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So in the past few days I’ve had to delete several off topic comments and redirect the commenters to the most recent open thread (prior to this post, that would have been the Weekend Roundup). Evidently it’s not enough to have an open thread; it’s got to be at the the top of the page! So here tis. A few pieces of content to collect on our way to conversational critical mass:

  • Looks like a former DMB singer may be on American Idol tonight.
  • Via Daniel Mount, some more and better Gold City YouTubes are up. The sound quality is a lot better (as is the quality of singing), though the zoom was so far out, I found myself watching via the monitors just like a regular nosebleeder at the concert.
  • Speaking of YouTube: suffering through all these crummy, unwatchable, often unlistenable youtube bootlegs that come across the interwebs, I wonder: why don’t groups find a groupie diehard fan with some tech savvy and christen that fan YouTube Videographer for the group, thus guaranteeing that there will always be at least a few quality clips out there in the mix? Because some of the tripe that fans post really just doesn’t do the artists or their appeal any favors.
  • My old friend, and one of Avery’s very first readers, The Art Coach (who created this site’s logo), is creating a piece of artwork every day this year and offering it for sale on a first-come basis. Check it out.
  • Finally, the Florida Boys (see, I didn’t call them “fake”) created some really bad King-sized crimes against fashion at Graceland recently.
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  1. scope wrote:

    Bryan Walker is a very good singer, and a very nice guy. I wish him well. He has taken down his Facebook account, so we are hoping that means he made it to Hollywood. Good luck Bryan!

  2. Aaron Swain wrote:

    DinanaSN automatically comes to mind when it comes to quality Youtube videos for SG concerts. Other than that, it’s hit and miss.

  3. CVH wrote:

    Love the idea of the Art Coach putting up a new piece each day but the one that hasn’t sold (01.08.10) kind of reminds me of one of those scare-tactic gonorrhea ads from the 70’s. They say art’s in the eye of the beholder….ah, yeah….

  4. RobertYork wrote:

    Mark Trammell has named Pat Barker as his new bass singer.

  5. Irishlad wrote:

    CVH.Suzan Speer for President!Happy New Year my man.

  6. Irishlad wrote:

    #2 adkinsda too.

  7. GVBFan09! wrote:

    OFFICIAL press release saying Pat Barker is the new bass singer for Mark trammell Quartet:

  8. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #6: I was thinking more along the lines of showing up at a concert and taking videos, but adkinsda is good, too. He also puts up concerts from a while back of older groups that he recorded himself, which are a treat to watch.

  9. Asking wrote:

    And Chris West is singing bass for the Blackwood Quartet. Wow.

    Here’s guessing Trammell had several options in picking a bass. West would have added that “it” factor, while Barker is more of a traditional sound/feel. The Trammell Quartet should be interesting!

  10. FJW wrote:

    Boy oh Boy…What a quandry! I dearly love Pat Barker..I Love the Trammell Trio…errr “Quartet”, and I love the Dixie Echoes. One groups gain is another’s loss..and I would have felt the same way had he gone from Mark’s to Dale’s group. This will leave a real hole in the DE’s. I am not one that is comfortable with change. I hope this works out for all concerned. Oh My! There was no right answer to this one.

  11. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    What’s going on?
    You wanted us to do some of your research for Bleg: Sg 101.
    This idea to become a little tech savvy is really push the envelope.

  12. The Art Coach wrote:

    Thank you Mr. Doug for the plug! I am having alot of fun and creativity with it. I hope everyone will be watching it. Be sure to read the in’s and out’s of it. I have some subjects and themes that will repeat and so many more ideas in my head that I will be working on. Someone has even suggested SGM editorial type cartoons based on current events ….hmmm.

    CVH, That is interesting. I know that everyone wants to read into artwork…sometimes a hot dog is just a hot dog…but it made you think, so that is good.

  13. cdguy wrote:

    Did anyone watch Idol last night, to know how Bryan Walker did? Is he “going to Hollywood, Baby”?

  14. art wrote:

    I sure enjoyed all the You Tube clips on the thread entitled BLEG: SG101. I’d like to see more suggestions, even if the professor doesn’t need them.

  15. Just Thinking wrote:

    Yes, Bryan Walker is going to Hollywood!

  16. barelytone wrote:

    Re: Trammell Trio/Quartet - I am confused. Trammell decides his group should be a quartet, and rather than take some time to find someone who is not already commited, or at least not with a FULL-TIME quartet - he hires Parker away from the Dixie Echoes. Seems to me he could’ve taken a little more time and handled it a bit better. Especially if the quartet idea is something that just popped in his head. It’s not as if this was a position that had to be filled in order for the group to function. Something tells me there’s more to it.

