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One benefit/risk of blogging about southern gospel is that you find out how the sausage is made pretty quickly. My interns turned deeply cynical some time ago (which is why I keep them in the basement of Avery HQ), and sometimes a dispatch from the inner rings of the industry will make its way to the subterranean mailroom and I’ll hear a collective chuckle and a “that’s about what I’d expect” coming from the intake team. Sometimes the news from our industrially embedded correspondents contradicts those jaundiced interns (rarely, but it happens). And then there are those messages that achieve a kind of architectural, monumental place in the annals of southern gospel. That’s the context for this email, which came our way a few days ago. It was received by an artist under contract with a major sg label, from a prominent sg radio promoter:

Hi its [xxxx]. I know you spoke to [xxxx] in my office at one time. I kept your song on my IPOD….. I ¬†am going crazy over your song!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I played it for President Obama, and he cried!!! He said it was his heart song….He said it painted his path so clearly of what God wished for his presidency. I just wanted to share this with you. If your in the DC area sometime, Id love to have you come by the White House. Not sure when we can plan this…But, it would be AMAZING….

WOW!! Great moment…the Lord fell…..

If I had smarter interns, they’d probably have come up with an audacity joke or something. But I don’t, so you’re gonna hafta talk amongst yourselves on this one.

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  1. NoBody wrote:

    This is too good.. “what God wishes for the Obama Presidency?” Let the sparks fly……

  2. Bones wrote:

    That’s not from our circle.

  3. Charles Brady wrote:

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fell… out of my chair too!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ohnoyoudidn't wrote:

    Hick Rendrix ?

  5. Dick wrote:

    This is fake! We have a president who proves by word and action that he does not believe in God.

  6. Dick wrote:

    Well, it is good to know that if you don”t agree with someone”s comments, you just delete them.

  7. apathetic wrote:

    Really? Seriously? A SG Radio promoter is close enough to the President that he will take time out of his busy schedule so they can sit down and listen to music together? Highly unlikely. A SG promoter, even Hendrix, would be lucky just to get close enough for a hand shake, let alone “let’s just hang out and listen to some good ole Southern Gospel music Mr. President”. Too funny.

  8. NoBody wrote:

    #4 thats my first choice. Only he’d be arrogant enough….

  9. SG Artist wrote:

    ROFL! As an artist I got a very very and I stress very similar email about our song from the very same promoter! LOL Too funny. Narcissistic doesn’t even begin to describe this guy! LOL

  10. StephenB wrote:

    Wow, that was so heartfelt I sent it to Cher and she loved it….

    I particularly love the photoshopped pictures on the ‘he who shall not be named’ website…

    misrepresentation at it’s best…..

  11. Dave wrote:

    It is true that Rick Hendrix was a delegate for the President (yikes I get a lump saying it) But, do you really think while campaigning they really had time to listen to music? Especially SG

  12. Dave wrote:

    Washington Post called Hendrix the democratic parties biggest evangelist. BOY do politics need an evangelist.But HENDRIX ha

  13. tim moxley wrote:

    Avery sorry you didn’t have the gonads to print my response. After traveling,singing with and producing Hamill for the last 7 years of his life, I’ve got much more to share. What a great man and a “people reader”. He could spot them a mile away. Rick was one of many he had no use for……..

  14. 2funny wrote:

    This sounds like something Rick Hendrix would write - but there’s not enough stray punctuation marks, “hip spellings” or capital letters to be him for sure. Lol I have enjoyed reading this post and comments and I am waiting in great anticipation for when the Greatest Promoter of all time takes the time from his Hard days work to personally comment with his lengthy defensive response.

  15. Tommy wrote:

    Muslims believ in God as well. They call him Alla. Here’s a question, do muslims have quartets? Do they have a battle over contemporary vs. traditional? I’ve never seen a top radio hits of Muslim favorites. I guess they are to busy killing children and innocent people. I wonder what some of our artists would do if we didnt keep them busy pumping out great music for Obama to cry to. Well I guess if he’s busy listening to Ricks Ipod he cant mess anything else up.

  16. Videoguy wrote:

    Just words.

