“I’ll Keep On Singing”

Stephen Shearon, a musicologist at Middle Tennessee State University and scholar of (among other things) southern gospel history, has collaborated with a MTSU colleague to produce a documentary on the southern gospel singing convention tradition, titled “I’ll Keep on Singing” (h/t, JS). I exchanged a few emails with Steve this afternoon and he confirmed that the video is about to go into production. Advance orders are now being accepted ($15 per). I’ve posted a copy of the order form here (Word doc download).

Steve is one of a handful of scholars working hard to document and study southern gospel music (in addition to being a scholarly model for southern gospel studies, he’s also been very supportive of my work in this area, for which I’m deeply grateful). So I hope you’ll consider supporting this important contribution to the field. Fans of the music and newcomers alike (especially those who think singing conventions are just Sacred Harp for the South) will, I’m sure, find the documentary illuminating and satisfying.

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