniel and GC. This is a great move on their part. In fact, Josh was my recommnedation on another blog when Steve left. The addition of Roy will certainly give them the stage presence they need. Good job all the way around Daniel and Tim.

    Now I finally have two quartets that are “do not miss” - Legacy Five and Gold City. This is a good day for Southern Gospel fans.

  49. Tom wrote:

    Wow, that’s a pretty bold move for Gold City. I would think that, if Josh Cobb had any interest at all in jumping back into southern gospel (and apparently he does), that he would be very careful not to jump onto a sinking ship. Roy Webb had a pretty high profile with EHSS, and although he’s kept his head above water, again–I wouldn’t expect him to return to a high profile position by jumping onto a sinking ship.

    Maybe Gold City can recover after all? I’d prefer not to see the ship sink. When I saw GC just a month ago, though, I thought their future was looking pretty bleak. Here’s hoping for a better future!

  50. NonInsider wrote:

    hmmm interesting move for Gold City… With Tim sticking around I all for it… I am not sold on Cobb as tenor… He still has to prove himself… I am always one however for giving second chances…

  51. HP wrote:

    I agree. I like both choices. Not heard Josh in a while, but I still like the idea of it. Roy will add another element, sort of how Mark Lowry does to GVB. Hopefully the allow him that freedom to do what he does so well.

  52. observor wrote:

    What about all this anti - Legacy Five/Cathedrals (”2 old men”)/Southern Gospel stuff that Cobb posted on the internet on a regular basis several years back??? Is all forgiven???

  53. Justin Noutsider wrote:

    Re: Andrew- post #45,
    I will not bring up all the negative comments made by Mr. Cobb after his departure with L5, but if you look back, or if someone cares to make those comments known again, I think you would find them very interesting and you would fell the need to change your pervious comment.

    It was not AT ALL very flattering of his former employers nor the entire SGM “bidness” in general. In all honesty, this move surprised me greatly.

    Now if Mr. Cobb has ahd a change of heart toward this music, everything should be all fine and dandy.

  54. Aaron Swain wrote:


    Blogger Brandon Coomer addresses the comments in that post. He says he was told those comments were not made by Josh, but rather by a friend who got onto his Myspace account and tried to be funny.

    Either way, I’m glad that Josh is back. He’s got quite a voice on him, and it has developed and matured since his L5 days, as good as it was then. Go to Youtube and look up the video of him singing “I’ve Just Seen Jesus” with his sister (I think.) I’m a hard sell on anybody attempting a Larnelle Harris feature, but Josh takes it and does a good job of making it his own.

    Josh definitely has the range to handle Gold City’s stuff, both old and new. I’m looking forward to hearing the new lineup in March.

  55. Aaron Swain wrote:

    And, for the record, here’s the press release from Gold City. It has comments from both Roy and Josh.

  56. matt wrote:

    Seems to me that danny just hired cooper until he found who he wanted!!! Josh Cobb you gotta be kidding me this group is going downhill fast!!!!

  57. quartet-man wrote:

    Tim sticking around - great!
    Roy Webb playing some dates - partially great (I wish he would be at them all)
    Josh Cobb - uncertain. I say that because although he did well with L5, I am not sure of his sound and high notes for Gold City. I would think the at least past Gold City stuff would be too high for him to sing and his sound is quite different than the previous four tenors. A totally different tone, style etc. Out of those four, Parrack was the most different I would say. It could be interesting and I wonder how much of their style they will change. It changed a good bit after Free and Parker left and again somewhat recently. I sure am really surprised at this whole deal. Major changes. I really didn’t see Tim going back to full-time, but that would have been more expected than the other two which are REALLY out of left field.

  58. Nobody wrote:

    Josh “fits” perfectly. No forgiving necessary. I guess Danny feels the same way about the Gospel Music bidness and Gold City fans who wish they would be who they used to be. Now he can move forward and get even more progressive..

    “We knew Joshua was singing we just didn’t know where,” adds Daniel. “So we tracked him down”

    So there is no need for forgiveness when someone feels the same as you do.

    “out of the abundance of the heart…”

  59. Knows Nothing wrote:

    Saw L-Five about 5-6 weeks after they started.My thoughts were Cobb was too young(inmature) for what they were asking of him.Great tenor, did a great job that night. I also thought Roger Bennett was over bearing and too demanding of him,maybe he was being tested I do not know.Did not suprise me when he left some 8-9 mo. later.Wish Gold City nothing but the best.

  60. wtxqtfan wrote:

    #53- I don’t recall Josh’s exact comments, but we can all pretty much remember they were not very flattering. Some of his comments may have been a little too close to the truth for us to believe back then!!!

    I was fortunate to have some communication with Josh several years ago. His communication to me then sounded like a young man who had learned a lot from his prior experience and his heart was changed from those previous comments. I don’t know Josh personally and I’ve never met him, but his e-mail to me then was enough for me to be willing to offer him another chance in Southern Gospel Music. I’m extatic for him that he is now getting that opportunity.

    I believe his voice is sorely missed in SG and I believe L5 suffered for a few years without his voice in the line up. I for one will not be quick to crucify him for past transgessions. I look forward to hearing the new GC line up.

  61. JavelinMan wrote:

    Joshua went through alot after leaving Legacy Five and has a wonderful testimony of how God can heal a broken heart. There’s no need to bring up things in the past. He truly loves this music. He is proud of his time with Legacy Five and I look forward to what he brings to Gold City. His talent has been gone for too long. Good luck to Josh, Roy and Gold City

  62. philip elwood wrote:

    #36 Yes.

  63. quartet-man wrote:

    For the record, my comment above about it being partially great about Webb there means the part that isn’t great is that he isn’t always there, NOT that it isn’t great the times he is there. :-)

    I still don’t know if Josh has the high notes that Gold City has had (like an Ab over high C falsetto note.) It seems like he has a high C or so, but not sure how much higher. I do think his voice will blend well with theirs (especially with the lead), but it will be a different sound for sure. I would LOVE to hear them do “Holy Is Thy Name”, but not the one that eventually ended up on L5’s CD, but the arrangement they did with Cobb on the Gaither DVD. Now THAT was great and I can just imagine with Riley on the low Ab (I think) and the other guys thicker voices in between. I will miss Roger’s keyboard work on it in particular, but I imagine that Roy could do it well too.

  64. Nobody wrote:

    #61 - Only time will tell. I certainly hope for Gold City’s sake that Josh is as changed as you give him credit. But, to begin with a charge of being “hacked” and he didn’t really say those things, is a first step in the wrong direction. If he did indeed say what was charged, an apology will go a long way with me. I understand being immature.

    Otherwise, take a can of spray paint and spray “GOLD CITY” all over the graves of Roger Bennett, Glen Payne and George Younce. Daniel hiring this guy, without an explanation from Josh as to the reasons for dis-respecting these dear friends of ours, is exactly what Daniel has done. We’re waiting…

  65. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Looks like the Gold City Dysfunction Tour is coming to an end.
    In with the new and in with the old sounds like a excellent combination for Gold City to me.

  66. HP wrote:

    #63 I’m not so sure that those former Cathedral members would have your mind set. You really think that would hold those comments over his head forever as you are? Is that what we’re taught to do? I don’t hear too many people saying that about Mike English rejoining GVB or about Kirk Talley singing SG, still. What he did(or didn’t do) was a very long time ago. Get over it already. I think Josh will handle the “range thing” just fine. Don’t get me wrong, GC’s stuff is high, but probably not as constantly high as what people think. They’ve always had “high sounding” tenors. I think he’ll be just fine.

  67. 2miles wrote:

    Put me in the camp of skeptical but hopefully. Webb is a nice addition, Riley is the man…but Cobb??

    All personal issues aside, since I know only what has been said on blogs, I saw him with Legacy Five and loved his voice but I just can’t see him singing the “squeally” high part night after night. To be honest, I can’t really see anyone doing it and lasting any length of time except for “freaks”. Now if Gold City will lower things a bit and not be so demanding on the tenor and just let him sing in his range (and not even the top of that all that time) then I think Gold City will have a unique sound that will be successful. I will be seeing them the first week in Jan….can’t wait…

  68. wtxqtfan wrote:

    #61. Give it a rest! Neither Daniel nor Josh owe you an apology. Geeeez!!!!!

  69. Andrew S. wrote:

    #62- How was it?

  70. William wrote:

    One of the first things I would do immediately, whether I wrote them or not, would be to erase the Legacy 5 comments. As of today, 12-23-09, they are still there although it says the last time he logged in was 2006. As someone has said, he may not have wrote them, but he knows they are there and it just can’t help matters for them to remain there for anyone to see.

    As far as his singing ability, most of us are going off of the Josh we remember about 10 years ago. A lot can happen in that amount of time. If you haven’t heard him latley, you can get a glimpse of what he may be able to do currently by watching this:–70 Fast forward to around 2:50 to see/hear Josh.

