Open thread

What better way to start the week off right than with a free-for-all open thread? I’ll throw the first few punches.

  • Via Daniel Mount, Jason Crabb just won a Grammy for his solo album. I reviewed it here if you want to refresh your memory or catch up on things.
  • The Mike LeFevre quartet  is no longer Priority and is now back to being the LeFevre quartet.
  • KPNR has hired a replacement for Devin McGlamery and Mark Trammell quartet hired the Dixie Echoes’ bass singer away to round out the new MTQ.
  • The Singing News Fan Awards are moving to Dollywood. I think the consensus opinion that has emerged is about right: it’s a dumb move from both ends. On the NQC side, we get more predictable high hat: in this case, it probably involved something like giving the SN a take-it-or-leave-it offer to turn the awards show into a ticketed showcase in the afternoon. For the SN’s part, they clearly seem to have felt they had no option but walk away, and Charlie Waller’s involvement in the new arrangement will probably mean he can deliver a few hundred GOGR folks to ensure the place isn’t empty on awards night. But in terms of industry profile and influence, Dollywood and the Hall of Fame are pretty much an axis of irrelevance (see here for Exhibit A).
  • I’m pretty fond of the Bowling Family’s new single off their Shine album, “I Still Glory in the Cross,” particularly the ascending chord progression in the chorus (make sure you catch the final chorus’ revoicing of the parts!) and the lines that make like they’re going to rhyme lost with cross but don’t … that kind of lyrical mutability helps keep music as reliant as gospel is on familiar tropes and images from going too stale (there is a so-called listening party for the album over at GospelMusicUpdate). Plus the title gave me a reason to go back and listen to Larnelle Harris’s rendition of “I Will Glory In the Cross,” which still knocks the top of your head off.

What else?

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  1. KC wrote:

    If anyone is a collector of all things Gaither, you may want to order Eva Mae’s funeral DVD. Loved her! The church is selling the DVDs if you call them. $12 including shipping. It’s like a mini-Gaither-homecoming, and a nice tribute to Eva Mae’s life.

  2. Andrew S. wrote:

    Gold City’s making a dvd. Anyone have any ideas what to expect?

  3. Nate Stainbrook wrote:

    2. I am expecting a mixture of songs off of the Moment Of Truth album, and some older GC classics sprinkled in… I am looking forward to the video, and the new audio recordings due out this year.

  4. Videoguy wrote:

    Congrats, Jason, on the Grammy win.

  5. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    The move to of the Fan Awards by The Singing News to Dollywood for Wednesday afternoon on September 29, 2010 is looking better all the time.
    It will make a great day having the 2010 Singing News Fan Awards and the 2010 SGMA Hall of Fame Induction at the same time.
    Want to talk about having a built-in crowd at your doorsteps?
    The Jubilee Mature and Senior Adult organization will be having their Fall 2010 Jubilee Conference just a trolley car trip away in Gatlinburg, September 27 and 28 with a closing morning session Wednesday, the 29th in the morning.
    The observation is drawn from past history and the organization’s Spring Conferences in Branson and Myrtle Beach.

  6. oldtimer wrote:

    I think the SN awards move to Dollywood is great for Southern Gospel Music. Dollywood’s week long gospel music event has evolved into what fans used to love about the NQC - it is a very fan and family friendly environment (with lots for the non-fans in the family to do.) Dollywood will treat the awards like an event - not just an intrusion upon an event which is what it had begun to feel like at NQC. NQC needs to realize that it had better make some good decisions in the next cycle on the location and details of the event, else the signature event in gospel music may become what is happening in Sevierville. Take note NQC board - you have almost run what was a true happening out of business. Consider the awards move a wake up call.

  7. Skeeter McJones wrote:

    I happen to be a “friend” of EHSS on Facebook. That man really has let me down. It seemed like every five minutes he was posting and “bragging” about being at the Grammy’s. I cannot imagine what that would feel like but he made it sound like he was putting the fame before God. Lucky for the new guy that he got to go and he had nothing to do with the nomination.

  8. RobertYork wrote:

    Well the Dixie Echoes has named Trent Adams as Pat Baker’s replacement. Trent is a 19 year old from AL. He was recently with Ron Blackwood Quartet.

  9. SM wrote:

    #7 I have to agree with you, I was totally turned off by his actions. I just hope that Ryan was not watching any of it. After all the time he was there and worked hard, and made many sacrifices, 1 month prior to going to the Grammys, he is out and the new guy gets to go, who has contributed nothing to them getting there. But I don’t think that Ernie thinks about that, as I have come to realize, that Ernie is all about Ernie.

  10. Skeeter McJones wrote:

    It appears to me that no one really knows why Ryan left and that is fine, but it would have been common courtesty to have taken him along. What a shame.

  11. quartet-man wrote:

    I agree about Larnelle’s version. I sang that back when I could hit a quick high C and longer Bb’s. :-) He did a great job on it and the arrangement was great.

