Rediscoveries: Mullins Brothers

Via Adam Edwards a while back (via Dean Adkins’ treasure trove of YouTube clips) , an old clip of the Mullins Brothers, with a young Paul Lancaster and Buddy Mullins pre-Gaither make-over:

Forget angel bands. I’ll take this sound any day.

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  1. Scott Lucas wrote:

    YES!!! I loved this group. I wish we had more groups like this today. Can you still get some of there old music???

  2. Tad Kirkland wrote:

    I always thought Buddy (when singing SG) had Gerald Wolfe’s tone with Kenny Hinson’s style. Paul Lancaster is the best–I wish he would land in a group situation (and stay) that would best suit his voice…but I think I’ve gone off about this before so I’ll stop.

  3. Tony Watson wrote:

    The Mullins were a really good group in their SG days. Just to clarify, the Mullins was not the Mullins Brothers. The only brothers in this group was the Willett brothers - Max on keyboards and bass-ish vocals and Westley on bass guitar and baritone vocals. Buddy Mullins’ dad Roger was in the background on this clip. The group was an outgrowth of the family singing at Roger’s evangelistic preaching events from what I remember. Buddy’s mom Cherie wrote a number of songs that received some chart play in the 1990’s.

    They made a couple of really good albums on Homeland before the shift in direction to more of a contemporary style and the eventual change to Mullins & Company and then Sunday Drive. Still to this day, Buddy Mullins is one of the finest vocalists to come through SG ranks over the past 20 years or so in my opinion.

  4. Glenn wrote:

    I couldn’t spell “southern gospel” in those days, but I have to believe this was what it was all about.

  5. Carl wrote:

    I went and dug out my 1992 tape of One Step Forward. That was their best recording on Canaan/Word produced by Garry Jones. I was was a senior in high school when this recording came out and I really liked them because they were a young group. Too bad they didn’t stay together singing SG. Did Guy Penrod join the GVB after Buddy’s brief time with them?

  6. Auke wrote:

    I loved this outfit to….i loved their acappella stuff…i ordered their ACappella album a while ago..waited for a few weeks, then got an email that it wasn’t available anymore. That the one album i really want…i have one cassette by this group.
    I agree on everything said about Buddy…what a great voice…and special salute to Tad for exactly capturing the essence of Buddy’s sound and class.


  7. Voice4God wrote:

    #2 Paul is singing with the Palmetto State Quartet under the ownership and management of Larry Strickland. It’s my understanding that he’s very happy being involved in the both of best worlds - quartet singing and performing as a soloist.

  8. Eric Ammerman wrote:

    Yeah I remember Mullins & Co with pretty much the same members that were on this video, they had an awesome sound and were very underrated, I thought.

  9. Irishlad wrote:

    Great stuff….i loved the rhythm guitarist’s “bling” fetch a fortune at “”lol.Seriously,that was super.

  10. Wade wrote:

    Why does Buddy not STICK with something???

    Seemed like for more than a few years he seemed to be doing a different group every time he turned around!!

  11. Stephen wrote:

    I have two cassettes of these Giuseppe and used to have a third, but it got lost somewhere. I don’t recall where, but I found both on CD and was thrilled to have them without the tape hiss. I could have converted my tapes to CD but it just isn’t the same. One note of interest, Buddy’s dad sings a song on one cassette called “we have an invitation”. However on the CD, Buddy is singing the lead part. I miss the old version.

  12. KarenC wrote:

    I have a couple cassettes prior that include Roger, Buddy, Cherie Mullins and Paul Lancaster. All among my favorites. Best song they ever did was “Let’s Claim Them For Jesus”

  13. quartet-man wrote:

    #10 Because he is rubber, not glue. ;-)

  14. DJPhil wrote:

    The Willett brothers were Mark and Wesley. Mark was nicknamed “Flash”
    and was a good bit bigger than Wesley so I deemed it appropriate to call Wesley “Flash-lite”…. Here is a great youtube of their A Capella singing. Mark sings the bass here.

  15. jim e. davis wrote:

    Loved this era of Mullins. They made a west coast tour and me and a group of buddys drove a couple of hours to hear them for the first time. The music and vocals blew us away at the little country church. We got so rowdy that a lady in front of us turned around and asked if we were from Teen Challenge. It ranks in my top ten concerts of all time. Wish they would have stuck together for a few more albums.

  16. Tiger Tom wrote:

    Buddy & Paul are still two of the greatest gospel singers I have ever heard!

  17. wanderer wrote:

    Wow. That was good. I’ve heard of the Mullens, but never actually heard them sing. This just make me shake my head and wonder why some groups who are hokey and not nearly as good have a huge following and a group like this seems to have been forgotten. It’s not always talent that gets you there I guess. Buddy is my favourite ex GVB lead singer. I wish he had been there more than 2 years.

  18. MityCats wrote:

    I LOVE THE MULLINS!!! I have this video and loved every minute of it. I remember they took the stage at Quartet Convention (the rotating one…hahaha) and absolute stunned the crowd. I have the acapella cassette and love love love it. I still play it from time to time, but have just about worn the thing out. Love the “rap” song on it. Thought it was fun. I, too, thought Buddy sounded like Kenny Hinson in style. He’s still one the best male vocalists I’ve ever heard.

  19. Keith Waggoner wrote:

    The Mullins, at the time of this clip, were my favorite SG group. I heard this version of the group open for Perfect Heart in Indianapolis, IN at the Murat Temple theater. They stole the show! I was immediately captivated by their vocals, energetic performance, and their apparent joy for what they were doing. It was infectious! I hope Dean has more clips of this group that he can upload to YouTube. I’m still a fan.

  20. rr wrote:

    This group has an energy very reminiscent of the Hinsons in the early days of their career!

  21. Auke wrote:

    There are three albums by The Mullins available on iTunes including the A Cappella album Vocal Point…i bought all three albums instantly…amazing albums…
    The Mullins if they stayed together in this setting with Willett boys, and Paul and Buddy…the GVB would have stiff competition..very unique songs and arrangements…

  22. Tammy "Parker" wrote:

    I’m probably the oldest to comment. Knew the group just after Cindy left, Roger and Cherie’s daughter, (who was awesome too). So Buddy was just 14 when we heard them the first time in Huntsville Tx. Followed their ministry for yrs. The boys came to Springfield one yr and stayed at our house with us. They are all so talented and were such good kids. Buddy has one of the best voices in gospel music…maybe that’s why he didn’t stay in one place, many offers maybe? I heard his wife battled cancer, maybe that had something to do with it too. AND just maybe he listened to God as to when and where to go? Now there’s an idea!
    At any rate, I was 22 and had lost a husband just months before meeting this awesome family…they were life savers for me and some of the best memories of my life were sitting and talking with them and most of all absolutely LOVING their music for many many years.

  23. Lois Evers wrote:

    I was first introduced to the Mullins Family in (1974), It was right after I was saved. They traveled in an RV, one of the first I ever saw. Roger and (Buddy then probably about 8 yrs old) and Cherie sang as a Family. Little did I know that they would go on to bigger and better things with God with their music. I need to look up some of their CD’s Thanks for posting so I could get a glimpse of what has happened in their lives.

  24. Polly Joscelyn wrote:

    Buddy was at our church, First Baptist of De Funiak Springs, FL a year or so ago, with his wife and daughters. What a wonderful voice and testimony! He did give a testimony about his wife having had cancer and the Lord bringing her through it. He is the worship pastor at a church in Santa Rosa Beach, FL and you can see their worship services on their website, with Buddy and his family singing. There are many videos on YouTube of him while with the GVB that are really worth watching.

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