    Having said that, Pat Barker is a very solid bass, and from all I’ve seen a nice, sincere guy. The Dixie Echoes are pros that will find somebody else and move along just fine. It just seems that since Parker and Wesley Smith joined they gained some extra momentum.

  17. Brian wrote:

    barelytone, Mark said in the announcement that it certainly was not “something that just popped in his head”. He said he’d been considering it for a couple of years.

    Secondly, he said he announced the fact he was looking for a bass singer so that bass singers would come to him, not the other way around. So Barker initiated the move. Obviously Mark would be hard pressed to find anyone better, so I’m sure he jumped at the opportunity to hire him.

  18. LaShay Bankston wrote:

    Regardless who initiated it, Pat is moving on to Mark’s group. It’s not a big deal one way or the other. It’s apparent that this is what both parties wanted, so why worry about who approached whom.

    It’s the business of Southern Gospel. People change employers often. That’s how it is… like it or not.

    I’m definitely going to miss Pat with the Echoes, but if it’s his time to move on, then it’s understandable. I wish him and his family all the best.

  19. The Art Coach wrote:

    Oh…btw…if you would like to read info or comments I make about the artwork, become a fan of The Art Coach on Facebook.

  20. Jeff Crews wrote:

    I was a huge Gold City fan during the Free/Parker years. I didn’t want to like the Parrack/Wilburn group, but wound up really appreciating their unique sound. I watched the youtube clip of Josh Cobb with the group, and I must say they sound great. Good tenors with pleasing tone are SO RARE, and this kid has a pleasant sound and sufficient range, reminding me of Funderburk in his prime (and that is a massive compliment, especially from another tenor). He sings high, without the girly screaming. Roy Webb and Cobb have good stage presence and personality that translate well. I look for good things from this group. On a different note… Has anybody else seen the revamped Original Inspirations group that Archie Watkins has put together? Interesting. I really like the new Inspirations line up, but am glad I can still see my childhood Inspirations should the need arise. Also, has anybody seen the new pics of Tony Gore without the coon skin toupe that has been his trademark for years? Go to Tony On a totally unrelated subject, did anybody ever see the Friends episode where Ross left the bleach on his teeth too long?

  21. Glenn wrote:

    Wow, posting an “open thread” on a Wednesday. Getting bored, or running out of thoughts (or time)? Actually, you are one of the few that could get by with it, to your credit.

  22. TonyWatson wrote:

    #16Barelytone - there really is nothing to be confused about. I spent some time with Mark over the weekend and I assure you this is nothing that was a spur of the moment decision, even in the selection of who would be the bass singer. The announcement was made such that people would know that there was an opening and Mark received many phone calls about the position. He did not “steal” anyone from another group, in fact told me that some of the phone calls he got, he immediately turned them down because of relationships and connections with their existing groups.

    One thing I haven’t seen mentioned here is that Pat Barker is from GADSDEN, ALABAMA. The Mark Trammell Trio is from GADSDEN, ALABAMA. Did anyone consider that this talented bass singer saw the opportunity to continue with a great group in gospel music AND be back at home?

    Honestly, Pat Barker was at the top of my list when I was considering possibilities because I thought he’d be a great fit with that group, but when I remembered he was from Alabama, and in fact, Gadsden, it makes perfect sense. I would be shocked if he didn’t go with Randy and Scoot and Stewart’s blessing.

  23. Norma wrote:

    I was sad to hear that Pat Barker is leaving The Dixie Echoes. I heard them about a week ago and the sound with Pat and Wesley is incredible. They bring back the “old-style” nostalgic sound of the 1950’s quartets. I hope he’s made the right decision because The Dixie Echoes had a perfect team!

  24. barelytone wrote:

    I feel the same way Norma. I have been listening and watching the Dixie Echoes for several years, and the current lineup had something really special going for them. That’s not to say they cannot have something just as special, or even more special, with someone new. I hope that is exactly what happens because I have great respect for what they are trying to do. If Trammell is wanting to try and somehow restore the craft of true quartet singing he feels is disappearing, he picked somehow from the right group - because that is exactly what the Dixie Echoes have been doing for some years now!

    These kind of Gospel “musical chairs” are just an accepted part of this business. But I can’t help but wonder if it’s part of the reason we have not gotten farther far down the pike as a musical genre.

  25. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    #1 Bryan now has a Bryan Walker Fan Page up on Facebook. In less than 2 days he had a little over 2k folks join so here’s hoping they all vote! LOL

    Wishing Bryan the best at AI!

  26. The Art Coach wrote:

    Per his Facebook, Scott Spangler will be leaving Naomi and the Segos in early February. He will be moving to Erwin TN as Senior Director and Embalmer at two local funeral homes. Wish Scott the best on his new direction!