  12. Rick Hendrix wrote:

    ARE you serious?? So you will take time to CUT Ernie about the Grammys and thats ok….. but you wouldn’t take time to blog to your fans about the experience if you were actually good enough to get to where Ernie has? You seem a bit eaten alive with envy.Ernie allows his fans’ and friends to experience his success by blogging, pics,twitter and Facebook…If you were not so blind with envy…you would see thats EXACTLY what he was doing… Ernie has worked VERY hard to accomplish what God is unfolding. And nosy, self righteous wind bags always try and ruin it for him and others. And Devon has walked the red carpet before on his own merit. Ncie addition to me. And its no ones business why Ryan is gone. You buy the music -that doesnt give you internal privileges. But you do have one thing you can do for them.Pray for them. No matter how you feel about them.They are selling and reaching more people in gospel than anyone. Not bad for a man of that stature to take time to Facebook his friends and fans is it?

    Rick Hendrix

  13. Markp wrote:

    #12) Class Rick. Real class. I’m not defending what the poster wrote, but stay above the fray and be the professional you’re supposed to be.

  14. NonInsider wrote:

    Someone hit a sore spot…

  15. littlemimi wrote:

    Skeeter, I’m a FB friend of Ernie as well and I couldn’t agree more. I think its high time that we had more “prominent” SG artists become ministry minded and be reminded that it is God who brought them to where they are today.I know that EHSS are going for mass appeal with their wardrobe and what-not, but for one sweet moment I wish they’d forget about the hair gel, fake tans, and teeny neck ties, and get back to basics- Christ and His saving power.

  16. Rick Hendrix wrote:

    I sail my own ship. I do not have to answer to you for how I defend my friends,nor do I need schooled by someone afraid to use their own name.

  17. SM wrote:

    OMG, so Ernie is allowing us to experience his hard-earned success with him. I don’t doubt that he has worked hard, but that has been for Ernie…..I wonder how much he paid for the suit he was sporting at the Grammy’s, I am sorry but he is all about the show. I don’t think there is a humble bone in his body. He needs to get back to where he came from and get more ministry minded.

  18. justafan wrote:

    Come on man. Surely you must be smarter than to get on here in defense of an artist by spouting off bold jibberish. Public figures are always going to be criticized. You know this, especially figures that have risen to the prominence of EH&SS. I don’t care for the group, but I pray for them and wish them well…because they are conveying messages about God’s grace and mercy and of the saving power of Jesus Christ. The point you’re arguing isn’t even that big of a deal man. Come on.

    Mimi…I will not pretend to know where the hearts of EH&SS are nor what the group’s motivations and intentions are. How do you know that EH&SS aren’t about the basics though, about “Christ and His saving power?” Like myself, you don’t have a clue either unless you are a member of that group. There’s usually more to the exterior than just what it seems. Don’t presume to know if you don’t.

    Best wishes to you all.

  19. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Let’s the facts speak for themselves.
    As for Ernie Haase and Signature Sound Quartet, check their schedule and apply the “ministry” test to their venues.
    The test stated that a majority of their dates are in well respected churches where the local pastor performed his own “ministry” check way before the concert is on the public radar screen.
    Many of those “ministry” dates are return concerts year after year.
    That says alot about Ernie Haase and Signature Sound Quartet to me.

    This is the age of being connected.
    Young people want to be connected.
    Prayer warriors want to be connected know the needs so they would know
    how to pray.
    Old people like me like the idea when the new kid aka Devin McGlamery, (alot younger than most of us) tells us he is on his last plane and will be home in an hour or Ernie is looking forward to be home with family after a long flight from the West Coast.
    Like it or not, being connected horizontally and vertically is ministry, too!

  20. gina wrote:

    I personally prefer Jason Crabb’s way of ’staying in touch’ during the whole Grammy experience… “I thank you for your messages you left. I have the best friends in the world.To God be all the glory. He giver of all good gifts.”
    Congrats to Jason!

  21. KDM wrote:

    Skeeter, I don’t see the problem with Ernie sharing his Grammy experience with the FB folks. I have a friend who was up for a Grammy this year (he didn’t win :( and he was chattering nonstop on FB the whole time he was there; where he was, what he was doing, who he was seeing, how much fun he was having, etc. And we all ate it up! How often do you get to go to the Grammys?? We were all excited to get to share Tom’s experience with him, and get an inside look at the glitz and glam. It was great! If I were at the Grammys I’d be blabbing all about it too! Just because Ernie was excited and having fun doesn’t mean he has forgotten his ministry. Don’t be a hater. Be happy for the guys!

  22. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    Concerning what GospelMusicFan stated in #19, I can say that I have relatives in Mississippi that had Signature Sound come to their church and had the church choir back them up on some songs. My relative was very impressed with their attitude of ministry at this event. These folks had seen the group a few years ago and thought that they were being too showy. They felt that the group had made great improvement in their ministry presentation.

    GospelMusicFan is likely correct when he states that these pastors have done their own ministry check. The Statesmen were showy, but they also have had many people receive ministry from their singing and concerts. I keep hearing groups saying that they are trying to reach the lost. I know that most sing to mostly Christian audiences and are not even known to the lost world. Most groups are just “preaching to the choir.”

