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Over at musicscribe, David Bruce Murray is conducting a (to me) fascinating little poll that asks readers to rate the “relative appeal” of artists on the NQC mainstage in 2010. He’s got preliminary results up but is still taking responses. Go drop him a line.

Perhaps it’s just because I’ve been working a lot today with results from the survey I conducted (and many of you participated in) last year, but DBM’s results so far are very interesting, not so much b/c there any real shockers (Booth Brothers are No. 1, natch … and the Inspirations rate pretty low down, but then their fan base is probably less likely to be online too) but because it provides an empirical way to adjudicate all the competing claims out there about what fans want and don’t want etc.  No, Virginia, people really don’t enjoy the Pfeifers (relatively speaking, of course).

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  1. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Thanks for the mention. The poll will continue through Sunday, January 31 (tomorrow). I’m hoping to get at least 35 more responses by then for a total of at least 100.

  2. NG wrote:

    Interesting to see Signature Sound so low in the poll despite the fact they probably sold 10 times or more product last year than any group except GVB. Obviously they have created their own fans to whom NQC and SGM in general means little.

    Good to see Gerald Williams and the Melody Boys doing well. In any case, NQC should invite a few groups based on quality every year even if fan base not that great to introduce some of the NQC crowd to traditional, first-rate SGM singing.

  3. Charles Brady wrote:

    Maybe I’m just different? Personally I tend to enjoy an artist based on more than just their ability to sing (or move their lips in perfect pitch to their last project.) I tend to be drawn to artists who have a real heart for the music and for ministry and my own personal observations of them. Each of them is special and unique in their own way.

    I for one happen to enjoy the ministry of John, Candy and Mary Jane. (The Pfeifers)

    I have had over the past 4 years the honor to meet and in many cases interview most of the artists in Southern Gospel Music. I’ve seen them on and off stage, in the bus and even in some of their homes. I’ve sat down at length and talked with artists like The Hoppers, Ernie Hasse and Signature Sound, The Greenes, The Talley Trio, The Booth Brothers, The Isaacs, Dove Brothers, The McKameys, Inspirations, Ivan Parker, and the list goes on and on. I think I’ve met them all. ( Including Ed O’Neil for the first time Thursday night.)

    Out of all of the interviews and backstage conversations I’ve had with all of these folks who give so much of themselves week after week traveling on the road there was one interview that stands out the most. John Pfeifer. John is one of the most personable, unpretentious, knowledgeable and just all around enjoyable artists I have ever had the honor to spend some time with. He is a man of great skill and talent and his devotion to Christ is a joy to behold. While I haven’t had the chance to spend as much time with Candy and Mary Jane I know that these two ladies are also very gifted and display a wonderful spirit of worship as they engage audiences both on and off the stage. I’ve seen the crowds respond to their ministry and I’m just not sure that the bull chip slingers over here at “trash talk central” could even remotely be accurate or objective commentators on the likes or dislikes of the bulk of the fan base of Southern Gospel Music.

    Yes Virginia, fans DO like the Pfeifers or they wouldn’t keep showing up on some of the biggest events in Southern Gospel.

  4. Wade wrote:

    welcome to trash talk central chuck… all I can say is some of those ppl really got you fooled!!

  5. Stephen wrote:

    I don’t really care much for all the trumpets and sax along with tracks. People like live music, but those aren’t typical sg instruments. I do like some of their songs, but can’t say that I turn up the XM radio if I see they are on. I don’t know them personally, so I can’t say anything other than what I hear. Someone must like them though, they seem to be still traveling successfully after all these years.

  6. JM wrote:

    Why is it that many posters feel this deep seated need to trot out their pedigees, in order to justify their opinions? Whether you are a SGM “insider” or simply Uncle Charlie and Aunt Tessie, who try to see as many gospel singers as possible, it really doesn’t matter. I could fall back on my SGM exposures and attempt to impress the assembled multitudes at “trash talk central,” but what’s the point? Opinion is opinion. Some people are stimulated and ministered to by the same groups that annoy and disturb others. It’s a matter of opinion. Calm down, Charlie and take a deep breath. I won’t take or comment on this poll, due to the fact that my current exposure to many groups/artists is not as inclusive as it should be in order to provide a true and objective point of view. And my lack of evaluation is a good thing for most of these groups, because I believe we are in a decidely downward trend in SGM.

  7. NG wrote:

    Soloists didn’t do very well. With a maximum possible score of 4 and a minimum of 1, highest score by a soloist was Jason Crabb at 2.21 which was the 29th highest score of the NQC acts. Trailing him were Janet Paschal (33rd place); Squire Parsons (36th); Ivan Parker (44th) and Mark Bishop 51st).

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