  27. CVH wrote:

    Art Coach: Hey, no disrespect intended, I like your work but that one just hit me funny.

    Good stuff, keep it up.

    Irishlad - best of the new year to you too my friend. Suzan Speer for anything.

  28. Andrew S. wrote:

    Glad to see the Crist Family on the February 2010 SN cover. Nice to see some fresh faces. :)

  29. DeeAnnBailey wrote:

    I want to wish Scott the best but think about it for him to have ‘the best’ people gotta die!!! :-)

  30. Irishlad wrote:

    #26.Gospel singer to embalmer.Gospel singer to car salesman.A good lesson to all wannabes who want to “live the dream”,but then again there’s always the Oaks to curb my scepticism.

  31. Irishlad wrote:

    All you Youtubers should check out adkinsda’s account for his latest offering;it’s Brock Speer from i guess the early 60’s singing and strumming “The Big Boss” to his two boys Mark and Brian.Nostalgic stuff.

  32. NG wrote:

    Irishlad: How about gospel pianist to multi-millionaire record producer (Tony Brown) or gospel pianists to owners of KFC franchises (Jackie Marshall, Wally Varner)? As for moving into the funeral business, I recall a sarcastic high school teacher who use to tell strugging students that being a undertaker was a good chance to get ahead.

  33. Dean Adkins wrote:

    #31 Irishlad,
    Thanks for the compliments. I believe the date of that video is about 1967 or early 1968. Ann (Sanders) Downing was still with the Speers - one can see her sitting on the right side. Also Harold Lane had only been there a little over a year.

  34. JulieBelle wrote:

    Is a group called “Firm Foundation Quartet” on anyone’s radar? Anyone heard their latest album that former Hope’s Call mama Donna Beauvais produced? Thoughts?

  35. Irishlad wrote:

    #32 Point taken……wasn’t Tony”tarzan”Brown a one time Oak?

  36. NG wrote:

    #35 I believe Tony played piano for Klaudt Indian Family, Trav’lers, Stamps, Blackwoods, Oaks and later worked with Elvis and the Hot Band that backed Emmylou Harris. He was at a couple of he recent Grand Ole Gospel Reunions and inducted in its Piano Roll of Honor.

  37. art wrote:

    I saw Ernie Haase and Signature Sound last night in Washington, Ill. I’d seen them in concert twice before and once with the Homecoming. They delivered their usual high-energy, enjoyable show. I’d like to make a couple of observations:

    1. In introducing Devin, Ernie acknowledged — by name — Ryan’s years of service to the group. I don’t know what happened behind the scenes to separate Ryan from the group, but this was a gracious public gesture and Ernie didn’t have to do it.

    2. Ernie had living, breathing musicians on keyboard, bass guitar and drums — supplemented of course with some prerecorded orchestration. I appreciated the live accompaniment. This too is something that Ernie didn’t have to do. Business apparently is going well with him, and he apparently is willing to make the reinvestment in an effort to make things even better artistically and financially.

    3. I was surprised when Ernie introduced the keyboard guy — Wayne Haun, whose name occasionally appears in this forum with praise for his talents as a producer. It’s nice to connect a name with a face. And it’s nice to see him perform. Ernie let him sing a little bit too.

  38. A Friend Of A Friend wrote:

    Hmmm. Someone recently stated that having The Diplomats on the cover of The Singing opened the door for ANYONE to get on there now.

    Guess that’s true. I see The Crist Family is there this month. Yes - Times, they are a changing.

    You can decide for yourself if this is a good thing, or not.

  39. Revpaul wrote:

    Well the Crist Family isn’t just “anyone”, they’re the Horizon Group of the Year. If they’re popular enough with the folks to get the vote, then maybe the folks want to see them on the cover.

  40. Diana wrote:

    Well said, RevPaul!!! I think the Crist Family is very, very special and I’m glad to see them on the SN cover!!!

  41. MS wrote:

    #26 - any hint of who might be taking his place? Ya think some former members may return? Kinda curious to see how that turns out. I wish Naomi all the best. She’s a sweet lady.

  42. dd wrote:

    RevPaul, don’t get to excited about “popular votes”, could just be the Crossroads machine at work.

  43. Andrew S. wrote:

    #42- The Crist Family happens to have had more chart success than the Diplomats. The Crists may not be Top 10, but they have definitely worked hard for Southern Gospel music. They also happen to be one of very few groups who haven’t ridden off a former popular artist’s name. To work so hard to make it up to Horizon Group last year, they definitely deserve to get on the magazine. By the way- what is your opinion on Tribute Quartet’s appearance on the September ‘09 SN cover? They happen to have just gotten their first top 40 song.

  44. dd wrote:

    #43, Not discounted The Crist family merits, but a lot groups work just as hard, perform just as well vocally and still are not on the radar.