  71. scope wrote:

    I have a lot of respect for Tim Riley. If he thinks Josh is the right tenor for the group, I’m willing to accept that. I’m more interested in seeing how it goes with Roy playing only part-time. Is that until his previous committments are met, or is this going to be an ongoing part time gig? Hope it’s the former, and not the latter.

  72. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    #64 - I guess since you are “nobody” we shouldn’t worry about your comments. If you want people to give credence to your opinions, you might want to not call yourself “nobody”. In fact, why not just post your name. Maybe you are afraid you might say something that will anger people like Cobb and everyone will know it so you hid behind anonymity.

    I’m sure Cobb will apologize for his comments. We all have made mistakes (especially when we were that young). Everyone has to mature in their own time. I think, as long as GC doesn’t try to make him be Free or Parrack and allow him to blend with the other 3 guys, Cobb could do quite well with this group. His voice does seem to be the type that would fit with Bruce and Danny. I just wish they wouldn’t try to be contemporaryish like their last couple of projects and like other groups (BFA, etc) have done recently. The should stick with traditional SG in the right range for Bruce and Cobb.

  73. KEW wrote:

    Merry Christmas to the Avery interns. I hope that miser Avery presents you with a bonus or at least gives you a 50 watt light bulb. :-)

  74. Sorry for the Rileys wrote:

    All these cobbwebbs and the post about Penrod had no responses. Kinda lets you know how fast SG can run downhill.

  75. observor wrote:

    For those who say there was nothing to forgive must have very low opinions of George Younce, Glen Payne, Roger Bennett and Scott Fowler.

  76. Jim2 wrote:

    Brian Free and Assurance is another very solid quartet, might be one to add to your list.

  77. JulieBelle wrote:

    Brian Free and Assurance are pitchy at best…did you see the Dove Awards this past year? They were a disgrace in the sg segment.

  78. quartet-man wrote:

    #66, I never mentioned the comments. I merely talked about his range and fitting in with Gold City. If he did indeed make the comments, they were not nice, but I know they were made a few years ago and hopefully he is different now.

  79. RDB wrote:

    I don’t know about the Josh Cobb issue. Curious, indeed, if he didn’t write the comments he might want to issue a categorical denial and repudiation of them. They’re someone’s idea of a joke, apparently, but they’re also someone’s idea of an offensive remark considering the legacy of Roger Bennett, George Younce, Glen Payne and even Scott Fowler.

    So, if he didn’t make the remarks, why hasn’t he disavowed them in a public place. And if he did make them, he needs to make a full apology, not making excuses but simply acknowledging the offensiveness and wrongness of what he did.

    What he shouldn’t do is leave this ambiguous. People can go online and see what was written. It’s impossible to completely undo the damage, regardless of who’s responsible. The responsible and adult and Christian thing to do, though, is try.

  80. Tommy wrote:

    Hiring these two will give the cool aid drinkers reason enough to say that GC is back on top. I have always been a big fan of theirs but their recent troubles show light into a deeper problem. Roy webb took the job because he is smart enough to know that the solo thing would only last so long and to stay visible he needs the attention from a group. Are they going to try and copy Sig Sound when Roy was there? I hope not. That was annoying. Josh Cobb made sense. They needed a name everyone knew. If you were honest, you wouldnt put Cobb in the same league as Parrack, Free or Ladd. Who knows maybe this lineup will work. Im sure both of these guys have been humbled since being let go from their last groups. Gold City will survuce because SG wont let them die. With time, Im sure they will slowly get back to where they were.

  81. Nobody wrote:

    Gold City (Tim Riley) has built a reputation of character and is far too honorable to be tarnished by these petty and childish comments made by a child. For his own child to then hire the child, without considering the consequences.

    The problem lies with hiring Cobb knowing full well these comments were made by him. And don’t try to tell me, he was “hacked” or no one has read them. The page could have been and can still be erased or taken down by Myspace. This is not going to just “Go Away”. That’s the problem, Someone, anyone in the Gold City camp, take the reigns and salvage an honorable reputation.

  82. Bones wrote:

    I predict war in the future with Gold City. These two guys won’t want to be treated like they are go-for employees.

  83. Somebody wrote:

    Hey nobody (#81), just who are you anyway? If you know facts, then spill facts. Otherwise shut your pie hole because you’re just what you say you are — NOBODY. Unless you know EXACTLY what Josh Cobb did/did not do, or unless you know EXACTLY what intentions Josh Cobb had, you are bordering on slander, which wouldn’t bode well for you at all.

    Me thinks someone snuck onto Mommy’s computer without her knowledge. FWIW, I’ll take Tim/Danny Riley’s judgment over some NOBODY any old day. I’m quite sure these two men made calls, spoke to L5 personnel, and investigated the character of the person you’re out to slander. Again, they know what they are doing, you don’t.

    My advice… go tell Mommy you played with her computer on an adult website and got punked. Take your punishment and maybe Santa will still come visit your sorry instigating carcass if he sees fit to so do.

  84. BUICK wrote:

    #83 reads a lot like Josh Cobb’s My Space did at one time: petulant, childish and inappropriate for someone who wants to be taken seriously in a world of adults. There is a chance that Josh isn’t #83…but I remain suspicious.

  85. Extra Ink wrote:

    I believe that Josh Cobb is a great fit for Gold City, as is Roy Webb. I applaud the Rileys for this exciting development for the group.

    Scripturally, I believe Josh Cobb deserves a second chance just like any of you deserve a second chance when you make mistakes. He is going to be a sensational tenor for them, and I believe he is going to be popular with Southern Gospel fans.

    I believe that Gold City will reach new heights in 2010 and a renewed interest will ignite among the fans and industry folks in SG music. Most importantly, I hope that multitudes of hearts are blessed by this great group in coming years.

  86. quartet-man wrote:

    Okay, here we go. I have no idea if this is what happened or not, but it IS possible. Someone else could have created the fan page to begin with. After all, Josh already had one or two. If they made the page, then THEY would have the password and have it linked to THEIR email.

    If Josh did make the page I suppose the person could have changed the password and email, but that would be a stretch. However both could explain why they haven’t been changed. I would think, if nothing else, that if Josh could change them he would have signed in and got rid of the “evidence” before the hiring. Both of the other pages of his had been signed in that day. The only other explanation besides his wanting to leave it up (doubtful at this point) is that it is linked to an old email for password recovery (or one he doesn’t have access to anymore) and he doesn’t remember the password.

    Now, I don’t know, but they are possible. The comments were in poor taste, however I have said things in the past that were mean or stupid and I am sure there were some bad feelings from him towards L5 and the industry at the time. BUT, this was done 5 years later. Maybe he was still sore, but I would hope that he got it straightened out before now and is where he should be.

  87. Andrew S. wrote:

    #83- A REAL somebody would use his or her name instead of doing hiding behind a common noun.

    #82- What does that mean? Please elaborate.

  88. Nobody wrote:

    I am Nobody. I like Pie! (Pie Hole Open…all day, today!) And I love Gold City. Just seeing how this will turn against them, if not taken care of soon.

    Wow, touched a nerve. You must be somebody! Go and read lots of other blogs and comments. I am far from alone in my opinion. That’s all it is an opinion. Take it or leave it.

    I believe in Honor, Character and Integrety…and an honorable Gold City Quartet….But Santa?

  89. BUICK wrote:

    It took a while but I finally located the offending MySpace page ( It reads (in part): “All of their lives Betty-Lou And Joshua have been in a relationship for a decade. Married for a couple years and they have a one and a half year old baby boy named Judah who plays the drums with them on their weekend tours of the midwest.”

    This MUST be a joke. Married for a couple of years and a one and a half year old who plays the drums? That would be to imply that she was pregnant when they got married (not impossible but not what SG artists usually post on line) and the 1.5 year old drummer?!?!? I think we’ve all been had. We focused on the “old fart” line and failed to see that we’d been spoofed. Whether by Josh or someone else, I don’t know and don’t much care. I just HATE IT when I find out I didn’t get the joke.

  90. Nobody wrote:

    Yep, Buick, The Jokes on us!

  91. RF wrote:

    Obviously a fan page and not one quote from Josh. People are so gullible who follow sg music.

    We’ll see how Josh does, but the problem with Gold City has been the lack of any newly recorded music. It’s been nearly 2 years (well, almost) since “Moment of Truth” was released and still nothing new.

    I look forward to hearing them soon.

  92. Deron L. Johnson wrote:

    I, for one, remember when the controversy was first breaking over the comments on Josh Cobb’s MySpace. I decided to email him myself and give him a chance to explain them before I made any snap judgements. I admittedly got a timely response. At first, he flat out denied that he said any of the comments, and said that someone else must have said them because they did his website. When I pressed him on it, he once again evaded my question and told me never to contact him again.

    Though I don’t know what exactly went on behind the scenes, i.e., if Danny or Tim contacted Scott to get the inside scoop on L5, but hiring anyone in good faith who you know said things like this is an absolute slap in the face to all of those who loved and supported the Cathedrals and Legacy Five. I know that, even though I love the other four members of the group, the addition of Josh Cobb has given me serious doubts about whether or not I will support them in the future.

