A sell out

Have you got your $70 ticket to the SN Fan Awards at its new Dollywood location yet?  Yeah, me neither (h/t, KD). But act fast. Karen Peck Gooch and Charlie Waller are predicting a sell out. Actually, 70 bucks ain’t a bad deal for parking, lunch, the awards show and Dollywood admission, assuming that flies your kite. You’d probably pay close to that for admission to NQC on the awards-show night, KFEC parking, dinner and overpriced snacks at Freedom Hall. Of course the Dollywood theme park attractions vs the post-show evening concerts at NQC is kinda apples and oranges as value-added comparisons go. But no matter, … there’s gotta be some sticker shock in bundling more or less the same costs into a single ticket. So I guess we shall see.

If I were a more enterprising blogger, I might suggest an interesting experiment in blogsourcing: like, say, having everyone email their favorite SN-Fan-Award nominated artist(s) and ask them if they’re going to the show or not and then report back on the results in comments. The answer probably depends on whether record labels or the SN/SGMA are comping or partially underwriting/discounting nominated artists’ tickets, I guess.

Incidentally, anybody know about how many seats are available in the Dollywood space where the awards show will be held?

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  1. Robert York wrote:

    Think that auditorium seats a little over 2000 people. We have ordered our tickets already. If you have a Dollywood season pass let them know when you order tickets. Tickets with a pass are $50.00. They usually have a good meal served in a private party building there. You usually eat in shifts as they can’t handle all at once eating. In years past the Hall of Fame Induction has nearly filled the building. I’m sure with the SN Fan awards this year it will be a sellout. Usually they have three or four other sg groups performing in other theaters that day. Up until last year they had the ceremony on Thursday when the part was closed to the public. Last year they changed and had it when the park was open to the public, which will be the same this year. You had to have a special ticket to get into the Hall of Fame events. I think adding the SN awards to the program will make for a great day at the park. This will also kick off Dollywood month of Southern Gospel Singing where they have 3 - 4 Southern Gospel Groups singing in the park for a month. Making your plans you might want to spend more than the one day there. Would even suggest that if you are planning on staying two or more days that you buy a season pass. It is cheaper to buy a season pass than to buy two single day admissions. Passes are still discounted if you purchase now. I think they cut off day for the discounts are March 12. You can buy passes on line of Dollywood’s website.

  2. RF wrote:

    Condidering it cost my son about $80 just to see George Strait recently, this is probably a good deal. No meal or anything else with the Strait ticket. Of course, the economy will play into this as well.

  3. Extra Ink wrote:

    The major league All-Star game used to be played in places like Yankee Stadium, but starting this year it’s going to be played in a 5,000 seat arena in Tokyo. Tickets are $2,000 apiece. Hopefully, all the All-Stars will be able to make it to the game and the fans who can afford to come will have a great time. This new venue for future All-Star games will be great for baseball.

    –brought to you by Baseball Digest

  4. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    Is the SN Awards and the Hall of Fame Inductions the same days?

  5. Robert York wrote:

    They are the same day and it’s my understanding it is a combined program. Both of them are together. I was kinda hoping that they would have one show take a break and come back for the other but not sure what their plan is. With both combined gonna make for a long program.

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