    I don’t agree with all of Signature Sound’s approach in their presentation, but I think we should step back from judging motives. I have seen many people who I thought were sold out to Jesus and who are straight and true turn out to be adulterers and alcoholics. I do know that Jesus has told us that you can tell a tree by the fruit it bears, but sometimes you can’t really see the fruit until you get a little closer to the tree. It’s easy to be mistaken when you are gazing from a far away distance.

  23. reeksofjealousy wrote:

    So I guess we can confirm by all of these posts that it is absolutely not OK to be excited abotu going to the Grammy awards and still be a Christian. Nor can we wear nice clothes to it. Whew, glad I know that now. Thanks for setting me straight everyone. I forgot that we served a God full of sadness, despair and gloom. No more smiling for me. God doesn’t do anything exciting for anybody anymore.

  24. weber wrote:

    With regards to the Grammys.. it just goes to show you vocal talent and skill do not always factor in with the respect to the best singers. Taylor Swift has to be one of the worst singers I have ever heard. Jason Crabb sings from the back of his throat and makes my throat hurt everytime I hear him sing, not to mention that is style is NOt Southern Gospel, not that their is anything wrong with that, just clearing the lines a bit. Like all the awards including the Sogospelnews awards, they are influenced by politics, brown-nosing, one hand washing the other, and last but not least, lets nominate this person or group so they wil show up at the ceremony. Im just sayin…..

  25. wanderer wrote:

    I too fail to see what was so terrible about Ernie “babbling” about being at the Grammy’s. That’s quite an accomplishment. If I were where he is, I would be “babbling” too. I guess I would assume the fans would want to hear about it. Of course if Ernie hadn’t posted anything, then someone would’ve blasted him for being stuck up and not keeping touch with the fans that put him there. As someone once told me, some one will criticize you no matter what you do unless you’re a bump on a log…and even then someone will complain that you’re too big or too small!

  26. Soli Deo Gloria wrote:

    Question: What is the difference between the Grammys and the Singing News Fan Awards?

    (A) Christ
    (B) The after parties
    (C) Fan Voting
    (D) All of the above

    Answer: C

  27. Chase wrote:

    This is why people stay away from the heretics involved in gospel music, culture, et al. Ernie H’s relationship with God is not your business. You are sad and miss-led if you believe it is. My God would have no ill will toward a person who appreciates what hard work and diligence will provide.

  28. copperhill wrote:

    I must say that I too was perplexed by the criticism of Ernie sharing his Grammy experience with his fans. Why so bitter? My first thought was that if the person with the complaint used their real name then Ernie could “unfriend” them on Facebook and spare them further distress.

    I follow a number of SG performers on Twitter (rather than Facebook) : Ernie, Devin (since before he joined EHSS), Jason Crabb, Libbi Stuffle, Tracy Stuffle, Joseph Habedank, Troy Peach, Madison, Morgan, and Sheri Easter, Wes Hampton, Michael English, Mark Lowry; also Joe Bonsall and William Lee Golden.

    I personally **very much **enjoyed Ernie, Devin, and Jason sharing with us their pre-Grammy, Grammy, and post-Grammy experience in real time via Twitter.

    So to each his own. It really is true that you can’t please all the people. (Can’t wait for EHSS concert this spring in Baton Rouge!)

  29. NG wrote:

    From the Nashville Tennesseans article on the Grammys:

    Jason Crabb won a best Southern, country or bluegrass gospel album Grammy for his self-titled Spring Hill Music Group album.

    “I grew up in Southern gospel music,” said Crabb, a Kentucky-reared singer who broke in to the business with the Crabb Family. “This record actually leans a little to country. I think country and Southern gospel go hand in hand.”

  30. NonInsider wrote:

    24. You don’t have to be “Southern Gospel” to win that grammy award… It was for the best Country/Bluegrass/Southern Gospel album of the year… Tracy Lawrence is very obviously NOT Southern Gospel, what if he had won… Some people have a problem with Jason not sure why but they do… Maybe it is jealousy…

  31. Glenn wrote:

    Most of you guys never cease to amaze me. You want to jump on Rick Hendrix for his evaluation of one of best groups out there. Go up, click on his name, and I think you will find that he may be qualified to do so. I think I’m going with the “nosy, self righteous, windbag” thing.

  32. Jake wrote:

    Frankly, I don’t get why so many people get on this site (and others) and bash EHSS much more proportionately than other groups. So what if they aren’t your cup of tea. Then just don’t listen to them. You don’t need to run them down!

    Some of the “arguments” that we hear from time to time are almost laughable. Short ties? That was a fad for a while. Ernie told the story behind them at the time. You hardly ever see them any more — except maybe on Tim.

    Spiked hair? The term makes you think of a freakish teenager you saw at the mall. The guys in EHSS may use a bit of gel in their hair, but so do a lot of other men. So what? They have nice looking hair — nothing in the least bit outlandish.