  45. Unknown Artist wrote:

    SN Fan Awards won’t be at NQC this year! Moving to Dollywood! Interesting!

  46. Diana wrote:

    From Singing News: The Southern Gospel Music industry’s premier awards show, the Singing News Fan Awards, is moving to a new home beginning in 2010.

    “Dollywood, the home of the Southern Gospel Music Association’s Hall of Fame and Museum, has opened its doors to the 2010 edition of the Fan Awards,” says Singing News Editor Danny Jones.

    “Additionally, the SGMA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be incorporated into the Singing News Fan Awards presentation to present a new program that will not only honor the artists that Singing News subscribers have chosen as their favorites, but to acknowledge the contributions of Southern Gospel Music pioneers and those who have greatly influenced our industry.”

  47. Lovelife wrote:

    #46o.k. so what does that mean? The Sat. night of NQC will be filled with something else and SN awards will be some other time? Personally think this is a big mistake, but, just my opinion.

  48. GVBFan09! wrote:

    A first look at Devin with EHSS: looks good!

  49. Andrew S. wrote:

    I hope they allow the fans a chance to see the artists accept their awards. I really enjoyed watching them on the NQC live streaming. I want to see/hear Libbi Stuffle accept her awards this year.. :)

  50. Sensible wrote:

    #48 I love the way the Lord and Southern Gospel music is being represented by a guy with a PINK FLOYD shirt on! That is unreal.

  51. GVBFan09! wrote:

    Is Pink Floyd really that bad? I dont know much about his music…

  52. A Friend Of A Friend wrote:

    #50 - I’m with ya. But to be honest, I kinda expected to see EH in Adam Lambert attire.

  53. LarryS wrote:

    KP & NR has made their hire - expect announcement very soon. No surprise here!

  54. NG wrote:

    #46 and #49 The SN awards will be presented at Dollywood and not NQC. You can read all the details here:

    Charlie Waller, executive director of the Southern Gospel Music Association and producer of the SGMA Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, was instrumental in bringing together the SGMA inductions with the SN awards.

  55. Going Greene wrote:

    Had a chance to catch the Greenes in concert this weekend…. ABSOLUTELY amazing! Taranda is the best female vocalist in the industry… period. Greenes for Trio of the year!!!

  56. Jonathan Sawrie wrote:

    I’d rather listen to Pink Floyd than some southern gospel groups I’ve heard…..

  57. newlywedgirl wrote:

    LOL@ Jonathan! Me too!!!!

  58. Wade wrote:

    WoW the SN Fan Awards have meant very little the last few years. They now can mean even less.

    Wonder who at the NQC pissed off the SN??

  59. Irishlad wrote:

    #51.Pink Floyd is a they rather than a him lol.

  60. tommy wrote:

    So it seems cecil Blackwwod tought his heirs well how to use the Gospel to profit your oen pocketbook (ie. Bibles to Russia). If you go to the Toney Brothers website you will find Cecils grandson making a plea (a rather long one at that) for people to buy them a bus. Setting aside how amateur this makes SG look, when groups do this it makes them look just like every other TV preacher we all distain. Im sure cecil would be proud.

  61. Darrol Meijer wrote:

    I love Pink and the Singing Floyds

  62. onemadeupmind wrote:

    Toney Brothers need a bus? Why don’t they just drive the one that TONEY BROTHERS BUS LEASING is trying to lease? I smell S**T!

  63. Mayor wrote:

    I absolutely hate the SN move to Dollywood. Expect NQC to feel whiplash for this one.

  64. apathetic wrote:

    I like Floyd the barber. I really wouldn’t say that Walker is representing Southern Gospel to America through AI when only a fraction of a percent of AI’s audience even know’s that Southern Gospel music exists. 1/2 of 1% of AI’s audience would be 200,000 viewers. I think that is extremely generous number and would venture to say that 50,000 viewers would be pushing it.

    Best of luck to him though.

  65. lainsite wrote:

    #62 onemadeupmind…………………You must be smelling your own a$$ since you took the time to look at the bus for lease on their site but didn’t take the time to get all your facts straight. Gary Toney leased the bus. He does not travel with the Toney Brothers. It’s on their site because ALOT of people that travel in busses or that would be interested see The Toney Brothers site. Also, just because a family member leases a bus it does not mean that you can afford it. The bus they are looking at cost 20,000 to buy. If you do your research you would see that leasing a bus would cost more than that in just a year. I’m hoping I was able to make the smell go way.

  66. WB wrote:

    Jeff Hawes Joins Karen Peck & New River

    #53 No surprise why?

  67. LarryS wrote:

    Hey WB (#66) - simply because he’s the only person (to my knowledge, anyway) that they took out with them in the interim.

