Plainly spoken

In this season of quartet personnel changes (more on this in a moment) and all the euphemisms, evasions, and lacunae that pass for explanations of various departures and arrivals, I give you what is quite possibly the best reason any quartet man has ever given for leaving a group. Dear readers, Brad Smith, on departing the Blackwood Gospel Quartet:

Because I wanted to.

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  1. LarryS wrote:

    Well, at least he’s honest…

  2. louis wrote:

    This is a breakthrough in the quartet world.

  3. Alan wrote:

    I love it! The perfect answer. He said it all in four words. Best of all, it’s the only answer that any of us are owed. PR firms should sit up and take notice of this one. Now we can only wonder if he’ll be the new bass singer for Mark Trammell…? That would yield a big Wow.

  4. Nobody wrote:

    Why would anyone “WANT” to leave Mark Blackwood?

  5. quartet-man wrote:

    #3 hmmmm

  6. NG wrote:

    He also could have said he didn’t want to be the only Brad in a Blackwood group as Brad White was recently replaced by Billy Blackwood in the Blackwood Brothers.

  7. Bones wrote:

    Brad Smith was with Jimmy Blackwood and the Blackwood Brothers.

  8. Nobody wrote:

    Bones should insert foot…or eat crow.

  9. Jonathan Sawrie wrote:

    OK, I think that tops mine…and in only four words.

  10. Irishlad wrote:

    Bit late to the party;but it’s good to see transparency in Brad’s adieu.Makes a change from the usual Singing News type bull we have to swallow.

  11. RDB wrote:

    Reminds me of the best reason I’ve heard for someone not winning an election. “He/she didn’t get enough votes.”

  12. Lovelife wrote:

    RDB: And reminds me of Greater Visions reason for not hiring a bass…”We don’t want one”.

  13. Tony Watson wrote:

    #7 - Brad SMITH was with Mark Blackwood in the Blackwood Gospel Quartet. Brad WHITE was with Jimmy Blackwood in the Blackwood Brothers Quartet.

  14. Faith wrote:

    Love it!!!!

  15. weber wrote:

    #4 Why would anyone work for any Blackwood? They are crooks, and have rode the family name into a septic tank filled with bovine scatology. The Blackwoods dont deserve a talent as Brad Smith, they deserve to stay home and get real jobs.,, Im just sayin…

  16. Voice4God wrote:

    #15 Weber, you and Smith should start your own quartet. All you would need is a tenor and lead, or bass (depending on which of the 6 octaves Smith wanted to utilize)… I’m just sayin’…

  17. Irishlad wrote:

    Really, this “6″ octaves hype is just what it is…hype.So much as i like Brad i’m sure he’s more than a little embarrassed with that particular labelling.Take Tim Storms’s GBWWs 6 octaves,at least two of them lack harmonics.JD and George Younce had each a good 3 ocatves full voice range.If you want to hear 4/5 true octaves listen to Ivan Rebroff,or,closer to home Ken Turner.

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