    Dance moves? They are a high energy group that knows how to work the stage. They practice choreographing moves on some of their songs. Go to one of their stand-alone concerts and listen to them sing their hearts out for 2 1/2 hours. True, there will be some upbeat songs with movement, but there will also be ballads in which they stand more “traditionally” — there will be songs they sit down for — there will be various groupings around different kinds of mics for some of the older SG songs.

    People complain that SG groups don’t use bands. Well, EHSS uses piano, bass, and drums. And they throw in a light show too! I suppose that is too showy for some of you?

    Some of you need to get a life. If you don’t like them, then just leave them alone for those of us who do. The venom that is being spewed around about this group is getting rather putrid.

    (Oh, and by the way, don’t get back on here and give that “I’m just voicing my opinion” crap. Who asked you for that opinion?)

  33. Andy wrote:

    Jake said.. I “amen” it… To bash people, whether Ernie, or Gaither, is what happens on every post… Or why did Guy leave the vocal band… Kirk Talley’s a queer… We get it… THat is what this site is all about. People love controversy… we cant get enough… Maybe a rag mag, like the Enquirer for Southern Gospel… I can see the headlines… “Peg Beene starves herself, and Bill Gaither has an affair with Rosa Nell Seep Todd! Get a life people!

  34. Andy wrote:

    That was “Speer” on that last post! Sorry!

  35. matt wrote:

    You should see my hair, my ties, and my dancing. They certainly aren’t reaching anybody for the Lord… if Ernie and his group are, then that’s great.

  36. Voice of Reason wrote:

    Regarding the Awards, there still seems to be a lamentable lack of recognition for songwriters in Southern Gospel. Coincidentally, SG suffers from poor song quality. I’m not sure if there’s a cause/effect relationship between the neglect of excellent songwriters and the vapidity of the average SG song. It seems to me though, that rightful recognition of true songwriting talents, such as Woody Wright, Sue Smith, Joel Lindsey, Marty Funderburk, Wayne Haun, Dianne Wilkinson, Belinda Smith, “Ann Dothers”, would raise the bar for songwriters and/or perhaps encourage groups to be more selective in their material. Both of which would likely improve the quality of SG today.

  37. Extra Ink wrote:

    “Voice of Reason”, #36,

    I couldn’t agree more. Without a songwriter, this whole thing morphs into another animal. The songs, the songs, the songs are the life-blood of the genre. The songwriters get way too little credit. Of course, their Source is the main One who should be getting the credit.

    Regarding EHSS and all the comments. There is one thing I have noticed about God so far in my life….he honors hard work and creativity that ultimately honor him. Think about the SG artists you know who work harder than most… they are successful because they keep plugging away at their craft, ever reaching for better material, better singing, betting playing…these are often the ones God uses and honors the most.

  38. DaTweetMan wrote:

    WOW! I LOVED seeing that EHSS was getting mainstream press - if people see EHSS and see their nice looking suits and great presentation then search who they are, start to love it, and then love the REST of the music, then EVERYONE WINS!! They start liking the music, and then BAM - new fans are won!

    I congratulate Jason, and am glad he won, he was deserving of the award - i mean come on, thank GOD THAT SOMEONE IN SG WON THAT AWARD!!!!

  39. wanderer wrote:

    I remember Hovie Lister once said If you can get four guys to stay on pitch and dress them sharply they will outsing and outperform anybody in any genre of music. (That may not be word for word, but that’s the idea of what he said). Did not the Statesmen outdraw Elvis in parts of the South in their heyday?

  40. wanderer wrote:

    I see the current day Couriers are calling it quits. Last date will be Memorial Day weekend. An era ended.

  41. Kitten wrote:

    I like coffee. No, let me rephrase that. I love coffee. I average 4-5 cups per day. Coffee with sugar and milk is fine. Coffee with French Vanilla flavored creamer is even better.

    I don’t like Starbucks. I think their coffee is too strong. I don’t get some of the terminology. I think their prices are insane. $4 for a cup of coffee?

    It shouldn’t be a problem. After all, I have a coffee maker at home. I can make any brand and any strength of coffee that I want. If I prefer to buy a cup, there are myriads of places that sell coffee. I don’t need Starbucks, and Starbucks doesn’t need me.

    But there are message boards on the internet. I love to get on the message boards and let everyone know that I don’t like Starbucks, and why. It strokes my ego to put Starbucks in their place. It makes me feel good when I meet others who also don’t care for Starbucks. How we love to run down Starbucks. We don’t care who listens. Starbucks just isn’t our cup of tea (oops — coffee) and we want the whole world to know.

    Eventually someone begins to talk about the CEO of Starbucks. They malign his character and integrity. We all question the decisions he is making. Somebody even says that Starbucks is a disgrace to the good name of coffee. We can’t keep our opinions to ourselves. It feels wonderful to share our mutual dislike. . Anti-Starbucks R Us.

    But there are reactions. Some people on the message boards actually like Starbucks coffee. Many have had favorable experiences with Starbucks, or know others that did. Some even know the CEO, and are outraged that we are using the cloak of anonymity to slander and disgrace him. Sparks fly. Angers are kindled. Even those who are neutral about Starbucks don’t like the fact that some are kicking Starbucks and its leader for no good reason. After all, nobody is forcing any of us to go to Starbucks. And it is OK if Starbucks has fans. It is reaching a whole different segment of the population than plain, traditional coffee.