  68. pj wrote:

    question: who is the guy on the right in the EHSS video when they’re singing. I’ve seen him several times but don’t know his name… tks.
    btw: love Pink Floyd!

  69. onemadeupmind wrote:

    #65–On the page where the bus is, it says “Bus Leasing by the Toney Brothers.” It is on the “GROUPS” website, and the only mention of this gary is in an email address. SO, why wouldn’t one think that the “TONEY BROTHERS” aren’t in the bus leasing business? No where on that page does it say, “Hey Y’all, this here’s ma bruthers bus and we’re a trying to lease it for him.”

    Also, it is a mystery to me why he can’t borrow $20K on a bus that is described. My God, my Toyota cost more than that, and so did my camper, and I was in and out, financed and on the road in under 2 hours! Usually a credit score of 680 or more doesn’t get many questions asked at this borrowing level, especially if it is secured. I’m just sayin……

  70. onemadeupmind wrote:

    first of all, i am sorry i offended you. it is
    useless to continue our bantering. nothing
    can result from childish arguments. let us
    kiss and make up!!

    yes, i truly didn’t know the facts. it
    only goes to show my ignorance.
    until we meet again on avery………

  71. lainsite wrote:

    #70- Im not tryin to argue. Just wanted to state a couple unknown facts that alot of people may not know. Im havin a beautiful day and I hope you are as well! I hope you get a chuckle out of this….. when applying for a loan on a vehicle have you ever had to explain what a “love offering” is to a bank to show source of income? haha they don’t understand it

  72. christy wrote:

    just a note on bryan walker. if anyone knows about the website,, they explain that walker does not make it into the final 24.

  73. onemadeupmind wrote:


    you know, when dealing with banks the
    one thing that is required and most
    useful is your good credit score.

    after that, of course, they have the
    requirements from their institution.
    every bank is different.

    after all, it’s their money, right?

    credit, how you use it, and the
    length of your history are
    usually the items that determine
    each individuals credit worthiness.
    lengthy forms, and required tax returns,
    entail that the institution has more
    serious problems with making the loan.
    so, questions still loom.

    i haven’t explained what an offering donation is to a lending institution.
    i just simply submit soc. sec. numbers
    or other requested information
    to the loan officer in charge.

  74. Irishlad wrote:

    #68 Looks like Wayne Haun to me.

  75. quartet-man wrote:

    I got and listened to the two new Gather Vocal Band DVD’s last night. Overall they are good. A few places are a bit rugged, but I still enjoyed them. Here are a few quick thoughts:

    Bill seemed to maybe have a cold or something. His solos (Go Ask and Worthy The Lamb) were rough and it sounded like he was singing over some frogs. In fact, especially on Go Ask he read a lot of the lyrics. On the flip side, he did well on solo parts on When He Blessed My Soul and hit some good low notes that could be heard on Low Down Chariot and the Love of God. He played piano on Hide Thou Me and Gordon played a gospel organ sound on the keys. The ending on this was a bit rough. Michael and Lowry moved to the fifth and third and then Michael moved up like to the G and Lowry almost seemed surprised and did quickly move up to the Eb like he was supposed to before both settled back on the F and D. Wes hadn’t sung with them the first time, and did join them on the encore doubling Phelps’ part it seems.

    Michael really nailed I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary and I played that several times. It was a highlight. They also did very well on Low Down The Chariot and there are funny moments with Larry Gatlin on that. There are other funny moments with Gatlin elsewhere.

    I didn’t really care a lot for Better Day even though the sentiment is good. They kept repeating it trying to drive the message home, but to me once was more than enough. :-)

    The Isaacs have a major win or two with the hymn “I Will Praise Him” and the old song The Three Bells. They also did Mama’s Teaching Angels How To Sing, but I had heard that several times before. Jason Crabb does well on his solo and on Daystar although I prefer English on Daystar.

    There were times that only three of the guys sing or sometimes four of the five. They trade off a bit. Lowry is fun on talking about his motorcycle accident..Wes especially was a utility singer. He really covers the gamut on Place At The Table.

    There are some songs I would have dropped in favor of others, but that is practically always true even with other acts. :-)

  76. quartet-man wrote:

    Sorry, I realized just after writing that, that I meant Journey To The Sky is where Wes covered the gamut. (Although he was featured on Place At The Table.

    I also meant to get to the bonus material of a call that Kevin Williams got from his Mama during the concert. ;-) He pretty much picked on all the Vocal Band with it and altough it might have distracted from the main concert, I am glad they put it on the bonus materials (although it was a bit odd by itself.)

    I just wish the Vocal Band would tour again by themselves (or at least similar to this concert.) I never much got into the Homecoming thing of the “choir”. I preferred the groups themselves or the makeshift groups.