  93. Irishlad wrote:

    #69.Re:Ann D’s book,it’s a good read but very short.Got it from Sringtide Marketing,fast efficient service.I’d give the book 3.5 out of 5.

  94. Irishlad wrote:

    #90 should have read Springside

  95. John wrote:

    #92, I have some problems with your take on what you posted. Seriously.

    Now, I do not know the facts of the situation. Neither do any of the rest of us. So what I am to say here is not a defense of Josh, GC, L5, or anyone else. It is simply a critique of your twisting of things.

    You said:

    “I admittedly got a timely response.” It sounds as if you were disappointed you got a timely response. If that is the case, it seems you went into the thing with your mind already made up.

    You said:

    “At first, he flat out denied that he said any of the comments…”

    Then you said:

    “When I pressed him on it, he once again evaded my question…”

    This two are NOT the same thing. Denying he said those things may NOT have been evading you at all, it just MIGHT HAVE been the truth. You are not making sense here.

    You said:

    Josh “told me never to contact him again.”

    If I had been in Josh’s shoes, and had already told you that I DID NOT post those words, and you kept “pressing” me to admit that I did, I think I would have told you to buzz off as well. If you were to think back to that time, and how hot a topic it was, and imagine all the heat that Cobb was taking at the time, I think that if I had some no name Joe Blow like you hounding me, I would have told you the same thing Josh told you. Just sayin’.

    You said:

    “Though I don’t know what exactly went on behind the scenes…”

    Ah, the first thing you said that I can agree with! You don’t know. So, be quiet. Seriously. No need to say anything else. ANY thing else. You don’t know, but, because of what you don’t know, you are willing to write off Gold City.

    How utterly Christ like of you…

  96. youngartist wrote:

    Are you kidding me? Those “comments” were pretty clearly a lame attempt at a joke by some random nobody. I’m amazed that anyone took them seriously, or actually believed Josh made them. The very wording in the comments gives evidence of an immature, third party author. If that’s what the “controversy” is all about, then bring on Josh Cobb! :)

    Question: Do you people also believe every comment on this website??

  97. Nobody wrote:

    #95 - This could all be cleared up by a clear and concise statement from Gold City and Josh Cobb. However it is not important enough to clear up.

    Daniel wants to take Gold City to places they’ve never been and leave Gold City fans where we are. If you’ll take a moment and listen to Josh’s My Space music, this proves why Daniel “tracked him down”.

    Daniel and Tim obviously see no problem letting us believe these comments. Until we hear otherwise, Gold City believes the same as Josh and his comments.

  98. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    Not really sure how GC will sound with Josh but I do believe Tim is a good judge on putting the right folks together. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing what they sound like. I’m hoping and at least until proven wrong, believing this will be a good sound for them.

    As for Josh’s comments, I don’t know what he said or didn’t say and he doesn’t owe me an explanation. If God has forgiven him then I’m certainly in no position to judge him. As for an apology, if he did say them the apologies are due to a number of people but I don’t believe that any of those people are the folks on this page demanding them. For all we know those apologies, if due, have already been made.

    Josh was young when he was with LF, a lot of years have passed and most people mature as time passes, I’d think that would apply to Josh as well.

    I wonder how many things are in the hidden in the closets of those throwing stones at him? I wonder how well you would hold up to the same standards you are demanding of him?

    Only God knows his heart but God does know his heart. God can handle it.

    Looking forward to hearing GC and glad Tim is staying. Roy is talented, funny and a great guy, hope his solo dates are few and his GC dates are many!

  99. NonInsider wrote:

    96. Good post, I agree… But I will say that the comments in question, are still on a myspace page that is a fan page or representation of Josh and his wife. So he should have myspace remove the page in question and that will be that…

  100. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Beth Cobb, Josh’s wife, made a comment over at Musicscribe in response to all the fuss that started over the discussed comments. It’s worth a look.

  101. observor wrote:

    Those are not the same comments I remember reading.

  102. NonInsider wrote:

    Well it looks like Josh’s wife Beth has posted a response to some of the above questions, that are being haggled over… You can read her response on Musicscribe…

    I do hope that this will settle some of the things being said about Josh. I think he is destined for great things in the Southern Gospel world!

  103. Markp wrote:

    #97-Nobody, you need to read the link that post #102 refers to and then shut the heck up. You are obviously either someone who tried out for and didn’t get the part that Josh now holds, or someone who has a personal vendetta against either Gold City or Mr. Cobb. Let it rest once and for all. It appears to me you do NOT know about that which you speak. You are doing neither party any good and making yourself look ignorant and stupid in the process.

    I am thrilled for Josh and Gold City. Neither side owes you an explanation, although I believe one has been given if you will read the link in post #102. Now, “Nobody”, go crawl back in the hole you came out of and quit spreading your ignorant venom on these boards.

    If Daniel and the Cobb family happen to read this post, rest assured there are MANY fans of Gold City and Josh Cobb that are excited you have come together. We can’t wait to hear what God has in store for all of you. May God bless your ministry!

  104. Not Likely wrote:

    #92. I too had some email conversations with Josh Cobb and they were quite the opposite as yours, as far as the attitude portrayed by Josh. Of course, I wasn’t pressing him to admit to something he claimed he didn’t do. They were very cordial. A friend of mine had the same experience just 2 years ago.

    I also, disagree with your statement about GC hiring them being a slap in the face to all the people that loved and supported the Cathedrals and L5. That’s just ridiculous.

    I grew up on the Cathedrals. They’re still my all-time favorite group. I haven’t followed L5 as much as I did when Roger was with them, but I loved them too. I’m glad to see Josh Cobb back in quartet music.

    My experiences with him, both in person and through email were what I would expect from any Christian.

    #97. I have no problem with you wanting an explanation. Beth Cobb gave a very good one I believe. However, I would expect a real “fan” of GC to give them a chance. If you ever respected Tim Riley, respect his ability to make a decision still today.

    It makes me wonder if there are “fair weather fans” in gospel music as well.

  105. Nobody wrote:

    Thank you, MarkP for showing me how ignorant I am. I AM nobody and I have seen just how “nobody” I really am. I will crawl back in my hole now. Thank you again! You are so wonderful to have shown me where I really belong. I should have taken the “hint” a LONG time ago! I cannot believe I’ve wasted so much time and effort. God, how stupid am I?

  106. Honoring Calvin Hunt wrote:

    Queens, NY (12-26-09) Vine Records’ recording artist, Calvin Hunt died Saturday in a Queens, NY hospital at the age of 52. The acclaimed Gospel singer was a member and soloist of the famed Christ Tabernacle Choir and Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers. His latest Vine Records’ release, Bridges, claimed 2 Dove Award nominations for Contemporary Gospel Recording and Contemporary Gospel Song, “Come On.”

    Christ Tabernacle Choir Director Steven Carey commented, “Calvin Hunt’s ministry transcended his terrific musical talent…He loved Jesus Christ, he loved people, and as a result He loved to share the love of Christ with anyone he came in contact. The faith he had in the God that had delivered him from drug addiction could be powerfully felt when he would tell his story. His testimony gave people hope…everyone from the inner city to the suburbs was touched when he would speak and sing. He will be missed greatly by his local Christ Tabernacle family, the music industry, and the body of Christ.”

    Producer Wayne Haun added, “Calvin was a true artist. Each note of every performance was from the heart, and you knew it. But more importantly, he was a true friend. He never treated us like a record company. We were family. He knew my mom, my nephews, what made me tic, and he even knew my favorite pasta dish. He loved the Lord, his family and his fans. Life without him is definitely going to be tough. This industry will miss him, but I’m glad his music and his message will live forever.”

    Arrangements for Calvin Hunt are as follows…
    Viewing and Memorial Service: Tuesday, December, 29th at 7pm at Christ Tabernacle.
    Committal Service: Wednesday, December 30th at 11am at Christ Tabernacle.
    Interment immediately following at Cypress Hills Cemetery, Queens, NY.

    Condolences and/or gifts to the family can be made to Calvin Hunt Ministries and sent to Christ Tabernacle, 6434 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, NY 11358 attn: Calvin Hunt Ministries.

    Mr. Hunt overcame a crack cocaine addiction and with the support of his church; his wife, Miriam; and their two children; stepped out in faith to embark in full-time ministry. In 2005 , his oldest daughter was murdered, and Calvin and his wife took in her children, their grandchildren, to raise. His recent time has been spent battling cancer. Calvin recorded several musical projects and traveled the country sharing his music and testimony. His mission was to encourage people to look at life and know that God is the author of life.

  107. PhilonSouthernGospel wrote:

    Ryan Seaton has departed EHSS and has been replaced by Devin McGlamery from Karen Peck and New River.

    Whilst i hate to see Ryan leave the group, i think Devin is a good fit for the group, he impressed me during his tenure with KP&NR.