    Besides, wouldn’t the time and space be much better served talking up the good about coffee? Instead of running Starbucks down, how about praising Folgers, or encouraging people to try Dunkin Donuts coffee. Why take a chance of hurting someone who is related to or friends with those who work for Starbucks?

    P.S. I know this message board isn’t about coffee or Starbucks. Try re-reading what I just said, and substitute “Southern Gospel music” for coffee, and “EHSS” for Starbucks. You’ll get my point.

  42. Enjoying Life wrote:

    This is way off of the subject but hey its an open thread. Does anyone know the fate and wherabouts of Mr and Mrs Ricky Goodman? From what I can see he is keeping a low profile. I used to be a member of his mother’s website almost two years ago and no longer pay but you can still read the posts. His moderator said the other day that his computer is down and he cannot access the website. Was just wondering what he is marketing these days.

  43. CWG wrote:

    Warnderer - message #40 when you say Couriers do you mean Dave, Duane and Neil or the other three?

  44. Jeremy wrote:


    Did you notice the headline on TMZ about EHSS? It said fashion fiascos. I don’t think the editors at TMZ were impressed with their “nice suits.” They were making fun of them and Ernie thinks that is a compliment. I guess any press is good press, but as they were being made fun of.

  45. Janet B wrote:

    #44 - Well, when you see what passes for “fashion” in Hollywood, being dissed as a “fashion fiasco” is a GOOD thing!

  46. Andrew S. wrote:

    #44- Ernie strikes me as the type to pay tabloids just for the publicity.

  47. birdsofafeather wrote:

    Of course Rick Hendrix wouldnt see anything wrong with Ernie’s posts. I am his friend on facebook and he just posted pics of his new house. Looks like the Democrats have retired him.

  48. CWG wrote:

    My prayer is “unless you know Ernie, please don’t pass judgement on what he does, where he goes, when/where he sings, who he is, and why he is what he is”. And, if you know him, just don’t say anything that would discredit him - I think most of you know the bible verses that go along with this post.

  49. wanderer wrote:

    #43 CWG. As far as I know, Dave, Duane and Neil are still out there. It’s the current Couriers, Larry, Terry and Tim who are going their seperate ways and retiring the name.

  50. CWG wrote:

    Thanks for the clarification

  51. Dave wrote:

    This is how stupid stuff gets started. Ernie wasnt even listed as a “Fashion Fiasco” He was listed under Random celeb photos….The article was in 3 parts…Fiasco, Good and random…..

  52. DaTweetMan wrote:

    #46 - I know for a FACT that he did not pay for the publicity!q

  53. natesings wrote:

    #51- Where are the pics?

  54. natesings wrote:

    Well I found these 2, are there others?

  55. quartet-man wrote:

    51 I was going to say the same thing. The title of the article was Fashion Fiasco’s, but it was broken down into three parts. So, as far as they are concerned, they were not rated good or bad, just a picture that was taken.

  56. quartet-man wrote:

    Nate, click this link and leaf through the pics:

  57. Andrew S. wrote:

    #50- I wasn’t saying he had paid the tabloids. I was just saying that he strikes me as the type to go for a little cheesy publicity. Speaking of tabloids, wasn’t the Singing News mentioned as starting out as a tabloid? Makes you wonder how they’d be if they were a supermarket tabloid…

  58. NG wrote:

    #56 Quartet-man: I looked at the all the pictures in the link you provided and would have to say it is not a typical crowd one sees at a SGM concert.

  59. Bones wrote:

    Well,the Blackwoods won a grammy several years ago. They were happy. If they had a Twitter,they would have Twitted also.

  60. NG wrote:

    Didn’t realize Crabb album sold so well until I saw that Soundscan confirmed the numbers. Most SGM acts, other than Gaither ones, do not have sales tracked. One article said: “Jason Crabb released last June and debuted at #1 on Nielsen SoundScan’s Christian/Gospel Christian Retail chart.”

  61. Glenn wrote:

    Saw Gold City last night in Palmetto. Only have been following SG music for 20 years, but this is the best I have ever heard them. Josh Cobb has a wonderful voice. For those of you who can’t seem to get past his internet post 10 years ago, you have accepted Donnie Sumner and Michael English, and if posting a derogatory comment about someone on the internet is a sin, a lot of us on this site are in big trouble. Seriously, if you get a chance to see them, go. Roy Webb also adds a lot.

  62. quartet-man wrote:

    #61 One point of clarification, I don’t know if Josh posted the comments or not. He says not. However, I do need to clarify something. 10 years ago is when he was with L5, not when the comments were put on Myspace. That was done much later with the most recent sign in date being just 4 years ago if I remember right. Even if the comments were done prior to the sign in, they could have been removed at that point.

    That is not to say there is a minimum number of years before someone can be forgiven, just to correct misinformation.

