There’s a hook in there somewhere

I received a mass email today from a southern gospel artist with the following subject line: When Your Mess Becomes Your Message. Feel free to write as many verses in comments as the lord lays on your heart.

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  1. Aaron Swain wrote:

    That’s up there with the opening lines of “Jesus Is The Answer Every Time,” by the Statler Brothers (and I believe it was written by Don & Harold Reid.)

    “When there’s no good in your good mornings, too much hell in your hellos…”

  2. KC wrote:

    Lord, my life is such a mess.
    But I have to confess.
    I just listened to Jake Hess.
    And I’m a’feelin no stress.

    Okay…I’ll stick to my day job. :)

  3. DD wrote:

    Since you started a songwriting thread I have a question for the masses. When you are referring to the Lord in any way, shape or form should it be capitalized? He, Him, Lord, God, etc. our Presbyterian hymnal has quite a lot of references to God (et al) that do not capitalize the reference (him, he, etc.). Personally, I think they are incorrect, others?

  4. Samuel wrote:

    I’ma mess, I guess, I must confess;
    When I’m at my worst, sometimes it’s my best.
    (”I’m a Mess, I Guess” by Tracy Dartt)

  5. NG wrote:

    When your mess becomes your message
    then you’re carrying too much baggage
    you can’t heal your heart with a bandage
    or fill the emptiness with a sandwich

    You need to be reborn and get a bus
    for the last word in Jesus is us
    So start a quartet, get an email address
    and turn the mess into a message

  6. Auke wrote:

    Everybody says your life is a mess.
    You don’t care,that they don’t approve.
    It’s your life, your blisss,..
    The ingnorance of youth.


    I’ll keep my dayjob too…lol

  7. stephen wrote:

    #4-Too funny…and true!!! Loved the second stanza.

  8. Marty Funderburk wrote:

    Proving that there truly is nothing new under the sun…a year ago, I wrote a song with Kenna West and John Lemonis called “Mess Into a Message” - here’s the chorus:

    If He makes beauty from ashes
    Turns your night into day
    If He can move any mountain
    Get it out of your way
    He can take all your failures
    And turn ‘em into successes
    And He can surely turn your mess into a message

  9. Randy wrote:

    My mess became my message
    Of this I am quite sure
    But then the message got quite messy
    And lost all its allure

    So I went back to the mess I made
    To try and clean it up
    But the message had become too loud
    So I decided to shut up

    …I never quit my day job.

  10. Troy wrote:

    When your mess becomes your message,
    when bad breaks are breaking you,
    when your rump is in a rumpus,
    there is one thing you can do.

    Do not cry when you’re in crisis,
    nor when foes foment anew.
    Simply call upon Lord Jesus,
    He will always see you through.

  11. Marty Funderburk wrote:

    I vote for Troy’s version - “rump is in a rumpus”….now THAT’S just pure poetry. I may need a tissue…

  12. Bones wrote:

    Yes, references to God, Jesus such as Him, He should be caps. He is more than a swear word.

  13. apathetic wrote:

    If your field is Southern Gospel, then you’re like most of us
    You can’t be real succesful, unless you have a bus
    If you’re just a weekend warrior, you’re not full time although
    If you pull up in a Prevost, the church will never know
    You recorded a new project with the Crook name on the label
    But with that big bus payment there’s no food upon your table
    That knocking in the engine is a forboding presage
    Let’s hope you turn this mess into a message.

  14. SG Obzerver wrote:

    ~Let your mess become your message
    Let your sin become your hymn
    All your lies and your secrets
    and every evil whim
    Come out Come out wherever you are
    and just give it all to Him
    Let your mess become your message
    then you’ll have peace within.~

    I am thinking Mckameys or The Cookes…I’m not picky…

    Reuben or Hubert…lets do lunch!

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