  77. Hummingbird wrote:

    Thanks for the overview, quartet-man! (#75 & #76)

  78. quartet-man wrote:

    You’re welcome. I am listening to part on my computer at lunch. :-) I never mentioned Lowry or Phelp’s vocals, but they are among my favorite members of all-time (not the only two by any means.) David had a bit of humor and sang Nessun Dorma as well. Lowry did Mary Did You Know as well and really did great on Journey To The Sky etc. I tell you, English, Phelps and Lowry are three of my all-time favorites and to have them in the same group is so awesome. I know Wes has less time than many, and may not have the “star” appeal or handle as the others this early in his career, but he does well standing toe to toe with them and probably has taken Guy’s place as Mr. Flexible (even though some of the others can do so at times.) His presence helps songs especially like Journey To The Sky where you can have a soloist or descant with four other voices. On CD’s they had to overdub to get this.

  79. NG wrote:

    Quartet-man: Can you say how many songs they did that GVB never recorded or put on a DVD before?

  80. quartet-man wrote:

    #79 Yes. ;-)

  81. quartet-man wrote:

    Here are the contents (via the back covers.)

    Better Day

    1. Love Like I’m Leaving
    2. Where Could I Go
    3. Better Day
    4. Go Ask
    5. Low Down The Chariot
    6. Somebody Like Me (Jason Crabb)
    7. Daystar (Shine Down On Me) Jason Crabb, GVB (in this case Phelps and Wes as I recall.)
    8. I Am Loved
    9. I’m Forgiven
    10. Hide Thou Me
    11. Mama’s Teaching Angels How To Sing (The Isaacs)
    12. I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary+
    13. There’s Always A Place At The Table
    14. Loving God, Loving Each Other
    15. The Church Triumphant

    Bonus material (aforementioned humor with Kevin Williams)


    1. Alpha and Omega
    2. At the Cross
    3. The Love of God
    4. When He Blest My Soul
    5. Journey To The Sky
    6. Nessun Dorma
    7. I’m Not Gonna Worry
    8. Dueling Pianos Medley (Gordon Mote and Christopher Phillips)
    9. He Touched Me
    10. The Three Bells (the Isaacs) (with Gaither too though)
    11. I Will Praise Him (the Isaacs)
    12. There’s Something About That Name
    13. Lord, Feed Your Children
    14. Mary, Did You Know?
    15. Worthy the Lamb

  82. Bones wrote:

    Leave Cecil alone!

  83. Charles wrote:

    Man, I really wish I had pre-ordered those GVB DVDs! I can’t wait to get my hands on some copies!

    To get us off topic….searching under “George Younce” on eBay brought up an interesting find. A VHS I haven’t really seen anywhere else called “First Night Back.” It is an Ernie Haase and George Younce concert, presumably the first for George after his last Cats concert in Akron on the Farewell tour. Now, I don’t care much for Ernie (if he sang on pitch more, I’d probably like him a little better), but have any of you seen this video?

  84. Randy wrote:

    #50………… Seriously?

  85. Randy wrote:

    Are you representing the Lord when you eat a Big Mac? If a Pink Floyd shirt is a reflection of a soul, then SG should boycott fast food. But it’s not gonna happen. Got an obese reputation to uphold.

  86. tommy wrote:

    Why should they take out a loan? They have been on the road longer than just about anyone. After all those years you would think they know how to run a business but that may not be the case if after all that you cant afford $20,000. That doesnt reflect well on the state of their affairs. Yet again why its looks bad.Plus shouldnt this come from the owner not some young kid trying to look self important (he said Im #### #$### the tenor for the Toney brothers multiple times). Dont get excited kid, wait a few months and it will be someone eles. At least they could offer a painting of Jesus or a Scripture encoded Cross neckalce like the rest of teh crooks do.

  87. Scott Spangler wrote:

    TO: Irishlad RE: #30
    I may have taken this out of context, and for me to be called a “wannabe”, I can understand that. The car salesman part, I am assuming, is pertaining to Jonathan Wilburn, and I would not answer for him.

    If I am a “wannabe”, then this “wannabe” has performed on the main stage of NQC several years in a row, has had the opportunity to perform on many major gospel music events, as well as stand beside a woman every on stage almost every night that is one of the first ever female Living Legends in gospel music.

    My reason for leaving Naomi’s group is very simple. There are or were no hard feelings or anything like that, I just simply got offered a position with a funeral home near my home town and I can be closer to my family, making a very nice living with benefits and security…2 things that SGM simply does not offer. Simple as that.

    I do want to thank Naomi for giving me the opportunity to come back with her group 2 years ago and to sing the songs I grew up listening to. I will miss being with her onstage. She’s a dear, sweet Godly lady.

