Dissent of the day

One thing that bugs me is when websites are not updated regularly. If you are not going to maintain it, dump it. Oh yeah, something else, when a certain blogger friend we all know and love to hate disappears for days on end and doesn’t update his blog, and you know who you are, Doug. ;P


It’s a strange experience, blogging. I’ve been at it - albeit on an idiosyncratic schedule - for over five years and at some point, the fact of needing/wanting to blog even when I’m not able to became an abiding part of my daily life and mind and experiential DNA. I’ve always got a running list of things to blog, always hearing things - musical or otherwise - and wishing I could blog and drive at the same time, or teach and blog, or write a book and blog, or sleep and blog simultaneously. And of course moderating comments keeps averyfineline ever before me. It doesn’t do readers much good that I’m thinking about the blog almost constantly even when I’m not actually blogging, but I mention it at least as a way to say these hiatuses aren’t just benign neglect. Rather, they’re like Clark Kent unable to find a phone booth, or Popeye without spinach, or Peg McKamey with shoes that fit too tightly.

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  1. quartet-man wrote:

    This is in addition to the comment I made on the thread this was from. Doug, here are some things that might help. :D

    1. Find a combo with a headset, text to speech software and app. for cell phone so you can blog more on the road.

    2. Hire more interns or delegate more to them.

    3. Pay the interns more so they will do more.

    4. Do #2 and #3 by taking out advertising here with the agreement that it will not change this site or affect ratings for labels, product, artists, industry folk etc.

    5. Have a paid only part of the site where names can be named etc. (sort of like the Enquirer) but to enter people have to pinkie swear to not only allow anyone else to see or read what is in there, but to not speak of it to anyone else unless it is to other paid members. Anyone caught doing so will be banned for life from both sites and will be forced to hear Inspirations or McKameys music 24 / 7 unless they like it at which point they will be forced to hear Crabbs or Signature Sound music 24 - 7. Shoulod they like both, them you will have to pull out the big guns like CCM or Bob Dylan etc. ;-)

    6. Just post here and let whatever goes go here so you don’t have to moderate posts.

    7. Deputize some of us members to help with moderation. Only give us one bullet each if we prove that is all we can handle.

    8. Record your thoughts on a recorder while driving and have some college students looking for extra credit, type them for you.

    See, Doug? It just takes thinking outside the box, management of one’s times and resources and a commitment to getting it done. :D

  2. quartet-man wrote:

    Pardon stray comma on #8.

  3. judi wrote:

    At least they miss you when you are away….

  4. Randy wrote:

    Man, I check this blog daily, and like #3, I miss your writing when it’s been a while. Yet I still check daily. I don’t have suggestions like quartet-man…just enjoy your insight when you blog. Which isn’t often enough.

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