  63. Bones wrote:

    They may first sell to retail stores at first,but there may be a ton of returns end up in the warehouse. Skids and skids.

  64. Glenn wrote:

    Actually, I could care less if they were done yesterday. He sounds great.

  65. NonInsider wrote:

    There is finally some decent quality videos floating around of Gus Gaches with L5. Here is a highlight for sure!

  66. onemadeupmind wrote:

    Limit all US politicians to two terms.

    One in office.

    One in prison.

    Illinois already does this.

  67. onemadeupmind wrote:

    A man had 50 yard line tickets for the Super Bowl. As he sits down,

    a man comes down and asks if anyone is sitting in the seat next to him.

    “No,” he says, “The seat is empty.”

    “This is incredible,” said the man. “Who in their right mind would have a seat like this for the Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in the
    world, and not use it?”

    He says, “Well, actually, the seat belongs to me. I was supposed to come with my wife, but she passed away.

    This is the first Super bowl we haven’t been to together since we got married in 1967.”

    “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. That’s terrible. But couldn’t you find

    someone else-a friend or relative, or even a neighbor to take the seat?”.

    The man shakes his head.

    “No, they’re all at the funeral.”

  68. GD wrote:

    DianaSN has quite a few recent Gold City videos on Youtube. Most are from 2/4. If they can hold this group together, it could really be something special. The are doing some of the oldies like “Where Is God.” If I’m not mistaken, that’s from the days when Jerry Richie sang baritone. I’m really looking forward to their first studio release with this group. I’m sure it will be nothing short of awesome! I’ve been watching their Youtube videos since Josh and Roy joined. One word that commes to mind is consistency. Mr. Cobb is consistently on pitch. His pitch control is helping ol’ Bruce keep his pitch in line as well. I’ve only heard Josh stray, pitch-wise, a time or two. Otherwise, a great blend, even for Youtube. Keep up the great work guys! You’re due!

  69. Deb wrote:

    I like the Bowling song too! Got mine in the mail this week. I have several favs already.

  70. Irishlad wrote:

    Slight detour people,i know the Diplomats have taken a bit of a trouncing recently. Well, in their favour all you tubers check out “Lonesome Road” ft Joe Brown.Imho outside the original “The Stamps live in Nashville”will you find anything better.Well not counting the superlative Gerald Williams of course.Joe Brown certainly nailed that one to the mast.Back in 360 secs with more info.

  71. Irishlad wrote:

    Haven’t got the direct link ’cause i’m thick but if you go to IFAProductions account you will find a good quality version of said vid.

  72. quartet-man wrote:

    #70 Laddie, I listened to a couple of others first, but finally found the right one:

  73. Gayla Fooks wrote:

    Since Irishlad mentioned it, for those of you that would like to view Gerald Williams of The Melody Boys Quartet singing “Lonesome Road” here is the link. 2010 is Gerald’s 61st year in Gospel Quartet Music.

  74. Irishlad wrote:

    #72 Hi Q-man if it’s feasible,could you tell me how you displayed that youtube link on your post plz.

  75. Irishlad wrote:

    On the subject of “Lonesome Road” i remember reading that JD reckoned there were only a couple of basses who were low enough to do the song justice and if i recall correctly Buddy Lyles-one time Florida boy-was one of them.Now……for the $64,000 question..does anyone have any info on this such as a recording or even first hand knowledge like a live concert for example?I’m sure JD was referring to a period around the early/ mid 70’s.Any you sg buffs/historians let me know i’d dearly love to hear Buddy’s shot at it.

  76. Michael McIlwain wrote:

    I heard Buddy Lyles sing “Lonesome Road” on the Gospel Singing Jubilee TV program. I wonder if anyone has a YouTube clip of it.

  77. quartet-man wrote:

    #74 I am not sure what your problem was, Was it posting a link in particular, one that led to the video, or what?

  78. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #75 & 76: I’d like to hear that as well. I can’t picture Buddy Lyles singing that low, but maybe he’d surprise me.

  79. steven wrote:

    I was looking around at facebook and it seems as if Justin Ellis is leaving Jason Crabb’s band…i hate to see Justin go because he was one of the best on the road. period. Could play a number of styles…i’m sure the Lord has great things in store for him.

  80. Busman wrote:

    Since this is an open thread I thought I would share that Justin Ellis played his last date with Jason Crabb last night.
    Justin has played piano and B-3 with the Crabb Family / Jason Crabb for the last 6 years.

  81. Andrew S. wrote:

    #80- Anymore info regarding his future plans? Is he still doing his solo project?

  82. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    #78, Aaron, I remember hearing Buddy sing on the song “Streets of Gold” from one of their albums in the late 70s or early 80s that had him hitting a low A or Ab at the end of the song. There was some vocal fry, but he hit it. Buddy had one of the best vocal ranges I’ve ever heard for a bass singer. He could sing pretty high, but could also bottom out on the low notes.

  83. rr wrote:

    Gerald Williams has a resonance in that low range that very few bass singers, past or present, have had.