  108. matthew wrote:

    So, anybody else hear about the new lead for EHSSQ?? Alot of changes in the new year.

  109. Bryce wrote:

    I just got the e-mail from EHSS stating that Seaton will be vacating the lead position, to be filled by McGlamery. Now, I no longer listen to either group, but I’ll be interested in watching whether this news generates enough conversation to eclipse all the Gold Citiness.

  110. A Friend Of A Friend wrote:

    Congrats to Devin McGlamery on the new job as Ernie Haase & Signature Sound’s new lead singer. He officially starts on Jan. 15 in Cincinatti, according to Haase’s website.

  111. Nobody wrote:

    Yes I agree! Enough about Gold City. I am very proud of Devin McGlamery. This is a great move for both of them. I have never been more glad to see Devin get what he deserves in this business. Also wish the very best to Karen Peck. She will be just fine.

    Very good move, Ernie! Blessings! Gold City?…hmm.

  112. Nashville Phil wrote:

    Yo Ryan,
    Don’t let the door hit you in the rear on your way out.

    Gesh, glad to see that arrogant piece of crap gone. Now maybe I will listen to Haase & the Boy.

  113. Nashville Phil wrote:

    Oops, I meant Hasse and the (Boys). Didn’t mean to imply anything regarding Devin & Ernie. Whew

  114. RF wrote:

    Just a comment or two…

    Doesn’t it seem strange that L5 always (well, at least twice) have had tenor departures that were somewhat curious? Of course there was Josh Cobb’s departure. Then Tony’s departure which came with the curious action of L5 re-recording the tenor parts on their last album with Frank Seamons. You just have to wonder.

    Regardless, Cobb has a new demanding job and it will be interesting to see how he does. I think Roy is a good fit for GC, especially if they want to add some excitement to their preformances.

    As for Ryan Seaton, I wonder what happened. No clue is given on what he is going to do, but the former KPNR singer is a good fit for EHSSQ. I’ll be looking forward to see how he does. It’s the first major change for the group since the great changes a few years ago when Garry and the lead singer left.

  115. NonInsider wrote:

    114. Frank announced his depature the day that new CD was released… Which dated the CD… So why not go ahead and have the new tenor (Gus Gaches) record his voice on the album… It makes great sense to me… Fans and critics can hear what Gus sounds like with the group fairly quickly and also have a copy (providing they buy it) that will be Frank’s last recording with L5. Also possibly making the “Frank” copies a collectors item in years to come… So to me there is nothing curious about the departure of Frank or the recording of the tenor vocals onto the new album.

    Ryan Seaton in my opinion will not be missed by this SG fan… I was not a big fan of his voice or his attitude… I like Devin and I believe he will really do well with Ernie and the boys…

  116. J.D. wrote:

    Maybe Chris Cooper can join Karen Peck’s group,lol.

  117. Delores wrote:

    Wow, did you hear the interview with Ryan on JoyFM. Very unrevealing as to why he left or whether it was his decision or Ernie’s but my gut says Ryan didn’t make it.

    Wish Ryan the best and certainly wish Devin good luck. He is very talented.

  118. Yeah... wrote:

    Classy, Nashville Phil. Very classy. Best wishes, Ryan, and we wish you and your family all the best.

    But yo, Devin, way to go! And good for you. What a wonderful fit! We’ll be praying for Karen and Susan, to find a replacement worthy of you and them.

  119. MP wrote:

    Honestly, can you blame Ryan for wanting out? Even if there is more than just what is being said. Think about it, if you don’t REALLY follow EHSSQ and you read that Ryan Seaton is leaving you may be left wondering “Which one was he?”

    That’s not to say he’s not talented, he very much is, however, he’s not exactly the meat and potatoes of the group. He was featured only occasionally and really didn’t bring a lot of zest or vocal prowess to the table in comparison to what the rest of the guys offer. Doug can hit the stratosphere when it’s called for. Tim is always in the basement and is a crowd pleaser. Ernie people see because of being the face/name of the group. That kind of leaves Ryan out in the cold.

    I personally wish him all the best in where he is going and hope that he lands somewhere that he can shine.


  120. in the know wrote:

    Typical of Nashville Phil. He never seems to meet someone he can’t wholeheartedly bash with glee.

    At least it shows his true colors.

  121. catsfan wrote:

    Regarding Chris Cooper’s departure, I understand he was sort of a fill-in until Gold City found who they really wanted…unbeknownst to Cooper.

  122. RF wrote:


    I was referring to the re-recording done when Tony Jarman left the group and Frank came on. But I don’t know another group that does this. When Shane Dunlap exited the group with Garry Jones, they took new pictures, but didn’t re-record the album.

    Come to think of it, it’s the same thing with EHSSQ and lead singers. Shane, Ryan and now Devin while everything else stays the same. Strange.

    It will be interesting to see where Ryan ends up and listen to the rumors of why he left.

  123. Oldie wrote:

    Right on, MP. Ryan is/was a great lead singer given the chance. Whether it was his decision to leave or not, he is far better off.

  124. Knows Nothing wrote:

    Ryan Seaton leaving EHSSQ.Now we need to ask the question……Does Gold City need a new lead singer?? If so this thread could run a looooooooong time.Saw the guys(EHSS) 2 wk ago, great Christmas show.

  125. Extra Ink wrote:

    Ryan Seaton is a fantastic singer. Hope he stays on the SG scene and wishing him all the best.

    Devin McGlamery is a perfect fit for Sig Sound. He doesn’t mind moving around on stage, doesn’t mind spiking up the hair, and he’s got the pipes.

  126. Kyle wrote:

    – “When Shane Dunlap exited the group with Garry Jones, they took new pictures, but didn’t re-record the album.” –

    Not entirely true. Ryan recut “Going Home” and Wesley Pritchard sang “Had it Not Been”, replacing Shane’s features. Oddly enough, though, all of Shane’s other vocals were left intact (most noticable in “Heavenly Parade” and “Glory To His Name”).

  127. NonInsider wrote:

    RF. Other groups have done it… Gold City has done it, they did it with their Christmas CD when Jay Parrack left they re-recorded it with Steve Ladd’s Vocals… I do believe there are a few other groups that have done it as well… But you are right L5 has done it more than other groups… Actually when Cobb left the group in 2000 they re-recorded the “Songs We Used To Sing” with Tony’s vocals… So it is kinda strange. But I don’t think fans mind, since they get to compare the former singer to the new one, on the same songs…

  128. Nashville Phil wrote:

    #120 Hey how’s the Army? Still collecting your 5 bucks from them?

    I didn’t bash anyone Mark. I said that Ryan Seaton is arrogant…Is that bashing?

  129. Nobody wrote:

    #121 catsfan - If there is any truth to that statement, God help Gold City. If there is no truth to that statement, God Help You! But, that is the way Danny made it appear.

    No dis-respect intended, But I think someone needs to take a public relations class at the Gadsden Community College.

  130. cdguy wrote:

    Putting new vocals on an existing recording is not new. It’s been going on almost as long as multi-track recordings. I was aware, over 35 years ago, of the Speers recording their new girl-singer’s voice over the recently-departed one’s. At least on the solos. The project had not been released, though, so this might be a little different that some of what’s been discussed here.

  131. matthew wrote:

    I’m going to Florida for a while in January, and I hope to catch L5 there…..I’m very curious to hear them with the new tenor….I’m a bit conflicted lately with all the changes going on. Which quartet is the best now? Is there one that is really rising to the top? 2010 should be an interesting year.

  132. Larry Shaw wrote:

    Gold City had already cut many of the vocals on “Preparing The Way” when David Hill left, replaced by Wilburn. They obviously rerecorded his features, but they left MANY of Hill’s vocals in the mix. Take a close listen… I promise you’ll hear him!

  133. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    #121 I don’t think that was ever GC intentions. None of us know why someone quits or a group feels something isn’t working but I don’t think they would have put Chris’ bio up on their website if they hadn’t planned on him staying.

    It didn’t work, regardless of why or whose decision it was, they had to find another tenor. I wish Josh the best, listening to the songs on YouTube he has a strong voice and I’m glad to see him him come back into SGM.

  134. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    Forgot to add, we are going to hear them tomorrow night in Villa Rica, GA. Looking forward to seeing them together and hearing what how they sound!

  135. Stac wrote:

    The best quartet out there would be Triumphant! Their concerts are great they don’t just stand there and sing. Plus they’ve all been together now for about 7 years or so and they’re not arrogant.

  136. natesings wrote:

    #122- as others have already said there are many groups that do it. Speaking of Tony Jarman, Poet Voices re-released Trust The Truth with Milan Klippa when Jarman left. Also the new Legacy Five CD “Just Stand” has been redone with new tenor Gus Gaches singing on it since Frank left. Can’t wait to get that one!

