From Dust To Digital

Setting aside for the moment the old “gospel always means black” fallacy at work here, this article reminds me of all the stories I’ve heard from sg insider types about the troves and troves of recordings abandoned and forgotten and dry rotting all over Nashville and other points south (h/t, GT). It also demonstrates that the digital age empowers players who would have been marginalized in the pre-digital era but who now are able to, as in this case, hold down a full time IT job while compiling a museum-quality collection of southern vernacular music.

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  1. Janet B wrote:

    Wow. I want that job! Very cool.

  2. Extra Ink wrote:

    That is awesome, and so many possibilities exist within gospel music, as you stated, Doug. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone pulled out some reel-to-reel of the Goodmans from the 1960s, maybe with Howard preaching and singing at his little church in Madisonville, Kentucky?

    What if Buck & Dottie Rambo taped some of their practice sessions at the house working on some of those great Dottie songs?

    The possibilities are endless, really. And intriguing to say the least.

  3. quartet-man wrote:

    I would LOVE to have all the extra tracks of groups like the Oaks, Gaither Vocal Band, Cathedrals, Gold City (don’t know if the last two exist.)

    For a long time, I thought someone should do a complete box set on the Oaks. At the very least they could do the gospel stuff from HeartWarming/Vista/ Columbia with the unreleased or singles only tracks too. That would surely sell in the gospel market and even in secular.

    On the Vocal Band, besides the unreleased, I would like to see their first two (The New Gaither Vocal Band and Passin’ The Faith Along) released on CD. I have all the others on commercial CD whereas the first two on tape and lp (and homemade CD.) :-) Gaither has his own customer list and distribution channels I would think he could sell them and the unreleased tracks. For that matter, some of the other stuff mentioned.

    I wish on the Cathedrals, they would release Travelin’ Live, Land of Livingm Especially For You at least since those didn’t get the CD release from Riversong (although it seems like Kyle had remembered seeing one on the budget CD release (like they did Live In Atlanta I think.) For that matter, perhaps Old Convention Song is another as my double CD of that with Prestigious saw them cut off the last two songs or so from Old Convention Song due to lack of space. The rest of their Canaan stuff would be cool too.

  4. quartet-man wrote:

    P.S. I wish Gold City would release their bargain tapes on CD. :-)

  5. Charlie Sexton wrote:

    I wonder how realistic it is that there are truly ‘unreleased’ recordings of some of our Southern Gospel Music legends?

    Now, I agree that I’d LOVE to have CD re-releases by several groups, but I’m talking about songs that were recorded but never made it out of the can, so to speak. We hear of that in the secular world quite often, so that makes me wonder if, indeed any do exist in our field.

    Example: Perhaps The Cats recorded 15 songs for a particular project, and only 12 were actually released on the album… Where are the other 3, and does anyone still have access to them?

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