  84. Busman wrote:

    #81- He has a solo project almost finished. it’s piano only music for prayer and meditation. A little different than a typical solo recording but it is very good!
    He starts with John Hagee this week.

  85. Irishlad wrote:

    #77 ok now Q-man,got it sorted.Thanks.

  86. Rita Stacy wrote:

    i love, love, love, Jason Crabb and Justin
    Ellis, so proud of them! However, I just
    saw Ernie and SSQ for the first time a few
    weeks ago, their concert was fantastic!
    I don’t see why Ernie get so much junk,
    the crowd was 1000, or more so someone
    likes HIM! Good job ERnie, but I still prefer
    JASON. But I would go see Ernie again and
    so would my friends!

  87. KC wrote:

  88. NG wrote:

    Couple of interesting things about NQC staying in Louisville. It appears the only other bidder was Indianapolis and southern fans did not want to travel that far north. Why didn’t other sites bid such as Nashville?

    Secondly, Beasley admits there are problems in Indianapolis, especially for older fans, which can’t be fixed. In light of those problems how hard did NQC try to find other bidders in the south?

  89. KC wrote:

    They should move NQC to St. Louis. Good mid-point for sg lovers, and the country. Touristy. Tons of coliseums. Easy to access. And I wouldn’t have to travel 5 minutes, LOL. The Lesters are here, too. And Vestal Goodman’s daughter. I’m trying to think of any other reasons, relevant or not, LOL.

  90. Chris wrote:

    Did anyone read the comments after the Louisville “Courier Journal” story ( ) about the NQC staying in Louisville?

    To borrow from Avery, Money quote:

    “I hope the group learns how to tip the servers in the restaurants and not “camp out” for hours gossiping and talking so the 2 or 3 tables each server has are not tied up so they make only the measly 7 or 8 dollars they leave after 2+ hours of griping about the food, demanding things and taking up space. Their attitude is horrible, they leave tracts instead of money and servers groan when they walk in the door….”


  91. Irishlad wrote:

    Les Beasley with pneumonia and congestive heart failure?

  92. Rob wrote:

    Couple of things come to mind why people don’t tip more at the NQC in Louisville. First is that the motel/hotel industry jacks prices up way above the average price. Second the resturants do the same thing jack up prices. I’ve been told the only other thing in town that has prices as high as KQC is the Kentucky Derby. What a difference in the type of people each group pulls.
    A word to the business in Louisville, If you expect more tips don’t be jacking up prices.

  93. justafan wrote:

    I caught Gold City’s new configuration recently. The concert was held at an old, high-ceilinged baptist church, which may or may not have prompted Gold City to start the concert in the fashion they did. The guys walked up to the top step and sang an abbreviated version of One Scarred Hand, accapella and without microphones. The acoustics in the church were very good. It went over quite well, though there seemed to be a few individuals in the church who leaned to the Pentecostal side of the fence and thus were sort of “gassing” the group and the rest of the audience up. It really was a hit though, in spite of the Pentecostal antics. For a while (until the antics began), it had the pin-drop effect. I sat near the back of the church, and Tim Riley was still audible despite singing with no microphone. When Josh Cobb took the lead in the chorus, he stayed controlled and on top of the melody. He didn’t – as he did later in the concert – do any vocal gymnastics. Great way to start the concert. As soloists, those four guys are as talented as it gets in Southern Gospel music. I was surprised though at various elements throughout the evening. When Josh Cobb takes the lead during ensemble work, he at times simply overpowers Taliaferro and Daniel Riley. Also, when Cobb is leading, he doesn’t always sing the song in a fashion to where it allows the harmony singers easier access to create a smooth blend (when he takes the lead in “I Cast My Bread Upon the Water” was a good example of that). Without question (and I’m surprised at just how amazingly talented he is), Cobb has the biggest tenor voice in Southern Gospel music besides David Phelps…and it’s not even close. Those two are at another level. I was amazed at his range and how full he sounds hitting almost every note. Even the best tenors out there get a little thin or pitchy when having to get to the upper end of their range. With the exception of a couple of instances, Cobb sounded amazingly full-voiced while hitting those “Gold City” notes (like near the end of “When He Blessed My Soul”). We all know that there’s tenor singing, and then, there’s singing with Gold City and the Kingdom Heirs. Cobb is one small rung below David Phelps. I know, most of you won’t believe that. I wouldn’t either unless I heard it with my own ears. I say that, and I’ve honestly never been much of a Josh Cobb fan. I am now. My hat is off to you Josh Cobb. God has blessed you with an amazing voice, but you’re an unbelievable singer on top of it. A lot of people won’t understand that. Taliaferro is blessed with a rich, soulful voice as well. I love to hear his voice a lot of times. However, I don’t fashion him to be an above average singer. He’s not easy to sing with sometimes, though he does seem to be getting better in some instances (less freelancing and more staying in the pocket – which allows for a better, more full blend to be achieved). Tim Riley sounds unbelievable. As good as he is though, I don’t care to hear three or more bass leads in a given concert, even from a legend such as Tim Riley. Good bass singing is great for a song or two. It’s simply an opinion, but the general fan doesn’t care to hear it that often. I think the listener gets caught up with the lowness of the bass singer’s voice as opposed to getting the intended message from the song. I’ve said it before and will say it again, being off the road for a few years did something wonderful for Riley’s voice. His tones are more well rounded. He’s less sharp. He sounds wonderful. Surprisingly, “I’m Not Giving Up” was the biggest hit of the evening with the crowd. They absolutely loved it. It was very quality. Cobb took that tune to another level when he assumed the lead briefly in that final chorus. As great as Josh was/is, I didn’t care for him singing a solo – with no backup vocals – on ‘Satisfied (Hallelujah, I Have Found Him).’ I used to love the song “It’s Still the Cross,” but it seemed to have a lackluster effect with the group closing the program with it. I’m honestly not sure why. My biggest issue was the sound board. I realize that the gentleman running the sound is simply trying to make the group sound as best it possibly can. However, he’s pushing way too much when it comes time for Tim Riley to hit a low note or for a big ending. I’m a very young guy, but it was simply blasting at times. I’m surprised that nobody from the church complained. I was in the back. I can’t image the volume level for those sitting in the front couple of rows. He was playing with the sound constantly, throughout each song. Get it set and leave it alone, except for a few exceptions. Sit back and listen and only adjust what “needs” to be adjusted. Those four guys standing up there are pros. They’ll create a blend. They’ll pull in or pull out when needed and inflect in whatever way is required. They hear it well enough to do that. I loved Mercy’s Mark’s version of “Where Is God.” Gold City sings its version fine, but the soundtrack sounds like it was comprised at Dumplin Jiblet Studios. That country sound is not good on that track. Bruce did a solid job on “Look Who Just Checked In,” but I’m surprised they’ve started doing that song again. To me, that’s a Jonathan Wilburn song. He sold it. He was very animated while singing that particular song, and therefore, I identify it with Jonathan. I do look forward to hearing more of Gold City. I can’t wait until they get a project finished. Note to Josh…get rid of the bow tie man. You’re too great of vocalist for that fashion distraction. Best wishes to GC. Look forward to next time.

