“What bugs me about your website”

Kevin Ward makes a modest proposal to combat unwanted music clips on artist’s websites that blare out at you uninvited and unstoppable.

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  1. wackythinker wrote:

    Kevin makes sense, to me. But then, I’m wacky. So, what do I know.

    Maybe not a 2am, but I have had the same thing happen at work, and the only way to stop the music seems to be to close the window.

    I hate that!

  2. Dean Adkins wrote:

    I agree, it’s a pain to try to shut it off and there is no stop button, especially if the song and/or singers is sub-par!

  3. pk wrote:

    I believe that is why you have a mute button on the computer. I never have the sound on unless I want to hear something.

  4. Sensible wrote:

    Totally agree. If I am interested in what I read, then I want to turn on the music myself.

  5. swhalen wrote:

    I tend to listen to SG music while browsing the net. Nothing is more annoying than to open a page and suddenly be listening to overlapping mp3s. I love the availability of the clips but would sure appreciate the opportunity to listen at my convenience.

  6. Greg wrote:


    While we’re on a roll, can we mount a similar effort to let website owners know how we feel about annoying graphics or animation, and (especially!) the use of white text against dark backgrounds.

    Remember, webmasters everywhere: readibility is your friend. Inducing seizures among your readers is decidedly unfriendly (not to mention a poor business strategy).

  7. Kevin Ward wrote:

    Greg, what about bright blue on a black back ground?…. nice?

  8. Greg wrote:

    Kevin (#7):

    Yikes!! The colors, the colors!!

    It makes me wonder anyone choosing such a text color/background combination ever gets around to checking out their own website.

    Perhaps he or she dreams of promoting a Florida Boys/Inspirations concert/fashion show someday.

  9. ForgottenSwampWorld wrote:

    This is especially bad with earphones on. That hurts your ears!

  10. ForgottenSwampWorld wrote:

    This is especially bad with earphones on.

  11. gina wrote:

    Another website pet peeve of mine is the home landing pages, “click to enter” type things. Um, if I didn’t wanna go to your website, I wouldn’t have typed that url in. It’s like, no, really, take me there…

  12. Sam wrote:

    One thing that bugs me is when websites are not updated regularly. If you are not going to maintain it, dump it. Oh yeah, something else, when a certain blogger friend we all know and love to hate disappears for days on end and doesn’t update his blog, and you know who you are, Doug. ;P

  13. quartet-man wrote:

    Lol @ Sam. I do wish that there were more topics or comments at times here, but I certainly understand. It would probably be time consuming enough to read posts after the fact or just respond to problems, but to have to approve every comment first (and sometimes take the knife to) would take longer and slow things down as far as flow for comments. Especially posts like mine that can get a little long. ;-) I guess the one thing Doug could do with mine is just approve them all as is. ;-) OR, he could have an automatic approval list and some flagged people (like Wade ;-) whose comments must await moderation. ;-)

    In regards to sites being updated, I say yes and no. Some sites are great references even if they don’t get updated frequently. Some examples would be discography sites, Wikipedia etc. Blogs, message boards and the like although SHOULD have fresh content, are still interesting to read for people who missed things the first time, for historical purposes, or to check out memory on something seen there in the past. So, although I don’t agree with the “take them down if they aren’t going to be updated” crowd, there probably are some sites that really need to be.

  14. Kevin Ward wrote:

    Sometimes it’s nice to be in a place where you just have “nothing to say”.

    Taking the site down would be a shame though(not that it’s even on the table)

    You never know when you are gonna stumble upon something that’s a few years old that’ still relevant and helpful (like yukky tasting medicine)

  15. Young Grasshopper wrote:

    Connie Hopper has been voted the Queen of Gospel Music, but I turned the mute button on when I visit The Hoppers’ web site. Their music is so loud that my computer needs a built-in bug swatter that could detect the bugs and swat them away. It’s like a swarm of locust hitting the windshield.

    I really didn’t want to swallow this bug, but I was hoping they would’ve turned the volume down after reading your post. It’s a bug-eat-bug world out there, princess.

    But I can hear the Master say, “Patience young grasshopper.” “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”

  16. David wrote:

    The number 1 rule of website design is to not play music or sounds automatically. Let the visitor decide if they want to listen to your stuff.

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