  137. shanjenkins wrote:

    Ok Nobody (re: #129), just who are you? The whole “Gadsden Community College” line makes me suspiscious that you’re someone who knows enough about Gadsden, AL and GC’s hometown that you live or have lived in that vicinity. I think you have some personal vendetta against them. You’re entitled to your opinion, but we read you loud and clear…you don’t like GC and you don’t like Joshua Cobb. You’ve made your point, now stop wasting our time by finding new ways to weave your negativity into every post you make!

  138. matthew wrote:

    Stac (#135), I haven’t seen Triumphant. I’ll have to check them out on youtube. Right now, depending on how things settle, for me the battle for #1 will be between Gold City and Legacy Five.

  139. Bryce wrote:

    Based solely on your criteria, Stac:

    1. Their concerts are great.
    2. They don’t just stand there and sing.
    3. All members have been in place for 7 (+/-) years.
    4. They are not arrogant.

    One (certainly not me) could argue that The Primitive Quartet meets or exceeds each of these standards. Does that make them the best quartet out there, too?

    I would not want to be the engineer who chases those Triumphant vibratos around with the auto-tune.

  140. wanderer wrote:

    On the Oak Ridge Boys self titled album from 1974 Joe re-recorded over Willie Wynn on What a Time We Will Have Over There. You can clarly hear Wynn harmonizing on other songs though like Loves Me Like a Rock. So no, that is not a new practice.

  141. wanderer wrote:

    Since this is an open thread. I have been really enjoying the Southern Gospel Heritage Series from Daywind featuring old Skylite albums. However someone didn’t get their facts straight on the latest Masters V release. Inside it says that Classics of Yesteryear was the first album without the original line-up. This is not true. Though I am not sure what that album would be, I do know that Sean Nielsen made at least 2 albums before Steve Warren came along and it’s Steve Warren on the Classics album.

  142. Ron F wrote:

    I will have to amen that #135. Triumphant Qt. is hard to beat. And being together for 7 years does mean something, they have this tight special Blend.

  143. j.d. wrote:

    What about Doves and Kingsmen,they are among the best.Not much pub. If you don’t change members every two months,lol.

  144. NG wrote:

    Everyone has their views on which quartet is best. But sales of products should count for something. Would it be off base to estimate that both the Vocal Band and Signature Sound outsell every other SMG quartet by at least a 10-1 margin?

  145. KC wrote:

    #144-Regarding EHSS CD sales outdoing other SG quartets. There is one word that comes to mind as to why they are the top-selling SG quartet: Gaither. If they had never been associated with Gaither, and were touring as their own quartet, and they started the flashy choreography/dancing-onstage bits, I bet the typical SG audience member (the rightwing, Obama-hating, how-about-a-forced-hand-for-Jesus after a song is sung, does-Ernie-really-expect-us-to-believe-he’s-as-young-as-he’s-desperately-trying-to-look (which he can afford to spend money on because he’s on the Gaither career path :-) ), then I bet the majority of the SG concert goers would bash them and their quartet fame would be short-lived. I’ve heard a few diehard SG fans who happen to be at Gaither concerts comment on “all that dancing while singing…” in a condemning fashion. And I’ve seen people rolling their eyes at their little short neckties they wear.

    But when an artist is associated with Gaither, such things are overlooked. Gaither has his own sub-genre in gospel music. And he presides over it like a King. :-) Once Gaither takes an artist back to the Homecoming, after some sort of “sin” that caused the world of gospel music to disown them (i.e. Michael English, Sandi Patty, etc.), all is well. (Also witnessed at NQC 2009 — Michael English was welcomed back with much enthusiasm by the conservative crowd.) There is hope for Kirk Talley, if Gaither publicly invites him back. Others, it’ll never happen to, like Ray Boltz (once you’ve gone totally gay, it’s over for your position — no more sharing the Gospel, Mister! You must declare you’re at least working on that gay thing!) Gaither is like a Priest who passes out blessings when “deserved.” ;-)

    But, I do believe: thank God for Bill Gaither, for demonstrating how Christians “should” forgive and move on. And Ernie Haase, he can thank God for Bill Gaither, too. :-)

    And, just maybe, we should thank God that the message has now been delivered to a group of people that normally wouldn’t listen to SG. They went to a Gaither concert because of the Homecoming phenomenon, and fell in love with EHSS BECAUSE of the flashy choreography/dancing. They otherwise could’ve never even heard this wonderful style of music we call Southern Gospel. :-)

    Random thoughts!

  146. Oldie wrote:

    #144 NG - You can bet however you want on the VB and SS sales, and in my opinion, that is #1 reason they are in the business.

  147. Nobody wrote:

    #137 - You mean Gadsden has a community college? Wow!! Meant no dis-respect, like I said. Only seems “someone” needs a valuable lesson in “Public” Relations…uhh, me, you ..”public”.

    I’ve bought tickets, spent money in gas to travel many miles to see them in concert, gave money in offerings, paid money for lots of cds and cassettes and have supported them for many years. Not just with prayers and love, but my hard earned money as well.

    I am just voicing concerns, nobody has to listen or agree. Given the amount of my investments in a group I dearly love, I have every right to have an opinion if you or they like it or agree with it or you don’t. SO THERE :P

  148. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    #141, It’s not the first time Masters V history has been re-written…probably won’t be the last.

  149. Wade wrote:

    147 - NOBODY… I can’t agree with you more. I am a HUGE GC fan from 1982. I also have spent LOTSA money booking them…going to see them. Introduced them to a bass player when they needed one. Bought every thing including table projects. But I do not drink their kool aid.

    I have been in trouble here MANY times for taking them to task…. BECAUSE they deserved it!!

    While I think Danny is a GREAT SINGER and maybe even tries hard from time to time. WoW… there has been some DOOOSEYS coming from Gadsden.

    I feel like it is like giving your GOOD kid a really nice car or a gun. They might mean well. They might work hear mowing those lawns around the office but they can still get themselves killed if not properly supervised.

    I pray for them much and want them to be GC to the quality I KNOW they can pull off. I know it will never be Brian, Ivan, Mike & Tim ever again. But they have had some great sounds since and I know they have it in them.

    Hold them up in prayer and I hope that Danny can learn more from The Master now that he is back.

    I still think some of you should acknowledge I was WAY right this last spring and summer when I got on them good. I TOLD YOU they were not long for the world in that current line up and TOLD YOU TIM was coming back. So some of ya including some ppl VERY CLOSE to them and some SO CALLED BLOGGER told me I was CRAZY & WRONG!!!

    I AM crazy but I was right and still am!!

    People want STRONG LEADERS!! Not decisions by committee or leadership by consensus.

  150. quartet-man wrote:

    I just wish there had been someone here that could have tipped us off that the lineup wasn’t long for the world and that Tim was coming back. It would have been nice to hear that before it happened. ;-)

  151. JulieBelle wrote:

    The Daywind released Southern Gospel Heritage CD of the Speer Family….who let that artwork out the door? Horribly simple and crooked, too. And whoever’s idea it was to have that horrendous organ, etc left on another channel made a tragic mistake. Ruins the record. Give me the original recording before that crap was added.

  152. Knows Nothing wrote:

    To #145, Michael English was welcomed to the NQC stage long before 2009.J.D. and the Stamps had him on some12-14 yrs. ago.J.D. later stated that he upset the powers that be because of it!!

  153. Rob wrote:

    You can keep up with Ryan Seaton on facebook. He has started a page Ryan Seaton & Friends.

  154. scope wrote:

    I have never been a fan of Ernie Haase, as a person or as a tenor. I will say that the group sounds very good - as long as I’m not looking at them. If you gave me the choice of seeing EHSS and Triumphant, I’d choose Triumphant any day of the week.

  155. SM wrote:

    #152 In regards to Michael English being at NQC 12-14 years ago, all I can say is that a lot of water has gone over the dam in his life since then…..I agree that if he is welcomed back, why not Kirk Talley also.

  156. Nobody wrote:

    #149 Wade,

    I know some on here accuse me of having a vendetta or I simply hate GC. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I just don’t understand why they are acting like amateurs.

    Sure Josh could be a super singer now, but why after six months of one tenor, throw him under the bus, with no explanation, and go after another, which has, aside from the comments (which he didn’t say) left one group high and dry. Which he now claims, (through his wife) he “loves” them. And, at the time of his departure, rebelliously decided to go rock or folk or whatever.

    THIS is the man that is Gold City’s perfect choice to fix the “dysfunction”? It may end up that the answer is yes. I may be WAY wrong. I HOPE SO! Yes, I sincerely hope I am wrong.

  157. BUICK wrote:

    OK, Wade. I’ll say it: you told us so. Now give it a rest.

    I really appreciate this site because if it were not for what I read here, I would probably assume that everyone’s taste is the same as mine. I REALLY enjoyed Ryan Seaton. I thought he had a great voice and I liked his stage presence. To me, he came across as very warm and as if he were really enjoying himself. I just figured he struck everyone that way. I certainly hope he strikes SOMEONE ELSE that way who will hire him and give him the lead position in another group. I want to keep hearing him.