  94. Knows Nothing wrote:


  95. christy wrote:

    Eric Hinson is “on the road again” with his new group Hinson Revival. His website has some youtube videos on it. Thought it was interesting that the other male group member happens to be owner of YMR Music Productions, parent company of Branson Gospel Music Covention. It never hurts to have connections.

  96. Andrew S. wrote:

    #94- The female who sings in the group is Rod Burton’s (the man who owns YMR Music Productions) wife, Kelly.

  97. christy wrote:

    I suppuse you ment #95, #96. Anyway, did not realize that. Also thought it intersting that Weston Hinson and By Faith are releasing a new cd in March. They sing many of the same songs that Eric sings. I just now finding Weston’s group. They seem to be at many of the same venues as the Crabbs and Mike Bowing.

  98. pj wrote:

    Anyone familiar with the Christian Music Hall of Fame?

  99. wackythinker wrote:

    Of course the hotels raise their rates for NQC and Derby. EVERY hotel in the country does that, anytime there is a large group or convention. That’s part of the business.

    As for restaurants, I seriously doubt they raise their prices. If the did, who could blame them, since Christians are horrible tippers, and they take up space for hours at a time without tipping appropriately. Maybe they feel that makes up for the folks they can’t get into their restaurants.

    Welcome to the real world, folks!

  100. Irishlad wrote:

    Friday 19th February 7.30pmGMT Belfast N.Ireland.Ernie Haase and Signature Sound.10.30pmGMT Belfast and all i can say is:WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!(this from someone who’s no stranger to the group).

  101. JEN ABRAMS wrote:

    #7 Skeeter Mosquito you have shown what a miserable soul you are. Please do not try to spread your misery! … I am a true fan and friend of Ernie / EhSS. So many like me were hovering over our computers , waiting anxiously to read and reread every word and detail of EHSS grammy experiences. We are you Ernie was writing to. .. Why are YOU a “friend” ? .. . EHSS has so many true fans because we can see and feel the spirit of GOD in their ministry and on their lives. This starts with Ernies and spreads out with the other guys. I know of very few who are as personally humble as Ernie. Ernie ’s boldness relates to his belief in in GOD and his faith in prayer. Several people have left posts saying that they found JESUS through EHSS .. Particularly through Ernie singing OWAS . One of the many reason we love Ernie so much is BECAUSE he shares so much of his life and experienes with us. …. So Skeeter please “unfriend” yourself.

  102. DAVID W. wrote:

    YES #7 why ARE you a”friend”? ..Ernie was writing to his fans and friends. His fans love to hear play by play details of what the group is doing. Ernie is a classy and professional guy , and nothing is wrong with that. .. History will judge them to be the best group of all time. Until then if you do not have any uplifting or encouraging words . Keep your biting negativity to yourself.

  103. Jen Abrams wrote:

    Please excuse typos in #101.. My left arm is temporarily in a sling and I am typing with one hand . I meant to say that we are who Ernie is writing to … Etc..

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