  17. greg blankenship wrote:

    Love this quote from the Washington Post . . . “Hendrix and Strider have formed a consulting group and are building a massive mailing list of Christian media consumers that can be used by Democratic candidates and those promoting liberal issues, such as global warming. And Hendrix might want to use that list himself: He recently announced his plans to run for the U.S. House from North Carolina in 2010.”

    With snow on the east coast of North Carolina this close to March, Rick is poised for a stormy 2010!

  18. Doles wrote:

    Wow, if I didn’t know better, I’d almost think I just visited Heaven. Hearing all the SAINTS on this thread making disparaging comments about the President would make one think there are angels posting here. Oh, you bunch of Hmm, saints? You know what, it would not be hard for a miserable soul like me to understand that he could and would love gospel music. I LOVE southern gospel music, although I suspect I am too unworthy to sit among you great people. I guess I’ll just buy cds & videos from The Gaithers and folks. When you all get to Heaven, tell my sweet Lord that I love Him too! Oh, by the way, I don’t happen to agree with the President on everything. I just suspect he has every right to believe in God just as I do.

  19. quartet-man wrote:

    #18 Doles, my first question is did you make such comments about President Bush or other politicians with whom you may disagree? If not, did you ever make a similar post when others did?

    This isn’t about what is or isn’t correct to say, but first I am looking for consistency and to see if your problem is talking badly about politicians, or just about ones that you like or agree with/

    Also, once again I am not talking specifics here (I am not sure I have even seen the comments made), but another thing to be aware of is that Jesus isn’t someone milly-mouthed milksop who will never stand His ground or create a stir. He does under the right circumstances. Now, not like we humans do, but in cases of right and wrong, He is hardly a pacifist.

  20. wackythinker wrote:

    Greg, #17 — I hope I’m reading more into your post that what you intended. You surely weren’t saying anything about snow/cold in February having anything one way of the other, either proving or dis-proving global warming.

    It’s FEBRUARY, for goodness sake! It’s supposed to be cold and snow. Records show it’s been doing that for centuries on this part of the globe. It only proves it’s winter.

  21. wackythinker wrote:

    Doles #18 — Thank you! Our president has professed to be a Christian. Just like the last couple (and many before them) have. Just because a person is not the kind of Christian we think we are (or aspire to be) doesn’t negate his/her salvation.

    Our last president professed to be a Christian, and road the coattails of the “Religious Right” into the White House, but made some political moves that didn’t appear very Christian to me. But that doesn’t give me the right to say he’s not a Christian.

    We all will have to answer to our Creator, whether we’ve claimed Him or not. Maybe we should pray for our leaders, no matter the party, no matter what their religious claims, instead of tearing them down.

    HMMM What a novel idea.

  22. greg blankenship wrote:

    Hmmmm… Only two comments even mentioned any president . . .. Dole is not Bob I suspect!

  23. Dave wrote:

    Greg you are such an idiot. Global warming would actually cause COLDER and more intense winters. The change in temperature will cause all seasons to be more pronounced. When stupid people make jokes about winter not being hot. It makes me look at their mouth for teeth. WOW!!

  24. Mayor wrote:

    Dave, listen to yourself for one second and see who sounds like an idiot.

    Re-read your post: “Global WARMING would actually cause COLDER.”

    If that’s what “global warming” is, then we obviously have nothing to worry about.

    There actually used to be a “global freezing” scare just a few decades ago before these “brilliant” young, evolutionist, know-it-alls came along. You guys are an embarrassment to the human race.

  25. Doles wrote:

    Re: # 19,
    As far as our previous President, I’d defended the guy one too many. But do you understand that I was not conjuring anybody for disagreeing with the current President. I was simply calling out those who believe they have an exclusive right on God. Look, I could come here and call you all a bunch of evil people for the way you criticize others you disagree with. Does that really make you so? # 19, we all can claim to have knowledge of what Jesus would do today. One thing I always put in perspective: when Jesus was as popular as one could possibly eartly be, there couldn’t be an empty spot. However, there were couple people present when he died. Perhaps it’s because I’m not as intelligent as you all are, but I simply ask God to lead everyone who professes to love him according to His will. Hey author, I apologize for my posts as I realize I might have strayed away from your intended discussion.

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