    There have been some singers I have really enjoyed that I don’t get to hear anymore and I regret that. I wish Johnathan Sawrie, Parker Johnathan and Johnathan Wilburn were on the road. (Maybe they could get together as First Johnathan, Second Johnathan and Third Johnathan!). I hope Ryan doesn’t fade into SG oblivion.

  158. Glenn wrote:

    Musicscribe has an audio recording of Josh Cobb when he first started with Legacy Five. He was really good then, and if he has improved since then, as they all seem to do, he will be a great addition. By the way, #137 Shanjenkins. Haven’t heard from you in a while. Have always enjoyed your posts.

  159. William wrote:

    Johnathon Wilburn and Parker Johnathon are singing. Not together, but I watched a video on a church’s website of Wilburn and his son doing a concert together. They had some guy on piano also.

    Seems I recall of hearing that Parker had started a trio not too long ago.

  160. Nashville Phil wrote:

    Changing gears here…Went to New Years Eve service. Jeff & Sheri, Aaron Wilburn & Heirline. Great night of music!!!

    Jeff & Sheri brought the NQC phenomenon, Logan Smith…Wow this kid can sing & stay on pitch! Can’t wait to see where Logan lands in a few years.

    I thought that Ernie Dawson & Gang sounded better than ever! Harmonies were great and Ernie’s voice since the weight loss and health issues has improved tremendously.

    Aaron was as hilarious as ever…Jeff, Sheri & young’ns were over the top!

    Waaay glad I attended!

  161. Wade wrote:

    [Note from Avery: All of Wade’s “edits” are his own]

    150 Q-Man & 157 Buick— Thank you gentlemen. I will be sure to point out some time if you are RIGHT and nobody wants to acknowledge it I will… just let me know!!

    I can also tell you that [Large Edit] and if Danny will do that Ernie Haase can be the next tenor for GCQ which would be a good fit. Or Danny & Tim could go sing with SSQ and it would give Bill a solid Bass singer he could have on tour like he did JD, Rex & George.

    It will give Bill more time to [edit] with [edit] and be able get over the strain he has with [edit] and then he could revamp the tour with an whole new Theme and Fresh Faces & Possible have another tour which Mark would head up with [edit] and open a whole new market to sell too…or would they???

    Happy New Years everybody send in your 2010 predictions and let’s see who is right this time next year!!

    PS…Oh Irish Laddy… fix your facebook page so it will stop sending out fleshly virus’s.

    Let’s see if that will happen in 2010 & ‘11.

  162. matt wrote:

    Saw a Gold City youtube performance of Rainbow of Love, apparently with Cobb. I couldn’t tell, because I couldn’t see his face, and the sound quality isn’t great.

  163. Aaron Swain wrote:

    FWIW, here’s the first song ever sung by this new lineup at their debut concert last night. They pulled out a classic: “One Scarred Hand.” More videos of the concert are on the way.

  164. Larry Shaw wrote:

    #137 shanjenkins - do i know you?

  165. RobertYork wrote:

    Here is a link to Gold City’s first song with Josh & Roy

  166. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    Parker Jonathan has a trio The Jonathans, he, his wife Paula and Eric Dunson singing. They have a new CD they just completed. I heard them a month or so ago in Bowden, GA and they sounded very good.

    I attended the concert last night with Gold City. They had 3 hours practice time before their debut. Josh was very good, yes there were some missed lyrics or not perfect on every note but this was a terrific performance with only 3 hours practice. Given a litte more practice and time for the group to gel and this group has tremendous possibilities!

    Roy Webb’s interaction with Tim Riley provided some great comedy blended in with good harmonies, tremendous stage interactions by all the group and a chemistry that is the key element in setting a group apart.

    I was hopeful for a good sound and the group far exceeded my expectations!

  167. matt wrote:

    While I’m very optimistic about this line up, this first listen to One Scarred Hand has me on the fence, due to the sound quality of the video.
    Once they get solidified, it’ll be awesome.

  168. Jake wrote:

    I’m curious as to what Wade was trying to say in # 161. So much got edited out that the whole train of thought is gone. Must have been too juicy for here, Wade.

  169. NonInsider wrote:

    Here is a link to Gus Gaches singing with L5…

    He is going to fit really well with L5 IMO. I do believe he may be the best tenor out of the three that L5 has had before… He gives them another singer that can carry the lead on a big ballad type song. Something they have lacked IMHO.

  170. scope wrote:

    Doug, if you have to edit Wade’s post (161) that much, why not just delete the whole post?

    [Note from Doug: All of Wade’s “edits” were of his own devising]

  171. MP wrote:

    Wade, lol what was that supposed to be about??

  172. crazyjoe wrote:

    I agree w/#135-Triumphant is the best male quartet in the business right now!!

  173. RobertYork wrote:

    Dinana has posted several more videos of Gold City and other groups News Year Eve at
    These will give you a better knowledge of what the New Gold City sounds like.

  174. matt wrote:

    As much as I liked Frank Seamans, I think Gus has the edge. It sounds like he has more power, and his sound is fuller. I hope to hear them in Florida.

  175. weber wrote:

    I listened to the video of the GC performance, three things jumped out, no blend, poor song selection, and no stage presence or showmanship from the quartet.
    Daniel is not a baritone singer, Bruce over sings and (scoops) way too many notes. The best thing they have to offer is Tim, and in todays market, one man cannot carry a group.

  176. DMP wrote:

    Wade. Cracked out as usual.

  177. crazyjoe wrote:

    Legacy 5 sounds very good with their new tenor.

  178. Sensible wrote:

    Gold City has a history of allowing people to fill-in for months until they get the singer or musician they want. For instance, after bass player Jeff Hullenger left they used Barry Scott until they could get Mark Fain. Barry Scott was there about 8 or 9 months.

    Also, they used Byron Stewart on Piano until they could get Channing on piano.

    This does not surprise me that they would use the tenor singer six months until they got who they wanted.

    Some of these fill-ins thought they were permanent replacements, and some knew that the possibility of being replaced was possible. Sometimes GC just tries people out for months. Bill Lawerence was there a little while until they figured out that he did not suit their expectations.

    My understanding is that Jonathan Wilburn almost got fired after a few months with them if he had not gotten some professional vocal training.

    There is a lot more to getting a singer or musician than just if they can do the job. It sometimes takes months to figure out if you can live with that person on the road. You cannot figure that out until you have been there a while.

    It depends on how you look at it. Is throwing people under the bus the right thing to do? Which is more important: the people you hurt by ditching them or making sure the group maintains the sound so the “business” stays afloat. Remember, when you cannot put butts in seats then you will not get on the big ticket concerts. That cuts into your salary. So, ditch the people who cannot deliver in order to try to stay at the top. Like it or not that’s how it works.

    On the other hand, it can be the singer who does not want to be with the group. It took Danny eight months to figure out that he did not like traveling with Tony Gore. When he realized he wasn’t happy there, he left.

    I’m just saying. . . . .

  179. oldtimer wrote:

    Just watched the Legacy Five videos with Gaches. I always felt like Roger (who I loved) talked a bit much and was not the top tier keyboard guy that could take them to the top level. I also thought Frank was a great guy but not a top tier tenor. My friends they may have the best keyboard guy on the road in Tim Parton and this new guy - who I did not know before now - is without a doubt the best hire for any group in gospel music in a long time. I have never said this about Legacy Five even though they have recorded one of my songs - but here it is. They have arrived. This is the legacy five that - with some great material - could be the next huge thing in Southern Gospel Music. I know Roger must be proud. Scott - you got it right. The sound and the chemistry is there. Hold on to your guys - this is special.


  180. A Friend of A Friend wrote:

    #178 says: “It took Danny eight months to figure out that he did not like traveling with Tony Gore…”

    Hmm… 8 months to decide he didn’t like getting b****-slapped every night by TG? Interesting.

  181. Tiger Tom wrote:

    NashvillePhil #128 - How can you call Ryan arrogant when he was working for the most arrogant cat in gospel music, King Ernie. I have seen them numerous times including at my church and found the arrogance totally opposite from what you perceive. Different strokes for different folks I guess! Agree with your later post. Logan Smith is flat incredible - will see him again this coming Thursday again with Jeff & Sheri.

  182. 4Given wrote:

    174. I totally agree, I also really liked Frank but I was never really a big fan of his voice with a quartet. Gus really brings it… He may be one of the most underrated and best full voiced tenors in the business. He will help put L5 in that elite status… And just think on the videos that are floating around of Gus with L5 he had bronchitis… Just imagine what he will sound like when he is fully healthy.

    Gold City sounds great with Josh singing tenor… They may be back to the top sooner than expected! They need to get a album out ASAP!

  183. burt wrote:

    I will say this about Chris Cooper…at least he had some freakin’ stage presence.

    Gold City has just gotten plain-boring over the last couple of years.

