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A lot of folks are scratching their heads over Guy Penrod’s recent signing with Gaither Music. But the move strikes me as just about right. The Gaither Mothership has always had a very paternalistic relationship with its artists … willing to cut them off when they (were deemed to have) misbehaved, and just as willing to welcome them back into the fold in a big, bankable way when they (were judged to have sufficiently) reformed. This recent news is just the latest fatted calf readied for the homecoming feast. There’s a logic to this, even - one might say - a very Christian logic.

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  1. Joshua Cottrell wrote:

    What evidence is there to support the claim that Guy misbehaved??? Could the move simply have been one where Bill felt the need to bring back David, Michael and Mark???

  2. QwertyJuan wrote:

    It would have NOTHING to do with the fact that Guy just didn’t want to travel with a group anymore(after 14 years), and have the flexibility of becoming a solo act, and once in a while travel with Gaither?? Did you ever think that GUY may have been the one to leave Gaither, and not the other way around?? No… of course not. That would be open minded.

  3. ADM wrote:

    What? Consider that there was NO scandal and miss a chance to slam one of our Christian brothers, perpetuate speculation and try to get more and more rumors started, whether true or not? Isn’t that what this blog thrives on?

  4. brown wrote:

    1,2,3 - ignorance is bliss

  5. wackythinker wrote:

    I’ve known about the signing for several weeks, now, and have been wondering why the talk last fall, when the cd first became available on his website, why the discussion that label would touch it? Supposedly Gaither, Provident, Word, EMI. . . . EVERYONE turned him down. Now, he’s back in the Gaither stable.

    I jsut don’t understand. Were we lied to in the fall, or was it a marketing ploy? Or a combination thereof?

  6. DMP wrote:

    Our moderator knows what he is talking about, and his words are perfectly chosen. I for one will be glad to see Guy back in the Gaither kingdom.

  7. Ron F wrote:

    Guy Penrod to me is the best singer in our business. Maybe Bill is saving him, Ive been looking for his album for months, at Walmart, Target, Christian Book Stores. Apparently he needs help marketing himself the correct way. Im sure his album will be out there now in the forefront. And I say Yea!! And thank you Bill Gaither for all you have done for Gospel Music.

  8. Janet B wrote:

    Let’s see…evidence of misbehavior…hmmm…how about the abrupt & ill-timed “sabbatical?” Or the fact that Guy made absolutely NO statement regarding either his time off or his departure from the VB? Both were certainly unusual, given the history of the group. (Everyone else who left was open about leaving - yes?) In fact, Guy was completely incommunicato - until he had an album to sell.
    Furthermore, (this is for you, #1), if the whole thing was Bill’s idea to make room for Mark, Michael, & David…how come Michael wasn’t subbing for Guy during the fall tour? Oh wait - maybe Bill wanted Jason Crabb, but Jason turned him down, which made Michael his second choice? (Heavy dose of sarcasm there, just so you know.)
    All of this speculation has been kicking around for a YEAR now - it’s time to stop. Whatever happened with Guy, it doesn’t matter now. The Vocal Band is fine - better, in fact - without him. I wish him well, but I don’t miss him at all. Once burned, twice shy & all that.

  9. Auke wrote:

    Most of you don’t have a whole lot going on in your personal lives….because you are still trying to get to the bottom of something that isn’t important, especially because it’s been a year that Guy officially left the VB.
    suggesting that Guy misbehaved is the limit….if there’s was reason for it, the most plausable is that Guy was just tired,burned out, with the heavy touring, 8 kids and all….he’s a regular guy…with regular problems/cares…and just like us we don’t advertise the stuff that’s going on in our domestic life…I’m very glad that Guy’s under the Gaither umbrella….Auke

  10. DMP wrote:

    Settle down. Misbehaving can be a whole lot of things, none of which anyone has made any level of accusation. All we’re saying is, this was obviously not your run of the mill member change. Anyone who thinks it is needs their head checked. Some of us are just interested in these things, and not because we are evil. Heck, I’d still love to know why Pierce left!

  11. QwertyJuan wrote:

    ” Heck, I’d still love to know why Pierce left!”

    True… as would I….

  12. Auke wrote:

    …i think i setlled down a time ago….i’m not diggin’ in a empty grave…or trying to suggest evidence on here…all of which are pretty thin..but hey who cares? right? Let’s repeat and layer and stack the thin stuff and laminate a truth…that is ours (meaning yours)…not mine.
    Guy is back with Bill…and isn’t that the whole concept of a Homecoming? People returning and being welcomed back into the proverbial fold.


  13. DMP wrote:

    Agreed. But their stories are what make them interesting. Guy has a good one, and one day he’ll tell it… Till then, we’ll all just sit around and pretend like all is normal.

  14. Michael Dewayne Engl wrote:

    Ha…hahaa……hahaahaaahahaaahaa…..haaa….hehe…ha. Ya gotta love this stuff.

  15. Lovelife wrote:

    #13…Yep, you are correct on that….

  16. DMP wrote:

    Christians love to say they are just “ole sinners” and that they are far from perfect. But the reality is, they love to maintain the illusion of being sinless and perfect while saying it. We all have struggles, but those who are public performers are not allowed the same leeway as you and I…

  17. David J. Stuart wrote:

    I think Bill ought to hire Guy back for the Vocal Band, just make it a 6 man group instead of 5, they could do that!!! LOL. Sure would be interesting!

  18. ForgottenSwampWorld wrote:

    #8, Not everyone esle was open about leaving. Remember the guy who came along in ‘94 and disappeared in ‘97 for no explanation? Hint hint.

  19. DMP wrote:

    I do. Looks like he bailed out of music all together…

  20. ForgottenSwampWorld wrote:

    Yeah, he’s an interior designer now.

  21. Melanie Hayes King wrote:

    I just stumbled upon this website. I just want to say that Bill & Gloria Gaither are responsible for us all getting to see SGM’s finest and that I feel the Holy Spirit move me every time I hear the GVB sing. He has over the years allowed the young pups loose to try secular music or to try making it solo, but they always come running back to the most gifted group ever. Thank you Bill for your perfect vision and orchestration of your conglomeration that will always have my support and prayers. Although I’ve sang your music since I was young, when I attended my 1st Homecoming Tour in Columbus, GA I pictured you as an old serious hell fire & brimstone guy and boy was I shocked and amazed at the hilarious humor Mark and you had going back n forth. I almost fainted when I learned that night that Mark wrote MDYK! You are so real and it keeps real people like me interested and protective over SGM as well as Christianity. When I heard David Phelps sing Nessun Dorma I also freaked because as a long-faced Methodist, I just assumed secular would never be mixed w/ Gospel. How perfect! How real and perfect. To show it all and live it all is ok! Just as in real life, we attend church 1-2 times a week but we gotta live in the secular world for the most part. As long as Bill, David & Michael English are in the GVB I don’t care who else is in it. They are the cornerstones who bring the most people to Christ and that is what it’s all about. Someone referred to a “Gaither Kool Aid drinker.” So sad that people are jealous in the only genre that borrows from one another all striving for the same goal. It takes a lot of money to keep feeding and caring for these many many people who go on these tours and cruises and I will always pay any price to experience what the Gaithers have created. Their venues offer a one-stop shop of blessings and sweet perfection.

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