  88. Irishlad wrote:

    #87 The point i was hinting at was;a lot of people will sing Gospel music until something better turns up whether it be to a different group or a change of direction completely.Usually such moves are attributed to the Almighty when in fact it’s more likely the almighty dollar doing the pulling.

  89. Irishlad wrote:

    …..and Mr Spangler,i know your not a “wannabe”,i’ve heard you.

  90. RDB wrote:

    Let me complain about Doug’s irregular posting style. Either its feast or famine and its making me fed up. Either I come here and I have about 3,000 - 30,000 words to read to catch up or I come here for 2 weeks and see nothing. Fix this problem or lose a reader.

  91. wanderer wrote:

    I’ve often wondered why in 1972 Tommy Fairchild left and sold his shares in a progressive group like the Oaks that were going to places to go to the Blackwood Brothers who had been at the top, but were starting to fade.

  92. Jamie wrote:

    Firm Foundation Quartet is a group of guys from Owensboro, KY area who have worked their tails off for the last several years. I have heard all of their work, including their latest CD and let me tell you, they give any quality quartet in southern gospel music a run for their money. Firm Foundation Quartet truly are the next big thing. I have been in and around the pro side of the industry for years and I see these guys as a being in for the long haul. Solid quartet sound with personality… the kind of chemistry you only would see with groups like the Cathedrals and the Kingsmen (from back in the day). Firm Foundation has stories to tell, their songs are written by some of the most talented writers of today in SG, and they will go out of their way to meet the fans. There is more to it than just singing… praise the Lord there is a quartet that is just that solid, just that fun, and just that powerful in ministry. I suggest everyone jumping on itunes and buying their CD, sample their stuff, then go see them in concert. You will not be disappointed.

  93. pj wrote:

    #74… Thanks!
    #83… Glad I DID pre-order the GVB dvds! Good stuff!

  94. Andrew S. wrote:

    RDB–Sometimes it’s nice to read people’s comments without an overbearing Forum Moderator. :) My question of the day for any fans— What happened to Tammy Spencer who sang as a member of the Kevin Spencer Family?

  95. weber wrote:

    #60 your right, I recall last year at a Blackwood Gospel Quartet concert, they were asking for 100 donations to buy them a Sprinter to travel in. Told the folks their names would be ingraved in the paint or something. Like you said, the apple never falls far from the tree, just another bacteria trying fleece the flock in gospel music.

  96. ng wrote:

    #91: Tommy Fairchild’s biography on his website gives his version (I assume) of why he joined the Blackwoods (his son Ron later played keyboards for the Oaks):

    “James Blackwood convinced Fairchild to assume the position of Pianist/Arranger/Musical Director for the world famous Blackwood Brothers Quartet in 1971. That era of the Blackwood Brothers’ renowned contribution to Gospel quartet music is highly regarded as the group’s most memorable. Many believe Fairchild’s musical ingenuity and creativity were largely responsible for the group’s numerous Grammy and Dove Awards during that time.”

  97. Bones wrote:

    #94 D-i-v-o-r-c-e!

  98. Wade wrote:

    Yeah I have to agree with the poster who said there was a funny smell to the BUY US A BUS STORY.

    So GENIUS from the group who defended the group said it was advertised on the the group site cause it had SOOO mush traffic by yet there are pages that have not been touched it looked like since 2006!!

    I am sure that groups site has NEVER had as much traffic as it has had the last few days.

    I hope they have leased their bus so they can buy another one already. They will be blessed the GIVER & the TAKER(s)

  99. DRL wrote:

    Ya, I’m with #60, 95 & 98. What I’m smelling ain’t diesel fumes! If you can’t get a loan for 20K to buy a bus, then you can’t afford a 20K bus! The maintenance and fuel will eat you alive. And how did we go from “we can’t get a LOAN from a bank” to give us a DONATION? Sheesh, there probably are some fans who would give them a private loan at a reasonable interest rate, but nope, they’re not interested in that. We NEED a donation. *rolls eyes*

    Just who are the Toney Bros and just where did this bus on the website come from? Isn’t that the bus the Toney Bros used to travel in?? There’s only one brother involved with the group now, but … let me get this straight … One brother is trying to get rid of a bus on the other brother’s website, while the other brother is trying to get donations for a bus on the same website. And the name of the group is the Toney BROTHERS. And your brother won’t LOAN you a bus, but I’m supposed to GIVE you cash??? Okay, makes perfect sense now.

    And I love the sentence down towards the end of the plea … “We even have a way in which your donation can be tax deductable, if you prefer.” You have “a way”, do you? Let’s hope somebody from the IRS is tuning in!

  100. quartet-man wrote:

    Someone has posted my favorite from the two new GVB DVD’s I mentioned above.