  184. KC wrote:

    Singing Cookes or McKameys fans may like this article:

  185. Nobody wrote:

    #183 Burt - Gold City, in the past, has been a “flat-footed” and “in your face” wall of blend and harmony. I watched as Chris did stand out a bit too much. Kinda like he was off to himself, trying to make a splash without everyone else. However, I do think that has been the path they have seemed to be taking over the last few years. I think he came in thinking he had to become this and tried WAY too hard.

    It isn’t that I don’t like the newer style, because I do. I do think, however, they should take a step back, focus more on the blend instead of the, “Every Man For Himself” mentality. umm..(KINGSMEN) Then, I think, the Gold City that the fans have come to love and wish was back, would win them over once again.

  186. BB wrote:

    Has anyone heard who will be replacing Devin with KPNR?

    And I have to agree with burt when he said GC has gotten pretty boring over the last couple of years.

  187. Paula wrote:

    Well, one thing that I have learned is I am very thankful that I don’t have a someone who loves me dearly like “nobody” ! It also just floors me that because someone spends money buying cds, tickets, etc that they have a right to say the mean and nasty things that are said on this site, and that they are entitled to explanations and apologies!! I guess I have been seeing the wrong Gold City all these years. I loved the line up of Steve, Danny, Bruce and Aaron. Thought they were great and anything but boring!! Very talented!! Of course it doesn’t get any better than Tim! I am anxious to see and hear the new guys next week. I know one thing, Tim has always known how to pick ‘em!! Guys you all know how much I love and support you!! Please folks, think before you write such mean and nasty things. A friend said a while back that when a person points a finger at someone else, that person has 3 fingers pointing back at themselves. Iguess all the meanness makes those people feel better about themselves, how sad.

  188. Paul wrote:

    You said Roger was not the top tier keyboard player that could take L5 to the top?!?! I can’t believe I just read that! You may be right that he talked too much (I, however, always enjoyed his commentary); but come on….the only person who had him beat in keyboard skills, technically speaking, was Anthony Burger.

  189. 4Given wrote:

    188. I actually have to agree with Old Timer… Roger was VERY talented at the keyboard… BUT Tim Parton can play anything Roger could play and play it just as good or better. Tim is also the best keyboard player in SG today hands down. … Old Timer you are spot on. Gus is the best hire in gospel music,since the Gaither Vocal Band hired David Phelps IMO. I am not saying Gus is another David Phelps, but he is one of the best full voiced tenors I have ever heard!

  190. rr wrote:

    Tim Parton plays circles around most quartet pianists. He’s my favorite musician in the business right now.

  191. Nobody wrote:

    No Paula, what IS sad is that they have friends like you who frankly don’t gave a care what they do or say, THAT is “Sad”.

  192. quartet-man wrote:

    #191 Do you REALLY know the troubles I’ve seen? ;-)

  193. SM wrote:

    I also agree that GC is boring, am I the only one that thinks Bruce and Daniel are the problems? Neither one has any personality, I really do not enjoy Bruce’s singing, he just doesn’t have it, and Daniel isn’t much better. Look at those two and then compare them to Jonathan Wilburn and Mark Trammel. They don’t even come close. Tim needs to completely overhaul that group, he has started, but there is still work to be done. Now that is just my opinion!!

  194. Paula wrote:

    Nobody, this will be my only comment to you on this matter. You seem to only want to think and believe the worst about people. So nothing anyone can say will make any difference.You have NO idea what you are talking about. You don’t know me or my feelings, it’s people like you who think they know everything, but only if it”s something bad, never believing anything good. You certainly have a right to you opinion, as I do mine. I still believe that you are pathetic and couldn’t compare to these wonderful guys. in any way. Are they human, do they make mistakes, of course. The last time I looked the only perfect one is the Lord. Guess the only way you can feel good about yourself is to try to tear down others. And why aren’t you man or woman enough to use your name? That speaks volumes in itself!

  195. Deron wrote:

    I have to agree with those above who have said that Tim Parton is the best in the business. As much as I loved Roger–and don’t get me wrong, he was my hero–he, though very talented, was not as good as Tim Parton. I believe that Tim, with the exception of Stan Whitmire, is the most talented pianist in Southern Gospel. Tim is just tremendous, and I love, love, love to hear him play.

  196. Nobody wrote:

    “gave a care”? Hmmm?

  197. NonInsider wrote:

    193. Hmmm I will say that I agree with you to a certain extent… Danny is quite boring… But so was Mark Trammel… The problem lies with Bruce… He just has NO stage presence or personality… He is a solid lead singer but IMO he does not hold a candle to Jonathan Wilburn… I could still see this lineup being very good, possibly elite…

  198. Sing It! wrote:


    First time poster here.

    I am wondering if anyone has any information about a group that was kind of popular back in the nineties called The Reinhardts. I think they were from Georgia. They sang songs like What A Way To Go, On My Father’s Side, Raise Your Hand etc.

    They seemed to have just disappeared. Does anyone know what happened to them or if there is any plan for them to reunite? Also, any ideas where to get their music now?

    Thanks! Any info is helpful.

  199. GD wrote:

    #198, I just happened to stumble upon a couple of Reinhardts’ Youtube videos. I know there’s one for What A Way to Go and Raise Your Hand. Didn’t see a On My Father’s Side video. I remember their big splash but they didn’t hang around very long. They had some good songs though.

  200. burt wrote:

    I do agree that GC has always been a “flat-footed” style singing group but, they’ve always been able to provide a little intensity when needed. I wasn’t necessarily saying that GC needed to run the isles, just give us some personality…

    #193, I disagree. Bruce and Danny are excellent singers. I think the initial problem that I had with Bruce was, “hey, this dude is way too soulful for Gold City” but, he’s grown on me.

  201. onemadeupmind wrote:

    #198/#199–John Reinhardt is now doing country music. Check out this link…

  202. chuck stevens wrote:

    What about the Perkins family?, the sang “When It’s My Time” Later done by the Crabb Family, it was on a live cd. Ricky Perkins had a great tenor voice. he too seems to have dissapeared. I wann say it was eraly 90’s. Also, I am wondering if the Band Of Gold will still play select dates?, I was getting used to having them back on the road. I think Josh will be a great addition. You have to give them time to get used to each other on stage, it won’t be long.

  203. Sing It! wrote:

    Thanks guys.

    I am also interested in knowing what happened to the Perkins Family? I’d love to get a copy of that live CD that you mention. Any idea where I can find it?

    Which other artists have just disappeared all together like this?

  204. Sing It! wrote:

    One more mystery I need solved. :)

    Sorry today was my first post and now I am up to 3. Is there a limit per day?

    A while back I noticed on one of the Gaither videos (not sure which one) that the McKameys are in the crowd and yet they aren’t. It seems like the are almost avoided by the camera. The thing that further perplexes me is that Lynda Randle is featured to sing God on the Mountain. While I think Lynda is a fine singer, no one would question that God on the Mountain is THE McKameys signature song. Any idea why Gaither decided to snub them on that one and why we haven’t seen the gang on anything Gaither since?

  205. Faith wrote:

    B****-slapped by Tony Gore…I’m still laughing, that was freakin’ hilarious. And SO accurate!

  206. Sensible wrote:

    The Reinhardts were made up of two brothers and their sister. The sister left the road for a short period to have a baby. It was rumored that John and the fill-in were caught together and that broke up the group.

  207. CVH wrote:

    OK, enough with Gold City and L5 and…

    It’s a brand new year
    And I have not forgot
    Suzan Speer
    Is still incredibly hot.

    Thank you.

  208. littlemimi wrote:

    Bruce is a solid lead, and IMO, one of the best out there. Is he a traditional SG lead? No, but that doesn’t discount his quality and ability. He can sing anything just as good as Jonathan Wilburn. His stage presence is a little stiff, but he has great potentital.

  209. Knows Nothing wrote:

    To #208
    On top of that Bruce is still singing. Jonathan is on YouTube as the Singing Salesman for Ford autos!!!!!!

  210. RobertYork wrote:

    Mark Trammell has announced that in the near future he will be adding a bass singer to the trio making it the Trammell Quartet.

  211. Aaron Swain wrote:

    It was just announced that the Mark Trammell Trio is about to become the Mark Trammell Quartet. More details forthcoming.

  212. Ron F wrote:

    Hey #186 I had Karen Peck on my program yesterday and off the air we talked about it. She said they are trying out some guy from Alabama this weekend, but she did not give me a name.

  213. Alan wrote:

    SGM has always been blessed with some amazing pianists. The list goes on and on of incredible talents in the past. And, today is no exception. For my two cents, I agree that Tim Parton is simply wonderful. And, I also agree that Stan Whitmire might be the only better piano man out there. The best part of this is that expressing my humble opinion doesn’t really detract from any of the other fine piano players on the road today. Everyone will have their favorite, and no one’s opinion is really wrong. That’s because of how many great ones are currently playing, and that’s just a wonderful “problem” to have.

  214. A Friend Of A Friend wrote:

    Faith, I’m glad I made you laugh. I ’bout wet on myself, when I re-read it just now. I might could get a job writing for Mark Lowry. On second thought, HE might do the same thing to ME!

  215. newlywedgirl wrote:

    ROFLOL- B**** slapped by Tony Gore?!? SOOOO funny and true on many levels…

    Someone mentioned BF&A being a disgrace to SGM- I COULD NOT agree more! Hiring Randy Crawford makes them a disgrace right there. I will NOT listen to BF&A and I have let Brian know why and he should be slapped for hiring him back. I think background checks should be in order…

    As for Josh Cobb, I know him and his family. I am thankful that he has come through several very difficult years and is living for the Lord. I hope and pray we all can show grace and mercy. He is human, has feelings, a family and hurts just like anyone else. He can SING. It’ll be interesting hearing the blend…

  216. Tom wrote:

    John Reinhardt was pianist for Gold City in the early days, before Garry Jones.

  217. Wade wrote:

    To answer about MY “edits”… I am trying to GROW and mature some in 2010 and if I edit my self I do not get my feelings hurt so bad. Than I do if Dr. DH has to do it. So I did it myself pretty sure he would not let it pass nor should he. But it might make ya think!!

    YES Band of Gold will continue making SPECIAL APPEARANCES with GCQ in 2010. Confirmed straight from THE MAN Taylor Barnes himself. Saw him at Jean Bradford’s HomeGoing 2 Hour Good Show I mean Service.

    I would not have missed it for the world.

    Speaking of Taylor Barnes. Many do not know he is also quite a singer too.

    He has incredible range and can do Bowed on My Knees… with kinda a Blue Grass Feel and he makes the song his own.

    Yes CVH… Suzan Speer is STILL HOT!!!

  218. dortie wrote:

    NashvillePhil #128 - How can you call Ryan arrogant when he was working for the most arrogant cat in gospel music, King Ernie. I have seen them numerous times including at my church and found the arrogance totally opposite from what you perceive…Amen! EH is without a doubt the most arrogant person in SG (or anywhere for that matter) He could be crowned the “King of the Narcissist’s”.

  219. wanderer wrote:

    #204 I have no idea why McKameys weren’t included, but it wasn’t necessarily a snub. It’s always possible the McKameys were asked and declined.

  220. Asking wrote:

    Newlywedgirl, what “background?” (Of course, as all gossip-spreaders on here, you certainly could never say, I’m sure. Just giving you a chance to rise above the stupidity of most posters…)

    BF&A is not a disgrace to SG. BF&A IS SG to some young people, including those being introduced to the genre.

  221. Shellye1206 wrote:


  222. newlywedgirl wrote:

    Asking- UM, If I posted the “background” I know FULL WELL about, I would probably be kicked off this board and would also be breaking the confidence of wonderful friends and I WON’T do that. I am not a “gossiper” and don’t need to “rise above the stupidity” of you or anyone else here. I know what I know is factual and he has NO business SINGING SOUTHERN GOSPEL MUSIC OR ANY MUSIC UNTIL HE GETS HELP!

  223. quartet-man wrote:

    #218 It might be too that he had Lynda sing that song for a long time at Homecoming. I am not sure when the McKamey’s were there, but probably after he had already established it as Lynda’s song. :)

  224. Rick wrote:

    Re#222: I remember Lily Weatherford singing the song on a Homecoming video before Lynda Randall. I realize some people seem to “own” certain songs, but how far can that be taken? Was “God on the Mountain” Lily, Lynda or the McKamey’s song? Songs are covered by may different people & groups.

  225. Rick wrote:

    “many” not “may”. Sorry.

  226. Just Thinking wrote:

    Completely off subject, but “God on the Mountain” was written by Tracy Dartt who is a great songwriter! Please pray for him because he is on dialysis and waiting for a kidney.

  227. Just Thinking wrote:

    This is interesting.

  228. quartet-man wrote:

    #223, I agree that more than one person can and do sing the same songs, and in SG circles it is the Mckamey’s song. However, I think each of us thinks of songs as someone’s (at least quite a bit.) So, I think to Gaither it was Lynda’s in his program at least. :)

  229. Wade wrote:

    newlywedbabe… Honey if what Randy did makes him a disgrace there are alot of disgraceful ppl in SGM.

    It would be difficult to field many groups if they had TO QUALIFY like you desire.

    It is so funny to meet naive, unjaded, bless your heart type ppl.

    Bless Your Heart Honey!!!

  230. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    Video of The Jonathans- Parker Jonathan, Paula Jonathan and Eric Dunson

  231. gina wrote:

    Honestly, had anyone even heard ‘God on the Mountain’ before the McKameys had the hit? Maybe the locals who were familiar with the Dartts had, but other than that, it certainly wasn’t known on a national level by Lily or Lynda.

  232. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    #221- I’d guess more than eighty percent of gospel singers have “NO business SINGING SOUTHERN GOSPEL MUSIC OR ANY MUSIC” for a variety of spiritual and/or lack of talent issues.

    You would be better served to pretend that Southern Gospel is any other secular genre of music. That’s how the industry itself rolls (literally and figuratively).

  233. RobertYork wrote:

    I believe that The McKameys are the only group that has had God On The Mountain on the charts. When they had it on the charts I believe it was Number ONE for 4 straight months.

  234. Andrew S. wrote:

    Does anyone know what happened to the group Cedar Ridge? I believe they were well-known for songs like: “All That Heaven Holds” (which is on YouTube), “I Want to Go There”, and several others. And does anyone know what Kevin Spencer’s wife is doing? Does she still sing?

  235. Andrew S. wrote:

    232- That was #1 from November 1988 to March 1989 and was Song of the Year in 1989. And I believe the song debuted in the top 10 and went straight up to #1 making it the fastest rising #1 in Singing News history.

  236. Cindy Mize wrote:

    It saddens me to see so many negative and hurtful comments, but I am thankful for those people that have positive and encouraging things to say. It has been many months since I have even logged onto a SG site for this very reason. A friend was very upset about about the things being said about GC here, so I am going to put my 2 cents worth of encouragement out there.
    Actually, DeeAnn Bailey expressed exactly the way I feel in two different posts. Daniel is a great baritone and Bruce is is my favorite GC lead. I have loved GC for a long time and with Josh and Tim, and Roy, I am very excited about this group. I know everyone has their own personal favorites and that is great, but we do not have to be hurtful in our comments. I saw GC on New Year’s Eve and as DeeAnn stated, they had only one practice (the night before) and they were extremely good. Not perfect, but I think this current line up will be awesome. Roy Webb brings so much to the table for them. He fit right in and the crowd loved him. Due to the limited practice time together, they only had so many songs they could do. They received great ovations from the crowd and they all seemed to be enjoying what they were doing. Change is difficult and requires patience as well as hard work. I know GC will be working hard to be the very best they can be and from the talent they have, it will be something very special.
    I would hope that all of us that love SGM and offer our opinions and comments spend as much time praying for all the individuals that make up the groups we love as we do reading and writing comments about them.

  237. louis wrote:

    These comments against Josh Cobb are pathetic. There are some of you who could sit thru a heartfelt testimony by Josh or any other gospel singer for that matter, and still be more than ready to spread gossip just as soon as the testimony was finished. Some of you people are just plain full of garbage, and are a total hindrance to southern gospel music itself.

    Who is the true judge here? Certainly none of you, or even me. Yet you post on here seemingly ready to send Cobb and Gold City to hell in a gassed down basket because Josh Cobb has made mistakes and because Gold City chose to hire him.


    Guess what…Josh and Gold City are out singing and nobody can stop them from sharing gospel music with people who want and need it. Sorry to disappoint some of you people.

    These boards/blogs are covered with people who qualify as nothing more than absolute filth and garbage…who claim to be “fans” of gospel music. Now that I’ve spoke my mind, I think I’ll go pray for them. They could use it…..they’re killing our industry.

  238. wanderer wrote:

    #235 Cindy you got it right on. Everyone has their favourites, but why do people have to so hurtful in their comments. I bought Moment of Truth despite the negativity on here and I’m glad I did. It is great. I know 3 of those guys are gone, but so what? I’ll enjoy that C-D until I die, somebody steals it or it gets lost in a fire. Tim isn’t going to do anything to hurt GC. Obviously he feels that Josh has come full circle…no different than Gaither hiring Michael English.

  239. newlywedgirl wrote:

    Wade and Soli…- As one who works in the industry and has MOST Of my close friends, I thank you for knowing me well enough to tell me I am naive, jaded, etc… I know there are MANY disgraceful people in SGM, I realize and understand SGM full well…

  240. newlywedgirl wrote:

    I am sorry, Wade, you said unjaded, I apoligize for my ignorance! :)

  241. Rev JLS wrote:

    For those of u who say that BFA is a disgrace I would have to disagree . The disgrace in Gospel music was EHSS James Brown impressions on Getaway Jordan. There are no greater talents than Bill Shivers and Brian Free. Musically the songs outshine every other quartet along with vocal range and performance. But to top it all the anointing is felt….not just emotional release! Gods people need to move into worship not entertainment!

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