  101. David Grant wrote:

    Bluegrass’ top group, Dailey and Vincent, was in town Friday night. I did’t get to go, but my brother was there and reported that Christian Davis is now travelling full-time singing bass. I love this group and their newest gospel recording (Glen Dustin sang bass on the recording). Can’t wait to hear them. Was told that Christian brought the house down with George Younce’s “I’m Not the Man I Used to Be.”

  102. David Grant wrote:

    Correction” Christian sang “Thanks to Calvary”.

  103. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #101: Jeff Pearles also sang on that recording. Anthony Facello also sang on it, but I think he sang baritone.

  104. ng wrote:

    Quartet-Man: Thanks for the listing of songs on new GVB DVDs. I thought I might not like the DVDs because there were few new songs ffrom the group but the portion of Reunited I saw on TV tonight was excellent.

  105. Andrew S. wrote:

    97– Kinda figured that. Is she involved in music anymore?

    103– It’s kinda sad. He [Jeff Pearles] only sings on 1 song. Molly Skaggs is on the cd, too. Sounds really great. I definitely would suggest it. :)

  106. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #105: Which song is it? I have a feeling I know which one, but I’m not sure, because Glenn is on it so much. Glenn blended really well with them, IMHO.

  107. David Grant wrote:

    #103 Jeff Pearls sang on one song. Both he and Glen Dustin were great. This is the project getting the most play from me right now. I love it. Anthony Facello is listed as singing baritone on “Oh To Be Like Thee”, but he is actually singing tenor. Also, Dailey and Vincent’s original fiddle player (name escapes me right now) has left and the one of the Isaac’s former fiddle players has joined the group.

  108. David Grant wrote:

    On a side note: I saw Anthony Facello’s group, Beyond the Ashes, last Sunday night. They were awesome. I saw them back in the Summer and really liked them. They blew me away this time. They sang “I Believe in a Hill Called Mt. Calvary” and would rival the GVB any day. The thing about this group is that they sing such a wide variety of styles that at least part of their set would have to appeal to any fan of Christian music. They are a little Southern, a little Country, a little Contemporary, and a little Praise and Worship. They do an accoustic P&W set that is very effective. This really would appeal to the vast number of Christian music fans that have no idea how to look up a song in the Hymnal, much less a Mull’s Singing Convention book. They are great. Go hear them when you have a chance. You will like them!

  109. Andrew S. wrote:

    #107- His name is Jesse Stockman. I believe he used to play with Jamie in Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver.

  110. JulieBelle wrote:

    On the subject of begging for money (donations) all the time to keep a “ministry” alive, are there groups/artists that seem to beg for money to survive constantly? Maybe there’s a reason they’re broke (and maybe they’re not broke, just overspending to support a lifestyle they can no longer afford)????

    Thoughts anyone?

  111. stephen wrote:

    I heard a song on Enlighten the other day. I was titled “First Place”, talking about giving Jesus first place in your heart. I believe the Rebels sang it. Is there anyone who has this song or knows how I can purchase a copy? I can’t find it anywhere….or at least Google can’t find it :)

  112. gina wrote:

    So, Archie Watkins left the Inspirations because he said God called him to be a soloist. Now he’s starting the Smoky Mountain Reunion Quartet, originally announced to appear for only a few dates in 2010. According to Singing News, he now says this group could evolve into full time. Is this the same group referred to on the Diplomats website as the “Old Inspirations”?

  113. RobertYork wrote:

    gina………It’s the same group. Diplomats had a big hand in Archie’s start in the solo ministry. They use him on nearly all the concerts they promote as well as some of their other scheduled concerts.

  114. Andrew S. wrote:

    Archie stated in the February SN that Matt Dibler came up with the name.

  115. gina wrote:

    Andrew, saw that, but wasn’t the new name Smoky Mountain Reunion and not the Old Inspirations?

  116. quartet-man wrote:

    #115 I suspect that they are calling them that so people will know who they are. Or another possibility might be they hadn’t chosen a name when that was posted.

  117. gina wrote:

    I think that’s why Archie decided to call the group “Archie Watkins and …” (so people would know who they were). And websites are very fluid; once a name was chosen, it would have been very simple to change the name on the Diplomats website.

  118. Andrew S. wrote:

    116- I just hope this doesn’t turn into an Imperials saga.. By the way, what happened to them?

  119. Glenn wrote:

    #108 I have not seen them and probably won’t living in New Mexico, but it is hard to beat Anthony Facello.

  120. ron wrote:

    I saw Kevin Spencer at a concert with a head full of black hair, a YOUNG wife and A small daughter. I was really shocked. Though he was a genuine family man

  121. Nikki wrote:

    Does anyone know why Bill Shaw retired from the Blackwood Brothers and gospel singing when he was only 49? Also what year was he divorced?

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